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Advice from a Stag
Veröffentlicht:7. November 2021, 3:48 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:28. November 2021, 12:34 Uhr
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From the Stag…

So it was her birthday weekend… and knowing I’d be going out of wn for business.. well being a Stag, I do what a Stag does! Lol. I vetted two or possible males entertain her for a night. I’ll tell you now… she had a great night. The man who joined us we will be seeing again. In her words..”That was the best possible birthday gift I could have ever gotten! Better than anything you could have given in a box!” And yes… she has hours of video and over 3000 pictures as a keepsake! And our guest had an incredible night as well!!

Now while many people have already ctacted us… gentlen, reading is fundantal. We did our best make our profile pretty clear. Things she likes include penis size were even included. The fact that you, will be there pleasure her… be her living breathing y. We tried! Lol. We also ld you be respectful. If soe went through the ti and effort of writing a lg profile, adding specifics… it not rey being picking… it’s ced knowing what works for them, and doing their best find it. There are a lot more n here than there are coles or won. So yeah, we can be selective! Picky if you will. I asked a cole folks for face pictures. “, I never send face pics here”. Rey?? Well thanks for playing, and no csolati prize for you! Lol. If she wants see what you look like, well you’ve made it the final round! Annnnnd… you just eliminated yourself. Are you understanding there is a sea full of Dick out her for us choose from? You aren’t the ly phic blessed being the planet.

When we give you advice how make our Vixen rey turnout… it’s because we know drive them in ecstasy. And we invited you share her specificy for her pleasure. We want you have a great ti o. I an after , we d’t rey need you there… you made the cut! And now we’d like have you there. Trust , you aren’t required for her pleasure.

With most every Stag I’ve ever t.. we value our Vixens. Most Stag/Vixen coles are married. They are secure, cfident coles. Usuy we Stags are the es vetting the final or four. Why? We value our Vixens and d’t want or need them putting with any BS. So ssaging telling that you’ll “e fuck her raw”… or you’ll give her “11 inches she’ll never forget”… “You’ll show what a real man can do” ( I think I laughed at that e the most!). Cfidence is great, arrogance is genery a Huge turn off. Then we get set individuals sending those “You guys are just talk”… or.. “You probably d’t actuy et with anye anyhow”… lol, yeah… that’s gna help get you laid! At that point, you kinda sound desperate. Wait, I thought you said you were a bull?? I thought you said you have this experience. Lmao. Maybe you’ve given yourself the title of “Bull”… and maybe from a presumptive angle.

So from this Stag… I’ll try say it again louder so the people in the back can hear .

1. Most every Stag is an Alpha
2. Take the ti read their posted profile, not just check out the pictures
3. Be polite and respectful, our Vixens aren’t you slut or whore. Rudeness and arrogance will not get you anywhere.
4. Have clear pictures posted or be prepared send e
5 Just because you didn’t make the cut this ti, doesn’t an your not still in the runnings
6. You probably w’t be running the show, rember that the Stag is Her Alpha
7. You a guest, act accordingly
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Stags and Vixens, what are they?
Veröffentlicht:15. Oktober 2021, 23:20 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:28. November 2021, 12:34 Uhr
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Welcome our first of what will probably be a few the subject of Stags and Vixens.

We just got back after a few years of taking care of business and family obligations. So no, we are not new this… lol. We are just back.

We are quickly finding out there are people who either A: have never heard of Stags and Vixens… or B: don’t understand what the terms actually mean. So for those who inquired… here you go!

Some of the blogs will be written by me, the Stag… and some will be written by her, the Vixen. Either way, we will do our best explain it well we can.

So let’s start with some basics. What is a Stag and Vixen relationship?

Well there are some similarities between Stag and Vixen and Cuckold and Hotwife relationship. The hotwife and vixen both get have sex with others. Yet where hotwives usually not only decide who they are going have sex with and when, the Vixen and Stag usually decide together who and when she will have sex with. While there is usually some control by the hotwife over the cuckold, often even with an element of humiliation. There is no humiliation between the Stag and Vixen. Most often the cuckold is not in charge, the Stag is. The Stag chooses to share his “most valuable possession”. Stags will usually even help find her next partner.

The Vixen chooses to respect her Stag he is usually also her greatest protector, lover and partner. The Stag may chose to watch his Vixen with others or participate. This is because he achieves pleasures and excitement for her receiving pleasure. After the Vixen has had another partner or partners, the Stag usually reclaims her; or bluntly, has sex with her.

The Stag is usually always present when the Vixen is shared. Unlike the cuckold, he doesn’t do cleanup, or may be directed by the hotwifes Bull. He isn’t submissive. Stags are usually very self confident and assertive. They know their Vixen well and make sure she receives as much pleasure as possible. When the Bull is excused, then comes the reclaiming. Which is usually a very intense sexual experience for both the Stag and Vixen.

Many Vixens find more intense orgasms from being reclaimed. Part of that comes from her reassurance that her Stag still loves her and nothing has changed between them.

I know… the meme should say Vixen instead of hotwife!… lol.

So there is installment one! Lol stay tuned for more!
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