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Some couple are RABID! Don't take your frustration with others out on me! Inaccurate profiles etc
Posted:Nov 13, 2021 2:18 pm
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2021 1:16 am

So I had a couple go from 0 hero in 0.9. I did was search for a couple in my range that is looking for a male join them. They looked classy and friendly and sounded fun.

Their profile interest settings include "searching for couples, single males, single females." In their text they mentioned they'd like find a couple. They didn't mention singles, but also didn't say they WEREN'T looking for singles. That being said, they have a couple single males as friends so it stands reason they're probably at least open being friends.

So I wrote, complimented their page and pics and gave a brief intro and asked them at the end if they were looking for a single person. I told them that their settings said they were, but it didn't say either way in the text. If not, no worries and I wished them luck.

It turns out looking classy turned out to be assy, and not in a good way. They wrote back saying YOU'RE BLOCKED. You don't respect a couples wishes when they make a profile.

I'm like "WHAT THE FUCK?" I literally was more respectful than 99% of the guys who probably wrote them...I was trying to figure out their wishes....and its THEIR FAULT they don't even check their settings for what their interests are. And it's not unreasonable to just politely inquire if you have a couple single males in your short friends list displayed.

And to be honest there are tons of couples who don't have men listed, but say in their text that on occasion they do like to add a man (or something different from their interest settings). They just don't want a flood of replies from the type of person they rarely include...or get flooded by. I get it!

I could care less if they hadn't been interested in me specifically...big whoop. But that they'd come back with this douchery is ugly and makes nice people not want to write the very least when its a hard to decipher profile.

Please people of all types, check over your profiles so you don't confuse people (men women and other). And recognize when someone is approaching you wish atypical sincerity and consideration.

This couple is probably rightfully pissed they probably have an inbox consistently flooded with an explicit sausage fest thirsty fest...but that's not my fault. My guess is they are just seeing single male and copy pasting all the way down to everyone.

So, it's NOT always the guys here folks! Others can be jerks too. And for god's sake, I just wanted the chance to write them once more to let them know their settings might be wrong, and to change it so they don't get all the unwanted attention from single men and women.

Thankfully I don't have an issue with self esteem or lack of people to talk to and see if we might click (haven't found anyone yet a few weeks in, or gone far enough to know), but what about the poor guy or girl who may be single and hurt from a recent breakup and just looking for fun right now and to try something new and smile, and someone comes back at them like this?

Prejudice isn't just ugly racially, it's ugly in cases like this too.

Just as well I dodged a bullet with them. They're obviously very inconsiderate...or even if they're not...they've got too much baggage from past disrespectful people writing them.

It might not even be your fault people...just double check your cupid settings and interest settings people. It will save you from getting most of the unwanted messages from people who don't match your needs.

That being said, I hope everyone is getting past the fake accounts, spam and bots, dreamers and those who lead you on in a just for their masturbation fun and ghost....and find real fun with great people!

0 Comments should add this Blog Option. And very curious about sharing a couple
Posted:Nov 10, 2021 8:12 pm
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2021 1:16 am
366 Views should add an option have blog replies appear in notifications.

Also super turned on about meeting a couple maybe soething like a wife fucking me sitting on my lap facing me and I hold my cum until shes going cum and so does her husband. She sucks his cock with me and then holds his cock in my mouth as he cums (first time I'd have ever done that) and I cum in her and she cums...then I kiss the wife with it....

Sigh...where's a normal but hot clean couple with a kinky side like me?
Why is the blog deleting words
Posted:Nov 10, 2021 1:50 am
Last Updated:Nov 12, 2021 9:27 pm

I post a blog and words are suddenly missing...regular words. Anyone else getting this too? Plis i cant access blogs on mobile on my cell.
So I'm looking for a relationship elsewhere (or here), but fun on here until so. Filters, fakes etc
Posted:Nov 8, 2021 3:12 pm
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2021 1:16 am

Wow the online world of dating is eye opening. I've never tried find a real relationship online before, some FWB fun years ago on this site before I met my last girlfriend.

I'm shocked! The traditional dating sites are full of women (and probably men) using filtered pictures and profiles that don't tell the full story. That's one GOOD thing about this's not full of cell phone photo filters! Surprised but good for swingers! The problem is that are so many fake profiles.....but be honest while 's a bigger problem here, I see on regular dating sites as well with free accounts mostly.

One site I tried I'm messaged every 5 minutes by 99% fake profiles. I mean what do they even get out of it?

People are strange.

And I tried a video meetup app, and people chatting...OMG makes me afraid go outside lol. Everyone drunk and stoned and guys just acting like tools to women, making worse for the rest of us don't act like that.

Ah well...thank god I'm not looking meet a million people.

Hope you're all having better luck than I am on here so far lol.

I did meet a great couple I was seeing for awhile, before my last relationship from this site so it can happen. Plus my last girlfriend was bi and we met a great girl from here join us. So I'm not saying its not possible...but it's hard find the real women, ones that are legit about their pics and desires, ones that arent jaded by the sausage fest rudeness they often encounter.

I mean don't get me wrong we're all on here wanting great , but... approach a lady or couple up front the way I see wonder the guys are salty and alone and the couples give up on men and the single women leave the site.

are other good men are attractive on here too...feel for you guys...and feel for you couples and women are looking figure out what guy on here is legit and genuinely nice. But realize it's not easy for us on this side of the fence either!

Back the seach!
Fun thought about meeting the right couple and hanging out naked
Posted:Nov 7, 2021 7:44 pm
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2021 1:16 am

Can you imagine being so comfortable that after sex if youve been hanging out with a couple...the 3 of us hang out naked for most of the day doing whatever around the hotel or house...and randomly we all just touch eachother and maybe do t hings or just play around for a couple seconds.

Or sleeping together and I wake up and things are being done to me by them...or me and one of them waking up the other with pleasure.....

Etc etc. I know the right couple is out there. Can wait to find you!
How is this fair? Kind of prejudicial and double standard because I'm a guy! Told I'm not Bi enough
Posted:Nov 7, 2021 5:16 pm
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2021 1:16 am

I was very interested in getting to know a local couple more before possibly meeting if they felt the same. Both of them had very good body pics and sounded like fun and are looking for a guy to join them for MFM including Bi fun! That's something I'd love to do so I wrote them. They seemed interested and said They'd like to talk more.

They asked me how BI I am, and I explained that I don't see men on their own and it doesn't turn me on, but when a couple invites me into their bedroom and their sexlife, IF they are into bi fun...I find that very erotic.

I WAS TOLD I'M FAKING, that I just want pussy, and that I'm either Bi or not...plain and simple! ARE YOU SERIOUS? Why would I put BI in my profile if I only wanted a woman or straight fun with couples only? There are plenty of couples who want a straight male for fun. I am open to that as well, but I was contacting them about a bi threesome!

And who makes the rules? It really seems judgemental for someone to define my sexuality. Someone has the nerve to tell me that I can't be bi in the context of having sex with females involved, but not interested in men on their own? This feels like Im getting catfished into a husband asking me to play on my own with him...which I have 0 interest in. That doesn't mean I'm fake, that means I have my own tastes.

I know of tons of men AND WOMEN on here that are bi in a M/F group scenario but not looking for 1 on 1 with the same sex.

I even proceeded to explain they should read my blog and see how excited I would be with a fun open minded normal couple. But they (or he) ghosted me.

So I'm pretty sure I was about to get catfished into some guy asking me to meet alone with him before I meet his wife. Good god...not only is he probably sneaking around, but doesn't care what my desires are, and calls me a liar without knowing me at all.

So when you think every single male on here are the entirety of people who can be unfair and jerks on here, think again.

I was so excited that possibly I had found a fun couple to hang out with and try it all...and now....poof. Games.

Plus I spell it out on my profile I'm not interested in men on their own, so why would he bother to write me back if he was looking to pull a fast one and ask for MM instead? Why not leave me alone, and go talk to some fully Bi guy who dates men...which I never will.

I guess I'm not ALLOWED to be only physically attracted to women, but if that attractive woman has a good looking man in her life and wants to play, that I find that additional fun sexy. And Im open to trying most things!

Anyone else gone through stuff like this, either from a couples or female perspective?

To be honest, it's killed my desire to pursue this quite a bit. But there's so much fun to be had. Sad.

I was and still am very interested in them if they come back to me and say they're just used to men catfishing them into a straight only MFM, but believe me. Otherwise I really resent this interaction...and he was dead wrong.
Straight or BI couple or Female wanted. Sure why not? You both can have me!
Posted:Nov 5, 2021 3:40 pm
Last Updated:Nov 7, 2021 9:16 pm

You know what why not? I had a near death experience a cole years ago, and now that I'm single after a 3 year relatiship...I figure why not? I have a new lust life.

I'm not attracted n...but so reas with won involved, if it's wanted I rey enjoy the idea of playing with both sexes at ce!

I love won the most, and in a straight threeso I would never cross any lines even be tempted because that's nty not the ne. I LOVE double pleasuring a woman with a husband boyfriend. Also i love being part of a threeso with 2 won. So sexy.

As a bi threeso even though I'm straight.... intents and purposes if you're both attractive ignore the technicality and have fun with !

I have so many fantasies with a hot cole... example. I love pleasuring a woman DP, e each end her sucking us both at ce... but I'd also be open kissing a woman around her man's cock. He could also finish in my mouth and I could kiss her with it. Id also love lick them both as they have . I'd also love a man cum my cock while I'm still hard and have the wife masterbate with it and jump . Id also love be the secd in a creampie. Id also love a woman sucking us both and rubbing our cocks gether maybe pleti, I'd also like try letting a man fuck my ass while I'm fucking his wife. I have a milli other fantasies.

I'd love sothing going since you can't do them at ce. Also alot of this involves you need know youre STD free, as I do. I can also with cdoms, but would prefer a cole I could trust physicy.

I'm 6ft7 but I'm a gentle giant. I'm open this but I'm masculine and I d't ale with n...not my thing.

I also would be open joining an MFMF make it an MFMFM... although idey I'd have a cole I am seeing first and then we add the other cole.

I've never been single lg, but after my last relatiship I think I just need have so fun with so great people and try so fun things.

I guess I'm the most bi straight guy you'd et...but take as I am lol.

And yes I love won primarily and would ly date a woman as a single in a relatiship.

I'm also open won who are in an open relatiship hotwifing.

I do have Trans listed, but thats unlikely. I've ly seen 2 trans I found cvincing and sweet. e is Blaire White YouTube and the other I forget her na. Otherwise....I'm not in trans who aren't cvincing or have low voices etc etc. I am leaving the trans door open a IF the is pletely cvincing sexy fun and nice.

I'm not looking a milli partners....and not looking be with people who keep eting ns of people in quick successi...not safe healthwise IMO.

I am std free and choosy who I'm with. Cdoms not... I require std free... cdoms can break, and many tis do , I'm 6ft7 and well endowed. SO I prefer soe I can trust ......but cdoms are an opti...if theres an amazing match and they d't feel safe without it.

I haven't had in 1.5 years which is bizarre . 100% clean fun and real.

Write .

Looking for in shape, athletic, average thin attractive friendly clean people ...
Well, back after a week away...trying some other options...but...
Posted:Oct 21, 2021 10:54 am
Last Updated:Nov 5, 2021 4:39 pm

Well came back after a week, and it's kind of an interesting strategy because you see who's checked you out, and spammers don't often. No matches except one...but just one great match would be great! Still waiting to hear back, but just wrote her.

I've signed up to a couple more traditional dating sites, but fake pictures, , webcam girls and catfishing is all over the place there as well! I'm actually pretty surprised since they are supposed to be 2 of the top 3 most trustworthy sites.

I take that back, I have had a ton of replies there, but OMG!!!! Not even close to attraction on anyone real. The only one that liked me that beautiful felt I lived too far away, even though its only a couple hours, and I'm at a crossroads and plan on relocating somewhere new anyhow probably. Frustrating, but I don't try to change people's minds much...they often change it back and you're left holding the bad wondering what you did wrong. So bye bye love as the ol' EBs said.

Well here's to seeing who is new on here.....since no one I've written has bothered to write back either way. Although they're probably bombarded with what I've heard from other women is a sausage party of rude noise and they often miss the good ones.
Updates on looking for a fun lady or couple or mrs. right...1 week in
Posted:Oct 13, 2021 2:41 am
Last Updated:Oct 13, 2021 2:44 am

So far my inbox is full of deactivated accounts. that says a lot of about this site and the chances of finding someone compatible.

6ft7 attractive, athletic great job, love everything in life, love to make people laugh, very well endowed...and that's not a joke lol, love sex and great at it....totally single finally and ready for fun with no strings with a woman or couple....or a relationship with a special lady....and on here it seems pretty improbable.

Thing is I want to make sure someone I meet is sexually compatible too before either ongoing fun or a relationship. that's why i joined. Other sites its taboo talk.

Also I wouldn't mind relocating as I'm starting a new chapter in my that's why the online thing is great....

But so far here and an app you swipe on your cell is just getting me spam or mismatches.

Are they any tips on here how to get past the nonsense to the real and attractive people? I'm sure they are sick of it too and probably bombarded by sausage fests....some of the comments on pics and in general....eesh... I wouldn't want to be a woman or couple on here if that's how the real accounts are going to act.

Anyhow...any tips on how to actually meet someone awesome on here (and please don't say abandon standards or need for attraction...i've seen people say that to others.....I'm like WHAAAT????
Apologize if butterface joke was insensitive. Could apply to both sexes and is subjective. Cmon!
Posted:Oct 12, 2021 6:43 am
Last Updated:Oct 13, 2021 11:22 am

I guess you can't make a joke these days. I was not being sexist when I was noting that I was getting a lot of replies from very nice bodies that said "trust them" they or their wife is gorgeous when I asked for face pics and they don't to send them or make you chat for hours / days before you see them.

All I said was its sad and awkward when you end up liking someone and they have a great body, but once you see their face there is no attraction. I said when someone has a hot body and personality butterface... I am sure women who like women, or women may have a different line for men...and it's just a joke people!!!! If you can't laugh at the world, or yourself, chances are you're gonna be single a lot longer than most!

Plus as I said it's subjective, one person's gorgeous is another persons "meh." It wasn't directed at anyone in particular...just something since I've been here just under a week, that I've been experiencing.

It IS frustrating since in person, you always see a person's face as you get to know them. So spending a lot of time getting to know someone without even knowing there's physical attraction is frustrating. It's not like we're all on here just for friendships.

I've never had a hard time meeting women, but I'm sure I'm a butthisface to some lol. To each their own.

All I know is if I'm going to have NSA fun, I need attraction, and if I meet someon for a real relationship that's gonna last, I need to look into their eyes and feel that magic, or adoration. When that's real it doesn't go least not for me. Without it...there is no spar

Does that mean I'm shallow? NOOOOO, hell I'm here optionally for a real relationship, and will stop casually dating if Mrs. Right comes along...and JUST looks won't do it either.

I'm dealing with getting a gorgeous woman who was the spitting image of Marilyn Monroe out of my life right now (no , no relationship...just moving on things). I adored her, but she literally had mental issues that I thought she was over when I met her, and I ignored some red flags, but they came back to bite me. I loved her tlll the day she turned on me a second time, and that was it. But I never lost attraction, and I still care about her as a person.....but she just went too far. That's the only reason I've been single for the longest time in my adult life, 1.5 years.

So I'm here to get back into the swing of things...have some fun...but if Mrs. Right comes along with no red flags...I'm diving it with no regrets...whether she be close to home or in a place I'd rather relocate to anyhow.

But to the lady I was speaking to who complained about my old blog wasn't directed at you.....but the fact you couldn't tell I was just trying to be funny, and almost paint me as a sexist, just shows we aren't compatible. Sorry.

Anyhow, I hope everyone had a great weekend and hope you all find what you're for.

So far the only leads I had were fake accounts of women who end up either wanting me to watch their camera lol, or they say they're in some other country on business but will be back soon, or others who you can tell since I speak 4 languages, that English isn't their first language. They always mess up and say English is their only or first language, when there are easy grammatical giveaways.

Why do these people spend time talking to me? The cam ones, at least theyre quick and to the point, these they think I'm going to give them my credit card info or ? Sad thing is I'm sure some poor suckers will do that.

Anyhow...I'm sure there's someone wonderful on here. I met my ex online ..and had she not have had a few issues it would have continued. Too bad.

Anyway, ciao people, keep smiling...and sorry for the lactose intolerant joke.....
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Yes, I'm 6 ft 7, real, willing to relocate eventually, ISO real or fun for now. Let's talk
Posted:Oct 10, 2021 11:35 pm
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2021 1:16 am

Okay, so I've spoken with some people on my first blog. It appears are real people here after all, thanks! Also I tried reply, but when I refresh doesnt seem show up. Also when I'm using Microsoft Edge, the notifications dont show up, just shows loading, but meanwhile on my phone works. Might change browsers.

So a couple times I've spoken with women, and they literally told me to get lost, that I was catfishing, pretending to be something I'm not, saying I'm not 6ft 7 and my pics are probably someone else. OMG talk about hero to zero in a second. And actually I am legit about everything. Oh well...I guess girls been jaded online too....however I think more men are honest on here than many fake female profiles.

As for couples..I've had some reach out, but NO, I can't travel all the way to Burbank in the middle of the pandemic lol.

However if I meet the right woman, and we are a match I would relocate. I'm ready to move on in my life and start fresh. Love Michigan, Florida, Texas.

Let's talk!!!!

I know 's a beautiful, fun, genuine, sexy woman on here for me if I can just get past the fakes, and they can as well <3. Being a more optimistic today.

And until I find Mrs. Right, I'm open to other suggestions, so couples feel free to write.
New here but not impressed. Offering a lot on here is wasted on fake accounts, games or unnoticed
Posted:Oct 8, 2021 2:30 am
Last Updated:Oct 10, 2021 11:49 pm

Well I thought I would try a different type of dating site. Bad mistake. Most of this site when it comes anyone my type is fake or other.

It's my birthday today but coming is frustrating and depressing. I'm at a crossroads in my life and ready start a new adventure but there are no roads here visible!

I am way taller than average, athletic, accomplished, educated, eclectic and never had a hard time meeting women in the past...but after a long relationship and CHOOSING be single for 1.5 years, I thought I'd try because possibly sex would also be something a wonderful lady might also value part of something real.

I was open minded as what I could find . I am not really a swinger, but I'm open fun until I find Mrs. Right. But I have standards. I'm not looking for people my age or less that look like they've been smoking cigarettes and drinking since birth, or eating at Burger King every day. There are people who look great younger and older than I am...but everyone here who I've found attractive is either a fake profile or overloaded with replies.

So far here's my experience....
a) pretty women who are cam girls looking for money
b) pretty women who are fishing for your contact information for spam
c) pretty women accounts who are actually men or an unattractive woman
d) women who are much older or don't take care of themselves
e) women who are unattractive or a body type I'm not interested in
f) women who just want talk about nothing 2 replies a day, going nowhere
g) women who are overwhelmed with guys and there's no way get them

Couples I'm open until I find my Mrs. Right, just for fun but with that, 's what I've experienced
a) a husband pretending be the wife, getting off and disappearing
b) couples who are overloaded with attention and don't notice
c) couples who are way too far away
d) couples who want make the sacrifices, no shared effort
e) couples who are creepy or unnatractive
f) couples who are not safe be with in my opinion
g) couples who just like talk with no intent

I thought I coudl find a woman who also valued sex top of the rest of the things we look for in a real relationship. I give that about a 1% chance on this site. So I think this 2-3 month experiment will be it for me .

Plus I've looked at so many gross pictures that it's almost turning off of sex altogether...and the sexy ones are fake or a waste of time.

Prove me wrong please!

Otherwise peace out!

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