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Where is the RESPECT?
Posted:Nov 15, 2015 5:58 pm
Last Updated:Aug 16, 2017 6:02 am

Yes... R-E-S-P-E-C-T... like the old Aretha Franklin song. Anyone remember that song?

I write this because more and more I receive messages from men that show no RESPECT as they would perhaps when meeting a female out or through friends. But sometimes I have to wonder if even then with some of you.

So many.. "wanna lick that pussy".. "baby I can make you cum" .. etc in FIRST messages sent. NO wonder you have issues with connecting and think the females that are on here are here to play games or aren't real. Who wants to get real with you? I certainly won't and I believe that there are many females on here that feel the same as I do.

Do you honestly think that you are being cool.. sexy... let alone ""manly" when you send first messages like that?

Fellas.. ever hear the saying... "You draw more bees with honey than with vinegar" ??

Yes this is a sexually oriented site designed to bring like minded people together.. to connect. But that does NOT mean you should lose the upbringing that I know most of you have had. We are all adults but behavior like that is childish and crude and shows so lack of respect that most of us females get with first impression, at least myself anyway.. that this guy cannot be trusted to meet. Just because sex is the theme and sex is what this site is all about.. being a gentleman has not lost it's appeal. Anymore I just delete the messages without reading. The same goes with the IM chats when I see crude sexual remarks.

Am I being old fashioned because of my age? I don't think so. Females on here deserve to be messaged with respect, kindness, consideration. It 's ok to tell someone how sexy you think they are. What woman would not want to read that? But do it in such a way that is not offending at first reading. Get to know them a little first... then erotic talk just may be welcomed.

All that being said... I DO WANT TO THANK ALL THE GENTLEMEN THAT ARE ON SITE! Yes you know who you are. The ones that KNOW how to approach a female and still get his point across that he finds her sexy and is interested. I am sure you see action and good responses from those that you message. Even if you don't.... please do NOT stop being a gentleman!

I enjoy this site and have met many great people and some not so great. This site is more real than any of the more acceptable well advertised dating sites. It is real because sex is what we ALL want and we are able to openly express it and what we desire with our profiles. The other sites... you know what they are.. are a total joke.

Said my peace about this.. Thanks for reading.
Women: To Shave or not.
Posted:Jan 16, 2016 2:58 pm
Last Updated:Aug 16, 2017 6:02 am

I did an earlier blog on men shaving other parts of their body.. now I will comment about women shaving.

This is a matter of personal hygiene choice.. there is no doubt. But it is also a matter of what is the consensus of men, what they like and prefer.

Couple of months back I decided to shave completely. Always kept pubic hair trimmed and shaved from the outer most areas but always had pubic hair. My shaving completely was actually an accident of sorts. Trying to get a little more and ooops.. too much so I said to myself.. " What the hell self... shave it all.. see what it is like. " After all that seems to be a question that is commonly asked by men I meet.. Do you shave? I use to laugh about this and said.. well some but not all. I do have a profile pic I have on here since the beginning that clearly shows that I do not shave completely. But I still respond.

Some tell me they prefer a woman completely shaven. But majority told me that's good that I don't. A few would say either way is fine. I have seen many pics of females on here and most all are shaven completely. To me they look like little girls.. not women. Now please do not get all huffy about this ladies for those of you that shave completely! I respect your choice. And to be completely fair.. when that little ooops happened I not only shaved completely that one time but I maintained it for a month. WHAT A PAIN IN THE ASS!!

During that month that I remain shaven.. looking at myself in mirror.. feeling myself I just could not get over the feeling that somehow I lost my femininity.. my feeling of being a woman, looking like a woman. I did look like a little girl in the mirror.. to me. So now it is growing back... taking it's time of course. But can't wait till it is back the way it was before. Day to day I am feeling better about this. I tried to see what the hype was about.. sorry not the kind of hype I want. So you men that want one of those smooth shaven bald pussy.. pass me by! Besides... it cant be called a pussy if it is bald.. well maybe one of those hairless ones

For you men that are with ladies that do shave completely... you need to take a moment and compliment her on her efforts to maintain this smooth and soft area for you to relish and enjoy. You have no idea what it takes for a woman to maintain this for you!

Fake and or Not?
Posted:Jan 15, 2016 11:04 am
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2016 2:22 pm

How can you tell? I get this asked to me quite a bit.

To me there are two kinds of Fake Profiles..

1) Fake ones that are stolen pics from other web sites. After all many of these sites including TSdates.com does nothing to prevent anyone from copying pictures for their own use. I know of only one sex oriented site that you can not do this. I cannot mention what that site is.. but they do have special encoding that you cannot just copy a picture from a profile. Maybe there are more?
2) then there are the actual member that have no intention of meeting. They are on here for the attention only or by getting others to give points or even money by watching their videos. Maybe others are into that, which is fine.... but what about the ones that are messaging you.. you want to meet.. they may even give you a contact number but then it stops. I hear from men about this all the time happening to them. I tell them to be patient and not be discouraged. And yes I suppose that does happen with the females on here too.

You can't tell if they are fake... not just by reading a profile. Perhaps by the pictures if there are any. Are they too professional looking? Are they older pictures that is obvious?

But it is the interaction that says it all. If they want to message for more than a few days.. then sincerity should be questioned. After all how long does it take for woman to make up her mind if she wants to meet? It does not take me long at all to decide which is usually within a few messages... give them my number.. text some.. then have them call for us both to hear each other's voice.. etc.

Why are people on here if they do not plan to hook up but yet their profiles state otherwise? It is not fair to those that are searching to hook up. A waste of time spent and frustration. If all they want is online chat then it should be in their profile! I am sure there are plenty of those on here that want only to chat or even do camming and not meet. Why lead others on?

I have seen a few profiles that DO indicate all they want is to chat. I applaud them for their honesty and being up front. But to continue to message someone with all indications of meeting... then disappear on them.. or continue to putting them off with excuses ... well that is being a FAKE.

I have had men disappear on me for whatever the reason. I just forget it and move on. Being who I am, I can do just that. But for many men it is not easy for them to just move on and forget. Many are discouraged and think this whole site is a fake. it is not. I believe that there are more REAL people wanting to hook up then there are fakes. But that is just my opinion.

There truly are some great fun people on here!! Ones that do want to meet and will follow thru. You just have to be patient.. keep searching and not allow the fake ones to discourage you.

Thanks for reading and I welcome any comment!!
MEN: Why all the BS?
Posted:Nov 26, 2015 6:35 am
Last Updated:Aug 16, 2017 6:00 am

Tell me why you men think it is necessary to say a lot of bull when you do not mean what you say? It does not matter if we have met in person or not.

I ask for honesty and straight forwardness and I get crap from you. Do you really think it is necessary to do this to get what you want? You get all caught up in this and you don't use your REAL head.. instead it is the little one hanging from your body. That is what many of you use for brains on here.

I do not want to hear anything from you that is NOT the truth. I am honest and straight forward always.... ALWAYS!!! I expect the same from you but I seldom get it.

There are those that have been honest and straight with me and I truly appreciate it and I continue to message with you.

Do NOT contact me if you are not going to be straight. It is a waste of both our times.

Thank you!
No Profile Pic... Why not??
Posted:Nov 17, 2015 5:15 pm
Last Updated:Aug 16, 2017 5:58 am

I would like to hear from those that post no profile as to how that is going for you. Also any other who wishes to comment.

Just seems to me not having a profile pic of some kind would limit you. I am not speaking of face pics as I totally understand why some of you wish not to show your face, change your location and even age. Altho from my perspective anyone knowing you that sees your face on here... well they are on here as well! I also understand as well you married people not wanting your face to be shown.. but yet some do not seem to care.

But how about a pic of your chest? Backside... and ooookaaayy cock.. for you men. Honestly I really don't care a lot for the cock profile pics but it's a matter of preference. Now... I am quite sure that no one will recognize you from those types of pics if you feel you cannot do a facial one.

Thing is for me I pass up so many profiles because of no profile pic and I am quite certain so does many others. My searches are only ones that has profile pic. I feel I miss out on meeting some really great and fun people.... I also seldom reply to messages that has no profile pic unless they send me one. I do insist on current face pics. I want to see what you look like now. It is the attraction. Sorry...I am not attracted to a silhouette!

I have read some of the profiles but still first impression is a picture. We are all visually minded on here. What we see... is it what we like?

This is a sex site... and that IS what we are looking for. So why hide behind a silhouette picture?

So again.. I wonder... how well do you do if you have no profile pic? I am curious and if I am wrong from my perspective.. then I am. But I just don't get it.

Everyone has their point of view and reasons. They are neither right or wrong. I am simply curious.. that is all.

Thanks for reading!
Men: Should you shave body hair or not?
Posted:Nov 16, 2015 7:21 am
Last Updated:Nov 22, 2015 7:38 pm

I for one prefer that you did not. Keeping an over abundance trimmed is nice.

I love body hair on men. Maybe that is old fashioned but I don't think it is. I enjoy running my fingers through the hair and yes even the hair around a cock. Body hair holds the scent that is alluring ...not referring to body odor.. but scent that is discreted when a man is aroused.. Sense of smell is a sexual aphrodisiac. It is subtle.. but there.

Been with men that are shaved clean.. it is not the same for me as it is being with a man that has at least some hair. Not saying I have not enjoyed those clean shaven men...but just not the same. It tends to give me a sense or maybe a subtle reminder of being with a young man.... something that I really do not have a desire for. I am not a cougar therefore I have no desire to be with young pups. That is my preference...who I am.

It is a matter of preference for you I know. I do respect that and I won't turn someone away of they do shave clean all over if I find an attraction in other ways. I think maybe some of you shave completely because there are females that won't give BJ if a man is not shaven... grossed out by the hair or something... their loss.

Adding this thanks to an earlier comment... Shaved balls are good!

But hair... yesssssssss... that manly hair that is so alluring for me. So yes it is a fetish I have.

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