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Hello everybody let's begin
Posted:Oct 24, 2021 10:42 am
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2022 9:48 am

In the beginning i was stealing my mothers pantyhose at 4yrs old and wearing them to bed. I knew at a young age I was different I just did not realize how I was different. i had no role model growing up to show my the way or help me thru my journey. i grew up in a little country town that called itself a city. Somewhere between Niagara Falls and Buffalo. i often thought about wearing girls clothes and to me it seemed like there was nothing wrong with it at that age, I even thought about being a girl. i often pretend played that I was a girl in my make believe world in my head. Other boys pretended to be firemen and I pretended to be a girl. Hell I was a real cute pretty boy of a k**, I was the spitting image of my mother just in boy form. I was also so very special I was walking and talking by 1, and busting out of my own crib before 2. Everyone saw and could tell that I was blessed with higher intelligence than normal and I developed mentally faster than most k**s. Early on i thought I was a girl just didnt understand what this thing hanging between my legs was and maybe if i pulled it would come off, henceforth I often had my hand down my pants unconsciousally trying to pull it off, often my elders would enquire if I had to go to the bathroom, to their puzzlement i would reply no. Then they would swat at my hand to stop doing that , to which i would question doing what, get your hand out of there. It became all to clear I had a thirst for knowledge I had learned to read well before kindergarten, and was reading my fathers old encyclopedias to which my parents bought me an updated set of encyclopedias the funk and wagnalls within those two sets of books i found delight i would read each book cover to cover and by the time i went to kindergarten i was finished with both sets. i also had what they called hyperactivity, had i been born later in the 20th century i may have been diagnosed with adhd, but in my generation the solution of hyperactivity was a swift backhand and a quick sit down shut up and stop fidgeting, sit still, and you better listen or you wil get another one. you adapted very quickly pain was a stimulus that could cure me of this hyperactivity. at some point i had a seizure and convulsive disorder before school started. so i was put on a high dosage of phenobarbatol in elixir form 5 times a day. i hated the taste of the stuff. and being as smart as i was i was entrusted alot with my own medication, but often times i would lie and say i had taken it when in fact i had not. but by that time i had a habit for the stuff and no one realized because when i didn't take it i would become very sick and need to be taken to the hospital for a series if symptoms that had no explanation, i was going thru withdrawal and no one had thought about this as the case. it wasn't until my mid twenties i realized it was withdrawal symptoms.
Sissy hypno porn transformed me into a tranny
Posted:Oct 13, 2021 7:29 am
Last Updated:Oct 24, 2021 10:44 am

sissy hypno porn has made the slutty submissive tranny fuckdoll cumdumpster for al[pha cocks that i am today. it started innmocently enough over ten years ago and during that time i would loop certain ones that were great audio tracks of positive reinforcement for the slut i needed to become and loop them while i slept. i did this for years and i think it has done a good job of making my dream become a reality.
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