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Favourite place for sex  

Unzipmeslowly51 52M
196 posts
6/30/2021 1:10 am
Favourite place for sex

Everyone is different. Some play it safe. Some like the risk. Some are just spontanious. What are you?
Living room
Public place

Unzipmeslowly51 52M

6/30/2021 1:13 am

i voted shower as i love the feel of soapy wet skin. Also love to be outdoors , the extra thrill of maybe getting caught is a turn on😊

golfer980 54M
57 posts
6/30/2021 2:32 am

I like the thrill

author51 59F  
130010 posts
6/30/2021 2:40 am

all of them for me but love it outdoors...xoxo

WyoCowboy7751 69M
2537 posts
6/30/2021 5:20 am

All of the above except for Workplace Other ; would be , Kitchen Counter, On top of the dryer ( with a couple tennis shoes thrown inside and running for extra vibration ) , just to name a few of them

dell9600 65M  
1427 posts
6/30/2021 6:40 am

Voted. Having sex is always good anywhere. The bedroom gives us lots of options, but like Joy, I enjoy outdoor sex in my very secluded yard.

bearcatbearcat 59M

6/30/2021 6:40 am

Should be obvious, but if you are caught in public, a cop can and will arrest you, and when convicted, you will have to register as a Sex Offender for the rest of your life.
Yes, seriously. Even if all you were doing was taking a piss out in the bushes. This does and can and will happen.

Who is John Galt?

Unzipmeslowly51 52M

6/30/2021 9:26 am

Ill keep zipped up in public then 😊dont need arresting lol

Unzipmeslowly51 52M

6/30/2021 9:27 am

Ty for all the votes and comments

Unzipmeslowly51 52M

6/30/2021 9:30 am

    Quoting author51:
    all of them for me but love it outdoors...xoxo
Feels more naughty outside😊

dawn99994 42F
84 posts
6/30/2021 10:03 am

love having sex in the shower with my lover

Unzipmeslowly51 52M

6/30/2021 12:08 pm

    Quoting dawn99994:
    love having sex in the shower with my lover
Must say thats my favourite too dawn😊

wvu1963 59M

6/30/2021 3:28 pm

i just like it in a mormal situation

BiJack55 73M

6/30/2021 4:26 pm

Done all of them and a few. Had the wife in a motel several times with the window blinds open and a couple times with the door open. she was so excited I thought she would never stop cumming.

seenit 52M
79 posts
6/30/2021 6:39 pm

    Quoting author51:
    all of them for me but love it outdoors...xoxo
agree outdoors is best. you can do almost all of the other choices outdoors lol

youngndfun1 58M  
1 post
6/30/2021 9:05 pm

All of those places

Unzipmeslowly51 52M

6/30/2021 11:53 pm

Outdoors is popular. Im surprised bedroom is currently 2nd. Thought that may be too conventional. Im happy to get it anywhere these days lol

davydogg69 64M
55 posts
7/1/2021 6:48 am

favourite place for sex....that would be in the butt, Bob

DiscreteSlowRide 52M
384 posts
7/1/2021 9:23 am

The perfect place is...wherever the two of you are when the mood strikes you. When you have to have each other you don't care if you are on a picnic table in a park, in the shower or lost in sofa sex.

lucysluttygirl 21F
8 posts
7/1/2021 10:55 am

Outdoors is fun I love the beach the most

Robo62 78M
3 posts
7/1/2021 3:08 pm

That depends on the type of tree you are bent over. Some trees bark are not easy on bare skin.

grizz54545454 74M  
360 posts
7/1/2021 3:58 pm

all but beach is best

Unzipmeslowly51 52M

7/1/2021 4:02 pm

    Quoting  :

Thats very romantic flannel😊not the usual on here lol

Unzipmeslowly51 52M

7/1/2021 4:03 pm

Even when the sand gets everywhere lucy😊

Unzipmeslowly51 52M

7/1/2021 4:05 pm

    Quoting  :

There a nice tree in the woods by me...ive tested it whyte😊

LeighCDNJ 69T  
22 posts
7/2/2021 2:15 am

All are wonderful.
Out doors in the sum the BEST!!!!!

lovethestick 77M
564 posts
7/2/2021 6:02 am

I love sex any where / Have to say I was out side sucking on a cock in the rest stop when a cop saw me . I asked If I could do any time not to be take in He say come with him so I when and when we got to his car he open his zipper and told me to get down and suck his cock and I did, He shot he load down my throat And told me to get out of there and I did

freindlymichelle 55T  
90 posts
7/2/2021 3:14 pm

outdoors for me
just love being tied to a tree in full view
just enjoying the naughty feeling of maybe getting seen
then being touched up and enjoyed by my lover or lovers
big hugs and kisses

Unzipmeslowly51 52M

7/2/2021 3:32 pm

Im surprised shower sex is lagging way behind. You cant beat a good soapy fuck in the shower. And car sex. Everyone must have done it in a car. Im still surprised bedroom is 2nd😊ty to everypne for.replying x

LadiesR2B1rst 59M  
2735 posts
7/2/2021 6:06 pm

I would say a motel/ Hotel when meeting a woman for first time sex. That way if things don't go well you are only out a few bucks. If it goes well then most anywhere will do.

basehorbicpl4fun 51M/41F

7/2/2021 7:45 pm

outdoors is my favorite but anywhere always works for me

Cecil0495 77M

7/3/2021 5:37 am

davydogg69 had perfect answer. Years ago on the live tv show of the Newly Weds game the question "Where was the most unusual place you ever had sex". The lady answered "In the butt, Bob". Bob had that deer in the headlights look.

BiSussi 61F
1405 posts
7/3/2021 7:22 pm

    Quoting author51:
    all of them for me but love it outdoors...xoxo
Without question, outdoors is just the best location
It got to be safe, no need to get in trouble for a few great orgasms

I love pussies and adore nice dicks

Boredstiff19762 45M

7/4/2021 4:55 am

Outdoors for me. The fear of being seen, and the excitement combine to make an incredible orgasm!

SouthGeorgiaCoug 65F
165 posts
7/4/2021 7:39 am

I love the outdoors! Especially on the beach!

A Cougar searching for cubs!

letsplayenow2 67M

7/4/2021 9:03 am

All of the above....lets do it!!!!

nwga1958 64M
17 posts
7/4/2021 4:51 pm

Being somewhat an exhibitionist I like the thrill of being “caught” and someone watching the fun.

xgoodtimes89 33M  
38 posts
7/5/2021 7:20 am

Bedroom for sure

jmuandwvu1 59M

7/5/2021 8:37 am

i would try any of them but i like bedroom

Unzipmeslowly51 52M

7/5/2021 12:01 pm

Ooh all that sand everywhere. Im not sure. But i wouldnt say no if the occasion arose😊

jc_powerman 62M
254 posts
7/5/2021 12:41 pm

1) living room, 2) Bedroom , 3) shower , 4) car in that order 😉

DJSteeltoe 55M

7/5/2021 2:13 pm


Unzipmeslowly51 52M

7/5/2021 2:31 pm

All in one day jc😀

Jknoff1994 28M
4 posts
7/5/2021 4:25 pm

All over the house lol

sexbrowser69966 59M
29 posts
7/6/2021 5:36 am

outdoors is the most fun butt I would enjoy sex any of those places if the guy was willing and eager to do me there

Rexal1963 69M  
8 posts
7/6/2021 7:00 am

Where is the all of the above choice!

fahrenheit451x2 61M  
188 posts
7/6/2021 8:17 am

Everywhere and anywhere but I like the Dining Room table

aint1yet 55M  
16 posts
7/6/2021 3:19 pm

I was in a tent at a camp ground and serenaded by kids and parents WITHIN YOU'RE HAPPY AND YOU KNOW IT...'

Unzipmeslowly51 52M

7/7/2021 9:18 am

    Quoting Rexal1963:
    Where is the all of the above choice!
Erm...a slight oversight😊but ill just say dont be greedy to deflect all the blame😂😂😂ill remember next time

pyewacket69 60M  

7/7/2021 11:30 am

Outdoors or indoors both fun

strangelove2019 56M
18 posts
7/7/2021 12:52 pm

how about anywhere sex

Deepnwide76 46M
64 posts
7/8/2021 2:31 am

It does not matter where you take it off I'm all bout the orgasm an when the orgasm Start u can't stop em

toy20666 65M
105 posts
7/9/2021 6:06 am

I love sex outdoors, its feels so good. In the woods is great with nature. Try it you will love it, mmmm

afloribamayho 53M
8 posts
7/17/2021 4:33 pm

Outdoors, but all of the above might cover it too. But you get in the car and looking at her you cannot concentrate, so you go for it and fuck her in the front seat, backseat she's on top, your on top she's reverse cowgirl next you're fucking her doggy style all in the car. You get in a public place and cannot keep your fingers out of her pussy so you go for it in public, she gives you a blowjob, that only makes her hornierso you take her around the corner in the hallway or on the balcony, in the Janitor's closet, or in the bathroom and yes everyone knows because they can hear to moaning, begging, screaming or banging goin on. You go on a nature walk and see that cute ass and you go for it. You find a lot disrobe eat heet out lay her over and spank that kitty 'til it purrs. You get back home and see her bouncing all over the house so you fuck her on every piece of furniture and room in the house. You got all sweaty and say "Hey let's get a shower!" And your soaping up her body and one thing leads to another and next thing you know you're fucking in the shower. So, then you're both tired from fucking all day and decide to rest a little in the bedroom and as she lays in your arms you start to caress her shoulder and that caress leads to another and another and then you're fucking again and again. Finally you both rest for the night. The next morning you awake, but that's a story for another time....🤣

Tmptrzz 59F  
107039 posts
7/20/2021 2:14 pm

Anywhere for me as long as it's with that special someone..

Seduce the mind and see what a wonderful adventure the body will take you on..

fflkn4hotbabe 72M
18 posts
7/22/2021 9:34 am

Bedroom is always great, but the work place has been a real turn on.

BBWjawn 37F

7/27/2021 1:29 pm

anywhere is fine for me

Unzipmeslowly51 52M

7/28/2021 3:13 am

I like anywhere....never gonna say no....😉x

CL_Love 49M/49F
425 posts
8/6/2021 11:38 am

Getting too old for some of the hard surfaces, cramped spaces, etc. I really enjoy a nice big comfy bed. Not saying I don't have sex other places....just that my preference is not to end up with a bruise from the car door handle on the back of my head. LOL

Unzipmeslowly51 52M

8/6/2021 4:05 pm

    Quoting CL_Love:
    Getting too old for some of the hard surfaces, cramped spaces, etc. I really enjoy a nice big comfy bed. Not saying I don't have sex other places....just that my preference is not to end up with a bruise from the car door handle on the back of my head. LOL
Haha...the fantasy is sometimes better than the reallity. I do ache a lot more these days lol

hmmahhh 50M
7 posts
8/14/2021 6:28 am

All the above but one of my hottest times was at a campground in a tent and the public shower there inside a building and it was all open!

Dylan_ZD 28M
17 posts
8/25/2021 2:46 pm

Really depends on the mood and your partner

lovethestick 77M
564 posts
9/7/2021 8:34 am

I have to say I really enjoy have sex any where

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