VegasVision 46M/53F   
20 posts
5/21/2019 10:52 am

It is summertime you guys! We are well traveled and looking forward to vacating. Depending on what you like ,we feel its one of the best seasons from weather to new places and faces. Itinerary is not yet completely full but considering warm positive environments. maybe Texas. maybe Arizona. maybe Florida. maybe New Orleans. just curious of what all of you have planned for the summer as well as dates. Would love to mingle and meet with great compatible people

MakingInsidesMee 36M
24 posts
5/21/2019 11:27 am

i havent thought of destinations for the entire summer but definitely texas is always good but also scheduling myself for new orleans and other places as well maybe we can meet if scheduling allows

Dancingqueen9117 62F  
5 posts
5/22/2019 10:50 am

I am planning a trip ASAP to Texas then on to New is an exciting time of the year!!

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