I admit it, I got sucked in  

Voyuer97 64M
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1/18/2020 11:46 am
I admit it, I got sucked in

There are so many dating/hookup/social sites out there these days that one has difficulty deciding where to go, if at all. I'm getting disillusioned with this place, between people I like just vanishing, along with vanishing words and characters in posts, I'm not sure I want to invest here anymore.

So, I went looking for other sites to browse and possibly join. My ideal site would be like this one, hot people along with not so hot people who are really nice, a blog area, and a magazine area to read and post erotica.

Sadly, those are far and few between. I decided I could live without the blog area (I'm already blogging on three sites as it is) and one site seemed to have a lot of action. So I joined it.

Bad move, Larry. (<-- Obscure reference to an old computer game.)

What could a twenty-something possibly want from an old...er...sexy senior citizen? Credit card numbers. I tend to be an early riser, and the most message action I get from PYTs is in the overnight hours.

RED FLAG NUMBER ONE: They're not 20-somethings, they're probably middle-age, balding men running a normal daytime work schedule in eastern Europe. Funny how their quitting time corresponds to our normal workday, when the come-on messages all stop.

RED FLAG NUMBER TWO: The old "My old boyfriend is stalking me so I can't post my pictures up here for you" gag. Uh-huh. Sure. Next I suppose you're going to invite me to another site? Them: "My pictures are posted on a site you can join (insert web here)." A little snooping around shows those sites are in China or Eastern Europe.

Uh, no. I may have fallen off the turnip truck, but not yesterday.

Of course, once the Internet knows one is out nosing around dating sites, suddenly one's inbox fills up with all kinds of solicitations. Some of the sites are obvious ripoffs, some mask their ripoff tactics quite well so you don't know you've been scammed until you've been scammed, and others are legitimate sites where people are marriage minded and not a FWB can be found.

So, I'll just tell my credit card company to reject any further transactions from that hookup provider and try again somewhere else.

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