Time Flies Like an Arrow  

Voyuer97 64M
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10/21/2019 9:10 am
Time Flies Like an Arrow

Fruit flies like a banana.

So said Groucho Marx, and he was right, time does fly like an arrow.

I read a headline today that said Ursula Andress turned 83 today. 83? Seriously? How can Honey Ryder be that old? When Dr. No hit the movie screens in 1962, the Swedish sex goddess was only 26 years old. I was young enough that I couldn't get into the theater to see Dr. No, but old enough to experience rocket hardness when I saw the promo photos in magazine articles.

And like every other pre- and teenage boy, I was instantly in lust with the James Bond sex goddess. Also like every teenage boy (and probably middle aged fathers) armed with publicity photos, I would head to my secret place to have another fantasy-laced session of masturbation that centered around Ursula Andress.

When I was in college, I had a part time job in a retail store. I arranged my class schedule to mesh with my store duties. One of my morning tasks was to take the bank deposit across the parking lot to the local ban I was shocked the first morning meet a teller who was the spit and image of Ursula Andress! I was instantly in lust with the young woman, she had blonde hair that she wore in the same style as Hone Ryder, she wore heavy makeup that resembled Honey Ryder and an electric smile that gave me an instant hard-on. After that first meeting, I had walk back the store carefully, and with a few minutes to spare before the store opened, I went back to the rest room to relieve myself. Ah, to be twenty again and be perpetually horny and ready for action.

My new crush was probably 5 or 6 years older than me. That doesn't seem like a big deal now but was very important to a 25 year old beauty who wasn't interested in a "." After a few deposits at her window, I mustered up the courage to tell her she looked just like Ursula Andress. She shook her head and denied it but did thank me for the compliment.

Of course, with that statement, she knew of my crush and from then on, pretty much ignored me.

There was no hope for me every getting a date with Ursula Andress, and no chance for a date with the Ursula Andress lookalike.

And now she's 83. Ursula Andress is 83. I have no idea about the teller I haven't seen in 45 years. The real Ursula is still beautiful at 83. Ah, but Honey Ryder is perpetually 26 and still gives me that stirring down below.

I'm shaken and part of me is certainly stirred.

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