mr "i-don't-hit-women" strikes out with girlfriend  

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5/2/2020 8:35 pm

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5/3/2020 1:21 am

mr "i-don't-hit-women" strikes out with girlfriend

can i please get a scale of morality over here. help this man. he wonders why mobody takes him seriously, nobody beleives him when he say's things, and he doesn't understand why this argument ended in my calling him a liar. i had calmly explain, when you lie it seems from then you are not be trusted and its refelcted in the way others see the shape of you. this man has no idea that trust must be earned and nobody is entitled it. this man has a tear, for himself and nobody else.

and that is what i am putting with... isolating with this selfish jerk is my own personal dirty secret, and i am ready bloom into a butterfly and make off into the social scene once again, where there about potential friendships abound, gathered in a circle, spiraling around... yes its almost time to go. the transition will embrace the suck and i hate to leave this cute little house, don't want to have to go, but his name is on it so i had better get (the fuuck away)! jj stands for just jimmy, a ghost i used to know. get it? got it? good!

back in the day when we were barely friends, i never liked jj much. he was always trying to kiss on me, but wouldn't fuck me. instead he liked to watch other guys fuck me. i didn't get it, and i thought he was pathetic. that was then. today i am weak where he is strong it weight of the power scale falls on his side and with the 'less is more" approach, he says very little, and still he wins every fight, has to have the last word.

and tho he doesn't women, he /does/ throw us under the bus. hell even his mom is not safe from this happening her, if the benefits are great enough jj, his own mom will do in a pinch. quietly plotting his revenge over nothing. my demise is in his sites. he is a heart-taker, soul sucker and candlestick maker and this tired mama cannot abide, now i want fuck off and hide, again he spoke and again he lied, and jj feels justified tucked under my skin, and again.

i am so small today when standing among just-jimmy, or at least he'd like be less then zero less then zero, the way i feel when i am by his side. i told him back then to never half/ass because i'm not that kinda girl. but he has been half/assed since the day i decided share my life with him. now he is so disrespectful, he is not even really a good friend. and that will not satisfy , this creep is trying kill sexXy! help . i am and i love fuck daily, but i can barely stand this man i wish i didn't love. wish i could go back in time, change my mind.

i gave him too much power. see men they dig the chase, as in, the pursuit of a woman they have yet to bed down. when females treverse this role, a nd "chase down" a man, for example if she loved him too much, had a weak spot for him (unlike any damsels i know of anyway. yeah right)! i have allowed the power to shift into his favor. considering i used to think this guy was a loser, and here i am now, all smittin... i really hould have trusted my instincts initiallty.
then i would have //never// come here to this place. my hell, for now anyway.

this computer geeks search history is littered with searches on gaslighting, dirty tricks, revenge fantasy, plays on weaknesses, manipulation, mind control and definitions of my psych meds. one thing certain about this mix/matched union is that we are both fixated, obsessed really, with one another. i guess it could be compared to an addiction. still, its lacking in power is showing over time, i get closer to reclaiming what is rightfully mine. this love is like a thorn without a rose.

i appreciate
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5/2/2020 10:38 pm

Well I can only tell you from personal experience , if your situation is as toxic as you say , for your own sanity , get the hell out . Leaving is never easy , but staying is worse . There are good people out here . You can always talk to me . 4315953

tsn4fun2 46M/44F  
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5/3/2020 3:30 am

It’s all in your hands... what do YOU want to do about it? I wish I could say everything will be okay but everyone is different. Keep your head up , good luck and stay safe!

Paulxx001 64M  
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5/3/2020 6:18 am

everyone has choices.... ⭕❗

... is there another way to look at it
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wanttoshowyou00 44M  
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5/17/2020 8:21 am

Listen to what your body and mind are telling you... we often ignore these factors to alleviate our fear of the unknown.. and until there is a clear path that unsettledness will continue... when we choose we must leave something behind....

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