Pics, Videos, both?  

agrilus 64M  
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7/31/2011 6:16 am
Pics, Videos, both?

OK, so I took a paid membership. What kind of profile photos are best? Naked or clothes on? Natural or aroused? Which gets your attention?

aliasalias000 38M

10/11/2017 5:04 am

I am member of this site quite a long time and I can say, that the most popular pic are naked pics. Someone can say, that it does not matter, but it is not truth. If people like your pics, they visit your profile more often and you can become one of the most popular member. If it happen will give you free gold memberships just like they gave to me.

Papawforyou 63M  
28 posts
2/9/2021 8:43 am

Naked pictures and videos are very much needed I will look at a profile that has a nude picture, but I won't look at ones that do not show their goods. I do enjoy looking at a soft cock, I know it's going to get a lot bigger when hard but I just like seeing it in its relaxed state

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