You're such a good friend...  

alexwayne57 62M
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7/30/2018 11:42 pm
You're such a good friend...

You're such a good friend. You're such a good listener. These two phrases, and others, spell doom for the development of any type of relationship. Other than platonic. Have you heard these phrases...spoken to you by someone you hoped to become romantically or sexually involved with? Unfortunately I have heard them many, many times. I am the good friend. I listen to everyone's problems, troubles, issues, frustrations, and sometimes joys. I hear all about the guy someone has a crush on or wants to hookup with and all the problems,etc. I listen and give advice if it seems appropriate. And then I'm left behind. The good friend who seems to always be there, yet is never good enough to be a fwb or a lover. The "really nice guy" who doesn't get the girl. Self pity...maybe. But I have to wonder what does it take for someone to see the whole picture. All I might have to offer. All those things in addition to being the good listener who is such a good friend.

alexwayne57 62M
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7/30/2018 11:43 pm

Obligatory first comment.

jrinco 64M  
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8/26/2018 8:57 am

I know just what you has happened to me quite a few times. Very frustrating.....and aggrevating. I don't understand......but there is a lot I don't understand.....LOL
Thanks for posting!

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