Away We Go  

analartistwy 59F
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4/9/2021 9:02 am
Away We Go

seems be working, my resolve remain positive. I feel better and have been in high gear since yesterday. Smiling more, seeing people smile back. That positive energy saw me through a late night of work and an early morning of writing, productive writing.

AAAAAAaaaaaaaaannnd.. I have a "date" tomorrow, funny how we throw the word date around. This is a public meeting with a very attractive man that is about 90 miles away and might actually turn into a FWB situation. Wow! I could actually get laid.

I normally don't consider playing on the first meet, but unbeknownst to my potential partner, I already know he is, our families have known each other for a long time. Besides, if I am going drive that far, I would like think will be more than a chat in a park.

Happy Friday!

analartistwy 59F
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4/9/2021 9:02 am

Life is amazing!

peladodel56 65M
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4/9/2021 10:01 am

Buen fin de semana !!!

donsv1962 59M

4/9/2021 12:25 pm

Have a fantastic Friday.

I want to take you into the fiery lair of steamy sexual delight on this hot sultry night.

citizen4722 64M  
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4/9/2021 3:59 pm

The last time I had sex

hotdreamer1000 62M
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4/13/2021 2:08 am

I hope it went well. Something tells me he was going to be surprised when he found out you already knew who he was!

analartistwy replies on 4/13/2021 11:40 am:
He was, it went ok.. no spark. But it was a nice drive.

rickjhmn1958 63M
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8/18/2021 6:51 pm

Staying positive! The secret to happy life!

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