New Directions  

analartistwy 59F
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4/11/2021 12:13 pm
New Directions

For some time, I have had the feeling that I am evolving.. not sure where I am going... But while drifting, I am revisiting some of my old erotic stories and posting them on a different venue.

Link is in the comments.

analartistwy 59F
27 posts
4/11/2021 12:13 pm

lubbaMachine 42M

4/11/2021 12:58 pm

Beautiful layout

hotdreamer1000 62M
12366 posts
4/13/2021 2:09 am

I don't think I have ever been sure where I was going. Maybe that's why I haven't got there yet.........

justme51 70M
1791 posts
4/27/2021 7:50 pm

Love to read fantasies stories.

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