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Oral Fixation  

andromedamm31 47F
19 posts
1/2/2022 5:58 pm
Oral Fixation

The thought of milking your perfect cock with my lips and tongue creates a primal hunger for all of you. I can’t help but indulge my need to find relief and slip my hand beneath my panties, curl two finger inside my wet pussy and grind my clit against the flat palm of my hand. Frustrated and horny, I have decided to write to you about what I fantasize about when I close my eyes and dream of you. My privacy is at a minimum tonight and all I is to imagine you’re here with me.

Pushing my fingers in and out of my creamy folds, I writhe on my hand. I am aching to give you what you need. My fingers wrap tightly around your shaft and I lower myself to a kneeling position in front of you. My eyes are locked on yours as I kiss the head of your exposed coc The dark delicious<b> scent </font></b>of your sweat and cologne has me almost whimper as I inhale you. I feel you strain and grow between my fingers.

Your musky smell and my anticipation make me squirm as I enjoy your length. I squeeze the base of your cock making it bulge as I grate my teeth gently over your shiny taut skin and suck you in my mouth. You are so fucking delicious. My pussy throbs as I prime your cock with my hot mouth licking and lengthening your magnificent girth. My wet lips slide over your hard cock as I suck gently and cup your balls with the palm of my hand.

My tongue languidly slides up your length as I suck your magnificent cock deep into my mouth. Your fingers are in my hair pushing my mouth deep on your shaft as my throat tightens around it. I can taste the pre-cum on the end of coc You pull back as I lick the treasure off the tip of your coc

My nipples are hard and tight as I feel you twitch in my grip. I know your release is gathering because I feel your balls tighten. Exhilaration brings a fever of hot desire and eagerness as I anticipate you filling my throat. Moisture trickles down my thighs. Suddenly, you abruptly move your cock from my mouth.

You take my hands and bring them together over my head and snatch a thick leather belt off the floor and wrap it firmly around my wrists. You roll me over and take me from behind. My hands remain tied above my head and keeps me motionless. The feeling of intense pleasure builds.

Fingers grip my body as I feel your cock move in a slow and shallow. You dip the tip in and out as you drive me to the edge. Your hands hold my waist firm and I grunt as your deep and possessive thrusts makes my pussy raw with the power of your coc The pressure became uncontrollable. My toes curl and I gasp as you continue the relentless attack on my pussy. I beg you to let me come. I feel your pace quicken and recognize the growing and throbbing desire of your release.

Without any warning you pull out, pick me and help me onto my knees. I instinctively open my mouth wide as you thrust deep into my throat. A low growl escapes your lips as you come hard, spurting your hot load down my throat until I am gagging to keep up with swallowing it down. The last drop leaks from your throbbing cock and I lick it lightly with my tongue making a hard shudder travel through your body.

Sliding down, you move between my legs. I wiggle my hips, eager for you lips but notice that you are slowing your movement as I anticipate your tongue. A deep sigh escapes as you slide your tongue between my fold. Your tongue licks up my slit to my clit and pinpoints its stimulation. I mewl with need and feel your tongue brush over my clit before you press down. I beg you, “Please, I can’t hold on any longer.”

My body taut with the need for relief. You smile like a Cheshire cat and tell me that I have earned it. It’s enough to push me over the edge. Closing my eyes, I allow the pleasure to wash over me. You fingers and tongue pump my pussy, drawing along my G-spot with every thrust. You begin to increase the pace and pressure. An explosion of fireworks explode behind my eyelids as waves of ecstasy course from my pussy.My pussy convulses around your tongue and fingers. A deep moan ripped from my throat. Your fingers stilled inside me.

lickeyzsplit 60M  
1516 posts
1/16/2022 8:06 am

Fantastic ! Love to make that fantasy real Mmmmm

CamCowboy 62M
292 posts
1/14/2022 7:05 pm

I need a Ms A oral fix

Fless69 42M
18 posts
1/7/2022 5:48 pm

Another great one can definitely keep reading these good work

Extremedegree 53M

1/3/2022 7:12 am


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