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Satisfying Daddy's Needs  

andromedamm31 47F
19 posts
1/2/2022 6:16 pm
Satisfying Daddy's Needs

They were drawn to each other like moths to light. He her refuge and had a powerful grip on Anne’s psyche. He knew the woman hidden beneath the façade. His need for control complimented her need for submission.

Anne had experienced men who claimed to be Masters, Doms and even a few who preferred the title, , but her newest Dom different from the men she had met in the past. He charismatic, articulate, and dramatic. expected complete obedience and he pushed Anne’s limits. His tall, fit, athletic stature further accentuated his presence of authority. He disciplined, focused, and had high expectations. Anne eager to prove her submission and obedience after spending weeks teasing and tormenting him.

The hint of musk lingered in the air as Anne quietly entered the dimly lit room. She scanned the room. instructed her to wait for him on the bed.

“I you to trust me, Anne. Spend the day with me and I will prove it to you,” insisted . Anne read the repeatedly before she committed to meeting. Stepping out the crumpled skirt, Anne moved to the bed and kneeled the way had taught her. Delicious wet arousal flooded Anne as she anticipated giving complete control.

Goosebumps bloomed across Anne’s naked body as a rush of air gently brushed a few locks of hair across her chee The sudden movement accompanied by a faint creaking. Anne cocked her head toward the noise. Had she imagined it?

A shadow crept along the empty wall, but Anne remained anchored to the bed. Her frame resembled a statue rather than of a living, breathing human being. Anne could smell the distinct haughty pheromones mixed with ’s cologne. His gaze heated her skin as he took in the scarlet lace panties that clung to her olive skin. A pair of wrist/ankle ties were the remaining attire that adorned her body. Anne motionless on the bed as she sensed him move towards her. His large fingers expertly fastened the satin blindfold tightly around Anne’s head. His hands rip the panties from her body and a loud smack echoes through the room. The impact of his hand reddens and burns Anne’s tight ass.
I instinctively cock my head back despite the blindfold. ’s rough fingers nudge my chin and guide my mouth to his lips. I stifle a gasp as I inhale his delicious<b> scent. </font></b>Lips brush down against the nub of his nipple and a deep groan fills the quiet room. I ardently explore and memorize his exquisite body with my lips and tongue.

Movement disturbs my eager tongue, but ’s<b> scent </font></b>makes my mouth water. Suddenly, the head of ’s cock presses against my mouth and my lips part.

Exhilaration stimulates every muscle in my body as he glides his massive cock against my tongue. The tip of my tongue flicks out to lick the base of his balls. Quick, deep thrusts make me gulp as the head of his shaft pushes into my tight throat. Wet and hot moisture soak my thighs as he fucks my mouth. Fingers hold my head in place as he pumps in and out. I struggle with the restraints as I fight the urge to reach out and grab ’s impressive length. My hands remain bound as he withdraws his shaft from my mouth. My cries of protest are useless and fall upon deaf ears as the impact of his rough hand leaves a bright red imprint matching my scarlet panties.

It’s at that moment that I hear a giggle from beside me. I tilt my head toward the sound but before I could further an audio inventory of the room, pushes his penis past my pussy lips and begins with gentle thrusts. Whispers are barely audible but my mind is unable to process the implications of that innocuous sound.

thrust deeper and faster. An explosion of blinding light flashes behind the lids of my eyes as I feel waves of warm, sweet contractions build to a breathtaking peak and crest. The orgasm leaves my pussy quivering and dripping.

quickly pulls out and that’s when I hear a muffled groan and what could only be described as a rhythmic sucking of wet lips on skin. The sound intoxicating and stirred the heat between my legs. It distinct and it didn’t take long before I began to deduce that someone else enjoying ’s cock! Jealousy and anger flashed behind my eyes but the teasing sounds also created a fire between my legs that I couldn’t ignore.

began to growl beside me as the sucking intensified. The blindfold, a curtain to my sight, only served to enhance my perception of the sounds in the room. Hot lust swells between my legs as a tongue darts out and laps up and down my labia with long, steady strokes. It is obvious that our unknown guest is female. Her perfume and soft skin make her femininity obvious. Her tongue swirls around my clit, bathing it with pleasure. She nibbles the bud with her teeth and a jolt of desire floods my entire body. Soft noises escape from deep in her throat and the vibrations send notes of ecstasy from my pussy to my breasts.

Shooting sparks erupt and I buck my hips violently trying to get more of what she offering. ’s voice eliminates any familiarity of the room. “You can whip her if you like but I guarantee that you will enjoy the feel of her skin under your bare hands with a good old-fashioned spanking.”

I hear a groan and the wet tongue disappears from its relentless teasing. A sudden impact strikes across both globes of my ass. I jerk up as each slap makes my breasts jiggle. The mild sting catches my breath and I gasp. The side of my face presses into the mattress as I crouch like an animal in front of an anonymous audience. I am almost knocked over as a thick cock slides into my pussy with a hard thrust.

Part of me angry with the demeaning and humiliating treatment but I also ashamed by how much I enjoying being used. My senses were peaking with pleasure as the plowed into my channel again and again. ’s cock is thick and I struggle to adjust to his wicked size. Tears run down my cheeks as a mixture of pain and pleasure swirl in my head. Shock seizes my body when pulls out from me. I am surprised when his cock presses against my lips.

“Open your mouth”. He punctuates his words with a hard slap. His voice is harsh, gritty and I instantly obey. My lips part as the head of ’s shaft slips into my mouth. The bed shakes in response to movement on the mattress. Someone shuffles closer and the presence makes herself known as she gently whispers into my ear.

“This is going to make him cum loads! You better be willing to share.” The woman’s voice is electric and animated. My mouth continues its attack as it devours ’s delicious coc Suddenly and unexpectedly, soft, wet lips brush past my chin. Sucking, groaning and moans fill the room as I sense the stranger only centimeters from my face. I hear her take ’s balls in her mouth and can hear him gasp as she tightens her lips around his package. I move my head back and forth along half of ’s length. His cock stretches the hinges of my jaw as his shaft slips in and out of my hungry mouth. I feel stiffen just before his cock erupts.

Thick, hot spurts fill my mouth. I pull back a to make it easier to swallow but ’s hands remain behind my head pushing me to stay still. I attempt to take as much of ’s salty load as possible but some still dribbles out of the corner of my mouth. Fingers grip my hips as a tongue probes into my mouth and feasts on ’s liquid gift. Come dribbles down my chin as our female guest sucks on my bottom lip and licks up anything remaining from ’s massive load. We feast on ’s cock as I moan and writhe in delight. My head spins and I feel as though I am floating on a cloud as the sweet mixture of pleasure courses through my body.

“I see that my vixen enjoys an audience.” ’s words were swirling in Anne's head as her eyes stared off into subspace.

Quickly he lifted Anne’s hands above her head and whispered in her ear, “Don’t move.” Slowly, painstakingly kissed his way down her body, stopping every time she moved. Her breath grew thick and labored while she attempted to restrain herself from moving. She desperate for to continue. A hot fire burned red through ’s body as he reached down and felt her cum dripping down Anne’s thighs.

Slowly slid his finger across her clit and then brought it up and delicately painted her bottom lip. Anne’s tongue swept across her bottom lip tasting the sweet cum that filled her mouth.

Fless69 42M
18 posts
1/7/2022 5:47 pm

Totally like reading your posts very hot . Would definitely like to play them out😉👍👌

Extremedegree 53M

1/3/2022 7:17 am

Enjoyed Every Intense Moment Greatly. Cant wait to Use YOU

profcoquin27bis 58M
4323 posts
1/3/2022 3:33 am

really hot, thanks for posting

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