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How To Fuck A Transman -- 3 Easy Steps
Posted:Oct 27, 2021 11:10 am
Last Updated:Dec 1, 2021 6:50 pm

Okay, that catchy title was only to get you to open the Blog post. There aren't three easy steps, there's actually only two...

1. Ask nicely
2. Don't be a total ass

That's it . That's all it takes to get in a trans-guy's pants. Why? Because most transmen are just as horny as genetic males, perhaps even more so. While a genetic man's body produces testosterone naturally... each month, transmen are injected with mega-doses of testosterone. And this can drive a transman's libido completely through the roof.

Speaking for myself and perhaps for the dozen or so transmen I know, most of us think about fucking or getting fucked, pretty much... "All the Time". Is that a bad thing? Heck No! We make no apologies for our sexuality or our sex drives.

No Shit-Heads Please

However, most of us won't fuck just any shit-head that comes down the pike. If you're a self-absorbed ass who expects a transman to be at your beck and call... to drop everything and bend over whenever you have an extra hour to kill... or to play silly power-struggle games with you... then what can I say... you just don't get it.

Guys, keep in mind that transmen aren't "women" anymore... and never really were. Just like any other guy, we like to fuck and we like to fuck hard. Most of us aren't dainty or feminine looking. We're muscular and hairy, or have thinning hair... and some of us even have hair growing out of our backs... Heaven Forbid!!! But when you endeavor to hookup with a transman, if you're expecting to meet a tom-boyish looking woman dressed in men's clothing... Buddy, are you in for a surprise!

Magical Mystical Unicorns

Now, don't get me wrong, some transmen are quite handsome, some are average looking, and some... well, some are downright unattractive. But so what? The same holds true for genetic males. My point is, we're just average guys looking to get laid... not magical, mystical unicorns with hard dicks and cock-hungry pussies.

Well, most transmen do have both tcocks (massive clits that get erections) and pussies. As a result, most of us are NOT hard-up to get fucked. That's because guys like to fuck us, women like to fuck us, even t-girls like to fuck us. And why not? We provide a literal smorgasbord of intriguing sexual possibilities... oral, anal, vaginal, DP, men, women, t-girls, 2 men, 2 women, couples, pegging, fisting, groups, gang-bangs... And what's more, most of us are fun, intelligent, genuinely nice guys.

Closing Thoughts

If you've wanted to have sex with a transman, and if you have compatible sexual interests, fucking a transman can be a fun and exciting experience. We look just like genetic males and because we're quite strong, we can fuck hard. But since most of us were socialized as women, we can be gentle, soft and really tuned-in to our sexual partner's needs. In fact, most of the transmen I've ever met are sexually attracted to both women and men. And like a lot of other guys on this site, many transmen also love hooking-up with t-girls.

So my advice is this, just be real. Don't play games, and don't waste a transman's time... Do these three simple things, and there's a very good chance you'll end up getting fucked... like you've never been fucked before.
Is Getting Pegged Your Secret Desire?
Posted:Oct 26, 2021 6:23 pm
Last Updated:Nov 7, 2021 1:41 am

Many straight guys are curious about anal penetration (pegging) but are reluctant to experiment with this kind of prostate play... in spite of the fact that numerous men's health experts have declared it a source of immense pleasure and gratification.

So, what exactly is pegging, and should guys give it a try?

Well, pegging is simply when a person (typically a woman) anally penetrates a man with a strap-on or hand-held dildo.

Anal penetration is essentially, physical stimulation of sensitive nerve endings located in a greatly overlooked erogenous zone of the body, the anal canal. And believe it or not, anal penetration is a practice that almost anyone who has ever tried it, finds utterly enjoyable... "Provided" it's done properly and carefully.

So, if you have a secret desire to get pegged, you’re not strange or twisted. Perhaps you just have an instinctive awareness that there's an amazing experience available to you, that you've been missing out on. None the less, pegging isn't exactly what you'd call "vanilla sex". And there are a few things you'll need to know... and do... in order to get it right.

Getting Pegged for The 1st Time... How To Begin


1) Before you try pegging, you and your partner should have an in-depth
conversation about it, and make sure you are both fully on-board to give it an
enthusiastic try.

2) Get the proper tools to help insure a smooth and pleasurable experience. These tools may include:

* Anal lube
* Surgical gloves
* Prostate stimulator
* , medium & eventually large strap-on and hand-held dildos
* A sturdy dildo harness

3) Anal Foreplay: It's never a good idea to rush right in and penetrate your partner's anus without first engaging in foreplay. This usually includes the typical… kissing, oral sex, and sensual .

Getting Down To Pegging

a) Now, it's time to put on the surgical gloves and apply a generous amount of
Lube to the hand with the finger you will use for initial penetration. With the
pad of your fingers, gently stroke the area around the anus and the perineum
(that's the area between the scrotum and rectum). When the time is right, ease
one finger into his anus and begin slowly and rhythmically gliding the finger in
and out.

b) After a few minutes of this, his anus will begin to relax and open wider around
your finger. Ease your finger out and lubricate and gently insert the prostate
stimulator. Now, things will begin to really heat up. Slide the stimulator in
and gently move it from side to side, and in and out about an inch or so.
This will apply vibrating to the prostate and should feel quite
pleasurable to the guy being pegged.

c) After 5- minutes of the stimulator, slide it out and insert a , well
lubricated, hand-held dildo into your partner's anus. Do this slowly and gently,
until you feel the head of the dildo push pass the sphincter. Without
hesitation, continue pushing the dildo farther into his anal canal. If he tenses
or tightens , don't push any deeper. Slowly pull it out until only the head is
still inside...

d) Now, begin the process of smoothly and rhythmically pulling the dildo almost
all the way out until only the head remains inside, then gliding the -sized
dildo all the way back in, balls deep. Repeat this motion again and again, until
his excitement grows to the point of orgasm. Continue to periodically squeeze
more lube onto the dildo without interrupting the rhythm.

e) If the dildo is properly positioned to tap the prostate with each inward and outward thrust, the guy being pegged will be in ecstasy, and will most likely experience an intense prostate orgasm, which can be quite profound. (See my other Blog posts for more info on prostate orgasms). If he jerks-off while being pegged, it's likely he'll also experience a penis orgasm, as well. It's what I like to call the "Double-Whammy".

Once you've mastered pegging a guy using hand-held penetration devices... then you can proceed to using strap-on devices. At that point, you'll have the ability and know-how, to safely apply the appropriate thrust, depth, velocity and intensity to give him maximum pleasure, without pain.

Closing Thoughts

The information I've provided above, gives you enough of the basics to get off to an excellent start. Yet, you'll need to know quite a bit more than I've shared here, in order to skillfully peg a guy in a way that he'll find shockingly pleasurable... and that will drive him to experience spine-tingling prostate orgasms beyond his wildest dreams. But don't expect me to give away "ALL" of my pegging secrets... since the only thing I enjoy more than "writing about" pegging guys... is "actually" pegging them myself.
Anal Orgasms ... Continued!
Posted:Oct 21, 2021 4:52 pm
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2021 10:36 am

As I mentioned in the first part of this post, most of the guys I've pegged or hand fucked, felt having a prostate orgasm was the most amazing feeling they'd ever experienced. And most said it felt far more intense than orgasms achieved entirely via their cocks. This doesn't surprise me, since I've seen the ecstasy on the faces of guys, as I tapped their p-spot again and again... and watched waves of orgasmic contractions course thru their bodies. From the perspective of the guy doing the fucking, it certainly "appeared" more intense.

I've also read that prostate orgasms generate about 12 pelvic contractions, while penis orgasms are associated with about 4-8 pelvic contractions. That's a significant difference in intensity. But more often than not, a prostate orgasm happens in tandem with a penis orgasm, or is immediately followed by a penis orgasm. Essentially, giving the guy being fucked, an orgasmic "Double-Whammy".

Multiple Orgasms

Generally, prostate orgasms require a shorter recovery time than penis orgasms. This increases the potential for enjoying multiple orgasms. Thus, when an insatiable Bottom and a relentless Top get together, it's possible to "start up again" only a few minutes after each prostate orgasm. This can result in 3 or more prostate orgasms in a single session of hot sex .

Stigma Busters

I realize that some guys aren't comfortable with the idea of being anally penetrated. Perhaps, partially because enjoying anal penetration is so often associated with sexual orientation, or being submissive. But having the man receive and enjoy anal penetration, is really not that uncommon in heterosexual relationships. And in reality, finding anal penetration pleasurable or even orgasmic, is not so much about sexual orientation, as it is about plain old anatomy.

Anal Anatomy-101

The anal canal contains a number of sensory nerves that carry sensory information toward the central nervous system. The pudendal nerve is the primary sensory nerve that makes anal sex so pleasurable. It's the main nerve of the perineum... in men, that's the space between the anus and scrotum. This nerve carries sensation from the genitals and the skin around the anus, as well as the motor supply to several pelvic muscles, including the external anal sphincter. Anal penetration stimulates this nerve, and at the time, indirectly stimulates the prostate. This combination is what makes anal penetration feel so amazing, and can lead to earth-shaking prostate orgasms. And one's orientation, or dominant or submissive personality is not a critical factor in this purely physiological response.

Closing Thoughts

Anal penetration can feel awesome... but it can also be quite painful. The remedy for this is proper hygiene, lots of anal lube, and gradually increasing the size of the penetration device over time... from a single finger, to a (thumb-sized) prostate stimulator, to an extra-small dildo, to a medium-sized dildo, to a full-sized cock, and so on. But always, always use copious amounts of anal lube for anal penetration. Unlike a vagina, the anus is NOT self-lubricating. So, never let the anus become dry while fucking someone anally. Do this and anal penetration will feel great from day-one.

Finally, ALWAYS use a fresh condom every time you penetrate the anus. Regardless of whether you are penetrating the anus with a cock or a dildo. This is vitally important in order to help protect yourself and others from contracting STDs. And be sure to wash your hands and penetration devices with antibacterial soap often during every anal sex session.
Anal Orgasms... Sheer Ecstasy!
Posted:Oct 21, 2021 10:44 am
Last Updated:Nov 6, 2021 1:29 pm

Not long ago, a male friend of mine who was curious, asked me some questions about getting pegged. I told him a few things about it and when I mentioned "Prostate Orgasms"... he had No Idea what I was talking about. He had never even heard of it. So, I shared with him some of the information I've included in this Blog post. He found it informative, and perhaps some of you will, too.

As most guys know, the prostate gland is roughly the size of a walnut, and it can be stimulated by massaging just inside the rectum. But many people don't realize that this gland is surrounded by sensitive nerve endings, and when massaged or stimulated the correct way, it can produce an absolutely awesome orgasm.

Prostate Orgasm... An Awesome Sensation

The prostate gland is often referred to as the male g-spot or p-spot. Fucking a guy by slipping a well-lubricated finger, penis, dildo, or hand in and out of his anus is the best way to repeatedly stimulate his prostate and drive him wild with pleasure. In fact, massaging this gland can feel amazing, even when the guy doesn't achieve orgasm.

As a transman who is a verse, bisexual, I've certainly had my share of anal orgasms... which are fantastic! The sensitive nerves just inside the anus, and the wonderful feeling of pressure and fullness inside the colon can take you to places you've never imagined.

However, my understanding is a prostate orgasm provides all of that, and more. Of course, not being born with a prostate, I can't speak from first hand experience about how good a prostate orgasm actually feels. But most of the guys I've pegged or hand fucked, felt having a prostate orgasm was the most amazing feeling they’d ever experienced.

Closing Thoughts

While I'm NOT saying that anal penetration and prostate orgasms are the "Be All and End All" of mind-blowing sex... I do believe it can be an exciting way to have an intensely satisfying sexual experience with like-minded individuals. I encourage you to check it out some time.
Gang Bangs -- It's Raining Men!
Posted:Nov 7, 2021 1:33 am
Last Updated:Nov 18, 2021 5:56 pm

For a number of years I've had a secret fantasy. I've wanted to be the object of a gang bang... with 3-4 hot guys fucking my ass, one right after the other.

I imagine a sort of United Nations gang bang... a hung Black guy, a well-endowed Hispanic man, a couple of big dicked White boys, and a tall, handsome East Indian man.

They Fuck Me For Hours

I fantasize that I'm sucking the beautiful hard cock of one guy, while getting my asshole pounded and filled, balls deep, by one of the other guys.

They literally fuck me for hours... until I'm practically delirious. I'm sucking cock after cock... getting fucked by dick after dick. And after they're all spent, and can't fuck me another time...

Then I Strap It On

Then I pull out my strap-on... and it's my turn to fuck ass. I see myself dildo-fucking one guy... then fist fucking another(small transman hands). Then with a dildo in each hand... I'm fucking two guys at a time.

Finally, the guys are all fucking and sucking each other... and me. We're all kissing, and cumming, and dick fucking and dildo fucking... And it's an absolutely glorious fuck session!

Make My Fantasy Come True

Then I open my eyes... and realize I'm just having my favorite fantasy again. But it's a fantasy I would sure like to make come true.

How about you? If there are any handsome, hung guys out there with a similar fantasy... who would like to participate in a safe, sane, and discreet gang-bang with other hot, verse, bisexual guys AND a hot, verse, bisexual transman... Let's talk.
A Transman's 1st Hot Anal Fuck!
Posted:Nov 24, 2021 4:45 pm
Last Updated:Nov 25, 2021 10:00 am

As a Female to Male; "transman", one of the most exciting sexual experiences I've ever had is the first time I was fucked in the ass by a man.

Several years ago when I was still living in a condo, every summer like clockwork, the central air would go out. For three years in a row, the company the HOA used, sent the same HVAC guy to take care of the problem.

Tony, the HVAC guy was a nice looking Italian fellow in his late 20s. And he and I would always have pleasant conversations when he came to repair the system.
This particular time, we were making small talk and he commented on my strong resemblance the comedian Kevin Hart. I playfully responded that I didn't agree, since I'm far more handsome than that guy.

We had a good laugh, but I thought I sensed a "moment" pass between us. At that point, I'd never been with another man, and knew almost nothing about accurately reading flirting signals from guys.

Being Flirted With & Getting Turned On

Next, the conversation turned to how he usually wakes in the morning with a hard-on... so he doesn't like to interact with his other family members until after he's had time alone in the bathroom.

As oblivious as I was to being flirted with by guys... even I was beginning suspect that he might be coming on me. I wasn't quite sure what do next... but I realized that I was starting to feel really turned on.

I had known for a couple of years that I had begun feeling sexual attraction to other guys, but I'm married, I love my wife... and I had no intention of acting on these sexual feelings towards men.

Meanwhile, Tony said he had identified the HVAC problem and asked me to step closer to the HVAC unit and take a look, so he could explain what was going on and what he needed to do to fix it .

A Very BOLD Gesture

I did as he asked and stepped in front of him to peer inside the unit. I thought he would step back a little to allow me to peer inside, but he didn't. He continued to stand very close behind me. Pointing to the faulty mechanism inside the HVAC unit, he explained what he needed to do to repair it. We were standing in a very cramped space, the HVAC unit was in a large closet in a fairly narrow hallway. And when he leaned in closer to touch the faulty part and demonstrate the poor condition it was in, he was standing so close behind me that his crotch brushed lightly against my backside.

My first impulse was to step away... but I didn't move. In that cramped space, I could feel his cock growing firmer as it pressed lightly against my ass cheeks. But I still didn't move. I "couldn't" move... my t-cock was getting hard, and my asshole was literally tingling. Suddenly, I wanted his hard dick in my ass so badly, I was almost trembling.

Then I felt him press his bulging crotch "firmly" against my ass. And without even thinking, I found myself grinding my ass back against his rock hard bulge. And in that moment, I "knew" I was about to let this hot, Italian guy shove his big, throbbing cock, deep inside my quivering, virgin asshole... Balls Deep!!!

I was now on fire to get my asshole fucked and filled with hot dick. Still standing behind me, Tony put one arm around my waist and pulled my ass tight against his crotch, and ground his hard cock against my now, very eager ass. Immediately, I pushed my cock-starved ass against his hard dick, signaling that I was ready to take that big cock in my ass, to the hilt!

Let The Fucking Begin!

He turned me around to face him and the next thing I knew, we were kissing passionately, urgently... I feverishly rubbed his crotch with my hand. His cock was huge! I quickly unzipped his fly and pulled out his enormous cock. I stroked it and felt it pulsing in my hand. Without even thinking about it I slipped my knees and slid his thick, warm dick into my mouth.

I had never sucked cock before... but it felt amazing! A mouth full of warm meat sliding over my tongue. I was sucking the head, encircling it with my tongue, and licking the shaft... it was all so sensual and exciting to me. It wasn't better, but very different from the oral sex I'd had with women.

After a few minutes of feasting on his cock, he pulled me to my feet, took a condom from his wallet, unfastened his belt, and dropped his pants and underwear to the floor.

I had dildo fucked my own ass enough times to know I was gonna' need lube. I grabbed a bottle of silicone lube from my bedroom closet and stepped back into the hallway where he was still standing with his pants around his ankles, and his huge, 9" cock fully erect. He had put on the condom, and clearly, he was ready to fuck.

Amazing--Marvelous--Awesome Anal Sex!!!

I quickly pulled the drawstring of my Banana Republic lounge pants and watched them flutter the floor. I applied a generous amount of lube to my very excited asshole, then hugged the wall right in that hallway... waiting to take Tony's big, Italian cock in my very eager hole.

And I didn't have to wait long. Within seconds I felt the head of his thick cock probing my asshole... pushing gently against the slippery opening... then easing back... and pushing forward again. Each time, that big cock slipped in a little deeper.

I was glad I'd been fucking myself with dildos for a couple of years, because once he worked the head in past the sphincter... with a single thrust he drove 9 inches of cock into my ass, balls deep!!! And it felt awesome!!! That first thrust felt so good, it actually took my breath away.

My asshole opened wide and took every inch! Tony fucked my ass like a freight train for over half an hour... and every thrust was utterly thrilling. I never wanted it to end. The rhythmic slapping of his big balls against the back of my pussy, and the feeling of his huge cock filling up my asshole was intoxicating.

It was almost magical! It was like I was on some kind of fucking magic carpet ride... the wonderful sensation of having my asshole stretched to the MAX. And finally, the amazing anal orgasm that started deep in my ass and continued until it seemed to encompass my entire nervous system.

From that day on, I was hooked!!! Tony and I fucked many times over the next couple of years. Sometimes as often as 2-3 times per week. And the ass fucking, just kept getting better and better.

A Surprise For Tony!

On our second hookup, he wanted us both to get completely naked and 69. So, I was compelled to fess-up and tell him that I'm a transman. And I must admit, I was pretty worried that he might be upset or feel like I had deceived him. And at first, he really didn't believe me.

But when I got completely undressed and he saw my massive, free-swinging clit, felt my wet pussy behind it, and saw the scars on my chest from the double mastectomy... he was even more turned on than before... and for the next 2 hours, that man nearly fucked my brains out!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my 1st anal fuck story... it's certainly one of my fond memories. And I hope you'll share your exciting "1st Anal Fuck Story", too... Most of us love to hear them!
The Joy of Fisting - It's NOT What You Think...
Posted:Nov 4, 2021 7:59 pm
Last Updated:Nov 18, 2021 5:58 pm

When you mention the term Fisting it often evokes images of brutal and painful anal penetration. But the truth is, fisting doesn't have be painful or brutal. In fact, far from it. It can be more intimate and sensual than any other form of anal penetration.

Many people enjoy anal sex, and are well aware of its multitude of pleasures... (read any of my other Blog Posts for more info about the pleasures of anal penetration, pegging and prostate orgasms). Typically, anal pleasure is achieved by inserting cocks, dildos, and other penetrative devices. In men, this can indirectly
stimulate the prostate, directly stimulate sensitive nerves inside the anus, and provide a wonderful and sensual feeling of fullness in the anal canal. However, some people want to experience an even greater sensation of fullness in their ass than the average cock or dildo can provide. And in this case, anal fisting can be just the ticket.

Hand Fucking 101

However, the term Fisting is actually a bit of a misnomer. When I penetrate a guy's anus with my hand, I never actually use my fist. And neither does most people who pleasure their partners anally with the entire hand. That's why, instead of referring it as fist fucking, I usually use the phrase Hand Fucking. When hand fucking the anus, the fingers are extended, and overlapping each other to create a sort of cone-shape with the hand.

After the usual foreplay, you would lubricate the hand with a thick, silicone lubricant and ease one finger into your partner's anus and begin a slow, rhythmic in and out motion. As your partner's anus relaxes, add a second finger, then a third. Intermittently, continue adding lubricant to your fingers. At this point, you might ease in a well-lubed butt plug or dildo instead of fingers. Continue until your partner is thoroughly enjoying being penetrated.

Then return to the fingers and insert all four fingers in a conical shape into their anus, slowly and gently easing in and out a little at a time. The hardest part will be getting past your knuckles. But, don't rush this. Let your partner's body open up on its own. Fisting (hand fucking) shouldn't be rough and forceful. If the Bottom takes your hand too fast, or too deeply, they could be injured. So, hand fucking should be done slowly, gently, and sensually.

Getting Ready To Be Fisted?

The two things you need to do in advance to make hand fucking a pleasurable experience are:

1) Clean your lower colon of fecal matter
2) Make sure your anus has been trained & stretched by smaller devices a few days prior.

During the days leading up to fisting, drink more water and eat more fiber. On the day before being fisted, take a mild, herbal enema. This will take about an hour to complete.

Also, in the days before fisting, penetrate your anus daily with dildos or butt plugs to stretch and relax the anus in preparation for getting hand fucked. This will help your anus relax enough to accept an entire hand.

Why Is Getting Fisted So Intensely Pleasurable?

1. The intense pleasure of a whole hand brushing the prostate again and again as the hand moves in and out of the colon.

2. The awesome sensation of pleasure from the pressure of a whole hand and sometimes forearm, pressing against the sensitive nerves inside the anus.

3. The amazingly intense sensation of fullness in having 5" to 14" of your colon filled and emptied again and again as your partner's entire hand, and sometimes forearm, glides in and out of you.

4. The connection and intimacy of feeling someone else so deep inside you.

5. The intoxicating sensation of willingly giving up control, and allowing someone else to take you to deeper levels of satisfaction than you may not have known before.

Closing Thoughts

Anally fisting (hand-fucking) a sexual partner can be a wonderfully intimate and deeply gratifying sexual experience for both of you. But it must be done carefully and wisely. This isn't exactly "vanilla sex" we're talking about. So, before you try this out, read a couple of articles about anal anatomy, and the Dos & Don'ts of fisting. Or get together with someone who is skilled at giving and receiving anal fisting to help insure you will safely enjoy this amazing experience.
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