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Some people
Posted:Nov 17, 2018 7:12 am
Last Updated:Feb 12, 2019 11:27 am

So yesterday after work I went over to menards to get some nails for a project on the way in I hold the door with my cane in one hand and these two ladies walk right pass me never even acknowledging that I held the door for them. So I look at them and said You are welcome and I got the meanest look from one of them and the other one said WOW that was so rude. I went over to steak and shake to get a burger after menards and the same things happens again. The lady didnt say I was rude but didnt even notice I held the door. What is wrong with being polite anymore. Geez
For Ladies
Posted:Nov 12, 2018 6:16 am
Last Updated:Nov 14, 2018 9:27 am

I have a question for the ladies on this site. First the reason for the question. My girl was over this weekend it had been a week or so since we had see each other and she came over on Friday night dressed up and we went out for dinner and came back to my place and watched a movie she picked out. We made it about half way through the movie when I picked her up and carried her to bed and the rest is history they say. The thing is just about every time she will have these full body orgasm's when she cums from either me give her oral or the regualr style of sex. Now I have not had a lot of GF's in my life I have usually be preoccupied with business. The other gfs I have had in my life also had the same kind of orgasm's one even had full body orgasms from anal sex. Now I am not some kind of hunk or stud so I am thinking this is common among women.
Do you ever have full body orgasms
Do you have full body orgasms from just oral sex
Do you have full body orgasms from vaginal sex
Do you have full body orgasms from anal sex
Do you have full body orgasms ever
Other please explain
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Where do you like the finish
Posted:Nov 11, 2018 3:37 am
Last Updated:May 10, 2021 12:33 pm

Ladies where do you like your man to finish? and why?
Ladies do you like your man to finish in your mouth
Ladies do you like your man to finish in your pussy
Ladies do you like your man to finish in your ass
Ladies do you like your man to finish on your face
Ladies do you like your man to finish on your tits
Ladies do you like your man to finish on your ass
Ladies do you like your man to finish on your pussy
Ladies to you like your man to finish on your stomach
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Posted:Nov 11, 2018 3:28 am
Last Updated:Oct 31, 2020 5:20 pm

When do you think is the best time for hot sex?
In the evening
In the morning
Middle of the night
Middle of the day
During working hours
After she has gotten up and had her coffee
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Remember them
Posted:Nov 11, 2018 3:11 am
Last Updated:Nov 11, 2018 3:39 am

Today it has been 100 years since the war to end all wars, please remember the men and women who protect our country and are willing to put their life on the line to do violence in your behalf so you can sleep soundly in a free country.
Posted:Nov 9, 2018 9:04 am
Last Updated:Nov 10, 2018 4:55 am

Here it is not even the middle of November and it started last night, we got snow. I woke up this morning to about 6 inches of a heavy wet snow. Thank god it is has not been real cold for a week the snow didn't stick to the road. It makes me wonder if we are going to have another long cold winter just like last year. I hope not it didn't warm up until may this year.
The goings on again
Posted:Nov 8, 2018 12:06 pm
Last Updated:Nov 8, 2018 7:41 pm

So today, was another sad day ending with people getting killed by a gunman. I know every group is going to be out there beating their drums. The anti gun people are going to want to take away all the guns, the Pro gun people are going to push conceal carry. The news media is going to have this on the news for days and days and the news media is going to give the gunman just what he wanted His 15 minutes. Honestly there should be no mention ever made of him other then referring to him as the shooter.
The problem is you can pass all the laws you want but they do no good with a person that is determined to trade their life to kill others. If anything the war aganist Terror should have taught us that.

The problems that we face start at home with parents not being there for their Letting them play on their phones during dinner or letting the TV baby sit them, but sadly so many parents don't want to take the time.
The news
Posted:Nov 7, 2018 11:02 am
Last Updated:Nov 8, 2018 6:43 am

Today is the day after the local or the state elections, I hope that you all voted, It is the one gift as a citizen you should exercise. Any way it really don't matter who you voted for and who won but the news media, I mean do they really think we can't make an informed decisions about who we want to vote for. What happen to the news when you really used to get the news (facts) now we get commentary like the news casters are a bunch of sport journalist. Just the facts please.
Oh you are so far away
Posted:Nov 6, 2018 1:25 pm
Last Updated:Nov 8, 2018 7:42 pm

The other day I was chatting with a lady on here, and the conversation was going well just hot or sexy just general conversation, life feelings about it, have we traveled ect general chit chat.
Then comes the bomb how far away are you from me I get asked? My reply was about 20 minutes and I got this "Oh that is to far away" I was really taken back and I said " really so you live in a small town and your looking for a FWB and your town has a population of 800. I asked have you found any one where you live?" Her reply back was "No I have not and I have been looking" So I said well good luck to you. I just don't get it, you want someone that is right across the street or next door you want to have some fun but you don't want to put any effort into the situation at all.
Some people travel across a state or two states to have fun with a partner but again I think it is how people are these days. Lazy
I am always amazed
Posted:Nov 6, 2018 1:17 pm
Last Updated:Feb 16, 2019 4:56 am

Honestly people never really stop amazing me they really don't. If you take the time to read people profiles on here they usually tell you what they are looking for, but honestly they are not being honest, with you the viewer of their profile. What they really want is to be butt hurt and to get the chance to vent their anger on you.
I am sure you have all been there, if you have been on here long enough or had enough dealings with the public, I know I have.
So you meet someone on here you like, and you are enjoying how the conversation is going and you start texting, emails or phone chat and all of a sudden you say something they don't like that actually was harmless, and they decide to unload on you, and say Bye or plan just hang up on you. Would it not be easier if you are the injured party to just say "You know I really didnt appreciate that remark" so your reply should be "I am sorry it won't happen again and I am sorry". but no They just want to get BUTT-HURT so they can feel good about themselves. It is a sad state of affairs any more.
A tip for you men
Posted:Nov 6, 2018 6:13 am
Last Updated:Nov 6, 2018 1:26 pm

Earlier this year I was in San Antonio Texas on business, as usual I get up early around 6 am shave and put on my suit that I laid out the night before. Then head downstairs to the Mengers resturant for breakfast and to read the paper.
When I finished and not having an appointment that I decided to take in the site of the beautiful city, it's my home away from home. Anyway I was walking out of the hotels front door not paying attention and I ran smack into this lady and knocked her down. I helped her up and apologized over and over and I fully expected to get cussed out or at least the bird.
Instead she looked me up and down for a few seconds and smiled at me and then said "WOW you look fantastic, I love how your dressed I could take you home and eat you up." Then she walked away. That really made my day I must say.
So the Moral of the story is dress up a little bit guys you never know where it will lead.
I don't get this
Posted:Nov 5, 2018 2:44 pm
Last Updated:Nov 7, 2018 10:50 am

Last month I was out with a GF and I took her a really nice steak house, one of the best it has been around since 1948 in the same place, which says something this day and age.
Knowing I would be out in public and never knowing who are going to meet and on top of this you want to look great for your date. I picked out a Double breasted medium grey pin stripe three piece suit and black shoes, To make it work I work a coral shirt with a dark blue and green brocade tie. I pick my girl up on time and she commented on how nice I looked, I said thanks, thinking I was hoping that you would notice.
We arrive and get seat catching up on old news and new through out the night. about two hour later we are ready to leave and I stand up and behind me is the drop dead beautiful blonde lady about 40 years of age wearing this stunning dark red low cut dress that showed off all her curves. My eyes met her and she smiled as I smiled back but her eyes never left me the whole time I was standing up and getting my overcoat on.
I didn't understand till I looked next to me at her husband or boyfriend, he was wearing a ball cap, a t shirt and torn jeans. I bet he had tennis shoes on to. I knew what she was thinking why can't my guy dress this good.
This gal was dressed to the limit and she had the body to go with it, you would have thought her date could have at leased showed her the common coursity to put on a dress shirt and slacks instead of looking like a bum.

I had a gal on the train once sit with me in the dining car and tell me how much she liked how I dressed because men didnt take the time any more and she told me further why she like it. She said and I quote" Honey you know how men like women wearing sexy tight clothes and lingerie, women love a man in a nice suit, that is their kind of lingerie.

So wake up guys and do yourself a favor and dress up for your girl and care about your appearance.
“The best thing you can do for a friend give him the name of your tailor”
Posted:Nov 5, 2018 11:56 am
Last Updated:Nov 5, 2018 12:57 pm

“The best thing you can do for a friend give him the name of your tailor”

Many people today don’t understand the differences there is between fashion and style. Fashion is a current trend and what is popular for the main stream. Style may not be with in the current trend, but it is always fashionable.
A suit covers about 95% of your body since only your head and hands are exposed. So why not wear something that shows off your physique but at the same time hides your defects yes, we all have them. Whether or not you know it or not, most of us have one shoulder that is lower than the other or we walk overly erect or slightly stooped.

You can talk all you want about fashion, but most men still won’t give a damn.
That’s partly because there’s a lot of silly, useless information out there that confuses and as a society we’ve tried to push the mantra – it matters how you perform, not how you look, which is not true.

How you are perceived by others before you open your mouth depends mostly on the physical signals you send with your appearance. Appearances do matter in both fundamental and real ways. It affects your daily life from when you are greeted for the time to traveling and whether you will be harassed.
You do not need to stay on top of the current fashion trend, but you think about your basic appearance every day. Here are the reasons why.

[B]Creating a positive first impression you clothing is the primary tool.
Whether you choose to believe it or not people are superficial, it is just the way we are wired. These instincts go back to when we were living in caves and needed to make quick decisions about a wild animal that crossed our path, would it eat you or walk past. As humans we formulate initial opinions of someone before we are introduced to them. What this means is that people are going to make assumption about you by the way you are dressed. If you are dressed well automatically you will be given better respect and attention.

A perceived status among peers is increased by dressing well.

Even after the first impression is over your clothing can help improve people’s reactions to you. Society is very visually-based, and better-dressed men routinely experience better treatment and service than their sloppier dressed counterparts. Clothing serves as a substitute for character in the eyes of people who don’t know you well enough to judge you by anything else. That may sound superficial, but it’s true whether we think it should be or not. Your appearance may not mean much to you, but it does to the people who see you every day, making it worth caring about.

Dressing well or sharp with help you with your confidence.

The first thing you will learn in a self-help book is to get your personal appearance under control. It is an automatic assumption that a well-dressed man should be treated with respect. When it’s your reflection in the mirror, it reinforces the idea that you deserve success and good treatment in your own mind.

Dressing sharp teaches responsibility.

Honestly this is as not far-fetched as it sounds. To dress well it is all the little pieces that make up the whole. You will keep track of items such as keeping your shoes shines, your tie dimple centered, your shirts and suits pressed and kept clean. Since you will usually be doing these things yourself, it also makes you mentally plan, so you can get these details accomplished.

Some one that dress well will notice this in others.

When you start paying attention to items such as your collar shape on your shirt, what pocket square you will wear with you tie. You will notice these details in other men and they will notice how you dress. You can expect to see approving nods from other well-dressed men and smiles from women. A well put together outfit will introduce you into an elite society of men.

Dressing sharp makes you more useful at work

Doesn’t matter what your job happens to be and who you’re working for, or even if you’re your own boss — if you’re well enough dressed that you can step away from work and into a meeting with a , customer, or supervisor without advance preparation, you’re more useful. Having the casual, day-to-day presentation to step into any situation and look respectable is a huge advantage in the working world. As the old saying goes don’t dress for the career that you are in but the career that you want.

Colors and patterns speak for you

Once you start to learn more about them, specific colors and patterns begin to display their own unique advantages. Blues convey youth, browns openness and trustworthiness; deep grays somberness and dignity — each can be the best choice for a situation where many other colors would be equally appropriate but not as ideal. And by thinking about colors and patterns in a meaningful way rather than just throwing together anything that doesn’t clash too badly you may save yourself from being the guy whose tie keeps seeming to ripple on TV someday…

Specific clothing pieces make statements about you

Uniforms and semi-uniform looks like the doctor’s white coat are obvious symbols of the wearer’s status or role. More subtle effects can convey nearly as much detailed information for a man who takes his time to plan the outfit well. From a bolo tie advertising a reckless, cowboy attitude to a pinstriped suit in the colors of a favorite baseball team, clothes can proclaim everything from your profession to your passions — or both at once.

Well-dressed men call the shots

When all’s said and done, the best reason to take time with your clothing and appearance is to take charge of your life. Well-dressed men have already taken the way the world sees them into their own hands, and the added respectability and authority people afford them allows them to call the shots in group situations as well. Giving a damn about your appearance is a way of caring how much control you have over your own life — not just over what color of tie to wear this morning.
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