Three In the shower is not crowded.  

biJuliegirl 36F  
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9/4/2019 7:25 am
Three In the shower is not crowded.

When me and my Naughty Community group friend Fran take a shower at home and we have a visitor. We invite them to shower with us. Because we feel that three in a shower is not crowded. What is your opinion of three in the shower?

Virgo0893 26M
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9/4/2019 8:37 am

Hot and kinky

2bob1 52M

9/4/2019 9:08 am

with my "large" ass and gut I would be afraid of slipping and crushing someone lol

looking4u69ca 59M  
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9/4/2019 9:10 am

3 in my shower would be nice but it would be a bit crowded.

bowstin 23M
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9/4/2019 9:25 am

I like the way you think.

Leegs2012 46M
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9/4/2019 9:26 am


8960 posts
9/4/2019 9:55 am

Oh Yeeeaaaah!!

*Hot Shit*


needfriend4fun3 54M
116 posts
9/4/2019 10:02 am

three is never crowded anytime!! such hot fun by all!!!

sonhosecompanhia 59M
29 posts
9/4/2019 10:05 am


midwest_ 62M

9/4/2019 10:20 am

A trifecta win for all involved! Nice and naughty clean and desirable fun.

1salesman3 64M
4460 posts
9/4/2019 11:03 am

Lucky guy.

tnt6969694 66M  
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9/4/2019 1:32 pm

The more the merrier

Traveldude999 61M  
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9/4/2019 8:14 pm

A good way to save water

Jacknight1273 46M
599 posts
9/5/2019 9:26 am

I had this dream that it happened to me.

So hot, babe.

LakeRidgeBBWSeek 59M
3553 posts
9/6/2019 12:34 am

Has always been my fave form or foreplay, good clean funn, with added benefit of being able to closely examine cleanliness of a partner before actually completely losing myself in a gal !

Mipiacegiocare61 55M
19 posts
9/11/2019 10:41 am

Io verrei volentieri sotto la doccia .. per sentire la tua mano scivolare sul mio ..che dici

Stranger1415 28M
22 posts
10/8/2019 11:48 am

How a lucky man.

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