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Welcome to my blog! Definitely better than my first Act!! You'll find my plot points, some some good lines, and so-so acting in this Second Act! Hopefully it's worth the admission ticket!! Thanks for stopping by!
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Episode XII: Another Hot Tub Adventure-Shock the Monkey!
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Mr. ICU – what an adventurous lover he was!

About a month after our first outing we met again at the tubs. I was more relaxed now, and the session was slated for longer than an hour. He wasted no time however. The minute the door was closed, he was on me, kissing my neck and helping me out of what I was wearing. I did the same for him. I loved undressing him, like my own life-size Ken doll, [only with the dick included] lol.

After he had a warmup snack, he got up and said, “Oh, I have something for you!” I sat up on my elbows and watched as he reached into his bag. “I’ve never tried this before, but see if you like it!”

After covering my breasts with kisses, He then covered one of my nipples with…

an electrode [?!]

“What the hell!?!”, I exclaimed. “What are you doing to me???”
He said, “I’ve been wanting to try this on you. Hold still, while I get the other one.” He attached another electrode to my other breast.

“Okay, now hold on!”
He turned the motor on and my boobs contracted. My nipples perked right up.
“Can you feel it?!”

I moaned and giggled, “Ummm hmmm….”

“I can turn it up, if you’d like.”
“Yes, please”. I squirmed as my nipples grew harder.

The hubs had a tens unit to help heal his foot after surgery. I’ve had that of a unit on my neck before at the chiropractor’s office. The tensing and releasing of the muscles makes the neck easier to adjust. It’s a strange sensation to get used to, but once you do, it is relaxing and it works to make the adjustment easier.

It was working quite well that day too! He left them there while he devoted attention to my pussy. It was glorious! It was like having a threesome with just the two of us! Lol!

He then said, “Wait! I want to try something.” He gingerly removed the electrodes and while he fidgeted with the motor control, I held one in each hand. Curious by nature, I decided to put the two electrodes together.

Bad idea.

Really bad idea!

I shocked myself. Sparks flew and I flew back on the cot/bed/slats. I threw them away from me.

“Holy Shit!” I exclaimed as I recovered. He said, “No, no, no don’t do that! Are you okay?” He took them out of my hands and said, “here, lay down. Spread your legs a bit.”

“oh no, no, no, you’re not doing that!” I said as I sat up again.
“No, really, It’ll be okay, I’ve got the level turned down real low.”

Since I have made the decision to follow this path wherever it leads, I have been feeling a lot like Jim Carrey in the movie, “Yes Man” where I say ‘yes” to pretty much everything lately. I laid back on the bed but kept gripping his one hand as he adjusted the levels with the other and attached them to my lips.

Yep. He did that.

Attached them to my lower lips.

Yep. Those ones.

I couldn’t feel it as much, but I think he could.

As fun as the experiment was, I’m thinking a bonafide couples’ vibrator would serve the purpose better. [To be honest, haven’t used one of those yet! I tend to like the real thing ] But I’d say, bring the electrodes…just in case!

What say you? Have you tried the couples’ vibrator?
What about the remote control ones?
What sex toy do you recommend?
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Episode XI: The Hostess with the Mostest
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He woke me up early on a Saturday.
“C’mon, I want to show you something”, he said as he pried the covers off me.

Uh oh, I thought. What’d I do with the checking account this time? I walked tentatively down the hall and sat at his computer, steeling myself for what was to come.

“See this profile? Read it and tell me what you think”. Puzzled, I saw a profile of a woman. She was about my age, very well put together with laughing eyes and a great smile.
“She and her husband host parties.
They have a hot tub. ”

“Parties? What of parties?”

“Adult parties. Play parties. Where you can meet people and, well…play! They have an awesome Halloween party”

“Okay. And how do you know? “
“Oh! Well, I’ve been to a party there. I didn’t do anything. I just went to see what they’re like.”

That’s like Bill Clinton’s first public lie: “I smoked but I didn’t inhale”…

I said a long, drawn out “Okaaaay…”
“I told her about you. I sent her your picture. I didn’t have any of your profile pics so I sent this one.”
It was me in the car, hair back, no makeup…not my finest moment.

“She wants to meet you”.
“She does? Well, next time we are heading down south, we can schedule time to do that.”
“Tomorrow. She and her husband want to meet you tomorrow. They’re fixing a lunch for us.”
I gulped.

When everything was starting to come to light last year, and the hubs made it clear that life as we had known it was over, we talked about the possibility of threesomes or foursomes, or swapping. In fact, we had started conversing with a couple of couples. “We’re just talking,” my hubs would say in an effort to assuage my fears. Part of the appeal was the opportunity to expand our social circle; finding folks to do things with. I mean, really, when we looked at the friends that we knew, it was of an either/or thing: where either I’d like the wife, but my hubs didn’t have much in common with her hubs…or vice versa. You ever run into that?

There was one couple we were slated to meet during the shutdown, but they cancelled. I think she got cold feet. I empathized with her. I was grateful; the dude seemed a tad aggressive.

“It’s okay, it’s just the two of them, I think. There’s the hot tub if you want. It’s just a meet and greet”.
“Are we talking swapping? Or just nekkid in the bubbles?”
“You control it. It would be up to you.”
“Holy shit, honey, I don’t know if I’m ready for this yet!” Up to this point, no one had seen me nekkid. Oh, except Mr. ICU. And the idea of watching my husband with someone else?? Me with someone else???
“Then you’ll just meet them. We’ll drive down and back tomorrow. It’ll be fun!”, he said, all bouncy and happy; like Tigger on a wonderfully, glorious day!

The next day I changed my outfit about four times. I carefully put on my makeup. I texted Mr. ICU and told him what was up. He was certainly game; he wanted to go with me to a party there.

“Maybe down the line, my friend. I don’t think I’m ready to share you yet,” I texted back.
I was beyond nervous. When I am nervous, I react usually one of two ways: I’m either very quiet or very talky. That day, I was both. I asked a million questions…we were practicing “honest” communication at that point. Like the drip, drip, drip of a faucet, truth will come out of his mouth…I just have to wait for it. It’s a two-hour drive to their place so, a lot of truth came out that day.

“So, how’d you meet this person?”
“Online, not, though. Another site I’m on.”
Ah yes, through my earlier investigative ventures, I had learned that my husband has been on several sites: Ashley Madison,, affiliate sites, Match, Our Time, etc.

“So tell me about first meeting her.”
“Well, she always likes a first meet before extending an invitation to her house parties. She screens everybody. Remember when I told you I went by myself to the fairgrounds down there to see a concert because my buddy didn’t get a hold of me soon enough?”
“uh huh”
“Well, I met with her for coffee and she invited me to go to the concert with her and her sister. That’s how I got to know her.”
“She actually hosts a group that meets monthly too. They meet at a restaurant for like two hours or so, then they head over to her place for the party. Not everyone participates. Some just go to her party to chat and party, but leave when the Play time starts.”
I asked again for clarification…” So, how many parties of hers have you been to?”
Drip. Drip. Drip.
“Three or Four”.
“And never participated?”
“Well, I did meet one gal. But I left before things got too crazy.”
[Bill Clinton’s 2nd public lie, “I did not have sex with that woman!”]
As the miles rolled away I learned that he left alright, with the gal. I also learned that the couple has a beach house with parties as well.
“Remember when I met up with you and Jackie at the Casino at the beach?”
“Yeah, you said you were riding the bike trail down there”
“Well, I did…but I also went to a party down there. I camped out in their backyard. Lots of folks did.”

Drip. Drip. Drip.
Finally, I asked, “Okay….Now, is there anything else you need to tell me before we get there? Anything? Anything at all?
Anything, I might need to know…”

“well, I guess you might want to know that I hooked up with her.”
“Who? The Hostess?”
Oh good Gawd Almighty!! I couldn’t help it, my eyes rolled.
Slapping my thigh, and then his arm I said drop-jawed, “Seriously, dude?!”
A few miles down the road I asked him how was it?
“It was fun. She’s into DP.”

I couldn’t ask too much more. [like, what's DP? Remember, I am "Alice in Fuckland"; lol.] By this time, we were rolling into their driveway. We got out of the car, I let my hair down and straightened my shirt. As we walked up the walkway, I couldn’t help noticing how “normal” everything looked. I don’t know what I was expecting, really…a decorative street lamp with a red light, maybe? The undulating sculpture that framed Keanu Reeves in The Devil’s Advocate? Nope, it was just a typical suburban house.

She answered the door and warmly bade us to come in. We said our hellos and the hubs and her exchanged light banter as we came into the dining room. Our Hostess was very warm and talkative. Her house, like mine, was chock full of stuff. She gave us a brief tour and made drinks for us as we sat at the dining table. She and the hubs talked; catching up like old friends.
The drip of the truth faucet was starting to run like a nose with hay fever in the Spring. I learned so much more between the two of them. All I could do was give the hubs “The Look” across the table. He just smiled, amused at my reactions. They shared more details about that concert and about what she does.

She and her hubs are quite active in the lifestyle and have been married 44 years, swinging for 43. She is the organizer for a monthly meetup group for her parties, and maintains a discreet Facebook page for swingers as well. As we moved to their patio, where there was lots of seating and the hot tub, she explained the reasoning for screening potential party-goers.
“We want this to be fun for everyone, not just an alternative hookup place for couples or affairs and NO DRAMA. So, I always make sure everyone is on the same page: if they are married, I ask if the spouse/partner knows what’s going on.”
“Huh,” I mused. ”So how’d you make the cut?” I asked the hubs. This whole time her hubs was there too. He was cordial but quiet, he didn’t join much in the conversation. He was limping, favoring his right foot. He started to warm up when I asked how they met; and how they got into the lifestyle.
The whole time I was picturing all of us in the tub, swapped up and decided….
Nah, I couldn’t do it. It’d be like two strangers paired up on a double date at the drive-in while the other couple, familiarly got it on in the back seat. Besides, I got the vibe that he wasn’t interested much either.

But they were gracious hosts. She is a strong, boisterous, convivial woman that you can tell warms a room or a party the minute she enters the scene. He is her stalwart strength; her anchor that watches everything and lets her be The Hostess with the Mostest.

After lunch they gave us a tour of their backyard, and even gave us some zucchini [but of course! ] to take home with us.
We said our thank you’s and goodbyes, promising to come again when things start opening up. As we headed home, I sighed and thought this truly was a wonderfully glorious, day.
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Episode X: The First Time Out at the Hot tubs
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It was May, as I remember it. Finally, ready to take that leap, we planned to meet at the local hot tub rental where the were the hour. I was giggling and nervous. I recorded a brief note for the Milf & Gilf podcast [“Cover me! I’m goin’ in!] as I was driving there. I told my make-believe audience, “Gee, I hope I don’t do anything to embarrass myself, like have mascara dripping down my face, or come up out of the water with boogers out of my nose! So unsexy!”

Okay, just writing it is so unsexy!

I drove up to park where he greeted me with a kiss and warm embrace. The ‘suite’ at the hot tub rental was a private room with a wooden hot tub for two or four, double showers, a sauna and a ‘bed’ that’s really a wood slatted platform with a twin sheet covering a foam cushion on it. Certainly not the Ritz, but what does one do in a lockdown?

I brought some tiny bottles of whisky and vodka…hey, we were both nervous, and we quickly cracked the bottles open to take the edge off. The warmth of the liquid moving down inside helped to loosen me up to him moving quickly down my outsides. Mr. ICU got to work quickly. He kissed me hungrily as he lifted my shirt over my head. I wriggled out of my leggings leaving me in my black bra and panties. He took in the view and so did I as he quickly undressed before me and I sat on the edge of the bed.

He gently pushed me back onto the bed as he went between my thighs, his tongue working expertly on my clit and lips. He lifted his head up once just to tell me, “Mmmmm, I LOVE your pussy!” I arched my back and moaned as I was immersed in the feeling of divine warmth, every fiber of my being relishing the moment. I told myself that I wanted to remember EVERYTHING, but truth be told, I was too excited to do so. I moaned and writhed as he worked, getting wetter and wetter with each stroke of his tongue and his exploring fingers.

We went into the tub with more small bottles in hand.

I have to say I love hot tubs! Being naked in the bubbling froth, legs entwining, boobs teasing his chest, hands working underneath. Wet kisses in the, water! I love that feeling! He was getting too hot, so we got out of the tub and it was his turn to lay back on the slats…er, bed, I mean.

Having just completed my course in Oral Studies from Sex University, where I graduated Soona Cum Loudly [lol], I was eager to do some “field study” with him. I made my way slowly down his torso with my tongue, licking and kissing as I went. I kissed and lightly bit his sides, right at the hip, seeing if that was an erogenous zone for him. I then licked his cock like an ice cream cone, slowly and savoringly. I flicked the tip teasingly with my tongue. I took him in my mouth easing him into my lips, slowly sucking him as my hand massaged his balls. I then sucked on them, taking them into my mouth, and massaging his perineum. It was his turn to wriggle and moan. I liked his lack of quietness; his willingness to let me know he liked what I was doing. I took him fully in my mouth sucking and working harder now. He couldn’t wait, he yelled, “I’m gonna cum!” And I let him. I took it all in and swallowed. It drove him wild.

That was a first for me. I never really enjoyed blow jobs before…part of that performance anxiety, I’ve always dealt with. But I guess you could say they are growing on me.

I guess you could say, I have a newfound appreciation for them.

I guess you could say, I might need more field work experience. Just to be sure I like them.

Excited, he returned the favor again, getting me ready for more. Then he entered me. With eyes wide, he said, “Ohhh baby! You are sooo tight!” [What can I say?? It’s been a while, and toys aren’t the same as boys…] “I’m going to cum quickly!” Annnd he did. But he was happy. And I was too. Since it had been awhile, I didn’t need it to last very long that first time.

Besides the hour was almost up.

We showered together and dressed. Both agreed we needed more time the next time out – an hour is just not enough!

Mr. ICU isn’t a good lover, he’s a grrrrreat lover! He certainly managed to bring the tiger out in me! He made me feel comfortable and ready for sex. No head games, just sex. His propensity for intensity pays off in his overarching desire to please his partner.

It works. He did.
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Feb. 12th D-Day: A year later
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“Write your own story
Create your own legend
Love your own way”
From Ethical Slut

You know, for a lifestyle that would be outward looking; that would be about including and expanding one’s ‘circle of friends’, one still has to do a lot of looking inward in the process…

It’s been exactly one year since my personal D-Day happened. Has been much change? Where do I stand now? Where do we stand now, as a couple? What’s changed? What’s stayed the ?

EVERYTHING. At least from my perspective.

’s been a lot of decision making and choices: at first was, do I stay or leave? Move in with a friend or go where my family is? What about my son? What about work? What about what I’d be leaving? Do I walk away from what I started?

Throughout our marriage, most of our troubles have been about finances and, of course, sex. We are just getting the point of getting over bad financial decisions; paying off mortgages; being able forward planning ahead do things we’ve always wanted do (travel) and pursue our passions (music and art). Did I really want start over?

I guess the real question I had ask myself in those first days was: are things bad enough overall leave? Or can we do what makes us happy within the framework we now have?

Most people would probably have thrown the out with the bath water when learning of their partner’s infidelity. But if ’s one thing I’ve learned in life is that life is not about all/or nothing, either/ or, black/ or white, right/ or wrong [i.e., I’m right and you, you are certainly all wrong!]

It’s more about both/ and.

For me, it involved owning up the fact that takes two make a relationship work, and takes two make fail. Each person is culpable. Each person has a piece of the blame own up . Each person gets decide what they want out of .

were other factors. Nurturing sort that I am, I knew involved more than just me: I had my son consider. He’s a bit slow launch and would be devastating him if either of us moved out. We are a small but tight family; like a three-legged stool, ’s a balance . ’s also the hubs consider…I had started something, my own something [a business]; did I really want put on the hubs have finish or “clean up” my mess?

That was my very shaky start into a choice and a lifestyle I never would’ve said ‘yes’ to in years prior.

The easiest question to answer: am I better off now than I was a year ago?


My mind has become more flexible, though my body hasn’t, lol. My mental gymnastics have included going from “I hate the bitch” to the realization that lots of great men had muses were not necessarily their wives. I still hate the bitch, and I have some resentment that she is the artistic muse or inspiration in his life; but I would never wish her any ill will. In retrospect, I’ve always been a part of the women that inspired his songwriting!

I realize that she hasn’t had all the information, a full disclosure from the hubs any more than I have. As a result, she jumped conclusions that either the hubs fed into or just never clarified his position enough; perhaps for fear he would lose a playmate, and for him, as with most our age, hard to find. Besides, he can be a of “let it ride” guy in those situations.

I have learned to accept this lifestyle choice without jealousy.

Now, that’s a HUGE thing for me. Having always labeled myself as a tempered, passionate Spanish Senorita, I’ve always been a competitive type of person, inwardly anyway. So a jealous streak can go hand in hand with that of internal comparison.

Of late, I’ve been able accept his seeing her on a regular basis without snarkiness or sarcasm. It took a while to get , but part of was realizing what I had done him over the years. By rejecting sex, I had been rejecting him. What that must have done him! So, if this woman [or others] can make him smile, I can handle that…I can share. I told him a few months ago that as long as we’re intact, I’m good.

The external parts of a marriage actually help the marriage stay intact.

Seems backwards, I know, but I believe that to be true. For the men I’ve met, seems have made them happier and less combative or resentful at home. For us, has been more of a help our sex life this past year. And more sex with each other, brings more communication in other aspects of our life together. Don’t get me wrong, we still have our little secrets…someone on here once said that we should keep some secrets. I believe honesty is not always full disclosure. But its disclosure enough to make this work.

Overall, I would say this year has been one of “unlearning” possession, and learning to love without conditions…well, mostly, anyway.
That’s where I sit exactly one year later.

I’ll let you know what Year Two brings.
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I don’t know how I did it, but I did…
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You would think a former dancer could be more graceful than this but I wasn’t. At .
Had help my hubs with a project. He’s turning our carport/garage into a music room as rooms in our house are too small for instruments and recording stuff he’s accumulated over years. ’s okay, he built a She Shed [more like a Sh*t Shed] house my vintage finds that I’m selling.

He needed climb onto my parents’ huge 1940s oak desk in order to reach wall where he needed my assistance. When I came out help him I noticed he had used our wood step stool. Actually, ’s a plant stand that we sometimes used as a stool. He had propped against desk; of like a staircase top of desk.

You know that still small voice that plays -so-subtly in back of your mind? one that intuitives listen a regular basis? I wish mine would scream in my ear so I would hear and heed warning. warning was, “get real stool, get real stool!” I ignored and tried gingerly climb “steps”.

As I tried reach last step, I somehow lost my balance. My hubs grabbed my arm from somewhat behind me and said, “I gotcha!”. But he didn’t have me fully. plant stand/stool wobbled underneath and went out from under . hubs helped ease my descent but my right leg ended tangled and caught between stool and desk; I ended my back, I think. happened in slo-mo, but I think I said my favorite word at least times as I headed for floor!

I couldn’t move until my hubs freed my right leg. I thought for sure I’d broken my ankle. But as I slowly rolled over and righted myself, my right leg was fine. I noticed my left pant leg looked wet for some reason. “Was floor damp?” I thought. I felt floor. was cold, like concrete , but not damp. I pulled my jeans leg reveal a small scrape that was bleeding. “I’ll be okay”, I thought. But bleeding was dark, and began pooling around my anklet sock.

I hobbled into my house and couch. My son followed and stood at ready help as he could. I never bled like that before. just kept coming. I had look away as I was cleaning wound. I could feel myself getting lightheaded and I knew I was pale. Shock was trying set in. I kept taking deep breaths as I worked clean . We don’t have real good nurses at our house, included. I managed dress wound and kept my leg elevated that night, but sleeping was difficult: hurt like hell and I am not one sleep my back. [other things; yes. Sleeping; no]

Yesterday, I checked the wound. was like a puncture wound. Kinda deep, but small. And still bleeding. Once again, cleaned and dressed . And told son that I think I needed go urgent care. He drove there and had wait in car. I thought I would end with stitches, but no. I did end with a tetanus shot and antibiotics. doc said I might need have some silver nitrate stave off bleeding if her less drastic moves don’t work. That’s an OUCH I’d like avoid! , and watch out for blood clots!

That’s two days out of my life so far.

So, how’s your week going??
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A Final Goodbye to 2020
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I know this has been a year top years. ’s been strange, ’s been morbid, ’s been terrifying. was a year simply get through for of us, numbingly so; with thing look forward was rollover a new calendar year. Historians will look back as a watershed year. year that everything changed; year that nearly everything stopped. We’ve welcomed 2021 with open arms, ready to embrace it with hope tinged with more than a little bit of trepidation.
My personal journey of 2020 has also been strange; it’s been weird; it’s been sad; it’s been terrifying; it’s forced some exponential growth internally; and forced letting go of some parts best left behind. In of my friend, Poetry Man, choosing see my glass as half full, here’s what I will carry forward from last year in this:
Had not been for this year,
I never would have met you
Had not been for this year,
I never would have reawakened a side of long lost and tossed aside
Had not been for this year,
I would not have discovered new parts of
Had not been for this year,
I never would have seen myself as others do
Had not been for this year
I never would have allowed myself be vulnerable
Had not been for this year
I never would have opened my heart
my husband
Had not been for this year
I would not have healed friendships
And relationships in a new way
Had not been for this year
I never would have ventured out
share my story
Had not been for this year
I never would have a story to tell
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Whatcha reading?
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2021 is certainly a year of hope [the vaccine]; of change [a new administration]; and of resolves. I am purposing this year read more after a year of spending way too much time in front of a little screen.

I am going back to the analog style, with pages and cover in hand. In fact, I am reading three books simultaneously. Here’s a quick at what I find interesting and why:

Men In Love: Men’s Sexual Fantasies: The Triumph of Love over Rage by Nancy Friday.
I picked this book up at a thrift store one day. Written in 1980, the author had already written several books on women’s sexuality, most famously My Mother/Myself.
This volume looks at hundreds if not thousands of responses from men, sharing sometimes for the first time in written form, their deepest, darkest secret fantasies. The author takes from a sometimes dated psychological perspective on sex, and sexual tendencies. Each chapter explores a different category from masturbation to BDSM and so much more! I thoroughly enjoy reading the fantasies from men; but not so much her attempts at Freudian explanations of their desires.
The Ethical Slut by Janet W. Hardy & Dossie Easton.
This book was given to me by someone I met from this site is new the lifestyle like me. is the third edition in 20 years of this “primer” the polyamorous lifestyle. This book dovetails beautifully with Men In Love, because it modernizes the psychological aspect of the above mentioned book into a matter of personal choice and exploration. The updated version also focuses on the newer generation’s perspectives on sex and sexuality that I find refreshing as it expands my own.
Bag Man by Rachel Maddow.
I was a young high schooler when Nixon was in office. I remember when Agnew resigned as Vice President, when the Watergate scandal broke and Nixon’s eventual resignation. I lived through it, but didn’t understand or follow it.
Reading the story in detail and the comparison to the times we are in now just reminds me that is “nothing new under the sun”. I also like Maddow’s style, ’s easy read and looks historically at both sides of the political spectrum during a tumultuous time much like where we find ourselves in now.

So, what about you? Whatcha reading? Digital or Analog?
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Episode IX: Venturing Out: Mr I See You!
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OY! The word gremlins are at it again! Read the first comment for the full story!
Thanks for stopping by!

By this point I had been conversing online with folks on a regular basis. Some were my avatars guiding and prepping me as I stepped into the lifestyle, mentally, at least.

“Maui Wowie” had been in the lifestyle for quite a while. He was the first one that I told my full story to. He wrote messages in a mini essay form that were both humorous and inquisitive and I did the . He relished my words, wanting hear every detail of my adventures and my cast of characters. He even laid odds on I would with first! [He was right on with his predictions, by the way]. One thing “Maui” told me that stuck with me was the comment that people in the lifestyle, and on this site would flow through my life like water so I needed to steel myself for that. That thought was hard to take because I had grown accustomed to hearing from them, most on a daily basis. But as I lay in bed in the morning, after saying the usual good mornings and sexy pic exchanges with my friends, I talked myself back to reality and told myself that was – I wasn’t looking for any further complications than that.

I ventured out fairly slowly. Again, 34 years of monogamy and suddenly being set free explore with no questions asked was of daunting. It required a huge paradigm shift on my part; one where I would flip flop between “Wheee! and What the f**k?!!” at least ten times per day. I assumed TOG [Torso of the Gods] would be my first adventure out in this world. We talked/texted pretty much daily; all times of the day. But Covid and life’s obligations certainly puts a crimp in plans.

So, he was not my first.

My very first meet and playmate was Mr. ICU. He had sent brief messages to me on for about a month or so telling me to text him. Of course that’s frowned upon on the site, and the brevity of his comments turned me off. Besides he threatened to report me to the authorities as a fake account if I didn’t respond. Go ahead, Dude! I had no skin in the game [ha! yet], so fine with me!

One Saturday, I was bored and decided I’d respond to his request. I texted him a hello. He responded nicely and after a few texts he asked for a picture and my . I told him my and his reply was, “Holy Shite! That’s you??! No need send a picture I know exactly you are!!”

Well, that made me smile!

He went on say that I was his “Holy Grail” [Now how’s a refuse that??]. He said I was pretty much everything he was looking for: height-wise, age-wise; eyes and smile that he liked. Well this sounded promising! He wanted me go on an app where we could talk, etc. Once I did that, he immediately contacted me for a video chat. He was very anxious get this show on the road! I had never skyped or zoomed before so I felt really uncomfortable. Texting is still somewhat anonymous; I feel more comfortable with that. After a couple of awkward conversations, we agreed meet.

was a brief meeting, minutes or so, but my heart was in my throat! I was so nervous meet him; his straightforward style in and media was a bit off-putting at first. But, I figured I had dip my toe in the pool sometime!

I stepped out of my car as he drove up. He was smiling as he got out of the car. was an immediate embrace greet each other. He was handsome, with piercing green eyes, and strong muscular arms.

He held my hand out an arm’s length, asked me twirl around…I now know what a cow on an auction block feels like! Apparently, he was satisfied with “Bessie” as he wanted see me again.

That was really hard do. We were in full lockdown at that point. We met once at a local park walk and talk further about what we wanted get out of this. We stopped to sit and snuggle on a picnic table right beside the walking path. We ignored the people walking by until one lady was rubbernecking while we necked.

She called out my . UH-OH!

I recognized her voice immediately. I was panic stricken as I abruptly pulled away from Mr. ICU. He stared straight ahead looking out at the ocean away from her. I walked away from the picnic table at a good social distance and said a polite “Hello, how are you?” We exchanged a couple of pleasantries as her feet kept moving, Thank God! She kept walking and gawking till she was past our scene. Mr. ICU exhaled with an “Oh My God!!” With that, I laughed and said, “Yeah, I have a feeling that’s what she’s saying right now!” I went on explain that she was my “Church Lady”. I knew her from the last church we had attended.

She knew me. She knew my hubs.

I think she must have prayed in tongues all the way home!
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Welcome 2021!! TBT New Year
Veröffentlicht:31. Dezember 2020, 20:37 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:27. Juli 2021, 7:30 Uhr
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Wishing all a Happy, Safe and -filled New Year!

A friend just sent this pic from back in the day. I'm toasting the day when we can dress up and paint the town RED again!
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@#$%! Sweary Christmas 2020 !%$#@
Veröffentlicht:18. Dezember 2020, 1:42 Uhr
Zuletzt aktualisiert:26. Dezember 2020, 10:58 Uhr
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My family sent me this pic last week. It’s from my niece. It’s one of her neighbors’ decorations. I think it was the outsides that matched my insides last week.

We were off to such a good start too. We got our8 boxes of decorations out of storage, and the tree up the very day after Thanksgiving. I am not a Black Friday shopper. Not even online. I did that once…nevermore! Nevermore! However, this was a record for us. It was the first year we ever had the tree up and décor sprouting around the house the very next day after Turkey day; I mean before one could say I’m stuffed on stuffing, we had that sucker up and ready to go, and the stockings were [ahem] well hung with the utmost care.

Except...two whole strands of lights on our pre-lit tree wouldn’t light. No problem. We’ll just get replacement bulbs for them. We did, but they didn’t, They wouldn’t light. At all. Huge dark spots in the middle of the tree, it looked naked but not in a good way.

Now, we could have simply bought new strands and just added them to the tree. We could have…but, we both agreed it would look, well, messy and weird. No problem, he says. We’ll just remove the pre-lit ones and get some more new ones.

Have you ever removed lights from a pre-lit tree? Any idea how many lights are on a pre-lit tree? It’s a lot like the 1000 Faces pattern I’ve been finding lately when thrifting vintage Kutani china. They have a thing for the number 1000. There is a belief that if you create 1000 paper origami cranes within a year’s time; at the end of a year, not only would it grant you health and healing, but the gods would grant you your wish. Yeah definitely a thing for 1000.

Every light has a clip of some sort. Those clips are green, The very same green as the pre-lit burned out tree. And just like the eternity symbol there is no beginning, there is no end. Like the journey of a thousand miles, one just must begin.

So we did. The hubs took the taller parts of the tree; however, I had the very top because it was easily removed and I could sit down to work on it, slowly…very slowly, and being of short stature, I had the bottom section. The clips blended in so well, I couldn’t see them. It all had to be done by Braille; feeling my way on a branch with eight or so clips on it. Sometimes my hands were enough to remove the clips; other times we had to result to wire snips. As we worked over the next few days, our tree devolved into a paltry Christmas bush with the lights looking much like the picture above. My language devolved even more so.

Each time I had to work on it, I would try to get into a meditative state, I’d think of it as a Zen garden, and I was just raking rock. Enlightenment would come soon. Instead, I would walk away from the heap after 20 minutes or so, swearing and wondering why do we go to all this trouble anyway?

I noticed we were almost halfway through December with our living room still looking a disaster. And I could never find the end of a strand until the very end. Did you know they will splice three strands together at times? No beginning. No end. Only a very long effing middle that trailed off three ways! Isn’t that a fire hazard?

It took taking the tree down to its stand before we were ready to build it back up. The Holiday pilot light had just about gone out on the inside of me. I didn’t care about decorating for the holiday. My fingers had lost all their prints from blindly reaching into branches, twisting and pulling on clips prying them loose with whatever means possible. The floor was covered in clips and fake needles.

It was my 1000 origami crane project, I wanted to see it through. It took the better part of two weeks t.o finally see it finished. But we did it. Tree is up. Lights are on. Its decorated with my favorite vintage ornaments. And It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
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Episode VIII: The Ongoing Adventures of MIlf & Gilf: Women of a Certain Age
Veröffentlicht:13. Dezember 2020, 13:26 Uhr
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I just don't trust those word stealing gremlins, so see the post in the first comment below!
Thanks for the read - Comment below or Whisper in my mailbox!
Mwah! {=}
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Episode VII: TOG and The Bistro
Veröffentlicht:7. Dezember 2020, 9:46 Uhr
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See the first comment below...
Thanks for stopping by!
Mwah! {=}Busti

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Interlude: The Naughty Pics
Veröffentlicht:6. Dezember 2020, 11:24 Uhr
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Ha! I knew that title would get your attention!
But I must post this before I post the next episode…

See the first comment for the whole story!
Thanks for the read!
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