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1st meeting with someone from here
Posted:Jun 24, 2019 10:02 pm
Last Updated:Jun 25, 2019 7:14 am

Through reading your blogs I saw that you like reading erotic stories so I wanted to share on with you.

Last Thursday was the first time that I met someone through this site. We had been chatting and trying to plan a time we could meet and how to do it safe. We had intended to meet for coffee to make sure that neither of us was crazy or weird. Finally she told me that she wanted to Fuck me Now! I booked a hotel room in between the two of us and we met.

I was thinking about how the two of us should approach the front desk when I got a message that she was at the desk already. I walked in and there she was waiting for me. I got the key cards and we headed to the room making small talk on the way. We got in the room and I was seriously nervous... doubting I could go through with it.

I decided to just walk up to her and go for it. We kissed and i lightly ran my hand up her shirt and traced patterns on her back which caused her to moan into my mouth. I lifted her shirt off and continued the light sensuous tickling as we continued to kiss. I took her pants off and felt the wetness of her pussy through her panties.

This was all that she could take and she grabbed my cock through my pants rubbing hard and fast. She was naked and I was fully clothed. Unlike the slow methodical way that I took her clothes off she ripped mine off. I pushed her back and on to the bed where we continued to kiss except my kisses moved down her body. Her nipples were long and hard and she begged me to bite them. I teased them at first not giving her what she wanted, but then I sucked them in and bit down hard.

I continued kissing and licking down her body until I got to her pussy. Her scent was strong and an amazing aphrodisiac. I licked her pussy from bottom to the top of her clit, lapping up her juices. She had a pieced clit, the first that I had ever had. I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked it into my mouth flicking it with ,y tongue. Sucking in and out, over and over, her clit piercing clicking against my teeth.

I put a condom on and started to fuck her. The warmth of her body against mine was intoxicating. After a while I would lay next to her and finger her clit. I would flick it fast like turning a light switch on and off. I left her laying on the bed and I brought out the toy I had wanted to use on her, my Hitachi Magic Wand!

I lay next to her and the room with filled with a loud buzzing noise. I placed it firmly on her clit and the wand angrily buzzed away on her clit. Her faced flushed red and her moans came at a fevered pitch. I bit and sucked on her nipples as I turned up the vibrator to high which took her breath away. I continued the stimulation until she begged for the stimulation to stop, and then I pushed her further!

I finally stopped the vibrator when her moans seemed to turn into cries for the over stimulation to stop! I scooted down her body and laid my head on her cum slick thighs. I lightly touched my tongue to her clit and she cried out. It was amazing to see what the lightest of touches did to her raw and worked up clit. I continued these light lick for a while until once again her cries reached a fevered pitch!.

Then it was time to leave. We didn't have a time to clean up so our bodies, slick with sex, were poured back into our clothes. We walked back to our cars and kissed again then drove home. On the drive home I felt so dirty and guilty. I vowed to never do something so dangerous, nasty, and slutty again!

It's funny though, the next day those slutty nasty feelings were still there but there was no guilt instead it was replaced by intense desire. It got me so hot and worked up. I craved another meeting, I needed it, my cock needed it! My cock still needs it. During the entire time she had not sucked my cock and now all I can think of is how badly I need to feed my cock to someone!
Fake women...
Posted:Jun 18, 2019 5:19 pm
Last Updated:Jun 19, 2019 7:07 pm

Wow there are a lot of fake women on this site. I know that women get far more posts then men but the amount of "fake" attention that I have been getting is crazy.

Then there are the prostitutes. I have nothing against it but it was still a little shocking see how many women are themselves here.

When you sort through all of that it leaves a much smaller pool of women here. I understand why they aren't banned that quickly because it gives guys the illusion of there being a lot more women.

Having said all of that I have chatting with some pretty cool women so far and even had a chance meet and have some fun so far.
Some of my fiction from Literotica
Posted:Jun 17, 2019 5:53 pm
Last Updated:Nov 20, 2019 3:24 pm

Movie Magic Dreams

We all have sexual fantasies. Some are tame, others extreme. My favorite fantasy was the type that was almost in the realm of science fiction and therefore would probably never come true. Even if it could become reality it was a bit extreme, so would I even want it come true? Often reality does not live up our fantasies. Little did I know that in 5 months my dream would come true and it would haunt me for years come?

I'll explain what my fantasy is but first I must set the scene on how it would be realized. Most men enjoy porn. We spend time shopping around the Internet find that perfect looking woman or just the right movie clip. The Internet provides us with endless possibilities when it comes exploring our sexuality. It also gives us the means read, learn, and even watch these fantasies. Take a at any man's browser history and you will discover his search of these fantasies.

If you viewed my browser history you would find site in particular, that depicts scenes of the BDSM lifestyle. This site is very well known and financially successfully. It has the best of the adult industry participating in its movies. Dig a little deeper and you will find the specific movies that I have been watching. These scenes would fit into categories. The first is women are bound and helpless. A Domme is there with her and begins use various devices bring her pleasure. Dildos, vibrators, all types of fucking machines including a Sybian are used to induce mind shattering orgasms on the bound woman. To me there is nothing more beautiful in this world than watching a woman cum. The most appealing part is that after several orgasms, when the bound woman's needs are satiated, the stimulation continues. Panting, with sweat dripping down her body and mixing with her cum coating her thighs, she begs for the stimulation to end. The pleasure is too much, her clit too sensitive, and she screams for it to stop!

The second scene is the polar opposite. A woman, or man, is bound and immobile. Again a Domme is the bring pleasure but this time it starts much slower. Long, painted fingernails slowly drag across the flesh leaving goose bumps in their wake. Soft kisses, slowly circle the erogenous zones building up the ember of desire in the person bound. They are stimulated and the ember turns into a fire as they are brought close to organs and then left to cool. This process starts again and happens over and over the bound victim is begging be able cum.

day, this web site, which plays these wonderful scenes, decided have a contest. Fans would submit their deepest fantasies and the owners of the site would decide would win. The prize for winning was make your fantasy into reality. They would fly the wining contestant and let them participate in the scene that they dreamed up. Now I'm not the type of person tries win random contests but how could I pass up a chance see my dreams realized? I took the time and submitted my fantasy to them.

A few weeks passed and I had put the contest of my mind when I received the congratulating me on winning the contest. I was stunned and must have read it times. They require a response along with my information which I sent back immediately. An hour later, I received another and this contained a contract for the shoot. It explained my rights while being a participant in the shoot like the use of safe words and when they would stop a shoot.

Next was a questionnaire which asked a vast of normal, sexual fetish, and bondage questions:

Height? 6'0"

Weight? 220 lbs

Penis size? 6"

Willing be tied up? Yes

Willing be gagged? Yes

Anal penetration? Never have but yes

Bisexual or transcended scenes? No

On a level of 1- what is your pain tolerance ( being )

Are you willing be whipped, spanked, caned, etc? Yes

...on and on the questions went they ended at 50. They also asked me some photos of myself. I was pretty self-conscious about this since I'm pretty average looking. I sent the most flattering current photos I could find.

A few days later I received a phone from the owner, Mark, of the web site and the facilities where all the filming took place. He spent some time getting to know me asking questions about what I did in my free time and such. He loved my fantasy and we talked about it in depth. He started to explain how the scene would and it sounded like I would just be watching for most of it with a little bit of participation helping the Domme. I was a little disappointed but figured it would still be awesome. The shoot would be in months and his secretary would me in with the travel arrangements.

The next months dragged on. I spent all my free time thinking about how my fantasy was going come true, well for the most part. I also spent a ton of time at the gym trying to get into the best shape possible before the shoot.

month before the shoot, I received a with all of the travel arrangements. They also asked me get a physical and some blood tests. During the physical, I found I had lost the 20 pounds. The results were all positive, I felt great about the shape I was in, and I was in an excellent state of mind. No matter how imperfect living out this fantasy was going be I was going enjoy myself.

days before the shoot I received a from a woman named Ariel. Her voice seemed familiar me. She explained that she was going be the Domme in charge of the scene. This is when I realized she was. I had watched numerous videos of her from this web site and she was absolutely beautiful. I was tongue tied while talked about my fantasy submission. She could tell because she asked if anything was wrong. I told her no but that I just could not have wished for a better Domme. She laughed and told me to be careful what I wished for!

We spent the next hour talking about the scene and what her thoughts were and what fucking machines she was going to use. She asked what models I would like to see go through the forced orgasm torture. I gave her a list of girls I felt were the most talented, attractive, and had the most powerful orgasms on camera. She told me that she had some prep work that I needed to complete before the shoot. First, she wanted me to masturbate tonight and cum at least times. Then, starting tomorrow and the shoot, I was masturbate for at least an hour but I was not allowed orgasm. I had do all of this while watching videos or photos of hers. The day I arrived she said I would be given a lie detector test to see if I cheated and if I had they would me back home. I told her this would not be a problem.

That evening I looped my favorite video of Ariel and finished all orgasms in about an hour. I've always been gifted with a relatively short down time in between orgasms. The next night I started her new assignment and stroked my cock for a little over an hour, which wasn't that difficult. I thought my mind would be preoccupied with sex before but I was wrong. By day , I was just consumed with the possibilities of what would be happening at the shoot. The hour of stroking my cock was pure agony because I would reach the edge of orgasm in just a few minutes. I slept fitfully that evening and over slept a little bit but I was able make it the airport on time.

For the flight I was in the middle seat. I hadn't been on a plane since I was 9 and I thought I would be more nervous than I was. My mind was consumed with carnal thoughts and for most of the flight I had place a newspaper in my lap hide my engorged member.

The plane landed, I got my rental car, and check in at the hotel. I took a quick shower and then had a little bit to eat. I headed over to the studio so that I could check in. They wanted to give me a tour and explain a few things.

The studio is a large brick building that appears to be an old warehouse or maybe a factory. I park and head into the reception area.

A pretty young blonde greets me when I enter. I tell her my and before I can explain why I'm here she giggles and says, "Oh, the winner of the contest. I'll let Mark, know that you are here."

I sat and waited, my legs bouncing impatiently. This seemed entertain the receptionist because she would smile flirtatiously at me while I waited. Mark came in and shook my hand. He asked if I was ready for the tour and I gave an enthusiastic yes!

The first thing I noticed was that the sets looked very different than I had pictured. This was due to the fact that you never get to see where the cameras are placed. The facility was vast and I lost count of how many stages they had. A few, I did not get to see because they were currently in use. I was a little disappointed but figured that I would get my fill tomorrow. We ended in the room where my fantasy would be played . It was a cool room with a cement floor and brick walls. Right now all there was in the room was a steel table and the computer chairs that we were sitting in.

Mark told me that he had business to attend to but that I should wait here because someone else would be in to prepare me for tomorrow.

He shook my hand and said with a wink, "We expect a great show from you."

I had been waiting for about 20 minutes and started to think they had forgotten about me. I was just about to get up when the door opened and in walked Ariel. She was in a bath robe and her light brown hair was wet. As she moved to shake my hand, her scent floated past me. It was like a clean summer breeze on a day. Her soft brown eyes narrowed a bit and she gave me a crooked smile as she firmly shook my hand. In her left hand she was carrying a file folder.

"Hello Carl. It is great meet you in person."

"I... Umm... Thank you?" I stammered.

"Have a seat and let's at your file shall we?" She flips through my file folder and seems scrutinize a few items.

"Your physical looks great. Congrats on the 20 pounds."

"Thank you." I was blushing.

We talked for a bit and she explained that she had just finished a shoot and was a bit wore from it. I asked what the scene was and why she was wore . I think she took it as a challenge because she stared at me and scolded, "If you had just spent the last hours tied up and cumming, I think you would be exhausted too!"

"I think I would be dead!" I said with a wide eyed expression.

She laughed and said, "We'll see."

She asked if I had followed the instruction that she gave me. I told her that I had but it was much more difficult than I thought it would be.

"Carl, have you done your hour of masturbation, yet today?"

"No I haven't," I said sheepishly.

"Alright take your clothes off and sit up here on the table in front of me," she padded the spot on the table with her hand.

I hesitated.

"Now!" her voice was loud and she seemed angry.

I started to slowly remove all my clothes. I felt so embarrassed and exposed. I thought this would be enjoyable but I was sick my stomach.

Ariel sensed this and walked over by me. She grabbed my shoulder and pushed me back against the table. She looked down at my still limp cock and said, "If you can't do this now with just me, how will you do this tomorrow in a room full of people?"

I explained, "I thought I would just be the spectator, maybe help a little here and there?"

"We thought about that Carl, but Mark said that this has to be real. That you had to be the person tied up." She sighed, "I'm just worried about a novice being able to take what I'm going to do to you."

I shivered when she said that.

I was now sitting on the cool metal table. She pulled my chin up so that my eyes met her's.

Leaning in close to me she said, "Carl, now I want you to keep your eyes on me and my body. If you get nervous during the shoot just look at me."

She stood back and let the robe fall off her shoulders. There she was right in front of me. Her body was tan and her skin taught. What always appealed to me was that she was a tall and muscular. Her body looked like it was sculpted, every muscle was well defined, especially her abs. Her breasts were small, pert, and tipped by perfect and pebble hard nipples.

I drank in the image of pure beauty in front of me and my heart started to beat faster. The room had felt cool but now a flush came over me and I started to feel . All I could think about was Ariel running her hands over my body.

Ariel had a smile on her and was looking down, "Good , I knew you had it in you."

I followed her eyes down and say that my cock was hard and pulsing along with my heartbeat.

She pulled up her chair, "Now I believe you have hour of stroking so get it."

I didn't need any more encouragement and I started vigorously pump my cock. In a little over a minute I was on the edge and had stop.

Ariel was laughing now, "Wow! So you did do you assignments without cheating. I suggest pumping much slower from now on, like this."

She placed her hand in her lap and made slow up down motions like she was pumping her own imaginary cock.

I have no idea how long I was stroking but time moved at a crawl. Ariel stayed quiet the entire time just smiling and looking into my eyes. She stood up, "Okay, that is enough for today. I'm sure you are more than worked up enough for tomorrow."

Ariel and I dressed and she walked me back to the reception area. I said good bye, and she hugged me and placed a light kiss on my cheek. "Get some sleep," she said as I turned to and slapped me on my ass.

It was like trying sleep when I was and it was Christmas Eve night. I thought I would just fantasize about what would be happening but all I could picture in my mind was Ariel. I woke up and took a long shower. I dressed and headed the shoot.

During my drive, or checking in, or meeting the crew, every time that I felt nervous all I did was relax for a moment and thought about Ariel. She could get me do anything.

I met the woman was going be bound and forced orgasm. Her is Lexi and she is like a perfect doll: fair soft skin, short (5' 1"), C-cup breasts tipped by long pink nipples, long blond hair, and a beautifully pussy. Her voice is pitched and her laugh contagious. I introduced myself and she made a comment that I was the was going make her afternoon rough. I apologized and she just laughed and said that I was the worse off.

of the women, Jenni, helps with the makeup and get the participants ready, approached me. She is a petite and very cute redhead, "So, Ariel says you need a shave. Let's head the bathroom so I can get you ready."

We entered the bathroom and she brought a tote that had shaving supplies.

She stood there looking at me for a minute and then said, "Carl ,you have to take your pants off for me to be able to shave you, in fact you might as well get naked since we'll be shooting soon.

I removed all of my clothes and she had me move into the large shower while she ran a wash cloth some water.

She wrung it a bit and then applied some soap, "Spread your legs for me, hun."

I did so and she soaped up my crotch with the wash cloth. I was rock hard in second and a little embarrassed. She noticed and laughed.

"Don't worry this just makes it easier shave," she said as she wagged my hard-on. Rinsing off the wash cloth and then rinsing the soap off me.

Next she spread the shaving cream all over my balls and groin. She looked up at me and said, "Now don't move while I'm doing this."

She began shave me by pulling my skin taught with her left hand and using the razor with her right. Often while doing this she would bump into the head of my cock.

By the time she was finished shaving my cock was slick with precum. Jenni rinsed me off again and I gasped when she ran it over and around my cock. Next, she got some type of lotion and rubbed in.

At point I had ask her stop. "Why? Oh, you are closing coming aren't you? We can't have that Ariel would be pissed at me."

She waited a few minute and finished the lotion rub. She told me to use the bathroom and then take a shower. She left me a robe and I finished my business and showered. I put on the robe that was left in the bathroom and headed back to the set.

The set was filled with people. Ariel and Lexi were there along with camera men, the director, sound engineer, and other people I had no idea what their job was. I met them all and we talked but it was all a blur. I had a very hard time concentrating with Ariel in the room.

"It's time," someone in the room said.

One of the women, I did not know what job she had, came over by me and said, "Over here, Carl I'll get you set up.

The room was no longer empty. There were chair-like structures in the room and she had me sit in . There were also various types of motorized fucking machines. I could see that they had Lexi sitting in another chair device like mine.

The woman had me lay back and said, "If anything is pinching or cutting off circulation let me know because you are going to be in this position for a while."

My arms were strapped above my head and my feet were secured so that my body formed and "X". A thick leather strap was drawn around my hips, chest, thighs, and upper arms. I could not move and inch. There was a little pinching and a leg strap was too tight, so they adjusted it.

"They are ready," someone announced. I felt the chair moving and I could see that they were also moving Lexi. Our chairs were reclined so that we were comfortable but could still see each other. I looked over at Lexi and she looked apprehensive which worried me.

She's a professional and she is worried, what have I gotten myself into. I started to panic. I pulled on my bonds testing them a bit. My breathing was increasing and I was taking shallow gulps of air. I felt a finger trace across the side of my ribcage and looked up to see Ariel. She smiled and my breathing became more regular.

"Alright lets start the scene," I heard from the director though I could not see her.

Ariel leaned next to me and whispered, "Make me proud and last through this entire session and I'm all yours tonight."

I tried to form words to say back to her but before I can....

"ACTION!" My world seems to spin, as I realize everything is about to change.


"Well, well, well, look at the situation the both of you are in." Ariel's demeanor had shifted. She still had a teasing attitude but there was wickedness behind her smile now. She is moving to the side of Lexi now and out of my vision.

"Lets get you both warmed up shall we?" She purrs and I can hear her moving something metal.

Within in my line of sight, she reappears carrying some type of metal arm device. She attaches it to the side of Lexi's chair at about hip height. She leans between Lexi's legs, parts her pussy lips with her left hand, and starts rubbing her clit with the right hand. There was no warm up before these actions, no foreplay, just direct stimulation. This lasts for a few seconds and she backs away.

Ariel walks of sight and then comes back, this time she has a Hitachi vibrator. She attaches this to the arm apparatus and maneuvers it so that the head of the vibrator is touching right on Lexi's clit. Ariel clicks the vibrator on low. Lexi's head tips back and her eyes close.

"Oooh !" Slide from her lips followed by light moans.

"There you go baby.You like that don't you," Ariel seems be cheering her on. Ariel turns her head me and her eyes squint.

"Carl, you lonely over there. Do you need some attention?" she asks as she starts slowly moving over me. I nod my head enthusiastically and my cock seems follow by bobbing up and down also.

She is next me now and chides, "Poor baby, having watch Lexi enjoy herself over there and not have any stimulation. Let's change that for you."

The index fingers of her hands touch each of my shoulder blades at the time. She begins drag them down a bit and then starts draw patterns into my skin. The light tickling continues and occasionally crosses my nipples sending shocks through me.

My mouth is closed but I still lightly moan making, "Mmhmm," type sounds. I have enough sense left to notice that my stimulation is the exact opposite of Lexi. She went from no stimulation to overdrive, I was being slowly stimulated. I am relaxed and almost feel like I'm day dreaming my concentration is broken.

Lexi screams , "Fuck yes!" from across the room.

My eyes open and I am drawn back into what is happening. I over at Lexi and notice that she is sweating. Her is flushed and her eyes are squeezed shut. Ariel leans in and starts kissing my neck. She moves up and is nibbling on my ear as her hands are tracing the sides of my ribs. This light tickling elicits a giggle from me.

Ariel stops suddenly, "Oh my Carl, are you ticklish?"

I worried and yell, "NO."

It's too late though because I feel her fingers start digging into my sides. My laughter is uncontrollable as she tortures my body with her dexterous fingers.

"Please stop!" I yell in between gasping for breath.

The tickling suddenly stops and Ariel walks back to Lexi. I'm breathing heavy and this has left me so horny that I try the bonds on my hands again see if I could get them free and touch myself. It's no use though because the bands are very strong.

Ariel is next to Lexi now and begins plunging fingers into an of her sopping wet cunt.

"Yes,.. Yes,.. Fuck-me, Fuck-me..." Lexi is yelling this over and over.

Ariel stops when Lexi quiets a bit. She moves a large machine in between Lexi's legs.

"You should be wet enough now for this," Ariel says as she lovingly runs her fingers across the machine. A large piston comes of the box portion of the machine. The end of the piston is tipped with a large purple dildo.

The dildo is eased into Lexi's pussy.

"Oooo !" she moaned as this happens.

The vibrator is adjusted so that it has maximum with her clit. The fucking machine comes life and starts piston in and at a of thrusts per second. Lexi was loud now: yelling, swearing, and even calling god!

As Ariel moves back me she grabs items from a table that is just of view.

"Carl, you are horny aren't you?" I nodded yes.

"Well, we need make sure that you don't cum the second I touch you. Just watch how sensitive it is right now." She leans over near my cock.

Oh my god all she would have to do is touch her mouth to me and that would be enough. Instead she pucked her lips and blew across my engorged head, beads of pre-cum trickle out and my cock throbs.

"See! You are near the edge and I haven't even touched you. These will help." I feel her hands roughly grab my balls and pinch them in a circle that her thumb and index finger made. I feel something tighten around my balls and then a weight pulls down on them drawing them far from my body.

Next, she looped an adjustable cock ring around me and tightened it as much as she could. God, I thought, my cock is so hard now that it is almost painful.

"Fuck... Me... Fuck... Me... Oh God! I'm cumming again!!" This chorus punctuated by a melody of screams and moans echoed in the background.

"I have more thing help you stay very excited." Ariel says far too enthusiastically.

I could see that there are wires attached to the cock and ball ring and they were plugged into a device that has lights: green, yellow, and red. The green light is currently on. Ariel places her index finger right on my cum-spot (that area a man's cock right at the cleft in the head). She moves her finger up and down lightly over my cum-spot for maybe minutes. My arousal is starting burn and I feel my orgasm building. The green light goes and the yellow comes on.

"You see Carl, this measures your arousal level. Green is for slightly aroused, yellow you are close peaking, and red means you are literally at the edge of orgasm. I'm going keep you at yellow for a bit while I take care of something."

She grabs a bullet vibe and straps it the underside of my cock. She turns it on low and pulls a chair up next my head.The room is very by now and everyone was sweating. Lexi's song of blissful orgasms is still playing in the background. Ariel spreads her legs and parts her pink glistening cunt lips. Her sweat and pussy juices mix together to form a pungent and appealing smell. Ariel's fingers work in a circle over her clit while fingers from her other hand are inserted into her. She works herself over at a quick and fevered pace. Soon her muscles are taunt and defined as she spasms in orgasm. I notice that she is relatively quiet, or maybe I can't hear her over Lexi.

Ariel reaches over and lets me lick her cum soaked fingers. It is like receiving a shot of strong pheromones into my system. I feel the pressure build and I am just about to cum. The red light turns on and the vibrator is turned off. I hang there right on the edge of a tremendous orgasm for a few seconds and then vibrator turns on again. It switched off almost immediately as I went right back to the edge. On again, off... on... off... it is like bolts of energy are shooting through my cock and into the rest of my body.

"Please let me cum!" I yell, finally mixing my voice with Lexi's.

The vibrator stops and is removed slowly. I feel a hand tighten around my cock and start to pump. ", Carl cum for me!" Ariel cheers.

"Hey Lexi do you want Carl cum?" she yells across the room. The reply is screams and whimpers as Lexi cums for maybe the th time. Ariel Strokes the red light comes back on and stops. Just like with the vibrator she did this over and over again.

I am also loudly expressing my sexual frustration. At first, I try to bargain with Ariel. Then I am just begging and pleading over and over again to cum. Finally I am reduced to just incoherent outbursts.

Ariel finally stops and I slowly start to cool down off the perpetual edge I had just been on. I hear the fucking machine and vibrator turn off. Lexi is lightly sobbing in between saying thank you. This does not last for long though. A much larger dildo is being attached to the end of the fucking machine.

When Lexi saw this she started begging, "No... please, I can't cum any more please."

Ariel wiped the sweat from her brow and said, "Don't be mad at me, this is Carl's fantasy. He is the reason that you are being subjected to all of this."

"Fuck you Carl!" Lexi spat at me. She couldn't say anything else though because the giant dildo is being pushed into her far too sensitive pussy. The vibrator is placed back and both machines went from off to top speed in an instant.

"FFFUUUCKK!" Lexi yells. Ariel moves a machine between my legs. It looks similar to the between Lexi's legs except it is tipped by what looks like a flashlight. She lowers it onto my sensitive cock.

"Carl the machine is plugged into the orgasm sensor. It will turn off when the red light comes on. It won't get tired nor will it show mercy." She turns it on and it starts to pump over my engorged and angry cock. There also seems to be suction on my cock. I know it won't take long before I am at the edge.

Ariel is sitting next to me again. This time she has a Hitachi vibrator of her own.

"Carl, I'm going to get myself off over and over again I can't stand it anymore. when I am finished, will I turn off the machines on Lexi and you."


After that, I lost track of what was going on because I had just been building up the most powerful orgasm of my life but denied once again. The machine continued its torture of me. It was no longer bringing me to the edge stopping and returning, it kept me right at the point of no return. I was perpetually "almost" orgasming.

Days later, when I watch this scene I realize that this is the perfect point of my fantasy. Lexi is begging and screaming for the orgasms to stop. Her entire world is orgasm and she can not conceive of a world where she would experience anything but. I am in a world where orgasm is perpetually of reach. I cannot even imagine what an orgasm is like any more. There we are, direct opposites of the sexual arousal.

In the actual movie clip, the end of the scene started with Ariel satiating her own sexual appetite. What happens is that Lexi starts crying, and I mean crying. Later I learned that whenever this happens, it ends the scene.

After Lexi is taken of the studio, Ariel walked over me. I was still bound and very hard.

"Carl, would you do anything cum?" she purrs.

I nod.

"Okay then, close your eyes, I just want try more item."

I close them and I can feel the cock and ball rings being taken off. Next, I felt an ice pack being applied my cock and balls. This is a shock but also caused me calm down the point where I am soft again.

"No peaking naughty ," Ariel scolded.

I could feel something wrap around my waist and then something fit snugly around my cock. I hear a click and then Ariel laughed.

"Okay open," she says still laughing.

I looked down and see that I am locked in a chastity belt and Ariel is holding the key.

"NOOOO!" I yelled and Ariel walks of the room.

The staff all started clapping and cheering! At first I'm still in a daze. I was so focused o Ariel for the last... fuck I have no idea how long it's been. I think I should be ashamed about what just happened but all of my inhibitions and embarrassment are gone now. My view of the world and myself have changed. On a whim I give them a bow and thank them all. They get me out of my bonds. Jeni, the one had shaved me, massages the kinks in my muscles. Mark, the owner, comes and shakes my hand.

He loved the scene and asked if I would ever do another . You would think that I would say, hell yes, but I told him I had to think about it. It was such a stunning ordeal. What do I fantasize about now? I have just lived my perfect fantasy with the most amazing women.

"So, Where is Ariel and can I get the key to this thing?" I said pointing down to the cage my cock was in. Everyone looked around for a while but she was gone. Someone told me not to worry, that she was probably taking a shower and that I should do the .

"Do you need any help with your shower?" Jenni asks with a gleam in her eye.

"Unless you also have some lock picks I don't think that would be a good idea," I said jokingly.

I relax in the shower and then slowly dry off. I get dressed and then go down the lobby. I ask if Ariel had left me a key but they say no.

Mark walks in, "Carl, I don't know how say this... but Ariel left. I ordered another key and I'll have it sent your hotel room tonight."

I was a little shocked but said, "Okay."

I drive back to the hotel and walk to my room. I order some food and watch a movie, that has no sex scenes what so ever. It was almost and I figured that the key wouldn't come tomorrow. I leaned back in my bed and started to drift off.

There's a knock at my door. Thank god I think to myself. Now I can unlock myself and jerk off the biggest load of cum in my life. I open the door to my room and there she stands.

"I keep my promises Carl and you made it through the entire scene," Ariel says while dangling a key in front of me.

She pushes me back into the room and the door closes behind us.

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