Work Craziness!  

cdRaeAmnell 53T  
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7/8/2021 7:53 am
Work Craziness!

Not sure why I post news here as most never see it, but, like my profile says, I have a busy work life. Often I will sign on while I am working and reply to messages and such between busy times. Having said that, I can get pulled away in heartbeat. If I do not reply to your message, most of the time it means I was pulled away. I have to admit that many times, when the message times out or goes away, it's out of sight, out of mind for me.
Please don't take this as me not being willing to talk when I can. If I have no interest for whatever reason, I will let you know. Most times the main reason I may not invest a lot of time in chatting is the distance that makes meeting in person a challenge. Online banter is always fun, but, cybersex leaves a lot to be desired. I tend to cut off the distance at around 500 miles as more than that will be a bit much for a road trip that would allow much playtime. And in reality, that distance is prioritized for those within a 100 mile radius. It just gets so difficult beyond that. No offense intended.
If you read this, thank you! Thoughts and comments welcome!

nudeone2 66M
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7/10/2021 12:02 pm

I, for one, FULLY UNDERSTAND, all you've just said, and explained. I look forward to meeting you, when time allows.

cdRaeAmnell replies on 7/12/2021 8:43 pm:
Yes, we all have our lives and work... and for me the time it takes to get prepared is a factor! Some just think I am all hot and done up just waiting for their booty call message! lol.. sorry guys it just does not work that way!

eyecanplsyou 65M
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7/12/2021 11:34 am

yes I prefer less than 150 miles myself. You are hot gurl.

cdRaeAmnell replies on 7/12/2021 9:32 pm:
Yes the distance thing is the second most challenging thing next to scheduling... and thank you for the compliment! I love it when people notice the amount of time energy and effort it takes to try to look my best.


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