Peeing in the shower  

cockinhand4uNow 58M
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1/17/2017 11:07 am
Peeing in the shower

Do you pee in the shower? This topic came up because of a girlfriend I had years ago is the one who mentioned that she pees in the shower if she has to while she's there. It got me to wonder what everyone else does. you pee in the shower?

cockinhand4uNow 58M
1373 posts
1/17/2017 11:08 am

I must admit, that now if I need to I will pee in the shower, rather than wait till I get out.

fkmeallnitelong9 50F  
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1/17/2017 11:17 am


cockinhand4uNow replies on 1/17/2017 11:22 am:
you may be right

ltrskr 73M  
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1/17/2017 11:29 am

Yep, me too, I think most people do!
Had an occasion once where we were hugging up close, touching and we did it together, we both thought it was surprisingly erotic! Just that once!

Eviloutlaw1 60M
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1/17/2017 11:48 am

My body clock is pretty much set, after fifty-five years it's about time.

I usually go before I hit the shower in the mornings.

RUlkn4subs 58M
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1/17/2017 11:51 am

Guilty, here too😏 I'd say it's more common than not. I understand people like to pee on each other as well, which I think is more unusual...but I could be wrong, I suppose. I'm not too shocked by these things.

nosexnu 61M
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1/17/2017 12:38 pm

Yep and the basis for this shock question came up years ago when on a Late Night TV show Madonna admitted to doing it.
It is thought by some to be good for the bottom of your feet

cockinhand4uNow replies on 1/17/2017 1:33 pm:
I had no idea, so even celebrities do it

Michaelmjblucas1 52M

1/17/2017 2:36 pm

I pee in the shower often. Why not ! It goes into the same pipes as the toilet! And in the shower I stay clean, so why wait until you get out of the shower? Plus, since I'm single, and no one else is using my shower....

Being curious and asking questions is a good thing!

Guyfrom98388 62M
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1/17/2017 4:17 pm

    Quoting freenez14u2:
    Well if the need comes. It's better then doing it after you clean yourself. But in general I'll wait on the toilet for the hot water and multi task there and then. Flushing afterwards to keep high pressure.
Well I normally pee before I get in the shower after all who want to pee on their partner in the shower. Ok let all be honest here we all have peed in the shower at one point or another I just do not do it every time I get into the shower.

author51 59F  
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1/18/2017 1:05 am

    Quoting Eviloutlaw1:
    My body clock is pretty much set, after fifty-five years it's about time.

    I usually go before I hit the shower in the mornings.
I am like you and go directly before my shower like clockwork..

You can never have enough JOY in your life.....xoxo


OldLoneStar 51M  
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1/18/2017 8:20 pm

Yes I do.

Bach992 70M
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1/21/2017 7:55 am

Every time!

Just_Me867 54F
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1/29/2017 8:45 am

lmmfao..I pee in the

kellylizjones 64M/62F  
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4/1/2017 4:48 am

BEST CURE for athletes foot{feet}?,,,, this is the male half btw,, not sure about Kelly?

cockinhand4uNow 58M
1373 posts
4/1/2017 8:38 am

Thank you all for the input, and I have now started to pee in the shower too. Only if the urge happens while i'm there

1bareme 68M
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4/4/2017 2:39 pm

If I have to go I will just let it go. Sometimes I like to milk out some pee, just to have that post orgasmic feel

cockinhand4uNow replies on 4/5/2017 2:27 pm:
wow, an orgasm from taking a piss...if i could do that I be pissing all the time

MomoBear1 71M/107F  
345 posts
5/29/2017 11:35 pm

We both Pee in the shower and watch each other doing it, sometimes I sit down and take the golden shower from the man that's in the shower with me

cockinhand4uNow replies on 5/30/2017 2:28 am:
That does sound hot and in the shower is the ideal place for a golden shower, no mess to clean up.

BLong2PJ 58M
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6/17/2017 3:14 pm

I pee in the shower

gotigers6032 61M

5/26/2018 11:06 pm

Yes, I pee in the shower. I have fantasized about a golden shower from a man or woman. It has not become reality yet.

playingalone55 70M  
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9/24/2019 2:12 pm

Why would anyone get out of the shower to pee and then get back in ?

MysticSafeFun 56M
1 post
10/7/2019 5:25 pm

Once . . . only once

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