pansexual vs bisexual  

cockinhand4uNow 58M
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10/14/2016 8:20 pm
pansexual vs bisexual

I am at a loss. I know what a heterosexual is and a homosexual. I thought I knew what a bisexual was but now I'm not sure. What is the difference between a bisexual and a pansexual? I thought a bisexual was when a person of a certain gender likes that gender and the opposite gender. A pansexual likes all genders. They seem the same, but I must be missing something.

author51 59F  
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10/15/2016 4:15 am

It means they also like transgender as well as androgynous too.

cockinhand4uNow replies on 10/15/2016 4:38 am:
So pansexual seems to be more inclusive, or encompass more things. Silly me I thought everyone likes a transexual

FunNewGuy1000 61M
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1/7/2022 3:28 pm

Why limit oneself with a label?

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