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How we did on that...
Been doing a lot of stuff involving the 3 of us - Me, Hubby and Fuckbuddy. Went out and bought a some play toys so she can rule us harder.
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Posted:May 29, 2020 3:23 am
Last Updated:May 19, 2021 10:55 pm

How BIG is a BIG DICK?
Posted:Nov 29, 2019 9:07 pm
Last Updated:Feb 29, 2020 8:31 pm
From adolescence onward, a man never stops thinking about his penis. Sometimes, the man wishes he could prolong puberty just so he could add a few extra inches.
A large dong earns you the admiration and respect of onlookers, whether in the bedroom or the locker room. Unsurprisingly, men routinely slap rulers to their cocks to see how they measure up
Ladies insist that “size doesn’t matter,” and yet, 68.3% of men say they are concerned about the size of their penis.
This is because – despite what women say – men equate having a large penis with the ability to satisfy their partner.
When you consider that all men are competing for the same women, and that unsatisfied ladies tend to stray – you can understand why they’re so obsessed with having a monster cock.
It’s not called “big dick confidence” for nothing.
The obvious question is:How big is a “big” dick, anyway?
9 out of 10 men Have an AVERAGE sized Penis
Big Dicks are rarer than you might think!
My little bit of research from multiple studies supported the same result.
• The average length of a male penis when erect is 5.1 to 5.6 inches
• The average length of a flaccid penis is 3.5 inches
• The average girth of an erect penis is 4.59 inches
And as I said prior 90% of men have a penis that is between 4" and 6" in length.
Only 1% of men have a penis that's 7-8" and just 0.1% of guys have a 9+" cock.
{For me I refer to any penis over 7 inches as a cock.}
So when you see it when the pants come down it is in the eye of the beholder.

SO if a man you see is 6" and you are used to 5" then you may think you have found a . If he is 5.5" and you're used to 6" you wont notice the difference.

The RIGHT Size depends on the Woman's Preferences
While men obsess about the size of their rod, a woman’s preferences are the ultimate measuring stick. Her preferences also vary by situation,
for example, you may have seen Tinder profiles of women looking for “big dicks.”
Studies show that women seek a slightly larger penis for one-night stands (6.4”plus) as compared to long-term partnerships (6.3”).
This could be because women who want a short-term partner are frequently looking for pleasure above all.
Some women are aroused by the sight of a large member. Similarly, some women are keen on the novel experience of fucking a guy with a giant dick.- short term
A huge penis may cause sex for the woman to be unpleasant in the long-term, though.
This is because a larger penis can tear the vaginal membranes, causing discomfort during sex and resulting in painful urinary tract infections in the following days.
For this reason, women often say that an average-size penis is more desirable for long-term relationships where comfortable sex is the priority. If you’re in a committed relationship might not care about his size.
For single man, though, he's more likely to encounter women who want a monster cock – at least initially.

A Final Word on Big Penises
Penis size, like everything in life, is relative. One man’s hook up is another man’s wife. One man’s pinkie finger is another man’s penis.

Globally you be the researcher if you want a man witrh a bigger dick...

Average cock size of an American man
The average penis size of an American is 5.1 inches
Average penis size of a British man
The average cock size of a Britisher is 5.5 inches.
Countries with men having big penis
Anything above 5.5 inches can be called a big penis.
A South African man has a 6 inch dick on an average,
A German man has an average penis size of 5.7 inches,
while a Greek man has an average dick size of 5.8 inches.
A French man has a penis size of 5.7 inches.
Countries with men having huge penis size
A man from Ghana has an average penis size of 6.7 inches.
A Hungarian man has an average dick size of 6.5 inches.
Jamaican men have an average dick size of 6.4 inches.
But what can make a womans mouth open and gasp in appreciation is the average penis size of a Congo man, his dong is 7.1 inches (once you have had black you never go back - quote my sister)
Femdom Games No8 - Repetition
Posted:Aug 31, 2019 3:21 am
Last Updated:Aug 31, 2019 3:26 am
Repetition to Result
With the advent of our last sojourn where I noticed that while I was being fucked from the rear C was sucking on K’s cock during I thought I would let him have a chance to do that some more. C=Hubby, K= Fuckbuddy
I got the men naked and with K with a collar and lead. C had to lay on the bed with hid head close to, if not just hanging out over the edge.
I hung onto K’s lead so I knew where he was. I got him to start pulling himself to get big. With that I spread my legs a little and placed my pussy over C’s face and didn’t have to say go. What does a man immediately do when presented with a pussy. He just did what was natural. He was doing fine as I moved around a bit to get the best spot on his tongue. I could feel his nose up my vagina. That is nice as it adds a little bit of depth to the action. I looked to my side and saw that K had developed his cock into a more solid object and I reached out to check. Gave it the firmness squeeze test and was happy to where it was at.
I then got up and stood facing C and leaned forward, grabbed C by the ears and K knew he was up for doggy, his favourite position.
K slipped it in ever so slowly. Bit by Bit, he nudged forward and it felt like I was being spread apart because of the width of his cock. Eventually all the way in. I called out “GO” and he set his pace which he knows gets me going. That lovely pleasuring his head gives as it slides down the sides. I just pushed back a bit to hold my ground as I hung on to C’s head. I leant forward a little more so C could have a go at licking each breast as it brushed all over his face from the humping I was getting. With that done I moved forward and placed my now wet and soft pussy on C’s face again. Immediate response and he took a deep breath and into my pussy with his tongue once more. He must be drowning by now I thought after a minute or two, so I got off his face and leant forward to repeat what had just passed with K. He was ready and waiting. I tugged on his lead and he came forward and slid that lovely big cock right back in there without a hitch. Smooth and silky meets thick and hungry. He started up again as if he hadn’t been out.
This was great. I was getting the type of action one would look for, clit stimulation and thick penetration. It has always got to be with 2 men as you can’t get it from one cock alone, Not that I have found.
Again after a bit I felt that it was time to get that licking action again. This was now getting into a good rhythm. I dropped on C’s face and I could hardly tell if he was there because I was so wet. After he had lapped it all up and I could feel him happily working away again I knew I was starting to tingle. I needed to have that big cock again. Up and backwards and K was in and going before I could reposition my breasts again on C’s Face. I gave the lead a couple of good tugs and K got the hint, harder and harder became his thrusts. I was laying my breasts over C’s face now as I was more focused on the humping that where my boobs were. Poor man must have suffocated in pleasure. I reached out and grabbed hold of C’s dick and held onto it. Surprisingly it was hard. He was into all of this just by my taste. Needed to reward that. I was starting to moan and felt I needed a more comfortable position to be able to take it all to the finish.
I got C to move onto the bed more and I knelt up on the bed and had my pussy aver his face again. He immediately raised his head and wanted to work on the pussy again. I lowered a fraction so he could reach and nibble. I pulled the lead and K knew he had to move in.

K again slowly entered and I could feel the tingle start. He was all the way in
and gave that little extra shove before he started to get that piston pumping, again at the rhythm and speed I like. He just kept it going for 5 minutes or so and as he did he reached around and touched my hard nipples that were rubbing on C’s chest. As he did this I could feel his cock slip out because of the angle of leaning forward. I could feel the pressure of C’s chin moving against my clit but not his tongue. He was detoured into sucking that big cock. K didn’t seem to mind and I could tell because his pumping at my arse had stopped. C was polite and didn’t do it for too long and then again my cock was back inside in action. I got C’s dick in my hand again and directed it to my mouth. I gave it a nice slow swallow for making my pussy wet and just held it in my mouth and let K‘s pushing make it slide in and out as we rocked back and forward , the 3 of us. I thought that this was funny-strange. We were all physically joined together at the one time here. Each one enjoying what we were doing and enjoying what we were receiving. The receiving was going well. As I held that dick still in my mouth I was again making those deep throated mumblings. K was having the effect I wanted. I was starting to really enjoy this motion from behind. I grabbed the lead and gave it a quick couple of tugs and he gave me a quick couple of bangs. C was helping immensely underneath. His tongue was just sticking out like a hard on I’d say as it was always in contact with my clit every time I pushed back on the stroke. When I went forward I would say it was caressing K’s ball sack. C let out a groan as he raised his hips in a thrust and tightened up. Not long for him I thought, not long for me either I thought also. Tugs again on the lead.
I just kept tugging on the lead from here in and K just put the effort in to hammer
me with his cock. C was now out of play with his mouth as he gasped for air having just blown his load. I let it flow out of my open mouth as I held onto for the great orgasm that I was starting to get. Face went down beside C’s going down dick and I just collapsed on his body. K sensed where I was up to on the orgasm meter and slowed to a halt with it buried deep inside. I was full of his cock and my inner muscles were twinging - grabbing it, releasing it and giving me sensation that were just divine. He gave me a couple of more slow strokes and all I could do was slide away from it, forward over C and just push my pulsing pussy hard against his chest. He dropped it in C’s mouth to be finished off. He came soon with that.. Tick box.
Femdom Games No7
Posted:Aug 26, 2019 4:02 am
Last Updated:Nov 8, 2019 2:56 am
This was to be a short interlude in Domination and pain. A short interlude that I would make up for at the end with just sex with my men. I didn’t expect the participation I received. Especially on how they were treated, but they took it like real men. Participants C (Hubby) and K (Fuckbuddy)
I have now acquired a couple of whips and paddle types and are really no good unless you get to use them. This was the day for it. Both naked men were in the room and I had C on all fours and place his head on the chair seat. K was to be on all fours looking at his rear. I pulled out a wide flat paddle and began to hit C on the bum. Taps at first and then the occasional whack. Both sides to keep it even. He was managing, so as it began to get red I instructed K to lick his tender bits and also “Kiss it better”. I downsized next to a more narrow paddle which I thought would be good for leaving a distinct red mark.
I gave C’s bum a short hand rub and then began with the hitting. All around the zone so as to not leave permanent damage. He was tucking in a little when I stopped and had K again lick the area to sooth it. Very good
I next downsized to the wide head riding crop and started to tap on C’s balls and left and right of the zone. Told K to lick it better and he did. He was staying there too long so I gave the back of his head a whipping as well. I didn’t think poor hubby could take any more of that so I rolled him over and he lay on the floor. I flapped his cock and balls with the whip and the inner thighs as well. He was popping up a bit at each hit so I told K to lick it all better. He proceeded to do that and went straight for his balls and then licked up his shaft and then popped C’s dick in his mouth. Oh NO NO NO. short whip hit on K. This was not the requested action. Swap places.

They swapped places and I proceeded then to tap and whack K’s cock and balls and inner thigh. Went a little longer than I did with C. Instructed C to lick it better. With that he went straight for his balls and then licked up the shaft and around the head without touching with his hands. He did a bit of a “nibble” on the thighs and licked his balls again just for good measure. This is what I wanted. So I got K to get up on all fours and place his head in the chair seat and started all over again with his bum. C got the idea that when I stopped he had to lick and kiss his way around the red zone. I did the same to K’s balls and C being ever so inventive licked at them and suddenly sucked one in. Amazing to watch, having done it myself, it is still exciting to see up close. He let it out gently and did the same to the other.
I let that one pass as it was time to have the men lay on the bed side by side.
I got in between and got each cock in my hand and started with some hard old fashioned pulling. Like I was trying to lift them off the bed. Stretched the muscles in their cocks right out. Did that a few times as I stroked them up and down. This was going well and each man was really getting the feel of how much in charge I was. I took the Cat 9 tail whip up and started flail it across their cocks. They were so sensitive that it gave them a little shudder as I ran it back and forth over their stiff shafts. I popped my head down to each and gave a small blow job reward, Wet mouth mothering. Just enough to cool them off before a little more stinging from the Cat.

Last chance for a little more beating of my cocks. I knew they couldn’t take too much more but I thought an attention getter would inspire them to achieve. I told that in a few minutes they would take turns in my pleasure, as requested and when directed. With that I got hold of K’s Cock at its base. It was looking a little limp from the inactivity during talk and gave it a few swats with my hand. That pulled his head up from the pillow. I gave it a wet mouthing for a small amount of time and told him to get up, he would be first . I reached over and took hold of C’s dick by the shaft and repeated the hand slap.
I rolled over onto my back and grabbed the pillow and got it placed under my bum to raise my hips and pussy up. Spread my legs and told K to go for it. He nestled in and gave my pussy an introduction lick from bottom to top. He repeated those long lingering tongue lashes a couple of more times,. I was relaxed. He nudged his face in closer and by wiggling his head he had parted my lips and was licking up and down on my inner flaps and rolling over the top at my clit and back around again. Motion after motion with his tongue was making me more relaxed and felt that it may be time for C to have his turn.
K pulled out and C took his place. His technique though similar was just as refined and dedicated to putting that tongue in places that were bound to find results. He flicked his tongue in and out of my pussy, now that it was starting to flow. Nothing turns him on more that woman juice. He just laps it up as he was doing to my pussy. Get the K back in and he just went straight for my clit. He knew that by this time this was the area to target, He had seen the hips raise a little as he stood to the side. He place his whole warm mouth over it and ran his tongue back and forward, left and right, all the way around until I had to put my hand on his head and say, reservedly it was C’s turn. Oh such a decision to make. I must be fair though.
I rolled C over and sat on his face, looking toward to his stiff hard cock. I leant forward a fraction and told K to lick the part he enjoys. My hole. C began before I said anything to him and was nose deep in my pussy before K could get around there. I had each man working away at what they loved to do. Who would have thought that they had just taken a beating. Gladly they worked at my pussy and arse. I was getting the resultant feel of all that attention and in a short time was pushing down hard on C’s face as I felt the warmth of an orgasm looming. K had his tongue pressed so hard into my hole that it strengthened the overall feeling. I dropped on C’s body and the 2 of them just lapped up my cum.
I feel terrible being a “DOM Mistress” on men who give such results…… not!!
1 comment
Femdom Games No 5
Posted:Aug 25, 2019 4:44 am
Last Updated:Aug 25, 2019 4:47 am
Book Worm Librarian
Really taking things out on the limb now I feel more confident in trying new activities and knowing my 2 men will along and at least try what I want to do. My 2 Submissive C (Hubby) K (Fuckbuddy) This was about using them and getting my result.

I got C to have “handcuffs” on with his arms behind his back and placed a collar and lead on him, I sat on a chair in sexy underwear and made out I was reading a magazine. With K who has a current fetish to up as a “”.
Something he is exploring. We are embellishing , so I included it in my activity. He came to the other side of the chair and I inserted his tail, a long curvy styled tail – butt plug. Yes he got one. So I had him on all fours beside me, so I could with his tail and rub his balls. He had a head piece on as well, made him look like a .

I sat there and read out my magazine aloud. During this time to ensure attention I raised my foot and nudged C in the balls. Swinging in and out to the beat of the story. For emphasis I got hold of the Dogtail and pushed it in or grabbed hold of K’s balls and gave them a squeeze. They were hanging onto every word.
When I had finished page, which took a while, mind you. I got up and went and knelt on the edge of the bed. I walked K beside me and lead C there on his chain lead. I had C stand in behind me and make out he was trying to do Doggy with his half solid dick. I figured should him swell. I lead K up on the bed and got him to take off his front snout and lay down under my swinging breast and wanted him to lick my nipples as they went past. With those few attempts of dry humping and nipple licking, I got up on the bed and sat on K’s face, Time to make tongue work properly. I lead C around and up on the bed standing so I could suck his dick. I wanted it to be hard. He balanced on the bed in front of me, standing above K’s cock was getting bigger with each breath he took in. I gave it a hand tug and a few slaps and it was now the size I wanted, as was C’s.
I got off his face and turned and sat on the edge of the bed and lead the 2 men to stand in front of me. I rolled the magazine up and started to hit their Cocks with it hard and repeatedly. Stimulated now to stiffness, I set the roll in the magazine so there was a tube in the middle. I pushed it over each erection so as to make out it was like a vagina they were entering. Pushed back and forward with it.
I took C’s cuffs off and had him lay out on the bed so I could give him a 69 type blow job, but the licking would be from K, who saddled in behind me. C would have to watch K lick my pussy and arse while I sucked his dick. At point of the fun I had all the attention on my pussy with the 2 there in position. I let K carry on for some time as I like a good arse licking. I could feel C slipping his tongue out when K went north to lick.

I told K to straddle up as it was time for the to doggy. With he stood up and I think his Cock went into C’s mouth first to stiffen up. I cried out he needed to put it in now. As a good puppy he did. I hung onto C’s dick and as puppy’s penis filled me for the first time today I knew it was going to be a long afternoon. He slowly slid it in and out at a lovely speed. He was in the zone now and he just kept going nicely. I took C’s dick again in my mouth and did what was needed. Wet and slippery up and down his shaft. I got to the top and sucked hard and then ran my tongue madly across the tip and head. was something he hadn’t expected and with he returned the favour as best he could licking and mouthing at my clit was exposed when K pulled backwards.
His view from under there must have been extremely exciting as his dick was extremely hard and he was beginning to leak pre-. K kept the pace up and I kept the swallowing going. C just pushed his face up as best he could and I am sure he was licking K’s balls and my clit continuously. K stopped on the in stroke and gave the extra push in I enjoy and he kept it there longer than normal. I think to let C lick him longer as would have been new and exciting. (I asked C about this later and he was doing it, even sucked his dick when it popped out) K was now starting to put the hard yards in and out and with came the fanny fart and the inevitable missed stroke missed the pussy hole re-entry. I did wonder why it took him so long to get back in. Now I know why. It dropped into C’s mouth and he lapped it in and just as I made a comment about where it had gone, whoosh it was in and pumping. This was what I was looking for, more focus on the feeling and now I could as C let go his load in my hand as I was pulling him. He just got so tender after all of stimulation and visual excitement he kept shuddering as I kept pulling on it. Way to go C, I kept it up slowly massaging his head and he kept pushing his face and tongue into my clit. K kept the steam piston going. He was again in the zone and I was getting to the point where it was all for me and needed to get it happening. Well went on, and in and out for some time as I kept up the small moaning from the waves of pleasure started to break. I was building up to a great orgasm, I could feel it. I was in so was my mental plus. Sure as eggs he just kept the pleasure up with his lovely huge cock and I came and then I came again. After the second loud moaning and shuddering he slowed right down and with a smaller orgasm ran through me and I dropped on top of C completely. He pulled out satisfied Doggy had made my afternoon.
Boob Lovers Boob Survey
Posted:Mar 23, 2021 3:18 am
Last Updated:Feb 12, 2022 4:58 pm

Okay, lets see if we can arrive at an version of what boob size(shape) is the most admired from the sample photos provided. Who doesn't love them, so place your vote and advise others to do so.
At no further encouraging....
Small Really Small Flat
Small but Significant
Boobs rounded
Boobs better
Breast full
Breasts More Full
Boobs Sizeable
Boobs Plus sizable
Boobs BIG
0 Comments , 21 votes
Thirst Day - Thursday
Posted:Nov 19, 2020 2:24 am
Last Updated:Oct 7, 2022 4:15 pm
Which would quench your desire!!

Thirsty Still??
Should we eat more Pussy
Posted:Oct 21, 2020 3:51 am
Last Updated:Nov 19, 2020 2:27 am

Noticeably I see on the GLOBAL MEMBER ACTIVITIES page, a lot of wonderful photos/videos that have been "liked" by others on personal searches, to which then they are noted/highlighted on the Global to see what everyopne thinks.
Great Great Great!!!....
I see a lot of dicks/cocks being shown, but not as many as we used to. Thanks Ladies for bringing that to the male members attention, that we would like to see something more than that freom them.
A large amount of wonderful woman who are doing a service (any hole works) on those dicks/cocks to ensure that we have action on the first noted pics.
I see a vast array of pussies being presented to the viewers, obviosly the men are happy to share what they have sourced/enjoy from all of the female contributors.

But only on the rare occasion do I see one of these lovely pussies being orally enjoyed by someone.

So folks how about we get more of this wonderful pleasuring activity photographed / recorded and put up on the GLOBAL.
So Ladies and partners, I know these are hard to take, but how about it??
I am a contributor already
I am contributing this week
I am contributing this month
I am contributing when I can find someone to do it
I wish I could contribute but I have no one to do it
I am not contributing as oral is YUK!!
What is Oral????
Anything else to contribute... write below
1 comment , 4 votes
Posted:May 29, 2020 3:43 am
Last Updated:Mar 18, 2021 4:10 am

Have a look at the positions and vote on how many you have achieved.
selection Highlight PIC and "open in a new tab"
done only 4
done up to 8
Done a dirty dozen
Only got so far to 16
Have been over active at 18
Sexual champion at ALL 20
Posted:May 29, 2020 3:32 am
Last Updated:Mar 18, 2021 4:12 am

Have a look at the positions presented and nominate how many you have done.
done only 4
done up to 8
0 Comments , 1 vote
When do women look sexiest?
Posted:Feb 29, 2020 8:31 pm
Last Updated:Jan 30, 2021 9:11 pm

Now may be an age generated question or not. It definately a "see it through eyes" type though. When I was in late teens most girls age were sexy or I just wanted have with them - confusing time. In 20's- Quite a of age were sexy some older women, but you tended think of them as "older". In 30's - there were a lot of sexy women, they seem bloom after 1 or 2 . some younger were sexy the teens were not in the race. In 40's still "some" older women looked sexy, age there were some sexy, but mostly the 30 yr women still were more sexy, some 20,s but rare forget the teens. In 50's the late 40's women were extremely sexy looking some the 50 mark. Still those in their late 30's were still sexy but not much so the 40's.
When I apply that now on the site, god there are some good sexy looking women in their 40's 50's not because they haven't got their clothes on. Sub note, specially some from Canada.
Questions are then, will be verified by your age log.

What age do you think a woman looks HER SEXIEST you?
Any thing that ends in ...
20 -30 years
30 - 40 years
40 - 50 years
60 plus years
They never stop looking sexy at any age
I've never stopped looking but can't decide
I stopped looking because I am dead
I am a WOMAN and I know I am SEXY
I am a woman and I love looking at Sexy women too
1 comment , 15 votes
When do women look sexiest?
Posted:Feb 29, 2020 8:28 pm
Last Updated:Oct 7, 2022 4:15 pm

Now may be an age generated question or not. It definately a "see it through eyes" type though. When I was in late teens most girls age were sexy or I just wanted have with them - confusing time. In 20's- Quite a of age were sexy some older women, but you tended think of them as "older". In 30's - there were a lot of sexy women, they seem bloom after 1 or 2 . some younger were sexy the teens were not in the race. In 40's still "some" older women looked sexy, age there were some sexy, but mostly the 30 yr women still were more sexy, some 20,s but rare forget the teens. In 50's the late 40's women were extremely sexy looking some the 50 mark. Still those in their late 30's were still sexy but not much so the 40's.
When I apply that now on the site, god there are some good sexy looking women in their 40's 50's not because they haven't got their clothes on. Sub note, specially some from Canada.
Questions are then, will be verified by your age log.

What age do you think a woman looks HER SEXIEST you?
Any thing that ends in ...
20 -30 years
30 - 40 years
0 Comments , 1 vote
Think it would be OK if..?
Posted:Nov 9, 2019 4:24 pm
Last Updated:Nov 12, 2019 2:29 am

Would you think this would good as an actual Tatoo on boob. I have Roses above pubic area so it would be in keeping with the flower theme.
What say you ? [image]
Ity would look like this....
Yes go ahead
No dont do it!!
Your body up to you...
Tats are fantastic to look at
I like your tits so its Ok
I offer an idea below
7 Comments , 80 votes

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