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My Blog
Stories, thoughts, and my boring personal existence.
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Profile Pictures
Posted:Sep 3, 2017 10:14 pm
Last Updated:Jan 31, 2022 10:14 am
Here's the pictures from my profile so standard members can view them too. I'll try to add any new ones here as I add them to my main profile page.

A friend recommended that I copy my profile in here also. I agree so here it is:


I am a married woman with stuck in a rut. I'm looking to pass the time chatting, reading naughty stories, or whatever. I've been doing the blog thing, and have a few pictures on here too. I like to let my mind wander, and create captioned pictures. Feel free to read, and please comment. Meeting isn't in the cards for me at this point, and I won't give out any personal information. Aside from that I'm just a person that craves attention I guess. So feel free to comment about anything I have on here. I love reading them.

My Ideal Person An intelligent creative person with a good personality.


Sexual Orientation: Bi-curious

Looking For: Men, Women, Couples (man/woman), Groups, Couples (2 women), Couples (2 men)

Birthdate: May 16, 1974
Relocate?: No
Marital Status: Married
Swinger Type: Prefer not to say
Height: 5 ft 1 in
Body Type: BBW/BBM
Smoking: I'm a non-smoker
Drinking: I'm a light/social drinker
Drugs: Don't use Drugs
Education: High school graduate
Occupation: customer service
Race: Caucasian
Religion: Catholic
Have : Yes - at home
Want : Happy with what they have
Bra Size: 40 / 90 D
Speaks: English
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Long
Glasses or Contacts: Glasses
Eye Color: Brown
Astrology: Taurus (Compatibility)
Personality Type:
The Caretaker
Purity: 69% Pure

My Kinks:

Anal Sex Ass Play (rimming, beads, etc.) Rough Sex (biting, breath play, hair pulling, etc.) Talking Dirty Blindfolds Bondage (rope, chains, cling film, confinement, etc) Extreme (fire, branding, piercings, knife/needle play, EMS, candle wax, etc.) Clamps (cock and ball, nipples) Collar and Lead/Leash Shaving Dildos (handheld & strap-ons) Domination/Sub/Switch Exhibitionism/Sex In Public Gang bangs Handcuffs/Shackles Humiliation Lingerie Making Erotic Photography/Video Massage Masturbation Mutual Masturbation Oral Sex Role Playing Sadism/Masochism Spanking/Paddling/Whips Toys Voyeurism

Profile Pictures 2
Posted:Sep 3, 2017 10:20 pm
Last Updated:Mar 17, 2021 8:47 am
Here's the last of the personal picture. I'm not going to post all of the captions here since most of them are here already, and it'll take way too long to do.

Posted:Feb 22, 2022 6:56 am
Last Updated:Mar 1, 2022 7:50 am
This is the day everyone has been waiting for. The dreaded twos. Lol. It's a crappy, snowy, icy day out here, and the roads suck. The drive home last night was slow going, and taking the to school this morning wasn't a whole lot better. I have a few minutes to sit back and do nothing so I figured I'd post about my weekend. I'm still in awe even though it wasn't all I had wished for.

I had said how we were going really slow with the couple that we know, and they've been very patient with us. I'm grateful, but they actually asked us last night what we planned to happen. It was almost like they were telling us that they are tired of taking so long. I had to be the one to say what was going on since my husband isn't very good at explaining things. He also didn't like that I told them that it's mainly him that is having the issues with moving forward more quickly. He didn't get mad, but he did get defensive for a bit. She assured him that his feelings were normal. Which is what I've been telling him all along. I was honest when I said that I was hoping to be more intimate with her, and that kind of made her husband seem a bit sad.

In a nut shell we ended up with my husband and her in their bedroom discussing things, and her hubby and I in the living room on the couch chatting. He eventually asked to kiss me, and I let him. From there things progressed rather quickly. I pretty much lost myself when he started kissing my neck and shoulders. His hands were massaging my breasts before I knew it, and I was honestly lost in the moment. My head was spinning with want and desire mixed with trepidation and fear. I didn't stop him when he unbuttoned my jeans, or when his hand went into my underwear either. When he touched my sex it felt like he lit a fire inside of me. I mean DAMN! I felt myself flush with excitement that went from my head to my crotch. My hand went right into his pants finding his half hard dick, and I stroked and squeezed it feeling the heat in my hand.

We kissed while he rubbed my clit and fingered me until I was cumming on his fingers. That didn't take long either. He was still throbbing in my hand when I was done, and I just leaned down taking him into my mouth. I heard him groan softly, and I knew he was happy. He rubbed my breasts and gently pinched my nipples while I was kneeling beside him sucking his dick. Just so you know he was about six inches with a large purple head with a thin shaft. Mushroom looking, but nice and hard. It wasn't much more than a couple minutes before he nutted in my mouth. It was a bit sour tasting, but I swallowed it anyway.

After that we sat back on the couch talking about what they might be doing in the bedroom. He just held me as we talked. It was nice. About an hour later they rejoined us, and we all chatted for a couple more hours before we went home. On the ride I asked him what they talked about. He told me that she asked him for a back rub so that's what he did. I said we just talked about our future wants and needs, and that we cuddled the way most guys like to cuddle. He told me that he didn't want to hear the specifics, and I was not too happy to hear that. I left it though by just telling him that I need to tell him one of these days, and I wanted to hear all the specifics of whet they did as well. He was okay with that, but just didn't want to talk at the moment.

When we got home we went to bed, and he initiated sex which doesn't often happen. He fucked me slow and deep, and I fucking loved it. I had a couple really nice orgasms before he finished. It was like we were again. I never missed switching positions until we were switching them that night. I never missed when he'd just grind every inch as deep as he could into me until he was doing it. If he'd do me like that more often I wouldn't be frustrated as often as I am.

I digress, we still haven't talked about what we did yet, but I'm not going to press him too much. The night ebded well, and I think our friends are satisfied that we're not just playing around. I'm happy with the way things went, but I'm not happy they went the way they did. I'm emotionally torn between the guilty feeling even though this was the intention of seeing this couple, and the satisfaction of what is happening with them. I want to tell my husband every little detail, but I feel like that will turn him off to the idea of going further. I'm afraid of continuing, and I'm afraid of stopping. I'm just chock full of mixed emotions and confusion. I plan to just leave things mellow for a bit, and then gently bring things up.

Just for the record if I had to choose between my husband and her husband as far as giving oral sex to it will always be my husband. I married him for a reason so he will always win out. Would I do it all again? Yes. It was sexy even though my anxiety was through the roof at the time. That anxiety was probably why I finished so fast and hard.

So there ends what my Sunday consisted of. I hope yours was just as pleasant if not more so. Until the next post stay safe and healthy, and enjoy my captions. Later Sweeties.

February 2022
Posted:Feb 16, 2022 7:12 am
Last Updated:Feb 21, 2022 7:30 am
It's almost over already. Where does the time go? Anyhow, things are progressing for me nicely I think. At work I'm still in the process of moving into my new position while still holding the hands of those on my old team. It's going to be a while before they are ready to be left to their own devices. They have a couple more months. Lol.

At home things are quiet and happy. Valentine's was okay. I had to work, but it was on a Monday. We're going to be seeing our favorite couple this weekend so I'm hoping things happen there. I'll find out Sunday. My husband seems happy about it so I consider that a huge plus. We have to talk about our expectations yet so his demeanor may change. I hope not though.

Not much else is going on so I'll just add my captions for you to hopefully enjoy and comment about. Until the next post be safe, and have fun. Safe, healthy fun. Later my sweeties!

It's the month of love
Posted:Feb 6, 2022 8:19 am
Last Updated:Feb 14, 2022 6:38 pm
And I hope it works out that way. The weekend after Valentine's Day we're meeting up with our friends for dinner and a movie. The exact details aren't set yet, but it looks like it's going to be a double date, but I'll be with er hubby and vice versa. Maybe things will progress like I'm hoping? Only time will tell for certain. I guess next weekend they are having a date night amongst themselves, and being the Valentine weekend I hope they enjoy one another's company. I have no idea what we're doing. Probably not a lot which is usual. We used to go out to dinner, but that's become too crowded. I also don't care to be in the middle of a busy establishment. That's just asking for trouble. Last year it was a home cooked meal and a quiet night together. It was nice, and I liked it. I'd be happy for that again. I guess I'll find out.

Other than that I lead a very boring life. Nothing is different aside from me taking the new position at work so I'm busy trying to transition into that job along with trying to train for my last job. Double duty in a way, but I'm not on the system answering the phones or stuff like that. Just answering questions, and there's a lot of those. I'm hoping to be fully transitioned by April. It seems like an impossible task at the moment though.

That's all I have beside a few more caption pictures that I hope are enjoyed. Thanks for reading my drivel, and stay safe and healthy. Later my friends.

1 comment
Hi Everyone
Posted:Jan 27, 2022 7:27 am
Last Updated:Feb 8, 2022 6:50 am
I can't believe it's been so long since my last post. Time is just flying by. I've just been busy working and catching up from the holidays so we haven't been up to much. I'm still chatting with our friends, but we haven't been able to get together. Work is slowing slightly as I transition into my new job/ position. It'll be a few months before I'm fully transferred over. New year, new beginnings. Hopefully a better direction in life as well. Time will tell.

Here's a few captions for you all. I hope you like. Be safe, be healthy, and have a great day. Later.

New Captions!
Posted:Jan 13, 2022 7:29 am
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2022 7:14 am
Here's a few caps to hopefully make your day better. Let me know your thoughts.

Happy 2022
Posted:Jan 2, 2022 9:51 pm
Last Updated:Jan 21, 2022 6:30 pm
I hope it's a lot better than 2021 for all of us. I pray for health, fortune, and happiness for all my regular viewers, and those future viewers. It's still hard to get my brain around that people actually follow me on here because they like my demented thoughts. I hope you all comment on what you think every time I post. I've heard it all so good or bad let me have it. All I ask is that if you call me gross tell me what's gross and why you think that. I suppose it's the same if you think it's good as well.

I'm hoping to get together with our friends in the next few weeks. My fingers are crossed. Here's some captions for your comments. Later my lovlies!

Story Time!
Posted:Dec 13, 2021 8:06 am
Last Updated:Feb 9, 2022 9:36 am
Here's a little something I wrote. I hope you enjoy.

Hi. My name is Michele. I'm here to tell you my story. One of them anyway. I'll start out by describing myself. I'm a mid forties obese short lady. I'm married to a loving man with great , but I'm sure you couldn't picture me with that description. I'm five foot one inch tall, and I wear a size 24. I have brown hair that reaches the bottom of my shoulder blades, and I wear glasses for me old brown eyes. I have a chubby face with feckles on my cheeks. My large C cups rest on my even larger belly most of the time unless they flop down under my arms. They're not perky like they once were. My nipples point down, and are about a half inch long. I need a mirror to see them since all I can see are the tops of my areolas which are a darker pink, and about three inches across.

My belly is large and has stretch marks from when I was pregnant. They are so slowly fading, and under it is my scar from the birth operation running my waistline just above my trimmed crotch. My big thighs go down to my fat ankles, and it all ends with my pudgy little size 6 feet. My husband says my toes are cute, but I can't see them to comfirm. All I do know is that my pale white skin is blinding in full light. I've never been able to tan. Just burn and peel to be white again.

My husband is a loving man like I said. He's taller than I which isn't hard, but he's no six foot. His black hair is slowly turning gray, and his beard is mostly white these days. His belly hangs well over his belt, and his once muscular build has gone with my once thin frame. He can still mesmerize me with his sparkling blue eyes though. Those eyes have always made me so wet. He is the type of person that would do anything for you if he liked you so it wasn't a complete surprise when he asked if one of his coworkers could live with us until he finds a place.

He's never asked such a thing before, but it's his nature to try to help. We discussed it, and we agreed that he can sleep on the couch until he finds a place. Three months tops before he has to go. The only stipulation being that I too have to get along with him. He called his friend, and then told me that he's coming right over. It's only a few minutes before he arrives, and I'm greeted by the sight of an older man in his fifties standing in front of me.

He's over six foot tall with short brown hair that's receding. He has a thin wiry looking face with dark eyes. His clean shaven chin comes to a slight point before it dives down his neck. He has a slender build except for the small belly jutting sighty out. He's wearing a white dress shirt, and black dress pants like he just got done working. He's not exactly ugly either. He's actually handsome for a man his age.

"Hi there. I'm Greg. You must be the Michele I've heard so much about?"

"I hope it was good?" I joke shaking his hand.

He holds my hand smiling a coy smile. "Nothing bad so far."

My husband takes him around the house, and introduces him to the while I order pizza. I soon hear them talking in our bedroom, but I can't hear what they're saying. Then they both come down, and he's shown the main floor before coming back to sit on the couch beside my husband.

"Bob tells me that you're the final say here. Can I stay?" He asks me.

"I suppose. We can't have you sleeping in your car now, can we?"

"That was the plan otherwise."

"You'll be sleeping on the pull out couch though."

He agrees, and I let him know that there's a cabinet in the bathroom he can store his things. He brings in a bag of stuff, and my husband tells him the ground rules to clean up after himself, and he's in charge of his own laundry. We chat idly until bedtime, and then before I know it my alarm is blaring away. Six AM. Time to start the day. I slip on some shorts under my sleep shirt before I rouse the and make breakfast. Greg is laying there watching me as I walk by. Something about his just gives me the chills.

Maybe it's his beady brown eyes, or maybe it's his devilish grin he always seems to have? Maybe it a hint of arrogance that he emits? Maybe it's just that I don't know him? I'm not sure. All I know for certain is that he has a leering look, and it's concerning. I don't dwell on it since the and hubby are soon wandering down the steps. They all sit at the dining room table to eat before getting ready.

When they finish I begin to clear the table, and Greg insists on doing it. I tell him that I'm good, but he grabs the plates from me looking me in the eyes.

"Sit! I got this. I'm here to help."

He has a dominance in his voice that makes my sit without thinking about it. I just watch as he loads the dishes in the dishwasher, and starts a load to clean. My husband comes out of the bathroom ready to go, and calls the to leave. I give them all hugs and kisses as they leave, and then I turn to see Greg sitting on the couch watching me.

"Don't you work today?" I ask.

"No. I have to work Saturday instead. What do we have planned today?"

"I have errands to run, and then I have to work myself."

"Can I help with the errands at least?"

"No. There's nothing you can do."

I go up to my bedroom to dress, and then I leave him sitting there watching TV. I return just in time to get ready for work and go. They're all sounds asleep by the time I return home. The week continues on pretty much the same. I get up, make breakfast, he orders me to sit while he cleans up, and then I run errands until work. After a few weeks he takes us all out to supper to announce that he's taking a couple of weeks leave from work to concentrate on finding a place. We wish him luck, and thank him for supper.

"I really don't want to overstay my welcome, and you've all been so giving to me." He says to us. "I really would like to give a lot more back." He adds staring right at me.

His stare is unnerving to me, but I shrug it off. The night ends, and the following weeks he searches place after place. We barely see him until his time off is almost up. I have called out of work because I was feeling under the weather. My husband took the and everything else was postponed. Greg saw that I wasn't feeling the greatest so he told me to lay on the couch before they even left.

"I'm good." I say sitting in the chair.

"Lay down. Now!" He commands.

I feel myself quickly laying on the couch.

"What's all the shouting?" My husband asks as he passes by.

"Just just told her to lay down, and she didn't want to."

"You need your rest." He tells me while Greg smirks at me.

I don't argue. I don't have it in me. Instead I fall asleep. I wake a few hours later to see Greg standing over me staring at me.

"What? Why are you staring at me?" I say.

"Sit. Now." He orders.

I sit up. He hands me a dose of medicine telling me to drink it. Then he hands me a glass of water. I drink it all down feeling really thirsty.

"Lay down."

I lay back down listening to him in the kitchen before passing back out. Next thing I know I'm being nudged awake. I open my eyes to see Greg kneeling beside me. He's so close I can't focus to see him.

"Come eat. It's supper time. Get up."

He helps me as I stand, and walk to the table where everyone is sitting. Then after I sit he dishes out a big supper that he cooked. I wasn't very hungry, but it was good food. I returned to the couch where I sat nodding off the rest of the night only waking to drink more water. At about three in the morning I startle awake having to pee so bad. I get up, and make my way through the darkness of the house until I see Greg sitting on the pull out on his phone. I stagger past him, and sit on the toilet.

I barely sit before there's a knock on the door.

"Is everything okay?" He asks.

"Yeah. I'm fine. Just going pee. Or trying to."

"Open the door."

"What? No."

"Open it! Now!" He commands quietly but sternly.

Before I realize it I unlock the door and he's standing in it staring at me with that evil grin.

"Feeling better?"

"Yes. Now can I pee in peace?"

"I ask the questions. If you have to go do it."

I try to ignore him, but my pee won't come out with him standing there even though I really have to go.

"Do it! Piss now!"

I hear the stream hit the water, and feel the relief. I'm scared now. It's like he's in charge of my body. I finish, and reach for my underwear, but he stops me.

"Not until you're done. Now go wash your hands like a good girl."

I pull down on my shirt hoping to cover my bare ass from him, but I realize that I'm just wearing a regular tee. There's no way it's going to cover.

"Go! Wash."

I get up walking quickly to the sink, wash my hands, and then return for my underwear.

"Turn your back to me when you pick them up."

I do as he says, and he watches as I yank them on as fast as I can. When I turn to leave he blocks my path.

"You have a very nice ass. Does your husband like it?"

I just stare at him in disbelief.

"Answer me." He snarls through clenched teeth. "Does he like your ass?"

"I think so."

"How often does he fuck it?"

"None of your business." I answer try to walk away.

He pushes me back looking into my eyes. I see the darkness in his with that evil grin.

"Answer me now."

"We don't do that." I admit.

"He's never fucked that sweet white ass? How often does he fuck you?"

"Whenever we have the chance and are in the mood."

"I've been here for over a month now, and I've never heard you. Are you a dead fuck, or don't he fuck you? Tell me the truth or you'll piss me off."

"We don't have sex that often. Maybe twice a year."

"Are you a fucking prude with an ass like that?"

"No. He doesn't want to."

"I see. Go to bed, and don't say a word about this to anyone. Got it? Not one word!"

I nod my head as I walk past him, and lay in bed wide awake for the rest of the night. The next day I'm grateful when he's not around. Then on Sunday he offers to take up to dinner again. My husband accepts, and I reluctantly accept also. He pours drinks down with my husband for most of the night until my hubby is a tottering drunk. I drive us home where he takes my husband up to bed. The head to bed as well, and I go to the bathroom before bed.

"Open the door." I hear on the other side.

I unlock it to see Greg standing there smirking at me.

"Don't ever lock that door again. Ever. Understand?"

"I guess."

"Tell me then. Do you understand?"


"Good. Did you have a good night?"

"It was okay, but I have to be up early so I am trying to pee."

"Pee. I'm not stopping you."

"I can't with you watching."

"You did before." He leans close whispering in my left ear. "Piss!"

The stream flows as the shock of his words strike me. I finish and wipe expecting him to do more than watch, but he just watches as I wash my hands. When I exit he grabs me by my hips stopping me. He turns me around, and swats my right ass cheek hard.

"OW! What the hell?"

"That's for locking the door. You deserve many more, but I'll let you make it up to me in another way. Sit with me for a while."

"I have to be up early."

"I didn't ask that. You WILL sit with me. Now follow me."

He leads me to the living room, and tells me to sit in the recliner facing him as he pulls out the bed. He looks over at me sitting a few feet in front of me with that smirk.

"Where are your pajamas?"


"Go put them on, and get back down here."

I do as he says, and sit back in front of him.

"Do you wear shorts to bed?"


"Then take them off."

I slip them off handing them to him as though I have to obey him.

"Nice. Lay back, and open your legs."

"What? No. Soemone can walk down."

"They will If I have to shout. Now get to it."

I recline back, and lay my legs over the arms of the chair.

"Even better than I thought. Now pinch your nipples."

"No! this is done. It's gone too far." I say sitting up.

"I'm sure they'll all hear the swats as I paddle your bare ass otherwise. I'm sure your would be really curious as to why mommy is being punished. Your choice."

I sigh as I lean back putting my legs back over the arms, and then pinching my nipples slightly. I stare at him staring at me, and I feel them firm up between my fingers.


I pinch harder. It feels good, but I can't let him know that.

"Harder. With a twist."

I pinch harder and twist. My back arches from the sting, and a moan escapes me.

"Pull them. Lift your big tits with your hard nipples."

I obey, and again my back arches as I moan.

"Pull them way out, and hold them there."

I do as he says, and I close my eyes feeling the heat in my loins growing so fast. Then I hear a click. I open my eyes to see him snapping pictures of me with his phone. I sit up quick staring at him in shock.

"Lay back. I never told you to stop. If I want pictures of my sub slut I'll take them. Now pinch them nipples." He sneers.

I flop back returning to my position feeling like trash as he snaps tons of pictures.

"Pull them panties as high as you can to your tits."

I reach down, and tug them up feeling the fabric tightening against my crotch. He snaps a few more pictures before telling me to stop. I sit up just about in tears.

"You are a real catch. I'm sad to know that such a beautiful woman such as yourself is being wasted in such a way. I can see by the wet spot in your underwear that your needs aren't being met. That's too bad. You are the type of woman a man like me never forgets, and we search the ends of the globe to find. I'm sure you're fighting with your feelings now, but rest assured it's all for the best. Good night, and not a word to anyone. Got it?"


"Good girl." He says hugging me as I get up.

He feels so strong and warm, but it makes my skin crawl at the same time. I go to bed, and then lay there feeling low until I fall asleep. I'm tired when I wake, but begin the day like any other. For once I have nothing to do before work so I straighten up the kitchen after they all leave except Greg. When I go to enter the room I see him laying in the bed under the covers. His dick is standing straight up and he's stroking it slowly. I stop in my tracks unable to look away. I feel my crotch flush knowing that he's pleasuring himself.

"Don't just stand there. Sit. Right here next to me."

I slowly sit on his right side facing him with my back to his feet. I try to look him in the eyes, but my gaze keeps averting to the movement under the covers a mere foot from me. His devilish grin covers his face as he stares at me.

"Does Bob stroke his cock for you?"


"Do you stroke his?"


"Do you want to see it?"

"Yes. I mean no. I can't."

"Just move the covers, and you can watch as my fingers move up and down my shaft. There's probably even some pre cum on the tip by now for you. It's just thinking about last night that did this. Seeing you sitting there. The way your back arched when you pinched your nipples. The wet spot in your underwear from touching yourself. You have me so turned on. I know you want to see it. Do it. Nobody is here but us."

I reach for the blanket, but stop myself.

"I can't. It's not right. I'm married."

"And you'll still be married. You're just looking. It's like seeing it on TV. Only in person."

"I...I.." I stammer as my fingers grab the blanket pulling it away.

In seconds his cock is bared, and I can see that he's rather thick shafted and about seven inches long. I watch as he slowly strokes it squeezing on the up stroke.

"Do you like it?"

"It's nice."

"Touch it. Feel how hard you have me."

"I can't."

"Yes you can. Now do it."

I reach over wrapping my fingers around his throbbing shaft. He's rock hard and I can feel the veins pulsing.

"Stroke it. Nice and slow. Just like a good girl."

I do as he says feeling it throb and pulse in my hand. The pre cum leaks from his hole formong a big drop on the tip.

"See the pre cum. That's how you know I'm really horny for you. Doesn't it look delicious? Lick it off."

I lean down licking it off with my tongue. His entire body tenses at my touch, and it makes my crotch tingle and overheat.

"Take off your shorts, and touch your pussy while you lick off my pre cum."

I do as he says blindly obeying him, and getting more and more lost in the moment. I rub myself through my underwear for a bit before he tells me to put my hand under them. I was hoping he say that so I readily did as he said. My crotch is so wet that it like a swamp. I moan as I rub my clit while stroking and licking his cock. I work myself closer and closer to orgasm. Before I know it I have his dick buried in my mouth as I suck as much of it as I can while my fingers dive into my vagina under my panties.

I moan and groan against the dick silencing me, and before I know it he's moaning and tensing under me. I feel his cum hitting the back of my mouth, and I swallow it as fast as it come out. It tastes so salty, but I'm too close to orgasm to care about that. I just need to finish. I suck out every last drop loving the cock time before he pulls me off him.

"Stop. Now! Pull your hand out."

I obey wondering why I have to stop. He holds my arm up showing me my fingers. I can see that they're coated with my sex.

"Lick them clean." He commands staring at me with that smirk.

I slowly do as he says tasting myself on my fingers. I lick and suck my hand until he again stops me.

"You are so damn beautiful! You're the perfect woman. Show me that sweet ass."

I roll over onto my hands and knees.

"Nice underwear, but not what I wanted to see."

I take the hint, and I pull my underwear down to my knees.

"Spread those cheeks. Show me that neglected brown hole, and let me see what you've been playing with this whole while."

I reach back laying my head on the bed, and I spread myself as wide as I can. I feel the cool air hit my asshole telling me that it's out in the open. Then I hear the click of his phone as he takes more pictures.

"Strip for me."

I am pretty much naked now, but I feel like I'll be without any protection if I strip.

"All of it. Take it off. Show me you body."

I pull my underwear off, and then lift my shirt up over my head.

"Very nice. You have really nice boobs. I love those nipples. Lay back. Let me take a few pictures of you."

I do as he says, and he tells me to open my legs, spread my pussy, and finger myself all the while he takes pictures.

"I'm going to shave your cunt. Don't move." He says walking to the bathroom.

He returns with the shaving cream, a razor, and a towel where he commences shaving my crotch bare before taking more pictures.

"I'm going to shave you every day, but I don't want you ever touching yourself sexually. Understand? I'll know if you obey me."

"Yes. I understand." I moan quietly.

"Just to make sure that you know I'm serious, and that your actions have consequences I want you to ask for a punishment reminder."

"Wait. What?"

"You want your ass spanked so you can remeber my commands, right?"

The way he says it I know I have no choice in the matter.

"Yes. I want you to spank me so I can remember."

"How many swats will help you remember, and answer me quick."

"Ten." I blurt out without thinking.

"Ten it is then. You keep count. Get into a good position."

I kneel on my knees with my face buried in the blanket holding my ass high in the air. I hear his belt jingle as he takes it behind me. The bed shakes as he stands beside it, and then I feel the first swat cut across my big ass right in the center cutting over both cheeks.

"One." I moan.

"Good girl." He says rubbing my ass.

Then two more land in nearly the same place with me counting two and three as they hit. He again rubs where the belt struck. The WHACK! Right across my upper thigh making me jiggle from the sting.

"Four." I cry out.


"Five. Six. Seven." I cry feeling my ass burning from the swats.

"Three to go. Or should I end it with one more?"

"Just one more. Please. Just one more. It hurts so much." I whimper.

"I tell you what my precious flower... Three more on that perfect ass, or one on the ass, and one on each breast? You decide."

I could barely hear him over my sobs, but I heard enough. I think for a moment feeling my ass burning. I decide that my chest could take one hit on each side better than my already sore ass.

"One more please. No more." I answer.

He hauls back, and I feel the belt crack hard across my ass. It feels like it took the skin off with it as it run over both cheeks. I recoil in pain. My body shakes uncontrollably trying to ease the sting. My ass clench tight as the pain burns deep.

"On you knees facing me, and grab your ankles behind you." He orders after I regain my composure.

I do as he orders, and I can see why he wants me like this. My shoulders are back and my back is arched shoving my chest out offering my breasts to him. I close my eyes as he stand beside me holding the belt. Then I feel it. The strap lands right across my right nipple. The pain is intense, but I have to endure.

"Nine." I manage to whimper.

Then it cuts across my left nipple finishing my punishment as I moan, "Ten." Through my clenched teeth.

"Good girl. You took that like a champ. Now lean back and spread your legs."

I do as he says, and he snaps a few pictures up close of my crotch.

"You are so wet right now that it's literally dripping out of you. All that from a short spanking. Did that turn you on?"

"Yes." I admit shamefully.

"I'm glad to hear it. It's almost time for you to go to work now. This have been a very good day. Don't you think?"

"I guess."

"Do you need more swats?"

"No. I mean that this is a good day."

I get ready for work with him watching me shower and dress. Then I leave feeling the fabric of the bra against my nipples making them poke out even harder. When I return my husband and Greg are both up yet talking, and they both greet me. My husband with a kiss and hug, and Greg with a secretive pat on the sore ass making me whimper slightly. I sit on the couch so I can rest on my hip rather than my ass for obvious reasons.

"Greg told me that he may have a place lined up." My husband says to me.

"That's great. When are you moving?"

"I'll find out for sure in the next few days, but I'm hoping to be out of your hair within a month. If you'll have me until then?"

"You're here so you may as well stay until you have a place." I hear myself saying.

"Music to my ears. You are the wonderful angel Bob says you are. And I think he's holding back. I think you're better than he lets on." Greg says doting,

"Hold up there killer. She's married." My hubby laughs.

"Well, when you don't want her send her my way. I could always use an angel in my life." He laughs in return.

We sit for an hour or so chatting. Greg tells up about the place he found, and then I have to get to bed. The next day as soon as everyone leaves Greg orders me to strip so he can shave me. He doesn't touch me sexually, but his being down there is enough to get my motor running. About a week later he tells us that he didn't get the place, but he's still looking. That day when everyone leaves I strip as usual, and he shaves me. Then he tells me to touch myself. I watch as he records on his phone. My hands dive right down feeling to hairless folds that are so wet and hot.

My back arches as I touch my clit, and then even more as my finger finds it's way into me. I rub and finger myself hard bringing myself so close to orgasm before he stops me. He stands up showing me his very erect dick. Then he takes my wet fingers wrapping them around his shaft. I stroke it slowly revelling in the moment. After a minute or two he pulls my head closer until I take him in my mouth. I can taste myself and his pre cum on his dick while I rub his hairy sack. He holds my head fucking my mouth gagging me as he shove it all the way in.

"You can take it. I know you can. You can take every inch. Now suck me like a good girl."

After a bit my throat does relax, and I am taking all of him. He fucks my face harder and harder, and I'm loving the way he's getting off on it. It's not long before he begins to groan and tense. Then he pulls out of my mouth squirting his nut all over my chin and chest. Then he shoves it back in making me suck the last drops out.

"You never cease to amaze me Michele." He says sitting beside me on the couch.

I sit there waiting instructions, but he just snaps a few picture before turning on the TV. I stare at him wondering what is going on as his semen dries all over me. After a half hour he finally says something.

"Go get my laptop, and turn it on for me."

I do as he says, and it starts in a strange web site that I've never seen before.

"Is the white light on top on?"


"Good. Then say hello."

"Um.. Hi."

Then I see a chat box on the bottom with a lot of different users typing faster than I can read. Most say nice tits, or something like that. The rest just say hi or hello. then the laptop dings, and Greg sits up.

"Show them your pussy. They just tipped you."

"What? What is all this?"

"Show some cunt already." He says getting angry.

I move the laptop down until I can see myself in the small monitor screen on the site.

"Spread it for them."

I do as he says.

The computer dings over and over until he holds it in front of me giving them the full frontal view of me.

"Lift your legs so they can see you asshole."

I comply.

"Spread it wide."

I again comply.

"Lick your finger and shove it up your ass."

I pause wondering if I heard him right.

"Now, or shove it in there dry."

I lick my right middle finger making it as wet as possible before working it into my tight asshole. I feel the muscle clench tightly around it, and I can feel how hot the inside feels.

"Fuck it."

I work my finger in and out. It feels so strange, but in a nice way.

"Add another finger." He commands.

My ass is so swampy from my crotch that I just push my pointer finger in with my middle finger. I feel my muscle stretching, but also clenching as it holds tight to my fingers. The computer dings once more before I told to add a third finger. It's a strain, but somehow I manage to get my ring finger into my ass as well. My muscle feels like it going to tear in two, but it's more of a discomfort than a pain. He has me fuck my fingers for a few minutes before taking the laptop away.

"Very good girl. You made me a hundred bucks. Not bad for your first show. You should get dressed. We're going out for lunch."

He tosses me my clothes, and I go up to my room to change. I barely walk into the room before he sits on the bed watching me. He okays things as I go through my closet. By the time I finish he has me wearing a black shirt with a deep plunging neckline that's outlined in lace, and a red skirt that I should have donated years ago since I could barely get it over my ass. He doesn't allow me any underwear which feels uncomfortable. He drives me out of town to a small dive looking place.

"It looks like hell, but they have great food." He says seeing the concern on my face. "Trust me. You'll be fine."

I timidly follow him in, and the eyes immediately fix on me. The place is fairly crowded for a small place. There's about fifteen tables set up in the back behind a bar. The host/ bartender seats us handing us menus. I look mine over, and order a burger and fries. Greg orders hot wings. All the men around us are staring at me, and the women are scoffing. I've honestly never dressed this revealing in public before, and I'm sure they're all talking about me. The food comes fast, and it's good. I just can't eat much since I feel so uneasy.

"Eat. That's why we're here."

"I'm not really that hungry, and I did eat some."

"You're being sassy again. Stop worrying about what other think, and relax. You're beautiful, and you're sexy. They're just jealous."

"I'm full. Really."

"Come closer." He commands.

I slide my chair right beside his. I'm facing a table of four older men who are really staring at me now. To my left is a table with two men in their thirties who keep staring.

"Are you really full?" He asks.


"I don't believe you are. I bet you have room inside of you."

"No. I'm ready to burst."

"I want you to prove to me that you're really that full. Will you do that?"

"Sure. How can I do that?"

He hands me a chicken wing covered in hot sauce with that evil grin.

"Don't be afraid. It's boneless."

I just look at him confused.

"Shove this in your cunt now, or I'll paddle your bare ass right here in front of everyone." He snarls scaring me.

I grab the wing, and open my legs as I lower it down. I see the men staring at me intently. One even begins to record me. My skirt rides up as my legs open, and I feel the warmth of the wing as it touches my labia. I push it in as fast as I can clamping my legs closed while I tug down my skirt. The burn slowly begins to build inside of me. I clench my teeth enduring it in sush a sensitive place. My legs begin to shake as the burning intensifies.

"You sit there until I'm done, and then if you're good enough I'll take it out in the car."

I watch as he slowly eats his meal, and then we wait an eternity for the bill. My crotch is on fire, and my eyes are watering from the agony. I somehow manage to walk to the car before he lays me back over the hood. My crotch facing the passing highway he spreads me wide. I don't care. I just want it out. I feel his finger slip into me, and then feel the blockage expel. The burning continues though.

"Do you want me to lick that out of there, or leave the sauce?"

"Please. I moan. "It burns so bad."

"That's not an answer."

"Lick it. Please lick my pussy. It hurts so much."

When his lips engulf my clit I moan loud. His tongue dives deep into my vagina lapping out the sauce. The burning begins to quell, but the fire in my loins grows. I grab his hair pulling his face tighter as my hips rock towards orgasm. I feel his finger slip into my asshole, but it just adds to the pleasure. I ride his finger and tongue so good. I feel my orgasm almost on me, but he stops just before I finish leaving me rocking in the air trying to hump some unseen force for a finish.

"All clean. You taste good too. Much better than the hot sauce. Let's go."

He gets in starting the car. I stumble around climbing in as well. I see a group of men standing there watching as we pull away. I wonder how much they saw. We make it back in time for me to leave for work. I feel dirty and grimy. His cum still crusty on my chest, and his slobber dried to my legs. I change shirts and skirts into something more work appropriate before leaving.

The next day I hug my family good bye, and then I strip naked handing him the shaving supplies. He shaves me, and then tells me that he's going to accompany me with my errands. We return in time for me to go to work. Every day is the same. They leave, he shaves me, and then it's life as usual. Until a couple of weeks later he announces that he found another place, and hell be moving at the end of the month. He says that changing shifts at work has helped him make more so he could look at a broader spectrum of places. My husband and I congratulate him, and my husband says that we should celebrate. I'm told to go mix some drinks, but Greg does it instead.

It's not long before my hubby is wasted. He can barely talk let alone form a sentence. I'm still rather sober since I drink slow. Greg seems to be sober as well. He smirks at me when my husband hands him his empty glass.

"Come. Let's make him another." Greg tells me.

I follow him into the kitchen where he sets the glass on the counter.

"He's wasted." Greg whispers.

"How strong are you making those?"

"Not very. Are you happy for me?"

"Of course. Why wouldn't I be?"

"Are you going to visit me?"


"I want to fuck you. Right here. Right now."

"No. We can't he's right there." I say feeling my crotch heat up and moisten. "Besides that what about the ?"

"They're sleeping. He's too drunk to know any better. Turn around. Lean into the pass through."

I do as he says resting my arms on the shelf of the pass through between the kitchen and dining room. I can see my husband sitting there passing out. My jeans unbutton, and then unzip. I feel my underwear drop with my pants right to my ankles. He kicks my feet apart while my husband asks where his drink is.

"It's coooming." I say as Greg slips balls deep into my anxious pussy.

"Well, Hurry it up. I'm thirsty." He replies as Greg begins to pound me from behind.

I bite my finger to keep from moaning. His hard cock feels so good inside of me. I feel his hands reach under my shirt pulling my bra up over my boobs and he begins pinching my nipples. It's like heaven.

"What the hell. Where's my drink?"

"Cooommming." I moan as I orgasm all over Greg's thrusting dick.

I barely finish before my husband begins to get up complaining about his drink. Greg pulls out quick, and I yank up my pants fastening them just in time.

"Just skip it. I'm going to bed." He says before staggering up to the bedroom.

We look at each other before laughing at our close call. He leads me out to the living room where we sit on the couch next to each other.

"I'm not done yet. Take your pants off."

I reluctantly slip them off with my underwear while he stands next to me.

"Lay down." I lay, and he spreads my legs.

I soon have my right foot on the floor, and my left foot over the back of the couch. Greg kneels between my legs after he slips his pants down freeing his still very erect cock.

"Do you want this?"

"Fuck me." I answer.

"With pleasure." He says plunging into me.

I clench my teeth trying not to moan too loud. His hips slamming into me aren't the quietest either. The springs squeak with each thrust adding to the noise. He lifts my legs high while leaning over me kissing me passionately. I feel his cock delve deeper as he grinds it into me. His body grinding against my clit driving me wild with lust. I soon give in to the sexual frenzy as an orgasm once more takes me. My moans silenced by his mouth against mine. He fucks me deep until the last waves escapes me.

"I love being inside you. Your pussy is so soft and warm. So inviting. I could fuck you for hours."

I rock my hips fucking him in return as I says, "We don't have hours today."

"Damn girl. If you keep doing that you won't have to worry."

"Just remember to pull out. I'm not on anything."

He kisses me without answering, and fucks me harder. The couch squeaks and our skin slaps. I hear the wet sounds of sex echoing through the room.

"You know the difference between me and this couch?" He asks after a few minutes of pummelling my vagina.


"It pulls out." He answer as he slams deep into me holding still.

I feel his cock throbbing deep in me, and I can feel the heat growing as it throbs.

"Don't move." He orders me.

I just lay there as he pulls back before slamming deep once more. The hot spot inside of me grows more and more. I feel my insides overheating as his cock throbs non stop. After about a minute he begins to slowly fuck me again. I can hear the slime as it's pumped by his cock. Then he pulls it out hanging it over my face as he stands there staring at me.

He grabs his phone snapping pictures of my well fucked pussy that I'm sure is leaking his cum, and then he looks at me through the camera.

"Clean it like a good girl." He orders.

I see the white slime covering it's shrinking skin, and I see the drip forming at the tip as the last cum leaks out. He grabs my head, and I sit up taking him into my mouth. It tastes sour and bitter, but yet sweet and good all at the same time. He lets me suck it clean at my own pace before sitting beside me.

"I still want that ass." He tells me.

"And I'm sure you're going to take it too."

"Let's get some sleep." He says pulling out the couch.

"Good night." I say stepping to the stairs.

"No. You're sleeping with me tonight."


"You heard me. Now lay down."

I lay in the bed, and he lays behind me spooning me. I feel his dick pressing against my ass while his hand is firmly grasping my left boob. He is soon snoring, and I just lay there waiting for someone to catch us like this. Thankfully nobody does, and I'm up before them all. I get dressed quick, and make breakfast with an added skip in my step. Greg and the family eat before my husband and head out the door.

They aren't even out of the driveway before Greg is pulling my shirt up over my head. He's acting like a horny as he fumbles at my clothes. I feel very out of place standing there in the window letting him strip me. I step to the side. He stops, and looks at me like he's pissed.

"Get you fat ass back in front of that window!"

I'm shocked and scared so I do as he commands. He soon has me naked standing there as the morning traffic drives by.

"Finger your cunt." He commands.

I do as he says feeling the slimy cum still leaking from me. I pinch my nipples and caress my breasts with my left hand while I stroke my clit with my right. I watch out to see a car stop on the corner facing the house. I can see someone inside just sitting there. Soon another car stops right in front of the house. Then another right behind that one. I can see the men inside watching me. It turns me on so much knowing that they are liking what they see. I can see the two in front of the house playing with themselves as the enjoy the show.

I see the last one jerking around as though he's finishing, and that's all it takes to bring me over the edge. I moan loudly not caring if anyone hears as the waves rip through me. My legs shake try to support me as I hold myself tight in orgasm. Then I see the other guy jerking around. I know he's finished.

"Lick your fingers." He commands from the side.

I do as he says, and with a smile. The cars all drive off, and I'm allowed to finally step back from the window.

"You are such a good little slut." He says as he kisses my lips.

"Thank you."

"Let's get rid of those nasty little pickers you have growing down there."

I go to the bathroom returning with the shaving stuff. He smiles at me, and takes just the razor.

"Last night you did want to stay with me, did you?"

"No. It was a huge risk."

"A risk? Who do you belong to?" He laughs.

"What if one of the came down?"

"You are mine bitch! Don't ever forget that. You will do as I say when I say it! Understand?"

"Yes." I answer wondering where all his anger is coming from.

"Yes what? And you better answer me properly."

"Yes.. sir?"

"Much better. Now Let's get dressed. I'm going to show you our new place on our way."

I'm stunned. He isn't shaving me, and he wants to show me his place after yelling at me? We go up to the bedroom where he again picks out my clothes. This time he picks some old pink spandex pants that are lace all the way up the sides about four inches thick, and a sheer white blouse that zips up the front that also has lace sides. Only it's most of the sides, and see through. Again no underwear.

We head out stright to his new apartment. It's right across from his and my husband's work. We go in, and I see that it's a studio style with one bathroom tucked in the back corner. The only thing seperating the kitchen from anything else is a small waist high divider wall. It's not much.

"I'm moving in in a few days. You are going to visit, right?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good girl. That's why I love you so much. That, and that body of yours."

He ushers me out quickly saying that we're going to be late. Then he drives me to a rundown old house before making me walk ahead of him inside. Once inside I see men in lab coats walking around. I sit in a chair as he steps up to a counter. Soon they call my name, and we both follow a man into a small room with a doctor's examination table in the middle.

"Undress, and get on the table." He says as he washes his hands.

I do as he says, and he walks up slipping on rubber gloves. He spreads my legs, and I feel him poking around between them before excusing himself. He walks out leaving the door wide open. My spread legs facing that direction giving any passerby a sight. There were a few in the half hour he was gone too. When he returns he is accompanied by a younger woman who also pokes at me before sighing. She rolls a thing over that is on a cart, and I hear it whir to life. I see her pick up a part of it that is connected with a wire, and then I feel shocks against my skin in my pubic area. They're just enough to make me bounce as the jolts shoot through me. She moves it all around, and then down between my legs on both sides of my crotch.

"That should do for the first treatment. See you in a month." She says before they both exit the room.

Greg hands me my clothes, and I dress before following him out. My crotch feels fresh and tingly. Strangely sensitive too.

"That went faster than I thought it would. We still have over two hours before you have to be to work."

He drives me to the truck stop to get some gas and a bite to eat. He parks way out by all the trucks, and we walk into the place. The heads turn as we walk in, and then sit at a table near the door. I look around seeing that besides the waitress I'm the only girl in here. We order some food amidst the stares, and then eat our lunch.

At the end of the meal the waitress sets down the bill in front of me. I take it up to pay it while Greg is in the bathroom. He's mad when he gets back.

"I brought you here. I pay the bills. That was not right of you to do that. Don't ever do that again! Got It?"

"Yes sir." I answer meekly.

I can't help, but to see all the eyes still on us. Especially after that outburst.

"Let's go! Now I'm not happy." He says to me.

I stand up to leave, and he walks over to me grabbing my face in both hands. He leans in kissing me right in front of everyone.

"I'm sorry I yelled. Do you forgive me?"

"Yes sir."

"Do you still love me?"

"Yes sir." I answer even though I don't really love him.

"I know you do. You love my dick. You're such a slut."

He grabs the zipper on my shirt yanking it down until my shirt flies open. My breasts flop free swaying in the air as I stand there exposed to all the men. My nipples harden immediately, and Greg grabs them pinching as he shakes my breasts vigorously. Then he walks out leaving me standing there stunned.

"Let's go." He shouts from the door as he walks out.

I grab my shirt holding it closed as I turn to follow him.

"Arms down." He orders, and I obey.

I walk all the way back to the car with my chest exposed to everyone. It takes a long time to finally get back, and when we do he tells me to bend over the hood. I do as he says. I feel his hands slowly running up the inside of my legs to my crotch. Once there he grabs the spandex covering my ass, and I feel them give with a loud rip. I stay still and quiet as he slips his cock into my pussy right in the middle of the parking lot.

I moan loud feeling it bury deep, and then continue moaning as he slams it in over and over again. He slams into me like a freight train making every inch of my body tingle with pleasure. He even swats my ass a few times as an added bonus. In minutes I'm moaning in orgasm, and just as I start I feel him clenching tight to my hips as he rams as deep as he can. He groans right after me, and I feel the warmth filling me as the waves of exstacy course through me. I can feel him throbbing as my vaginal walls milk him for every drop. He keeps going until I finish, and then he pulls me to my knees to clean him.

When he's done he yanks me by my shirt taking it off me. I stand there half naked to see a group of men standing there watching us. He hands the shirt to me smirking.

"Do you want all of these men to have you?"

"No sir."

"Then get in the car because I'm not going to stop them if they try. Sit on your shirt so you don't get the seat messy."

I get in sitting on my shirt, and we drive off. He drives up and down the highway, and all over before we finally get back home.

"I just wanted to show of my baby's tits for a while." He admits.

"I'm glad you like them Sir."

I get out, and get ready for work. I work all night feeling him leaking from me little by little. The next day I bring him the shaving stuff, and he smirks.

"We won't need those anymore. That treatment you had was for permanent hair removal. One more treatment, and you should be good for life. Then maybe I can tattoo my name on your cunt? Would you like that?"

"No sir. I'm not partial to tattoos."

"What if I wanted you to?"

"If you told me to I would have to Sir."

"Next Friday I want to have a party in my new place. I want you to set it up. I'll invite the guests."

That Friday comes fast, and we have the stay at my parents. The festivities are roaring by the time we arrive. I'm soon surrounded by men everywhere. All work buddies except for a few. My hubby is soon drinking way too much, and I'm escorted by Greg to the pool behind the complex. There's a bunch of guests there too.

"Thanks for doing all this for me. You're a real catch." He says kissing me in the shadows.

"You're welcome, but we can't do this here. There's too many people, and they know who I am."

"It okay. I'll wait."

We return to the party, and sit there drinking and nibbling on snacks until things wind down around 11. By midnight there's only a handfull of guys left. Maybe ten including my really drunk hubby. Greg is still just as sober as I am, and I take the quiet wind down as an opportunity to begin cleaning up. He joins me as his friends talk among themselves.

"I happy to see that you wore the red skirt tonight. I think you look stunning in it."

"Well, you told me that I had to so."

"I also told you that I want your sexy ass too."

"Yes you did."

He steps behind me rubbing his hard dick over my ass grinding on me.

"They're right there." I whisper.

"And look. Your loving husband is sound asleep."

Sure enough he's passed right out in the corner snoring away. I hear a zipper, and look to my right to see Greg setting down a bottle of vegetable oil. I feel my skirt hike up over my ass, and then feel his slimy fingers rubbing the oil up my crack.

"And you left the underwear at home too I see."

"You told me to Sir."

"I did, and now I'm going to take your ass cherry. You better be quiet or they'll look, and I'm not stopping once I start."

"Be gentle then please Sir."

I feel his hot dick poke at my asshole. His hands spread my cheeks wide as he pushes it into my tight opening.

"It hurts Sir."

"It's nice and tight that's for sure, but I've started so I'm not stopping."

I grab his hands which are holding my hips tight, and I bend a bit more as his dick opens my asshole wider than it's ever been. It seems like forever before I feel the head pop into me. Then he pulls out adding more oil. He lines it up again, and rams it back in until it hits my inner muscle. It stops making me groan loudly. A couple of the guys look, but they quickly look away.

"I'm going to have to open you good and wide now, and it's going to hurt. Your ass is so fucking tight it's amazing."

He begins to fuck me hole banging against my sphincter over and over harder and harder. I close my eyes trying to silently endure the pain feeling my muscle slowly giving in to his persistence until it can't hold no more. Then I feel all seven inches bury into my ass in one thrust making me moan from pain as my hole splits open for his girth. My eyes open as the moan escapes me, and I see them all staring at me. Greg begins to hammer my asshole hard making me moan uncontrollably and loudly.

A couple begin to record me being ravaged by Greg who's showing my ass no mercy. I hear his hips slamming against my ass, and feel my entire body lifting as he impales me. My legs quickly go numb and begin to quiver. He just keeps fucking not caring at all as I moan "OW" over and over. It feels like forever before I hear him grunting, and then feel his cock pulsating in my asshole. I feel the hot cum deep in my guts growing bigger and bigger until he pulls out of me. A fart escapes me letting some of his cum run down my leg before my ass clamps shut.

I can't move as he walks away. I see him wiping blood off his cock before zipping his fly. The rest of the guys just stare at me in shock and arousal. Greg sits in the midst of them, and a couple ask if I am Bob's wife? Greg confirms with that smirk.

"She ain't moving guys." He eventually announces.

I can't if I want to. My legs are asleep, and stiff from being abused anally. I try to pull my skirt down, but they are on me too fast. Before I know it I have one fucking my pussy using me good. Then when he leaves his deposit another takes over. One by one they fuck me. All leaving their nut inside of me before sitting back down.

"Get over here, and sit with us woman." Greg orders.

I obey kneeling on the floor since my ass is too sore to sit on.

"Now if you get knocked up you won't know who's it is. Unless it's Jose's. That's kind of obvious."

"Fuck you Essay." He laughs.

"That's what got you in trouble to begin with." Another says speaking of a story I don't know.

"Does she do everything you say?" Someone asks Greg.

"Pretty much."


"Let's just say that she has to."

"I call bullshit." Another adds

"You just fucked her. What more proof do you need?" Greg answers.

"Tell her to strip for us."

"Strip." He commands, and I obey standing there naked in minutes.

"Not bad. But any slut would do that. Especially if you paid her."

"Okay? What would prove to you?"

"Make her piss on her supposed old man passed out over there."

"That's a bit dark isn't it?"

"Yeah, but it ould be proof because no chick would piss on her old man unless she was a real sub slave."

"Michele. You know what you have to do."

"Yes Sir." I say walking over to my husband.

I straddle his legs, and let a flow of urine soaking him from the waist down before returning to my kneeling position. They all evetually leave one by one. A couple take pictures with me like I'm a stripper or something. Then Greg and I are soon alone. I clean the kitchen with his help, and then break down crying.

"Don't cry my sweet." He says holding me.

"I'm such a bad wife. I hate myself. I just want to die." I cry overcome with emotions.

He holds me so tight and lovingly until I calm down.

"I'm sorry Sir."

"It's okay. My girl needs some after care. I was lacking, and it's my fault. I'm the one that should be sorry."

He kisses the top of my head holding me tight.

"You're not my husband. This isn't right."

"I'm not, but I wish I was. I'd hold you so close every night. I'd love you like you should be loved. You'd be my pet, and my angel. I saw how much you enjoyed tonight, and I don't care if you admit it to me or not. As long as you admit it to yourself you won't be lying to yourself. It doesn't matter if you're married to me, or to him over there. What matters is if you are being yourself. This life isn't for everyone, but some are naturals. From the first time I gave you a command and you obeyed without question I knew you were a natural. I'm sure it felt strange, but it also felt right. Didn't it?"

"Yes Sir."

"Then I eventually gave you more commands, and you obeyed until I had to see how far you would go. that was when I began taking the pictures of you right in front of you. Before that I'd sneak one or two here and there, but when you obeyed my every command I loved it. Today was the ultimate. You obeyed me as strangers used you for pleasure. I watched you, and saw that you had a few orgasms, didn't you?"

"I did Sir."

"I thought so. Let's forget this mess until tomorrow, and go to bed?"

"I'd like that Sir."

"Me too."

We lay in his bed, and he kisses me deeply. Before I know it he's between my legs plowing me through a huge orgasm.

"I'm close. Where do you want me to cum?"

"Just fucking leave it in!" I moan as he grunts his nut deep into me.

He falls onto me with both of us panting, and then rolls over kissing my shoulder. I fall asleep in his arms. The next thing I know I'm being woke up by my husband. Greg is gone, and I'm wrapped up in the blankets.

"I see he gave you the bed." He moans stiffly.

"Where is he?" I ask.

"Bathroom. Why don't you get up, and we'll get heading back."

"I don't want to. I want to sleep."

I pull him down to me kissing him.

"I want something else too."

"What? Here? We can't."

I grab his crotch looking him in the eye with a renewed sense of vigor.

"Here, now, and hard." I demand pulling him to me.

He falls beside me, and I pull him under the sheets where I yank his pants down. Then I suck his cock until he's hard before mounting him. I feel the sheets drop away as his dick slips right into my eager puss. It feels so good as I ride him. I take his hands making him grab my chest squeezing with his hands. It's only a matter of minutes before I moan so loud in orgasmic splendor that he tries to cover my mouth. Every wave is another moan, and the waves come fast. I hear him moaning under me, and then feel him filling me with a rather large nut. The heat grows very quickly, and it spreads throughout my entire nether region as he cums inside of me.

I ride him until I'm done, and then bend down kissing him. I hear Greg clapping after we finish, and then feel my husband trying to get up.

"Relax." I say as he tries to cover me. "He just watched us fuck. My tits have been in the open the entire time."

"And they are very nice tits too." He says.

"Thank you. Sorry we fucked in your bed. I was in a mood."

"No problem. I was having fun watching. I was beginning to wonder if you two even did anything like that."

"Really?" My hubby asks.

"I lived with you for almost five months, and I never heard the sounds that I heard just now. You really need to take care of her more boy. Keep that sexy girl satisfied."

"It's of no concern to you, but we have sex, and it's always good."

I go to the bathroom to clean up walking naked through the apartment leaving them to argue about my satisfaction. When I return they are both laughing and happy once more. I pick up my clothes, and dress in the living room area under their watchful eyes. I know my husband hates how modesty has escaped me, but I don't care much.

"Let's clean up, and then we'll get going," I say to my hubby.

We pick up for almost an hour, and all that while I have cum leaking out of me. When we finish my husband goes to get the car leaving me alone with Greg.

"When are you coming back?"

"When do you want me, Sir?"

"All the time."

"Not possible."

"Tomorrow. After they leave come right over."

"Yes Sir."

"Be naked."

"Yes Sir." I say before he kisses me.

"I want that ass again."

"It's your's Sir whenever you desire." I say walking out.

Caption post!
Posted:Dec 8, 2021 6:59 am
Last Updated:Dec 13, 2021 7:40 am
Nothing to say. No update to post. Here's some captions for your enjoyment. At least I hope you enjoy them.

Tis December Eve
Posted:Nov 30, 2021 12:59 pm
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2021 8:46 am
Now that the year is almost over I figure I'll finally post a good update. At least I think it's good. Here goes.

Work: Things are up there. I made an offer I'm torn over. It will mean 40 hours per week with no OT and a raise. It also means more responsibility, and loss of my job security. I like it's a bit different, but wonder what the future will hold. I can't remember the last time I only worked 40 hours.

: Still doing well, and living properly.

Friends: I'm hoping for a satifying future.

Hubby/home: I had a good long talk with him last week discussing our friends, and why she and I had talked about. We made some good strides about what we expect, and where we should draw the line. We agreed our marriage is stong, and we have enough love and respect to open things up more. He's still very hesitant, but willing to give me the freedom I asked for.

Given what I understand to be his stance on the subject our next "date night" should be interesting. I don't to give anything away, but he agreed to step WAY out of his comfort zone.

Not much else is happening so all you beautiful sweethearts need to stay safe, play safe, and be healthy and happy. I love ya!

A Quick Update
Posted:Nov 18, 2021 8:20 am
Last Updated:Nov 29, 2021 11:03 am

Here's a quickie for all those wondering how my coffee (which I don't drink) went with my female friend. We actually got close an hour chat, and we had a very good conversation about everything. We both things we need discuss with our husbands, and things consider ourselves. I'll post more in depth when I return from vacation. I'll been able talk my hubby at some point? Don't know, and all I do know is that I'll be back after Thanksgiving. No captions this time, but I may add some when I the time. Be good, be bad, and just be yourselves. Love everyone and everyday add though 's your last. Later.
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