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take me part 236
Posted:Aug 20, 2021 3:37 pm
Last Updated:Aug 21, 2021 12:03 am

Don't touch anything . No one touch those. I walked into the shop and got gloves, and the magnifying glass and walked back into the kitchen and put gloves down. I took the notebooks and started looking through them and my heart stopped. I dropped them and walked back into the shop and grabbed the phone that was charging and called Bet.

"We got trouble, Daniel. Again."

"Yeah we do. Where are you?" I wrote it down. They were all reading the notebooks. There were four.... one for Chloe, one for Annie, one for Janey, and one for Sara and there was more information than should be in them. I started pulling the weapons and looking. All the serial numbers were filed off, same with the rifle.

"Daniel?" I hoped this place was as safe as I thought. "There is nothing in these about Alison. What does it mean?"

"It means we're all sleeping here tonight and Annie, Melissa, and I aren't getting much." Shitty time to run out of champagne. I grabbed the passports and threw them in with the guns. I didn't understand the rifle because there was no good place around here for a line of site, except maybe the open space but it sloped down, assuming something was going to happen on the fourth, and assuming it was even meant for us. I went back into shop and rummaged in toolboxes until I found them, the clippers I use for pruning. I threw them in the bag and hugged everyone.

"I'll be back as soon as I can. Everyone stays inside. Period." I looked at Annie before she could say anything. "NO! It's not a request." I heard the door lock as I walked to the truck and pushed. Nothing. I pulled up the Javier gave , and honked once when I got there. The door opened and I drove in. It was an old auto repair shop, on a Saturday night, the day before the fourth of July, at least we had some luck left. I took the clippers, and gloves, and handed the bag to Bet. She nodded and said they'd check into the passports and they were looking the phone.

"His ID is likely bogus and the he was is a chargeable one and looked to be from oversees. The passport are legit, which takes a level of sophistication. Did he have ?" I nodded and told them I locked it up but hadn't checked it but it looked to be all US. We can go through it later. They nodded.

Joseph said there was one threat I knew, which I thought was the woman in the photo's that Deat had because she was connected to Gustav, and there was one that I didn't have a clue about. I was guessing this was the start of figuring that out. I was starting to think that Rothman wasn't looking for Alison and it wasn't chance that he was aiming at Chloe, but there was information about all four them, and that bothered . I told Bet and Javier.

"You know where William is? The first guy that followed from Alison's condo."

"He's home and packing. The guys sliced into his internet feed and we have cameras. We're trying to get his phone but didn't want to tip our hand, but after this we're thinking it might be time to tip it and see what's what...and to scare him again." I nodded.

"You have tarps and tape?" They stared at me and nodded. "Rubbing alcohol, or something close?" Javier nodded.

I took the hood off of this guy and he glared at me with hatred in his eyes so I him him the nose with the closed side of my fist, shattering it. I was done because he was coming after my family. I'd either get info or he would cease to be. He yelled and stared at . "I can either make this easy for you, or hard for you. It's your choice." Javier set the tarps, tape, and alcohol down in front of him. "The choice is yours but either way." I removed the gag, and the sock from his as he started cursing, and spate. I him, dislocating his jaw, stuck the sock back in and taped his mouth.

I knew he wouldn't be leaving alive because he was targeting my family. He wasn't going to say anything but I'd try. I waited until his jaw stopped hurting somewhat before I started pruning and using rubbing the alcohol. I didn't like this part of myself but no one fucks with my family and I was pissed because we needed to wedding, and a trip, and gifts, and this was seriously fucking things up.

Bet walked out and called Chloe to tell them I'd be back soon. Chloe asked what was going on. Bet said her that I would be back soon and hung up. The two guys that had been with them the longest came in and talked with Bet and Javier, and walked up. None of us were making this mistake again. I was curious who this guy was but I didn't want anyone looking into him in case his info was flagged, and I didn't want anyone else getting hurt. We had enough shit to deal with. I took one of his guns and ended it and wrapped him in two tarps before taping it and us loading him into the van. I wasn't going to ask them to do it, taking the body was bad enough. It was my family. The guys drove him to the desert and he disappeared. Bet called Chloe at 1am to tell them I was on my back..... everyone knew what that meant, except Jake and maybe Sara.

Bet and Javier looked at me as we nodded and I got in the truck to head back to the shop. "Call us if you need us. We'll be paying attention tomorrow. I nodded and backed . It'd been three hours. I drove back to the shop to wait for the next one. I tried to avoid this but life wasn't interested. Fine.

I walked up to the door as Annie, Chloe, and Janey walked . Jake was asleep in the study and Sara, Alison, and Lieve were curled in a mass wearing some of Lieve's pajama haul. I walked in as Annie locked the door and reset the alarm. "Go take a shower Love. You smell like blood." I walked into the shower as they brought in clean clothes. They didn't say anything, they just wanted me to know that they were there. Melissa walked in as I opened the door and grabbed a towel."

"Don't worry ladies, he's my cousin, and in love with Sara.
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take me part 235
Posted:Aug 19, 2021 7:18 pm
Last Updated:Aug 20, 2021 5:43 pm

I checked in with everyone. Henry was doing fine because he was clear that it was his life and he liked Sabrina, even if she was younger. It wasn't like she was in her 20's. He smiled at and said he was sorry for what was happening. I shrugged because it wasn't his fault. Sabrina kissed as I walked inside address hurricane Chloe. She glared at as her sisters watched. I said hi as I walked , took Chloe by the hand, and said,

"Excuse us," walked to the front door and down the steps.

"What are you doing?"

"Taking a walk with one of the women I love and sparing you from going out the back. We need to talk because I've had enough of this and I don't like how it makes me feel. Afternoon Mrs. McGinty, you know too much water is just as bad as too little." Chloe smiled.

"You're terrible. She wrapped her arms around and leaned into me as we walked. "I'm sorry I you... so many times." She bit me the arm and laughed. "Dad and Sabrina took by surprise. She's not much older then I am Daniel." I nodded.

"He does seem happy though and he really likes the Pub idea." She smiled and nodded. "We also put him threw the ringer with all of us and he's been amazingly , so maybe we just need do likewise, even if it's hard." She stepped in front of and kissed , smiling, before she in the stomach and ran down the street, laughing. We walked into the back yard laughing about something, and holding hands as everyone clapped. We went into the kitchen to help. I took the veg out for the grills as the girls finished making the salad.

I was still uneasy about feeling like something was coming but not being in conflict with Chloe was huge. Janey and Melissa both walked out and took me aside. "Annie told us about tomorrow. Is it that bad, Daniel?"

"I honestly don't know but I'm trying to cover the bases just in case. I hope I'm just being paranoid. They nodded as the rest of the girls came out to she David and Isabella's , Ishla... for the umpteenth time, but in fairness she was pretty darn cute. We kept our distance and no one held her, even though we wanted . I was still pretty certain that these women probably had a stronger immune system but there was no point in taking chances. Henry talked with David about the plans for the restaurant and building, and about Sabrina. He wasn't happy about either but took both way better than I thought he would. I figured it was sleep deprivation. I wasn't going to have that issue because I hardly slept as it was.

The afternoon and evening went fine, and the food was great....and we didn't have to throw it out. Henry and I needed to make a trip to drop off the rest on Monday. Things got a little crunchy for a time but the day was a good one. It was wonderful having everyone home and was great catching with my cousins. I was praying that the next day would be as uneventful and that was when the headache smacked . I walked inside and barely sat down before I passed out and Ella walked , luckily not in person.

She smiled at as I said, "I'd get but I seem be unconscious, again." She laughed and sat down.

"You dealt with Chloe very well. It's hard for her adjust because she's the oldest girl. It won't be the last time you'll have deal with their emotions." I nodded. "The threats your family haven't ended Daniel, and that's before you go Norway. Trust your instinct and intuition, and attention. We'll help as much as we can. Tell the girls I love them and I'll talk with them soon." I opened my eyes the girls staring at as I told them what Ella said. Everybody started drifting away. Janey took Ellen's and grandkids to her house as Chloe took Steph and Ali to hers. Billy and Ellen helped us clean.

Sara took Lieve into the bedroom and closed the door because most of what Sara was doing seemed to be top secret. They came out smiling and Lieve had an armful for jammies. Annie walked over as Chloe came back in, walked , and looked at the haul. "Scooby and Scrappy.... and the Moose.... and goofy bear? How did you pull that off? I'm amazed she didn't give you the penguins too." Lieve looked through the stack, pulled out the penguin pajamas, smiled, and walked out back with Sara hugging her.. Annie and Chloe stared at shaking their heads because those were Sara's absolute favorite pj's and that was a big deal. Melissa walked smiling.

"She's never had a younger sister and that is way more important than some pajamas she can buy Amazon for under a hundred bucks." We smiled and nodded. "By the way, Lieve is staying with us tonight. She has a lot of sisters now and it's time she knows that."

"Is that right?" Melissa walked smiling. "Yep, unless you think you can take old man." She kissed and started walking away. "I'm not scared of you either Annie. Meow!" She laughed and walked out back as we looked at each other shaking our heads. Everyone had gone except us and we were about head the shop and our respective places with Lieve happy that she could stay with Sara and Melissa.

We said goodbye Billy and Ellen and headed the shop, and that is when I felt something and saw a car where one shouldn't be. I acted like I didn't notice but Annie and Chloe sensed something was wrong. We went inside.

"Keep everyone here and call Bet. Tell them I need transport. Chloe and Annie nodded. Check the video and see if anyone was snooping around." I went into the shop, unlocked the tool closet and took out the small crossbow and bolts. I started to walk out front and Annie followed. I looked at her.

"This isn't for debate Daniel." The girls looked at nodded. Annie kissed , shifted, and jumped her way onto the neighboring roof as I walked to the corner. Whoever this was they weren't bright. It was dark, which was good for him, but also good for . I crawled closer the car and put bolts in the front tires. He might have heard it if he didn't have ear buds in. I waited for Bet and Javier. They pulled as I stood and shined an insanely bright flashlight into the windshield and Annie jumped onto the roof and roared. He screamed as Javier pulled him out. They duct taped him, threw him in the back, and were gone in under minutes.

"We'll call you homes." I told them thanks. Annie shifted and jumped down. I couldn't help myself. I said Meow as she walked past. She punched me, but it was so worth it. I pulled the bolts out, Checked the registration and opened the trunk. I grabbed all bags and walked back the shop. They had the last bottle of Prosecco open and handed a glass as we started looking through the bags. One was clothes. One had cash and passports and notebooks. Chloe opened the third....

"Daniel." I took a sip and looked inside. They were multiple handguns, with suppressors, and a disassembled rifle, with an expensive scope, that only had one purpose, and it wasn't hunting elk. Who were these fucking people.
take me 234
Posted:Aug 18, 2021 10:29 pm
Last Updated:Aug 19, 2021 7:23 pm

Deat and I walked into the back and I went inside to help, and was ushered back out as Chloe glared at me. I sat down and talked with Jake and Emily, until Christine and and Bethany showed up. They did have a great time and everything seemed to be going fine, except under the surface...kinda like it was now. I sat against the garage finally drinking a beer and wishing it was Belgian, when the neighbor's Lab lied next to me, and exhaled. I scratched his shoulders because I understood. I felt like I was in the Moor's, and there was no mist, but I was still blind. Uncle Billy sat next to us and started petting him.

"It was smart building that door in the fence."

"Why's that Unc?"

'"Because you solved a problem in the making. It's hard for Jake and Emily to askfor a when thi spends more time here then at his own his home. You have a dog, but you don't have a dog." We both scratched him, as he yawned and fell asleep.

", I don't what the problems are for you right now, but given how mad Chloe is, I'm guessing they are extreme." I nodded." People think that most problems have a ton of solutions, but it usually comes down to something simple."

"Do you build a wall, or do you build a door. It doesn't mean it's not complicated while you figure out which, but it's usually a door, or a wall. Good luck with the wall." I stared at him. You have two amazing young people that absolutely adore you. Dad's are always the
last in the chain of love, but it's rarely diminished. They had a blast. We had a blast.... and thank you for sharing that with us." He was silent as I held my hand out to him and he grasped it, squeezed, got up, and walked away. The farted, which prompted me to get up and leave as well. Jesus.

Everyone, except Chloe, was having a good time. I understood why she wasn't. i also understood why she was focused on me, and extremely mad, and glaring at me..and why I WAS with a until his gas drove me away. I walked down the driveway as everyone watched, but no one followed. I wanted to run, but I couldn't because it was all residential, so I walked, and thought.

"I could feel Emily walk up behind me and take my hand. "Don't I know you?" I kissed her cheek as she wrapped her arms around me." Bethany grabbed Jake and told him no on following me.

"How was your trip, love?" She looked at me but didn't say anything for a while. "Awesome! We need a camper or camping gear."

"Talk to you Uncle, maybe you can get him to part with some of it."

"Why is mom mad at you?"

"How old are you?" She smiled and kissed me. "She's not mad at me...."

"She seems pretty mad at you dad....I'm just sayin'."

"She's mad at me because she can be mad me. Emily. It's complicated. We're fine...I promise."

Emily was quiet...thinking. "It's like when I get so mad I want to punch someone but instead I punch Jake."

"Yeah, kinda like that., only worse." She nodded and put her against me as we walked. I wasn't sure how long we walked but we walked up the driveway as Sara skipped down.

"Guess what, mister?" Emily looked at me, smiling.

"David and Issa are here with the baby." Sara stared at me, and then at Emily. She shook her head and walked off, amazed. I looked at Emily.

'Don't you EVER say a word, period! I like being a wizard in Sara's mind, because it means that I might actually be." Emily looked at me, patted my chest, and walked into the backyard smiling, to see the new baby.

I was only half here. God bless them but the girls figured where everyone was sleeping. Billy and Deat became buddies and it was obvious that Deat didn't care about the task force over his family. I walked up the rest of the way up driveway, as Annie walked down.

"Hard Day?" I nodded.

"You need to get use to it, love, because my family will make yours look like every cute baby animal rolled into a group, and they are all licking your faces.

"You sure you still want to marry me?" Annie punched me in disbelief.

"I can see why Chloe hit you." She shook her head and walked away. It was going to be a long night, but i doubted I would sleep anyway. I went up to see the new addition and waited for the next one to hit me.
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take me part 233
Posted:Aug 18, 2021 6:07 pm
Last Updated:Aug 18, 2021 10:14 pm

I walked up the driveway rubbing my chest. "Appreciate the assist Sam." I got a beer and sat down.

"Sorry, man but there are only two people that scare me more than Maggie, and you're marrying both of them. Bet doesn't even scare me as much as Chloe when she's pissed, and Bet scares the crap out of them. I don't want any more but I still value my balls. At least she didn't rip any hair out, that's something." I just stared at him as Annie walked out, sat on my lap, and stole my beer. Sam gave me his, which was something.

"You don't look any the worse for wear mister."

"The bruises haven't started forming." She laughed and kissed me.

"She'll be fine, sweets. It's just a shock because Sabrina isn't that much older than her. She's thinking as a and not as a woman. She'll be fine. I'm concerned about you, and don't try blowing smoke. Why are you worried?"

I told her about Joseph but not about Henry. "This is the exact worst time for all of this happening. I feel like I'm in the Moor's, at night, and the fog is swirling around me, and I am completely disoriented, but there is someone coming after me and none of that affects him."

She looked at me, gently kissed me, and bit my lip smiling, and said, "Then stop trying to figure out what you can't and focus on what you can."

"Come with me." We walked to the truck as Chloe stomped past, ignoring us. Annie stuck her tongue and Chloe flipped her off without turning around. I did not want to be Henry at that moment. I unlocked the tool box on the truck and took out the small duffel bag and handed it to her. "This is for you, Janey, and Melissa, just in case. Don't tell the others because I hope you don't need them." Annie looked in the bag, and then at me, zipped it up, handed it back and walked away without saying a word, but she nodded.

I got another beer, wondering if I would be able to finish it when Deat, Melinda and the girls drove up, followed by Bet, Javier and the girls... so the answer was obviously not. I had girls, from two SUV's, running full out at me, screaming. They all tackled me and were laughing. Bet and Melinda came running up, laughing, to save me as Javier and Deat introduced themselves and walked up smiling. I gave all the girls a bear hug and they groaned, and laughed, and ran into the backyard as best friends. I got up and hugged Bet and Melinda. Melinda smiled at me.

"I knew it was only a matter of time before you couldn't stay away." She looked at me shaking her head as Bet and her walked to the backyard, catching up on everything they didn't know. Javier and Deat helped me up.

"You sure know how to clear a yard, homes. I'm grabbing a beer and helping Sam, as he hugged me." I nodded as I gave mine to Deat. He took a swig and walked back to the truck and he grabbed his bag.

"Why did you want to see these again?"

"I started getting weirded out because Alison seems to be only the link, and she has no clue why. I wanted to be sure I hadn't seen any of the other one's beside Philip." He put the photo's down. I looked at all of them even though I knew two were dead, and I suspected Simon was as well. "Do you have any information on them?" He shook his head. "None?"

"No, and it's frustrating as hell. I was hoping they would turn up in the notebooks I got, but so far it's 's and accounts, but we were too late with the accounts. We're trying to piece that back together, but it's like looking for a needle in haystack, during a tornado. We won't find it."

I picked up the photo of the woman and looked it, and I pushed. She was tearing through Gustav's stuff trying to find something, anything. Deat looked at me. "You know her?" I shook my head.

"I'm wondering why a woman? He smiled and said I'd make a good detective.

"We wondered the same thing. It was the female agents that gave us what we think is the reason, as terrible as it is. We think she was in charge of getting girls. We're guessing she wasn't alone. The team at Interpol is looking into the same scenario but this was a tightly run organization and we have no one involved.

"You know anything about her as I threw the photo down?"

"Sadly, no. Alison is our last chance for any information, and that is when they all pulled up behind us. I was thinking that I would rather be there than not be there so might as well get it done now.

"Well, here they are." Deat sat on the tailgate as everyone ran out and attacked me. I introduced them all to Deat as the girls started walking up the driveway. I had told Janey and Alison about Deat so it wouldn't be a shock. I grabbed Alison and said that Deat needed to talk with her. They played it perfectly.

Janey said. "We've been in an RV for a week with WAY too many people. Can this wait?" Deat nodded.

Alison kissed her, "It's OK love, I'd rather just deal with it because I don't know anything. Go see everyone and then bring me a beer." Janey looked at her. "Stop being a mama bear, sweets. I'm fine. Go ahead Deats."

"Thank you for doing this because, believe me that none of want to do it now. So Daniel told me about how you two met, and that will excluded, as best I can. Alison smiled and nodded. Can you fill me in after Daniel and Sara became involved."

"It's hard now Deat, because Janey and I love each other but Daniel told me about Sara, and that he could no longer be involved, which I understood. Philip had been acting stranger than usual for about a month. He was always strange, and a little scary, but he never did anything to me. It was why had dinner with Daniel. After Daniel met Sara Philip started getting more obsessed with me to the point that it scared me and I called Daniel."

"He let me stay at the shop because it was safe. Philip was just calling, texting, and emailing at that point."

"Do you still have those?" She nodded and said probably most of them but she hadn't read them. There was a family meal, kinda like this one because family is important to us, and that was when I met Janey...Chloe and Sara's sister. We bonded and haven't been apart since." Deat smiled."

"Philip showed up at the shop one day while Daniel was gone. Sam was keeping him away from us when Daniel pulled up. He got out of the truck walked to him. Philip's a coward. He can only intimidate women. Daniel was never intimidated and he hit Philip so hard that he slid. I wasn't sorry. Daniel said that if he ever set foot on any of our land againd that he would put him in the hospital ans deal with the consequences. I was OK with that because I have never had anyone stand up for me like this family as."

"Do you know how he found you?" Alison got quite, lowered her head and looked at me.

"Daniel told me not to go back to the condo but i forgot to tell him to get my mom's necklaces so Janey and I went. I'm sorry, sweets, but we didn't see anyone. It was a few days afterward that Philip showed up at the shop."

"Have you had any contact with him since that day."

"None. I haven't even thought of him."

"Do you know any of these people?" Janes walked up with beer for all of us as Alison looked intently at the photo's.

"I've never seen any of them but I didn't know anything about what Philip did except it had to do with tech, and he had nice things. He kept all that quiet and we never focused on it. I worked a lot and he worked so there really wasn't all that much time, and neither of us pushed enough to make the time to be together, unlike her." Janey smiled.

"I kinda like her." Deat laughed as he picked up the photo's and handed Alison his card.

"I appreciate you taking the time to speak with me, considering. If you think of anything else give me a call." Ali nodded as her and Janes walked out back. "Between you and me Daniel, I see why you are in love with these women." I nodded. He locked the truck and we walked to the back chatting.

"I can't believe how big the girls are? I really can't believe that Melinda thought you worthy enough."

'Shut the fuck up!"

I laughed. "You should talk to Unc about looking inside since you are moving back here. There a lot of places for those girls to see." He was quiet and looked at me, nodding.
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take me part 232
Posted:Aug 18, 2021 2:40 pm
Last Updated:Aug 19, 2021 10:39 am

I couldn't shake the sense that someone was watching us and I had no idea who. I turned and drove back to the shop, and opened the safe. I hated doing this but I needed a contingency. I put them in my bag, locked it, and was heading back to the truck when I got a blinding headache and fell, unconscious. I looked up as Joseph sat down.

"I'm guessing you're rethinking the slate right about now," as I flipped him off and sat up. "It is refreshingly cool. You have two things to figure out Daniel. One you know, even though don't think you do, and one that you don't have a clue about. Work on figuring out the one that you can right now. We are limited in what we can share, and the reason you have the access that you do is because you are unique. It's not that we are willfully trying to keep you in the dark... well, maybe Marnine. We aren't exactly sure yet. Wake up, you have things to do." I got up, had some juice and drove to Henry's. His truck was still there so I pounded on the door until he opened it.

"What?" I reached into my pack and took out an oilcloth and box of ammo.

"This was my grandfather's. It's been cleaned. I assume you still know how to use it?" He nodded and stared at me. "Don't tell the girls but I need a backup plan in case things get FUBAR. I can't keep everyone safe when I don't even know what the threat is. Melissa will protect Sara and Annie will do the same for Chloe and the . I'll watch Janey and Alison." Sabrina walked up. "Hi." She smiled, and nodded. "We can't shift so that limits us, and I might just be paranoid, so I don't want to freak them out for nothing." He nodded. Focus on watching over Sara, Chloe and the . I'm trying to figure things out but I need to go." Henry looked at me in silence because nothing needed to be said. I drove to Sam's.

"I backed up and and honked as Sam and Mags came out the back door, smiling. I hugged them both and pointed to the generator. "You try it yet?" He shook his head and said it was too hot. The downside of them is that they usually sit without being used and the reason Sam hadn't done anything was the same reason I hadn't because once you put gas and oil in it then it needed to be maintained.

"I'm figuring I'll get it going in September. I think this is going to be a bad winter." I nodded. Maggie hugged me, looked at me like only she can, and went back inside as Sam and I loaded the grill. "Everything OK?"

"Nope, and I have absolutely no idea why." We strapped the grill down and sat on the tailgate. "Nice not having the munchkins underfoot?" He smiled and nodded.

"I've got a large load of wood getting delivered. Can you and Jake help me stack it?" I said sure and told him that I was going to be gone for a few days coming up in the next week, or so. "That's fine. I talked with Javier and Beto is working at the shop, and there could be a couple of others. Beto's wife freaked after what happened to Oscar, and he knows tools, so it won't take long for him to get up to speed." I nodded as we got up and I headed to Sara's. I was at the corner, and could see Sara's house, so I pushed around the neighborhood. Nothing. I hoped Joseph was right.

I backed into the driveway and Mrs McGinty, the neighbor, was watering, which meant she was annoyed. I waved as every girl came flying out from around back and I took of running around the yard until I stopped and turned into the tickle monster and turned the tables on them. The girls screamed, and ran. Stephanie and Alison laughed and tried to keep them safe as they ran into the back yard. Sara jumped on my back to try and slow me down and the neighbors golden Lab was helping by barking at all of us. Chloe and Annie each grabbed an ankle and they all yelled for the girls who ran and jumped on me. I fell to my knees, and then flat on the ground and they banished the tickle monster.

"Do you morons mind getting off of me?" They tried telling that I had turned into the tickle monster...again. "You're all crazy because there is no such thing as the tickle monster." Sara said that I was the big, dumb moron and there was absolutely a tickle monster which was why they were all sitting on me in the backyard. The girls hugged me as Sam and Maggie walked up smiling and the girls ran to them. I got up and said hi to my cousins, Stephanie and Alison.

"The tickle monster never gets old." I smiled and hugged them. It'd been too long and I was glad they were there. "How are to be? We don't see you in a few years and you get yourself into all kinds of trouble." I laughed, and nodded, because I couldn't argue. Sam and I got the grill down as Henry and Sabrina were walking up the driveway. Sam looked at me.

"This will be interesting." We said hi as they walked past smiling. It didn't take long for Chloe to storm around the side, and for Sam to completely abandon me. She hit me as hard as she could, grabbed my hair and marched down the driveway to the street where she hit me again.


"How long have known, Daniel?" She was livid.

"I wondered last night but we talked this morning." She punched me again and walked away. "I couldn't just say something...." She turned and glared at me as I took two steps back, and to the right

"Why?" I was confused.

"Why, what?"

She exhaled in utter exasperation at my stupidity. 'WHY, couldn't you say anything?" Because it's not our business and was up to Henry to say something......" which was the exact wrong thing to say and she punched me again and stormed off. "Don't follow me Daniel, or I might hurt you and I don't give a shit about that bear." I walked home thinking..."might hurt me?"
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take me part 231
Posted:Aug 17, 2021 2:59 pm
Last Updated:Aug 18, 2021 10:04 am

The benefit of waking up at three in the morning is that you end up with a lot time, even though it may go quickly. I went to Alison's condo, and pushed...nothing. I stripped the sheets and started a load as I grabbed towels and turned on the AC and then remade the beds and locked up. I'd have to come bac I had driven by a lot of my dad's warehouses on the way over because I needed to go through all of them. Sara was right about us having too many houses, at least too many sitting empty. The was true with the warehouses, except they weren't empty. They housed my memories and it was time to start getting rid of clutter. I was heading to Janey's house to get it ready when Bet and Javier called.

"Hey guys, what's up?"

"We wanted to know how you are, and if we can bring anything today, or tomorrow."

"I'm O..and your ." They laughed.

"How did it go with Deat?"

"Uneventful, but he had photo's of Gustav, Simon and Philip, and some woman that helped get him girls to brutalize. I had to tell him about Philip and now he wants to talk with Alison, but she doesn't know anything. He said they're running into brick walls, He's leaving the task force and getting transferred back here to be the number two person in Denver. He wants to spend more time with his family."

"Is that a good thing?"

"It is for me, and they are happy because they love Denver. My sense is that it's fine but I wanted to talk with about something along those lines after what happened with Beto and Oscar. I won't be at Janey's long...just doing laundry."

"You'll make a good wife for the girls, Daniel."

"Fuck you Bet. Can you meet me at Henry's in forty-five minutes?"

"Yeah, we'll work things out." We said goodbye and I drove to Janey's thinking that I would make a good wife. I changed the sheets, turned on the AC, locked up and headed to Henry's. I took two coolers around back and unlocked the door. I was in the walk-in loading stuff when Henry walked in. I looked up.

"How were the pancakes?" He smiled and said great.

"You didn't say anything about Sabrina, did you?"

"No, I wouldn't do that Henry. Hey, you want to freeze these tenderloins. There's plenty of chicken and hamburger, and we can take the hot dogs tomorrow. No sense wasting it." He nodded. "I do need to say something though, which I really don't want to, but Annie knows. She won't say anything."

"How does she know?"

"Well, that's what I don't want to talk with you about. Her sense of smell is uncanny. She told me to tell you that Sabrina is going to be ovulating soon. It must be because Annie can shift, but I'll leave it there and we can end this part of the discussion."

"Deal. Take the veg. and the buns in the pantry. I'm going to go through this and take stuff to the food pantry but I need to meet the appraiser. He should almost be here. We walked out as Bet and Javier were walking in. We went up front and I talked with them about the plans for Henry's and getting some of their family involved. They were quiet. We took the coolers out the front. I locked up and walked around and Javier and I loaded them in the truck as we walked around the center.

"Henry and I are thinking about buying the rest of this center. The guy he's talking to is an appraiser. It seems counter-intuitive since all the places are vacant, but now is actually a good time. This area has been shifting, and growing. It's gone sideways because of covid, but the foundation is still solid."

"What doe that have to do with us, Daniel?"

"I haven't talked with Henry, or the girls, but all of this was my idea and I wanted to know if you want to be involved." They looked at each other, and stared at me. "Sara and I, without talking, have come to the same basic premise and that is that we need to consolidate. I've taken it another step because of everything that happened, and might happen, and my impulse is to sort of circle the wagons and bring our family closer."

"I died. Luckily, they didn't want me. Oscar died, and Beto almost died. We only have so much luck, guys. I want to do everything I can to help you shift from what you do, at least the dangerous stuff. I'm also planning for the future. Think about it. Sooner or later whatever they got from Gustav will be safe and it would be wise to invest it in real estate, and businesses that are legit. There is a growing Hispanic, and Asian population in a mile radius. It's why I was thinking about this shopping center. You two, and Mags and Sam, have a large extended family, which I am sure is entrepreneurial. If you aren't completely legit then there would businesses to run money through...just sayin', as I smiled. They use to run pot but no need for that now. They didn't deal with any other drugs, except mushrooms and some peyote, but it was a 'boutique' thing for a select group. Times were changing and we were all getting older. Think about it and discuss it."

Bet jumped up on me and flat out kissed me open mouth. I was always stunned because no one cared. She leaned back, looked me smiling, and said,

"I want to bite you right now, but that might open a can of worms." She jumped down and hugged Javier.

"Thanks, homes, we'll definitely talk about it because Bet and I have been having similar conversations because of Beto and Oscar. If you need more people to help at the shop, let us know, because we're all a little freaked by what happened, and dealing with it. There are probably a couple of guys who would like that."

" shift things." They nodded as Henry and Sabrina walked up. Bet hugged Henry. "How did it go?"

"We need to do our own research but he said that commercial real estate has been decimated. He told us about several other places as well, but I don't want us getting ahead of our ski's." Sabrina nodded.

"I understand. I was telling Bet and Javier about this idea to see if they wanted to get involved. It's going to be more debt than any of us have had, and tie money up for a long time but that's why I'm interested. The land and buildings aren't for us....the businesses are for us. I need to take this to Sara's and put it in the fridge and then get drinks and snacks, and those cookies everyone loves, and....and...and. You know a inspector?" Sabrina nodded. "Let's get that going, and Chloe was right, we need to talk with Bethany." Henry nodded as they walked back to the cottage and Bet and Javier watched, and then looked at me.

"Are they...?" I shrugged and Bet punched me and said something in Spanish which I was sure wasn't flattering. "We'll come over and help. It's just us because everyone else will be there tomorrow, but we all have masks and we'll all keep our distance, even though it'll be hard." I nodded as we headed out. I wasn't concerned because I was pretty sure these women had different immune systems, and who knows what else, but none of us were taking any chances.

I dropped the food off at Sara's and went to Chloe's to turn down the AC and started backtracking to the shop. I got soda, snacks, and cookies from Maria, and beer and went to Alison's condo when I felt a twinge. I looked around but didn't see anything, but it was troubling. I put the sheets in the dryer but left the towels and looked out the window. Someone was watching. I walked down the stairs, looking as I went into the lobby, and around as I walked to the truc I acted like I was looking at messages but I wasn't. I looked everywhere, and nowhere, all at the same time as I drove away and waited. Nothing. I pulled under some trees, got out, and listened for a drone since that was how Rothman and the other guy found me. Nothing. Maybe I was paranoid after all of this.

I was close to the shop so I stopped and chatted with the other business owners that helped fund this. They were all chatting when I pulled up. We checked in and updated each other. We'd all talk next week and divvy up the costs and write checks. I was pretty sure this would be the last but no one wanted to end it now. I drove around looking at the places that were close to me to see if there was anything for sale. There wasn't, which I was glad about. I drove to Sam's to get his grill, and smile, because they didn't get a lot of 'alone' time. I pulled in when Sara called on speaker.

"Guess what mister?"

"Everybody in the airport LOVED your signs." Silence.

I could hear say..."I told you. He's a wizard." How Chloe and Annie kept a straight face was beyond me. "That's exactly right and we are already totally in love with your cousins."

"Thank God someone is..."

"We heard that Danny, and we will be seeing you soon, and for days to come." We all laughed.

"Where are you mister, and where are we going?"

"I'm headed to Sam's but go to your house. I got the food from Henry's and it's in your fridge. We'll figure out arrangements later but Janey and Alison are staying at the shop." Silence. "I changed all the sheets and turned on the AC because it's going to be hot, again. I'll be there soon. I love you, and hi goofball cousins." I drove to Sam's as I looked in my mirrors, and pushed. Nothing.
take me part 230
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Annie grabbed my hair, squeezed and pulled me to her as she kissed me as deeply as she ever had. "I will but we need to get ready to pick up your cousins. We need to figure out who and where, and the houses. Lieve spoke,

"Don't take this the wrong way, because it's got nothing to do with having sex, but we could wash the sheets here, and I could stay with you.... last night was nice." We all nodded.

"That's a good idea because I was thinking we could stay at Alison's because it's 2 bd/ba, so Jake would have his own space, and if anyone is around both Annie and I would be there, and y'all are pretty darn cute. I took out my phone and showed them. They shook their head's, and smiled, but didn't hit me. I guessed their wrists hurt.

"I think it's a good idea." She looked at Annie, who nodded. Lieve raised her hand.

"You don't have to raise your hand either, sweets."

"I want a cool pair of PJ's." Annie and Chloe both laughed as Annie and Lieve went in to get ready. Chloe sat on my lap.

'You worried about Norway, mister? You know we are completely in love with you, right." I nodded.

"I can deal with whatever happens in Norway." I could feel her squirm, and start to get wet, but we didn't have time. We still have a LOT of balls in the air. Do you know anyone that does old bonsai?" She looked at me like I had multiple heads, again.

"Yeah. Why?"

"I know what I want to get as gifts for Astrid and Ama. I'm just not sure where."

"I know the person, as does Annie, but he's in Osaka. He's a Master, of several things, but he loves bonsai. He is quite old, even though you wouldn't know. You would like him, love. I'll talk with Annie as we go to the airport." I was quiet.

"Don't worry about Lieve, sweets, she made her choice and she chose us. She chose you. She's never had a dad. It's good training for you, Love. You'll need to go alone, which we'll all hate, but there is too much going on." I nodded. "I'll call him and let him know, and tell Annie. She'll be very intrigued, which will be totally fun to watch. Don't tell me anything so I can't spill my guts when she tickles me. Give me your phone."

"It's early Chloe."

"I know. I'm sorry. Can we trade rides? We're picking up Daniel's cousin's at DIA."

"Yeah, but the munchkin's come with it. You can strap them to the luggage rack.'

"DEAL!!!!!! it won't be long. I'm calling Henry now about pancakes. Thanks, Mags."

"Hey, what's up this early on a Saturday...when we're closed?"

"Stop the BS pops." Silence. 'I already know that you and Joseph helped Daniel work through his dream. Thanks!" SILENCE. "We need pancakes for munchkins, and Lieve...and maybe me, Annie, Sara, and Melissa. Can you do that with such short notice."

"If you stopped flapping your gums." Click. Henry looked at Sabrina, who smiled at him as they showered and went to Henry's to start making pancakes. Sabrina was probably my age, 40-ish. She had a career in finance, and did well, but hated it, so she became an architect. She was highly motivated, so she had a great job, but she wanted to do what she wanted to. Bethany was the inverse of Sabrina. Bethany started working on her own, and then shifted into a high power, high profile, position...and she loved it. It was interesting to me that they became friends, and even more interesting that both of them were in our lives....but I was very thankful.

Sara and Melissa pulled up and Sara got out before the car stopped and ran at me before she launched herself, and bit my shoulder as Melissa walked up. "Does she always bite you?"

"Not always, but mostly." Sara nodded. "You and I need to talk," as I looked at Melissa. She looked me, nodded and smiled. "Sara." She raised her head, looked at me, kissed me, and asked what.

"I had a little bird tell me a secret this morning..."

"NO you didn't! WHAT?"

"Henry is going to make pancakes." She punched me.

"Get outta town, mister. If you're making that up then we'll both hurt you, bad." I grabbed the sides of her head, kissed her, and said go ask her sister. She grabbed Melissa by the shirt and ran inside.. I called Henry.

"I'm a little busy."

'You better have bacon, or Sara is going to be pissed." He laughed.

"I have bacon."

Sara ran out and launched herself, again, as she kissed me, and everyone smiled. "You weren't lying mister. You remember our pancakes?" Melissa walked up and was hugging me, as Sara was hugging me.

"I do, love. Did you make signs?" She smiled and ran back to the car and grabbed them. There were several.... Happy 4th! Welcome to Denver. Hi, I'm Sara....and HI!!!!!! Stephanie and Alison. They all had shooting stars, fireworks, sparkles...and, something that might be the Loch Ness monster.

They all headed to Sam and Maggie's and then for breakfast. I headed to the storage unit to get the extension cords, and various tubs and what not we always ended up using on the fourth. I had nowhere to go. The guys from the circle wouldn't be here this early. Once the girls got the munchkins, then Sam and Maggie would be occupied, and once they all left pancakes and bacon, Henry and Sabrina would probably be occupied. I locked the shop and said hi to Bob as he walked in and went into his den. It was a either a good night, or a bad one. I had my pen and notepad so I jumped the fence and walked.

I called Kim's gem guy. "Hello, this Karxi."

"Hi, my name is Daniel, and...."

Yes... are you Kimberly's, Daniel?"

"I suppose I am. It's nice to speak with you Karxi."

"Yes. Kimberly told me what you want. It is most unusual, I must say, but I like that. I never buy, or sell, fakes...and there are plenty."

"That is why my cousin trusts you, Karzxi."

"Yes, indeed. We work very closely together because she is quite a big deal."

"I know."

"So, my friend. What are you looking for?"

"Karxi, i care about the quality. It needs to be seen,so bif enough for that, but beyond that. I would rather have pristine, and smaller, than poor and large." He was quiet.

"I have access to nine stones,that are all pristine they are half a carat to a carat. I have known Kimberly for a long time, she is coming to look at them and she will get the best price I could give anyone."

"Do you take Bitcoin?


'Where are you located?"

"I live in Halifax."

"Do you possession of them?"

"I do, Daniel."

'Please hold them. I have to arrange a time but I will be flying to Nova Scotia."

"I can do that as a favor for Kimberly."

"I appreciate that Karxi. Thank you." Given the way the world seemed to be working, I'd rather have pristine, and old diamonds, rather than cash. The girls may not agree with me. We'd see. I had an ever expanding family. Chloe, Sara, and Annie were pregnant, so each girl would have one for the future. Annie need a ring. I figured that since Chloe got my family's rings, that Ella's would go to Janes and Ali, as it should, but I also thought at some point they would want a baby and there was NO way anyone in this family would refuse that request, whether I cared or not.

I had been thinking about what to do with Philip's share. I needed to talk with Sam and Maggie but I figured they would have a hard time taking it. We had already helped two single moms that I intruded upon as I was trying to understand how to push, which seemed to have crapped out at the moment, but I'd rather not have this in cash, or even bitcoin. I was getting paranoid, and it probably didn't matter anyway. Annie called.

"Hey Love, what are you doing?"

"Walking, and thinking. How were the pancakes?"

"Excellent! Sara is super happy, on top of being SUPER HAPPY!!!! Did you know we had signs?" I laughed, and said yes. "Did you know that Henry and Sabrina are having sex?" Silence.

"I'll take that as yes, and don't worry, Love, I suspect that you are like me, and you notice such things, and don't care because it's not any of your business."

'Pretty much, but I briefly talked with him."

"Well tell him that she is about ready to go into 'heat." I shook my head because I did NOT want to have that conversation, but I had too.

"Did Chloe notice?"

"I don't think so because Sabrina's a total geek and was sketching the entire time. She really is a geek. We're getting ready to make fools of ourselves at your airport. Wish us luck. We'll see you soon and I totally love you, mister. Chloe is not spilling her guts. yet, but I've known her for long time, and I'll get it out of her, mister.

"I love you, but what makes you think that wasn't a diversion." Silence.

'You are devious, mister, so you'll be fine dealing with my sister...and 'him.' Enjoy, sweets. We'll take good care of your family." I walked to the shop, went inside, opened the safe and took three things out, put them in a bag, along with.... I put the gun back. I hoped that wasn't a mistake. I put all of it in a duffel and threw it in the lock box of the truck and went to the storage unit.
take me part 229
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I woke in my dream. Things were swirling, hidden, shifting. I was trying to look everywhere, and nowhere, at the same but it wasn't working. I could sense a threat, but I couldn't place it. The girls were looking at me, Annie, and Melissa..... worried.... but we couldn't help because we didn't what the threat was, or where it was. Annie and Melissa circled girls, watching... waiting... as I tried to push outward to some a sense, any sense of what the threat was, and where it was. I woke up with a start, drenched in sweat and Ella was looking at me, concerned. She vanished, without saying a word. FUCK!!!

I got out of bed and looked at the girls. They had shifted, as they always did at night. Chloe was curled into Annie and Lieve had her left leg over Chloe and her face buried into her hair and neck and all of them were breathing deeply, and sound asleep. There was never a time I didn't smile at that. This was Lieve's third day here and she was family like all of us. We were definitely odd. I took a lukewarm shower to try and wash away my thoughts. It didn't work. I opened the door and stepped on the mat as Lieve looked up at me from the toilet as she peed. Her eyes were half open but she she handed me towel and smiled as she wiped, stood up, and pulled her panties up. She kissed me, and walked back into the bedroom. She was fast asleep as went in and got dressed. I locked up and headed to Henry's. It was three-thirty.

I parked and walked around the center when a police call pulled up and shined their light in my eyes. "Daniel?" I said yeah as they got out. It was the cops from the neighbor acting like I was breaking into Sara's house.. "Is everything OK?" It wasn't but I said yeah, and that I couldn't sleep.

"We heard about what happened, and glad it wasn't worse." I nodded. "You have a good morning and we hope Henry's opens soon." I thanked them and walked to Henry's and went in turned the lights and walked past Joseph calling him an asshole as I went in to make coffee. He laughed, jumped down, and followed me out front.

"You're ruining my fun Daniel. Tough night?" I stared at him and growled as I waited for the coffee. "Can you offer any insight, or are you going to be like Ella and Marnine? I poured a cup and sat in a booth as Joseph sat down.

"Seems pretty self-explanatory. You're facing a threat that none of you can identify. In a situation that is chaotic, and changing. It seemed to me that, given what what you knew, the three of you made a reasonable choice. Annie and Melissa kept the girls, and safe, and you went out to find the threat. It's a shitty situation anyway you slice it."

"Yeah. How come I can't push anymore?"

"Who says you can't push?"

"I've tried and there's nothing."

"Maybe because there isn't a threat right now, which is a good thing. You're also asking the wrong questions. Enjoy the coffee, and we all like Lieve. You did well with that one. You have certainly mastered the unconscious competent role, maybe focus on the conscious competent thing."

"Hi Henry."

"Do you sleep here?"

"I don't sleep Henry. I like Sabrina. Pay attention Daniel, and remember what I said." Henry got coffee and sat down across from me.

"You want to talk about it?" I nodded

"Do you?" He looked at me and nodded.

He told me to go first so I told about the dreams and what Marnine said, and how much it pissed Annie off, and last nights dream, and Ella not saying anything, and what Joseph had just said and how off kilter I felt because I didn't know the threat. I shared my angst, which felt good. Henry was quiet as he thought.

"I hate to agree with Joseph, just because, but he's right. It's a shitty hand, as it is now... in your mind. Maybe you think you can no longer push because you're not focused on anyone. It's hard to find someone you don't know, except marginally, which is what you did in the dream. You sensed the threat, you don't know who to focus on yet." I smiled at him as I grabbed the coffee pot and refilled our cups.

"Thanks Henry, that was helpful. You want to tell me about Sabrina?" He looked over my shoulder, and then at me. 'I'm not going to say anything Henry because it's not their business until you make it their business. Sara won't care in the slightest. Chloe and Janey might...Chloe probably will, and David, but it's not their business."

"How did you know?"

"Bri?" He smiled.

"I knew I fucked up with that, especially with you." I smiled.

"Henry, I wouldn't care anyway, but you've been exceedingly generous when it came to me and the girls. It'll be fine. I'll get punched numerous times but I'm use to that. Let me know about the stuff you bought so I can meet them, or give you the keys. I'm glad you like the Pub idea. Can you imagine the girl? They'll love it." He smiled.

We locked up and I headed back to the shop and texted Deat, before I got out of the truck, to have him bring his photo's again. I got out and walked. They brought the portable toilets, and the tables and chairs. Tomorrow morning at this time would be when it started getting busy. I needed to go to storage and get stuff before heading back to Henry's, and then to Sam's house to get his grill and, we needed to figure out where everyone was staying for the next few days.

It was five and I figured the girls were still sleeping so I sat out front and called my cousin Kimberly. She had been a silversmith for as long as I could remember, but she was quite famous now. I hadn't spoken to her since my parents died, but I hadn't spoken to Stephanie and Alison since then either. It was terrible but I doubted I was alone in not speaking to cousins, which still didn't make it right. I suspected that was about to change, if Sara had anything to do with it. I'd also be hard pressed to not speak with Melissa. I called Kim.


"Hey Kim..."

'Oh my God, how are you? Do you what time it is?"

"Here, yeah. There, no because I'm still not sure if you guys are linked with Newfoundland." She laughed, and said no.

"How are you?"

"I'm good. It's complicated, but I'm getting married, and I need a ring.... in platinum....soon. Can you do it? Sorry for the short notice."

"It's fine, but platinum is expensive...."

"Can you melt it?"


"I have some."

"I'm finishing up a piece now and it should be finished by Monday. I'll put you in next. Do you know what you want, and do you have a stone?" I was quiet. "I'll take that as a no," as she laughed.

"I know what I want but I don't where to to get one, and make sure it's real."

"I have someone I use, and trust. What are you thinking?"

"A blue diamond." Silence.

"Let me call you back." Kim hung up.

I never spent much time with my mom's side of the family. I'm mean, occasionally, but not regularly. It wasn't because we didn't like them. I suppose it was because there were three boys in our family and we focused on my dad and his side. My mom would always go away before school/lessons started, but no one said much. It was just that was she going to the 'island' to see her family. I had never thought anything about it, but I was beginning to think about it after. I had always assumed the 'Island' was Nova Scotia, but now I wasn't so sure. The phone rang.

"It's nice hearing your voice Daniel." I told her likewise. "You have a pen and paper?" She gave the name and number of her gem guy. "I told him you are my closest family, and that you'd be calling him. Even with a professional discount, they are pricey, Daniel." I told her I knew. "They're fucking gorgeous, especially set in platinum. Do you have a design, or ideas, that I can I think about?"

"Partially, I am still feeling it but she's Norwegian, and they're Druids, so I was thinking about something delicate, but strong... like roots in a band that comes up to hold the diamond." Silence. "Kimberly?"

"So it's true?" Silence.


"There aren't very many old family's left Daniel. Annie is kind of a big deal. I just never imagined that you were 'him.' Crap! Do have any idea what this means?" I felt like I was insane.

"Not really, but I'm guessing that your middle is Askeland as well." She laughed.

"All daughters on your mom's side of family share the family name as their middle one. Is there any chance you can visit me?"

"I'll work it out, Kim. Thanks for helping Send me info for someplace close to stay." Silence.

"I will sweets, and I'll start dreaming about the ring. I have some ideas. You know this is a big fucking deal, right." Silence.

'Thanks Kim. I'm sorry it's taken so long to connect, but I appreciate the help. I'll let you know about coming out. Annie and Chloe walked out with three cups of coffee and wearing Spiderman, and Wonder Woman PJ's. Sara had stashes everywhere. It never ceased to amaze me how cute they looked in them. It was both totally innocent, and unbelievably erotic, all at the same time.

Annie looked at me, worried. "Bad dreams." I nodded and filled them in.

"Henry and Joseph gave me somethings to ponder. I've already called Deat to bring his photo's again so that maybe I can connect with something. We'll just have to deal as best we can but lets not say anything yet, especially to Sara." They nodded.

"We need to talk about Norway, and the ceremony. They got serious as Lieve came out wrapped in the alpaca blanket, sat in Chloe's lap, and stole her coffee. I handed her mine. "I called my cousin, who is a silversmith, and she can make a ring, but she would like me to go to Nova Scotia so we can talk in person because, apparently, you are a pretty big deal, Missy." Chloe looked at me, and at Annie.

"Excuse me?"

"The amount that I DON'T know, Chloe, is staggering. Before we go there I really to know if there is something else I need to be aware egarding the ceremony?" "ANNIE?"

"You will be expected to get a gift for my mom, and Ama. These are not easy gifts, sweets. They will be judged, brutally." Silence. Chloe, Lieve, and I looked at her. Chloe spoke.

"What, Annie?"

"My sister also needs a gift, and she's not happy, and her fiance is a prick, ruthlessly ambitious. They already don't like you."

"Do I have to get him a gift?" She said no. "Can I hit him?" She smiled

"There will be a HUGE gathering, and meal for family, friends, and guests... and yes, Loves, it's a huge deal. You'll be expected to drink warm blood, daniel... a front of everyone." SHIT!, not because of the blood, but because it sounded a lot like my dream. "Do you know how to hunt?"

"It's been a while but Unc, Javier, Sam and I were suppose to go this fall, but guess we'll reschedule that, and I'll go to the range and clean my guns." Annie and Chloe smiled.

"They want to know that you are a good provider, even though you would never need to hunt. It's dumb."

"It's not dumb, Annie. It makes total sense to me. It's got nothing to do with if I would ever HAVE to kill a deer. It matters if I could. Guys are complex in our simplicity given the roles we have had for millennia, and that's in a patriarchal society. It's been a while but I could hold my own." Annie and Chloe smiled. Lieve got up, still half tired, and walked back inside. She came out with the pot of coffee and another cup, poured, and sat back in Chloe's lap.

"Can I choose the gifts, or is there a list?" Silence.

'You have to choose the gifts, for Chloe, Sara, Janey, and Melissa, as well because Janey will be standing with her Chloe, and Melissa will be standing with Sara. Your gift to me, aside from you," She smiled, and blushed, which made both Chloe and Lieve smile, "is your ring. You will be judged on that as well."

"Anything else?"

"I totally, and completely love all of you."

"Ok, then." Annie walked over and sat in my lap. "Tell me about your planes. love?"
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take me part 228
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I called Unc as the ache in my balls stopped. I wasn't keen on walking because Melissa was like the rest them when it came to squeezing balls, especially if they were annoyed, and that seemed to be a regular thing.

"Hey Danny, we're headed into CO. We going to stop at Glenwood Springs for the pool and caves. Janes and Ali booked a room, as did we too so everyone could take showers. Sarah and the are going to sleep there, but we're doing a movie and pizza night. Don't worry...Jake and Emily are fine. We had a great time in Utah but we ALL miss you guys. We'll a good evening, and night, and then morning and head back. I-70 is open, so fingers crossed, we'll be there early afternoon. How are things? You haven't forgotten about Steph and Ali have you." Silence. "Daniel?"

"Of course not, Ellen. Don't be silly." I could Billy laughing in the background, along with everyone else. "I would have remembered. It's been kinda chaotic. We'll pick them up. We're also going to be playing musical houses with everyone, and you and Unc aren't staying at the shop because we have a new employee and she needed a place to stay, but we'll work it..."

"Hi Ellen, it's me, Chloe, Annie, and Melissa, and Daniel is a big, dumb, idiot. Tell us everything again and don't leave anything out." Sara pulled me out of the chair, by my beard, and sat down. Melissa sat in her lap and stuck her tongue at me as Chloe and Annie laughed and did the same. I walked inside wondering what I gotten myself into. Bethany was in the study with Henry, and Christine and Sabrina were sitting at the island, talking.

"The girls are talking with everyone." Christine ran outside. I stuck my head in and said the same to Bethany, and stepped aside. Jake and Emily were going to be pummeled. Henry came in said they need to go. I looked at them.

"We're going to get Chinese. Let everyone know. Oh wait, they aren't talking to you. Henry laughed as they walked out." I flipped him but he didn't see it. I went into the study, grabbed the headphones and put in 16 Horsepower, out of Denver, and closed my eyes until Chloe and Annie walked in and bit me. They were worried.

"Are you OK? That's pretty intense, mister."

"It's 16 Horsepower."

"I know who it is, sweets. I live in Denver. It's still intense. What?" They sat down.

"Marnine showed up in my dream and said I needed to pay attention because I wasn't done with Gustav."

"I thought he was dead."

"Me too, I watched him die, but I can't see anything now."

Annie spoke, "Is that all she said?" I nodded. "She's always been a fucking bitch. You have NO idea how much goodwill you earned by ripping her heart out. What? I was going to give her the benefit of the doubt but this is bullshit." Chloe looked at her. "OK, I'm breathing."

"Do have ANY sense?" I looked at her, and shook my head. "Fuck."

"Pretty much, and you need to go pick up Stephanie and Alison at the airport tomorrow. I have to help with some here for the fourth, and then help Sam and Henry." They both stared at me.

"What are we going to do, Daniel?"

"Marnine told me to pay attention, so I'm going to pay attention." Annie huffed as Chloe hugged her. It was pretty amazing how easily we all shifted into our new lives. Sara and Melissa, and me, Chloe, and Annie. We were still a family, and loving, and intimate, just not in an overtly sexual way. It was like some shift was made. Nothing changed other than the four of us sleeping together, and having sex. Everything else was the same. Henry and Sabrina walked in.

"We've got dinner." Annie and Chloe and looked at me.

"We pay attention. Let's eat."

"The girls and I, all of them, had such an ease, and we were all so similar in our humor, that it was sort of striking. We pretty much entertained each other until there was something that needed to be dealt with, like dealing with a guy who was suppose to be dead, aside from that we were your normal Denver family. We all got food and watched dusk go to dark as Bob came out and stretched, yawned, looked at us and walked out as Sara clapped, and said...

"Where are we going to put Deats' family mister? Denver is a big place and we don't want them far away." Bethany was looking at me and I didn't need to be intuitive to know what she was thinking.

"What do you think, Sara?" She looked at me.


"Of course." None of us went into a relationship, or three, lightly. The reason I gave my mom's ring to Lieve was because I would never need it, and the girls were the same way, so if we mated, then it was for life. She looked at me and everyone.... all of whom were quite attentive as they ate. Sara put her plate down.

"Well, as much as I love our homes, I think we have too many. I mean I have one...thanks dad... and so does so Melissa, and Janey has one...and so does Alison. Chloe has one, and Daniel has the shop...and Annie owns Norway." Everyone laughed.

"Only the northern part, love." Sara smiled.

"I think we are all agreed that we want Deat, Melinda and the girls close to us. It's like Maggie and Sam, and Bet and Javier." We all nodded in silence, so she would continue. "I don't know what the technical term is Bethany, but I'm guessing they will get 'oodles' of money for their house in DC."

"I'm pretty sure that's the technical term, Sara." She smiled.

"Sara looked at me, Chloe, and Annie. When everyone leaves, you need to go to Chloe's because my house is the only one that will work for them, and you and Jake are fine are fine at Chloe's." We nodded. They can get a big dumb house somewhere a far way away, but that won't work because of traffic, They have to be close, especially while the girls are still young."

We had ALL stopped eating at that point, and were staring at her, because she was right.. whether Deat and Melinda knew it. Chloe got up and kissed her sister, held her face, and said,

"You are spectacularly amazing Sara."


"Really, and you're right." She clapped and then hugged Melissa. She was right. We had too many houses and we either needed to start renting them out, which made the most sense since we were close, or sell some because the residential market was nuts. The commercial market was crap which was why Bethany was looking at me.

Chloe, Annie, and I put the Marnine discussion out of our heads as we all ate, and laughed.. Chloe and Annie both sat on my lap to talk but Sara saw us and came over and sat on top of Annie and Chloe as they laughed, and I grunted, which was when Melissa came and sat on top of Sara, and we all grunted...and laughed. I couldn't laugh so I tickled and it got shared up the pile until people started getting off me so I could breathe.

It wasn't very late. We were all laughing when Lieve walked out with a huge a plate, and eggrolls, so I knew she was upset. Chloe and Annie sensed it too and got up as she sat in my lap and ate while everyone watched. I rubbed her back.

I didn't know exactly how old Lieve was but I figured early twenties. I knew she craved a safe male figure in her life, which was why she kissed me, and why she was sitting on my lap eating as everyone watched. It was a actually a good sign because she was comfortable, and what she saw was kinda weird.

"How the food, sweets?" She looked at me with noddles sticking out of her mouth."

"Good," everyone laughed. "Can everyone do that?" I shook my head. "Can you?" I nodded. "How?" Bethany, Christine, and Sabrina were confused but everyone else was intently listening.

"I'm not sure. It just happened." She kept eating and looked at everyone.

"Should I be scared?


"Will y'all stay with me tonight?" We nodded.

"Good. I like this." Everyone went about their conversations as usual as Chloe, Annie, and I talked with Lieve. Sara and Melissa walked up kissed her.

"Here's the deal, goofball. You don't get to spend all of your time with them...they're kinda dumb and old anyway, so we're all sharing you, and that's before Janey and Alison meet you. Also, we need to go shopping at the thrift store." Lieve perked up. "We have a great thrift store. We've been shopping there since we were . You need clothes, love. OK?" She nodded. "Good. We love you. We ALL love."

Bethany and Christine came up but Lieve didn't get up. I knew what Bethany was thinking. Christine said they were excited. We all were. It was a hard week being away from the . They kissed Lieve, and me and said they would see us the following day. Henry and Sabrina said goodbye too, and walked out. I didn't focus on it but I was sort of curious, after earlier, and smiled.

"You planning on getting up anytime soon, Missy." She shook head and kissed my cheek. Chloe and Annie took the plates in, did the dishes, walked back and sat down.

Lieve looked at me. "Will you change for me, so I can see you, Daniel?"

"It's easier if I shift Annie because that's when it happened. I'm not as good at it, yet."
She nodded as Chloe hugged her. Annie and I ran at the fence, jumped, shifted and ran a ways.

"Where are they?"

"Running. It's pretty freeing. They'll be back, love. don't worry." Annie and I jumped the fence in tandem, and stopped as Lieve gasped. holding Chloe's hand. We walked up to her as Lieve squeezed.

"It's OK, Love. Look at their eyes." She did." They won't hurt you, or us...any of us. They would die to protect us. You're completely safe. Go on. They like the back their ears scruffed."

Lieve walked up as Annie and I looked at her. She reached out Annie and she licked her, which made Lieve smile and hug her neck. Annie shifted back as Chloe walked up and hugged her.

"You have a strong grip. Would you like a ride?" I looked up as she nodded. Annie helped he up. 'Hold here, and you won't hurt him. I promise. I've bitten him worse than that." Chloe looked at her. "What? We tussle sometimes and I'm quicker. Hold on, sweets."

I turned, ran, leaped over the fence, and ran while Lieve held on and breathed. It didn't take long for her to get comfortable and she leaned into me and directed me with her hands pulling. I have no idea how long we ran but she was having a blast. She pulled hard on my right so I turned right, and skidded to a stop. Lieve wasn't expecting the abruptness and the only reason she didn't go flying was because of her grip. She got the rest of the way off of me, laughing. I looked at her and butted her with my head. She hugged me, said she was sorry and climbed back on as we went home. I jumped the fence and walked up to Chloe and Annie as Lieve climbed down and I shifted.

"That was the most amazing thing...EVER!"

"Lieve, this is important. Daniel, Annie, and Melissa shift mainly because of threats, or stress. They did it so you would feel comfortable, but that's not typical, and only some of us know." She looked at them like Sara does some times.

"We know you have a ton of questions but it's getting late and we have a busy day tomorrow. Go take a shower, you smell, and then come to bed. I grabbed sweats and shirt and then walked out front to check. I was wondering if I was still able to push. I locked up, set the alarm and went to take a shower, because I really smelled, but my shirt was gone. I walked into the bedroom and Lieve was wearing it and was ensconced in between Chloe and Annie and they were all sound a sleep. I grabbed my last shirt, took a shower, brushed and wondered how they could all go to sleep so quickly. I turned out the light and waited for the dreams.
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take me part 227
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I was sure glad I didn't have a pet, except Bob, because if I had a dog, or cat, I'd probably be in the ER as that was how fast I ran through the house. I'm still not sure how I was able to open the back door and not kill myself in the process. You ever have those dreams when you're being chased by something and you want to look behind you but are scared to. Multiply that times four. I hadn't really thought out my plan because I should have run the opposite direction. I thought about leaping over the fence and shifting but Annie is way quicker than I am, and it would just piss the other three off, so I turned to face the inevitable with my hands up in a sign of surrender, and they tackled me.

I don't mean a fun...haha... tackle. Noooo, I mean a hardcore, pissed off safety tackle from your blindside. Chloe went low, to affect the most pain as Annie went high. Sara and Lieve dived on top to make sure ALL of the breath was knocked out me. They were laughing, biting, tickling and squeezing as Melissa, Bethany and Christine walked up and watched us, shaking their heads, as we laughed and got up. Chloe kissed me and shook her head.

"You're like a ." I nodded and smiled.

Sara went running up to Melissa and hugged her as they kissed. "Come see what we all got for Norway from Daniel, except Annie, because it has to be a special ring because it's her clan." I cringed, but Sara pulled it of. She showed her the ring, which was on her little finger, luckily. "We need it for the ceremony, and I'll keep it for the baby, but when you and I get married I have my mom's ring to give to you. We were stunned. Melissa looked at her and started crying as Sara hugged her.."Come on silly, come see."

She showed her Lieve's ring and told her everything that Lieve had said about both their rings and then took her over to see Chloe's ring as she clapped because she was excited. "We had their legal wedding in the bank, can you imagine that?" Melissa looked at the ring, and then at me.

"May I see it Chloe?" Chloe nodded and handed it to her as Melissa looked at it. "Do you have magnifying glass Daniel. I nodded and went inside and then handed it to her as she looked inside the ring and then stared at me as she handed both to Chloe.

"It says 'Aske.' What does it mean, and how did you know it was there, Melissa?" Melissa kept staring at me.

"What is your mother's middle name?" I looked at her, perplexed.

"It's an odd name...I think Swedish. Askeland. Why" She opened her pack and grabbed her wallet as she took out license and handed it to me. I looked at her and looked down. Her middle name was Askeland. I showed Chloe and Annie as Sara stepped into to see.

Sara looked at Melissa. "What does that mean, Love?"

Annie said, "It's not Swedish,sweets. It's Norwegian, but it's sort of all the same. It means Ash and land." Melissa nodded.

"It means Daniel and I share the same blood. She was shaking, and confused. I could feel Annie getting worried. Melissa dropped her bag, ran at the fence, jumped and shifted, and then ran east, followed by Annie. The rest of us just stared at each other, except for Bob who was unimpressed since neither were chasing him. He went into his den to take a nap before his hunt.

"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!!!!!!!" Lieve was freaking out. "Seriously, they turned into animals and jumped over the fence. Please tell me I'm not hallucinating?" Chloe looked me and preemptively punched me in the chest. Chloe and Sara each took a hand and led her back inside.

"Come on sweets, let's get some Prosecco and tell you about our family. It's not as scary as it seems." Jesus, crazier was happening faster and faster. I didn't even know what I needed to do at that moment but I knew I was behind on all of it. I pushed outward and felt nothing around us. Maybe it wasn't working. FUCK! Henry and Sabrina walked out.

"What's wrong with Lieve?"

"You don't want to know Henry." He nodded and left it at that. Wisdom.

"I called Sabrina and met her at the restaurant, which is why I wasn't here this afternoon," I told him I hadn't noticed, with a straight, "and we talked about the remodel of the restaurant, but also the entire building. We also looked around at the rest of the shopping center. I called friend of mine who appraises commercial real estate and I'm meeting him tomorrow. If the price is good. I'm interested in your idea about buying it. Bri filled me on some of her thoughts about the space..."


"What? It's less syllables, and I'm old. Anyway, do you have any space in your storage units?"

"Yeah, how much?"

"A lot." I stared at both of them. "This has been a brutal year for restaurants, and bars." I nodded. It'd been a brutal year across the board, except for death. "I know someone who is losing his bar and Sabrina, and I... Happy?" I smiled, and nodded as Sabrina shook her head. "We went and looked at his place and long story, I bought the bar and backstop, the stools, the tables and chairs, glasses...pretty much everything." I stared at him as Chloe said,

"You did what dad?" Sara was nodding.

"It was an amazing price and everything is in great shape, and has a great patina..." Chloe looked at her."

"It is my place Chloe, and I haven't been all that interested since your mom died. I am interested again. It's a great idea and I would like a neighborhood Pub...and Sabrina is right, it was a great price and he needed the money. Someone was going to get it and someone was going to luck out. I made sure it was us."

Chloe exhaled and walked back inside. 'We're meeting with Bethany next week dad. Period!" Sara said "Yeah," and took Lieve inside with her...which was pretty cute. Sabrina looked at me.

"You're fine. It's been a stressful day and that is when Annie, and Melissa jumped over the fence, thankfully they had shifted back. They both walked up, hugged me, and bit my chest.

"Should we leave?"

"No Henry, it's been a weird day."

"As opposed to all others."

"Go inside and figure out dinner with Chloe. I assume you're staying Sabrina." She nodded.
"Are you OK, Melissa?" She nodded as Sara came running out and launched herself at Melissa and started biting her neck, as Melissa laughed." Annie and I smiled and went to sit down by the fire pit. Chloe walked out and sat in my lap after she stroked Annie's hair.

"Nice run, Love?" Annie smiled and nodded.

"She's fine. It was just a shock."

"How's Lieve?"

"The same, she's in her room, processing."

Sara and Melissa walked up and sat down opposite us. "Hey cuz." She smiled, and flipped me off. "How did you know to check?"

"My great-grandmother had a ring like that and she showed me the initials and said it represented my middle name. I was young but I loved her, and that ring. I have no idea who got it but I'm sure there were more than one. It was quite the shock to see it and know we're related. I needed to run. Annie and I had a good time. I can see why you are marrying into these clans."

"How are you with this?"

"Curious, because I don't know all that much about my mom's side, but..."

"But what?"

"You wiped my butt, Melissa." I have no idea how I kept a straight face, but I did.

Chloe and Annie both said I was an idiot, and punched me as they walked inside, as did Sara.

"You were doing so well."

Melissa walked up and kissed me on lips and then squeezed my balls as she walked in. It was worth it.
take me part 226
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After the notary, who also happened to be my branch manager, put her stamp on the form Chloe and I kissed while everyone clapped but Sara clapped, and jumped up and down. Janey and Alison were going to pissed, and Alison was going to be a little freaked out but she really didn't know anything because we kept her out of that for this exact reason. I hadn't been able to touch into Simon for a while, so I assumed he was dead. I was uncertain why Marnine would warn me, and more than annoyed at the absolute vagueness. It was like they all delighted in fucking with me in some perverse way, but at least Chloe and I were legally married. I don't think it would matter unless I died, because everyone thought she was my wife when I was in the hospital, but it was one less thing. Now I needed call cousin Kimberly, in Nova Scotia and see how long it would take her to make a ring, and talk with Annie to see if there were any other surprises.

We pulled up to the shop and Sam and Carl were having a beer waiting for Mandi to get there. Chloe was on the phone talking with the house cleaners we used. I sat down and Sam offered me a beer. I shook my head. "Deat and I had one, or three, too many Bloody Mary's so I'm good."

"So you're officially hitched?"

"Yeah, at least in the US." Deat walked up and shook his head at Sam for the same reason I did.

"Can we take a walk?"

"Yeah, of course, enjoy the beer guys. You're doing great Carl. What's up?" I wasn't looking forward to this.

"I have a huge favor to ask."

'Deat, you're my family. I'll do anything I can...well, almost anything." He laughed.

"Most of the time I was on the phone, I wasn't working. I checked in with the office and the investigation is in slough mode and grunt work. I was talking with Mel. Apparently all of them have taken quite the shine to your girls and they all want to move back here, Melinda especially." I stared at him.


"Yeah. I called my boss in DC and he begrudgingly accepted my request for a transfer back to Denver. I'm stepping down as the head of the Task Force. We'll still be involved because Denver was one the originating cases but I won't have to be flying all over God's half acre once it's complete. I've got another month because I have to hand over the reigns and make sure it's a seamless transfer."

"That happened pretty fast, but I'm happy for all of you. I think you'll be way happier here. I know I'll like it....well, because of the girls." He smiled, nodded, and flipped me off."

"Here's the thing, I'm going to be dealing with transition with the case, and getting up to speed in Denver, and dealing with the house, and movers, and all of that pain in the ass shit, and school is going to be starting in no time at all." I nodded. "Is there a place Mel and the girls can stay while they get situated and we look for a place? I know it's a huge ask, but..."

"Shut up....huge ask. You really are a moron. Of course, we have plenty of space.... well, after this weekend because all the chickens are coming home to roost so I might be staying with you lot. It's a done deal, and the girls will LOVE it. I can guarantee they will be fighting over which house Mel, and the girls, will stay in.." He hugged me.

"That is a huge relief because I really didn't want them in a Residence Inn. I can deal with the house in DC and all of that but it would be wonderful to have no more stress on top of will already be there."

"Hey, of course, consider it a done deal brother. Sara's going to jump through the roof. How is this going to affect the task force?"

'Honestly, we've hit a brick wall which is why I said we were in slough mode. It happens in investigations, but there are a lot of eyes watching, and waiting, for these folks to turn back up. I wanted to talk with you because there was a...peculiarity with that Rothman guy but we don't even know if he was involved in this. Truthfully, we don't if any of them were involved. I was just tying up loose ends, and I was worried about you. We'll keep going through the information I received and see what shakes loose. So far, there are a lot of powerful and wealthy people involved."

"And a lot of expensive law firms, I bet."

"Oh man, you have no idea. What you said at breakfast made a lot sense to me, about using the spotlight of the investigation to make a shift sideways. I'd rather be able to go home at the end of the day and see my family and ride out my time to retirement here in Denver."

"And you can teach the girls to ski." He smiled as we walked toward the shop and Sara came bounding out, jumped on and bit my shoulder. I love my ring mister, but guess what. You'll never guess in a million-billion years."

"Melinda and the girls are moving back to Denver." Sara looked at me. stunned.

"You really are a wizard, but yeah, and I told them they could stay with us because we have plenty of space...and how cool will that be." She kept staring at me. "Bet is right, you are kinda scary." She ran back inside.

"That was funny, and mean, all at the same time." I nodded as we laughed and walked inside. Deat walked out back to get his stuff and say goodbye to the girls before heading back the hotel. Lieve walked up and hugged me.

"Can we talk?"

"Of course." We went and sat in the shade. "What's up?" She reached out to hand me the ring, but I didn't move to take it.

"I can't accept this Daniel, as amazing, and loving, as it is. It's too much, and it was your mom's."

"Lieve, those three rings have been locked in the safe since my parents died and my brother's didn't want them. We're your family now which means my mom would be your aunt, and she would be happy that you had it. Sara took the ring she wanted, as did Chloe, and you heard Annie."

"What's up with that? Who refuses a gorgeous platinum ring because it belonged to someone else."

"They're Old World Norwegians."

"Listen sweets, I know you just met us, and things are happening quickly, but that's how we are in this family. We all bond pretty fast, and once you're family, you're family. You hold onto the ring because you know what it is, and appreciate it. I'd rather that you enjoy it and admire it instead of it being stuck in the safe. Please.If you don't want to give it to someone, eventually, that's fine." She got up and sat in my lap as the girls, and Deat, came out for him to say goodbye, and kissed me on the lips.

"I've never kissed a man before Daniel, and I'm still lesbian, so don't let it go to your head, but thank you." She kissed my forehead as she got up and walked over to Sara. I walked Deat to his SUV.

"You have a very weird life, Daniel." I nodded.

"Quite the day, huh?" He nodded." I'll text you the address for tomorrow. My family will be heading into town...I'm guessing early afternoon and will need to shower and change, but we should all be there around noon to start getting ready. Play it by ear and call me if you need to...and tell Mel that we are all VERY happy." He hugged me and said he would.

"Enjoy the Zoo. You'll fit right in." He flipped me off as he drove away. Sara and Lieve were sitting and admiring the rings as Lieve was enthralling her about antique rings and how old Sara's was. She was mesmerized. Annie and Chloe walked up and hugged me.

"I'm not sure my family will be able to top that ceremony, that was pretty amazing." We all smiled. How did it go with Deat? Anything to worry about?"

"I don't think so but he's a cop and this is a puzzle. He's transferring back to Denver though and won't heading the investigation. It's like he's fitting a puzzle together and a quarter of the pieces are missing."

"So Sara was right about Mel and the girls..... We ALL love them, by the way. How does it feel to be hitched, mister?"

"Pretty darn good, except for this ball and chain around my ankle." They stared at me in utter disbelief as I ran to the back with them screaming at me, and laughing. Sara and Lieve followed even though they had no idea why. I would be brutalized in about forty seconds.
take me part 225
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We walked out front and I traded my badge for my knife as Deat shook his head and we headed back toward the hotel. There was a breakfast place he liked close to it. After we got in the SUV I asked if he could share any info about what was going on because we only had limited info from the news, and then there was nothing.

"I can't say much except it was/is extensive. We have the info sent to me, so we are going through the names but they mostly seem to be the people who were paying. What we have discovered was intricately set up, and extensive..."

"And disgusting from the little that was on the news." He looked at me and nodded.

"There is not a word to describe it, Daniel, and we have only scratched the surface. They've gone dark and shifted most everything. We're running into brick walls right and left, but we're in the grunt work now. Interpol is handling the EU and we're dealing with N.A. They seem to be interconnected, but we have no proof. It's totally frustrating for everyone because we want these pricks."

"It's gotta be, Deat, especially because of the girls." He looked at me as we pulled into the parking lot.

"It fucking sucks, Daniel because I don't want to talk with Melinda about it, and freak her out, but it's terrible because I kiss the girls good night and think THANK GOD!" I nodded. "You're the first person outside of work that I have said anything to. It's not limited information but it's nice to just tell someone." I was quiet because I did know.

"Let's have breakfast, and a bloody mary, and catch up. I'm pretty sure Melinda is getting an earful." I laughed as we got out and walked into the cafe. It's amazing how years can pass and good friends, like family, will just pick right back where they left off.

We ordered drinks and I asked where they were going? "We're just going up to Breckenridge because it's close, and we don't have a lot of time. The girls will like it because it's got the old mountain town vibe. We use to ski up there when we live here, so Melinda will like it. I told him about Uncle Billy and Ellen, and Utah and how much fun they were having. He looked at me wistfully.

"That's what I'd like to do while the girls are still young, and we still can. You said that the information I got in the mail was a ticket to whatever I wanted. Well, that was kinda right. I'm heading the task force and am on the fast track to move up in D.C., except I hate it there, and Melinda hates it there." We ordered food and another round. I wasn't sure if he was trying to get me tipsy, or he just wanted a friend to talk with.

"Being here in Denver is hard for both me and Melinda because you remember how much we loved it here." I nodded as he chewed on the celery, thinking. Heading up this task force is, as you said, the biggest career break I could get. It's epic."

I looked at him as I chewed my celery stalk and the waiter put down two more. We lifted glasses and smiled. I was quiet, but looking at him. "How long have I known you Deat?" He smiled as he did the math.

"At least 12 years, probably longer."

"You knew my family," he nodded," and you are more of a brother to me, than my own brothers have ever been, so I am going to say this as your brother, and because I love you. If you are unhappy in D.C., and Melinda is unhappy, then fuck the task force." The waiter put our food down and smiled. "A job is a job, because that is what it is, is not as important as sanity, and you family...period. It just isn't, and I don't want to see you and Melinda drift apart because of a bunch of degenerate shitheads." We started eating to counter the vodka, mainly so we could have one more. We both got huevos rancheros, like we always had.

"Listen, truth be told, I like Melinda a hell of a lot more than you, and I always have. That said, she sees...something in you, and I adore the girls, so I don't want to see you fuck things up, Deat, by being a with a bone. When I said what I did, I didn't realize neither of you didn't like Washington." He looked at me, because I was on a roll, because I did love them all, bunches.

"Can you take what you have created with the task force, and head up the Denver office? Denver is one of the cities that made national news, and is why you guys are on it. That's not where this 'could' take your career, but it could be where it 'could' take your life, and family...and make all of you happy again. I'm just sayin."

Deat smiled, "When did you get so fucking smart?"

"I've always been this smart, ask Mel." He laughed and called me an asshole. "You wanted to talk with me about something that got flagged by the bureau." He nodded and reached into his bag as the waiter came up. He looked me, and I nodded because the hotel was four blocks away.

"Once more, and I'll take the check. Thanks. First of all, Daniel, I needed that because you always cut through the shit, so thank you. I am wondering why this man, now deceased, ended up on the floor of the restaurant you are involved in? Do you know him?" I looked at the photo, intently.

"This is the guy that shot me?" He nodded.

"His name is Alexander Rothman, at least we think it is but he was spec. ops, and counter intel, so we don't really know, but I was wondering why he showed at your back door." I looked at him as the waiter brought the last round, the girls did get stoned last night. I pushed the photo back to him.

What makes you think it was related to me, or any of us Deat? The detective I spoke with at Denver Metro said they thought it was mistaken info....wrong place, wrong time. Before now, I had only seen him for maybe 40 seconds. I've been helping open Henry's for months, and he never came in until that morning. I wish I could help you, but I truly don't know anything about him, except I'm glad he's dead." Deat reached back into his bag and I knew this was what he was really interested in.

"Have you ever seen any of these people?" Fuck! I had seen all of them. I looked at him, and then the photo's. "We, think, Rothman was connected to this man. He goes by Gustav, but his last name is...flexible. We think he is one of the upper people in this organization, but they ran a very tight operation. We got these from Interpol, by way of a fluke." I looked at them, took a sip, and nodded.

The photo's were of Gustav, Simon, the shit in Scottsbluff, the woman that supplied the girls to Gustav in Denver, and Philip...Alison's boyfriend when I met her, and Sara. I picked up the photo of Philip and took another sip as I looked at it. Three of the four of these people were dead. I sure wished he didn't have this photo because that would bring Alison into it, which none of us wanted.

"I've never seen any of them, but I know him. All I know is that his name Philip. This is...embarrassing, so discretion. I answered an add on an adult website for a couple that wanted to spice up their relationship. I chatted with the woman, Alison, and we really hit it off, and would email, and text." Deat was taking notes. We met a local restaurant, I can't remember the name but Sara would know." He looked at me and pointed to the hotel.

"That Sara?" I nodded.

"It's complicated, even though it didn't seem to be at the time. I had dinner with Alison and Philip. Philip wanted to watch her have sex with another man. We met at the restaurant to see if that would happen. Sara was our waitress." He looked at me and smiled.

"You're serious." I nodded. He extended his hand for me to continue.

"Alison wanted to be dominated, but told what to do. She wanted me to come back to their place but I told her no...."

"Because she wanted to be dominated." I nodded.

The place closed and Alison and Philip left, and Alison was livid. She had my number, but I only answered when I wanted. I was playing along with her fantasy. I had every intention of meeting with them, and that is when Sara walked out. I said hi. She smiled and asked why I didn't go with them, so I told her and asked if she would like to go somewhere for coffee, or breakfast. She looked at me and got in my car, and we ended up having pancakes at Henry's because Henry is basically her dad. She's a part of the family."

He looked at me and we both took a drink of the bloody mary. Deat looked at his watch. He was kinda stunned. He put is pen down. "And who is Chloe?"

"Chloe is Henry's oldest , and Sara's de facto sister."

"I could be wrong but they both, all, look pregnant." I took a large sip and nodded.

"He motioned for the waiter and pointed at the glasses as he called Melinda. Luckily they were all enthralled as well, except with Mimosa's. "Hey love, Daniel and I are taking longer than I thought..."

"That's fine. We're having such a great time and the girls are more in love than they are with Daniel."


"Sorry, but it's true. Take your time because there's a change of plans, love. They are are having a family cookout tomorrow to welcome a new baby and we are staying here and going to that, so take your time. Bye."

He looked at me as I smiled. "Imagine that times three."

"Ok, let's finish with Philip and Alison."

"Sara invited me for pancakes at Henry's, and I fell in love with her, and them. I told Alison and she was disappointed and it thought was over until she called and said Philip was acting weird, and she was scared. She had my number so I told her where the shop was and Sara and I met her here because it's a safe space. I designed it like that, and I was staying at Sara's. That's when Alison met Sara's other sister, Janey." He looked at me.

"Are you shitting me?" I shook my head.

"No, I'm not, even though it's odd. Alison and Janey totally hit it off, and now want to get married. They'll be back on Saturday. Alison got a lot of phone calls but somehow Philip showed up. I suppose Ali must have gone to her place, even though I told her not to, or he did a background search on me. He showed up at the shop once and was being aggressive toward Alison, and I decked him. He left and we never saw him again. Alison moved on because she fell in love with Janey. I doubt she has even thought of him. I know I hadn't until you showed me his photo. What is his involvement with all of that?"

"We have no idea. We're piecing together information but it's obtuse, at best. So you never saw him again?"

"Not after I clocked him, no. Like I said, I thought he got the message and left. He was kinda weird, and when he started coming after Alison, it was done. I figured he just moved on."

"Did she know anything that he was involved in? Not that I know of, and Alison is pretty forthcoming, especially because became family.. I know that Philip was a prick, and controlling, which is why she called me in the first place, and why I hit him. I don't deal with that kind of shit well." He nodded.

"I'm going to need to talk with her."

"That's not my call Deat, but I don't see why she wouldn't. However, you understand that I'm highly protective of her, and it won't tomorrow, period. They've all been in an RV for a week, a lot of them, and they are done. They are getting back tomorrow, and the family cookout is tomorrow. We didn't plan on the Feds, but you and the girls are welcome, as civilians." He smiled and nodded. "That's all I know, but I'd really like to know why I got shot so if you find some link then let me know.

"Anything else about all this crap?" He smiled and shook his head no. Deat paid the bill and we took our, whatever, Bloody Mary and sat in the lounge and talked about us, since he wasn't on a time line any longer. I called Sam to say I would be later than I thought when Sara called.

"Where are you mister?"

"I'm on speaker so don't say anything you shouldn't." She giggled because she had had champagne. "I can't make any premooses. Hi Deat. I'm Sara and welcome to the family."

'Thanks Sara, that means a lot."

"Yep, it does. Your girls, and wife, are awesomely amazing. Why are you on the east coast? Ooops, i need to go. I'm glad you'll be there tomorrow, Deat. We have a good family to be a part of. I love you sweets. I'll tell Chloe and Annie you said hi."

Deat looked at me. 'Does that happen often?"

'You have no idea, brother."

We talked about us as we sipped the rest of the bloody mary's and then he drove me back to the shop. It wasn't that far. We had no idea what the girls were doing but they all showed up several hours later, all laughing. Deat was in the kitchen on WIFI, and his phone, as I was trying not to injure myself. I figured it was better to just put Philip out there at the outset, because it didn't seem like they really knew much of anything anyway, and two of them were dead. I doubted that Simon would risk coming back, if he was still alive, or the PI that Gustav hired, that went on vacation, would. I needed to talk with Bet and Javier. I was concerned about what Marnine said, that I needed to pay attention.

Deat, Melinda, and the girls were going to leave mid-afternoon. They were going to go to the Zoo, and the Botanical Gardens, and have a nice dinner with lot's of ice cream, and then watch movies on the bed in the hotel. It sounded like a pretty good evening. I hoped that I threw enough, inadvertent dust, in his eyes. Alison really didn't know much of anything, except that Philip was a prick. We'd see soon enough.

I was borrowing trouble with time for Chloe and I to get married, again, because it kept getting changed. Everything seemed screwed up, except notary's, so I went onto the Google and download the form I needed for a Common Law Marriage, which fit for all of us because we just wanted it to be legally binding. Our ceremony would be in Norway. Chloe, Sara, and Annie walked in and looked at me. I slid the paper toward them as I walked into the bedroom and opened the safe. I found my mom's, and my grandmother's wedding rings, because none of my brother's wanted them, and looked at them.

I held them in my hand and teared up because they were idiots. They'd rather have a big, cheap diamond, and white gold, instead of a small, pristine, diamond set in platinum. I locked the safe, walked out, and put the rings on the velvet that they were I pushed it toward them. They stared at me.

Chloe looked at her watch, and at me. It was only three and we had plenty of time. Sara, of course went happy crazy, and tried on all three rings as Lieve walked in to get some kombucha for her break.

"You mind if I stay?" Sara smiled and showed her the rings, as Chloe and Annie moved aside so Lieve could sit next to them. Both of the girls had their hands on her. Sara finished and took off the rings as she put them back smiling.

"This was my mom's ring, and this was mom's mom's, and this was my dad's mom's. There were three of us but my brothers didn't want them. I still don't understand it." Lieve asked if she could pick them up and the girls all said, en masse, that she never had to ask.

She looked at them, and then at me. "These are antique platinum bands, and I'm guessing the diamonds as good as they could get, given the platinum."

I looked at her, and smiled because she was a very interesting young woman. "I assume that is the case. I know everyone who has ever looked at these tried to buy them. You have first choice Chloe, since we have to go and get married. She smiled as Sara clapped.

Chloe was like me, and Annie, we went on the energy, but Sara, and I suspect Lieve, went on their feeling. It might end up being the same in the end, but Chloe, Annie, and I, we felt the 'energy' of the person, and 'grokked,' the meaning of it. Sara decided on how it made 'her' feel, and none of us were about to second guess Sara's ability to make good choices, but she it did it in a totally unusual way."

I was watching them, and smiling, as were Chloe and Annie. Both Sara and Lieve were watching, intently. Sara's tongue was partially out, and her foot was bouncing, meaning that she was stressed, and her sister knew it. She pushed the rings to Sara.

"You met Daniel first, it should be your choice Sara" Both Sara, and Lieve exhaled as Sara clapped and she chose the ring from my dad's mom. Lieve was amazed at this and was watching intently. Sam came out and I motioned him away. Chloe pushed the last two rings to Annie. She looked at them, held them, and smiled, before she pushed them back.

'I can't except either of these, even though I would love to. It's not our tradition. I can't accept a ring from anyone else, not even family. It's dumb, but I am bound by it because my Ma' is still the head of our clan, even though I have been pushing her lately." We all smiled. 'm sorry loves. You mister, are going to have to make me a ring."

"Does it have to be made Elves?" Annie looked at me, blushed, and said that if I could pull that off, it would be acceptable." Sara clapped. Annie pushed the last two rings back to Chloe. She looked at me, and smiled as she kissed me.

Thank you, mister. She held both of them and closed her eyes. It didn't take her long, at all. to pick the oldest of the rings... my mom's, grandmothers' ring. I smiled because they were from Iceland, and Nova Scotia. I looked at Annie, and she smiled as she shrugged. I nodded as I pushed my mom's ring to Lieve, as Sara clapped. Chloe and Annie looked at me, as did Lieve.

I can't accept that Daniel, and besides, I'm gay." I laughed.

"I'm not asking you to marry me, goofball. Although I do like the tats!? Both Chloe, and Annie, hit me at the exact same time. Annie can't have it, and Chloe and Sara chose the rings they should have. Sara clapped!!! Neither of us has a living mom, but my mom would want me to give that to you so you can share it with the woman you fall in love. I would rather you have have it, then it sit in a safe, because you understand it."

They all looked me at once, which sorta scared me, and they descended on me, nibbling. I looked at Annie when they were done, and my heart hurt, but I knew what I needed to do. I just hoped I had enough time. Right now, we needed to go to my bank, which was odd, as it should be, I supposed. Sara and Lieve walked out front and told Sam and Henry it was quitting time. They didn't listen until they finished what they were working on, thankfully. Sara and Lieve showed them their rings.

Sara and and Lieve both had pure spirits. They saw the rings as how it made them 'feel.' It made them feel loved. Annie and Chloe looked at it as what it meant. They still knew the love, but they felt the depth of that love, and understood it, even though Annie couldn't accept my family's ring. We were a strange bunch, but I knew where to get a ring, assuming I had enough. Right now, I needed to get married

We all got into the truck as Sam and Henry looked at us. Ama said something about having to choose between this world, and the other. What I know is that day was a day the staff at my bank would never forget. I still wanted to go before the judge, but the date kept moving back, like most things. I'd have to talk with Charles, but Chloe and I were legally married.
take me part 224
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Lieve was going fit in just fine with everyone, as well as at the shop. She'd probably be doing Sam's job inside of five years. I pulled in behind the girls and pushed....nothing. The door was wide open and shoes were strewn in the entryway. I shook my head and smiled as I followed the path of clothes the bedroom. Chloe and Annie were fast asleep, foreheads touching, and snoring. It was I could do keep from laughing out loud, not that it would have mattered. I brushed my teeth and went bed. I wasn't sure what time it was when I woke in my dreams see Marnine smiling at . I was still a little weirded out by the sudden change. She laughed.

"You'll get use it, love. You really did do a huge favor by killing . You have quite the knack for picking the most interesting strays. She's in the right spot, Daniel, so wise choice, but that's not why I am here. attention Daniel because you aren't finished with Gustav," and she disappeared as I sat in bed, totally awake. I drank some water and looked at the phone. It was four-thirty. I got ready and headed to Henry's because I wanted to look at it again. The light was on as I drove . I walked around back and went front.

"What are you doing Henry?"

"You said you wouldn't be here, Daniel." I told him I couldn't sleep. " either, so I thought I'd take a look at things. You moved the tape....mind filling in."

"Sabrina moved the tape but she was right. I was thinking keep doing breakfast, and Brunch the weekends, and a limited lunch menu, but turn Henry's into a local Pub in the evenings with pub fare a limited menu. Everything from the blue tape the back wall will be expanded kitchen, storage, prep, coolers and kegs....etc. It'll serve a dual function.... the Pub side, but also this area which will be to-go meals, for folks going to work, on lunch, or coming home at dinner. Sabrina said it didn't need to be as large as I had thought, and she was right. It makes more sense to have more tables and a bigger bar." Henry was quiet so I continued. "I also want to redo the Laundromat and update the machines...make them energy and water efficient, and do a total make over of this entire strip.... update the utilities and bring it into the 21st century. I'm also thinking about buying the rest of the center because most of it is vacant, but we need to talk with Bethany." Henry looked at me.

"You and Ella, and Richard and Claire, and my parents... all of you bought into this area for your . I want the girls, and I, to do the for our and given everything going , I think now might be a good time make that investment, especially here. It'll be a lot of debt because we're also expanding the shop too, which is why we need to talk with Bethany."

Henry nodded and looked at me. "It's a lot of work Daniel, and I like working at the shop."

"I know Henry and I didn't expect you to want to go back to the kitchen. We all like you at the shop, and I know Jake and Emily will love it. We'll just be overseeing the work here, and the redesign and the girls need something to do or they are going to get themselves into trouble." He laughed. "I still have no idea what their "top secret mission" was yesterday and I'm scared to ask. I think once everything is done that you would love having a Pub." He smiled, and nodded.

"It is a huge undertaking Henry, without a doubt and we all need to be onboard with it, but when it's done it'll set the stage for the next generations of our family, of your family. We've been doing ALL the work here since I've known you, and it's been like that your adult life. I want to change that. Maggie and Sam, and Bet and Javier all have large, extended family's and I'm sure there are plenty of people who would love a decent job...and I bet a lot of them could do a better job than us. I want to help Bet and Javier shift away from what they are doing, or at least limit it's scope." He nodded.

"You're talking about a year long project, at least."

"I'm hoping eight months, but you're probably right. There's a LOT to do. I can take care of the girls, Henry, but they won't tolerate that for long." He laughed.

"No they won't, . Are they are onboard with the idea?"

"What they know about, but they're pregnant Henry, and that instinct is kicking in, but we all need discuss it. I was going to wait until Sabrina works out her ideas here, and an expanded space for the shop, but there's A LOT to do, and only so many hours in a day, and we have to go to Norway."

"You starting to regret those pancakes with Sara?"

"Not at all Henry, not at all." Chloe was calling.

"Hey, love...." They both spoke.

"Why aren't you in our bed, mister?"

"I couldn't sleep and neither could Henry so we're plotting to take over the world, or at least Denver."

"Well, at least you're both being constructive. We aren't use to pot." I laughed.

"I'm heading to the shop to get a jump on things because Deat is town. Melinda and the girls came with him. They're heading into the mountains after Deat and I talk. I have to be at the field office at and then he's taking breakfast. I figured once Sara found out that you'd be having breakfast with girls, and becoming fast friends, so I figured we could meet at the hotel."

"YEAH, mister. We need go and start getting ready. I'll call Sara. You call Deat, when it's not so early." Annie said, "and don't you be taking advantage of Lieve, mister." They both started laughing and hung as I shook my head.

"So, how's the pregnant women thing working out for you?" I told him it was interesting. ", you're not even close to having a clue yet." He laughed and walked out. "Lock . I like your plans. I'm in. I'll see you at the shop after my oatmeal."

I drove the shop and opened the overhead door let some of the cool air in because the mornings were nice. The afternoons, not so much. I checked orders, and messages, and walked into the kitchen, figuring Lieve was still sleeping. I was wrong. I put the last of the bagels on a platter because I knew Sam would want one, and probably Carl, when Lieve walked out of the bathroom, totally naked, drying her hair.

"Hey Daniel." I nodded as I no longer had to wonder about piercings, and thought that I would love to really look at her tattoo's because they were extensive, and obviously showed a journey.

"You want coffee?" She nodded as she kept drying her hair, totally unabashed. "Did you sleep well?" She smiled, and nodded as she took a sip, and Chloe and Annie walked in.

"Something we should know about, mister?" Lieve smiled.

"He's kinda cute, but I swing for the other team, and to answer your question Daniel, I slept better than I can ever remember. I feel at home here, but I'll get dressed." Chloe and Annie chimed in.....

"We don't mind you naked Lieve. We like your art." She smiled and sat down as I poured some coffee and walked into the shop shaking my head as all of them started laughing. Jesus Christ. It was still early but I loved this time of day. I was sitting outside when Annie and Chloe walked , smiling.

"We were just messing with you sweets, although she is a stunning young woman," I nodded, "and given the extent of the ink, she's probably had a tough life." I nodded. How did you find her?" I told them about Sam, and Jamie, and how she just fit. Chloe nodded, stood and kissed . "Say goodbye Annie, we need go somewhere." Annie kissed me as Chloe walked by caring a bottle of Prosecco. "Come Love, and get work Daniel. We're pregnant, and you're burning daylight."

Annie and Chloe walked into Moe's laughing and hugging each other. Jamie saw them and walked out. "I've seen of you more in the last week then I have in the last months, not that I mind." Chloe told her about Henry's being closed. "We heard, it was shocking but luckily Daniel is OK." They nodded. 'What's ?'

"We want you have this." Jamie looked at them, confused. Chloe smiled. "We absolutely adore Lieve... of us. She fits in perfectly with our family and we wanted say thanks for the find." Jamie smiled and held their hands.

"I LOVE her, and she's an amazing worker, but people are intimidated by her. She comes across as tough, but she's a big mush, and she's whip smart. She's had a pretty tough life. She was living the streets for long time, so she's pretty guarded." Chloe and Annie briefly filled her in about yesterday, wrote down the address, and told her to stop by whenever. They hugged each and headed back to shop.

I was getting wood sorted before I had to leave when Lieve walked . "Thank God you aren't planning working nude. It would be quite the distraction." She smiled, and hugged , as Annie and Chloe walked .

She looked at them, and at . "Yesterday was the first time that I have ever felt like I belonged, anywhere.... like I had a family that cared about me." The girls walked and hugged her.

"Well, Love, you have one now." Sara and Melissa walked .

"No fair calling dibs Lieve. We share equally." Lieve beamed. I wondered if she knew what she was getting herself into. I wondered if I did as Sam pulled , followed by Henry. They said hi the girls.

"We're going see my friend Deat, and his family. We should be back before one. Get the whip out Sam. I took the bagels out, as the girls and I walked to Chloe's SUV and headed to the hotel. Sara sat front with .

"Why did you hire Lieve, sweets? We love her, but we're curious."

I looked in the mirror and both Annie and Chloe were at full attention. "Sam said we needed more people, which we do, and said that we needed hire women because of their girls, and role models."

"Duh!" Chloe and Annie laughed at the time.

"I'm dense, but...."

"...Well sweets, in fairness you can't help that because of the 'y' thing, but you redeemed yourself with Lieve."

"We have a ton of stuff to do, and not much time. I'm trying to get Sam the folks that he needs, I don't just want anybody."

"Of course, not, Love, they have to fit."

"Yeah, and we were going discuss things last night...."

"....but we got stoned, as they laughed."

"Yeah, but we need talk tonight because it won't happen tomorrow, or Sunday." They smiled and nodded because we were looking forward seeing everyone. I pulled front and parked the side and we walked in. Deat and Melinda both smiled, and looked at each as the girls ran and tackled me right in the middle of the lobby. It had been a long time since I had seen them, and they had grown like weeds. The girls walked over and introduced themselves.

"Does that happen often?" Melinda smiled.

"Every time they see Daniel, and I doubt that will ever change, no matter how old they get." Sara nodded as the girls and I walked and I introduced everyone. I gave Chloe the key and said that we meet them back here but they were already walking off, talking, as Deat and I looked at each other, and laughed. The federal building wasn't far.

"You going fill in?" I smiled and nodded but said over Bloody Mary's. He laughed. We walked into the lobby so I could get cleared. I gave them my license and emptied my pockets as Deat looked at , shaking his head.

"What, it's a pocket knife as they put in a bag with my it and we walked in catching . It's been a long time and we'd known each other for a long time.

"Hang out here, i shouldn't be too long. I just want to get updated about Denver, and Scottsbluff. They've been checking in here and I really don't want to drive to Nebraska. I'll make it as quick as I can." He hugged me and smiled. "It's great seeing you and has been way too long." I nodded as I sat and started making notes for Henry's, and the warehouse.

I wasn't sure how much time had elapsed but I heard Deat and stood up. "Sorry, took longer than I rest for the weary, right." I nodded. "Let's get breakfast and ." I still wasn't sure if we were chatting, or he was chatting, but at least I'd get a good breakfast out of it.

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