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take me part 223
Posted:Aug 13, 2021 10:01 pm
Last Updated:Aug 15, 2021 9:46 am

Lieve was going to fit in fine in the shop, which I was glad about. Henry and Carl walked out and Sam introduced them to Lieve. They reached out their hands and Sam shook his head. "Smile, nod, do a fist pump, or a hug if she's open to that, but don't shake her hand, ask Daniel." I shook my head as she punched me in the arm.

"We need to unload the saw and I need a ride to the bus nearest bus stop so I can figure out how to get here. I'm assuming tomorrow?" We nodded and changed out the saws. Sam and Lieve were talking when Mags and the girls pulled up and the girls tried to turn me into the tickle monster. I told Maggie she was our newest employee, per Sam's recommendation to hire more women, and I apologized as I turned into the tickle monster and the girls went running into the back yard.

"Hey Mags, this is Lieve." Maggie reached out her hand as Sam shook his head.

"What is wrong with you? Hi Lieve, it's very nice to meetyou," as they shook hands. "Are you sure you want to work in this clown show?" Lieve smiled. "Come with me, have you met Bob? He's probably here at this hour." The girls ran by screaming, as I chased them. "Daniel's the tickle monster, but they created this one for themselves, so they're on their own. You want a beer?" She nodded. Mags grabbed two and opened them.

"We're all family in one way or another, and there are lots more that cycle in and out. If they're scared to shake your hand then you'll fit in just fine. Have a seat. So fill me in, sweets. Lieve talked with Maggie probably like she had never talked with anyone, maybe in her life.

"Wait a second, you're sleeping on someone's couch. Maggie is a mom and she stood up, grabbed her hand and said come on. They walked me past me as I was smiling after catching the rugrats half way down the street. "She's staying here because she's sleeping on a couch." I nodded. I made a note to never intentionally piss Maggie off.

Sam smiled as they walked past we'll be back and you better pay both of them well, and I mean it mister! Take care of the too Henry! You're their gramps. We'll be back. They got in the Pilot. Where am I going?" Lieve told her. "Oh, that's not that far, especially now." They packed her up and Maggie paid the $150 that Lieve owed. Magigie looked at them and wanted to growl, but didn't. They were loading Lieve's things in the back.

"They made you pay to sleep on a shitty couch in a sleeping bag?" They looked at each and Lieve got in the passenger seat. Maggie waited, because she's a mom, three times over....THANK GOD!!!!!!

"Things aren't easy Maggie. I was happy to not be sleeping on the street. I'll pay you back when I get my check. Maggie looked at her, held her hand and squeezed it, hard, which surprised Lieve.

"No you won't, end of discussion. What do you eat? We're going to the store for you because you are staying at the shop, period."

"Mostly Paleo... meat and veg, but I like raw cheese and yogurt." Maggie smiled because she had Sam's business credit card. They came back as Mandi was picking up Carl because we were done for the day as Sam, Henry, and I got the new saw level, and configured. They walked past carrying multiple bags.

"Lieve is staying here so your Aunt and Uncle will need to stay some place else, and that's not a request, love. By the way, excellent choice in hiring her. Are the girls here?" They walked past before we could speak, so we nodded to their backs, and looked at each other. They put the bags on the counter as Maggie walked to the bedroom door and knocked. Silence. She knocked again. Sara answered.

"If you have a penis you won't like what will happen...laughter."

"SARA! Open the door." Sara opened it almost reverentially as Maggie and Lieve walked in. The girls were in various degrees of being disrobed. Sara smiled and reached out her hand.

'Hi, I'm Sara," they shook. "Take off your shirt." Maggie shook her head.

"Take off your shirt, silly. I want to see the story. Lieve looked at her and took off her shirt. Sara looked at the tattoo's. "Take off your bra, please." Lieve looked at her. "We all have breasts, Lieve, and I am in love." She took off her bra as the girls looked at her story. Annie took out a pipe and they got high, all of them topless, as they talked, and laughed, until I knocked.

Sara opened the door. We're having a family meeting tonight," she laughed and nodded, and said "shhuuusshh! I nodded. We're getting marinated steak and chicken, and salad. Does anyone want Salmon.

"Shhhuuusssshhh." She closed the door and then reopened it. "NOPE!" And she closed the door in my face as I shook my head. Sam and Henry looked at me.

"I'll be back. Don't let them out of that room." Bet walked up, said hi, and knocked.

"Who is it?"

"It's me." The door opened, Bet walked in, and then it closed, and locked. I walked away as Henry said he's coming with me. Sam and Javier looked a little scared as Henry and I left.

I started the truck and looked at him. "You do know they are all bat shit crazy, right?"

'Of course Daniel....unless we are." Shit! We got Thai food for everyone. They were very very happy because it was slow. We liked this place so it was a win-win. Everyone's car seemed to be there as Melissa pulled in behind us. We got out as she walked up and hugged us.

"What is going on?" She looked at both of us. The interesting thing with these women is that they bonded instantly. We'd known Melissa since the ICU and now her and Sara were in love, and she was family. It was weird, but comforting because it was an 'all in' deal...across the board.

"We have no idea because there are no penises allowed." She smiled. "Can you tell them that we have food, that might persuade them to come out because, given the smell, they are higher than kites." She laughed, kissed us, and knocked.

"It's me, love." Open. Close. Laughter. Henry dug through the vinyl and found Blues that I had never heard. We all ate, with the , until they came out and descended upon laps, and munchkins, and ate. Lieve stood, unsure what to do. I got up as everyone watched me. I extended my hand. She smiled, and grasped it as we walked into the kitchen to make her dinner.

She actually liked what we got, as we put her food into the fridge. She didn't even ask if it was OK because Mags had established that, and the girls solidified it. We walked out laughing as Chloe and Annie moved apart for us to sit down. It didn't take long until Chloe shooed me away, and was nibbling off Lieve's plate, as they all laughed. I was in so much trouble, and we had a new .

Henry put on the Dead to mellow things out. It hadn't gone as I wanted, and I didn't tell them about Deat. I would tell the girls later. The girls were still stoned so we rode that wave. It was probably close to ten before the buzz started wearing off for the girls and everyone started going home. I started cleaning up as Lieve stood up to help. I shook my head. Tonight, you're our guest, tomorrow you're family. Enjoy, as I kissed her head. She grabbed my hand, and squeezed...hard. I went inside as Henry was leaving.

"That was fun." I smiled and told him to sleep in because I wasn't going to the restaurant tomorrow. He nodded and hugged me as I finishing the dishes, and cleaning the counter. Sara and Melissa walked up with Lieve.

"We love her! She needs a raise. Melissa nodded."

"She hasn't started yet."

They were quiet and looked at each other, "Right, she deserves a raise tomorrow," as Sara nodded and hugged Lieve"

"OK." They smiled and kissed me . "We adore you, mister."

"I know. I adore you too." Thank God Melissa didn't live far away. Lieve looked at me as Chloe and Annie walked up and hugged her.

"It's a long story, love, and it's late. We'll set the alarm before we leave, and Daniel will show you how to deal with it tomorrow. You are completely safe here. The only people that can get in are family, and it take 15 minutes with a sledgehammer for anyone to get in the glass, so don't worry." Lieve looked at her. "You're family now, and welcome here. Don't snoop." They hugged her and went outside to wait.

"The sheets are clean, and towels. Help yourself to anything to eat, or drink...but don't drink the Prosecco. You're working tomorrow. She smiled, and hugged me.

"Why are doing this?"

"Have your watched Rudolph at Christmas?" She nodded.. "The Island of Misfit Toys." I kissed her on the forehead and said goodnight, as I set the alarm, and walked out. Chloe and Annie drove home, as I followed them.

We kept adding balls. I kept adding balls.
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take me part 222
Posted:Aug 13, 2021 7:01 pm
Last Updated:Aug 14, 2021 8:15 pm

I walked to truck as the girls drove by, waving and blowing me kisses. I'd take them. I called Sabrina.

"Hey Daniel, I was just thinking about you. I have some more detailed drawings, and ideas, to show you. I asked if could she stop by after work since we were having a family meeting.

"Can you take a long lunch Bri?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I want to show you some things that I think we'd like you to work on, so bring a notebook. It won't take too long. I'm on my way." She said she meet me out front. Sabrina worked fairly close to Henry's so it didn't take long for me to get there. She got in smiling.

"I'm very curious Daniel." I filled her in on what happened and how Henry's needed to shift, and all of that. I drove to my dad's warehouses, the one that was closest to the shop, and the one I thought would be best suited. I pulled up and she looked at me, confused.

"Come on." I unlocked the gate and we walked around the exterior of the building. "You won't be able to get much of a sense of the interior space, maybe you can, because it's filled with stuff.. I want your thoughts, and idea's about turning this into an expanded shop, or the main shop. We have ideas that will expand our business and require us to have more production space."

"What about being grandfathered in at the shop?"

"That doesn't change. We're just shifting things around and once it's done, it's done. This area will be rezoned within five years anyway." She nodded as she took a tape out of her bag. I grabbed the end and walked the width of the building. She wrote it down. I then walked the length and she wrote that down as I dropped the tape and walked back to her.

"You know the height?"

"Twenty feet...maybe twenty-four. I can't remember." We walked around as she looked at the metal. It was a little crunchy. You can look inside another time because it's full of my dad's machinery, and tools. I locked the gate and we sat in the truck and talked.

"I have twelve of these around this area but this is the oldest, and in the worst shape, which is why we're here. Six of them house most of dad's machining equipment, and tools. My Uncle is interested in it and I'm guessing whatever I don't want to keep he'll take, so I will have six empty warehouses in the next few months. The other ones are in better shape than this one, but they needed to updated. You can look at those too. It's not as glamorous as the build at the shop..."

"...but it's more urgent." I smiled, and nodded, as I started the truck.

"I'm going to rent out the other five for the cash flow to updated this one because all it is now is a big metal box."

"Miserable in the summer and winter, and barely tolerable in the spring and fall." I nodded.

"This should give us all the room we need, and it's not that far from the shop. If I was younger I could probably a rock pretty close," as I pointed over buildings. "I haven't discussed this with any of the girls yet, so I'll probably get pinched, but there is a lot going on. We can discuss it tonight after work. I don't want you to stop the remodel, because I think it makes sense, but this, and Henry's, are more important." She looked at. I handed her my notebook, and drove to Henry's, as Sabrina read in silence.

I was SO glad Bethany introduced us because the girls loved her, and the drawings she had for the remodel of the shop were amazing. We pulled into the parking lot as Sabrina looked at me and then looked up. She got, and started walking as I smiled and followed. She looked at the other side of the complex that was mostly vacant and then the part that was Henry, and his family owned. She walked in silence to the street and around back by the ditch until she got to the end.

"What's that?"

"That is Henry and Ella's home." She nodded. They own the entire place, even the vacant space?"

"Just this strip, but I am considering the rest." She nodded.

"Show me Henry's, I'll look at the rest later because I need to get back soon and this seems to be the most important piece, at least for me." I nodded. I stayed silent as she grabbed a sketch pad and walked around. She spent a lot of time looking at the kitchen and even more as she walked out front from that angle. I followed her.

"Is Henry on board with this?"

"More or less. He's liking working with Sam at the shop, and his daughters can be exceedingly persuasive, so yes." She smiled, and nodded.

'What's the blue tape for? A line separating the to-go part and a pub?" She nodded. "You've got it in the wrong place, but it's a smart idea. Do you have the tape? I went into the kitchen came out and handed it to her. I think the pub idea is pretty smart, as is the bar but 12 seats is too few. I think you should divide the space length wise vs. width wise because in order to do this you are going to need an expanded kitchen, coolers, pantry, prep stations...and a place for kegs.... and a real bar. It won't be cheap. The entire length of the back wall is going to have to be kitchen, prep, and storage."

"The space you are considering for the TOGO idea is way too big. You'd be better off having that extra space in the Pub because it's not necessary, even to do what you envision, because of flow...most folks aren't going to show up at the same time, and people are use to ordering, and paying on their phones now. You could have car hops to mitigate the flow. It's a VERY intriguing idea, and I know someone who could help you with the kitchen re-design, because that will be most important. I could keep going, but I need to get back. I do want to come back and she all of it again." I smiled.

"I like your plans, Daniel, and I understand why you want to focus on these two instead of the remodel of the shop. I think we can come up with a great design for Henry's, and the entire building. If you can swing the rest of the shopping center, now might be a good time." I nodded as my phone rang. It was Deat.

"Hey Deat, can I call you back in ten? I'm dropping someone of. Great. I'll call you back." Shit. I walked Sabrina to the door and hugged her. 'Thanks for taking the time. I have all these ideas in my brain since Henry's is closed and I'm not focused on that."

"And you because you have multiple pregnant wives..... " She smirked.

"Yeah, that too. We'll see you later, idiot." She smiled, and kissed my cheek. I called Deat as I walked back to the truck..

"What's up?"

"Another change of plan if it's OK?"

"Of course, Deat, whatever you need."

"I talked with Melinda, and the girls, and they want to come out. They're super excited about the Fourth, and seeing you. Is that OK with you?"

"Of course you moron, they are the best part of your family." He laughed.

"Good because we'll be there tonight, but I've got all that covered. The girls are going to do something tomorrow morning and then we were going to drive into the mountains Friday afternoon and come back Sunday morning. Can you meet me at the field office tomorrow morning? I have to check in with them, and Denver Metro about this sex thing. I'll take you to breakfast and we can talk. I have some questions about what happened, and I want to see how you are.You remember how to get there?"

"Yeah, unless they moved."

"If they moved, then we'll have a nice long brunch on the taxpayers dime. Meet me around nine. I'll leave a Visitor badge but you know the drill. Leave the knives at home." We both laughed.

"We have a lot to talk about, brother. My personal life is kinda complicated."

"That's fine, we'll get Bloody Mary's. Thanks for working with us I'll see you tomorrow."

"Give Melinda my love and tell her I am still amazed she picked you."


FUCK! OK, that was a slider across the corner, and I could already hear Sara, which meant all three of them were going to go to breakfast with Melinda and the girls...and what could possibly go wrong with that. Well, how much worse could it get.

Everyone was out front, sitting in the shade, eating lunch. Maggie smiled. Sam was right, she was serious. "We've got problems." Henry nodded. The table saw crapped out. We need a new one. This one can be repaired but it'll take time, and we don't have time. I nodded as I kissed Mags and she handed my half sandwich. I smiled, and shook my head. I had some pretty good Karma. Let me call Bethany because Janey and Alison have been using the AmEx."

"I knew you were secretly in love with me, Daniel, but I'm a lesbian."

"Well, that sucks. Do you know how much we have on the Home Depot Card. I put the generators on it.."


"Yeah, the saw crapped out and we kinda need that. It'll take to long to get it serviced."

"Hold on... let me call you back." I went back to eat lunch and see how Carl was doing.

"I am SO much happier here Daniel, and Mandi loves Sara." We all nodded. I told him we happy to have him, which we were. Carl was a seemingly rare combination of smart, competent, and hardworking. The phone rang.

"Hey you."

"You stressing, love?"

"A little."

"Stop, at least about this. I called them and they increased your limit by $15,000, and extended to 0% another 9 months on top of what you had. I'm that good, and this is a "me to you" kinda thing since you introduced me Christine." I was quiet. "Are you crying?"

"No, goofball, but thanks. We have a family meeting tonight."

"I love you, Daniel."

"I know, me too. Thanks B."

"OK slackers, tell Mags thanks for lunch. Henry, you're in charge of Carl. Sam and I need to figure out the table saw situation. Do what you can, and then teach him about tools, or cooking." They smiled. We kissed Mags. I left my truck just in case and Sam drove. Does Home Depot have what we need?" He looked at me.

"Short term, yes, and we can get this saw operational, but only as a backup. Long term, and what we need, we're looking at a lot. We can get what need to do for what we're doing, and we go from there, but Bethany will have to be involved for what we really need."

"That much?"

"To do what you want, yeah, and more people, and don't just look for guys. We have three daughters. Let's try and find people other than us." Shit, I nodded. It wasn't intentional but I was thinking about hiring guys, which was kinda dumb because it precluded half the population.

"We're making a detour." I made an illegal u-turn and drove to Moe's and hoped that Jamie was still there. We walked in and she laughed. "You can't possibly want more bagels." I told her what I was thinking. She smiled and told us to take a seat. James walked out and sat down.

"Here's the deal, I have someone that would be great, I think. I love her to pieces, but she doesn't fit here, and... she's a little unusual." I smiled. She is smart, talented, and the best worker we have, but she scares people, even though her heart is ten times to big for this world," so Sara would love her. "Her name is Lieve. I think her family is German, or Bavarian. She's very smart, and communicative, when she opens up to people. I think it would be a good fit....hold on."

'Lieve this is Sam, and my friend Daniel. I was telling you about them." Lieve was imposing, she had Tattoo's pretty much everywhere, and metal in more place than I wanted to contemplate. She was 'butch' but shy, at least around men, because she averted her gaze, but she extended her hand, which I took. I thought I had python on my hand because she kept squeezing, and that is when she looked at me, and smiled. I liked at her, and knew we'd hire her, but I squeezed back, harder, which took her by surprise. She looked at me, surprised, and squeezed, even though she was at her limit, thankfully, because she had a hell of a grip. I held it, smiled, and raised my left hand. She smiled and released as we shook our hands.

"I'm Daniel, and I never want to shake hands with you again." She laughed, which surprised Jamie. "This is Sam." She reached out her hand and Sam shook his head, which made her laugh again.

"I'm Lieve, and Jamie told me about your job. I need to give her notice, but I like wood, and tools. I nodded as her and Jamie spoke.

"Lieve Isn't feeling all that well, so I told her that we are giving her three days off to get better before she changes job." Lieve hugged her because Jamie is like Sara....she's a mama bear to her staff. "She's off, and she doesn't have a car."

"You want to go to Home Depot?" She smiled, and nodded. I hugged Jamie and she said bagels were free for the foreseeable future. I climbed in the back and told Lieve what were doing. She asked what we were getting. Sam told her.

"That's crap. You have to know that." He nodded and told her it was shitty timing but we needed a saw in the short term because we couldn't get what he wanted right then. '"Which is what?" He told, and she smiled as I kept my mouth shut and watched.

Sam and Lieve looked at tools, and debated the finer points of the table saws until they agreed on the lesser of the evils. It wasn't a 'bad' table saw but it was one we could move by ourselves. Sam pulled the truck up and they loaded it, we strapped it down, and headed back to the shop. Sam and Lieve had bonded. I was happy sitting in the backseat because I had plenty to think about.
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take me part 221
Posted:Aug 13, 2021 12:28 pm
Last Updated:Aug 13, 2021 3:48 pm

Chloe looked and Annie and started crying. "Sweets, he was kidding. You're his favorite."


"Yeah, but don't tell Janey or Sara. Let's go pick on Daniel." Chloe smiled, and nodded, as they walked back out front. Annie hugged her and smiled because the hormones had kicked in, and the all the stress hadn't helped.

"Hey, you fixed the door. When did you that mister?" Chloe hugged me. 'I'm sorry I was grumbly." I kissed both of them.

"I fixed it earlier...."

"What's with the blue tape?" Annie was nodding as they hugged each other.

"I think it's time that this entire strip needs be updated. The laundromat needs be updated, and modernized, and needs be a laundry drop off service, I think, because this area is changing. Covid screwed things up but the shift is pretty obvious, and I suspect will last for a while, and this entire area is shifting younger folks and will change businesses. "

"The blue tape is an arbitrary line dividing this into separate spaces. Sabrina will be better at it than me but instead of dinners here, even in a small space, it makes more sense to have a separate space where people can stop in on their way home and pick something up. Grocery stores are doing it but the food is usually crappy. are lots of things we could incorporate. My way of looking at is we could make work provide some good jobs for some of Bet and Javier's folks, then 's a win. Bethany can do magic with deductions and Henry is really enjoying working at the shop. I don't think minds that we're closed, and the truth is that Henry's was barely hanging on. In it's current form, it's untenable."

"A salary really isn't all that important you, Sara, and Janes. Your houses are paid for and this mall is paid for. We have the shop, and the expanded business plan for that. 's Alison and Melissa salary's and t's not like any of you NEED the money, especially not this one." Annie smiled and flipped me off. "I think we, as a family, need discuss taking this into the 21st Century. Henry may have some issues, and David probably will, but not, because he's a dad now and that is why we would making the investment."

Chloe stared, hugged me, and bit me on my shoulder like Sara. 'Go on, Love." She hugged Annie and put her head on her chest.

"These are all just thoughts, and we need see if they are viable but your family's wanted you all stay here, in this area, for some reason. Nothing in this strip mall will you make rich in the short term, but might provide a comfortable living for people we care about. The land, and building, and rents, is were the wealth is. I'm betting between Sam and Maggie, and Bet and Javier and the people they know, we could get quality people do all of the work for a lot less than any contractor, and keep in the family."

"As far as Henry's goes, I think we do breakfast, and a limited lunch. The folks that liked coming here for dinner can the TOGO. Breakfast is the most popular, but I think even that will start moving to grabbing something familiar, like Henry's biscuits, and our coffee. If
we stay small then we can adapt easier. I'm not sure the area has reached the final demographic yet, but I think Henry's could serve breakfast, and brunch on the weekends, and be a local Pub in the late afternoon and evening. We'd need a liquor license, and would be hoops, but that's were the money is at night. You do mostly sandwiches with some specials as pub fare..... narrow menu."

Chloe and Annie were staring at me like I had three heads.

"What? I get restless when I'm not working and this is a vacuum right now that needs be filled., and the three of you are preggers. Henry would love have a Pub and can you imagine Sara. I think all of you would you love , and you and your sisters know all of the regulars because you grew up with them. It would be a lot less work then it has been, and more fun."

"A 'Cheer's' in Denver." I smiled, and nodded.

"The reality is that our family has three pregnant women, and we have a pool of of women, and young people would probably enjoy working...we just have connect those dots. This just the ramblings of my mind, but 's a start." They both looked like deer caught in headlights as I hugged them.

"Carl's starting this morning, and we need talk with Beth go over insurance. We'll have adjust given your recent developments, Annie...."

"I'd prefer that we keep things as they are, if that is OK with you." Chloe and I looked at her as she started tearing up. I was in for some fun times.

"Sweets.... , what's wrong?" Annie looked at Chloe and broke into tears as she hugged us. ''s OK, Love, whatever is we'll deal with it." Annie nodded and blew her nose into my shirt as I shook my head. They were all alike. We sat at a booth as Chloe held her.

"I've never had what I have with you, all of you...ever. I had everything I could imagine, except real family, real love. Both of you included me in your family, and in your finances, without thinking. Please keep things the way they are because you are my family now, and I want to be a part of it. It will get complicated when we get home, but we can handle it."

Sara and Melissa walked in as Sara came running as she slid into Annie. "What's wrong?"

"Hormones, sweets." Sara got serious, looked at her, and nodded as I motioned for Melissa and slid over. She smiled as I held her hand. Sara kissed Annie's cheek. and looked up.

"What's with the blue tape?" I told her that we'd tell them later because Melissa had to go to the hospital and Sara was meeting us at the shop before we saw Beth. They grabbed coffee, kissed us, and left as Chloe's phone rang. She screamed.


"Hi mom.....Hi mom!"

"Hi my love's....we miss you. Daniel and Annie are here."

"Where are you? It's early."

"We changed our plans. 's just too much to see mom. Instead of going to the Four Corners, we're going to go Arches, and Canyon Lands because they are close to each other, and they amazing. We've got a space reserved so we can all take showers, even though we're getting use odor. We've been having such a great. Thanks for letting us do this. 's been awesome." We were all smiles. "Here's Aunt Janey and Alison, and Uncle Billy wants talk with you so don't hang up on him." We all laughed because he was picking up on the humor of my side of the family, or of our family.

"Hey.... Hey."

"Hi sweets! We all miss you, really miss you."

"We know Chloe. We miss all of you too. Daniel, how are things?"

"They seem to be handled Janes. I haven't felt anything for days. Gustav died an appropriate death, not painful enough, but somewhat fitting. I'm paying attention but don't worry about that. Are you and Alison having a good time?"

"Jesus Christ Daniel, we are having a blast. Billy and Ellen are a hoot, and their are total fun. It's a lot of people in a small area but we are making do, and Utah is fucking awesome."
Here's Unc, but we miss all of you something fierce. We don't like being separated. We'll see you soon, loves."

"Hey . So you heard that we had a change of plans. Jake was right, is WAY too much to see, and Arches and Canyon Lands are on the way back."

'Yeah, and they're pretty amazing, Unc."

"So we've been reading, big boy. We figure a day for each and we'd get back in Denver later on Saturday. I'm sure everyone would welcome a nice bed. Will that work?" Chloe nodded.

"Of course Unc, we'll make work. You have a great time because you are in God's country, for sure...put Jake and Em."

"See you soon."

"Hey Dad!!!!!"

"Hey you two. Your moms and I decided that neither of you can leave the city again until your 35." They laughed.

"Deal. We miss you too."

"I need to head to the shop, here's Chloe and Annie. I love you both."

"We Love you dad." I wiped the tears out of my eyes as I waved bye and headed to get some bagels and cream cheese to welcome Carl, and whoever else showed up, because it would be someone.

I walked into Moe's, again, and Jaime, the manager waved. "Two days, back to back. Impressive bagel eating Daniel." I laughed and told her what I needed as I grabbed cream cheese. I'd been coming in for years, as had Chloe and her family...go figure. I pulled up to the shop as Carl's wife was dropping him off.

"Hi, I'm Daniel."


"Hey Mandi, you have time for a bagel and cream cheese?" She turned the car off and got out smiling."

"I guess that's a yes. It's very nice to meet you. Come on in and meet some of the everyone that isn't here yet. They cycle through." I introduced her to Sam and Henry and we all went into the kitchen and made bagels, grabbed coffee and went out back. We were eating, and
laughing, as Bob, and the girls walk out at the time. Mandi gasped at Bob as Sara walked up.

"That's just Bob and you don't need be scared of him. This is his home, and that's the den that Sam and Daniel built for him. I picked out the plants. This a safe place for him come get away from the dumb coyotes at night, but he likes here, and we like him. What's your ?"


"I'm Sara, and this is Chloe, and Annie. We're all family and we are super happy that Carl is working here away from that NOT nice man that was his boss..." I shook my head. ..." he's way better off working here." Mandi smiled and said she was very happy. 'You want
catch with Bob?"

"Bob can catch?"

"Well, sort of, I'm teaching him, come on." We all watched her, shaking our heads, and smiling."

"Is she always like that?" Chloe said pretty much as Sam and Henry told me and Carl that we needed to get to work. Chloe and Annie walked over to Sara and Mandi. Henry and I worked the orders as Sam showed Carl around. would take a few weeks for Carl get up speed. The girls walked out for Mandi say goodbye. Carl walked her the car.

"We all like them...A LOT. He deserves a raise."

"Sara, he's been working a little over an hour, and a portion of that was eating a bagel and cream cheese."

"Right! Wait until tomorrow. What time do we meet Beth. After ten, it's flexible. OK, we'll you. We're going talk with Gio about the family fish night before we start tearing up booths, assuming we are doing that at Henry's. We'll you when we leave and meet you , love." Chloe and Annie looked and me and laughed. Henry and Sam looked scared. The girls were like Hyena's looking for a wildebeest. God help Gio.

They called at ten-thirty as I was heading Beth's. They were all laughing.

"Hi LOVE!!! We miss you, bunches. I want do unspeakable things you, but Chloe and Annie won't let me. Spoil sports. Anyway, we are on our way and we worked out a time but won't be until October. We'll make work but was great spend time with Gio and his family. We'll meet you . Chloe remembers where she is. We'll race you. Bye!" They had WAY too much time on their hands.

I called Sam. "Hey, what's up?"

"How long would take for us make another bench? End of next week, if Billy sticks around. Why?"

"The girls are going start getting into trouble if they don't have something to do....Sara is, anyway. I thought if they had a prototype, and we had a price range, we could turn them loose on the cemetery's so they didn't end up in jail."

"I like . I'll talk with Henry and Carl."

"I need see Sabrina after Beth but I should be back early afternoon." Thanks Sam. I pulled into Beth's parking lot and Sara was sitting on the hood, smiling.

"We won mister. You owe us." She hopped down as we started walking in.

'We didn't bet, Sara."

"Of course we did silly." Chloe and Annie were behind us laughing. If I made it to them giving birth, I would be amazed. We walked in as the girls hugged Beth and handed her the bagels and cream cheese. She looked me, disappointed.

"No blueberry?"

I held up my index finger and ran to the truck. The blueberry bagels are super sticky so they put them in a separate bag. I ran back in and handed them to her. "I didn't forget, Beth." She smiled as she told us to go into her office and made her bagel." People from around
the country, around the world, know about Moe's bagels. It's pretty amazing. She walked in smiling.

"OK, so here's the complete folder of your coverage's. I put Chloe as your spouse, even though that's a technicality with all of you. You are the most interesting people I have ever met. We can easily take people off, and change amounts, etc. but getting the policy instituted is key. This is sort of an experiment, but as of now, all three of you are covered for medical. You need to wait another three weeks before you see an OB. After that, you'll be covered for pregnancy. The timeline got bumped up because you have the best med care that you can get, even though it's pricey." The girls looked me as I nodded because I was fine with that after being in the hospital. I had some money, but I didn't have that kind of money.

" with the business and you and Sam, and his family. Jake is covered under your policy. Are you adopting him?" I looked at her, and then Chloe, and Annie, and Sara. We all had the on our face. Shock, because none of us had thought of .

"I'm not sure if would even matter, if Chloe was taking your last ," which none us of had thought about either. Shit. "It doesn't matter because it's an easy fix. I've got the business insurance updated, and Sam's truck on the policy. When you add the van
you were thinking about, we can change and tweak the policy. I just wanted all this done for you. I LOVE these bagels...thank you so much!" We smiled.

'Your insurance cards are in for medical, you too Annie. I didn't add Chloe or Sara's vehicles, or homeowner's insurance, but you need to bring me your policy's in so I can at them because I'm pretty sure you'll save a lot getting added considering the extent of
the coverage you have here. I know the numbers will seem like a lot, but what I get paid is deducted from the insurance company, and are a lot of policies. You can find cheaper insurance, but if you get what you for. If want change your policy then you me, and I do all of that for you so none of you have . You're going one way or the other, this is easier, but if you have any questions, or concerns, then me. I left cards for all of you in the folder, as well, because I represent all of you.

Sara raised her hand. "You don't need raise your hand, Sara."

"Can I have a bite of your bagel? I've never tasted a blueberry bagel. I didn't even know they made them." Beth looked her, and smiled, as she pushed her plate toward her. Sara looked at it, sniffed it, and finally took a bite and got a big smile on her face as she pushed the plate back to Beth.

"That was yummy, Beth. I see why you like it. Thank you." Beth asked if she would like one.

"No thank you, I know where to get them. You are amazing at insurance, thank you." Beth smiled.

"I don't think is anything else, but please me if you have questions. Thank you so much for the bagels and cream cheese. Everyone will love them. I know I did. over things and if you need make changes that's fine, and expected." We nodded. Sara and I hugged her as Chloe and Annie shook her hand.

Sara held my hand as we walked outside. "You sure pick good people mister. How are you since I am with Melissa now? I could feel Chloe and Annie cringe, again, because Sara doesn't have many filters.


"Always, love."

"I'm sad, and I miss you. We miss you." She squeezed my hand and turned around at Chloe and Annie.

She was quiet for a while. "I feel the , and makes my heart ache, but I know we still love each other. 's just different now." She put her head against me. "We haven't changed all that much, have we, love?" I told her no. " does make me VERY sad that I am not
with you, because I adore each of you, but it is important for some reason I don't understand yet, and you have Chloe and Annie, and I have Melissa ease our hearts, right?'

"Yes." She clapped as she kissed me. Chloe, Annie, and I are on a top secret mission. We'll see you later." Chloe and Annie smiled, kissed me, and said they loved me."

"Sara." She turned, smiling. "How did Melissa like...your surprise?" She got quiet, then smiled, turned, and skipped to the car. I shuddered to think what they were going to do.
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take me part 220
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I pulled up to Henry's, grabbed my tool bag, tape measure, blue tape, and notebook. I unlocked the back door, turned off the alarm and turned on the lights and nearly pooped in my pants because Joseph was sitting on the table smiling at me.

"JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!!! What is wrong with you?" I walked past him shaking my head. "You can't walk up like Ella?" I started making coffee because I knew Annie and Chloe would show up, and figured Sara and Melissa would as well, and likely Henry. This was our morning routine and now it was disrupted.

"This is so much more fun Daniel, although things are starting to get interesting. I hear you found out a bit about Annie's family." I looked at him as I dropped my bag by the kitchen door her and Sara broke and started to repair the hinge. I probably didn't need to given the changes coming but I wanted something to do, and it didn't take long.

"I have enough Joseph, so while it's nice, that sort of thing doesn't really impress me. Although, the private jets are kinda cool, I have to say." He smiled. "I have questions."


"Don't tempt me Joseph." He laughed. Why did things shift so quickly with Sara and Melissa?" He was quiet as I poured myself some coffee. "Mind if I contemplate?"

"Not at all, what you're thinking is a very good idea. I'm not at all surprised that you would focus on one of the key components of your family's future. Marnine told you that Sara is unique. I can't share with you exactly how because she is still determining her future, but she will have a future in this world and, and beyond, that will be most impressive. It is her destiny. You meeting Alison was no accident, but it was meant for you to meet Sara, and thereby becoming part of their family, part of your family. All of your lines have been intricately entwined for longer than you could imagine. It makes it wonderfully challenging to keep track, except with Sara. We have given up trying to understand her, and figure out what she might do. We are usually as surprised as all of you are."

"Sara knows, what she doesn't know, which is why offered you and Chloe the choice to make love, and share a bed together with her. Sara is both old, and young; wise, yet innocent. She adores you Daniel, and is completely in love with you, Chloe, and Annie. She understands her role in that, but when you got shot, and she watched you slipping away, it jolted her into an awakening of a sort. It was unconscious, but a lot of what Sara does is predicated upon her unconscious. She thought she had lost you, and she knew that you alone couldn't keep her safe. She also knew, intuitively, that things were changing, shifting, that there would ebbs and flows in your lives."

"Melissa is akin to you, mostly, but also Annie. You are all warriors. Chloe and Sara will fight to protect the ones they love. You three will fight because it's your nature. Annie just comes from royalty, per se. Anryd is a fitting name for her. Melissa has no clan, at least she didn't until her and Sara fell in love. It's a bit involved because pagans never did anything easily. The ceremony in Norway is mostly perfunctory, and for the clans. You, Chloe, Annie, and Sara are linked as mates.

The ceremony IS your wedding to Annie, just as your ceremony with Chloe in front a judge is your legal marriage, but it is also the wedding of the three clans... of Annie, Chloe's, and Sara's lines with yours. It's obviously more involved than that because you, Annie, Chloe, and Sara deeply love each other, so the ceremony is also a sharing of that love. The upcoming ceremony is honoring the bond the four of you have made to one another but Sara has chosen you, as have Annie and Chloe, as their mate.... as the father of their . They will not seek another. Sara senses that her path may take her away from you, all of you, for a period of time, and she didn't want to be alone. L ife is like a river that meanders, and Sara intuitively understands this, even if she may not be consciously aware of yet. Sara is making Melissa a prominent part of her clan, even though neither them, or any of you were aware of it."

"Sara, Chloe and Annie have all chosen to expand their bloodlines. It makes the biggest ripples in Annie's clan because hers is one of the oldest, and as such one of the most dangerous. All of you will face many threats, but especially you and Annie because Annie choosing you was not a welcomed choice. Astrid, and Ama, have warmed to you, along with a few others, but there are many that consider you a threat, even though they are intrigued because of what you have done. They do not understand you, so most are wary, but there are those who seek power. It will be quite the eye opener for you."

"Sara will face similar threats in the future, she senses that and she is wise enough to know that life will come between all of you at times. She wants a partner, and confidant, and she sensed that in Melissa. She is also smitten with her because she is Sara, but she chose wisely, Daniel, even if it hurts you in the short term. Your love is strong enough to sustain the blow to your heart, my friend. You concept, and understanding of relationships has been thrown out the window, just wait until the three of you are bound together. You have no sense of the power of the ceremony you are about to undertake."

"The four of you will have to decide if you use force, or wisdom, or even if you want to step into your destiny, and roles. It is frustrating for all of you because we have been less than forthcoming but that will come soon enough. The girls are on the way so I must leave. Good luck. I suggest you look busy. The next question you should ask is about who are to be involved in all of this. We'll speak again soon."

"Hi Henry."

"I should start charging you rent." Joseph smiled.

"I've always liked you Henry." I started looking around and getting a sense of the space. Sabrina was better suited for this but I had an overall idea, and there was more than enough room."

"What are you doing here, ?"

"Habit, and I wanted to get an idea of the space, assuming you want to make some changes. Also, because your daughters snore something fierce," and that was when Chloe and Annie walked in.

"We do NOT snore, do we Annie?" Annie looked at her and smiled and said maybe a little. "You're all a pain in my ass, especially you Dad."

"Why me?"

"General principles. Why are you here Daniel?"

"I'm thinking about the space. We have a lot to do." Chloe and Annie looked at each other, which didn't go unnoticed by Henry.

"You mind filling me into what you're talking about."

"The ceremony Dad. It's in Norway." Henry stared at them and then looked me. I smiled and started taking measurements.

"Norway, Norway?"

"Yeah, so we kinda do have a lot to do, and figure out."

"How is that going to work?"

"Annie's family has a private jet, and they're quite wealthy. We just have to figure out our schedules." Chloe kept watching me.

"Am I going insane?"

"More than likely Henry, but we're going to talk about it this evening. Don't you have to go work? WHAT are you doing, Daniel?" I thought that at least Henry and I were in the same boat. Henry walked out muttering under his breath as Annie followed.

"She didn't mean to be so abrupt Henry, Chloe just has a lot on her mind. I told them about my family yesterday after both Chloe and Daniel included me into the inner workings of their family. It's not all that it's cracked up to be on my end, I actually love it here, but there are some definite perks."

"Like a private jet?"

"Annie smiled, and nodded...that is pretty convenient. We'll all discuss it later but it'll be fine, we're just in a state of flux at the moment and it's uncomfortable, and annoying. Change is rarely welcomed with open arms, Henry." He smiled, and hugged her as Chloe walked into the kitchen.

"At least I have one nice . I'm going to work, because someone has to in this family."
take me part 219
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Annie pulled both us of into, her "This applies to Sara as well, even though she is otherwise occupied, because she carries Daniel's as well, and is head of a prominent clan. She understands the depth, even if she may not be aware of the breadth." Chloe said.

"She is Sara, but she knows who her family is Annie, and that includes you, so it also includes your entire clan, make no mistake of that, Love." Sara looked up, and smiled, as she went back to eating pizza with Melissa.

Annie looked at Sara, who smiled, and then looked at Chloe who stared at her, and then me. I looked at both of them. She smiled and kissed both of us. "If I had any doubts, which I didn't, I would have none now. We are family. The Ceremony is only a necessity for us. I don't know much, and mom is still being mum, like yours, and really like Sara's. I'm hoping that Ama, and Joseph will shed some light into all of this because I hate the intrigue."

"The little I think I know is that the last time, anything, like this happened, was over 1000 years ago. Since Marnine is smitten with you Daniel, ask her next time you see her." I nodded. "We are different from what happened then because they were separate clans trying to merge with different male leaders." Annie was quiet as her and Chloe looked at each other.


"You're shitting me Annie?"


"Will you shuussh, Love."

"Those are stories, Anryd."

"Are they? Why did you call me Anryd?" Chloe looked at her.

"Let's say that you're right and the prophecy is now being fulfilled, with us, and Daniel. Do you know what that means?" Annie nodded.

"Would someone...."


"Ok, I'm going to get some more pizza, Would you like some?" They both nodded as they looked at each other. "OK, enjoy your talk, and I'll be back." I kissed both of them on the cheek and went into the kitchen as Sara and Melissa followed me. I was grumbling as I put slices on my plate.

"What's going on Daniel?"

"I have no idea because it's like pulling teeth with all of you, except you Sara." She smiled and clapped. "That is only a good thing with me, Chloe, or Annie...and of course Melissa. OK, Love?" She looked at us with a furrowed brow, and nodded."Good, love."

"As far as what they're talking about, they keep'shusshhing' me, so I'm getting pizza, but it had something to do with some prophecy, of some kind, involving three women. I have no idea." I went to take a bite as I looked up, and the color had drained from Melissa's face as she walked out front with the phone in her hand and Sara runing after her.Jesus Christ, either I was insane, or this family was, or we both were.

I grabbed another beer, lifted whatever Henry had put on, and put the cover of the Sound of Silence, by Disturbed, cranked it and walked outside. "Sorry, Henry, but I'm done with this shit. I walked to Annie and Chloe as the song started. They stared at me. I could feel Sara and Melissa walk out back as well. I handed them the plate, and my beer, as the absolute best cover of Sound of Silence played, and Sara and Melissa walked up. I climbed the fence and walked, grumbling. Sara and Melissa grabbed a slice, and Annie, and Chloe each grabbed one, and drank my beer as they watched me.

I was tired of things being hidden, so I walked. I wasn't sure how far, or how long, but I didn't shift. I just walked. I climbed the fence and everyone was gone except Chloe, Sara, Annie, and Melisa. They were all sitting around the fire pit, in the dark listening to...Swedish music... and drinking Prosecco, waiting for me. Upset.

I knew they were there even before I jumped the fence, and saw them. I couldn't explain it but my reflexes, and senses, were becoming heightened. I thought it was Marnine biting me, but it might also be because I was understanding who I was, finally. I walked up to them in silence and knelt on the grass. "I'm sorry I walked away without a word to any of you, that was wrong, and totally insensitive. I'm apologize."

There was about two seconds until glasses crashed and they tackled me, crying....even Melissa was crying, which I was confused about, but I had a mound of women on top of me, and they were all biting me, somewhere. These women, as strong as they were, as powerful as they were, as much magic and wisdom as they had, when there was an equally strong male, they were unsure how to act, because they had never faced that. I needed to understand about this prophecy, all of us would need to talk because Melissa was a part of it, and she obviously had information, and I wanted information.

I hugged all of them and asked if they were done. They all laughed and got up as they said yes. There was no way you couldn't love them, and I did love them, but I wanted to understand them. We said goodbye to Sara and Melissa as we locked up and drove home. I walked into the bedroom, stripped and walked into the bathroom, and waited. Annie, and Chloe came in, naked as well. Chloe peed as Annie stuck the enema into me and squeezed,as she went and laid towels down for us. Chloe stood slightly, and shook as she smiled, kissed me, and walked into the bedroom. I waited. Expelled, cleaned myself and walked into a room filled with lit, white candles, and music I had never heard before.

"Chloe was lying, spread eagle, smiling and waiting for me, as was Annie who was rubbing the red dildo with lube, and then my ass as I knelt in front of Chloe. I knew Annie wouldn't be easy, because we hadn't been easy before, but I could relax. I just needed to focus on Chloe. as Annie pushed the red dildo into my ass.

I pushed my face into Chloe's bush and started to smell, and lick, her. I licked the remnant's of her pee, which wasn't the first time we shared that. She wouldn't have a period, but the smell, and texture, changed with the moon, and I didn't mind because she was carrying my . I would give whatever pleasure I could, as Annie started to fuck me in earnest. I focused, and moved to Chloe's clit, and lips, both were engorged. I kissed, licked, sucked fucked her with my tongue, and fingers, as she squirted all over me, and the bed, as Annie kept fucking me. I had I come twice, in a puddle, but she wasn't done.

I saw Chloe look at Annie as she stuck her ass in my face, and pushed. Annie started fucking me harder. I could feel Annie wanting to cum, but she wouldn't. She was waiting for Chloe.. Chloe grabbed my hair and pushed my face into her ass. She was clean, but there is always a...'taint,' a scent, and Chloe had hers, but they all did. Well, I had no idea about Melissa, and I was fine that. I didn't mind the smell of anyone of them, or the taste, they were my mates. I loved them.

Annie fucked me hard and fast, grinding into me because it pushed the bulb inside her against her g-spot, and her clit rubbed against my ass. I wanted her to come, but I was focused on Chloe as I licked her asshole, and rubbed her clit. I could feel Annie almost there as she pounded my ass. I rubbed Chloe's wet clit as fast as I could, and stuck my tongue as deeply into her ass as I could, and fucked her until we all came all over each other, and the bed.

Annie pulled the dildo out, as I moaned and fell onto Chloe, rolled over, and fell asleep. I had no idea when I awoke, or what time it was, but I had to pee. We hadn't moved, until I moved. Chloe and I were lying in our cum, and Annie was lying on top of us, spreading what was left on us. I left and and they merged together, as the girls always did. I put the sheet over them, because it was still hot, and we didn't turn on the AC at night. we sweated until it got cool. I gently kissed them as I went into the bathroom to pee. I took a shower and got dressed as I watched them sleep, smiling, and falling in love with them all over again. I left a note and drove to Henry's to look at how we could reconfigure it. It was 4:00 am. and I missed Chloe and Annie already.
take me part 218
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We said goodbye to Peggy and Jason, as we all smiled melancholy smiles. The bench was very nice, and almost finished, and we all knew it was going to be hugely popular, with family's, but also with cemetery's. I was glad that Carl, and Beto would be coming on board, and it reminded that I needed to call Sabrina about her work on the redesign of the shop, because it was no longer a top priority. I hadn't discussed it with the girls, and would get pinched, but it was the right call. Henry and Sam walked as the girls went out back to see Bob.


"We're going to help you, goofball. Are you losing the little sense that you had?" I smiled, and told them probably.

"You, are going home to your wife and adorable munchkins, and you, Henry, are going out back to watch Bob play with a rock with of your amazing . Enjoy the time Henry, and both of you leave me alone as I put my earbuds and listened to a mix starting with Cumberland Gap, by Jason Isbell. "I mean it...shoo!" They smiled and walked off.

I had been doing this work my entire life, whether in metal, or wood, it didn't matter which because it was the same to me. It was meditation. I hadn't realize how much time had passed as I blew more sawdust off my clothes, and out of my hair. I looked and both Christine, and Bethany, pulled . They were as lost as we were without Jake and Emily. I walked out front as Christine launched into me as she hugged me.

"Jesus Christine, I like you too, but Bethany is standing right there." She smiled and kissed me.

"Thank you Daniel, Bethany told me what you did. I've never had much, even though I have a good job, as stressful as it is, but this is huge because it takes such a burden out of my mind for Emily, and us.

"You're all family, and that is important to me...and it's not really my . It's mostly my parents and they wouldn't want me to squander it so I could pass it the grand they would never meet. That hug was worth way more than the blips in the computer, sweets. Grab a couple of beers and go watch Bob. He was playing with a rock. I need to close up and take a shower. Bethany hugged me, and looked at me without saying a word. She didn't have to, and she walked out back. I locked up and checked to see if I had clothes here. I no longer knew. I did. I grabbed shorts, underwear, a shirt and socks and went into the bathroom.

I could feel someone walk in because there was a change in the pressure. "Hello?"

"Hi love, it's just me. Chloe and Sara are enthralled with Henry, as I was, but you're in here and I miss you."

"That's sweet Janey, I miss you too." Silence.

"You really are an asshole, Daniel, but it was also great timing so I'll let it slide. How are you with Sara, Love? I'm guessing it had to be painful for you since she is so bonkers in love with Melissa." I was quiet and Annie thought she shouldn't have brought it up.

'Sorry, I had shampoo in my eyes," she exhaled. "Sara's, Sara, sweets. She was showing me because her heart was hurting, and she had to. It wouldn't have mattered what I felt, I would have said something similar because she was giving me a , in her Sara way."

"How so?"

"She was showing me before Melissa. It was totally innocent, she was just concerned about me and excited, and nervous, about Melissa and wanted validation from me." Annie was quiet and the door opened as she looked at me, and then looked down. We didn't shave. She started getting me hard. "Make love with me, Daniel," which we did.

We bathed, and rinsed each other and were drying off as Chloe walked in, smiling. "Am I disturbing anything?" Annie kissed her and said not now, and smiled as she kept getting dress.

"We were talking about Sara, and I couldn't contain myself because of the depth of love that he has for us." Chloe kissed her, and then me.

"I know, but there is the snoring." Annie nodded,

"And the farting."

"Yeah, there's that too, and he's pretty hairy."

'Well, yeah, but that part did save my life..."

"Are you finished?' They smiled as we all kissed each other. "I'd like to have a full beer and watch Bob." They laughed as they went out and I picked for the wash. Both Chloe and Annie adored Sara, and if we had stayed the of us, they would have been happy with that, but they were both different in our new dynamic...more free. We were all older than Sara, which really wasn't fair because Sara was a very old soul, like the rest of us, but she was innocent. She was Sarah, and she could take the oxygen out of the room in the blink of an eye.

Chloe and Annie could be themselves with me, and that was freeing for all of us. I was rinsing out the shower, when Chloe walked in, looked at me, smiled, and dropped her pants to show that her bush was still there. I put my hand against it, and pulled as she closed her eyes and moaned. "You attend to this later, mister, and if Annie wants to fuck you then I am OK with that. We're both glad you like hair, mister." She pulled her yoga pants and walked out smiling, leaving the door open. I put the laundry in, grabbed a small cooler and but beer in it, and went out back.

Our timeline was seriously fucked . I was guessing it was , if even that, and we needed to rethink...everything, including dinner. I sat down as Bob walked into his den for a pre-hunting nap. Figures. "Anyone think about dinner?"

"Bethany said they just called for pizza and would go and pick it ," as Bet, Javier, and the showed. It was followed 10 minutes later by Sam, Maggie and the girls. We called Gio, again. and I went to check on the Prosecco. There were bottles.

"It had been a long month, but a very hard week, or so, and we were divided, which was hard for a pack. let alone multiple packs, and then factor in new life, and death. We coalesced around our family. Henry went in to deal with the music before he left to go to the hospital, with Chloe and Sara, to see David and Issa for a visit. They were getting out tomorrow and we were using the food at Henry's to have a family gathering on Saturday, as a surprise because they couldn't go the fourth party. None of us really cared about that, and we'd all be at Sara's, as a family, double masked.

It was a cathartic experience, and we were letting go of the stress that had built . There were still concerns, but not like before. We were all doing our things as Melissa walked in with Henry, Chloe and Sara. Sara and Melissa were getting ready to leave as I pulled her aside. "I already changed the sheets, use the bathroom. She smiled, and bit my lip as she kissed me, and nodded.

Annie took our hands and jumped the fenced with me and Chloe, and we took a walk, holding hands.. "You going to tell us what my mom said to you about her suggestion where we are getting married together, as a family?"

'I know very little more than you about thing, but my mom is alive. Ella's suggestion was close to my mom." Chloe and I looked at each other, then Annie. "Of course, sweets. Where does your mom live?"

"Norway." she looked at me, because I had asked her if she knew anyone in Norway, and smiled.

"Norway?" She nodded as Chloe looked at me, both our brains whirling.

"My mom is Norwegian, but my Da' was from Scotland. I'm a double warrior, as are you Daniel." Chloe looked at us. "Ella suggested it because I have family there, and they could help with planning, and because my mom wouldn't travel. She would "experience" it, but not like in person." Chloe started crying, and we stopped.

"Norway it is, Love, because all we have to meet your Ma', and you're family....end of discussion. We just need to start planning." She looked at me. "Daniel, you check airfare, and hotels...and check with Sam. I'll deal with our family, and schedules, and...."

"What, Annie?" You don't need to focus on anything but your family. Daniel needs to focus on Ama, but she is my grandmother. I love her dearly, but she has always been kind of an odd bird, which is of course why she took a liking to Daniel." Chloe laughed, and nodded.

"Ama is your Grandmother?"

"Yes. Bjorn." Chloe looked at us completely confused.

"That his Old World name. It means bear. Mine is Annryd. It meant 'warrior princess' in the Old tongue because women fought beside men."

"What is mine?"

"I don't know, Love, because you clan comes from the Isles, and my Ma' came from Norway. You need to talk with Ella." Chloe nodded. "You need to know this because we are family now. My line is quite wealthy." We looked at her. "Old World wealthy. It's why you don't need to worry about the planning." Chloe and I still looked at her.

"We have private jets, and estates, and chefs. We own banks, and businesses, and a fair portion of northern Norway, as Ama does in Iceland as well. Arrangements won't be an issue, and I would like as many people to be there as possible." Chloe and I looked at her.

"I know, it's a lot, That's why I didn't say anything after Daniel bit me. Both my Ma' and Ama were displeased but as things played out with us, they were more open, and talking with the Elders. When Daniel bested Marnine, multiple times, everyone notice, and when he sacrificed himself to protect me, that sealed it. Killing Marnine was a bonus to the family...a HUGE bonus, love because that bad blood has lasted a very long time. They aren't pleased she is still around, but I'm willing to give her a chance."

Chloe and I stared at her, turned around and walked back to the shop as Annie laughed and pushed her way in between us. "I'm still me, idiots."

"Ok, I'll deal with my family, and you with yours Daniel, and we need to figure out how you're spending a month with Ama. You also need to talk with Sam, Maggie, Bet and Javier. Holy crap, my brain is overloading. Annie and I both hugged her as we comforted her.

"It's a shock, and I was going to wait but you and Daniel, especially, have welcomed me into the inner workings of your family's. Daniel did with his, and you did with yours. I called my Ma' and she said that I needed to tell you. We haven't changed, Loves. We'll just have more issues because once we are married, then they will become our issues." Chloe didn't hesitate.

"Someone fucks with you Annie, then they fuck with all of us, period." Annie kissed her, and me, and said she knew that, which was why we were getting married. We jumped the fence as the sun was starting to go down. Sara and Melissa were eating pizza and laughing as a young couple in love. Christine and Bethany were too. Maggie and Bet were playing with the . Henry, Javier, and Sam were discussing the nuances of music theory, as we all smiled and watched.

"Chloe looked at her and asked if she really wanted us watching her back. Annie looked at them, and her. She kissed Chloe and said,

"Love, I'd chose them over a hundred knights any day." Let's get some pizza. I'm .
take me part 217
Posted:Aug 11, 2021 2:25 pm
Last Updated:Oct 21, 2021 7:46 pm

I pulled into the shop as Sam and Henry were talking with someone. It was Carl, from the funeral home. He's the guy that I asked to take care of Ari for the Andersen's, and that if he ever wanted a job we'd give him one. I was hoping that was why he was here. It was.

I reached out my hand, 'Hey Carl, it's good to see you. I hope you're for a job because these idiots are trying to kick me out of the shop." He smiled and said he was.

"We were just finishing up and he starts tomorrow, which is great since there's so much going on and Jake is gone. I nodded.

"I take it things went from bad to worse with your idiot boss?" He noded.

"He pushed me to far but I need a job, so I stopped here first. I'm on my way to file a complaint against them, and I have documentation, but I appreciate you bringing me on so quick. My wife's pregnant and I didn't want to stress her out, after talking with Sam and Henry, I know I'll like it, and fit in, here."

"I have no doubt Carl, and since you're an employee, follow me." I showed him the snack cupboard, and the drinks. Help yourself, especially since you'll be dealing the State. You'll need it." He smiled and nodded. "We'll see you tomorrow , Carl, and take your wife out for a nice dinner. I'm sure she will be happy you aren't working there any longer." He nodded.


"Well, that's great news. He'll fit in fine here, and he's a great worker." Sam and Henry nodded. "You guys want lunch before I get to work doing the grunt stuff." They smiled.

"Mags is coming by with lunch. She's given up on the biscuits as long as I have a bowl of All Bran." Henry and I laughed. "She's focusing on lunch and dinner instead."

"I don't know Sam, I think she has a crush on me and Henry. What do you think Henry?"

"I don't about you but she's always had a crush on me for as long as I've known her."

"Well, what woman wouldn't, Henry?" He nodded. Maggie pulled up, followed by Bet and Javier as Sam called us assholes, and we all started laughing. Things were starting to slide back into place. Maggie walked up with a basket and asked what so funny. We told her, and without skipping a beat Mags kissed me and Henry on the cheek and walked into the kitchen, which made us laugh even harder. Sam and Henry followed her as I grabbed three beers, and the opener, and met Bet and Javier at the chairs. We hugged each and sat down.

"You feeling OK, homes?" I nodded, and said just a little stiff. "It's not normal but it's a good ability to have."

"Aside from the obvious, how are Oscar's wife and coping, and if we can help in anyway let us know." They nodded and Bet said,

"They're still in shock, and devastated, we all are because it's never happened before. We're all taking care of them and Javier and I decided that Rothman was responsible, and not Oscar. They don't need that stigma and we don't need our crew second guessing each other. He was young, and we think scared."

"Sounds wise, Bet. Sometimes the truth can cause more harm than good. I'm not trying to step on your toes, and I haven't talked with the girls, but I know they'll agree. We want to give some of whatever ends coming through to them, or put it in a fund, or something. They shouldn't have to worry and it'd be right to use that money for good. Also, when Henry's re-open, if she wants to work then we'll find her a job."

They looked at each. "Thanks Jefe, that means a lot. We need to have a discussion with everyone about just that topic. What the guys got in Europe is still bouncing around, and likely will because Interpol and the FBI are all over these people. They're pretty sure it's clean, but we're all paranoid right now and taking extra precautions. We'll keep you updated but the bitcoin from Philip is clean. We need to have a meal and discuss it as a family." I nodded.

"I agree, guys. As a head's up, my friend at the FBI, Deat, will be here on Saturday. Rothman was flagged by them so the cops sent them the info, and he saw my name in the report. He wants to talk, I'm guessing because this guy was connected with Gustav. I figure he wants to know why he almost killed me. I'd kinda like to know that too, even though I think he was looking for Alison, or pissed because we made him shit in a bucket." They stared at me.

"Is this a problem, Daniel?"

"No, and I don't think it will be. I have no connection with Rothman, and the local cops looked into us and they found nothing. They figured it was a case of mistaken identity...wrong place, wrong time.... sort of thing, which makes sense. Alison doesn't know anything except she was Philip's girlfriend. He might be coming on Sunday, and he worked in the field office in Denver for a several years, so if any of your guys were involved in anything the Feds would have been involved with, they should probably sit it out." They nodded.

"I understand that you would rather not have this happening, I've known Deat for a long time, and we are friends, and I'm playing it like that. We haven't seen each other for a while, and he's worried about me, and curious. We all have bit's of the puzzle. I'm not sharing mine but I hope he share's some of his. I don't like to do it but I am a convincing liar when I need to be. I'm curious what he knows, and I don't have any connection and that's were this ends."

They looked at each other, and me. "We have the connection, homes." I nodded.

"Did you gut the house?" They nodded and said there was an electrical fire. "Did they cover their tracks with both Rothman and the other guy, who I assume is not a threat," they nodded, "then I don't think we should borrow trouble. Gustav seemed to be the lynch pin, or at least one of them, and I'm pretty sure it was deemed natural causes. Unless his name gets flagged, which I doubt because he didn't do any of the dirty work, except with the girls, then that's a dead end. Philip was a long time ago." They nodded.

"You want lunch, Mags made something." They smiled, and nodded, as they walked inside. I called Beth about the insurance.

"Please tell me me you aren't adding another person to the policy."

"Two, actually."


"I'm kidding Beth. We just wanted to stop by, hopefully tomorrow, later morning, and go over it."

"You are a royal pain in my ass, mister. Stop by whenever, I'll be here." I went in to see if there was any lunch left, as Unc called.

"Hey big boy, how's the shoulder? Hey Danny."

'Hi Ellen, and I'm fine. I heal quickly, it seems. How's the trip?"

"Fantastic, but hot, and smoky, but we're all having a great time and all the are getting along great. Is everyone OK staying?" I told them we'd make it work. "Here's you Uncle, we're getting ready to hike up some canyon that looks gorgeous. Jake and Emily are having a blast. We love you and we'll see you soon."

"Stephanie and Alison are coming in Saturday morning, your time. Can you pick them up?"

"Both of them?" He laughed. "I actually can't because I have a friend coming into town but the girls can. They'll love it. Henry's is closed and they're bored. I'll call Steph. and let her know. It'll be pretty hard to miss Sara when she's excited. Enjoy the hike and take plenty of water."

I walked into the kitchen as everyone was finishing up. Sam and Henry patted me on the back. 'That was a great lunch. Hurry up because you have a lot of sanding," as they both laughed. Assholes. Maggie smiled and gave me a container with half a chicken salad sandwich, and chips.

"I wasn't expecting Bet and Javier." I said thanks, and smiled, as she hugged me and looked into me eyes. 'How are you, Daniel?"

'I'm fine, Mags, just a lot to do, and it's not slowing down. Henry's closing down, and reshifting, is even more, but it's thrown us all of whack too. It'll balance out one of these years." She smiled. "Are you and Sam OK with what Bethany and Charles came up with for the partnership? I want you to be happy with it." She looked at me with tears welling and hugged me."

"Honestly, it's kinda over our head's, but we talked with Bethany and trust her. Neither of us like that we aren't paying you more upfront, but it's also huge not to deplete our savings, or go in debt. I have never seen Sam more proud, or more happy." I smiled.

I was quiet for a while Mags waited. "I'm not exactly sure why, yet, but Sam will be earning his keep, even more than normal, so I think it's a win-win." She looked me, nodded, and kissed me.

"I need to get the girls at the pool, but we'll talk, and you know Sam will always have your back, as will I." I nodded and told her I knew as I walked out back. Bet was sitting on Javier's lap as they watched Bob play with a rock.

I started taping it for the girls. "Bob is quite the character." I said yes he is."

"How's Beto and his family. Beto's getting stronger, and the family is hugely relieved. We're pretty sure he'll be taking you up on the job offer.. I'm pretty sure Nancy won't take no for an answer, and after Oscar, we're sure he's OK with that. He's still part of the crew, just less danger.'

"Yeah, well I did try and gouge my thumb off with a chisel."

Javier said, "yeah, but that's because you're a moron, homes." Bet laughed as she got up and kissed me.

"Don't listen to him, sweets, you're not a moron, just an idiot but you can't help yourself, just ask the girls. We gotta go pick up our munchkins. We still love you. Say hi to them. I want to thank Mags."

Javier smiled and hugged me, "you sure you got this Deat thing handled?" I nodded and told him I'd let him know. "Use a burner phone." I nodded. "That Bob is pretty awesome."

"He is." We walked out front and said goodbye as I started my grunt work, much to Sam and Henry's delight. I had everything sanded, and was shifting wood for the following day's orders when the Andersen's pulled in, followed by the girls. Sara was ecstatic and almost tackled Peggy, who laughed. Everyone said hi as I blew sawdust off of me, walked out and hugged them. Sam was pulling the mostly finished bench out to show them, and he took over, as I smiled.

"It's nearly finished. We have a little more shaping to do, and sanding, and then finishing. We had left over Pecan so we used that but we'll put a richer stain on it." He said he hated doing this, but he was a natural. Peggy and Jason were beaming, and running their hands over it. "We're working on how to anchor into the ground, but we have a few thoughts."

Jason said, "This is wonderful and we'll gladly pay you whatever it costs. It'll make our time with Ari some much better." I waited for Sam.

"There's no charge for this. It's a model for us because we are going to start making these as well, and we needed to see some designs. Besides, it's our pleasure. You can donate an amount, in Ari's name, to something she would like." Peggy hugged him, and then me, as the girls all gathered around looking at the bench. I walked into the kitchen to clean up from lunch when Sara walked in, smiling, and jumped on me.

"That's a pretty nice bench, mister," as she kissed me, "and Sam did GREAT!" I nodded.

"Given Henry's, I may have worked myself out of a job."

She jumped down, looked at me, and punched me in the chest as Chloe and Annie walked in. "You've got your notebooks for here, and for Henry, and someone has to focus on that since Henry is stealing your job here." We all laughed. "And then we all have to get married, which is kinda involved, and we have to figure out where....and we have babies coming, so you'll need to take care of us" Chloe and I both said that Annie already knows that because of Ella, but she won't say."

"You saw mom?"

"Yesterday. She said to tell you that she would she you soon. She was talking with Daniel as we walked out back. It was a surprise, sweets." Sara nodded as she grabbed my hand and pulled me in the bedroom, followed by Chloe, and Annie who were both confused. Sara locked the door and looked at me.

"I'm sorry, Daniel." She started taking her pants, and panties, off.

"Sara, what are you doing? There are people out there, and what about Melissa?"

"I'm not going to fuck him, he has to know because he was first with me."

"Really? First?" She nodded.

"I know you enjoy my hair, but Melissa is different. She lowered her panties and looked at me, with the tip of her tongue stuck out. She put one leg on the bed and I thought she was going to cry. "I'm sorry Daniel." I took her leg off the bed, grabbed her bum and lifted her toward me as she wrapped her legs around me, and bit my neck. She jumped and looked up at me, smiling, as she took my hand and placed it one her pussy, as she rubbed.


She smiled, and clapped. "Isn't it! But it's a lot more work, and it hurt. Do you think she'll like it? It's a surprise. I could feel Chloe and Annie cringe, but I was OK because she's Sara."

"I think she'll love it, sweets, and it's fine. I understand, love."

Sara looked at me with tears in her eyes, "Really?"

"Really." She clapped as she jumped down, smiling.

"Now put your clothes back on, and you are very smooth." She was pulling her panties up, 'I know, right. Don't worry, Chloe and Annie didn't do this."

"SARA!!!!!!!!!!" Jesus."

"Change of subject, as I unlocked the door and we walked into the kitchen, I talked with Unc, and everyone is having a great time, but my cousins, Stephanie, and Alison, are coming in Saturday morning to see everyone, and be here for the Fourth, but my friend Deat is also coming in, so you need to pick them up. I'll call Steph later and let her know." Sara clapped.

"Deat.... from the FBI?" Chloe and Annie were worried.

"Yeah, the guy at Henry's was flagged by them and he saw my name."

"Is this a problem, Daniel?"

"I don't think so because none of us know anything, and what I do know I'm not sharing. Alison knows even less. It was odd to him, and he's also worried about me. Bet and Javier are already mildly freaking out, so I don't need you to as well. We'll play it as it goes. I'm hoping he doesn't have any info on Philip so Alison stays out of it. It'll be fine." We walked out and said goodbye to Peggy and Jason as I hoped I was right about
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take me part 216
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I hung up, smiling, and shaking my head, and walked inside as the girls pulled up. Sam looked at me. "You bring biscuits?" I shook my head, "but there's a bag in the fridge...bacon and sausage." He turned around and walked a way without saying a word. Sam came out, smiling.

"You OK?" He looked at me as he chewed, swallowed, took a long sip of coffee, and looked at me again.

"No, Daniel, I'm not. We thought you were dead..."

"technically, I was dead...."

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!! What is wrong with you! You're my closest friend, my brother, and I thought you were dead. Actually, the first thing I thought was..... thank God we signed the insurance forms, then I thought you were dead." He took another bite, and smiled. I shook my head and stood up, and walked back inside, before turning back. Chloe and Annie were watching us, shaking their heads. I walked backed to Sam and leaned down...

"I peed on all of those, by the way," and walked away. I walked past Chloe and Annie, who were smiling, "come on, lets go. We have a lot to do. Get to work Sam. You're burning daylight" They said I was terrible.

"You're an asshole Daniel, but glad you're still alive, I'm marginally glad."

'You really are terrible because he was scared."

"I know, but he's fine now." They looked at each.


'He told me how freaked out he was. I told him I was sorry. He said OK, and not to do it again, and we hugged...and there were biscuits." They looked at each other completely confused. We need to go." I left the biscuits on the counter just to fuck with Sam. We need to get bagels and cream cheese.

I'll be back as fast as I can Henry. There's a lot to deal with, and there's the Fourth.

"Sam and I have it covered. We've been talking and we figure that we may not even need you around." Chloe and Annie laughed.

"You too?" Holy crap.

We pulled into Moe's Bagels and walked in. They knew me and Chloe, and we introduced Annie. We got a dozen, assorted, and three things of cream cheese. Best bagels in Colorado and we drove to meet Bethany.

"Is there cranberry?" I held up 2 fingers. "Dibs on cranberry. Thank you, and come in. Hi Chloe. Hi Annie. Please sit. Would you like anything?" They looked at me. "Jesus Christ, aside from that?" They smiled, and shook their heads. "I'm glad I'm getting paid for this." She pushed a folder toward us as her assistant brought her a toasted bagel filled with cream cheese. "Save the other cranberry for me, and take what you want. Charles likes pumpernickel. Share the rest but save us some cream cheese." She smiled and nodded. "I love the cranberry walnut, even with butter. Thank you." I nodded.

'All of you need to sign that, including Annie. I added her. I'm assuming that was OK." We smiled, and I flipped her off. " You can all read through it, and you should, but it covers all of you, and gives you varying shares. Most of Daniel's go into a trust for the ," Chloe and Annie looked at me."You didn't know?" They shook their heads. "Daniel."

"There have been a few things going on Bethany."

"Jesus. OK,.... Sam and Maggie are partners in the business. It's a good arrangement tax wise for you, and it allow Sam and Maggie to buy in overtime. Daniel's share goes into a trust, along with with the property he owns." They looked at me. "It's being handled by someone who we have known, and who his family had known, for a long time. I am overseeing it."

Chloe looked at me, and at Bethany. "That gives you access to everything for our entire family. Correct?" Bethany smiled.

"Only if Daniel dies and then two of you are conservators and have to agree to everything. I can't take a dime without someone finding out, not that I would, assuming I get these bagels regularly. You're right to question Chloe, but we weren't looking to keep Daniel safe. We were looking to keep you, and you safe. We started setting this up before he almost died."

"With that said, this is where a conflict may arise, even though it wasn't set up like that. Daniel included Emily as one his , and I am her new mother. Chloe and Annie smiled. He also set aside money for someone named Charli, and Benjamin. I'm not sure who that is."

I looked at Annie, as Chloe looked at me. "You mind filling me in, mister." I told her and she nodded. "I remember."

"Annie was checking into schools, but things went side ways. I talked with Bethany, and since she knows everything about me, mostly, I had her include them. They are smart, talented , and their mom has a gentle heart. They shouldn't be were they are. Life got away from me but I've been wanting to handle it."

Chloe looked at me, Bethany, and Annie. "Bethany, you and I are going to be talking more frequently. Annie, steal a computer if you have to, but fix this school thing, for both of them, please. As I remember it, she is right brain, and he is left." We nodded. Fix this today, sweets, if you can." She looked at Bethany. "What else?"

"This only involves Daniel's asset's, most of them. Daniel is in charge of overseeing, the overseeing, but you are an odd bunch, so he kept a contingency fund, just in case. It doesn't take into consideration your family's situation, Chloe, and your sister and brother, and I have no clue about you Annie. Those are things left to you, and your family, but we are happy to help, if you want."

"It's somewhat complicated because I am in love Christine and Emily but Daniel is my family and would never do anything to hurt him, or any of you." Annie walked up to Bethany and smelled her. She walked away and nodded. "OK, that was odd. Daniel told me about Henry's. That is a totally separate issue, but there are things we can do because of covid, and the shooting. A loss isn't always a bad thing for a business."

Chloe pulled up a chair, as did Annie, and pulled out my notebook about the changes to Henry's. "Can I leave? They nodded." Bethany looked at me, and I nodded. I trusted Bethany. She was family, and I checked everything, anyway. I headed to Frank the butcher, but I called the .

"Hey dad. We're almost at Zion. Utah is amazing."

'Yeah it is."

"Are our moms there?"

"Not right now. Sara is harassing Maggie's munchkin's, and Chloe and Annie are dealing with business stuff with Bethany."


"Yeah Em....your mom is my family's accountant, and has been for a long time. They're talking about they're stuff and will fill me in later. I need to get ready for the Fourth. How are you enjoying your cousins/"

'We are having SO much fun. They are changing their tickets so they can stay longer. Is that OK dad?"

"It's fine guys. There's plenty of room. You guys just have fun and say hi to everyone." I drove to Frank's. Most of what Bethany had put into trusts came from my parents and it didn't alter anything, while I was alive, and probably wouldn't even if I died because of Chloe and Annie. It was just a precaution, and given what nearly happened, a necessary one.

I needed to get legally married and Chloe was the reasonable choice because of Jake. It gave her say over things if something happened to me, and would allow access to Sara, Annie, and Janey. I hadn't given much thought to this stuff before meeting them and I had come close, twice, so it was time to stop fucking around. I could feel Chloe, Annie, and Bethany discussing things regarding the business. I had no idea what Annie's situation was but I figured we'd all discuss it at some point.

None of us were overly concerned about money, and we were all pretty frugal except when it came to sharing, and giving. Shopping was not our 'thing.' Crap, that reminded me that I needed rings. I had moms ring in the safe, which I also need to go through. The list kept growing. I pulled into Frank's and went in the main part to say hi to the before seeing Frank.

"Daniel. We saw what happened at Henry's on the news. Are you OK?" I told him we're fine. "Close call." I nodded. "Where are Billy and Ellen?" I told them about the trip and them coming back for the Fourth. He smiled. "We have the order almost ready. The boys are waiting to grind the hamburger so it's fresh. We'll deliver it like usual and bring the big grill." I nodded because it was massive.

"You expecting a larger crowd?"

"We were, but then covid started to spike so I'm sure. We're all vaccinated, and we'll be wearing masks, and I suspect most people are as well. Denver Metro has a pretty high percentage of fully vaxxed people. I know that everyone was looking forward to it, and it's outside with plenty of space. I didn't want to cancel because it's been a hard year and half, and the next 9 months looks like it might be a problem. We'll do our best to be safe and have a good time." He nodded. Bring the invoice when you come and I'll write you a check."

We had been doing this since my folks were alive and it pretty much ran itself with the exception of the cooking. The businesses around us all chipped in to cover the costs and folks could donate if they wanted. A line of porta-john's would be delivered Saturday, along with tables and chairs along the perimeter. Sunday morning would be when it got busy. The kegs would be delivered and set up, along with a variety of bottles, and soda, and water. A couple of caterers would set up and we would have to get ready for the cookout part, which is what we all enjoyed. The DJ would set-up. It wasn't a small undertaking but word spread and we had small breweries and restaurants coming to us. We did a similar thing for Halloween but the Fourth was the blowout event. I was amazed that it would be the first time Henry and the girls would be there. They had no clue.

I didn't really have much more to do with the party except check in with the guys around me. Frank took care of all of the buns, and fixings, because he could get it all wholesale and deliver it and then just bill us. It was getting more and more expensive every year and there were grumblings about the cost, and I suspected this one might be the last, but we all loved doing it. Who knows. I called Chloe and Annie."

'Hey sweets, you're on speaker. We're wrapping up with Bethany and they are going to help us with Henry's, and the houses, and everything. We're not exactly sure all that dad has so we're dragging his ass in here."

"He'll love that." Annie said that he wouldn't have a choice. "I'll swing by and get you."

"No need, Sara's on her way and we're doing girls stuff since Henry's is closed. Super top secret."

"I hope it doesn't involve waxing." I smiled and waited.

Chloe finally said, "I can't believe you said that on speaker phone. Jesus, Daniel. Bethany almost choked on the last of her second bagel, and no, it doesn't involve that. Unbelievable. We'll see you later, mister, and you're getting pinched. We love you." I said bye and hung up as I smiled. I headed to get the marriage license, and make an appointment with the judge, and then look through the storage unit's. I wanted to get as much of this stuff done as I could. I wasn't sure why but I wanted the loose ends dealt with. I was finishing up with the last warehouse of my dad's stuff, and locking up, when Deat called.

"Hey Deat."

"Hey Daniel. I'm in DC and then spending a day, or so, with the family. Can we meet on Saturday instead? It'll give me some extra time."

"Of course, man, whatever. I'm just looking forward to beating your ass in darts." He laughed. We have the Fourth party on Sunday. Everyone will be there so hopefully you can hang around."

"That sounds great, except you're the one that always loses at darts. I'll text you the information."

"Sounds good and say hi to all the girls, and give them my love." That'll be an interesting conversation. I pushed outward just to check even though I wasn't sensing anything and it was fine. I hoped it stayed like that as I headed back to the shop.
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take me part 215
Posted:Aug 9, 2021 10:01 pm
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I woke in my dreams and Ama was there, smiling at me. "Follow me Bjorn." She leapt up, and I followed. We landed in a familiar place. I smiled and leapt high to look. Iceland. "Welcome home, even though you can't touch the Earth that helped to create you such a long time ago. I suspect the bear would prefer running here rather than in high desert. You, and your mates, have many choices to make. They will not be easy ones, for any of you, but they are necessary because each of you carries a lineage that has converged and that is now leading you."

"The hardest choice will be Sara's because she is the purest we have seen in millennia. She is an innocent and does what even she cannot explain. The young Viking warrioress is an example. Sara knows that it is right, even though she can't explain it. Your love for her is old enough to allow the pain that you must face, without leaving. If you left her, it would crush her."

"I know these things, Ama. Why am I here?"

"It's a gift young bear, young to me. Run where you use to run." I looked at her, smelled the air, I smiled, shifted and ran. I was home, and knew where to go. Time in the astral is different than in life, in the physical, but I ran, and ran, and ran until I was exhausted. I was drinking when Ama walked up and scruffed my ears.

"They will not be easy choices, Daniel. All of you have conflicting responsibilities in your world, and in ours. You must choose which is more important." I finished drinking my fill and shifted back. The smells, and terrain, were familiar, and I longed for them, but she was right, it would not be an easy choice because my life, and family, was there, but my soul was here.

Ama took my face in her hands, as a grandmother would, which is what Ama means in Icelandic, kissed my lips, smiled, and sent me back. I wasn't sure how long it took for me to wake up, but I wasn't tired at all. Annie was cuddling with me, and Chloe with her. I smiled, even though I missed Sara. I gently turned Annie toward Chloe and they were like magnets and hugged each other. I prayed that they slept because there was no need for them to go to Henry's. I got ready, pulled the blanket over them, and went into the kitchen. I drank some juice, wrote a note, and grabbed my bag. I missed Jake and Emily. I locked up and got in the truck. I pushed outward.

Goddamn it! I needed to talk with Annie about Charlie and her brother, and getting them into a private school. Crap. Aside from that there was nothing. I could feel the organization that Gustav worked for in shambles, and I knew Deat well enough that, given the information I sent him, that he wouldn't stop until the entire operation was done. No one was even slightly interested in us anymore, except Deat, and he was focused on me. I could handle that. I drove to Henry's.

I pulled up to Henry's, and frowned because I knew things were going to need to change, and change is hard. I walked in and disarmed the alarm, and locked the door. I had to stop myself from doing my normal routine to open. I walked out front, put my bag down and grabbed my pen and notebook and made coffee before walking back into the kitchen, and into the cooler. I made an inventory of the meat, chicken, cheese, veg., so it didn't go to waste. We needed to halt the orders, except for coffee, eggs, and sausage, of course. I walked out as I wrote the last bit down and looked up, and Joseph as leaning against the table, smiling.

"GODDAMN IT JOSEPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You need to stop doing that," and I walked out to get some coffee. "What is wrong with you."

"It keeps young Daniel. I hear you had a nice run in part of your homeland." I smiled, and nodded. I offered him coffee but he refused. "It's changed a remarkable amount from when you were there last, but home has lasting memories. How are you with Sara?"


"I care, idiot, and Sara is important to you."

"Thanks. I'm OK. It's hard, but it's not like it's been all that easy since I met her, and them, which I'm fine with. I'd walk through fire for any of them, and that's not hyperbole." He looked at me and nodded.

"Your, and Sara's, paths will intertwine many times during this life, which will be long, but it will not be an easy one, especially for you. I will leave it to unfold for all of you, but there will be many , as there should be in your clans. You and Sara will not have the life you imagined when you were having pancakes." I lowered my head and nodded as Henry walked in.

"Well, at least you aren't half naked." I smiled.

"Hi Henry. How's Ella?"

"She's boisterous, which I adore. Thank you for asking Joseph. We're not opening?" I frowned.

"We had 6 people for breakfast yesterday, and we closed for lunch. People are weirded out Henry, and it doesn't make financial sense. Chloe and I are talking with Bethany today about options, and I was working on some thoughts until he scared the crap out of me. Enjoy the break. Helping Sam has been a huge help to me, and him."

"I'm enjoying it. Sara's dad and I use to build things. We built most things in this place in the beginning. I didn't realize how much I missed that until working with Sam." Joseph looked me, and I could hear Ella.

"Well, it's a HUGE help for me Henry because I'm still healing in side. The goop I got from, Joseph shook his head, "from Chloe helped heal the wound amazingly, but I'm still limited in what I can do, so if you can keep helping Sam, that would be great." He smiled, and nodded.

"As much as I would love to stay, and chat, I need leave because the cops will be here soon. Henry, good luck trying to get Ella to stop talking with you in your dreams. We're working with Claire so she can do the same with Sara." Henry's smile was as big as I had ever seen. "I'll see you gentlemen later, and he walked into the kitchen.

I got us more coffee when there was a knock on the front door. I walked up and he showed me his badge and ID. I opened the door.

"Are you Daniel?" I nodded. "Mind if I come in and ask you some questions about what happened. We've talked with everyone else. At this point, it's just closing the file." I nodded and stepped aside.

"Would you like some coffee..."

"That would be great because I remember your coffee, just sugar, please. Morning sir." I put his coffee down as I sat next to Henry, who wasn't about to move. "So, this is pretty basic for me because the preps fingerprints got bounced to the FBI, or Interpol, or some place above my pay grade, so I just need to find out what you recall so we can close our case."

"Sure, I'll tell you what I remember."

"Great, start wherever." I told him exactly what happened, other than leaving out the obvious. I told him that I stepped in front of Chloe and Sara, and I saw Annie grab the cleaver as I threw knives at him, but couldn't remember how many, before the shot and the last thing I saw was Annie screaming and running at him, and it went black." He nodded.

"Did you know this man?"

"Never seen him before."

"You had a leather belt with numerous throwing knives on it when they undressed you at the hospital. Were you expecting trouble?' He looked at me, as I smiled.

"No, that's why the back door was open. I throw knives as a hobby. I have a target at the shop. My aunt and uncle were visiting so my wife and I were staying at her place. I had them with me and I wanted to practice. I was wearing it so I wouldn't forget it, thankfully. I have a question, detective ."

"Of course."

'Did I hit him?"

"You don't remember?"

"No. It was reflex and I was focused on Annie and trying to stand as long as I could to protect Chloe."

"You hit him in his left eye, and nicked his carotid, that had to stop him and Annie finished it. She took off his hand, and severed his femoral artery. Hell hath no fury, right?" We nodded. "Given the limited bit that we know, he was looking for someone. We figure he got faulty information because none of you have any reason for him to be interested. We think it's wrong place, wrong time... except it worked, mostly in your favor. How are you feeling?"

"I'm healing, and alive, so I'll take that, detective. You need anything else."

"No, that should do it but you should expect a visit from the feds because he was a bad guy. I appreciate you taking the time this early. Gentlemen." We shook hands.

"You want a to go cup?" He smiled and fixed his coffee before leaving. Henry shook his head and smiled as he looked at me while I locked the door.

"Are you OK Henry? We're worried.... the girls especially."

"It's a lot to process but working with Sam is helping. I miss working with wood. I thought you were dead, and then I thought I'd watch the girls die in front of me. I'm working through it, Daniel." I nodded because I understood.

"Do me a favor, talk with girls, even Annie." He nodded. "They are VERY worried about you and that was when ALL of the came storming in looking for me. They saw Henry and it took the wind out of their sails, and diverted them.

"Ladies." They looked at each other, at me, and then at him.


"It's a lovely morning. I no longer climb fences but let's take a walk and have a chat." They nodded as they teared up and walked to the kitchen. Henry stopped and turned. "Annie, what are you waiting for?" Annie smiled and ran up as Chloe moved aside so she was between her and Henry. Melissa got coffee and sat down.

"You are a strange bunch." I smiled. "You do make good coffee though. I'm guessing that was good." I nodded. "How about us?" I smiled.

"Melissa, if we weren't good then you'd already be dead."

"PLEASE!!!!! You are so full of shit. I think it's an age thing. You need to project authority."

"Excuse me."

"It happens Daniel, but at least you are use to getting your ass wiped."

"What else did you wipe after you finished? She stared at me

"I did no such thing." I smiled, and ran. "I am SO going to...." She tackled me and started biting me up my back as we laughed.

"ENOUGH! You win."

"You are SUCH an asshole. She crawled onto my chest, laughing as she stuck her knee into my balls, and she bit my neck muscle, not hard, and not long. She got up, smiling. "You're a jerk." I nodded. "So I guess we're good." I nodded. She helped me up and we turned around to see everyone looking at us, shaking their head's. Henry said,

"Are you interrupting anything."

"Yeah Henry, I was getting ready to kick her ass," as we hugged and walked toward them, laughing. Sara was in the booth looking at my notes, with her tongue slightly stuck out. Chloe looked at her, as did Annie. Sara got out as Chloe got in and scooted over, and then Annie. Melissa looked at me. Sara went back and started over, and pointed, they all looked around and pointed. Henry looked at me. The three of us took the other side of the booth with Melissa in the middle.

Sara looked up at me. 'When did you do this, Daniel?" They all looked at me, but Melissa and Henry didn't have a clue.

"This morning, but off and on since I came back, I have been thinking about it since I was shot. I slept long enough, and we weren't opening so I did that. Chloe looked at me with tears in her eyes. This just might work mister."

"We're meeting with Bethany today before we get the marriage license, maybe after that come to think about it, and I wanted to run it by her. Something along those lines makes sense. It doesn't have to be that, and I doubt it will, but it's a start. Annie was looking at me and shaking her head. Sara pushed my notebook to Henry and Melissa, who huddled together and looked through it. I

It was pretty self explanatory. It fundamentally shifted Henry's. The girls were already talking about doing something, and that was before Sara and Melissa, or Ama, or any of the rest. Henry enjoying working with Sam was a blessing. Henry looked at me, and the girls.

"This cuts us in half. We can't survive like that," as he kept looking at my notes. Chloe was getting ready to speak when Melissa said,

"Henry, especially after the events of the last week, you need to think outside of the box. Look around at all the wasted space because of these," as she slapped the table. Sara smiled and looked at me. "There are places a quarter the size of this that are very busy. You don't need this much room Henry. Look. You gut this and it will be huge. You'll be amazed how much space was wasted. Look here, this is a counter with, I'm guessing twelve stools, and everything else can be tables, because you can move tables....and this, this is a patio. It's Colorado. We eat outside in the snow, and cold, unless it's terrible."

She looked at Henry. "Given everything we are facing, and what may be coming down the pike, this is smart, at least as starting point. This area is changing so you're menu will need to reflect that, but it won't be hard to maintain your regulars, but also expand to the new people moving in. The ToGo food idea is great. You don't need a huge place, and that would give another space to rent out, or to reconfigure." Sara beamed as Henry looked at her, and my notebook. He looked at Chloe.

"Melissa is right Dad. We need to flesh it out but we all wanted you to work less, and we're pregnant, and that won't stop. This isn't about us dad, it's about your and Ella's grand and Claire and Richard's, and your legacy to them." Sara hugged her. "Besides, you like working with Sam. I know it because I've seen you." He smiled and looked at me.

"You're a pain in my ass." He pushed us out of the booth. Someone has to work around here. We'll talk more about later, but I'm not opposed to it." If Sara wasn't smitten with Melissa before, she certainly was now. She pushed Annie out of the booth and launched into her as Chloe, Annie, and I walked into the kitchen.

"I'm sure glad we're older than that....." and they attacked me, pulling me into the pantry as they kissed, and groped me, until Sara and Melissa said excuse me, smiling and shaking their heads. I turned the coffee of and cleaned it, and we locked up and went out back, laughing.

Melissa and Sara went to the hospital and Sara drove to Maggie's to visit the rugrats. Annie, Chloe and I headed to the shop. I needed to connect with Sam. I actually had A LOT I needed to do before Sunday, and the Fourth. I wasn't upset that Henry's was closed. It just threw all of us out of whack, and we weren't quite sure what to do because the routine had been disrupted. Chloe and Annie followed me to Henry's, and God help me. I called Bethany.

"Excellent timing. I'm on the toilet."

"I won't ask."

"Best. What?"

"You said we needed to talk."

"You getting married?"

"We're going down today for the license, so either today, or tomorrow."

"Good...hold on. You are the only person I would poop while talking with, just so you know. I was going to let it go to voicemail but I remember back in the day. Before we get into business. How are you with Sara?"

"I'm OK. I like Melissa. I really like Melissa. We bonded today and I trust her. I can't say I like it, but it is what it is."


"It sucks sis, but I can't do a goddamn thing about it, but accept it."

"That's better. Can you come in early?"

"Yeah, but Chloe and Annie will be there. What's early?"

"That's fine. Bring us breakfast. We have good coffee. We have a lot to discuss. Eight to eight-thirty. Bye Love."

"Bye goofball."

"Daniel, it'll be OK even though it's hard now."

"I know, sweets." I got out of the truck to talk with Sam as the girls pulled up.
take me part 214
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Annie and Melissa were becoming fast friends as they opened a bottle of Prosecco and dug through the music collection. I hugged Christine and Bethany bye, they were both missing Emily. I told Bethany that I would call her tomorrow. There always seemed to be more and more to do. I stripped the sheets put them in the wash and remade the bed for when Billy and Ellen got back. Changed all the towels too. I was trying to find things to do so I didn't think about what happened with Beto. It could have been a coincidence, but I knew it wasn't. I also didn't want to think about Ama and how that would work, but I knew that was important too. There still seemed to be a lot of balls in the air. I finished the bed and walked into the kitchen when Melissa said,

"YEEESSSS!!!! I love Molly Tuttle. I poured a glass, sat down, and closed my eyes until someone climbed into my lap. It was Sara. She kissed me and nuzzled under my neck.

"Don't be mad at me Daniel." I told her I wasn't mad. She looked at me, smiled, and put her head against my chest. "Good, mister. We're still getting married with Annie and Chloe, but Melissa is going to be my wife. I'm not sure exactly why, yet, but I know it's important." I hugged her as we listened to the end of the CD. Sara and Melissa hugged all of us and left. It was still bittersweet, but it was also a recent change, among many changes. It would take a while to get accustomed to. Chloe, Annie, and I cleaned up. I checked the back, we locked up, and went to Henry's so I could get the truck, and I followed them home.

We called the . The were in Bryce and heading to Zion the next day, and they were having a blast, but it was HOT. We all told them to drink water at the same. We could feel the eye rolls through the phone. Bill and Ellen said everyone was fine, and getting along great.

"Sorry we won't be there to help with the Fourth. We could easily spend a month out here, we all nodded, but everyone wants to be there for the Fourth, and the girls, and grand would rather spend sometime in Denver. They can stay in the RV." We told him it wasn't necessary that there were plenty of places to stay, and to have a good time. It was good to hear that they were no longer worried, and having fun.

The girls went to take a shower as I grabbed a beer and went out back. It was starting to cool off, and was almost a full moon. A good night for a run. I was finding myself wishing I was doing that more, and more, and hoped that wasn't a problem, when Ella walked up and sat down.

"You don't steal beer like the rest of them?" She smiled.

"There's be no point, even though I enjoy a nice stout, and to your thought, there is no problem Daniel, running clears your mind, which is important now. Interesting week." I nodded. "Joseph and I will get to as many questions as we can even though it won't be quickly enough for you, but Marnine is no longer a threat to you. She is paying for her transgressions but the Elders are kind."


"Ahhh, dear Sara, she has always been like this, and Marnine was right, she is unique unto herself, but she follows her own drum, and likely always will, and only she understands why...if even she does. She chose you Daniel, and she desperately needs you, but Sara's journey is different than any of yours. Sara is not easy, but you chose her as well, over Alison." I nodded as Chloe and Annie walked out.

"Mom!" Chloe hugged Ella, crying, as Annie waited. "What are doing here?"

"Enjoying the evening with my -in-law, if you'd both get on with it. Annie, come here ." Annie walked up and hugged her. "I knew your parents, and grandparents. Tell your mom I said hi when you see her." Annie smiled, and nodded. "May I make a suggestion of where to have the ceremony?" Annie nodded as Ella leaned in and whispered into her ear. Annie smiled, and nodded. "It makes sense because it won't be a small gathering." She kissed Annie, and Chloe, and walked up to me as she held my hands. "You continue to carry too many of the burdens, Daniel." She kissed me and told us to give Sara her love and to tell her that she would visit soon, as she walked into the light of the moon, and disappeared.

Chloe and I looked at Annie.... "you going to tell us?" Annie smiled, shook her head, and walked back inside as Chloe hugged me. "Mom's right sweets, you carry too much. We know you can, but you shouldn't. Annie and I know this with Sara has hit you hardest. We miss her too, but not like you. It's Sara, Daniel, she might be back here by the end of the week because she misses us so much." I looked at her.

"This time is different Chloe and we need to adjust. You and I also need to get married tomorrow. We can a have a ceremony later but we need to make it legal even though everyone assumes we're already married." She smiled. 'You were pretty impressive in the hospital young lady." She kissed me and took my hand as we walked back inside and locked up.

I took a shower and brushed my teeth. The girls were asleep in each others' arms, which was fine because I was still processing Sara. It was hard to define the impact Sara had in our family dynamic. We needed to adjust, which we all would, but it would take a bit of time. It was just as well because I was tired. I closed my eyes and listened to Chloe and Annie gently breathing into each other as I fell into a fitful sleep.
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take me part 213
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xI ran as Annie chased me, and Chloe and Sara laughed, hugging each other. Annie caught me and jumped on my back, biting my neck as she laughed. It felt good be us again... be happy and connected. I could feel Melissa smile and I pushed out her that she was part of the family. We walked around the corner toward the shop and the mood shifted. Javier and Bet had just pulled up and something was wrong. Annie knew as she got off and we started to run the finally block. Chloe and Sara followed.

"What?" They looked at each other.

"We found Oscar five blocks from the house, in a dumpster. His throat was slit." Bet spit as Javier looked at her. We're not sure Beto will make it." Bet walked away with Chloe and Annie with her. Sara and I hugged Javier.

"Can I see him?" He looked at me strangely, which was not unusual. "Why?"

"I'm not sure." He nodded. "Sam, I need you keys, and hi to both of you." He smiled and threw them. "Come on." I yelled that we would be back and Javier, Sara and I left. Beto's wife was there and walked us in. I closed my eyes, and got out of my way.

I could feel the roots going into Gaia and her energy surging into me. I couldn't help feeling that I was at fault for this, maybe not Oscar, but certainly Beto. I closed my eyes to give thanks, and Ama was there, watching as I looked up and then put my hand on his chest, as Ama had done to me. I didn't feel anything and then the jolt of energy into Beto knocked me off my feet and I fell, hitting my head, and knocking myself. Great, I was never going to hear the end of this one, and that is when Ama walked up and sat next to me, smiling.

"I'm thankful that all you of sit because I usually seem to be on the ground when we meet."

"Luckily you have a hard head Daniel. How did you do that?"

"I saw you do it to me and I wanted him better so I pushed as far into Gaia as I could, and followed your lead." Ama looked at me, smiled, and said,

"Come to Iceland and plan to stay a month. You can bring them but you and I meet alone. I have a house you can stay in but you'll need to cut firewood so come soon." She put her hand on my head, looking at me, as cool energy poured into me. "Wake up and finish what you started."

I opened my and got up. I walked back to Beto and put my hands on his head as I felt cool energy moving through me. I told him Godspeed, and left as they all stared me. We left and drove back to the shop in silence. Everyone was staring at us when we pulled in. We looked at each other.

Bet came running up to Javier, crying. "He's awake." He lifted her and screamed. They had a hard life and they took all of it in because their crew was family. Bet walked up, hugged me, and said... "Curandero...." an walked off. I looked at all of them confused until Javier told me Beto was awake.

I turned around and walked away. Annie stopped everyone and ran after me. She took my hand as we walked in silence to the fence. Neither of us said a word, we ran, shifted, and jumped, and kept running, fast. I finally stopped because my shoulder was aching. Annie licked it because we hadn't shifted back. We drank, and tussled, even though she always won because she was quicker than I was. We walked back as the sun was setting before us, over the Front Range. We jumped over the fence, as Bob watched us shift, and walked inside.

Melissa was there, holding Sara, and smiling. Christine and Bethany were there as well. Bethany walked up...

"We need to talk business, soon. GET MARRIED!" She kissed my cheek as Chloe, Sara, and Melissa walked up. Melissa hugged me.

"Sorry I bit you." Annie laughed as she took her hand and said let's get a beer. Sara and Chloe hugged me.

"Are you OK?"

"I'm fine Sara, just needed to think and Annie can keep up." They smiled. "How's Beto?"

"Good, he's eating and talking with his wife and . Bet and Javier are heading out soon to see him."

"I'll be right back, sorry." I walked up to Bet and Javier. They both hugged me.

"I'm glad Beto is OK but I didn't do it. I just did what was done to me when I unconscious. If Beto wants a new job have him talk with Sam. We need the help" They smiled, and nodded, which we all understood. Bet kissed me.

"Stop getting hurt, Jefe." I nodded and hugged her, and Javier.

"I'm sorry about Oscar but I was serious about his wife, and family."

"They're fine, Daniel. I over reacted. They're family regardless of what Oscar may have done. We're saying Rothman hit Beto because it's less friction, and we have enough already." They rode off as I looked around for Sam and Henry.

"They're gone, Love." Chloe said. "What happened to you pushed them hard, and they don't know how to deal with it, especially Henry because Sam has Maggie. Sara and I both tried talking with him, but he wouldn't talk with us.

"I need to talk with him, and he needs time. He almost watch you and Sara die, at least in his mind. It takes a while to work through that. We all need to discuss Henry's." Chloe screamed....

"Oh SHIT!.... Sara! Now! Luckily there was always a vehicle somewhere. They headed to the hospital to see Issa and the baby. I grabbed a beer and stood looking at the open space. I loved this place. Annie put her arms around me, and Melissa took my right hand after grabbing my beer.

"Are you mad at me, Daniel?"

"How could I be mad at you Melissa, you wiped my butt when I was unconscious." She spit beer all over the grass as Annie laughed. "No, none of us are mad at you, just sad because of the change, but life is change. She handed me back my beer, and Annie took it and swigged the rest, then burped, and handed me the empty. Jesus Christ.

"I hated that I wasn't there when Marnine showed."

"I know, but it was different. She wasn't the same the person. I don't trust her, but who knows. We attention, and do the best we can. I looked at Annie. "We need figure out where we are getting married. This might be hard for you, Melissa, but Sara is a part of that." She nodded.

"I know, but I get stand with her." I was confused because I wasn't a Druid. I wasn't even particularly Celtic. I looked at Annie and she nodded.

"The heads of the Clans.... Chloe, Sara, and me.... have pretty much free reign, at least we did in the the days. The Ways aren't followed much anymore. What Marnine was talking about when she said we all needed marry in the ceremony. It was each other, but also the Clans, and she was right , we've never been overly concerned about which of us we sleep with, unless we mate, and then we, the woman, are bound our mate, and he us. One of the reasons everyone is watching us, among numerous reasons, is because we have all chosen you as our mate...go figure."

"So, be crass, the three of you can have as much as pussy as you want, but my penis is it."

"Well, yeah, but in all fairness, sweets, we do share. It's about the bloodlines, Daniel. It's all about the bloodlines, and there is something about yours that we are all drawn , but don't understand yet. Sara, well, Sara is Sara, and she feels her way through life, but It seems work."

"So I get the whole....'getting married as a group thing...' because it makes sense from a strategic view. What happens when I can no longer have ?"

"Well, in the days they would blindfold you, take you the top of the highest bluff overlooking the ocean, have a ceremony, slit your throat, and push you off, and then they would dance, painted with the your blood as the ate, drank, and fucked."

Melissa said, "Really? My family would have lashed him to proper boat, one befitting him. Got him totally drunk, set the boat on fire, and pushed it out into the fjord, and then we would do the same thing, without his blood." Really, Annie said.

I stared at both of them as they walked away, hugging each other, and talking. "EXCUSE ME!!!" Holy fuck.
take me part 212
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Chloe and I made as many sausage, and bacon, biscuits as we could so they didn't go waste. Everything seemed shift when Alexander Rothman walked in the back door, and I wasn't sure how change it back, or if I even could. I set the alarm and locked the door. We all looked at each. FUCK this! I climbed the fence and waited. Sara clapped and jumped on the fence as she scurried over and hugged me. Chloe and Annie smiled as they pounced and bolted over it. I had walked this path with each of them, and Janey, but never with all of them at the same time. We held hands and walked the shop, in silence until Sara spoke.

"I'm sorry. I can't explain how I feel about Melissa. It's like I'm a compass and she's true north. It doesn't mean I love any of you less, not at all, there is just some reason that she and I need be together that I don't understand. I think we are suppose to be together, but I think all of us are suppose to be together. It doesn't make sense. I'm sorry for hurting you."

Chloe hugged her sister as Sara cried. It had been a hard few days for everyone, and we still hadn't seen Henry or Sam. I wasn't looking forward to that. "Love, we hurt because you aren't with us like we were, not because of Melissa. None of us understand much of anything, and this idiot keeps getting hurt." We all laughed. "We adore you Sara and want you to be happy. Life is nothing but change, sweets. We all like Melissa." Sara smiled.

"She's pretty neat, isn't she?" We nodded as we hugged her and walked to the shop, chatting until I dropped the bag of biscuits, turned, and started growling. Everyone stared at me as Marnine appeared. Chloe grabbed Sara and stepped back, as Annie and I moved forward. I could feel Melissa growl. She looked at us and smiled a loving smile.

"I mean you know harm, and you couldn't hurt me anyway. Well, maybe Daniel could, but he won't. You don't need to shift Annryd. I truly mean you no harm. You and I will talk because I have much to share with you, and much to ask forgiveness for." Annie's hackles came down.

She looked at me, "You met Ama, Daniel." I nodded. "Joseph knows her far better than I. He is older, and Ama is older still. It's part of the reason that you and Annie were drawn to each other. You both carry the old ways within you, but from very different lines. The convergence of energy of all of you is fascinating. There is no way to understand this without walking the twists, and turns. You are only able to see a short way ahead, but you all know that. It was obvious when you walked into Henry's kitchen several days ago. By the way," she said as she approached me, "you should stay out of hospitals. You heal too quickly for their brains to understand."

She walked toward Chloe and Sara as Annie and I growled. "I told you that I mean no harm." She reached out her hand to Sara as Chloe stepped forward. Sara put her hand on Chloe's shoulder and stepped in front of her. "Come dear one and walk with me to your shop. Sara took Marnine's hand and started walking. We stared at each other as we caught up, and walked on either side.

"Sara is unique, like Daniel is, but in a vastly different way. Sara is innocent. Pure. Her soul is unstained. Her future has not yet been mapped out, as have yours. She is a singular being, like Pegasus." Sara clapped because she adored stories of Pegasus. "It is important that ALL of you marry in the traditional way, as one family... very important. It doesn't matter what bed any of you sleep in. heed this.It is vitally important, so important that I died stop it."

"You, Daniel, need to make arrangements to meet Ama. She will guide once you are in Iceland. You will enjoy the visit. It will bring back many memories. You'll know how to find her." Marnine walked up to Chloe and looked deep into her eyes, as if she were looking at herself, and smiled a loving smiled. It was not the Marnine we were used to. She reached out her hand and said, "May I?" Chloe looked at her, and us, and nodded. Marnine put her hand on her belly, closed her eyes, and smiled.

"Amazing! You are the first in a millennia, , to carry a after a in any of our lines. Truly amazing. I believe this is your....exit," she said smiling. She kissed the girls on the cheek, but kissed me on my lips, and smiled with regret as she walked away, and disappeared. We stared at each as we climbed the fence go the shop. We walked the final bit in silence except for me saying..."Annryd,?," and running.
take me part 211
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The girls, and I, were laughing as Melissa walked in, aa Sara smiled. She caught herself but not soon enough. "The Doc is reviewing the MRI results, and depending on them, he'll cut you loose, even though I don't think it would matter with you bunch. You're like a band of outlaws that ride into town, but instead of trying destroy it, you try and fix it." Sara clapped, smiling. "You are the most unusual people I have ever met, but I am glad I had his shift. I like you all, but PLEASE make sure he doesn't come back here." Sara and Melissa walked into the hall, as the surgeon walked in and sat down at a monitor.

"Gather round because this unusual, but I coming to expect that with you. He pulled up my MR "OK, you won't be able see it, but this MRI is abnormal because the length of time, and severity of the injury. It shouldn't have healed this much, period. It's roughly 70%-80% healed, internally.... and that's not normal, and I wouldn't have thought possible, but I'm looking at it. We don't understand it. You shouldn't have healed so quickly. I trust the nurses I work with, which means I trust Melissa. She has been with you, off and on, for twelve hours a day. I'll trust her read on you even if I don't understand, and it makes no sense. There's no reason for you to stay any longer, unless you enjoy the food." I shook my head no.

I'm going to give you a script for antibiotics, and pain meds, along with something for sleep." He looked, shaking his head. "Do me a favor, and don't take this wrong," he said smiling, "Get out of our hospital, and don't come bac"

I said thank you as he shook my hand, and squeezed, looking in my eyes. "I assume I won't see you here again?" I nodded. "Go home."Chloe went to billing because everyone knew she was my wife. I walked up and signed, were I needed to sign and we walked outside.

It was amazing. I had been there a few days, and these women owned this hospital, totally. I was sure that there was no one on the floor who didn't know Sara. They were enthralling. Melissa walked up and hugged me, Chloe, and Annie. We all walked away as she was saying goodbye to Sara. We watched.

"I don't know how to make a fox, but I know how to make a rabbit. This is for you." Sara reached out her hand as Melissa placed an origami rabbit in Sara's palm. Chloe, Annie, and I looked at each other, because this was huge for Sara. She looked at it, and picked it up to
examine it, to see it better, and then looked at Melissa.

Chloe and I were very interested because Sara was young, but we also knew what was coming. She looked at the rabbit and smiled, turned and looked at us, showed it to us as she smiled, and kissed Melissa on the lips. Chloe and I exhaled, as we closed our eyes, and swallowed. It was done. I walked to the trees on the side of the hospital.

Sara walked up with Melissa, as tears filled her eyes. "I'm sorry. Melissa looked at me without flinching. Chloe took Sara, and I took Melissa off to the side. I still have no idea what Chloe said to Sara, but I was pretty clear.

"Sara is unusual, like the butterfly you never thought you'd see. Melissa looked at me. "If you hurt her, you don't want to know what I will do to you, even though you helped me." She looked at me for the longest time, head askew, looking...not at all worried, not scared, just looking.

I could feel the girls walking up, but at a distance so they didn't disturb us. "What if I hurt her? What would you do?" I could feel everyone watching.

"It would depend, Melissa."

"On what, Daniel?" She was a warrior, and she wouldn't back down, which was good.

"Intention." She looked at me and growled as she started to shift. I put my hands up, and pushed to her that it was OK, even though she stared at me, growling.

"I love Sara. I don't know how I know it, but I do. I would never do anything to intentionally hurt her. Sara looked at us, at me. I stated to realize this was a dance, of sorts. My emotions were plenty high so I shifted, and jumped in front of Sara. Melissa launched at me and
grabbed me on my shoulder as I threw her off. The wolf stood facing me, unafraid, and looking for an opening.

Melissa stalked me, waiting for me to let my guard down. I turned to check on Sara, and she pounced, biting into the back of my neck, as she dug her nails into my back, and wouldn't let go. I lied down in surrender. Melissa let go and stepped in front of me as I stood,
looking at her, and Sara. I had to know. I growled as I ran off. Annie followed me as Chloe walked up to them, and Melissa shifted bac

Sara was crying as Chloe kissed her. Annie and I ran for hours for me to burn my pain. It didn't wor We walked inside of Sara's house, late, exhausted, and fell asleep, smelling like animals. Chloe didn't care as she pulled us to her. We slept without Sara.

Annie and I were draped on Chloe, who was sound asleep, as was Annie. I woke at three am, as usual. and went to get ready. I looked at the bed, and my heart ached. I would have to get use to that, but Melissa was a protector. I knew that. Why things were happening SO fast, at least so fast for me, I didn't understand. Annie and Chloe were lying together as I closed the door and got dressed. I drove to Henry's and forgot to leave a note.

I walked into the kitchen, and it was as still as it was, at least as it was in my mind, even though it had been cleaned. I looked at the kitchen door, half off it's hinges, and smiled because Sara and Annie did that. I got the grill going, and the veg to chop. I put coffee on,
and went out front to get it ready since it had been days.I needed something normal...a routine. People were use to us having, "issues." They weren't use to a death. I got the front dealt with, and checked the bathrooms, before walking back in the kitchen.


"You scared the crap out of me." Sara, and Melissa, were standing there, looking at me. "What is wrong with you? Holy Crap."

Why me, i wasn't sure, but I was tired having the crap scared out of me. Sara looked at me with tears in her eyes. I opened my arms and they ran into them, and cried into me. I let them until Chloe and Annie showed up. Sara looked at us, holding Melissa. "I don't understand it but I know I am suppose to be with her, but that doesn't mean I am leaving you. It's just changing." We nodded because we didn't understand either, but we knew she was right. I knew she was right, but it didn't make it hurt any less.

Chloe took Sara and Melissa out front, as Annie and I put on Zep, and started to prep. We weren't sure when, or if, Henry would come bac Henry was focusing on the shop, but we all knew Henry's needed to re-open. It would be easier with Janey, but we were what we had. Breakfast was so slow that we didn't even bother with lunch. I needed to fix this somehow. Annie and Sara locked the front door and closed the front as Chloe and I did the same in the kitchen and that is when my phone rang. It was Deat.

"Hey brother."

"Heard you had some excitement."

"A little but how did you hear about it?"

"Long story best told over a beer. I'll be in Denver in a couple of days. We need to tal..and catch up."

"Sounds good. Hopefully getting shot isn't a pre-req for seeing you." He laughed and hung up. Great."
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