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take me part 487... edited, but....
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I guess it wasn't a huge surprise that we'd be flying back to Finland to finish this, at least I hoped we finished because there was too much do in too many places, but they wouldn't stop coming after us, nor stop trafficking. We were all linked but none of us were saying anything. They were probably wondering what was happening at home, like I was. We were over flying Sweden when Sara told me to head nothing. We were mid-country when she told me to head east toward Finland as we flew over the Baltic, again, toward the town of Oravais, along the coast. "Go inland, and a north. We were roughly in the middle of the country when Sara told me to drop and hover. It cold, and winter had hit them just as hard so there weren't many lights. Drop lower Daniel and hover. The lights in front and to the left. I'm pretty sure that's it. Can you be invisible? I went invisible and circled inward. It too dark for the girls to see anything, but I see fine. It getting easier to see a good part of the spectrum, and my night vision amazing, even infrared. This the place because there were people on the ground everywhere around the house. Whatever they were doing inside, they didn't any disturbances. I hovered above the roof and there were four people, one on each corner outward, which would be good for me. I flew a distance away from the outer perimeter of men and landed. The girls got off and I shifted and told them what I saw.

"I think the safest, and easiest, thing is for me to take the men off the roof, and then freeze the outer perimeters. Given the close confines, they may not frozen solid, but they'll be unconscious and Kana can deal with ties and tape if possible. I'd rather not kill everyone if we don't have. Annie and I can take the men closer to the house but they'll have to die. I'll...."

Sara and Kana stared at me. "What?" Sara spoke, with Kana nodding. Freeze them solid Dragon, if you can't then we'll finish them. I didn't come with you to play nice. I came to end this and not to leave people I don't know holding a grudge if we could have ended them. "I agree, Dragon. They know who they work for, and what that might involve. We leave no one alive." I looked at Annie. "I agree, love." I nodded.

"Let me finish and I'll let you know when I am done." They nodded. It a good thing they had dressed warmly. I looked in the building and there were eight to nine heat signatures, on the lake side of the home. It wasn't hard to freeze them all and then take them two at a time and drop them into the woods. The wolves had strong jaws. They knew we were there and they also knew not to bother us. I pushed to them as I flew. The lake side was easy and it take didn't long for everyone to be unconscious. The other three sides were more challenging but it was already very cold so it didn't take much for me to make all of them unconscious. I had the sense that a third of them were almost asleep anyway. It's hard to stay awake in bitter cold when you aren't moving much. Sara and Kana ended the people along perimeters without incidents. Annie and I only had two that even knew something was wrong but by the time they started to react, they were gone. I flew around a couple of times and pushed but I didn't see anyone. I felt something feint but figured it was a wolf that was waiting for us to leave. The men in side were in the same place.

I landed on the roof and pushed to the girls to put their masks on as I headed to the door, and knocked. It opened and the guy was dead before I caught him and slid to the side. I slowly walked in and pushed to the girls when I was at the bottom of the stairs. Annie shifted and walked in first because she was the quietest and they wouldn't expect her. She stalked. There was one off the kitchen in a room that housed cameras. He was watching so it showed he either wasn't paying attention, or we hadn't shown up. Sara, Kana and I walked into the dining room and the men at the table went white. The guards turned as Kana shot an arrow into one and I threw a knife into the other, Annie took the last one as he came out of the bathroom. The man at the head of table reached for a gun and Sara sent him into the stone fireplace. There were papers, and files strewn all over the table.

"Sara." I had never seen her this angry, but she was pregnant. She did what she had done with drone. He didn't explode but she broke his neck from across the room. "SARA!" We need one alive to open the safe." She stared at them as she walked up.

"Where is it?" One of them looked upstairs. She touched the other and we could hear a loud pop as he fell the ground. Kana was watching the front door as Annie checked the house.

"We're for papers, files, drives, disks, bags or backpacks, too." I looked at the last man. "You have one chance of living and that is to show us the safe."

"No one, but I found some packs." She started putting the papers and files on the table into them, They filled two. She slid one to Kana as Sara and I walked him upstairs.

"Who are you?'

"Where's the safe?" He pointed. Is there an alarm?" He opened a panel behind the door and disconnected it. I almost felt bad because there no way Sara going to let him live. "Open it. Now." He reach inside as Sara slammed the door, crushing his hand. I took the gun out, found two more bags and started taking the files and disks out it along with , and a few gold coin. "Any place else?" He looked at the des "Open it, but if you reach for a gun I'll cut your hand off." He open the drawer and stepped back as I filled the bag with files, and drives.

"Who are you?" Sara said, "We're the people you've been trying to kill. I walked to the door as she crushed his larynx without touching it. I handed her the bags as I shifted and incinerated him and set the upstairs on fire. I did the same with the guys downstairs, and set it on fire after melting the DVR's. The girls were walking outside when I yelled "FUCK!" and shifted in front of Sara, standing up as the shot fired. Kana hit him with an arrow as Sara screamed and crush everything inside of him, along with half the tree he hiding behind, as I fell to my knees shaking my head and growling. He hit me in the chest, which is the worst place to shoot a dragon because it only pissed us off.

"Are you OK, Daniel?" I nuzzled her as Kana walked up after retrieving her arrow.

"Can you fly dragon?" I nodded even though I wasn't sure how far. I was injured. They climbed on and I flew us to the village on the eastern side of Sweden that helped me before. I got us high as I could in case I needed to glide. I was losing strength quickly. I landed with a thump. It wasn't graceful but at least I didn't skid forty feet. The girls got off as the Captain and villagers walked up. Annie said,

"We seem to keep making a habit out this." He smiled and nodded. "Can you have your people build fires around him, about fifteen away. It's going to be cold, and I we need to borrow two phones. She'll also need something to sleep on, and under tonight, because won't be leaving him." He nodded as I passed out.
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take me part 486...short one tonight.... Edited
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The gave me milk, and us lamb stew, potato's and veg as we ate in silence. Annie spoke with the staff. " are fighters arriving shortly after all of you. Feed everyone as well as us." They nodded. " the barn staff, and everyone not feeding people, move the hay the woods, and prepare water and shovels just in case, and put the animals in the outer paddocks, by the gardens, next the trees. The dogs as well. "We end this tonight."

"Airi is not pleased but is staying to lead the people sent by Yoshi." "Airi slammed her fist on the table, grabbed her bowls, and walked outside. I'll be sleeping alone for awhile, but she'll be fine. She thinks she's a better rider than me, which is crazy, but she's younger." We all smiled. "Four is fine for short distances, but not for what we need to do, perhaps when get stronger, and shift better." She smiled and rubbed my cheek

Sara opened the computer and pointed. "This where we are going. I know where and these are the five men that Bob connected Francis and the ones you dropped in the pond. We are all getting stronger. will guards, probably a lot, but they won't expect us coming and we , abilities they don't, but bullets kill, even dragons. I'll wait until the three of you eliminate the guards, Kana can stay with me afterward, even though she won't like it. They'll night vision since they all of those drones and you much senses when you shifted, and Kana moves well in the darkness. Don't start a fire by mistake, Daniel, or crash into trees." They all laughed as got up in huff and headed to the door, stunning all of them, I turned, and smiled as I sat back down.

"You really can be an asshole, Dragon, as we laughed and finished eating. They were moving animals, and the hay when Drakon and his pack walked up. Drakon sat down and barked at us as we all knelt. Sara said, "You and your pack are staying with your two wolf friends that you with. You must stay in the woods with them, and no back talk mister. Understood?" He looked us and barked as he lead his pack to the woods. The two wolves walked out, howled, and waited before taking them into the trees. Fenrir walked up.

"Your animals will be fine and we know the scents of the people , and brought in, but we'll stay toward the perimeter. If they send men on foot, they won't a good night." We thanked them. Annie was on the phone everyone and telling them be how guard. were men at all the homes. We were going inside get ready when a car sped toward us. Kana touched my shoulder as tensed and she walked inside to grab the harness. Taiiko stepped out with her Dojo bag smiled. "What did miss?" We told her lunch. "Kana told me about the drones, and I can see almost as good as you Dragon. I'll and what the skies." She hugged us all and we went inside to get ready. I took the knives that Yoshi had given me as Kana handed me sword. I shook mu head

"You're far better with them than I am, sweets. She nodded. "It's going to be dusk in an hour and I don't want to shift space because it's draining, blending does use as much energy, and we still need to get home. Finish up because we leave in thirty minutes. I shifted as Kana and Airi put the harness on me and hugged Kana before walking away. Time to be warriors. They climbed on and we flew to Finland.
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take me
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wasn't feeling well yesterday hopefully i can get them on their way to denver by the end of the week. and take a break for christmas and look for place to post.
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take me part 485... edited
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I pushed and was no threat at the moment. Kana and Airi where eating so I flew Karin. I needed the practice in shifting, and the Sirens were everywhere, so I thought they might be helpful. I pushed and she popped up with others.

"He's a dragon now, but he's a man." They all giggled. I shook my head.

"So soon.... is it green? OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!! I told you, wait and see, because his gifts are amazing." She opened the bag and they all screamed, then dove to wherever her "special" place was. They all came up and looked at me...especially Karin.

"We didn't make a trade, but I want you to these as a gift. "What, your women would you like them" were at least nine sirens in the water. I can find you more stones like these, for you, and your friends." They all looked at her

"For more chests?" You aren't greedy, are you? Dragons do fancy gold."

"Like Sirens fancy pretty, and unusual, things?" She clapped and smiled. I want an alliance since you own the oceans."They smiled. I could use friends.' They ALL clapped.

Karin said to bring us something blue, next time. They clapped again and dove.. Jesus Christ. I took the necklaces, that were probably 0 times the value of the emerald I gave her, and flew home thinking about blue. Stephanie and her guy in Halifax, were going be busy. I landed back in Norway and gave them necklaces as I went take a shower. Annie and Sara walked in and I stared at them.

"Melissa said was OK...... she want's a too, and you seem to be good at that, and we haven't made love for for a long time. We hadn't, and Sara had her purple dildo. We slept well had and Melissa was nuzziling me as I opened my eyes. I rolled over as she grabbed me and kissed me.. Crap. She leaned on top of me and put me inside of her. I wasn't going to say no, but I need to talk with Sara, and Annie, about this because Janey had already asked, and that would probably included Alison, at some point. It was a odd, and I wasn't sure out explain it the midwives, and Ob/Gyn's, It did seem we made girls.I thought might something with the girls being dragon riders. I needed information about a lot but right then I fucked Melissa, and probably made another .

was a good thing we had , because this wasn't going be cheap. Melissa rolled off of me, and back into the bunch as I shook my head, and got out of bed. I brushed my teeth and got dressed when Sara stood in front of me. She looked at me oddly.

"You won't understand for a while, but you will. You made both of us VERY happy. She kissed me and climbed back into bed as she smiled..... and they thought Sirens were dangerous. Jesus Christ. We spent the morning looking at necklaces, at least the women did. Deat and I were watching the sky, and listening. I heard them before him. I shifted as he yelled and ran to get everyone. Annie, Kana, Airi, and the rest all ran out. Sara walked out and looked up, waiting. I was already flying. I took four down and flew again as everything stopped, including me. I just hung as Sara looked up,scowled, and squeezed her hand, something exploded above us and I fell the ground. She walked back inside. I shifted, pushed, and was no threat. Annie shifted and looked at me.

"Did you do that?" I shook my head as she stared at me. "Is she that strong?" I looked at her.

"," but we were safe for the moment. I shifted see if I could find a van, didn't. I landed and walked inside as my phone rang. Annie handed me. was Bob.

"We tracked the you called and ping them and they are all at the place. We're building dossiers but they are on a lake in Finland." Fucking figures. I was either sloppy, or we missed someone, or these people where connected with those people, probably above them on the food chain and were pissed. These didn't a definitive link but if they killed us, and things stopped, then they would know. I was talking a trip back to Finland. The girls stared at me.

"You mean we are a taking a trip to Finland." Annie said, "Tina and I called people and we the help from Japan...and us."

"I'm going too, so we'll hold on tight." We all stared at her. "I'm going, someone else can stay but they fucked with our family one too many times, and I can hurt worse than you. We're going to end it tonight." She walked out. "Alrighty then.
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take me part 484...edited
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I called everyone and had them attention because I had a feeling that things weren't going go well, when the phone.

"Is this Daniel? I walked outside as Deat, and Kana followed me. I didn't say anything until I was away from the house, I said yes, ran and shifted. They shot were I was, but where I going. I grabbed the drone, and dropped the ground. Deat looked at .

"This is military grade...not as good as ours but it's decent. I pounced on it, and broke it, and picked up phone.

"Are you still ?" The line went dead. "I called Bob gave him my and he did whatever was that they could do. and called back the and address of the phone that called


"Hi, 's this"


"No way.... I a named Emily."

"No you don't."

'Do too, Missy."

"What color is her hair."


"Nunuuh" ' are you talking with.. She shushed him.

"What color are her eyes."


"Mine are blue...... Dad....stop."

" is this." I hung up but had the and know I had his, and the address, and I flew. Kana and Airi were....otherwise engaged. I hovered and waited, and hoped he had insurance. He came out with a body guard/driver and got into a Lexus. I wanted to see how strong I was. I froze the car, and grabbed on to it and flew. It wasn't easy, mainly because I had never done it before, but it was dark, and in the country. I flew over a frozen pond, and let go. I could hear the ice crack as I skated to them

"GET US OUT OF HERE." I called him and his phone rang.. "What are you doing. the ice won't hold...

"No it won't,& I hope you swim," as I skated backward. "You were going to kill me with my family..." He stared me. "They are better off without you." I jumped and the cracks happened as the car went under water, and I flew home. If was hell, then I would likely go because of this, but so would they. I still home. I would make sure they Emily and her mom were taken care of.

I called Bob when I landed...

"'I've sent you the information, and these are the people we are looking at next, but these people the means keep hope...."

"Send me everything, Bob."

"Hold on.... 's sent, but you might want get rid of your computer after you digest . Seriously, brother. These people will hurt you."

'They've been trying hurt us all along, Bob, but they are hurting a lot of other people. too Silence."

I can't argue that but be careful. We'll help keep looking, and hurt them as much as we can, and we want to hurt them like you do, dragon." We'll be in touch, but another computer and drop that one in the ocean. 'll be a pain, but not if they show up, which they might.

Annie and Sara looked at me.

"I need another computer, and we another Emily deal with." I pushed but they weren't sure what they were up against. was"I'm going the cave sleep. Sara nodded as I hoped I wasn't making a huge mistake. I circled Ama's property and was no one . I flew the cave and slept for eight good hours. I pushed home and nothing. I felt great and flew Ama's, landed, and roared. Jake and Emily came running out, screaming....DA'...and jumped on as I flew. I flew around, and dove, and made their hearts beat, but they weren't Kana, or Airi. I landed and they got off, hugging me. I shifted as Chloe walked up and kissed me.

'You smell, mister. Let's take a shower and you can tell us what's going on." We made love in the shower, twice...mostly twice. We were drying off when Bethany and Christine walked in smiling.

"We waited, but it's important. We all need need computers, just in case. I'm everything on drives, you should too. already sent Macs everyone. was a chunk, but they'll last. I know a guy that fixes them so won't be new cost. They kissed both of us and told us to get dressed. I looked at a Chloe.

"What, she's your friend." I missed ALL of them . I pushed home and seemed fine as we got dressed and walked in for breakfast. I hadn't seen Haagerstadt since the summer and he stood up, knocking his chair three feet behind.

"Don't you do ..... NO!.... STOP!!!!! Haagers......

"JESUS CHRIST>>>>LET ME GOOOOOOOOO! " He let me down. "Thanks for not killing me." He nodded as he picked up his chair and Ama laughed. I stared at her.

"What, he likes you." I shook my head as we ate breakfast. "Did Gaia help?" I nodded. "Good because you need to leave after breakfast. I was saying goodbye and looked up as i ran outside, shifted, and flew. I shifted space and started taking down drones. I was pissed when I landed and Sara handed me her phone.

"I want to know is sending drones hurt my family."

"We're working on ." I listened and heard nothing. They weren't cheap so someone was pissed, but not as much as I was.

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take me part 483...edited
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"They'll be fine Melinda. Come on, sweets, and tell me what you're thinking" Annie and Melinda walked to the kitchen. We smiled.

I smiled because I missed them. "Tell me about these folks are that being implicated."

It's a mix, and has nothing to do with the bullshit online. We checked that out, and it was crap. However, it doesn't mean people aren't perverts. Priests abuse children. It's got nothing to do with political ideology. It's about the person, but the media doesn't care, nor do party's. We follow the law, as does Interpol, and it makes no difference to us what party they represent. If we have the proof, and we do thanks to Bob, they will have a very unpleasant life in jail because they don't like that." I was quiet but I nodded, because he was right. None of us would stand for this..

"They are dropping like flies, Daniel, and these aren't everyday folks. These are powerful people but it's a mix across the aisle. Nasty people believe all kinds of things. They are all kinds of people . I nodded as Kana and Airi walked.

"Go in and have pie....Emma is amazing. They won't leave me alone." He nodded. "We aren't diving because I don't where the chest is that she want to trade. You stay here, and get Anna, and I'll be back." They didn't like , but they agreed as I shook my head. I shifted, flew and shifted space. I needed the practice anyway. I hovered and pushed to Karin. She popped up and floated.

"Do you have a crush on me? It seems like you might because it hasn't been that long." I reached out the bag. 'OH MY GOSH!!!!!! IS THIS YELLOW?" She pounced and kissed me. "Oh my gosh, I love yellow." She looked at me, opened the bag and took the Citrine out.....and SCREAMED as she dove. She came out of the water so fast that she landed on my back and hugged me.

"That is the best thing you have given me, and that purple stone was the best. I am going to be the envy of everyone because you bring me such amazing gifts. It's in my special place, Daniel. Follow me, and I will show you the chest. Thank you. I LOVE it!!!!!!!

"I'm glad. We dove. It wasn't as far as the last one, but it was bigger, and heavier. She kissed me, said thank you, and swam back to look at her Citrine as she screamed that she wanted something green next. I shook my head, grabbed the chest, and swam to the surface before flying home.

I set it down and everyone came outside I was curious so I flicked the lock open before I shifted and saltwater poured out and there was an emerald, which I grabbed as everyone looked at me. I stared at them and shook my head.

"What? I give this, and get another of those. What is complicated with that?" They looked me, and each other, and nodded as I closed the chest and put the broken lock back on. I shifted as the girls climbed on, I picked up the chest, and we went to the island. I opened the door and we took the chest inside. This family would never be poor, but we didn't want any of this for us. We wanted to keep to it safe, and if I could share nice stones with Karin....for a chest of gold and jewels. OK. She would go crazy for the emerald I just took out of the chest. I wondered what she would trade for that.
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take me part 482...edited
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Annie blew me a kiss and went to get a Siren something she would love, and we could stick another chest in the cave North of here. I pulled up to the trees and started unloading. I knew where they were even without the chainsaws. I moved the coals to one side and threw wood on the opposite side and yelled as I put the cast iron pot on the coals and shifted the lid for steam. I set the basket down and grabbed a log with the tongs, and walked back to the truck to get the rest. They were expecting dessert and Emma didn't disappoint them, and I had coffee too. They were all eating, and pointed at the pot, but I wasn't hungry....and I hadn't been working as hard as them. I started moving trees back to the truck. They were good workers. I took the last one by the fire as they started on the pie. I walked back when I was done and they handed me the pie plate with a piece on it, and a cup of coffee. I smiled as I ate it. Emma made good pies, and good coffee.

"How's it going?"

"We're running out of trees that are close, at least for us to haul them out. We're going to go to the East tomorrow and see. There's more in deeper but it'll be harder to get them out. We could use a mule but that's involved."

"How far are you into the forest?"

"Almost a mile."

"Keep moving down the fence at that amount, and we'll decide what to do deeper in, later." I grew up in the western US and knew about the danger of dead trees. I'd like to get all them but it wasn't practical. They nodded.

"Tell Emma thanks, especially for the pie." I grabbed the pot and basket, and the last log, and trudged out of the woods. The mule might be a better idea. I grabbed the chainsaw, cut up the logs, and threw them on the back of truck. I parked by the hay barn and started to unload the lunch stuff when Annie walked up and slapped me.

"OW!!!!!! What was that for?" She handed me the open envelope with the Citrine in it.

"Are you in love with this Siren?" She slapped me again.. OK, probably hormones.

"What? NO? What are you talking about?" I took a step back.. "Don't slap me again."

" Look in the bag, mister. It's beautiful." She saw it, and wanted to slap me again, but I put up my hand.

"Of course it's beautiful, goofball. Steph chose it. It's Citrine, and not very expensive, but Karin will adore it because she covets these things, mainly because I only give them to her....and that seems to be important. I am not in love with her. In case you hadn't been paying attention, I have enough women in my life." She smiled, walked up, and kissed me.

"I'm sorry I smacked you, but it was a surprise."

"I'm use to getting hit , love, but it is pretty." She stared at me.

It"'s fucking gorgeous, Daniel. She'll love it." She hugged me as she took the stuff into the kitchen and I unloaded wood as a horn sounded. I walked around the barn as the SUV's pulled up. The crew was staying here since we had the rooms. Kana and Airi got out, and ran at me, launched as we all fell, and then bit me.

"What is wrong with you?" They both kissed me and said we need to go flying. I nodded. I had too many women that liked me. I was about to get up when Melinda, and the girls, pounced, and sent me back to the ground, and they all bit me, so it was obviously a thing with them. I looked at Deat as he started pulling people off of me. Melinda kissed me and got up.

"We've discussed it and we want to form our own clan from people around the world that feel left out. I nodded and looked at Annie who had had walked back, and she nodded. We had the money so I said fine. I had a few other things to deal with, but I didn't mind. The other clans might but they'd have to deal and these folks had been the one separated for a long time.

"Can I get up?" She kissed me again, and nodded, as Deat helped me up.

"You have quite the way with women."

"It's called boyish charm, my friend. How did you like Scotland."

"Daniel, it was amazing and where Tina's apartment is was ideal. We drank too much, but not both of us at the same time.. We like Guinness and Scotch. It was special. How are things here?"

"Quiet, I don't expect that to last but we have help."

"I'll say. I saw their weapons. Holy crap! Jesus, we've seen a lot, and they scare me." I smiled. "People are still getting arrested because they have no defense. These idiots have photo's, and video's, and paper trails. It's utterly disgusting, but they don't seem too bright. We walked to the house as Drakon barked. I let him out, with his pack. They barked, and walked outside as I shook my head and the girls followed. The two wolves showed up and Drakon bounded at them, barking, as they dodged him. Melinda and Deat looked me.

"The girls will be fine. I promise. Let's go have tea and pie." Melinda looked at the girls and they were already hugging them.
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take me part 481...edited
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I spit wood, threw it onto the truck, and then climbed up and started stacking as Annie came out and started tossing up logs. "It took a bit, and they were annoyed because it does something with....something, but we cash coming here, and the bulk is in gold, silver and platinum. 's already going up because people are freaking out because of the weather, and will fluctuate, so we might lose some, but 's nominal in comparison having Bob do what he did. them I'm glad they like us." I nodded. "You planning on going town?' I shook my head.

"Not until everyone gets back, but yes. They need the wood because a lot of older folks that can't their heating bill." She nodded

"I people working on one of the ground floor spaces we bought turn into a community center like the one in Iceland. We've been in contact since the storm to aid other organizations. You aren't the one 's been busy." I smiled and stuck my tongue out as she threw wood at me. "'s the priority from that front, we are the priority on this one." I nodded as the phone rang. It was Bob.

"Are you watching the news?"

"We loading wood, why."

"Take a break and watch the news. Interpol took what we sent them and pounced." Annie looked at me.

"We need to watch the news, but let's finish loading since isn't that much." We walked into the kitchen because I needed to get lunch for the guys cutting wood, and the TV was on.

"Multiple officials, and prominent people been arrested on allegations of child trafficking. This has rocked governments, business, and wealthy families throughout the EU, but also around the world. Interpol, and the FBI in America, are tight lipped about what they apparently received, but seems been enough act swiftly."

"That's either good or bad. I'll be back Emma. for lunch for the guys." She nodded. I pushed as I walked get the older truck and parked when the phone rang. was Deat.

"We just landed and the storm is getting worse and the crew is staying tonight. We're all headed back assuming we can get all of the swords through customs, but I assume we will. Having issues?" I told him yes.. "I'm not sure you're people are, but they are good. My guys are going crazy and they've already arrested three Senators, and nine Congress people....three women, go figure, and that's national. The is happening in state. was incontrovertible. They will be going down, as will others. We are dealing on our end, and Klaus has a lot more on his end, since that's where the bulk is from. You created quite a mess, but I'm glad you did. Are you OK?"

"More, or less. I don't think it's done because I think are others, and they might be annoyed. Nothing can be laid on us, but people think what they think."

"Well, you've got people heading you that neither of us would want fight."

"That's because you're old Deats. He laughed and hung up as I drove food out the trees. Annie waved me down.

"Is this good news?"

"I don't know. 's good they are dealing with 'things,' but I no idea. They are still going think we, I'm, behind until we finish . I'm still waiting for Bob find me the rest of them."

"You're going kill all of them?" I looked at her as DHL drove up with Citrine.
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I hated doing these things, but I would protect my family. was easier when I was the dragon, but I always felt when I shifted. I needed everyone but was still early. The morning crew started showing up. I gave the animals hay, grain and water and let Drakon, and his marauders, out. They all barked at me as they went by and Annie walked up.

"We all think you are more like them, than human." She hugged me as i laughed. "How are things?" I shrugged.

"I think in stasis. We need get all of your secure. She nodded. I''m calling Bethany in an hour.

"'s a substantial amount, sweets. won't be easy.

"Bob, and his crew aren't the good hackers, love." She stared at me and nodded. "Just until we end this, but better safe than sorry." We walked outside and watched Drakon with his pack.

"Go breakfast with the crew. I'll watch them. They are adorable." I nodded as I kissed her and walked inside. Emma smiled, but pointed her spatula at the empty chair.

"Does she scare you?" I nodded as they all laughed. "She makes great food though. We were just talking about that pie. We got one bite from our families. Are we back in the trees?" I nodded.

"It'd be good take them down, and pays you, and 'll keep warm." They all laughed because would. Cutting wood was best done when was cold because you built a lot of internal heat. Make a fire and grab thermoses of coffee. I'll bring lunch out and cut wood." They nodded. I was their boss, but I was also part of their crew, just like in Japan, and in Denver. They all finished and started pick up their plates.. "Leave them. I'll deal with it. We're all glad you had a nice weekend. I took the plates and scraped what food was left into the pig bucket.

"They up you because you treat them with respect." I nodded. "Annie did a smart thing marrying you.... all of them did."

"Someone mention my ?"

"I was telling Danael that the men up him and that y'all did a good thing marrying him." They nodded.

"You may change your mind because he's a handful and a half. Did he eat?" Emma nodded as she pointed her spatula. 'The dogs are playing with two wolves, and having a blast. Everyone is getting use them because they are learning they are friends." I smiled and nodded.

"You didn't go your cave?"

"No, Sara, 's too much going and I'm still not great at shifting time, or space." She nodded.

"Go eat ladies."

"We're leaving in a couple of hours for the airport. We figured you wouldn't come." I shook my head. I'm going with Kana and Annie is staying here, just in case. We can explain animal attacks, and fires, but it would be hard to explain what I would do to them. I would do worse than Chloe, and it would be complicated." They all smiled.

"I think they are figuring out their next move. They lost a lot. Bob is sending more Intel as he gets it, and they are going deeper. I think we should put most of the cash we in precious metals. If these storms keep going on then 'll rattle everybody." Annie nodded as I kissed them, and Emma, and walked outside Bethany and tell her the .

"Been , and done that Daniel. I was thinking about what you said, and looking at the trends....and the weather. People are going be spooked. I sent you cash, and told everyone else to get cash, and shift funds into hard assets. 's not a bad strategy in general, especially now when things are so weird weather wise. Weird scares people.

"Are you still working for Charles, or are you working for us. Charles, but both, because a lot of his business is your family."

"Good, and thanks. Tell everyone I miss them, and attention. The threat isn't gone yet." Silence.

"I will. Chloe and Haagerstadt will keep us safe, and probably Jake since he's a Da'. How weird is that?"


"We'll be fine love. I suspect you the bulk of the problem." Silence.

"We're working through . Thanks Bethany. I walked the dogs, and the two wolves. I nodded at them as they yipped, and ran off. "Did you a good time, mister?" Drakon barked as they walked their stall for a nap. was unbelievable how cute they were. I needed get busy because I needed research a lot of things, which included training livestock dogs. OY. I finished splitting the wood when the girls came out to say goodbye. Annie was on the phone shifting accounts. I told them to be careful even though I didn't need to. It was a matter of time before we'd shit deal with, but in the meantime, we had work do.
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"Go to back to sleep. I went outside, and waited as I cleaned up shit....and I waited....and waited.. I had destroyed all of their homes, and Bob took everything from them, but they couldn't link it to us, and what they had in the houses was gone because they were ash. I wasn't sad, but I didn't' like it, when the phone rang.


"Where is it?"

"Who is this?"

"Francis, where is it...."

"JESUS CHRIST, will you leave me alone. YOU are really starting to piss me off. GODDAMMIT! Leave me alone. FUCK!!!!!" I hung up and smiled as I walked back into the barn. Drakon and the pups were asleep. I cleaned up poop and ran out of the barn. Sara and Annie were staring at me as I shifted and Kana jumped on me.. 'Invisible, dragon. and we were...and we ended them. The people coming in didn't stand a chance against the wolves, and Annie....let Alone Sara. They lost four helicopters to ..... mishaps.

"Who told you about going invisible?

'Malinka. Sofi taught me I could dive,"

"We can dive?" I nodded. as she stared at me as we landed.

"I know, right." The phone rang,

"Hold on..... Drakon, take them outside. NOW! Sorry, who's this?"

"Francis." Silence.

'I have too much work to do to deal with you," and I hung up. He called back

"They will . Everything they have is gone, and they blame me."

"You still think I know what your are talking about. I don't. I'm sorry for your problems, but they're not my problems. Leave us alone because we don't know what you are talking about." I hung up, and pushed. The phone rang again but it Bob.

"We have everything, and it's a lot, but they still seem focused on you They are convinced that you destroyed their homes, and everything in them. There are others that we are trying to find." I wasn't getting sleep anytime soon. I was tempted to everyone to either Iceland, or Osaka. I didn't. We could fight better, here.

"Get everything you can and information to Interpol. I want hell coming down upon the all sides."

"Watch your back. We are looking through files we got for shell companies, and other accounts. My guys are good and y'all have secured our retirement. Nothing will lead to you, or your family, or us. They'll assume you did it, but there won't proof. Stay safe and let hope this ends what they have been doing. Sooner or later they'll get the message." I wasn't sure about that.

I went back to cleaning stalls again, and pushed. Nothing.
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They all looked at .... "what? 'I'm checking. They've come after us four times and we are just learning who they are, and our family is spread out. I will end this when I find out who they are." They nodded as we watched the fire. I kept pushing, and likely would for days, but there was nothing. I knew the wolves would let me know. Fenrir and I were linked, and he was linked with the packs. The pack in the past knew about him. There was SO much I didn't know it was astonishing. Kana's phone rang as she ran to the kitchen, and we all smiled.

"Airi will be landing tomorrow at noon. Deat and his family will be there, but Airi is back." She squeezed me...hard, as the girls laughed. You miss the people you love the most, no matter who they are. I kissed her cheek, and smiled. It would be good for Kana, and Airi, who was a warriorress as well, and there were others, coming as well. If they came at us, these people would end them, but I planned on doing that first.

"That's fantastic, love." She nodded as Sara and Annie hugged her. I didn't sleep in the cave, which I should have, but I wasn't going to leave. It was probably three am when I woke, and Fenrir pushed.. "MOTHERFUCKER'S!!!" I ran and Annie followed. Kana patrolled the house. Sara didn't seemed concerned. Fenrir ran up.

'"There a lot of them, and they are everywhere. What do we do? Where are they the closest?" The back.Clean up our mess. I didn't need to speak with Annie. She went right, and I went left, and we ended at the entrance, and they had a very bad day. The wolves ended what we only half started as we ran. We ended at the vehicles and I destroyed them as Annie killed everyone who was left. I spent the rest of the night making animals happy in the north lands. The phone rang at six.

"We need to talk. You know where I live,,,.."

Not a chance." I hung up, and got up as the girls were all in a mound. I went to the bathroom, and dressed, and walked to the barn. I pushed. Nothing. The phone rang, but I didn't answer, for three times.

'What? I'm busy."

'We need to talk."

"NO, you need to talk. I've tried to talk with you." Silence.

"Agreed, but we still need to talk because the first one dead will be me." I didn't say it but they were ALL going to die, I just needed to bide my time and keep my family alive, so I played a long.


"All they want is their ......"

"I don't have their , and while they may want that to be so, it's not, and I can't do anything about it, but if keep you coming at , I will keep ending you until I have had enough and then I will end you, and the rest. I AM getting close. I don't have what they want."

"They don't believe that." Silence

"Belief is like the wind, Francis.. but fine. If you come at my family again. I will end all of you, and I mean all. I want to be left alone but you won't do that. I called everyone, and I went to war. It hit Francis's; house first, but they were gone. It still burned. I didn't care what they had. I was angry and I flew. I burned houses all over Europe, nice houses that probably a lot of nice, valuable things in them.... I didn't care because I had Bob. I destroyed them all of them....all of addresses that I had...and Bob called.

"They are freaking out, but have no idea why. What did you?

"I threw them a curve ball."

"Well, you did that.. We can take everything they have. We've fucked with their insurance, and bank accounts. They might work it out, but it'll take a while." I looked up.

"Do it. I want to end this." Gaia help me, but I would keep my people safe. I slept soundly for a few hours until the girls woke me up, which never happened. 'I opened my eyes.

"You're a sleep!"

"Why are you waking me up....."

...."because you never sleep this long. The phone rang. It was Bob.

"We have everything we can get online, which was a lot, but most of the rest got lost because a lot of houses burned. "We'll bounce it in and out of the things. They'll never find it but I don't think they care." I answered the next call like I was a sleep.

"Hello." You destroyed my house.

"Who is this? I was asleep."


"Jesus Christ....what is wrong with you. I barely sleep for a lot of reasons.... I don't fucking need more, and I hung up, but I got out of bed.
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"You're kinda hot when you fight."

"You're a lesbian."

"I know, right, but...."

"I have enough women in my life."

"I'm just saying that I got wet when you took him down, that's all."

"Stop." She laughed. "What did you hand him."

"His address and the names, and ages, of his family. He has three girls." She stared a me."

"Can you watch the road, please."

"You wouldn't."

"He needs to think I would because they would do the same to us. The reason we aren't dead now, is because we have abilities they don't expect.. Bob is watching them. I'll know where they go." I called everyone and told them to be on alert. Denver was fine because of Javier and his crew, so were Taiiko and Yoshi. I was concerned about Tina and Steph but I didn't think anyone knew about them. I felt they were coming for me. I turned out to be right. I didn't want to get into a game of escalation, but I wanted it to end. We were playing 'whack-a-mole' until I could get solid intel. It was longer than six hours but I went into the kitchen.. "Don't hit me." Emma smiled and put stew, cornbread, and honey...and a salad, down

'EAT! Both of you." We nodded. Not much scared either Kana, or I, but Emma did. We were eating when Annie and Sara came in and stared at us. They shook their heads.

"Both of you are restricted from going into town, together, or alone." Sara nodded as she said the stew was amazing. "They are running out beds in the hospital. I know it was self defense because I was talking to the police chief, and there were plenty of witnesses, and they all like you, but still..."

I swallowed. "They aren't going to stop Annie unless we stop them, and I want them here. We can fight them here. I'm not sure we can in five places. I can't be everywhere at once.. Emma, this is amazing. Thank you." She smiled. "They came at us and neither of us want a fight, but we'll end one."

"GODDAMN RIGHT! I'm just sayin'." Sara almost spit the stew out. "They're assholes, Annie, and they won't stop because they are arrogant pricks, and that Francis is the worst because he never gets his hands dirty." I nodded because she was right. "These people won't stop because we are all they have, even if they have no proof. We did it. He's not wrong, but there is no proof. It doesn't mean anything. They won't stop."

"Deat told me that I needed to cut the head off of the snake. Bob, and his, crew are working on them online, and they're going to addresses. What is that?" I almost knocked the back door off it's hinges as Annie ran to the front and Kana grabbed her bow and sword.

"Stay here Sara." She wasn't worried because we where pretty effective. I shifted and flew as Annie shifted and ran to join the wolves. The helicopter was a couple of miles out so flew the perimeter. There were a lot of the. I froze a lot of them and Annie, Kana, and the wolves took the rest. I hit the helicopter with a blast of fire and it exploded two miles from us. I spent the next several hours picking up dead bodies and dropping them in the woods far to the north. Fenrir let them know and they were all hungry. There would be nothing but bones remaining. I landed and walked into the barn. Fuck this. I flew, again Denmark. I landed and walked up to Francis' house, and knocked.

'I'm sorry to disturb, and I slipped and fell in's been one of the days." She smiled as their dog came out and I squatted.

"She likes you. She doesn't like anyone...that's amazing." I scratched her ears.

"I'm good with kids, and dogs....cats, mostly." She smiled, and nodded. "Is Francis here?" I knew he wasn't. She smiled and said he wouldn't be back until later. "If you could give him this...we keep missing each other." She was a lovely woman, and . She invited me in but I refused. I scratched the dogs ears again as she licked me and said goodbye. I shifted and flew home. I landed and went into to take a shower as the phone rang. Annie opened the shower.

"It's Francis."

"I don't care," and I closed the door. Deat and I both knew it was better to make your adversary keep them wondering. It's why we lost to North Vietnam. I didn't want to do this but I was going to let him wonder in the meantime. Annie smiled and shook her head. I finished, pushed....NOTHING.... and went to sit in front of the fire as the girls walked with Brandy, and the phone phone rang.

"Hello, Francis...."

"HOW DARE YOU COME TO....." I hung up, and didn't answer when he called back.....twice. The phone rang

"Hello, Francis."


"Where are my men?""

"What men?" Silence

"And the helicopter?"

"Francis, you keep asking me about things I have no idea about, which is odd, but every time I go into town your men are trying to hurt me. I don't appreciate that because it's a pretty nice town."

"My wife said our dog liked you. Our dog doesn't like anyone, not even me."

"I'm not surprised."

"Was that a threat." Silence

"Francis, I don't pick on women and children." I wanted to say "unlike you," but I didn't. "I don't know what you think you know, but I don't have your . I wish I did right now. I don't want to deal with your thugs because sooner or later someone is going die, again. I dropped off my card because I don't want a fight. Have a nice evening, Francis, and enjoy your family." I hung up. He didn't back. Kana looked at .

'Damn, mister, that was cold as cold it gets." Annie and Sara smiled, and nodded. I'm annoyed. Sara looked at .

"This is you annoyed?" I nodded. She laughed, but they weren't going to stop. Kana was right. Francis didn't care how many men died. He never even mentioned them and I wasn't going to hurt his wife, or kids...or the dog. I called Bob.

''Good timing. We going to be emailing you a lot of info. They are pissed at you because they think you did this, but it's built on Alison and Philip. It's insane, but they are convinced. They are worse, and well funded. We're focusing on them, but they are good. I sent you addresses, and we are trying to hack camera's and figure out security systems. It'll probably take a few days." I said OK. "Trouble seems to find you.

"You're preaching the choir, my friend. I want you to focus on Francis because I know he doesn't care about his family, but he cares, deeply, about something...and I want to know what that is. Let me know, and let us know if we owe you anything." I hung up as the girls fell into me. I pushed, and there was nothing.
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We walked into the barn as puppies attacked us. Drakon was the instigator but he always stayed behind as the pummeled us. We fell, and laughed, as they climbed over all of us...nibbling, and licking, us into submission. Drakon barked and they all ran outside. He pranced outside quite proud of himself.

"You created a monster, Daniel."

"He's not part wolf like Drakon in the past, but he sure thinks he is. I'm OK with that." We brushed of and Stephanie called.

"I sent you a photo for your girlfriend." Her and Tina laughed. "I figured you'd want it and it wasn't that expensive. "It's nice just because it's unusual. He's sending it today so you should have the citrine in the next day or so....depends on the storms."

"Thank you."

"He also has some Opal which are nice. They are vibrant. It'll take me at least a week because I have other projects, but I'll get them done as quickly as i can."

"Thank you, Stephanie." She was quiet.

"I should be thanking you because of Tina." Annie and Sara started tearing and walked off.

"We miss you." I was annoyed because all we shouldn't be dealing with a hundred year series of blizzards. "Hopefully we'll see you soon." I didn't want trouble following us around. We had the wolves, and this land, and people in town knew us, and liked us. We had an advantage here that we wouldn't in Denver, maybe in Osaka, but we were here, and I wanted to end this but I needed to work. I pulled the truck up to the hay barn and started throwing wood on. Kana walked up and kissed me before climbing onto the truck to stack.

"What was that for?" She smiled.

"Airi." I nodded as I threw and she stacked. We had half the truck stacked when and got ready to go town when Bob called. I wrote down the info.

"We should have the rest by tomorrow. These people have resources, and they are good. We're looking at their firewalls. I'll call when we get more." I told him OK as Kana walked up and handed me a tanto . I shook my head as she stared at .

"I'm angry enough that I don't need a , but thank you." She wasn't happy, but she nodded as we headed to town. We unloaded the last of the wood.

"This is amazing, Daniel. You are keeping people warm with this." I looked across the street as four men were walking over.

"It's all dead standing timber, but it burns well and it's cold."

"I'll say."

"Go inside and lock the back door, now. It's OK, love, but go now." Kana moved back.

"Regretting the ?" I smiled and said no as I walked toward them. They had ability, just not enough. I hurt two, and they were unconscious as Kana toyed with other two. I did grab a off of one of the men who were unconscious and walked to the Mercedes. I cut the plugs off the tires and stuck the in all of tires. I took a handkerchief and wiped the off and out set it on the hood of the car as the bodyguard got out.

"You don't want to do this. You were beaten by a girl." That enraged him, because it was true, even though she wasn't a girl, but it had the effect I wanted and I played off of it. He grabbed , and I rammed my forehead into his nose. It wasn't the smartest thing do after a head injury, but it was effective. I slammed my hand into his throat as I drove my knee into his groin. He grunted and dropped. I knocked on the back window of the Mercedes. I didn't say a word, just handed Francis a card with writing on it. He looked at me, nodded, and rolled up the window as i walked back to Kana who was waiting by the truck. I threw her the keys as she smiled.

"Remind me never to piss you off." I laughed as we drove. home.
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