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take me part 183
Posted:Jul 25, 2021 6:24 pm
Last Updated:Jul 26, 2021 12:00 am

I walked into the shop. "Sam, show Jake how to clean the casket and then get the wood ready for the next order. Start showing him what the different woods look like. When I'm done, I'll join the class." I kissed Jake on the cheek and walked out back to watch Sara, being Sara. Bob was walking in and Peggy and Jason were pointing, concerned. I went to the fridge, got a chicken wing, and went to stand on the patio to watch.

"Don't worry, that's just Bob." She got serious, "He's not a pet, but he feels safe here. He has a secret way in that he can use when the dumb coyotes are chasing him. He's not tame, but he's not mean." Emily was walking toward me, smiling, as I held out the wing. She kissed me and walked back to Sara.

"Bob came in one evening after I had met Daniel and I was amazed. He told me about him just showing up and how he would just hang out. Daniel didn't care, and Bod didn't care but Daniel said that now we know how he's getting in, and I can block the hole. Can you imagine that? Peggy and Jason were looking at Sara like everyone when she went on this tangent... enthralled, but scared.

"Can you imagine that? He wanted to block off Bob's only safe place from the dumb coyotes. She turned around and looked at me. "I told him not a chance, mister, and this has become Bob's second home. You want to feed him Peggy?" She looked at Jason, and he shrugged. Emily said,

"It's totally safe Mrs. Andersen. He's not mean at all, just toss it to him. He'll go in is his den." Peggy walked up and took the chicken wing and gently threw it to Bob. He looked at her, walked up, took it as he looked at her again, and walked into his den as Sara and Emily clapped, and Peggy laughed as she hugged Jason. It took everything I could do to hold the tears backs as I walked toward them.

"I see you met Bob." Sara and Emily hugged me as they excused themselves. "Tell me what's going." They told me, and showed me the letter they were sent, which infuriated me, and Sara who was eavesdropping. I couldn't believe they would send this right after a couple had lost their only . I was getting angry and I could feel Sara feeling me as she walked out. "I'm sorry, I assumed Sara introduced herself."

Peggy said, "She did, and her and Jake are lovely. She explained everything," both of them smiled, which impressed me, and terrified me.

"Is this a copy?' They nodded. "Would you let me deal with this since I know the law, and what they are doing is in direct violation of it?" They nodded.

'"Thank you, Daniel, and Sara. This is the last thing we need." I took pleasure in providing my the accurate information regarding burials. It's why I started this business in the first place, and why I wanted to expand it. "We'll take care of it." The phone rang. I excused myself as Sara took them into the shop to show them their daughters' casket, only Sara could do that and make them feel a modicum of peace. I needed to talk with Chloe about finding other family to start training at the restaurant.

"Hey Bet."

"We're on speaker."

"Hey Javier, what's up?"

"Turn on the news, homes."

"Hold on.... Em, find a current news site. I'll call you back in 10-15. I need to finish with a . I'll be back love." I kissed Emily and walked into the shop thinking holy shit, but smiling. Peggy and Jason were touching every inch of the casket, as every family does, but they were smiling because they talking to Sara. Jason's hands went along the edges, and the hinges, as mine would, to be sure they true. They were. Peggy was touching the wood. It was usually the same. Jake had been cleaning it off so we could oil it. Sam hated doing this but he was good at it,

"We'll have it finished by the end of the day tomorrow, if you want to come back and see it before we wrap it and take it to the mortuary, just give a us call and we'll work it out." They nodded.

"I'm sorry about that but you're in good hands," they nodded. I didn't want to tell them about the tree, and I was glad Sara hadn't, not until I spoke with the people at the cemetery. I liked the idea of offering family's the option of a tree. It got me thinking. "Please stop by because the oil is the difference." Sam nodded. Sara and I walked them to their SUV.

"I'm confused about something Daniel, even though it isn't my business. How is that both Jake and Emily are your but they are dating each other?" I looked at Sara.

"Jake is Sara's nephew. His father abandoned him early on. Jake and I hit off, and he asked if I would be his dad. I told him of course, which made Sara over the moon happy. She's his second mom, and no one argues that point, especially not Jake."

"Emily was in a similar situation. She's Jake's girlfriend, but her dad abandoned her as well, and she asked me the same question as well, and I said yes." They were staring at us. "Sara was ecstatic. It's a little complicated, but they are good , and we are all family, so it pretty much works. Sara is their mom, and I am their dad, but we all communicate and deal. It's better for the both of them. They love having two moms, and a dad. They're seventeen, but are ."

Peggy looked at both of us with tears in her eyes and hugged Sara, who kissed her cheek. She hugged me, and kissed me on my cheek, and then stared into my eyes. Jason hugged both of us, which seemed odd for him. They said thanks and left. We wouldn't find out for many months that they decided to have another baby after that day. They sent us a note in a baby shower notice. Sara, of course, was over the moon happy.

We walked backed inside holding hands. "I'm working here Daniel," I nodded, "and I'm going with you to meet this FUCKING piece of shit." She stopped and glared at me. I nodded as we kept walking. "I like your idea about Maggie, Bet and Javier's family working at the restaurant. It's smart. You're smart mister." She kissed me as a car pulled. Sara looked at me because we were all on edge. I, surprisingly, was the one least on edge. I smiled and led her to meet Carl. I pushed to Bet, and she nodded.

"Hey Daniel." I shook his hand and introduced him to Sara. "I want to talk with about your offer. I want to be done with that place." I nodded, as Sara looked at me.

"Let me introduce to you Sam and Jake. They'll fill you in. I'm sorry, but we have someone we have to meet." I didn't tell him it was his boss. "Do me favor, Carl, make sure you attend to Ari's body...." He held up his hand.

"I've already set it up because no one wants to work early Sunday. It won't be a problem Daniel." Sara walked up and kissed his cheek,

"Thank you Carl, you're hired anytime after Ari. Talk with Sam. I don't mean to be rude, but we need to have a chat with someone." He looked at me, and I nodded as I introduced him to Sam and Jake.

"He's working here Sam, treat him right. We'll see you in a while. Love you Jake!" She waved as we walked to the truck. I knew she wanted to drive but she didn't ask, instead, I let her in the passenger side as she kissed me. Holy shit, I wouldn't want to be this asshole.
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take me part 182
Posted:Jul 25, 2021 3:30 pm
Last Updated:Nov 27, 2021 4:19 pm

"You bring me a biscuit?" I shook my head. "Bill and Ellen left to do shopping for their trip. They said they'd be back mid-afternoon to take a look at your dad's stuff. You really going to sell it?" I nodded and told him I had...expenses. "I'll say," he said laughing. "Can't say that I'm disappointed. I am glad because you've been carrying that around for too long, my friend."

"GODDAMMIT! Sam, not you too. I'm doing the best I can with everything and with limited information. How did I suddenly become the one who was suppose to have the answers, and plan, and the insight of what needed to be done. Jesus, fucking, Christ, I build caskets, but I don't even build those. FUCK!!!!"

"I'm doing the best I can Sam, but your wife, and the rest of them, are far from helpful. Crap, I get more information from dead people who pop in front of me when I least expect it, one of whom who wants to kill me. FUCK!!!" I wanted to throw something but I'd only break something we needed."

"You feel better?"

"No, but thanks. Sorry, and I'll back after I say hi to the .

"Bet and Javier want you to call them, as does Maggie. They've been calling." I looked for my phone and couldn't find it.

"SHIT!" I walked out back as Sam laughed. If that's not brother's then I'm sure how to define one. "I'll need to use your phone," I yelled. I went ease Jake and Emily's angst because they were worried about me, and me shifting like I did. Everyone was worried about me. I was worried about me. They were both more mature than their years but they didn't need this. We talked, and hugged, I gave Jake another twenty minutes and went to call Maggie, Bet, and Javier. I called Maggie first.

"I lost my phone."

"You OK Daniel?"

"I'm fine Mags. I'm annoyed, and frustrated, at the lack of information I get from y'all, but I'm dealing. What stopped me?"

She was quiet for a while, "I can't tell you, Daniel. How were you able to push through it?"

"I have no idea, maybe the same thing will give me six and three wives." She laughed. "I'm fine, we can talk later. I need to call Bet, and help Sam. We have a deadline. I'll see you later." I called Bet and Javier.

"You OK?" Why does everyone keep asking me that?

"Yeah...long night."

"I'll say, you nasty man." I could hear Javier laughing.

"Fuck you Bet."

"I'd be surprised if you could, sweets, after this morning. Frankly, I'm amazed you're even walking, that was some pretty impressive focus and relaxation because they weren't small Jefe."

"Are you finished? If so, maybe you could tell me why you called." They were both laughing. These people were more of a pain in my ass than any dildo, and they knew it...enjoyed it.

"The guy yesterday afternoon isn't like William, not even close, we're thinking it was two ops, or this guy was a plant in William's operation. This guy is a professional. William is a poser. This guy is the real deal and we got nothing on him. Nada, homes. You know what that means?" I did. "Our guys have been fighting all their lives, but we also train across skill sets. They can handle pretty much anything, if they have to, but they are leery of this guy. Any ideas?"

"Yeah, but you aren't going to like it. Do you know know anyone who can access NCIC, or Interpol?" Silence


"Take photo's of his face, and any tat's, along with his print's. If you know a guy who take dental impressions, do that, but keep his eyes covered, find out what you can. This worry's me."

"It worry's us too Daniel," Bet said. "We seem to have opened Pandora's Box, This is going to cost a lot but they are thorough, and they'll find anything that is available. They have classified access but it only goes so far. It's why it's so pricey. Javier wants to drop him down the shaft. He still does."

"That was my first thought Bet, but my gut says that would be a mistake, at least until we know who we're dealing with."

"Have you heard from your FBI contact?"

"No, but I've pushed a few times and he's a with a bone, and getting more pissed off. He's focused on that. We could send him info on this guy but our problem is if we drop him somewhere, alive, he knows us, and it wouldn't take much to link everyone. I think Javier is right, but I'd like to know more about him before that happens. I trust your judgment. I need to help Sam. He's giving me the evil eye." They laughed and hung up.

I handed Sam the phone with my left hand and paid no mind until he asked how my thumb was. He went and got bandage scissors and we took the dressing off as Sara walked up yelling,

"What are idiots doing? Oh my God, Daniel, it's almost healed. Does it hurt?" I looked at her, Sam and Jake, stunned, as I moved my thumb. Nothing.

"It doesn't hurt at all." Because she's Sara she grabbed and pressed.

"How about this?" I grunted.

"That hurts, but it's healing quickly."

"Good, then no more excuses. Get to work. You too Jake."

Sara took me aside, kissed me and smiled. "You were a very naughty boy last night, and this morning. Guess who's going to be a naughty boy again tonight?" She kissed me, and bit my lip as she walked out back waving over her shoulder. "Chloe and Annie said that was from them," as she laughed and went to say hi to Emily.

Sam and I did most of the work because it had to be perfect, and we didn't have much time but we let Jake do as much of the building as possible. We checked it over and it looked good. The Andersen's would be pleased and that is when Peggy called. They were having issues with the mortuary and wanted to know if they could stop by and talk. I told them of course. They were about 15 minutes away.

We still needed to clean it, then put oil on it, let it dry, and then finish the inside. We put foam on the bottom, and a foam wedge under the torso, and head. We put linen half way up the sides and bunched it at the bottom so that if was an open casket service they could arrange the linen around the person so it looked like they were sleeping as most people wanted to remember their loved one as sleeping, or resting. I was going to have issues with the place the Andersen's were using unless Carl was handling it. I needed to talk with him. Great, one more thing. Maggie pulled in, followed by the nursery van. I hugged Maggie and said I'd be back. She nodded. I shook his hand.

"Hey, this is a welcome surprise. What's up?"

"Well, we all got to talking after you left, and I remembered I was going to a grower we use and I found something that I think would be perfect. I was close, so I stopped by for you to take a look." He opened the back and there was a wonderful cherry tree inside.

"It's bigger than I had envisioned, but it's gorgeous, even wrapped."

"It is larger than what we normally plant, but next spring it will have blossoms. There will be some old school digging, given the location, but it'll look great in the ground."

"It's beautiful but how much?"

"Nothing." I stared at him as Jake and Sara up and hugged me. I was confused, but what else was new.

"This is my Jake, and my wife Sara." She squeezed me and said,

"Oh my gosh," as she climbed into the van, "is this for the Andersen's?" We nodded. "It's perfect! We'll take it."

"That's Sara." He smiled.

"I have my own Sara, but her name is Claire." Sara looked up and jumped out of the van.

"Really! My mom was named Claire. You, all of you, have to come to our July fourth party here...if you can, or course. are welcome. No fireworks from us, but we don't need it," as she pointed exactly where they happen. She hugged him. "I hope you can make it. I'd love to meet Claire. Come on Jake," as they ran off. "Bye. The tree is perfect, Daniel."

We both chuckled, shaking our heads. "What do you mean nothing?"

"We're donating the tree after what you told us because we all have . You cover the cost of the install, and help because there will be digging, and the maintenance, which won't be too bad, and we could show you what to do. We'd rather do that because it'd be easier for us." I nodded. "The cost of the install would be what we'd charge for the tree." I extended my hand and said he had a deal. I followed him to the front as Peggy and Jason pulled up, and waved.

"This is the info you wanted, along with photo's at various ages. It's a stunning tree, and they would be stupid to not allow it." I nodded. "This is our company's info. We'd like to talk with about offering this to your , and talking with the people you know at the cemetery's, when you can, if you're interested. I was interested, the problem was that I had so other fucking shit going on that I was behind. "We look for ways to expand our business, for sure, but this is something special for people who have lost something vital in their lives. It's also a way to plant more trees, and need them now." I nodded. "Think about it."

"I'll make it work, and Jake and I will help your guys plant...probably Sara, too. If they say no, then I'll buy the tree from you." He nodded as he closed the back, and shook my hand. "I'll be in touch soon." He was backing out when he said,

"It's cool back here. It's old Denver." I nodded, as he waved. It was cool. I stopped myself from thinking about all the things I needed to think about, and walked back inside to talk with the Andersen's.
take me part 181
Posted:Jul 24, 2021 10:25 pm
Last Updated:Nov 27, 2021 4:19 pm

I could feel, and smell, Chloe at Sara's, alone...waiting for us. Sara had taken Jake to Henry's over an hour before. We walked up and shifted as the shadows were still prevalent, and walked up to the back door. Chloe opened it and let us in. She locked it and kissed me before biting and clawing me. She looked at Annie and wrapped one leg around her as she dug her pussy into Annie's. Chloe growled, low, and bit her on her breast. Annie growled but pushed Chloe's mouth deeper onto her as she squeezed Chloe's hair and both pulled and pushed. They looked me, eyes narrowed, and pounced. I caught them in my arms as they bit into me, sucking, and as I bit into each of them.

None of were thinking, just acting as Chloe grabbed us by our shirts, led us into the bathroom and ripped them off before she bit into out breasts just above the nipple. Annie and I growled as we both pushed her onto us and waited for her to finish. She looked up at us, her eyes lost in passion, and smiled, blood on her lips and teeth, and kissed us both deeply. Both Annie and I ripped her top off and each bit into her breasts. She grunted, and growled, as she pushed us on to her, and we kissed her the same way.

We got in the shower and Chloe bathed both of us, meticulously, as if it was a ritual. I would later come to find it was, but I wouldn't care. After we were clean Chloe got on her knees and stuck her mouth on Annie's pussy and licked, and fingered her, as I licked Annie's ass, until she came, scratching both of us. We traded until each of us had experienced that. We stood and gently hugged each other. We dried off and walked naked into the bedroom. We climbed into bed and fell into a deep sleep entwined in a mesh.

I woke with Chloe's pussy under my mouth and me licking her. Annie was fucking my ass like I had fucked her last night... gentle was not an option. She pushed her dildo in as deep as it would and ground it into me as she bit me on my back, and Chloe came all over my face. I sucked as much as I could. I grunted as I came in a puddle on the bed. Annie took her dildo off and traded places with Chloe but shifted her hips upward so I could lick her ass, and rub her clit, which I gladly did. No words had been spoken since Annie and I showed up.

Chloe put the glass dildo on, which was thick, against my asshole. I breathed, and relaxed, as she pushed into me, and fucked me like she hadn't. Her nails her dug into back, as I grunted. She used that as leverage to fuck me as hard as she could. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as kept licking Annie's ass, and fucking her with my tongue. I wasn't sure how my hand was moving so quickly on her clit but heard her scream don't stop!, and neither Chloe, nor I did. We all came close to each other. Chloe and Annie came all over the bed, as I grunted and dumped my prostate, again, and shook. I fell on Annie's pussy, with Chloe falling onto me.

We fell asleep like that until the phone rang. It was mine but Chloe was on top. It was Sara. "Are you three done? We're getting busy." Chloe laughed but wasn't embarrassed. "FYI sis...Janey and I have next dibs on both of them."

"We'll be there soon but we need new sheets, all three of them laughed." We love you but said hurry up. Chloe and Annie dropped me off at the shop. Sam just shook his head as I walked in.

"Don't start Sam."
take me part 180
Posted:Jul 24, 2021 9:04 pm
Last Updated:Nov 27, 2021 4:19 pm

Between my hand throbbing, and my head spinning, I was wondering if I actually WAS over my skies and heading for an end of end crash. I shook my head. "Have you called Henry's sweets?"

"I talked with Sara because she was the most worried and filled them. They're all going punch you." I smiled. "They're fine. It's meatloaf night, but I guess they had a run because they are sold out. They're closing at 6:00pm and guess what we're having dinner?"


She punched me in my chest, but not hard and then bit my neck, also not hard. "The girls and I have been talking about the future, for obvious reasons, mister, and we need figure a better plan for all of us because it's obvious we are all a family. Henry's is too labor intensive. Sara and I have 7-8 months to figure it out. We've always liked to keep things in the family, and deal, instead of hiring outside people but maybe we need to think about that. Sara said she knows excellent people, but it's not family, and it's going to be hard for any of us to adjust to that, especially Henry. He's the one we want adjusting to work. I'm sorry to dump this on you, sweets, but we're all thinking about it, along with where we are living, eight
months is not a lot of time, Love." She took my hand as we walked out back, and I thought Gustav and Marnine were going to be problem. Jake and Emily ran up.

Chloe kissed my cheek and sat with Ellen and Bill. I smiled and hugged my and showed them hand, saying that it was fine and not to worry. I didn't tell them this but I broke my ankle in three places when I was younger and hobbled on crutches for two weeks, with it unset, because I needed surgery and everyone else in Colorado had broken something because of the ice. The advice I got was to not fall. I could deal with a week.

I grabbed a beer and told Sam that we were having meatloaf, I thought he was going to cry as he called Maggie. Chloe smiled and shook her head at me. I was bad at times. It was way too hot for a fire. Chloe looked out front and got up to let Bet and Javier in. I stayed put enjoying my family. Going to the range was quickly becoming a non-starter. Bill and Ellen were leaving in a couple of days. It wasn't what I had planned.

"Unc, maybe we can go to the storage units tomorrow afternoon, after Sam and I are done, and take a look at dad's stuff before you and Ellen head out." Both him and Jake nodded. Emily looked at Ellen who smiled and nodded, which prompted a clap from Em, and a smile from Chloe as she was walking out back. She hugged Em and told her she had called her mom's and Christine and Bethany would be here for dinner.

I was glad she was here because we were symbiotic in a deeper way than
Sara, Janey, and I were. Annie and I were like that as well, but it
was different...more primitive, even though the end result was the same. We
almost moved in unison. It was a strange family but I pushed that out
of my mind and pushed around the shop. I included the sky, even though
I had no idea if that would even work. There was nothing I could sense. Annie and
Alison were heading here so Chloe and I excused ourselves and went out
front. She went right at the corner and I went left, just to be sure.

I stayed back, for some reason, and stepped behind one of the rocks I got from Heather,
and waited as someone walked up with his phone out taking either
photo's, or video's. Chloe and Annie knew, and were waiting inside. I could
feel the SUV that Javier called approaching. I walked around the rock
behind him and said, in a loud voice."

"May I help you?" He dropped his phone reached inside his jacket, but
I was too close. Chloe, Annie, Bet and Javier came out...thankfully
Sam kept everyone else in the back. Javier disarmed him, turned him around and zip tied his hands. This guy was colder than William, and more dangerous, even though he worked for him. It was the guy I saw on the third floor of Alison's condo building. I stepped back a few
steps, which didn't go unnoticed by Chloe or Annie.. Javier slid the phone away and Bet picked it up.

"I asked you a question." He glared at me as Javier searched him. I
pushed to Bet to watch his feet, which she relayed to Javier who took
the back of his knees out and put him on the ground. Bet and Annie zip
tied his legs. Annie looked at me and nodded because knew the threat.
The SUV backed in and we threw him inside as the guys drove off. Javier told
them to be careful. I was getting tired of people showing up unannounced. I was wondering why he would show up but more concerned that I hadn't felt him when I walked
around. We all looked at each other and walked inside with out saying
anything. Bet was on the phone and I heard the bikes riding up. Annie and I walked out and told them to have some dinner and then come back out. They looked at Javier and he nodded.

I was quiet, thinking, wondering why I hadn't felt him. It concerned me, deeply. I wanted
to say it was my hand, but I wasn't sure that wasn't it. Thankfully, some instinct kicked in and I waited. I was getting tired of dodging bullets. Javier looked at me, concerned. "You OK homes?" I told him what had happened. "No one's 0% Daniel. You've been amazingly accurate. We just need better attention and not let our guard down until this is over." I could feel Annie and Chloe looking at me, worried. I couldn't blame them because I was little worried myself. This guy got close, and he was bad news.. Javier's guys walked up and hugged me and Annie as they took over. I had an idea about Henry's that I pushed to Chloe, and she smiled. She would Bet, and Maggie, and see if anyone wanted work... family is family.

The rest of the evening was uneventful, except that everyone fought over the meatloaf, mashers, biscuits, and sweet corn. Uncle Billy and Henry played dueling DJ's, which they, and everyone else, loved. Chloe and Sara took turns cutting my meatloaf, which I
thought was funny since it's meatloaf, but they were worried. My hand did ache. Emily sat on my lap after I finished eating, kissed my cheek and looked at me.

"I'm sorry Dad. I shouldn't have interrupted you when you were working." I hugged her, and kissed the side of her head as Christine and Bethany watched.

"Sweets, it had nothing to do with you. I was preoccupied when I shouldn't have been. It was a lesson for me to attention. I'm fine, and will be fine. I promise. It had nothing with either you, or Jake. It was a careless accident on my part and I'm sorry both of you had go through it. OK?" She nodded, kissed me, and walked back her moms. Chloe and Sara smiled. Janes and Ali were lost in each.

The sun hadn't set when Bob walked in, looked at everyone, and walked his den. Sara and Emily raced the kitchen, and I mean raced. Emily won, and grabbed a drumstick, but Sara laughed and walked out with her. Mags walked up as I was smiling at them. Sara was almost years older than Emily but sometimes, like now, they could be twins. She was a marvel.

"We need talk. Let's take a walk. We both jumped the fence and headed on the path as everyone watched. No one was going dispute Maggie, which I always found interesting... not even Henry would I didn't understand their bond, or code, which was a blessing, and a curse, as I was finding out. "How's your hand?"

"It should be fine. I've got find a surgeon. Chloe is researching it."

"You know why it happened?" I looked at her and nodded.

"Lack of focus. I was preoccupied with other things." She nodded.

"You have LOTS of other things Daniel on your mind, and that was a warning from Ella focus on what's important. You and Annie took Marnine by surprise, and hurt her, badly. She won't forget, but she's also paying attention to it. Don't count on that happening again."

I looked her. "I do have a lot of things going on and I'll tell you what I told Chloe when she said something similar," I was annoyed and everyone could feel it, but Maggie just smiled, "what do I not focus on? Things keep playing leapfrog to get my attention, like the shop. I am putting an undo burden on Sam but Billy and Jake have been here to help, that's ending soon. Same thing with Chloe and Sara.... time is time. I can slow it down some, but not much. I understand what you are saying but none of the things we're dealing with are insignificant Mags."

Maggie looked at me as we walked. "How many of those things were by your choice, Daniel?"

"Probably most, but I don't see your point Mags, because they are still happening. I'd rather not play 20 questions with you." She looked at me and smiled. I could feel Chloe and Annie watching me.

"You keep adding things onto yourself, like the 4th, and the fish dinner in the fall, and the Cherry tree, and helping those get into a private school, or the woman and her in Phoenix, or getting both Sara and Chloe pregnant and then biting Annie, and all that entails, and then Janey and Alison, and where you are going to live... all while you dealing with two major threats."

I started to growl, low...guttural... and stared at her. Maggie wasn't frightened, but she took a step back as Chloe and Annie jumped the fence and ran toward us. "You may not like to hear this Daniel, but you clutter up your mind, and life, when you shouldn't. Do you need six and three wives, all." Chloe and Annie ran up but Maggie lifted her hand, and they stopped.

"Gustav is a caged animal and that cage is getting smaller by the day. Marnine is arrogant, but she is formidable even if she has no idea how to harness the power she wants to wield. Chloe is better suited to that," She looked directly at Chloe and Annie and continued. Marnine has lived, consciously, a lot longer than any of you, don't underestimate that advantage, because that is what it is. That is more than enough to deal with but..." I waited. I could feel her testing me..."but you want to play house, and savior, when the safety of your family, your...clans.... are at stake."

I growled and leapt before Chloe or Annie could react, but not Maggie. She smiled and put her hand up, and I dropped to the ground and shook my head. I looked at her and crawled through whatever she had done. It hurt, bad, but I did it, and I stood up as Maggie took two steps back, stunned. I shook my head again and looked her.

"What would you have me give up Mags? I have what I have, and we'll deal with it. I'll deal with it. I turned, growled and jumped, shifting. I bounded over the fence and ran onto the open space as the sun was setting. I could feel Annie looking at Chloe. She nodded and went to hug Maggie as Annie shifted, and ran after me.

I'm not sure how long we ran but it was late into the night. It was exhilarating, and freeing . I could feel Chloe and Sara in the back of my mind. They knew why, and what was coming. We all did. This was going to change things in ways that we could only sense. Annie and I stopped by a creek, under cottonwood trees and drank, and played. We batted at each other and took turns pouncing, before we shifted back.

We stunk, but we didn't care. Annie jumped on me and locked her legs around me as she bit into the side of my neck. I bit here shoulder and we both drew blood, but didn't let go until we were. Annie jumped back onto me, clawing into my back as she bit me, hard, again. We weren't gentle, but were as loving as I have ever experienced. Chloe and Sara felt, and probably saw everything. I knew I did when Sara was with Janey, and Alison. Sara was less concerned. Chloe was another story, but it didn't stop us because we needed to do this, regardless of what Maggie said. Chloe and I both knew it, as hard as it was for both of us.

We made love, in between sleeping, until a couple of hours before dawn when we woke. We kissed but no words were spoken. We bit each other and she showed me how to shift without stress, which we did. We smelled each other, and growled, as we ran to our family. We could both feel Chloe and Sara. It weighed more upon me than her. The covenant we set into motion was completed, for better, or worse. I would still rather have Annie by our side when we faced Marnine. It wouldn't take long to find out how much so.
take me part 179
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Things were moving quicker than I hoped but having William of the way would another annoyance for Gustav, assuming he hadn't sent my location already just to give him something, anything, but there was nothing I could do about that except attention. I went inside and helped Sam and Unc, while Jake and Emily were talking with Chloe. They all
had questions but no one said anything, which I was grateful for because we needed to get Ari's casket finished. I had Sam make it inches longer so that it wouldn't as small as she actually was. It was an illusion but I hoped it would help in someway. Sam and my uncle were working in tandem with the router and planer. I was cleaning up the joints with a chisel. I was preoccupied as Jake and Emily walked out. Emily said, "Dad?"

I made the mistake of taking my eyes off of what I was doing, even though I knew better. My hand slipped and the chisel sank into the base of my left thumb, cutting me to the bone. I grunted as I dropped the chisel and grabbed my hand, bending over. Jake and Emily were
unsure what had happened but Sam and Bill knew, as did Chloe and Ellen who came running out.

"I need to see Daniel," Sam said as I lifted my hand. "Could be worse as he looked at Chloe who was getting the first aid kit. Emily was crying as Ellen and Bill stepped them away. The bone was visible inside the wound, hazards of a sharp chisel. Chloe irrigated it and put pads over the wound, wrapped it in gauze, and taped it. I put my hand up as she got the truck keys out of my pocket.

" sure a few butterfly bandages will be enough, smiling." She looked and shook her head, even though she wanted to punch . Emily was very upset because she thought it was her fault. I hugged both of them and said it was an accident and that I'd be fine after some stitches. It wasn't the first time I had gouged myself. They both said they wanted to come and I nodded. Sam said they'd handle it. I was just hoping this wasn't an omen. Em was still upset as we pulled into Emergency Care and walked in. Thank God that Beth got me good insurance, which reminded me. Crap!

Chloe grabbed my wallet and started filling the paperwork while Emily, Jake, and I sat down. Jake and Em were hugging , and calming down. I was glad they came. It was a stark reminder that we had other things to deal with as well as Gustav and Marnine. Thankfully it was slow and wasn't long before the nurse came . I asked them if my family could come. She smiled and said that she'd bring them in after the doctor had a . I nodded and kissed everyone, not the nurse.

They took x-rays, and cleaned it up as the doc examined it. He went to check the x-ray as the nurse put Betadine in the wound, which frickin' hurt, and they loosely put butterfly's on it so it was mostly closed and wrapped it. "I'll get your family." I told Chloe they put butterfly bandages on it and she stuck her tongue as the doctor walked in and introduced himself. He pulled the image up on the computer and called Jake and Emily closer because they were still upset.

"You might have nicked the bone. It's hard to say but it's not serious. You gouged yourself in the best possible place. You mostly muscle and flesh, but I am slightly concerned that you might have nicked the tendon that runs along here," as he pointed. Jake and Emily were rapt with attention. Chloe was hugging and smiling. What they did was temporary because you might need surgery. We just closed it up until the surgeon can it. You need to see and Orthopedic Surgeon but we can give you a couple of cards of excellent surgeons that are close. If you can't get in by early next week then come back in and we'll clean it and bandage it again. I suspect you will be fine. All in all, I think you lucked but you won't be using a chisel for a while. He'll be fine , so don't worry."

We thanked him and he left as the nurse came in and led us to the lobby.. I had to sign some forms and she gave a script for a few Vicodin, and the cards of a couple of local surgeons, all of which Chloe took. "If you can't see someone within five days come back in and we'll
it. If you start getting abnormal pains come in, or go the ER, that's just a precaution." I nodded. She looked at Chloe and then at me. "This should go without saying, Daniel, but don't it wet, and don't use that hand." Chloe chuckled as the nurse smiled. We thanked her and headed back to the shop. Emily and Jake were talking in the back, most of the stress removed.

"You need to attention, mister." I nodded. "We also need to get all the insurance and legal stuff taken care of, and discuss 'you know what.' I nodded again. Jake and Emily ran inside and was telling everyone about it when the phone rang. It was the Andersen's.

" Peggy."

" Daniel. We are in Denver, and not too far from you, and wondering if we could stop by." I told them of course and that we'd see them then. Sam and Unc had cleaned everything up. Bill and Ellen took Jake and Emily back. Chloe, Sam, and I walked as they drove up. These were bittersweet meetings because the family wanted to the see shop but it was
still raw for them. I introduced everyone as we walked in. Peggy handed me a check and said thank you. I nodded and we showed them around.

"Is this the wood?" I nodded. "I thought it would be richer looking." Sam got the photo's and showed what it looked after the oil was put on it. They smiled and said it was beautiful. "Can we stop by after it's finished?" We all said of course and excused ourselves as we walked
outside. They spent the next several minutes holding hands in silence and touching the wood. "Thank you so very much. It meant a lot to both of us."

"You can stop by anytime you want too." They nodded and left. Sam and Unc had finished all the boards so we could start building it tomorrow, or they could. I closed the overhead and said lets go have a beer. They both smiled. Sam grabbed a pack. "I'll be in a few minutes. I want to check on Gustav."

I had given the phone to Javier to see if his computer guys could access it but I knew Gustav was having no luck as he slammed his phone down and poured more vodka. He was becoming unhinged. I got no hint that he had any idea about the shop. I was hoping Unc shooting down the drone took care of it. I didn't have numbers visible on the building anyway because my dad always frowned about that, same as not having your DL, or any government sent to your residence. He said it was common sense. I was beginning to see his wisdom. I was getting ready to end the link when he got a .

"You fucking better know something. What do you mean an inside job? Philip's dead and Simon's not smart enough to pull something like this off. These were pro's. What?. That's my point, Simon is a blunt instrument. There's no way he could pull this off. No, I don't know where he is, come to think of it. I've been preoccupied." Gustav was silent.

"I'll check into where he is but if that is all you've got it sounds like you're throwing smoke bombs to cover up your ineptitude, that of just doesn't vanish. What do you mean Interpol? Gustav was quiet, and scared, which is what I wanted. FBI? I'll you later." He called someone else.

"You still have someone in the FBI? I need to know if there is an active investigation on me. My contact in Europe said his contact at Interpol told him they were looking into "things" in the EU related to an open investigation in the US. Find . What? Of course I can , have I never NOT you for your services. We're clearing those things up as we speak. good for it, just do it. I need to know what I am dealing with." Gustav hung up, downed the vodka and threw the glass against the wall." Thank you Deat, and that's when there was a knock on his door. It was the manager of the hotel.

" sorry to disturb you Mr. Griegery but the front desk has left numerous messages regarding the you have on file. It's been declined several times. You are one of our special but we need to have another on file, sir." He stared him, took his wallet and handed him another . The manager ran it through his tablet.

" sorry sir, but this has been declined as well. Because of your loyalty, we'll extend your privileges until tomorrow because accounting snafu's occur but we either need the bill in full, in , or another that is active. I apologize for the inconvenience." Gustav just stared at him as he closed the door and ordered two more bottles of vodka and dinner. He was worried."

I was calling Bet and Javier when Chloe walked . "You OK?" I nodded, holding up a finger.

"Homes, we were getting ready to swing by. We found Williams' office but he's either not top notch, or he is WAY above that. It's a dive. We've got a couple of guys heading to Castle Rock but I doubt he'd have anything at home. We're going to let him stew a while and then pump him for info. We're figuring he has a storage unit. We pulled the GPS and are checking into it. You still want us to scrap his ride?" I told them to do what they thought best.

"You know people in Boston?" They did. I proceeded to tell them about Gustav, as Chloe listened. Find out where William keeps his files and if you have to get nasty then do it. this is bigger then Gustav. Try and find where he lives and move him out, literally. Everything. Fake the paperwork and clean him out. I want him to feel desperation when he finds out." Everyone was quiet

"Are you sure Daniel," Bet said, as Chloe stared at me.

"These animals devastated women's and girls lives, and there is no telling how many were killed but it's obvious they were all brutalized. There is no of physical pain to make up for that, so we take away what they value most which is wealth, and the trappings of it. Talk about it and if you're not comfortable then I'll agree with you. We having beer out back."

"We'll talk jefe."

"What, Love?"

"We just don't want to get over our skies, but I think you right. Come out back and be with our family. They are starting to wonder if something is wrong." We walked out back.
take me part 178
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I was walking when the headache, hard. I could a humming sound and knew what it was and then I saw the guy Gustav was talking with. I walked inside and looked at Sam. " Javier and tell him i need them here now. Jake follow me." Goddammit, I knew I shouldn't have gone Alison's. Chloe was walking out. "Follow me. Watch Jake and Emily....neither of go outside. Understood?: They nodded. Unc, I need you know." I walked into the bedroom and opened the safe. I handed the .45, a box of ammo for it, one of .22, and a two vests as I grabbed my dad's gauge, a box of shells, and the .22 rifle and locked it. "You still any good at squirrel hunting Unc?" He nodded. I tossed the shotgun to and the box of shells and walked to the door.

"You hear that humming, and see that shimmering up there?" He nodded. "That's a drone. I want it on the ground. The vests are precautions, but wear them anyway. No one comes in here that we know," right Sam. He nodded. "I need to get Alison out of here just in case, but it won't take long and I'll be back. These are precautions, but I want that fucking drone down. Billy nodded. Ellen walked out, worried. "It'll be fine, Ellen. It's a precaution." I wished I believed that, and I needed to get back to the range.

"Alison, we're going, leave your stuff. They were waiting at your place and they used a drone to follow me. I'm not sure why. Javier, come in easy and spread out. I want to draw this asshole in and talk with him. I'll be back after I drop Alison off."

"Understood, homes."

"Wait, what? Drop me off."

"I need you trust me. Get on my back, wrapped your legs around me and squeeze, HARD, and grab on to. Don't let go, and try not to scream. It would be better if you didn't scream. I bolted for the fence and shifted as I jumped, ran to the ditch and jumped in. Alison, God Bless her, didn't scream but there was no way she falling off of me. Luckily this was a maintenance access road and the ditch was at least 6 feet deep, and over growing. I plowed through it on the way to Henry's. It didn't take long. I could smell Annie and slowed to a stop
as Annie jumped down and helped Alison off.

"We'll explain things inside, but you did great sweets. She lifted her up as Janes grabbed her and helped over the fence. She scratched my ears and hugged my neck. We'll take care of her. She turned to go and I nuzzled her between her legs and licked. She shrieked, and laughed, as she slapped me. "Later, mister. Now get back.". I turned and ran. I slowed, lowered my head and shifted. I was disoriented and looked around. My vision, nor hearing shifted back yet. I was still fully clothed, which was odd, I was thankful for expect I stunk to high heaven and knocked on the back door. Ellen, Emily, and Jake were staring at me because they saw shift as we left. Chloe told them that she would explain and locked the door as I headed out front.

Emily said, "Dad, you stink pretty bad," the other three nodded. I smiled as I walked into the shop.

'The drone's down and we have heard another. I the glasses in the bag and I've been looking but I think it just that one." They both looked at me with a disgusted look.

"It's complicated." I pushed out and saw where he was parked and called Javier.

"We see him. He's not going anywhere. He wasn't far so I jogged over and acted like has looking at a map.

"You lost?"

'I think I figured it out, but thanks." I saw his hand moving but I was faster. I had my knife on his carotid before he could blink. I reached under his shirt and got the Glock, stuck it inside my belt and checked the other, just ammo. I reached behind and took his back up. I pulled him back as Javier zip tied his wrists, ducked tape his mouth, and pushed him across the seat. I got in, started the car, was heading to the shop when Javier.

"You stink, homes. Bad!" I pulled the car between the truck and the wall and checked ankles. He was thorough. I grabbed everything out the glove box and the console and checked under the seat. Jesus Christ. I grabbed the .357, and the keys as Javier's guys pulled him, Patted him down and took everything else before zip tying his ankles and setting down. I threw the keys to Javier and he opened the truck as I was unloading the guns. He looked at me as I walked up. "Holy Fuck, Jefe, who are this people. the guns I grabbed in with all the others in the trunk.

"Have your guys check for a tracker, or something. I'm going to take a shower." They all said good at the same time. "Take him to the side yard so we can have a chat. Oh, and thanks. Grab a beer." Jesus Christ. This was going to be a shitty choice. I sure hoped I still had clothes here. Everyone was looking at me. "Shower." They all nodded. Luckily i did have clothes and Chloe followed me into the bathroom, which absolutely no one blinked at.

I got undressed and climbed into the shower. "Any idea how they knew to follow you, sweets?" I opened the as she cupped my balls. "As much as I love that, can it wait? She squeezed and let go. I don't think they did. I think they're desperate and walked onto the 3rd floor. I guess I'm not as good an actor as I thought, either that or they were just being thorough. Either way we have a bad, and really bad, choice to make. Can you check my back? She kissed it as she got the first aid kit out.

"Alison has a strong grip. It's already starting to heal. She put one her ointments on the wounds. I grabbed my clothes and put them in the wash with the towels and grabbed a beer. Everyone was looking at me as I put my boots back on.

"We'll explain later. Please don't come out. I walked out to the shop. "I'm sorry Sam. I know I keep saying that but we need to get started on the Andersen's order. Here's the height. He looked at it, and then at me. I nodded and told him to make it 6 inches longer. He nodded. Get Jake and Unc to help. I'll be in as soon as I can, but I need information. Sweets, please call Henry's and...."

"I already have, Love, and they're fine. Ali's a little freaked out." She smiled. I kissed her and walked out front.. Javier handed me the guys license, at least we had a name, if it was real. I was guessing it was.

"Can your guys track down his office, and home, and check them out. Take all the electronics, files, discs... everything. Get a box truck and have magnetic signs that are for a water damage company, or something like it so bringing out a lot of stuff won't seem odd. Javier stared at me, and shook his head.

I pulled up a stool and took a swig of beer. I had enough of these assholes and was about ready to end Gustav myself. "You are in a bit of a sticky wicket, as they say across the pond. So here's my dilemma, William. Is that your real name? " He nodded. So here's the deal, William. That fucking drone of yours, which was clever, as given me two options to deal with you know, but I have a question before I decide, and whether we believe your answer is going to determine our decision. Understood." He nodded. I could tell he was scared.

"Do we look like we're fucking around William?" He shook his no. "Good, just tell us the truth and we can figure something out. If any of us think you lying then these gentlemen are going to take you to an abandon mine we know, slit your throat, and drop your body down a shaft, understand?" He nodded. "Good." I ripped the tape off. "Why did you follow me?" He looked at all of us, scared. I would be too.

"Because you got off on the third floor and I and to be sure because it was a plausible story, but the guy I'm working for is even scarier than you." I told him that we were the ones who had him. He nodded.

"This is the big question, William. Did you tell anyone?" He looked at me. "You did, didn't you."

"No! I wanted to check you out. I've got enough grief. I didn't tell anyone."

"I understand about grief, William. I truly do. What do you guys think? They all went down the line saying he was lying while he was begging us that he wasn't. "Start cutting off digits...start with the toes, they're more sensitive. I'll get some more beer." Javier winked at me as he taped William's mouth again.

I didn't think he was lying but I wanted him as scared of us as he was of Gustav. The guys had clippers, which freaked me out, and were clipping by his ears as William screamed into the tape. I took his mask off, and ripped off the tape.

"I'm not lying. I'm not. I swear. I don't want anything to do with this. Please, dear God."

"You want some beer William?" He looked at me totally confused, but nodded. I lifted the bottle up to his lips and gave him a few swigs. "I'll find out if you are lying." I let him finish the bottle before I put the tape back on. "Take him to the mine and wait for my call, but don't hurt him." Javier had put something in his beer and William was starting to fade. Bet had pulled up and they unloaded the trunk. Part of his crew was already working on finding his office. The guys put him the trunk.

Take him some place safe around here and sit on him but make it uncomfortable. I want him to know that his actions have consequences, and that there are meaner dogs in the yard, and scrap the car." They nodded. Bet and Javier walked up, along with Sam.

"You are one scary motherfucker homes, without a doubt."

Bet kissed me and said, 'that's a fact Daniel. I'm glad you aren't mad at us." Sam smiled and walked back inside.

"Thanks for your help. Beer and food for everyone is on me, as I went and hugged the guys. I wanted that. 357 but I really don't like guns, and didn't want to go down that road. I walked back into the shop to help.
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take me part 177
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It was becoming easier to push but no less unpleasant, especially with
Gustav. He was livid, still, which was good. He was on the phone with
his investigator, who wasn't pleased least we had one thing in
common. I looked at him closely so I wouldn't forget his because I sure
I'd meet him some point.

"Find me this bitch, she's the link to Philip. If she knows
anything I'll get it of her and have fun trying. Do it." He called
someone in the EU... "I don't give a fuck what time it is. What do you
know? Silence. How can you know nothing? Find my fucking and
these pricks. Goddammit." I broke the link because he didn't know
anything yet, but he was pissed which made him a danger to Alison. I
wish they would have stayed away. I had a bad feeling about going to
her place but I'd rather go instead of Janey and her. These women were
going to drive me insane. I was walking back inside when Bet called.

"Hey sweets. Thank God you already have ." I hadn't taken Bet by
surprise, but I had now. She finally howled in laughter.

"Really. We've been in touch with the guys in the EU. They covered their tracks,
well, and are bouncing around waiting for new ID's and passports.
Their cautious but not worried. They didn't like any of these people,
and surprisingly there were women involved. They left a personal fuck
you to each of them. They maxed their cards, and lines of ,
even Gustav. It's going to get worse. They donated it all, via
deliveries to abuse shelters and charities that deal with sex
trafficking. You have any information?" That made , and I smiled as I told her about Gustav, and the investigator.

"Can you spare 1-2 guys to watch the shop, and Henry's. Once he
figures out the scope of what happened he's going to lose it and
Alison is the link he has. What a can of worms."

"I'll talk with Javier but we'll figure something . On a side note,
remember that line of we told you about that they we didn't know if
we could get. It came and our guys are bouncing it around in Bitcoin. What
do you want us to do with it?"

"Sit on it for now, that's the least of our worries. I'll be in touch
if I see anything else. Thanks.." I wasn't sure how I stumbled in with this
crazy but I was glad did. Chloe walked and hugged . "You
hear?" She nodded

"It's getting more dangerous, isn't it Daniel." I nodded. I need to
make a couple of stops for work, and then check Alison's place.
She told about a entrance in the back. Are Jake and Emily coming here
soon?" She nodded as they pulled up. I grabbed my backpack,
binoculars, my knives and went over how to get into the back of Ali's
building. I was figuring someone would be watching the front, but maybe not the back.
I'd find soon enough.

I called the that Heather had given told them that I had to
make a couple of stops but it shouldn't take too long. I headed to the funeral
home, pulled around back and walked in. I've delivered to all these
places, luckily the guy in there was the cool one. He nodded as we
shook hands and I told him what I needed. He looked at me, saddened.

"It's the worst when it's a . He went to get the paperwork
and I wrote down Ari's height. " glad you're making it. It
shouldn't come from here. You should have heard these greedy bastards
bitching after the parents told them and then said they didn't want any
their "optional services." I assume that's your doing." I nodded. Carl
smiled. I liked him. He was good worker and had compassion. Sadly. he
picked one of the worst places in Denver to work.

"I grabbed my wallet and got a and then a $50 and handed them to him."
Watch over her Carl. If you want a new a gig we're going to be hiring.
Stop by and talk with and Sam." He nodded but took the .

"I appreciate that Daniel but you don't have to to do the right thing."

"I know I don't Carl, which is why giving you this. You have a
girlfriend?" He nodded. "Take her for a nice meal and count your
blessings." He took it and nodded. "And stop by so we can . Sawdust
is way better than all this crap. Oh, we're having a July 4th party.
Bring your girlfriend, there's always tons of food. I headed to the

"I walked in because I knew most of these guys as well and they didn't
care where the casket came from so I didn't have beefs with them,
usually. The guy in charge recognized me. I introduced myself and told
him why I was there.

"A tree isn't a problem but we don't allow fruit trees because they
are too messy."

"Yeah, but it's not fruit bearing. It's ornamental like in DC and Japan.
They drop blossoms for a few weeks and that's it and your crew can just
blow them away. It's free and will be gorgeous as it gets bigger.
Waive your rules, please. They lost their and she loved
cherry trees. I'll get it planted and maintained if I have too, just
don't let your guys run over it." We both smiled.

"Bring in the info and the photo of it but it should be fine." I
nodded and shook his hand. Now I just needed to get the tree. I headed
to talk with nursery. I told them what I was looking, and why, they
all lowered heads and nodded, and that asap was better so it was in the
ground for the . They could plant it, and maintain it while got
established. I'd them because they know trees. I gave them my
and they said they'd be in touch soon. I headed to Alison's.

I decided against going in the back because they did have someone that door
and it would be suspicious if I walked carrying two bags. I stopped
before I drove in, and pushed, and there was someone in the parking lot
but it didn't feel like the guy talking with Gustav. I had the duffel
in my pack and called Sam as I walked in. I had my sunglasses on and I
had smeared mud on the plates earlier. I left the insurance and registration
in the truck because it didn't lead to the shop. I wasn't worried
about the plates because the truck was dirty but I'd know if someone

I got off on the third floor still talking with Sam like we were going
camping. There was a guy standing at the other end of the hall looking
at his phone., and then at me. I looked around, confused. "Jesus Christ. No, I got off
on the wrong floor I said shaking my head. That's what I get when
talking with you and numbers are involved." I went down to two and then
took the stairs to the lobby. I got in the truck still on the phone. I
watched to see if anyone followed , but they didn't. Thank God. I
drove around to be sure and then headed to storage for the wood, still checking
no one. When I got back to the shop I pushed to
Gustav again and he was drinking vodka, considering it wasn't noon, I
figured nothing had changed.
take me part 176
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Things were starting to spin faster than I could manage. I breathed as
I started the truck. I looked at Alison. "Mind if I make a stop?" She
smiled, shook her head, and took my hand as she closed her eyes
listening to Molly Tuttle. Thank the dear lords. We pulled into Home
Depot. I didn't need cherry wood but I wanted a cherry tree, and I was
hoping Heather was working. Alison was not gay, even though she loved
Janey with all of her heart. She had her arm entwined with mine, and
her head on my arm as we walked. She was taking full advantage. I
didn't mind. I liked Alison

We walked up to Heather as she turned, and recognized me. She looked
at Ali, and then at me. "Where's Sara? And how's the den?"

"Sara's working. This is Alison, my soon to be sister-in-law. The den
is great, and Bob loves it. We're having a 4th party and you're
invited. Bring whatever, but especially music." I was getting tired
of chit chat.

"OK then. I have your number and will call, or text because I love
parties. Hi Alison, I'm Heather. Alison hugged her. What can I do for

"I need a cherry tree, soon. Or, I need to know where I can find one,
soon." She looked at me.

"I don't have one, and I couldn't get it soon but give me a few
minutes," as she walked away.

'I like her, Daniel." I nodded and told her so does Sara. Heather
walked up and handed me slip of paper.

"I called them and they have various trees. They'll give you our rate.
I can tell it's important." I nodded. "They aren't too far, and know
you will be calling, that's their info. Have Sara, and the rugrats,
stop in sometime to say hi. I miss them." I looked at her, and
but said I would do it, and that we were looking forward to seeing her
on the the fourth. She smiled and nodded. Ali and I headed to the
shop as I called Sam.

'You have biscuits? I had to eat Wheaties, and almond milk?" Ali was
calling Janey, and laughing. I told him no but we'd stop.

"Do we enough cherry for the Andersen's?"

"Yeah, either here, or in storage. Is that the priority?"

"Yeah, the Andersen's chose cherry. Take a look there and I'll check
storage. Ali and I are heading back to Henry's. You better pray Maggie
doesn't show. I don't want her biting me again. We'll see you soon.

Ali and I walked into Henry's and Alison went into the kitchen as I
kissed Emily on the head.
"Are you OK? How's Annie?" I told her we were fine and that dragons
don't scare us. I was totally lying and everyone knew it. I needed to
talk with Annie, and Joseph about shifting because I had no clue how
to do it. It just happened and that was a problem. I had done a lot of
reading about indigenous people's around the world and they all
mentioned some type of shape shifting, mainly related to the Shamans,
but I thought they were stories, or legends. I was rethinking that.

Chloe walked up and hugged me. I'm glad you're back. I'm coming with
you to the shop. I've already talked to Sara and Annie and they'll be
listening but we need to talk. I nodded. She kissed all of us and went
to hug Annie and Sara goodbye. Janey was in the back helping Henry,
and I'm sure he loved it. I walked in as Janey smiled at me. She was
giddy. I smiled and shook my head. Holy crap, I sure could get myself
into a mess.

"You know if Maggie finds out that it's going to be your head on the
block and that bear trick won't help." I nodded, and gulped.

"I should be able to fix the screen door today, assuming I find the
screen I have." He nodded. "Thanks Henry. I kissed Janes as Chloe
walked in to kiss Henry and Janey goodbye.

"I'm going to the shop for a while. Sara will call me if it gets
nuts." They both nodded as the three of head to the truck. Jake and
Emily were waiting to follow us, Alison climbed in the back. I looked
at her in the mirror as she smiled.

"I have to do a few things and I'll get your stuff then. Thanks for
not pushing that. I'm sure you miss your space." She nodded. We pulled
into the shop and Alison, Jake and Emily went inside. I was sure Sam
had been salivating for minutes in anticipation. He was a marvel.
Chloe took my hand and kissed it as she slid over and put her head
against my arm.

"You and Annie scared us mister." I nodded. "Marnine won't stop sweets
and we can't do what you can. How can you do that, Daniel? I can see
Annie being able to given her line but I never expected that you

"I have no idea Chloe. I think it was because Marnine shifted. I was
hoping Annie could fill in some blanks. I also need to talk with
Joseph. I'm kinda in over my head with all of this. I'm sorry about
Annie. It wasn't my intention. I thought biting her would diffuse the
tension that was building."

"It did that, love," she said smiling, "but now you have 3 wives.
Don't apologize for things you can't control Daniel. Apologize when
you fuck up and are acting like a jerk. I've known Annie for a very
long time. We're sisters but I had no clue about their laws, just that
they were different from ours. I'm overly protective of you, and if I
had my choice it would just be you and me. It's not that I don't love
Sara, and love us as a family, because I do, but she's young, and
Sara. She loves us, and the babies are an additional bond."

"I never thought I would feel like I do with you, Daniel, not again. I
thought that I would be bonded with a mate, and that's it, but when my
ex left that fell apart.I figured I wouldn't have that ever again, but
I was wrong. I have you and if I have to share you then I can do that
because you have more than enough love to offer. Sara is easy, and I'm
still amazed at how easily she and I shifted into being lovers, maybe
it's because we aren't blood related. It doesn't really matter to
either of us."

"As far as Janes and Ali goes, it's obvious that they love each other
and I expected they would want a baby. It's a little strange, but what
isn't strange in this family. David is going to have a cow but Henry
will probably just nod. Everything I thought I knew is getting spun on
it's head. We just have to get through this thing Gustav and Marnine,
and I have to figure out exactly what it means that I'm having a girl.
I don't even know what to do with that."

"Annie is more complicated," I could feel everyone move closer. "It's
not like Janey and Alison. You're mated to her, but your also mated to
me and Sara and I have no fucking clue about any of it. We all have to
talk because none of us know much about her clan. Since you didn't
know there is likely some way out of it, if you wanted, but my gut
tells me that would be a huge a mistake, even though I'm not exactly
sure why."

"I don't want out Chloe. I am clear on that. I don't understand why
either, but it's important. It's got nothing to with sex, even though
that's a nice perk, and it's not about having multiple women. Holy
crap." they all laughed because none of them were easy. "As odd as it
sounds, you're my family and you bring me solace. You're my greatest
joy and Annie is a part of that. The alliance is a consideration but
I'd rather have them on our side, than against us. We'll figure
things. I'll try and connect with Ella and Joseph later and hopefully
get some answers, but I need to connect with Gustav. We'll work this
out love."

"I know sweets, at least I love both of them. Who knew we were
Mormon." She smiled and kissed me as she got out the truck. I pushed
toward Gustav.
take me part 175
Posted:Jul 21, 2021 7:42 pm
Last Updated:Jul 22, 2021 8:20 am

Goddammit!!!!!!!! I grabbed my tool bag and threw to the ground. Fuck!!! And that is when the phone rang, it was Bet and Javier.


"You OK, love?"

"Not so much Bet, what's up?"

"Well love, it's about to get worse." SHIT!!!!! "Javier just spoke with the guys in the EU. The amount they were able to access was nine figures Daniel. They are shitting pickles because that kind of money doesn't happen by accident, and it's now gone. They're good at what they do, and have shut down, EVERYTHING, and have gone dark. The funds are bouncing around but with that much money involved it's not just Gustav." I was quiet, thinking. "We're starting to think he isn't the top dog.

"Any other good news?" She chuckled.

"I didn't know you had a pelt."

"Fuck you Bet." She laughed as I hung up, at least we were good.

I walked back inside and saw Ali and told we needed to talk. I dropped my bag and waited as all of them came out, looking at me. "You can't go to your place, Alison. I know why you want to, but it's too dangerous. I just talked with Bet and Javier and this is worse than we thought, but it's done and Gustav is just a cog, but a VERY pissed off cog, and he has your info. Nothing at you place is worth the risk to you, or to my family, period. Understood?" She nodded.

I looked at Annie, and then at Chloe and Sara because I might as well deal with all of it. "Are we married?" I took her off guard, which was surprising, but she nodded.

"Yes, Daniel. The only one who bites me is my mate. My clan follows the old ways. I didn't expect you to bite me, but I didn't stop you." Everyone was deathly quiet.

"Ella said that since I was still alive, that we were married." Annie smiled.

"That's another way to put it."

"Can I be married to someone else, within your beliefs?" I had no idea what I was even asking because I didn't know what her line really was. Annie looked at Chloe, Sara, and Janey, and then at me. "I have a lot going on right now, and I am trying to take balls out of play but I need information. Annie walked up and kissed me.

"We're pagans Daniel, sex is not an issue, but there are considerations, and alliances, that my clan will insist upon, the first being that I have a , a girl, to continue the line. The rest are details that can be worked out. We don't need a piece of paper, even though it's important in modern times." I exhaled and wished I had another cup. "You, me, Chloe, and Sara will need to talk since we are now family, and it's beneficial for us to do so, especially with Marnine." We all nodded.

Might as well get this all done because everyone would know anyway, which I still hated.
I looked at Chloe and Sara, who were both like deer in headlights, and staring at me. "I can only marry one of you, legally. We can all have a marriage ceremony, but I have to marry one of you because that person will be in charge if I am incapacitated." Sara started crying as Janey and Alison hugged her. "I'm sorry, but I can't choose between you, even though it needs to be done. I am not that strong, but Charles and Bethany said I needed to because of the business." Annie was watching us because our worlds were different, even though she lived in modern times with us.

Chloe said, "Anything else, Love?"

"Marnine will be back. I expect her to be focused on either me, or Annie, so we stay connected." I looked at Alison as she nodded. "I'm sorry to dump this but we need to deal with it. We have talking to do. Now get out of here so I can get this door off and take it back it the shop." At least things were in the open. I could feel everyone, which was cool, but also a pain. Chloe, Sara, and Annie stayed. They looked at me, waiting. "What?" Chloe spoke.

"What do you want Daniel?" Shit and fucking Christ almighty. They just kept looking at me and I knew they wouldn't leave, none of them. I took a deep breath.

"I want what Sara wants," which shocked her, and all of them. "I want a home large enough to hold all of us.I want to marry each of you, but I have to choose one, which isn't fair, but necessary. If you make me choose then I choose Chloe. I want our lives to get back to normal. I want a lot of things, but life doesn't care about wants, loves."

"Annie, I need to learn about your clan, it's traditions and laws, and marriage ceremonies." She smiled. I looked at Chloe and Sara. "We need to do the same as well." They all looked at me. "Too much information?" They nodded as they walked back inside, chatting. Finally, I could get this fucking door off, and that is when Janey and Alison walked out. Jesus fucking Christ!

I knew what was coming and marveled at the fact none of them seemed to grasp that there were other, really pressing matters, for us to deal with. I admit it, I was thinking about weddings, and where to have them, and babies and how that was going to work, but that Annie and I had just fought a dragon...a fucking dragon. In all fairness to dragons, Marnine was pretty inept, but she was still a dragon.

"Daniel. Alison and I would like to ask you something." I really wanted to get this fucking door off it's hinges. It was like a tooth hanging by a root. "We've been talking and we're getting married." I smiled, and said that's wonderful, and waited. "Thanks, but...umm. Well..."

"Can you wait until later in the year? We have a few other things going on at the moment." They looked at each other confused but the rest of them weren't.


"You want a baby, right?" They looked at each other, still confused, and both nodded. "Why not, everyone else is getting one, but can it wait until some of this calms down." They were still stunned, and looking at me, when Sara walked out smiling.

"You ought to be ashamed of yourself mister, as she winked. Come on loves, let's go inside and figure out dates, because as annoying as he is, he's right that there is a lot going on and spacing these things out seems wise. What do you think?" They nodded as they walked backed inside

I took my drill out to get the hinge off, when the phone rang. Holy fucking crap. It was Peggy, so that shifted me in an instant. "Hi Peggy."

"Hi Daniel, I was going to leave you a message because it's so early. I'm glad you're awake, and I hope I didn't disturb you." I told her I didn't sleep much. "Us either, but I wanted to let you know that we want you to make our 's casket. I've emailed you the date of the service. If you need any other information then call me. We'd like to stop by and look at it it in progress, if that's still OK. Email the bill and I'll send you a check."

"Peggy, you and Jason can come by anytime you want. just give me a call." She was quiet.

"Thank you Daniel." She hung up. We almost always had family show up to see their loved ones' casket being built. I totally understood it, as strange as it might seem. It gave them a way to be close to the person they loss. It was harder with , but was usually the same, at least with one parent. Sadly, they were the couples that didn't usually make it.

I quickly took the screen door off, before any more interruptions, and walked it back to the truck, with my tool bag. The early morning regulars were coming in. I went into the kitchen and got the key to the truck from Jake. " Grab your mom's key from Annie." He looked at me, confused. We only have so many cars Jake. I walked this morning." He smiled.

"Dad, I need to ask you something." Crap! I told him sure. "Emily and I would to take a road trip, and go camping before main school starts. Em has four more weeks and then it's senior year." I could feel everyone, including Christine not breathing. I was about to say, 'Sure,' when I was silent. Looking at him, as fatherly as I could. My dad use to be silent and I always spilled my guts, so I figured I try that because being a father was new to me.


"Yeah kiddo. We'll have to talk with your moms."

"We know, but if it's just about sex we wouldn't have to go anywhere, Pop." He had a point. "We aren't dating anyone else, and don't want to, we just like each other and it's been hard with Covid. We just want get into the mountains and hike, and fly fish, before school starts. Can you talk to our moms for us?" I wanted to cry, but didn't. I nodded and said yes. He smiled as he ran outside to call Em. He had an equally oversized view of my capabilities as Sara, who was smiling, and nodding.

Janey and Alison walked up, again....Jesus Christ it wasn't even seven am. Alison spoke, which was interesting. "We've talked and I won't go back to my place in case someone is watching. I can tell you how to get in and give you a list, even though it's a little embarrassing." I smiled and kissed her.

"Sweets, you need to get over that quick with this family." Janey smiled because it was true. I wouldn't want to be in any other family, but they were a royal pain in the ass. She handed me a list. I nodded. I'd at least know if someone was following me, and could deal with it.

"Good, and as far a baby goes. We have talked about it because we are getting married. It's such a done deal, but we both want a baby. I have a good job, with great benefits, and Janes has the restaurant, and all of you, so it's not like there won't be people around. We don't want to wait too long in case it takes time. Neither of us want a test tube, Daniel." I could feel everyone waiting for me.

"We've talked with Sara, and Chloe...and Annie. They are OK with it." I knew that, and I didn't mind giving them a baby because I figured they would ask sooner, or later, and we're family. The timing was my issue. I have plenty of love to share, and we're a pack, at heart. We're all going to be climbing over each other, and sharing rugrats anyway. We might as well make them the same age. I doubted it would stop. There really was a lot going on and Annie was kinda on the clock. I didn't need this, but I had it.

"Loves, I'm fine with it if you want me as the father, but I'm going to be the father. Period!" They nodded. We should all talk about it over Prosecco, while we can." They both jumped at me, nibbling. I was taking Alison back to the shop so she could work with some quiet, hopefully.

I started this getting a blowjob, under a table, by Alison and now I was going to be the father of her . I told Jake that I would be his Dad, because his left, and then told Emily the same thing. I expected Jake and Emily. I welcomed them, and I knew that Sara and i would eventually get pregnant. I didn't expect Chloe getting preggers within weeks of her sister, and I certainly didn't expect Annie..... to be honest, Janey and Alison wasn't all that surprising, but still. They kissed me and walked back inside.

SHIT! I wasn't sad because I adored both Janes and Ali, and they were all family, but Chloe and Sara were plenty and then things just spiraled out of my control... to be honest, I am kinda OK about Annie, and at that point then why not Janey and Alison. I was glad it wasn't both of them. Bethany and Beth were going to hit me, hard....many times. I needed to heal first. Ali walked up and kissed my cheek as we waved and drove to the shop.
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take me part 174
Posted:Jul 21, 2021 3:27 pm
Last Updated:Jul 22, 2021 8:21 am

Fighting Marnine unexpectedly, and dealing with Annie, which was getting increasingly more difficult, and totally different than my experience with Bet, was clouding things that needed to be clear. Holy crap, I didn't even know what car I was driving, or even what I needed to do except fix the screen door, but I had no idea where my tools were. FUCK!!!!!!!!!

I told Henry I'd start chopping but needed some coffee. I poured a cup and walked out back which was easier with the screen door barely hanging on it's hinges. I knew I wouldn't see Marnine for a while, which I thought was a good thing, but who knew. I certainly didn't. What I did know was I/we needed to figure this out with Annie. I couldn't have this intensity and deal with Gustav, and Marnine when she came back at us, which she would, with a vengeance. I felt like screaming into the night, and that is when Chloe put her hand on my back and gently bit my neck. I felt like crying, the release of energy was so intense. She let go and grabbed my cup, drank the rest of my coffee, and smiled before kissing me.

"You plan on doing that again mister." I looked at her because I really didn't know what to say.

"No, but I'll have to because Marnine won't stop and she's not going anywhere, not without a fight. It's not a fight I want but one that I have, for whatever reason. Yesterday surprised the hell out of me. I've always known that I had that part within me, but I never dreamed it could manifest. Thanks for fixing us up." Chloe grabbed my face and looked me before kissing me.

"Daniel, you have to let go. You are trying to carry too much. You need to let u...."

"WHAT am I suppose to let go of, Love? What? You and Sara are pregnant, and there's Jake and Emily. Melissa and her are taken care of but I haven't even thought about Charlie and her brother. I went to them for a reason. My uncle wants Jake to go Ga. Tech, which would be great for him if he wants to be an Engineer, but then there's Emily. I have bitten three women, none of which were you or Sara. Bet and Javier are kinda OK, and we still have to finalize the partnership, agree about you, me and Sara. Janey and Alison want baby, even though they aren't saying anything, as does Annie, which isn't a secret...and oh yeah, I might be married to her.... and I have to decide whether I marry you, or Sara. And I need to find a fucking cherry tree for the Andersen's."

I growled, and threw the cup against the wall as I felt myself beginning to shift. Chloe was stepping back, not afraid but unsure what would happen as Annie ran out the door, followed by Sara. Annie pounced on my back and bit my shoulder until I went on one knee. She let go and got up, looked at Chloe and Sara and walked back inside. I walked up to both of them and kissed them. They were as off balance as I was.

"We have a lot to talk about. What car can I use?" They both looked me and burst out laughing which made me smile because it did sound pretty dumb. I needed to figure out the van situation for the shop so I had my tools and wasn't playing leap frog with vehicles. Janey and Alison pulled up, with Jake, which was good because I could take the door back to the shop and fix it. I hugged all of them and told Jake he needed to chop veg. He nodded.

"Are you and Annie OK dad?" I looked at him, wishing he didn't know these things. Emily would be even more worried.

"We're fine Jake, but thanks. You don't need to worry about us. OK?" He nodded and hugged Chloe, Sara, and Annie. Janey walked up and kissed me

"You good, love?"

"More, or less. What's up?"

"Alison wants to go to her place so she can get some things, and I think to just be there. It is her home, Daniel" I stared at her. "I know, sweets, I tried talking her out of it but it's not like she's the only stubborn one in the bunch." I couldn't argue with that. "Besides, you'll be there. Yesterday was pretty impressive and you see things." I continued staring at her.

"Can't I just get what she needs in case someone is watching. Gustav is looking for her with a hard-on, pardon my French."

"She wants to be in her home Daniel. It's not logical. It's emotional." I nodded. "You can take care of her. You've taken care of everything else and kept us safe. You'll know if someone is there, love." I stared at her.

"I didn't know that either Annie, or Bet, would bite me, or I, them. I didn't know that by biting Annie that I likely married her. I didn't know that Marnine would turn into a fucking a dragon, or me into a bear, and Annie into a lion. I didn't know ANY of those things. Do have any idea how long it's been since I have dealt with a dragon? Do you?" She shook her head.
"A LONG fucking time, and they stink! Janes, what I know is dwarfed by immensity of what I don't, especially with you lot." It was Janey's turn to stare at me.

"Well, there are those few considerations to deal with, but she'll go with, or without you." I stared at her in amazement, and NO one else bothered to come out. I held up my index finger, walked back inside, grabbed a cup, walked back outside and threw it against the building.

"Fine." I walked back inside. "I owe you for two cups Henry, deduct it from my pay."I could him smile as he held his spatula up as I went out front for my tool bag
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take me part 173
Posted:Jul 21, 2021 1:02 pm
Last Updated:Jul 21, 2021 1:48 pm

I started waking up, unsure of were I was, or how I got there, but I could feel Annie gently breathing next to me. I opened my eyes and looked around. It was dark but I was getting better at seeing in the dark, scary better, which I would take. We were at Sara's but Chloe and Sara weren't in the house, anywhere, or Jake. I pushed and knew they were at Henry's. I wasn't sure how I got here, but I was never sure how I got where I got while I was unconscious. I just accepted it. I wanted to make love with Annie, but couldn't without talking with Chloe and Sara first because it would change things in complicating ways. She was sleeping soundly, and healing because Marnine clawed her badly, but not as bad as we did her.

Seeing Marnine shift in front of us was a shock, and I was glad that her arrogance was greater than her power, otherwise it would have been much worse for us. I kissed Annie's back, and lifted the blanket to look at her butt, as I gently rolled out of bed. I could feel Chloe and Sara laugh. I grabbed clothes, boots and phone and went in to pee and brush. I looked in the mirror and I seemed to be bruised everywhere, and felt it. I had bandages on my chest and shoulder and could feel at least one on my back, and one on my hip. I didn't remember any of that but I was lucky we healed quickly. I checked on Annie, wrote her a note and looked outside. Chloe left her car. I walked back into the kitchen and left the key for Annie. If I felt like this, I figured she would feel worse. I locked up and started walking. It was only a few miles to Henry's and it was a nice morning, and I needed to check on Gustav because I had lost a day dealing with Marnine.

Gustav was passed out, alone, but I could still feel his rage and frustration as no one had given him information. I pushed toward my friend in the FBI, Deat, to see if I could gain access. His name has so many letters, and all us of mangled it anyway, we combined a few and everyone called him as Deat. It was much easier, but I couldn't see anything. I could feel Annie wake up and moan in frustration when she realized I wasn't there. I knew the feeling but also knew this would be a huge complication. Chloe and Sara were sisters, even though they headed their own lines. Annie was different. She headed a clan. I suppose Chloe and Sara did as well but they were unaware it. Annie wasn't, and it was totally different than what I knew. I needed to talk with Maggie and Joseph. I was halfway to Henry's when Annie drove up.

"Want a ride mister?" I was going to say something glib, and risk getting punched, but I was pretty sore and Jesus Christ I wanted nothing more than to hold her, even if was her hand, and everyone knew it. I got in and kissed her. "You didn't wake me."

"I was tempted but you were snoring so peacefully that I just couldn't." She glared at me.

"I don't snore!" I started to say something and she pointed her finger at me..... "I don't snore, mister. Understood." I could feel Chloe and Sara smiling. I nodded as I kissed her hand. "Good," but she did grin. We walked in the back door. Annie went in as I was looking at the mangled screen as Henry was walking up.

"You need a new screen door Henry."

"Good thing you're a carpenter." He walked past as deadpan as could be. "Have a nice vacation? Those onions are chopping themselves."
take me part 172
Posted:Jul 20, 2021 10:17 pm
Last Updated:Jul 24, 2021 3:54 pm

Gustav was angry, and unhinged, and he wanted to hurt someone. He called the woman who supplied him with girls, but she had her own problems and didn't respond, which enraged him. He called his investigator, as I growled.

"Find my this bitch. Period!" He hung up and it was clear the outcome if he didn't. Why he didn't just leave, I didn't know. Why I didn't just kill him, I don't know either. I stood up and shook my head. No one came out because it was happening to often. It was like seeing Bob walk in.

"You OK?" I nodded. He grabbed a small cooler, and put 4 beers in it, as we walked to his truc He put the gate down and we sat. It was a fucking brutal day and it wasn't over. "Your Unc dredge up old shit?" We looked at each other. Sam new me better than anyone, except maybe Bethany. I took a swig.

"He's trying Sam. He sees my dad in Jake, and I'm not getting involved like my dad did. I've lost enough, and I have a new family I have to take care. Jake and Em can take care of themselves when it comes to college. He actually could teach Jake WAY more than he would learn in school, but I'm not getting involved." I could feel Chloe, Sara, and Janey watching me. I took another swig as Emily and Jake walked up and sat in between us. We kissed both of them. Sam handed Jake a beer as Emily leaned into me. Jake took a drink and handed it too Em who sat up and looked me. She didn't say anything but she smiled. She took a swing and I said,

"Tell us about the fence, and gate, Jake....and Buster, which he did. She was amazing like Sara. Jake told us about everything. Billy and Ellen came out with more beer for the cooler. Sam and went and got some chairs and we sat in them as Billy, Ellen, Jake, and Emily laughed over the antics of Buster. Unc looked at me and I smiled. He nodded and it was done... at least that was getting easier. Things were merging together, rapidly.

Bet and Javier were on the phones trying to get info when there was no info to get. They finally came out, which was hard, but we needed to deal with it. Bet did the exact last thing I expected. She walked up to me, sat on my lap, kissed my cheek, and took my beer, and then downed it. Everyone was stunned. She burped, and chuckled. I wasn't exactly sure how many clans there were, and was aligned with whom, but i did know that we has all of them on their heels.

"What is it with all of you and my beer?" She smiled, kissed my cheek, and grabbed the beer that Sam was handing me before going to Javier. She smiled at me and I knew we were bac I wasn't sure why, but things were moving quickly. Unc went in and put R.E.M on, and cranked it. I could feel everything pushing in on me, but I held off as long as I could. I excused myself and walked out bac Bethany and Christine were almost there, but my girls were stuck because Issa was about to go into labor. I jumped the fence and walked east, into the night.

I could feel Annie run outside and jump over the fence and run toward me. I thought about running too, but I was tired. I pushed to Chloe and Sara, which meant I pushed to everyone, and told them it was fine. I was away from the noise, and heading East, when Annie trotted up and took my hand.

"Nice evening for a walk mister," as she kissed my hand. We could feel everyone watching us because of what happened earlier. All of them were chattering like school girls, while Annie and I walked in silence, enjoying the evening together, with everyone else. I wasn't even sure how far we walked, but it was getting dar It didn't matter to me, and I was sure it didn't matter to Annie. We turned and started walking back when I stopped, and looked around, unsure.

'What, love?' I pushed, but there was nothing. Annie smiled and put her head on my arm as we heard the screech. I pushed Annie away from me, which meant she landed 60 yards away from me as Manine ran at me. Annie was running at me too, but I had enough time Marnine, when she showed me who she was. Annie skidded to a stop, as did I realized why everyone was so scared of her. I could her Chloe, Sara, and Janey screaming at us. I growled and pounced as I shifted, Annie did the same, and we charged at Marnine, which took her abac Chloe and Sara pushed the screen door off it's hinges, and ran toward us.

Marnine was confused because this had never happened, and she never expected it too. Annie and I were inside of her before she could react. Marnine's arrogance bested her because she was not old enough to embody a dragon, as she wanted in her mind. She was formidable but not for both Annie and I who were linked, and were old.

Annie ran at her and shifted into a lioness. Marnine was focused on Annie because of her hatred for her. She swung her tail but she was too young. Annie leaped over it and clawed into her belly, as she bit down. Chloe and Sara were running at us, screaming.

I had already shifted like I felt in my dream. The bear was out, and launched at Marnine's throat. She turned the instant before I would have ripped her throat out. I grabbed her neck as Marnine hit me. I spun around but didn't let go until I dug into her back and bit her at the base of her nec Marnine howled and shoo I flew two hundred yards before I rolled and ran bac

Annie screeched, as did both Chloe and Sara. She bite harder, and ripped a large piece of Marnine off as she climbed to her throat, because that was where she was vulnerable. Annie ripped into her belly as she climbed and Marnine howled, I pounced and slit her lower belly. It distracted Marnine enough as she tried hit me with her tail. Annie and I leaped at the same moment. Marnine, moved enough that neither of us were able to end her, and we knew it. Annie ripped off her side, and I ripped off mine as Marnine shrieked, and disappeared. We both jumped away, waiting, as Chloe and Sara ran up. Janey and Henry were watching Alison.

Neither Annie, nor I, had shifted. She was hurt and I was licking her wound as Chloe ran up to us. Annie growled, and crouched. I growled, grabbed her by the back of the neck, and shook, before putting her down. Annie crouched, and growled while looking at me. I ignored it and walked up to her, and nuzzled her. She looked at me, and then at Chloe, and walked to her then lied down. I was hurt too, but not as bad. I sniffed Sara and ran on patrol. I remember them finding me around dawn as I was heading home.

Sara found me first, and then Chloe and Annie showed up. "You sure scared us mister," as she helped carry me. "You know that we're having babies, right?" I looked at her and smiled. She bit my cheek as she helped carry me home. "You going to tell us how you turn into.... Him? I looked at her and passed out. Joseph walked up, and squatted down. I guess the word had spread that I would be on the ground.

"Hi Daniel." I looked at him because I couldn't speak, which he knew. "So you and Annie have stirred up the hornets' nest. It wasn't your fault, but you both have thrown EVERYONE into a tizzy. You hurt Marnine, but not quite, and she's pissed. You didn't have enough to deal with it. She'll be bac" I didn't let this be heard, but I already knew that. She was livid because of Annie. Marnine thought I was hers.

Annie scrambled her noodle.Things weren't done, by a long shot, but i was still walking. I opened my eyes as Annie and Chloe joined Sara. They were talking, and they never seemed to be concerned when I was unconscious.

"Why aren't any of you worried when I am unconscious?" Sara smiled and leaned in...

"That's an easy one, mister. You have the hardest head we have ever seen. Annie is fine, love. We are taking care of her. You were both pretty impressive. Go back to sleep, sweets. We are all fine." I faded away as I knew what to do.
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take me part 171
Posted:Jul 20, 2021 7:22 pm
Last Updated:Jul 21, 2021 3:28 pm

I was thinking that I didn't need this as i walked to the shop. Sam and Javier looked at me. Great. I looked at my watch. Fuck, I had too much to do. I walked up to Javier and Sam and I didn't need words, mostly. "Can we talk?" Javier nodded. We walked to the corner and down the street.

"This is not what I wanted, homes. I thought I was solving a problem, and I created three new ones." Javier smiled, and nodded. "I love Bet, you and the . I didn't expect her asking me to bite her, at all and something took over, and here I am....still confused, but even more so."

"Get use to it Daniel. You don't take the easy path jefe, I'll give you that. We know what happened, and why. I know, homes. We're good, brother. We have too much to deal with, and we need to focus on that, but it would be better if you gave Bet time to deal with what she's dealing with. It's unpleasant for her." I looked at him, and nodded, as we walked. We'll all deal, brother, we have to. These women aren't easy, and you are going to find that out in a hurry.

We walked back to the shop and both Bet and Maggie were still talking, and Ellen. I know what Javier said but I walked up to them anyway, and he didn't try to stop me. I looked at Bet, without saying a word....we didn't need to.... and stuck my right hand out with the fingers up. She smiled and did the same as we touched fingertips and looked at each other. We did this after she beat me at everything. It was our way of saying that we were one, connected. I hadn't known them all that long, this time, but we all knew each other. Bet understood and smiled as I walked away. It was unnerving how everyone was so connected, and no one seemed to mind, except me. I could feel... everyone, except Marnine.

Javier and I walked back inside. I hugged him as he walked back to Bet. I asked Sam if he was OK, and he nodded. I went out back to see Emily, who was doing what she needed to. She looked up and smiled. I hugged and kissed her. She was my without a doubt, and she loved it.

"You want to go to Home Depot?" She smiled and nodded.

"Give me fifteen minutes, and dad, Ella is right. You are over your skis." She went back to what she was doing like that was normal. I walked out back completely off kilter and called Ben. Holy crap!

"Hey Ben, where are you?" I nodded. He was at Janey's finishing up. "I'm on my way." Bob was walking in, slowly, and looked at me as he walked into his den. I knew exactly how he felt. I went into the kitchen and grabbed a chicken breast and walked outside with Emily following. I had never fed Bob, but I had known him the longest. I walked up to the entrance, and knew he wouldn't bolt because he knew our scents, and he belonged here, as odd as it was to him, and us. We were family. I set the breast on the ground outside the opening of his den, and walked away. I knew he would come out which is why I walked away. Emily stayed and filmed Bob coming outside and looking at me before he picked up the chicken and went back inside. I was tired.

Em finished what she was doing. I got the keys from Ellen because we were playing musical cars. She looked at me, smiled, and kissed me on the lips. "You're doing fine, love, just pay attention. I nodded. I wanted to have lunch with my family but that wasn't in the cards. I grabbed a box with four slices and Emily and I drove to Janey's. I was tickled by that because Emily and I were rarely alone. I needed to get the obvious out of the way.

"So, you know Ella, and I assume Claire?"

"I look young, Dad, and I am because I don't have a clue how to be in this place, but we aren't young. I know it seems odd to you, but we cluster. We always have, since the beginning, because it kept us safe. I don't understand it, but we find each other. How the males do, I have no idea, but they do, or they are first born like Jake. She smiled and knew everything I was thinking.

We pulled up to Janey's home as Ben was walking to his truck. We waved. as he smiled because he saw the pizza box, and the beers that I brought. "Is some of that for me?" I nodded. He dropped the gate and jumped up as Em and I walked up. Em handed him the box as I opened the beer. I handed mine to her as she smiled and took a swig. We all enjoyed some down time.

Janey's house was kinda like Chloe's in that it was older but a very well made craftsman because of the neighborhood. Henry and Ella did well by their . I hadn't seen David and Issa's home, yet, but I suspected we would...soon, because Isabella was about to pop. Emily loved it when I gave her my beer even though her moms weren't so keen, but neither Em, not Jake, were into partying. They were both focused, individually, and together. I was amazed they found each other so early.

The house was a single story, which I couldn't wait to walk through, and had a HUGE lot with large elm trees, that avoided the disease for some reason. All these houses had detached garages that would barely fit a modern SUV. I LOVED them, but younger people weren't all that interested. Ben finished his pizza, and beer, and we walked around.

Emily was very interested in everything. She could hang with Unc, Sam, Ben and be focused, and then spend time with Ellen, or Maggie, and be equally rapt. She hadn't spent time with Bet, but I knew she would, and she would spend time with me as well. Ben and I locked up. he handed me the keys to both Chloe's, and Janey's, along with the final bill. I wrote him a check. It might have been overkill, but given how things were going i thought maybe it was money well spent.

Ben thanked me and said they were looking forward to the fourth. Em and I both nodded as he drove off. I hugged my as we walked to the car when the headache hit, bad, and I dropped to my knees. Em had seen this before, so she didn't freak, but she called Chloe as I went away.

Gustav was frantic, screaming, throwing things...and drinking a lot of Vodka. No one he called had answers, which was good. My concern was that he's a sadist and the only way he diffuses is by inflicting pain, and he had info on Alison. I was hoping his problems would be his main focus. They weren't and I would have to deal with them, along with Marnine.

"Dad, are you OK?" I looked at her, confused. " I mean in general, but mainly because of today. It wasn't the best day." I looked at her, and smiled, as did everyone else who could hear.

"It wasn't a great day, sweets; that's a fact, but life works like that kiddo. We get what we get, and then we deal as best we can. I'm fine Love, so don't worry about me. Help me up."

Emily smiled and jumped on me, biting my shoulder. I could see Christine, and she was smiling. I hated the way I had to piece things together, but you work with you got. I would probably be going through the same thing if Chloe had a girl, instead of Jake. Emily didn't have a father and I was beginning to see how important that was, and that is when Annie burst into my consciousness, and knocked me on my ass. I could also feel everyone else. Jesus, I should sell popcorn.

Em let go and licked the blood off her lips as she smiled, and kissed my cheek. She looked at me and no words were needed because we were both old souls. She took my hand and lifted help lift me up and we walked to the car.

We got back to the shop as Jake and Billy were getting out of the truck to unload. Emily opened the door and jumped out before I could stop, and was running at Jake. She jumped on him and bit his shoulder, not as hard as she bit me, but hard enough that he didn't know what to make of it. I knew we would be having a talk. They ran into the back as I walked up to Unc.

"Things seem to be spinning pretty fast." I nodded. "The fence is fine, and the gate works great. Buster is one happy camper. I left two screw guns with Jen. She said they'd bring them over." I smiled, and nodded. "Jake and i talked. He loves wood, because that is what his dad does, even though you were better with metal than you thought you were, Daniel." I was quiet, because he was right, but I didn't need that now. EVERYONE, was listening.

"I didn't say anything but I think Jake takes after your dad. I know there is a lot of water there for all of us, but if Jake wants to study engineering, I can get him into Ga. Tech. and give him an apprenticeship. I'll teach him everything I know. CU is great, but Tech, is Tech." I could feel the rivalry starting again, and I wasn't going there again. It'd taken ten years for us to meet and I wasn't putting my through that, period. I could feel Emily, who shouldn't be dealing with this shit because Jake was thinking about dinner as he scrounged for cold pizza.

"It's not my call, Unc, but I appreciate the offer. The rivalry between you and my dad has nothing to with me, and won't affect Jake, period. I would love for him to apprentice with you because he could learn more than he could in his classes, but we stay out of it, period." It wasn't a suggestion. Billy looked at me, and walked off as I started to unload the truck. Sam walked up and helped.

"Not the best day, but not a terrible day." He looked at me as we laughed because it was a pretty fucking bad day. "Well, it can't get any worse." I stared at him as we howled, and went to have beer, and that is when Gustav decided to show up, and I dropped, again
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