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take me part 595...edited?
Posted:Jan 24, 2022 5:11 pm
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2022 12:23 am

I walked out of the woods as Jake and Emily walked out of the barn and we stared each other for half a second before Em bolted toward me and launched. She bite my neck muscle, looked up , smiled and said, "hi." I laughed because what other response was . I put her down as Jake walked up and hugged me.

"What, no running?" He smiled and shook his head. "What are you doing here, and how did you get here.... and did you fall of the mist?' They both rolled their eyes. Emily said,
"Dad, you are the one falls out of the mist. We all think 's because you usually smell like the dragon, or the bear. Mom came back and we talked and she said we needed be here until we figured things out and Ama and Haag agreed. Mom left and we finished helping and Ama opened the mist for for us. Mom said bring paper and pencils and the bag you had hidden under the bed." Jake lifted . "She also said we a new brother and he's getting a new , is that even a thing?" I told them, as we walked to the fire, about Hammish and Ilsa adopting him and how he had been abandoned and the ceremony is meant to build a bond as a family but that was already being done. They both nodded as Hammish turned, smiled, and gave them both a bear.

"Uncle Hammish, we can't breath." He laughed.

"This is my and you'll learn his when they do. This is Emily and Jake. They are family from a different place. They are your brother and sister." He nodded and hugged them. "Take them in Ilsa because this a welcome surprise." He nodded as they walked off.

"Jake," he turned. "Give the bag Aisha and tell her I said give her." He nodded. This was disconcerting because I was already beginning feel uneasy but had no idea why and now Chloe had them bring the bag that had all of my bladed, and training, weapons. Hammish handed me a glass of mead and some pheasant, which was amazing. "Is that a cranberry?" He smiled and nodded. He was in another world because he was so happy. "Can we take a quick walk the barn?" He said yes and asked his friend watch the meat.

"What is my friend?"

"I/we want do something for your but I wanted speak with you and Ilsa first, I'll leave Ilsa you." He laughed and slapped me on my back. He was like Haggerstadt. My was like that, fricking blacksmiths. I pointed the deer hanging in the barn. We more than we need, and Wolf said they are fine, which I'm not sure I believe, but I want give the oldest half deer your after he gets his so that he can introduce himself Wolf, his mate, and his pack, properly.." was rare see Hammish tear up. "I spoke with Wolf about having one of the females teach Malinka and Sofi about the forest, animals, tracking... man... and being in a pack. Malinka and Sofi limited time but they already know a lot. I thought it would be valuable for him as well but I want him present himself Wolf with a . Wolf knows my thought but I want your understand the importance of friendships, and alliances, even if they seem odd. Hammish stared at me before giving me a bear hug.

"I will speak with Ilsa but she'll agree as I do you, thank you brother. I'll come back and help you break this down for the wolves." I told him that I would do it and to stay with his friends, and guests. He nodded, shook my arm, and walked to the house as Aisha walked up. Holy crap.

"Are we going to war, mister?" They always seemed to be mad at me and I was pretty sure Aisha had either died, and transcended it, or had lived a REALLY long time. "You mind filling me in?" I shrugged, which was the exact wrong to do as she screamed and pounced, tackling me and biting me on my back as I laughed and kept hitting the ground saying, "No mas!" She stopped as we both laughed and helped each up to see Sara, Annie, and Chloe...thank God Janey and Alison weren't . They stared at us arms folded.

"Is something you want tell us about?" We both laughed and Aisha told them about the bag. They smiled, and nodded.

"I told Jake to bring just in case. We are all uneasy." I nodded. "We all need talk tomorrow, you too Aisha since are family. We spoke with the witch about Annika, and the things going on with us, and our extended family's, and Aya, and you....and Dreka."

"Sounds like a long conversation." They all smiled and shook their heads.

"How you do understatement so well is beyond us, but yeah, it's a lot. We didn't want to interfere with tonight because it's a huge deal, and we wanted as many of us here as as possible." I nodded.

"I need to finish this so if you'll excuse me, ladies." They, of course, asked what I was doing and then all got tears in their eyes as they came up and kissed me, Sara was the last.

"That's good, Daniel. You are a natural at this." I asked about Elisabeth and Karin, and the Sirens.

"Elisabeth and Karin are wonderful, totally in love and Elisabeth is totally different. She's nice, pleasant, happy, smiling. The town loves their dragon and she loves her town. Ama did well with that tidbit." I smiled. "The others are having a harder time because they didn't knowing you like Karin, and they don't know how be out of water yet. The town is trying to help, and the sirens are learning the language, the water is all they ever knew."

"They should be able to be in both."

"They can, love, your magic was fine. I no idea how you could do that, none if us do, but that's not the problem, mister." I nodded

"I'll go after I stop feeling uneasy." She smiled, nodded and kissed me as she went back to the house. I pushed outward from us to try and keep whatever was coming away until after the ceremony. Everyone else was oblivious as I finished cutting up the meat and and washed up, again.

"We are uneasy, brother." I washed in the sands of the stream and nodded.

"So am I, but I don't why."

"Your dream?" I looked at him.

"I hope not, brother."

"We patrols on the road, and the back, and on both sides just in case. Our pack has expanded because we begun welcoming lone wolves among us and showing them our ways, most stay but some don't. We've been observing your family, and 's ways, and incorporating them into our pack." I smiled.

"Brother, don't use us a guide for humans." He laughed and butted me.

"You are half human, which is why we get along as we do. What word is that you use for family?'


"Yes, your clan is very similar to our pack but you different wisdom that we don't just like we skills that you don't. We learn from each other." I knelt and Wolf put his head on my chest as I scratched his neck, shoulders, and ears while he laughed. I'll push you if we see, or sense, something." I told him thank you as he trotted off. I pushed and didn't feel anything except unease but nothing specific. I walked to the house as Sara, Chloe, Klaara and Annika were walking with the old witch, Abieta. She walked up to me and stared at me stronger than anyone ever had, even my Ma, as she took my hands..

"I spoken with Ama, and Gaia, and they both said that you want build stone huts. Is that true, Dragon?" I nodded. "Good, then you can start with me ." She pointed her staff Klaara and Annika. "They can be your helpers." I looked at her.

"Babcia, I many pregnant women attend ." She laughed.

"We all know, dragon. You thrown things into a tizzy. Trust me Dragon. I expect to see all of you in a month." She laughed, turned, and vanished.. I looked at Sara and Chloe but they just shrugged and went back inside. Jesus Christ. I shook my head and went inside. as well. was organized chaos. The fried rabbit, and Hammishs' grilled the trout was and brought it in. It was waiting, like the pheasant, which were draped in moist clothes, as were was the other meat. They were arranged around the hearths, along with the breads and veg. Each had moist clothes draping them and were just close enough keep them . These were not dumb people, which I already knew. The rabbit stew was done, but the roosters took longer so it was on a rolling boil. It was a lot of food. I asked if I could help. Ilsa shook her so I poured some milk and started to walk outside. I wanted people to think I was drinking with them, without drinking with them. Aisha looked at me and smiled. I walked over.

"Where's my bag?" She took my hand and closed the blankets and pointed. I put my knife belt on under my cloak and took out the sword Yoshi gave me. "Take this and leave yours here because these are the weapons are, besides us. If is something, and 's bad, you'll want this." How do you kill a dragon?"

"As a dragon, or a human?"


"As dragons, you fight until the strongest, or smartest wins, but 's devastating for both. As humans, 's luck but the best way is the brain, either the base of the skull where the spine meets, or at the base of the throat and the chin. The first goes down, and the other goes up but are scales so 's not easy.... that's why you want Yoshi's blade." I nodded and walked outside as Aisha followed. "Do you know something?"

"No, but I had that dream and everyone is feeling uneasy..."


"....and you aren't flying with me." She almost went ballistic.

"Stop, Aisha. I don't a rider, Ama said so. I just need learn how a rider. If is a dragon, which I'm not sure is, then I'd be better off on my own since I am going by my gut, and instinct." She wasn't pleased but she nodded because I was right. "Aside from the girls, and Hammish, you are the true warrior. You impressed Taiiko, Kana, and Airi." She stared .

"I did?'"

"I nodded. If my dream comes pass I need you on the ground because I will bring the other dragon down, but might come you and Yoshi's blade, and won't break." She hugged me because she knew I was right with this one. "I hope it doesn't come pass." Everyone walked outside. Hammish had torches placed around the fire, which was great for the wolves so they could get closer because they were very curious about the ceremony and I was sure I would a long conversation with Wolf later. Hammish spoke.

"Everyone, please gather around the fire and take a glass of mead. Ilsa and I thank you for coming the naming ceremony for our . We are honored by the attendance on such a night, and for the gifts after such a hard winter. As most of you know, Ilsa and I couldn't , until this man showed up in our lives. He has no parents, and we no , and that is important carry forward what the parents built; what the parent learned in life. Gaia brought us together and we wanted our family, friends, and neighbors to be present.

Ilsa and I thought long on this because a is an important thing for anyone. My people were Norse, and Rus, and Ilsa's people were from the German lands. We tried find a that merged the two but also fit this man, even though we just begun know him, no easy task, believe me." Everyone laughed as they sipped their mead. " was my lovely wife that remembered a from when she was , and an orphan as well, that we knew. I will leave the rest Ilsa. More mead." Everyone yelled because they had already plenty but was cold, and was a celebration. Ilsa kissed Hammish in such a gentle way that everyone cheered without being able stop themselves.

"Like my new , I never knew my parents. I was adopted by the Romani, Gypsies, but my parents, and new family, loved me as their own just like my family here loves our new like our own. Blood can never compare Love." Everyone clapped. "They named me Ilsa which is why I told Hammish that we had to a naming ceremony." Everyone laughed. "Hammish's lineage, and mine, share a that we both knew, a that is good, and strong, and fits our new ." You could hear a pin drop. Hammish spoke.

"Stand up and come us." He had tears streaming down his cheeks, along with everyone, as he walked up and joined his parents. They took hands. "Your new , if you choose, is Alfher." You could hear the inhalation of breath. "Your Ma's people that for a , and my people the but with a different spelling. It is a good , a strong ." Ilsa looked him.

"They both mean 'Elf warrior. Elves had great wisdom and knowledge, and were amazing warriors, and while neither of us want you be a warrior, we think you that spirit if the way you went after your Uncle is an indication." Everyone laughed because are no secrets in a town as as their's..

"That is the your ma' and I chosen for you, if you accept then all will know you as Alfher." He hugged them both, and kissed them, turned, and said,

"I am Alfher, of Hammish and of Ilsa." He looked the woods before he looked back us, as I smiled. "Thank you for coming and honoring my parents, my family, and me. Let's feast." Everyone cheered as I looked the girls. They all started go inside as we looked at each other.

"Holy Crap, how old is he?" Sara said a older than Annika. " are these people?" All their friends followed Hammish, Ilsa, and Alfher inside eat as I pushed and looked up. Nothing. Wolf nudged me as the girls listened.

"'s a powerful , and is fitting, but power can go two ways. You and the big man need temper him because he is untrained. is wise what you are doing with your gift but I am sending another wolf with Utta with help them. His Ater. They will likely mate but is not their time yet. My friend, you will need temper this , hard, in order turn him into a man befitting his new ." He butted me and yipped at the girls as he ran off.

Annie asked, "do you talk like this all of the time, and how can we understand ?" I smiled as I kissed her and walked them the house enjoy our family and friends. What an odd life. I wished I could shake the sense of unease I left as we walked inside and Hammish bear hugged each of us in succession.
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take me part 594... edited, again.
Posted:Jan 23, 2022 2:02 pm
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We walked inside and I asked Irina and Ilsa what they needed and they both said peel and chop roots. Ilsa said that she didn't realize so many people would come in from town in this weather, she thought just their friends. I'll bring roots, and herbs, and chickens tomorrow, Irina. Irina shook her head and said no, that we are family and this house is closer to town so it's the place for the feast. The women from town brought what they could spare which was mostly vegetable and bread but there were two roosters, plucked and skinned, but that had seen better days, they were being put in a pot over the main fire, and rabbits, enough to make a large pot of stew and some for frying. There were also several cleaned trout wrapped in a cloth. It was obvious these people were grateful for the aid during the winter, and for the party. Irina pointed at the closet as she was putting wooden cups on the table. "There is a jug of mead on the floor, please get it for me." He did and held it, waiting. She put the cups in his arm and handed him the fish for the other arm. As she walked to the door, "Please take these to your Da and then come back after introductions and help Danael, understand? He nodded.

"I don't want to have to come find you." He said OK and walked outside. Irina walked up and hugged me.

"Ilsa says you rolled him like a ball." I told her more like a log and they both laughed. You don't need to help us, love, we can manage. You're making these women jealous." We all chuckled.

"He needs to learn that there is more to being a good man than what he has learned being alone, or has seen. We'll slice and chop and then we'll go outside so he can be with Hammish and the other men. He won't respect this work unless Hammish and I show him that work is work, regardless of what it is, since we are the only males he has in his life at the moment." He came in, picked up his knife and started to sliced, then chopped as we talked. Sofi walked up and hugged me as I put my hand on her belly and kissed her. "Are you looking forward to tonight and the feast?" She smiled and nodded. "Can you grab the slop bucket, love, put this in it for later.?" She nodded and kissed me, smiling. I would be content here. I looked over at Malinka and she was showing the women how clean the water barrel was now and was telling them about it. She felt me watching her, looked up and smiled before continuing to explain how to do it.

There were festivities and meals at various times during the year for planting, and harvesting, the solstices and equinoxes, births, weddings, deaths, but this was special because this type of naming ceremony rarely happened. It'd been a hard year for everyone, a lot loss and a lot of potential loss we avoided, and everyone was ready for winter to be over. It was why there were so many people here. "We're all as you curious about your name as you are. Are you excited?" He smiled and nodded. "Good take these water buckets to Malinka and grab your coat. We'll get more water before it gets dark and I'll show you the spring. We're all family and help each other so you'll be here a lot." He nodded. Malinka rubbed his hair and poured the water in. I took one and grabbed another as he stared at me. "What?'

"I can carry two." I told him it was a decent walk there was the snow. "I can carry two, Uncle.

"OK." I handed him a bucket and smiled at Ilsa and Irina as I put my cape on and we walked out front. We waved at Hammish. It was a beautiful evening, cold but not frigid like it had been. "Get your bearings and pay attention as we walk. It's harder in the evening. It had stopped snowing so the cap stone was barely covered. I'm sure there are many springs like this in the forest. It's the best water you can find. It comes from deep under the ground and bubbles to the surface. Someone lined this with rocks and did a good job. See how the water is swirling?" He nodded. "The water is coming in from the bottom and goes out here on the top." I filled our buckets with the ladle I brought. "Don't forget this if you get water. You'll be mad at yourself when you walk back to the house." He nodded and smiled. Also be careful about knocking dirt or stones into it, keep your knees as far back as you can and always remember to put the stone back on. We don't animals drinking out of it, or rodents falling into it." He put the stone back and smiled. "Good job, lad." We picked up two buckets each and headed back to the house. "There's no shame in taking a break because water is heavy. It's better to rest several times than to bring back half full buckets." He nodded. "Never drink water out of the streams unless you boil it first. animals die in the streams, and go to the bathroom in them, fish and frogs die, and it can make people sick, boiling makes it pure. Finally, in the winter you can melt snow for water, just make sure it's clean and especially not yellow." He looked at me laughed immediately. He was a smart .

We set the buckets down and he ran up to Ilsa and Irina and hugged them. Uncle Danael showed me the spring and told me water, and snow, and how to boil stream water. "Is that right?" "Yeah, and also not to use yellow snow to make water." They both stared at me. "Is that right?" 'Yeah, can I go help outside?" They both hugged him, said he did a good job, and that of course he could." He hugged me and went running outside.

"That didn't take long."

"He craves this and you showed him how much by rolling him in the snow. Thank you again because it was better he be angry at you then at Hammish, especially this day. I hugged them and went to help Hammish. The slop bucket was full so I grabbed it to take to the barn. It very was different living here than back home, although this was now our home as well. It was nice having both. Annie hugged me and we walked outside.

"Where did you all go?" She smiled, sheepishly.

"We went to Norway to check on things and then Sara went to Gotland and Chloe went to Iceland. Taiiko went back to Japan. She's staying to help get things ready in case we all descend upon them. We all discussed things over lunch before they left. Aya and stayed with me. We checked on things there and talked with Jacob and then we came back. They stayed with me the entire time, sweets. It was fine, but we can take care of ourselves." I nodded. "We'll all discuss thing things and talk about it tomorrow. I miss you mister. We all miss you." She kissed me and grabbed my balls as I nodded and she bit my neck then walked back to the house. I cleaned the pens and then fed the animals. The pigs were the happiest and would be even happier the next day. I walked to the stream to wash up as Wolf walked next to me.

"This is an important time for the boy?" "Yes." ""We can stay and watch from the trees?"

"Of course and you can come out after most of the town people leave. I'm giving him something to give you and your pack even if you may not need it." I told him what I was thinking. He nudged me, yipped, and trotted into the forest as I turned and headed to the fire.
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take me part 593... edited.
Posted:Jan 21, 2022 9:15 pm
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I took my cloak off but there were no words Hammish, or I, needed to say he just handed me a knife to prepare the deer for his family. I kept bringing more, and more people into our family and I wasn't exactly sure why but I guessed it was I always considered myself a misfit since I was and never fit in with my brothers, or in school. It wasn't the education, it was the people. I did much better at home, and in my dad's shop. I knew enough about a lot of things, but not great at anyone. I always wished I had one thing that was my passion. I was saying that to Hammish as Ilsa and Aisha walked up hugging a boy with tears streaming down cheeks.... his wall was broken and he knew what he had to lose. He walked up to Hammish, and Hammish is a large man, as we all stepped bac

"I'm sorry papa." I don't know how he did it but Hammish knelt without tears and looked at his and said,

"You never disrespect anyone, especially a woman, is that understood?' He nodded. "If you to be a part of this family then you are loyal to us. Do you know what that means?" He nodded. "Good, you uncle easy on you." He nodded. "Danael, please give him you knife." I nodded and handed over the knife. Only Hammish and Ilsa knew his new name, their name for their , so we just waited, as it should be. "You know where the grates are, and the tongs, and the benches. Ilsa will help with extra pots, and whatnot because i don't have a clue." Ilsa said it just well, as we all laughed. Hammish and his walk back the carcass and started to carve pieces to cook, dry, and salt, as Aisha and I grabbed the grates and Ilsa grabbed the tongs, and whatnot, and we walked to the wagon. Ilsa said,

"You are going to be a good father, Danael. Loving. Firm, but not too firm because rolling never hurt anything but pride." Aisha smiled, and nodded.

"I'm having girls." They stared at me as I started loading the wagon and I took the wagon to the house to load benches and pots and whatever Ilsa wanted. Neither of them responded because they couldn't, girls were totally different, especially the ones I would have in my life. I curious what name they chose. We finished loading the wagon and Ilsa hugged both of us and whispered in my ear that I would still be a good Da'. I smiled and kissed her cheek as Aisha and I climbed on the wagon and headed home. I hoped I wasn't going to be pulling a wagon as the bear. The snow wasn't too deep but it still a full wagon and only one mule. We made it to the road and I knew we'd never make it all the way. I looked at Aisha. "Hop off and take Bobs' reigns." She nodded as I jumped down and walked behind the wagon and started to push. I didn't understand it but was stronger than I should be as me, and my senses were enhanced, and I was just... different, but I'd take it now as we lead the wagon home.

We walked next to the porch and started to unload as the girls came out, smiling, and Malinka and Sofi helped. There wasn't that much. We unloaded the pots, utensils, bowls, plates, and cups, as well as the grate and wood. Sofi took Bob, the mule to the barn.

"Back him in, sweets, and brush him down and give him some hay and a handful of grain. He earned it." The girls walked inside as I started to clear the fire pit. I had been there enough that I remembered where it was. Aisha came out to help and I shook my head. "Stews go take longer than grills. Grilled meat is special here, soups, stews, and meat pies...and dried meat... is what was sustaining. I'm fine. Hammish is bringing the back strap and some chickens, and pheasants he found. We'll roast those out here because there are still some roots we can use since it's an important day, and that was when Sara and Chloe walked out, and the old witch, Abieta, walked up.

"I'm Sara, and this is my sister Chloe, please come inside and warm yourself Babcia" She smiled, looked at me, and nodded as they walked inside. "We have tea on and you are welcome to anything that we have." They walked inside as Aisha and I looked at each other.

"That was unexpected, which might not be good." I nodded as we built a fire and set the grates. The pots were for the inside because soups and stews was what sustained people, but this was a celebration and that called for grilled meat. Hammish, Ilsa, and the boy showed up as a loving family, in sync, which made me smile. It was still early as the sun hadn't set, and it wasn't spring yet. Hammish gave me a cleaned turkey, and a two pheasants to put on the spit, why waste a chicken, as they helped Ilsa inside with the rest. Aisha and I took the extra tables down, and benches from the barn, took them inside, and we put them around the room and went outside as the wolves showed up....all of them.... and friends of Hammish and Ilsa's started to show up. It was good that all of us knew how to be in the kitchen. Hammish and the boy walked out to help with the grilling, which didn't need four of us. I grabbed him and said to follow me as Hammish and Aisha stared and smiled.

"You are going to learn how to cook and it begins with slicing. I didn't know there were going to this many people, or wolves, or a witch. You must be a pretty big deal in the future but now you aren't, one right nowso you do what anyone tells you because they are feeding us. Understand?" He nodded. "Good, you stay by me unless they tell you to something else. It's not hard, just focus and attention, and it's fine if you make a mistake." I felt like Henry. I wasn't sure how I got myself into this but I was curious why the wolves, and the witch, were here. I shook my head as we walked inside to pots over all the fires.
take me part 592...edited.
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I took Bob, the mule and wagon back Hammish's and to get Aisha. I wanted to talk with her about Dreka, anyway so it be could timing they all showed up....witches. I could feel the wolves following me through the trees. I stopped Bob and folded the reins around the brake and walked a good ways behind him. He use to wolves because they were our family but he still a mule and didn't like it. I pushed and the four wolves walked out of the trees, two in front of me and two behind me. I smiled as they walked into me so I would scratch them.

"Can you understand me yet?" The oldest walked up and said he learning. "Thank you for watching over them. Do you have enough meat?" He yipped as they walked back into the woods. He pushed most of what he wanted to say which they were happy doing this, bachelors basically, and that is good training. I smiled as they disappeared. I had always known that I odd but the community of family I building proved it. I thought that why the girls were here, that and the fact that we were all getting stronger than Gaia, Dreka, or Ama thought possible. I still hadn't heard from Joseph. I gave Bob some carrot and climbed back onto the cart and headed to Hammish and Ilsa's. They all came out of the house and asked if I'd like bread and cheese. I nodded as I got Bob some hay and a handful of grain. I walked in as everyone finishing soup. Aisha pushed her bowl to me. I smiled and pushed it back as she kissed my cheek and whispered smart dragon. I happy with rye bread and cheese, and pickles if they had any. I couldn't stop my brain from working.

I hugged the boy I found spying on us and hoped I hadn't made a mistake. It didn't feel like I had. "You are having a naming ceremony, which is a huge thing, so I will wait to greet you then." He nodded and hugged me because if I read him correctly, his life had totally shifted and he happy here with Ilsa and Hammish. "The girls from my time are here and we'd like you to come and have the ceremony with us at Irina's. I need your grates, and some extra wood, and benches. I won't presume to suggest anything of you Ilsa, everyone laughed as we finished lunch.

"Help your mom, and Aisha, and then come to the barn and I'll keep showing how to butcher a deer..."

"I don't do women's work" He stared at us as Hammish looked at me, no words needed to be spoken, because it's why you were lucky to have uncles.

"I'll help, love, as he started to take plates to the wash bin as the boy walked out and I followed.

"Can you imagine..." I grabbed him by the hair and dragged him into the yard as he scrambled to keep up and pushed him into the snow. He raged and I pushed him face first into the snow with my boot. He yelled, running at me with anger in his eyes, but I had studied Aikido, not a lot, but enough to take his anger, and energy, and send him flying up and back into the snow. He turned and looked me with hate in his eyes, which I understood given his life, and raged at me like a mad bear. I knew something about that too. I let him hit me multiple times, which hurt, before I grabbed him by the shoulder of his clothes and flung him fifteen feet back into the snow. He got back up, which was a good sign even though he charged at me, again. I let him run at me and wrapped my arms around him as he screamed his anger out. I could feel everyone watching. He screamed and hit me, until he sobbed, and went limp as we sat in the snow. I wiped the snot off of his face with snow and then wiped the remainder of the snow off his face with my cloa This better left to an uncle than a father, one had to do it but it better me. I stood.

"Get up, and follow me as I called the wolves. They all came out of the house and watched as the boy and walked as the wolves came out of the trees followed Wolf and She-wolf, he petrified. "Wolves live in a pack, a close knit pack like a family should be. I'm sorry you didn't have that when you were but you have that chance now." The boy didn't have a clue what to do so he stood close to me, which a good instinct. The four wolves walked up and, smelled him, yipped, and ran off. "That means that they recognize your scent as part of the pack and you are safe to wander the woods, and you don't need to fear them. They are part of our family, your family." Wolf and his mate walked up.

"This is Wolf and his mate, they are the Alpha's of their pac The entire pack answers to either of them. Wolf is the leader of the pack in view, but not in private, just like a good couple of humans. What you did inside disrespected the two people that are willing to make you their . Hammish gave you a pass because he doesn't mind helping his wife after a wonderful meal, neither should you. If you ever disrespect Ilsa, or any woman, and I find out then I will treat like the wolves would." Right on cue the she-wolf walked up to him, barring her teeth and snarling. I put my hand out as she looked at me, and then Wolf. They yipped as they walked back into the woods. "Go pee because we have work to do." He nodded. We walked back to the house as Hammish walked to the barn without at us. I followed, we followed. I stopped. "Where do you think you're going?"

"To help you..."

"You aren't worthy to help Hammish, or me. You have unfinished business because this family doesn't disrespect women, we value them. You're and weren't taught well, now is the time you will learn and decide if you to be a part of this family." I pointed to the house. "You disrespected both of them, make it right or don't come out to the barn." He stared at me as I turned and walked away. It one of the hardest things I had ever down because all could think about Jake but I still walked away without bac Things would get harder for him even though he had already had a very hard life, but hard is what it takes sometimes.

I walked into the barn with tears in my eyes as Hammish hugged and we started to section the deer.
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Irina and I walked out from behind the blankets and into the kitchen holding each other. It may seem odd but I truly loved each of these women. I would have been happy spending my life any of them alone, but instead I chose to spend it with all of them and get hit, and bit, by on a regular basis. I can't say that I didn't deserve it, at least I dodged the Siren. I kissed and squeezed her bum as she nipped my neck, kissed me, and pointed outside.

"You have to earn your keep, mister," and she nudged me toward the door laughing. I got my cloak, walked outside and it still snowing. It made wonder about home as Wolf walked up and nudged me.

"This is a long winter, brother, thank you for the extra deer because of the pregnant females. We think this storm will break later this day, or night, and then begin to thaw. The animals will come back to the forests then ." This is Utta. She has agreed to come and help your women with our ways in the forest because of your help during the winter. You have nothing but friends in our pack and we to maintain that friendship." I nodded as I took a knee and Utta stuck her head in my chest as I scratched her neck, shoulders, and ears. We will come back tomorrow but I wanted you to meet in case you needed to leave." They howled and ran off as I went to the barn to deal with the animals. It good that spring coming and that we had the fields fenced off because we needed to grow hay, and grains, and vegetables, and raise livestock, and herbs. It would be a full time job if I here all the time, but I wasn't, and this wasn't place wasn't done, and not the only thing on our plates, my plate. We needed to grow more hay..... a lot more hay, and cut wood, and find clean water. I wanted to find salt pockets, if there were any, or sea water, but then I stopped myself because I was being an idiot, even though we needed everything. I shuddered to think what the town was like.

I was just pushing the cart to the manure pile as Malinka and Sofi rode up with half a deer in the back of the cart that we needed to break down. They stopped, jumped off and ran at me before tackling me and taking my clothes. They took turns getting me hard and since Malinka was the oldest she sat on me first as Sofi sat and pushed onto my mouth. They both leaned forward and kissed each other while they squeezed their nipples until they both came. They were , and lovers, but they both wanted me as well. I thought about bringing back one of Sara's toys back but decided against it. We lied together talking, kissing, hugging, sucking, fingering, until I hard again and they traded places until we all came again, thank God I fairly and healthy, and being part dragon probably helped. as well

We were lying in naked in fresh hay just loving each other. "Wolf came by earlier and brought a female, Utta, would said she would help you in the forest, and learn their ways, but the wolves are family to us...period." They nodded, screamed in excitement, and bit me. We got dressed and made sure the animals were O "Sofi, take the mule and go ask Ilsa if they can come for dinner, and that when the mist opened and the girls walked out pretty as you please, no one stumbled, no one fell, and Malinka and Sofi went crazy as I smiled and shook my head. I hugged them all, got onto the wagon and started head to Hammish's because there no way the girls were leaving their sister-aunts when Sara and Chloe walked up.

"We to meet this witch but we have to wal Bring Hammish, Ilsa, Aisha, and the boy here. We have a name to celebrate." I nodded, smiled and leaned down as they kissed me.
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"Will you please stop hitting me. Holy crap, it's me," and that's when Malinka and Sofi fell onto and bit me as Irina laughed and put her stick down. I needed either Airi, or Kana here to teach these people how to fight and I needed to speak with Yoshi about a blade smith, which would be fun to watch. Hopefully I was overreacting. I stood and hugged them along with Aisha.

"After breakfast you can go to Hammish and Ilsa's because Hammish needs help with a deer and Daniel said he'd do your chores while Irina and I catch up." She looked at me and smiled, "What, you're still my dragon. You get water and I'll chop wood. Girls, help your mom with breakfast. It's cold outside. I kissed Irina and said hi as she hugged me, poured me milk, and pointed to the door as i shook my head and walked out. It was still snowing but not as hard. I hated spring snowstorms, especially in the sixteenth century. I headed to the spring as Aisha whistled and I turned.

"Are we still going to see Dreka?"

"I'm not sure. We can talk later. I'm thinking about what the witch said about being wise. Chop extra wood and if I'm not back in a half an hour come look for me. I turned as we both laughed. I trudged through the snow as Wolf did the and came beside me. "You hate winter snows as much I do?" He growled and was silent.

"Is another dragon coming, Danael?" I told him that I didn't know and was trying to figure out and then told him my dream. "This Dragon in your dream, is he the the leader of the dragons, or another like you?"

"I don't know, brother. I'm hoping I misunderstood." He nodded.

"I know this witch we went to your dream. She helped me as a pup when I got hurt, but she scares us because of her power. I think it would be wise to do as she said and learn from her. Your power and abilities are growing at least weekly, if not daily, all of the pack sees it. You are already a dragon, with magic, do you think this Dreka will teach you that which could harm him, even if he is old? The old are often the most stubborn." I nodded as I found the capstone to the spring and started fill the two buckets. 'We will stand by you however we must, but it's easier to drink from the stream." He yipped.

"And when it freezes?"

"We friends with axes." He howled and trotted away as two wolves rubbed against me, their version of counting coup I supposed. I walked back the house and stomped as the door opened and I walked inside to the water barrel. I lifted the lid as Aisha walked up and looked at me, and then looked inside.

"See if they a stiff brush of some kind, and either vinegar, or salt. If not then find a strong piece of wood and make a scraping edge get the slime off the sides, as much as you can. Keep the water in these buckets. I'll take the other two and fill them and be back. Use the water in the barrel. If they both vinegar and salt then mix some of each, not too much because both are precious but 'll clean off the slime on the sides and bottom. Dump the water away from anything that grows something and scrape as much as you can. We can use coals burn off the rest after we dry ..' She nodded and smiled as I went back into the snow.

"Ladies, I need to show you something important, and probably Hammish and Ilsa and everyone in town, along with your coven so I'm going to need your help, loves." I grabbed the buckets and headed back to the spring both smiling and shaking my head. They didn't know but I was amazed as many humans survived as had. I got water, put the capstone on, spread snow around it, and walked back to the house. I knocked snow off myself, opened the door and walked in to breakfast and merriment. Sofi and Malinka were taking turns sticking themselves halfway into the barrel, laughing, as they scraped and scrubbed. Irina and Aisha were drinking tea at the table, laughing, as I walked up. needs the internet a good time. Irina stood, hugged me, and grabbed my balls as she kissed me.

"Thank you for that, Danael. Aisha told us and we'll spread the word." I took the water to the counter. Use some of the silver, or trade, next time you go to the village and get extra salt, sugare, or honey, and vinegar. You won't need to mix too much vinegar and salt if you clean the barrels when the water runs low after one several fillings. When starts get a green tint then clean them, and do the with the animals, just rinse the barrel, or whatever, out before before you refill them." She smiled and handed me porridge bread and honey as I kissed her.

We sat watching them. "They are having so much fun and don't even realize it's work." Irina wrapped her arm through mine and put her head against my arm. She was SO like Chloe it uncanny.

"That's because it's not work them yet but they will be bickering in two me. "Aisha looked at me and smiled.

"You're doing the barn but I'll take the girls Hammish help with the deer and so they can show off about how smart they are. Don't use all of your strength. It's still snowing. Come on girls, leave that and we can finish it later. Dry off and get into warmer clothes. Daniel is doing your chores today." They screamed and and ran at me before getting dressed. They all would been too in Denver but they weren't in the late fifteen hundreds. I had an odd life. Malinka and Sofi ran the barn get the wagon and hitch the mule and they headed Hammish and Ilsa's help them and say hi as I went the new bed make love with Irina. It could been a worse life.
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It two am as I went back to sleep and four thirty when I I woke again. The fire had turned to coals, which fine as I went to brush my teeth trying not wake anyone up, which I didn't even though they would be upset that I didn't. I got some milk, grabbed my cloak, and walked into Haagerstadt. "What are doing?" He looked down. "Go back to bed Haag, Jake and Em already know to deal with the animals, and the wood, and everything else. I know you don't like it but you need at least another day. See if Ama will take you to the energy falls at Gaia's. If she won't then I will because I'll probably need it after what I need to do. Go back to sleep and rest, my friend, and try not to eat us out of house and home at breakfast." He smiled, nodded, and thumped my chest which pushed into the door as it opened and I fell on my ass with all the girls at me.

"Where do you think you're going mister?" I told them I left a note and asked why everyone awake. Sara said, Don't change the subject, mister" to which they all nodded, and glared.

"I'm going to the past, because I had what I hope a dream about another dragon. I wanted to check on them and then I'm going to talk with Dreka." Aisha walked away and came back in her armor and weapons.

"We're doing that Dragon." She drank milk and poured me another glass. Drin The girls kept arguing with me as I dran Ama stared at me as I looked at her.

"I told Haag that if you didn't take him to the energy falls that I would, and I will. He's still hurt but going to deal with the animals as I walked into him. The man doesn't budged. The girls screamed as they walked in the kitchen shaking their heads.
Chloe went to wake Jake and Emily. Ama didn't say anything but smiled and nodded. I wasn't sure if that was bad or good.. Aisha and I walked outside and I shifted as she put the harness on me and I told her about my dream. She was silent as she climbed on and said fly. We flew toward Sweden as she opened the mist and we flew over our home in the past. There was two feet of snow on the ground as we flew to the canyon that had housed the deer. They were still there because of the snow.

"What do you think, Aisha?"

"Four-six, tops. It's been a hard year but they have all eaten better than they would, including humans, because of you, dragon. Take the ones on the outside because they are old, sick, or injured and will be sacrificed for the herd if need be." She pointed and I grabbed two old bucks on the edge of the group, huddled, trying to stay warm. It was a quick death and we flew to were the wolves should be, and thankfully they were, as I dropped the deer and landed. Aisha went and spoke with them and came bac "Everyone is fine and there has been no sign of another dragon. They said they still have some meat and asked us to take one to the males watching the houses." I nodded, grabbed the second deer and flew to their caves as I dropped it, roared, and flew back to take two more. I would wait to speak with Hammish and Ilsa and then Irina to see if we could leave them be for rest this winter. I flew to the cave I saw in my dream because I knew about where it . I roared, set the deer down, and landed as the old witch walked out her cave. Aisha walked up and spoke with her. They both nodded and walked toward me.

"Weren't you just here, Dragon? Why are you here again so soon....thank you for the deer."

"I wanted to see if it a dream, or magic, or something else. Have there been other dragons here."

"You're the first dragon in at least five hundred years, but you shouldn't rule out magic because Dreka can be as vicious as Marnine , even though he hasn't been since the great wars that killed so many dragons and riders." I nodded. "He wants the , yes?" I stared at her and nodded. You two, and Wolf, are the only ones wo know about this place...the coven doesn't even know about it and it's masked from magic. When you get your juggling in order come stay here with your rider, this one of the other, and I will help you with magic. Dreka is not the only powerful one, and you are beginning to remember your dragon magic. I can help you. I will watch over your family and friends. Be wise dragon, you aren't close to powerful enough to best Dreka yet, but you will be and if you keep being wise, as you have been with alliances, when that time comes you might even succeed. Thank you again for the deer, now leave because I have work to do." I grabbed the other deer and we flew to Hammish.

I landed as Hammish came out of the barn, smiling, because it still early, even if it a different century, several. "You always come bearing gifts, dragon but they are certainly not unwelcome. We are going to have wolf pups, my friend. Aisha smiled and folded the harness.They are all with the pac They need to learn the ways of the pack before they come. Did you take a deer for them as well?" We nodded. "Good, I think we have enough but I'll check with Ilsa to be sure." Aisha said,

"We'll send the girls down to help after breakfast. I'm sure they'd prefer working a deer with Uncle Hammish than mucking out stalls, and Daniel is quite good at it." We all laughed. "This took you by surprise?" He nooded.

"Spring snows always do, it's why you never empty your larder counting on Spring to come early." I told him that hadn't change over the centuries. "Come into the barn." We lifted the deer on a rafter. "I haven't wanted to take the horses over the pass in this, but I also didn't want to wait until it muddy because it's just as bad." We both nodded. That knife you brought..."

"A draw knife." He nodded. "Our metal isn't all that different, especially for this because it's pretty basic and it just needs to hold a sharp edge on one side. Because of the snow, I took a tree down, not too , and your draw knife works well." I smiled and nodded.

It"'s simple enough that it won't make people curious, but effective enough that once people use it, they will which one would give us something to do during the winter and them when we get the wagons made and the mules trained and we start to trade in neighboring areas. I'll think about things we could make out of metal, stone, wool, or pottery, that won't attract attention. In the times before I born, traders did the same thing as you but they not only brought new, and interesting things, and traded them around, they also brought news of what going on because that equally as valuable." Hammish smiled and patted me on the back as Aisha walked up to Ilsa shaking her head as they turned and went inside.

"They are planning to take over the world." Ilsa nodded and said we might be able to if we didn't kill ourselves as they both laughed.

"Do have a pencil?" Hammish handed me one and asked if I could bring more of them. I nodded as I sketched out a basic wooden brace with legs. "We make can something like this to hold the logs out of left over wood and fashion a swallow trough of some kind, we could work around with it but it'd have a stop on one end and shallow enough to straddle the log...." He nodded because he understood the concept immediately. "We could teach the boys and girls, if that's allowed, to do the simple work as they apprentice and we make other things people would buy, or trade for." He nodded as we walked into the house, even though I smelled like the dragon.

"How long as it been since I here." He said three, maybe four days. " Have you ever or, your parents, or grandparents, ever seen a dragon here besides me?" He shook his head.

"I think its been hundreds of years. Why?" I told them my dream as Ilsa gave us breakfast and tea, and stared at us.

"I thought it a dream but we wanted to check on you. I'll talk with Sara and see if there is a way that you can push to us if there is a problem." They nodded. "I'm cautious but not concerned, at least not yet." We ate, caught up, and hugged each other as Aisha opened the mist and we went to Irina's. I stumbled out, which I thought an improvement until the door opened and I rolled inside. They screamed and started hitting me as Aisha watched and laughed. I really needed to talk with Ama or Joseph.
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I had too much to do, and too many places to be, in two different times and now I was having visions of Dreka, before he was a dragon. I chalked that up to the hard stuff. We had bread pudding and then I dozed off on the couch as Haag finished a story about Viking glory, which was why it didn't matter if they won, or they lost, because it was glory on both ends. I was tired, very tired, but Ama hadn't come in. Everyone headed for bed as I grabbed my cup and walked up to the ridge. Ama and Gaia were talking as I walked up. They looked at me as Gaia sat, and didn't smile.

"This is important, Danael, you said there was nothing around you but sand and rocks. Is that true?'

"Nothing else." Ama and Gaia looked at each other, arguing. "What?" Ama spoke.

"We think you are remembering your ancient past, before either of your dragons and that's not going to be pleasant...not because of you, because you can take pain, it won't be pleasant because of the ones you couldn't save.

"Like now."

"Like now" I growled and began to shift as Gaia bound me. "You can't beat Dreka, even as old as he his, even if you think you need to, you can't. He's too powerful." I stared at them.

"Where does he stay?"

"In caves in the mountains of Tibet."

"And where are you, Gaia, Ama? Where's Marnine? Is he stronger than you, or all of us combined? How does he have this much power?" They stared at me in silence.

"You seem to let the worst out and then ring your hands as if there is nothing that can be done. Anna and I stopped Marnine as a bear and lion. You're Gaia, bring his cave down, bury his treasure, but get those girls out, and he will have no place vent but here. I have a rider, and I went unconscious"

They looked at me and laughed. "Love, Dreka would destroy you in five minutes and then yawn." Gaia nodded. There"'s no doubt that you are brave, dragon, but you are young and Dreka has fought many dragons...."

"So has Aisha, if I'm not mistaken. I don't want you to do it now, but it will happen because he seems to the one trying to destroy my family, and I won't stand for that. I don't care how big he is. I'll take care of my family." They looked at me, and nodded as I shifted without mist and went back to Irina. I didn't fall, which was nice, but it was different, empty, like it was real but not real. Wolf walked up. "What happened?"

Another dragon came, with men, and bound the people."

"My family?" He stared at me and howled in anguish because it was his family too. 'How long have I been gone?"

"Most of a season, maybe longer. They tried but how do you fight a dragon. They felt that you abandoned them." I nodded.

"Are any of the witches alive?"


"Hammish and Ilsa?" He lowered his head.

"Men aren't like wolves, or bears.... maybe dragons because there was no mercy." I nodded and asked him to take me to the witch. He stared at me. "She scares us.'

"Take me brother, you'll be fine." Wolf and I walked into the forest and up the mountain to a cave, a nice cave. I walked around as wolf yipped and a woman walked out, stared, and sent a bolt of energy at me. I grabbed it my left hand and sent into Gaia with my right as I stood and said stop. She stopped and then walked forward.

"I mean you no harm, sister, ...."

"I know who are dragon. Where were you when you could have helped these people, my sisters. Force needs force, dragon."

"Tell me what happened, sister." She made us tea as I looked around. She told me about the dragon Dreka sent looking for a girl and the havoc he rained down upon them when she wasn't here.

"And the people here?" She was quiet

"They all fought, with the wolves, it's hard to fight a dragon, and soldiers, at the same time without another dragon."

I woke up on the couch, with wool over me, as the fire was dying. Everyone was asleep as I put more wood on the fire, stoked the coals, and went back to sleep. I wasn't sure what was real and what wasn't but I needed to talk Ama about many things, but especially traveling without the mist.
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I looked around as I got up. I wasn't in Iceland, that was for sure. There was nothing but rocks and sand as far I could see, but this place seemed familiar. I looked for mountains but didn't see any. I could feel the thump of hooves. I reached for my sword, but it wasn't there, nor were my axes. I reached for my knives, none, but the thump grew louder. I looked around but there was no where I could run to, no where I could hide. I tried to shift into the dragon, nothing. The bear, nothing. I tried to shift into a cheetah, on a lark, nothing, but the thumping got louder. I picked up two rocks and waited for my fate. I should have thought about the girls, my , my unborn , and all of the other numerous things we take for granted... but I didn't. I wondered if these were the best rocks as the horses rode up and circled me. I looked around and they all had bows so I was dead, regardless. I dropped the rocks and looked at them as they spoke to me in a language i didn't know yet, but I listened.

There were two in charge, brothers, and they were discussing me,I assumed, as I started to understand. "He's a coward. Look at him, he dropped his rocks as soon as he saw us. We should him and leave him for the jackals and the birds." His brother stared him.

"He's no coward and you would learn that if you fought him, even if he had rocks. I'd likely not have a brother, brother. He's surrounded and we all have bows. How do you fight that with rocks? Why? He is waiting to see what we do" The older brother got off his and took his water bag as he walked up to , unafraid. I didn't move. He handed the water as I nodded and drank.

"Can you understand ? Do you know our language?" I was going to shrug but I didn't, I drank instead and handed him back the skin.

"I can understand enough. I am Druk and I don't want to hurt you, or your people." He laughed as he reached his arm and I took it.

"That is good, Druk. My brother thinks you are a coward. I think you are wise man. A warrior of a kind I have never met. I, for one, would not want to fight you even if all you were rocks, especially not then. Walk with me Druk. I am Dreka, and these are my lands as simple as they are." We walked past the circle of horses. "Give him your food bag rider." The rider handed me his food. "Why are you here Druk?" I reached inside the bag because I suddenly realized I was famished and grabbed dried meat and some bread. I looked at him before I ate.

" not sure Dreka. This might be a dream as I took a bite of meat and Dreka cut my arm with his knife as I growled.

"Do they bleed in dreams where you come from, Druk?" I wiped the blood on my finger and tasted it. "Eat Druk, we have many miles for you to walk unless you want to be tied on a horses' ass." I growled again. "I didn't think so. Eat and drink my new friend, and fear not because you have the Khan's protection. I am intrigued by you because you understood our language so quickly. You will be safe...I give my word and when we get back to camp you will be treated as a guest and we can truly talk." I nodded as I ate and we began to walk to their camp.

I opened my eyes as they were shaking me. " cold." Thankfully I wore my cloak. Sara and Chloe helped .

"You're worse than Haagerstadt when it comes to getting into trouble. Why we keep either of you around is beyond me. Jake, you and Em run to the house and put wood on the fire and water on for tea." They told their ma ok as they ran off. Ama was staring at me but didn't say anything. We walked inside as Haag was finishing his second dessert.

"You're a marvel, Haag." He laughed as we walked to the couch. " fine, but thank you."

Sara said, "Then why were you lying unconscious in the driveway when it's degrees outside? You need a keeper."

"I didn't plan to pass to out, sweets. I was talking with Gaia, she left and I passed out and was having the weirdest dream." Ama asked about it so I told them because it seemed real. Silence as they looked each other.

"What happened?"

"I don't know because you woke up but he said was Dreka and was the Khan, and we were going to his camp." Ama walked outside to the ridge as I drank butter tea.
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Even with a cracked rib Haagerstadt was stronger than . We walked in as dinner was being served. It was bittersweet because we always seemed to have something looming over us, or ahead of us, and this time it was all of the people I loved. I needed to talk with Ama later, and maybe Dreka, but for now I was going to enjoy my familly. Emily and Annika walked up smiling and hugged me like they didn't have a care in the world. They wrapped their arms and staked their places on either side of as everyone else smiled. Haag sat at his end of the table, as usual, and the other end was Ama's. The girls, and Jake brought the lamb, potato's, greens, and not even sure what else. There was some cranberry and walnut thing, and the dark rye bread that I liked, and mead. Ama made a heaping plate for Haag that we all stared at.

"It's nice to know that a cracked rib doesn't affect your appetite, Haag. No wonder Ama is buying all these animals." He stuck a fork full of lamb into his mouth as everyone laughed. Why couldn't people just leave us alone. We didn't want to hurt anyone but I knew, without a doubt, that I was going to be hurting people in the not too distant future, but it wasn't now... now we were sharing a wonderful meal as a family.

"Dad, what is Akvavit?" Ama and Haag stared at me.

"It's something you should never drink," Haag nodded. Ama said,

"It's something our forebearer's made to help with the winter's, and the cold, and probably each other. It's hard alcohol from potato's or grain with herbs. I have some but your Da' is right because it's intense. I keep it for certain celebrations." Ama looked at me and smiled. " guessing your Da' had some.

"Bethany had some. Why do you think I fell into the door?" They all laughed and Sara and Chloe said because a klutz and have no clue how use the mist. We spent the next hour eating, laughing, and being a family. I got up and started to take plates to the kitchen and motioned for them to enjoy the fire. They smiled and walked to the couch and chairs as I cleaned the table. Ama tried to help.

"Go be with Klaara, Anna, and Haag, there isn't much time before we have to leave. We can talk later, or tomorrow." She smiled and kissed my cheek as Jake walked up.

"Henry taught me about doing dishes." We both laughed and nodded. "Are you OK with Em and I staying here? Ama and Haag can use the help and Em has been accepted to the University in the fall but she can start to do classes online and they'll be accepted them. She wants to be a Doc and is smart enough for it. Visiting Norway is a few hours so we can see Christine and Bethany, and everyone there, and we can visit you in Japan." I nodded.

", I would rather we all lived in houses on a big piece of property, like your mom, but life doesn't work like that and what I want doesn't matter because it's your lives. However, I do want you both to come to Denver and see everyone.... Sam and Maggie's rugrats are missing you, sure." He nodded. "I love this place, Jake, so I can understand why you'd want to stay, and you can visit anytime you want, just Aunt Tina, or get anyone other than to show you how to use the mist." He laughed as we cleaned and washed like we did Henry's. Jake went and scrunched between Emily and Annika on the couch as Haag told them tales about Vikings. I hung up the towels, grabbed my cloak, and walked outside to a fox staring .

"Are you stalking , Gaia?' She laughed as we walked. How are you with not taking over Dreka's role?" I stared her.

"Why is everyone so focused on that? I was kinda looking forward to learning things but I've been doing OK through trial and error. My parents taught that there is no such thing as a mistake, that it's just something that didn't work and you can take it off of the list. I never wanted to be Dreka. I want to keep my family safe."

"Most humans would choose power, and riches, Danael, and Dreka has both."

"Can he teach me how to walk of the mist without falling, skidding, or rolling?" She laughed again, which was endearing because watching a fox laughing is priceless. " not Marnine, Gaia, I don't care about his power, or wealth, other than to wonder why he doesn't use it to help people. I have access to a cave that has gold in it that I could take at my leisure, and I have sirens as friends, and Elisabeth, but I would be perfectly content in Denver building caskets, or here building a stone cottage, or Japan learning how to make swords, or in the past figuring out how to make a waterwheel. All of you seem to think I have these grand ambitions, I don't. There are things I'd like to do, but I was raised to be simple, to be humble, thankful, and to give. I had good parents, and I attention. I have too many things to do instead of wondering about Dreka." Gaia was quiet as we walked up the driveway in the half moon's light.

"So, you released the other Elves." She kept walking as I looked at her.

"I did, because it wasn't right for them to watch their sister, their friend, be happy on land, but also in the sea. It hurt my heart, Gaia, and my heart hurts enough." She was silent for a bit. "And what happens when all the others realize what you have done? I don't doubt that there good Elves....Karin is lovely, loving, but they aren't all like that. Do you think they will be safe in the oceans again, or Elisabeth?" We bound them to the sea for a reason Danael, they had too much power, and too much greed."

"And how long ago was this, Gaia?"

"A very long time, Dragon...before your time."

"How long do we for the sins of ancestors?" There is never salvation, or redemption? It's Sirens....Elves. We'll work with them but I suspect they will be more interested on being able to walk. I have some ideas, and since not bound by Dreka locking us down to certain places, I can work with them. creating alliances for a reason I don't understand Gaia."

"You don't understand what the Elves turned into. Marnine was nice compared to them at their worst. The rot starts at the top, and Elves live for millennia, be careful Dragon." She nipped my boot, and ran off as I looked at the and passed .
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Anna bit , hard, before staring . "You are aren't going to leave us?" I stared back her because I was shocked, but I hadn't lived her life. I hadn't lived any of their lives. It was freeing to not be the Dragon, even though I was Druk..and a dragon. I was better much suited to that and it wasn't like I was going on a vacation anytime soon.


"Sorry, sweets. tired." She jumped down, punched , and stormed off as Chloe and Sara walked up smiling. Sara said,

" on the bright side, you'll be an old' hand this when the wee ones come, and grow into monsters." We all laughed because she was right. I asked how long until dinner?

"Can you show me how to use the mist inside?" They both stared as Sara walked off shaking her head.

"Why is this so hard for you given everything you can do? Seriously, Daniel, because it's not that hard. You just tighten the circle to fit the space." I stared at her. 'Oh, Jesus Christ, where do you want to go?" I told her Bethany's. She opened the mist and pushed inside. I walked though and rolled down the alley in Norway. I stood and the same cat from before was staring at me so I was pretty sure Gaia was playing with me. I wasn't sure how to get into Bethany's. I knew I could, but I wanted it easy....inconspicuous.... and someone walked of the building. They had a since the construction. I walked in and was still stuck because I needed a in the elevator, at least I wasn't stuck. I didn't have my phone but there was a building phone. They were moving along. I dialed Bethany's apartment .


"Can you come and get me, and you better have brandy." She laughed and said she'd be right down. Bethany walked and hugged as she took upstairs. "Why is it so complicated to get in?"

"Construction, we don't want people just walking in." She laughed and handed a . "Don't lose it, and why are you here?" I told her. "Seriously?" I nodded.

"Pretty much everything is happening but I wanted to check on Grandma." She kissed , and smiled.

"You don't need to worry, love. She is our family, as are all the people here. How are Christine and Emily? I stared her and then told her what else was going on. She punched and walked into the kitchen and came back with a bottle of Akvavit. She poured and we drank. It was so not going to be a good night. I drank it and looked her.

"What? You brought us here." She had a point and it was amazing that potato's could make such a potent alcohol. Shit, I needed Emily.

"Can I borrow your phone?"


"Yeah, I need you to ad something to the list of things you are searching. Akvavit, it's an alcohol....."

"Are you coming back?" I stopped.

"Of course love, with Bethany and letting her know what's going on.


' here. Christine? Daniel is coming back soon, but he was checking on things here. It's fine here but guessing we'll need to to talk." Christine was silent. "I'll take that as a yes. Daniel will be back as soon as we are done. It won't be long. I love you all." I shook my head and asked what she gave . She laughed.

"How do you do it?" She poured us shots as she showed what we were doing with the buidings.

"Does Annie know about this?" She nodded. "OK, then, but that stuff is dangerous." She nodded as I tried to open the mist. Bethany finally got tired, opened it, and pushed through. I bumped into a closed door as I stood and Haag slapped on the back as he walked in.

"I forgot my pipe. Tis gunna be a grand meal.....lamb. I nodded as I followed.
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I was losing track of the balls but the was still groing. I stood up without getting pounced on as Annie and Taiiko walked up. I looked at them. "How did you get here?"

"Sara showed us how to use the mist, and we needed to be here."

"Do you roll out?" They looked at me, laughed, and walked away as they motioned for me to follow them. What the . "How is everyone?"

"They're fine, love, don't worry. We explained what was going on. Once we meet the people we need meet, and see family, Sara and I are going back in time. We're all going be busy, mister." I nodded.

"How's Lisbeth?"

"We haven't seen them, but...." they pointed the strait and Karin's friends."

"Can you stay here help them?" They nodded. "Show me where they are, please." They took me to Elisabeth's room and I pounded because I had other places to go. Lisbeth opened the door and jumped on me, naked. "Both of you get dressed and meet me outside in five minutes." I walked back outside as Annie and Taiiko looked at me.

"What are you doing?"

"Something either really smart, or really stupid. We're going to need clothes and places for eleven people to stay." Annie walked off because she was use to dealing with these types of sudden things, and they were related through Ama. Karin and Elisabeth walked up and stared at me.

"How do you like your legs?" Karin smiled and said a lot. "Good, because both of you are going to be busy. Follow me." I walked back to the straight where Karin's friends where waiting, and looking at us. It hurt my heart. "You both learn how focus on other people, care for other people, think about other people. Yeah?" They nodded. I knelt down as they all stared at me, and Karin. "Hold hands." They did as I took the hand of the first in line, put my hand on the ground, pulled from both Dreka and Gaia, even though I didn't think I needed too, and pushed as the seas churned and I let go. was easier for them because they were already using their legs. wasn't fair, or nice, for them watch Karin and I wanted an alliance. Annie walked up the women from the town with blankets, and robes. "Well, come on, get out and start using your legs again." I was sure Ama would be pissed but it was unkind for them to just watch Karin.

"Come sisters." Karin and Lisbeth reached for them and helped them out as the town came out. "Come, it's safe. These are good humans." They climbed onto the shore, probably for the first time ever, and stumbled as we all helped them learn to walk. What was amazing were the numbers of people running down to help them. I helped the last of one out of the water as she fell into me as Annie walked up with a blanket.

"You are Karin's friend, the dragon?" I nodded. She hugged me. "Please release all of us." Annie looked at me as they took them into town to get warm and start to figure things out. Taiiko hugged me.

"You a kind spirit, Dragon. It's why the forest likes you. We'll deal with them, get them settled and come Ama's." I nodded. "'ll be nice all of you with us. I know grandfather will be happy see you." I nodded. "We'll see you soon, love." I opened the mist and fell into Ama's front door, which they opened, annd I fell inside. Sara stared me.

"Why is this so hard?" I got up and walked over to Emily.

" you been through the mist?" She nodded. "Do you fall?" She shook her head as she smiled. "Stumble?" She said no. Crap. "I need you go the Youtube and find the song Starting Over." She nodded as Sara walked up. " Aya and put on speaker." I called Annie. "Are you all together?" She said yes. "Put your phone on speaker. Emily clicked on Starting Over, by Chris Stapleton. Haag walked in because of dinner and the song came on as I looked at them. You could hear a pin a drop as the song played.

"Play again, Em." She did. Can you all here hear me? They all said yes. We are heading for the bumpy patch but if we stick together we can get through this. None of us are going to like but we need do . We a time see people we love, and miss. 's not what I want, but what I want doesn't matter. If we stay together then we can weather anything. If we splinter then we die. We'll see you soon." They said goodbye through tears as Anna ran at me, and leapt.
take me part 583...edited
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Jake and I took wood to Haagerstadt, and he threw the lamp at Jake too, who caught it and laughed. I was actually glad Emily and Jake were staying here because they all loved each other and Ama could use the help, but I wanted them to have the choice. Chloe would probably disagree, but she's a mom. I was not getting out of this without getting hit numerous times, I just wasn't, which I understood. I didn't like it either. We gave Haag his mead and told him we'd see him at dinner as Jake and I walked outside laughing to Chloe staring at us. She stared at both of us and we didn't say a word. She walked up to jake and kissed him, slapped me across the face, and walked off as Jake stared at me.

"Did that hurt?" I looked at him, astounded.

"What do you think?"

"Why do they hit, and bite you, Da?" Em and I talk about this and we can't understand it." We took the cart to the barn to clean the stalls and then feed the animals.

"Mostly because they can, . We don't have easy lives. They usually punch me in the chest when they're mad at me, or really upset. They slap me, or bite me, when they are scared or things are too much to process. It's not going to be an easy thing for your Ma to be away from you, but it never was because you're adults. It's just harder now because of your sister."

"Is Anna really going to be like Dreka?"

"I don't know, maybe in time, but now we need to temper her anger, and hone it, so she stops trying to throw me and Haag through walls." He laughed as we walked to the barn. "Can you deal with the barn?" He nodded. "Good. I'll be back but I needed to go to Norway. Thank God for the mist. I opened it and rolled into the barn as Drakon barked at me. There was no one there. Shit! I walked outside and heard the laughter and smiled. It was the Saturday gathering and they were being a family. I let the dogs out and they all attacked me before they went running outside to the fire, and their people, as I followed and watched. The dogs piled on everyone and no one was immune from licking. Jacob looked up, confused, and saw me, smiled and waved as Aya and Gerel walked up. They both kissed and hugged me.

"How's your brother?"

"He's out of surgery. They rebuilt his ankles and shins. It'll take at least a year of physical therapy, maybe longer, before he can walk normally but the surgeon was hopeful."

"Good, it'll give him time to think." She nodded. "Walk with me because we need to talk and it won't be an easy conversation but we have little time." We walked because if they were going to go ballistic then I'd rather it happened away from everyone as they were unwinding. Aya looked me.

"What Daniel?" I told them about Annika, and Dreka, and what he told me about people looking for them. They'd all experienced it, recently, but they were also stubborn as hell. If I could get all of them in one place so we could deal with whatever it , it would be a blessing from Gaia.

"I won't leave my brother, Daniel!" She glared at me. I shook my head, without shaking my head. "I don't want to leave our home." She looked at Aya.

"Annie and Tina have found a similar rehab center in Osaka. We can send him there when he's stable. They are the same level care, they just don't know us, but you can't stay here. I'm not sure if Aydar is involved in something greater, or he just wanted power, but the threat that Dreka mentioned doesn't involve you, it involves Aya, and my job is to protect her and our . Period." They stared at me and Gerel waked off.

"Give her time, love. She doesn't like that I love you too. I wasn't going to get pregnant by someone I didn't love. It'll take time and all of the rest doesn't help. The place in Osaka is the same level of care?" I nodded. "Everyone is going there?"

"Everyone pregnant, and Annika and Klaara, assuming I can pull that off." She laughed as she hugged me and laughed again..

"Why do they want us?"

"I'm not sure, exactly, but I think they want the babies, and Annika. I have no idea who they are. I thought the attacks on Annie and the girls, and then on you, were specific, targeted, but I'm not sure any longer. I need to talk with my friends Deats, and Javier, and check in with them and their sources. They haven't said anything so I haven't been worried. Dreka is concerned about Annika, and all of you, and he will lock us down in Japan. We have maybe a month and a lot of places to go. How important is the ceremony...." She stared at me. "OK, dumb question. How large does it have to be?"

"I'll call my mom. My parents will be fine but maybe not my grandparents." Gerel walked back up and punched me in the chest as Aya pushed her away. "Stop."

"I want Annie's number." I found it and showed her my phone. She called and walked off. Aya looked at me and smiled.

"You get hit a lot, don't know?" I nodded. She kissed me.

"Are you OK here, for now?" She nodded.

"We actually love it here but we've never been to Japan."

"Don't leave here without Kana....promise me, goofball too." She smiled and nodded. Gerel walked up and kissed me.

"I'm sorry I hit you. I spoke with with Annie and I'm OK with going to Osaka, and she bit my shoulder before they both laughed.

"Go back and enjoy the party. I wish I could be there with you but I have too many places to be." They kissed me and nodded as I opened the mist, walked through, and rolled on to Gotland, and nothing.
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