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take me part 286
Posted:Sep 10, 2021 4:16 pm
Last Updated:Oct 21, 2021 8:14 pm

Yoshi joined Taiiko and I in our van because Jiro had a girlfriend in the village and Yoshi gave him time off. He told us and we chuckled. Even though they were Japanese Taiiko and Yoshi's people viewed sex the the girls, sacred, but natural. The were unashamed of their bodies. I thanked them for the boots because they were very comfortable and the ones I had waiting in Iceland had seen better days, even though they were good work boots.

"It's our pleasure love. We can thank you and give our community." I was confused.

"Thanks for what? I am your guest." They were both quiet before Yoshi spoke.

"And still you spend your time helping us, Daniel. You, at least me because I suspect my granddaughter is aligned with you, know that we must give, and help. What you did yesterday, and today, showed that I had forgotten that. Even though you don't speak our language, and this is your first visit, you understand our ways well of anyone. I would say it warranted a new pair of boots for your trip, since yours walked through fire." We laughed Taiiko drove us home. She parked and we got out. Yoshi went check things. I hugged Taiiko.

"I need make some calls the girls but also Denver. I've been lax in that. I also need say something that I don't find easy." She looked at me and nodded. "I need be with Chloe tomorrow night, and Annie the following." She was silent, waiting. "Chloe is the strongest of of them, even though she doesn't know it yet, but she has the gentlest heart. I thought Sara did but I was mistaken." Taiiko looked at , smiled and kissed .

"Then we won't waste the last of our time and I'll stay with Annie and Sara, and then Chloe and Sara, and get know my sisters. I understand Love and it makes happy that you care so deeply for us." I told her I would join her soon and help. Taiiko hugged and grabbed my balls and squeezed. "Very soon, Love." I called Sara.

"It's about time mister. How are you aside from Chloe?"

"I'm fine except I miss all of you."

"Join the club, mister. Are you bringing us something nice?" I told her I was and asked how Melissa was, and Jake and Emily." Melissa's wonderful, Daniel, and I so in love with that it hurts. It's the level I feel for you, but different. I can't quite explain it. We've been having a wonderful time. I've been spending a lot time with Ama and she's been talking with me about top secret things."


"Yep. Who knew I had abilities too?" I told her I did and she got very quiet. "Yeah. Jake and Emily are loving it , and are definitely having sex. We've talked with them and we've gotten the disgusted eye rolls, not much more that we can do except help with the baby if they aren't careful, but we wouldn't mind. Emily is spending time with me, Melissa and Ama. Ama adores her, and Jake is spending time with Haathguard. He's getting quite strong so you'll have some chopping do catch . Daniel, Chloe will be OK. Ever since Jake asked you be his dad, and she and I heard it, she melted. She had dreams of it being just the of you, which it is but she just has bonuses. I hope you aren't planning on marrying anyone else," she said laughing.

"I hadn't planned this just like I didn't plan it with Annie."

"Well, I'm looking forward it mister because I like having sisters, and Chloe and Annie pretty much OK too. They'll be over the moon inside forty minutes. It's different with because I have Melissa. Chloe and Annie have you. We miss you, but they really miss you. Dildo's are nice but it's not the and none of us like being apart. I need go sweets because we need talk with Ama. I'll tell Jake and Emily you love them and say hi. I love you Daniel." I wasn't sure what I had done in past lives deserve this but I was thankful. I called Annie.

"Hi Love, what's ?"

"We'll be there tomorrow afternoon/evening. We'll call from the airport. We're finishing things and we need do laundry, and pack. Does Ama have a cabin not too far from the lodge?" She was quiet.

"Yes, why?"

"I'd like you to get someone to get it ready, and stocked. I'd like to spend a night there with Chloe, and another with you so we can reconnect, alone. I'd like Chloe to go first. I've spoken with Taiiko and she understands." Silence. "Annie? Is that a problem?"

"No Love, I was just marveling at your instincts because it's the exact right thing to do, especially for Chloe right now. Thank you. She and I will get it ready. She'll love it and I'm sure it will lift her spirits. That was very wise Daniel and we can't wait to be with you. We are all looking forward to meeting Taiiko, even Chloe. There is a lot to discuss, love," I told her I knew, "but we can leave that until you get here. We love you mister and can't wait to bite you. She laughed and hung . I called Lieve but it went straight voicemail. I told her I loved her and that I was heading to Iceland the next day and would call her there and to say hi to Heather. I called Henry.

"Hello stranger, I'm putting you speaker because Sam is ." I said hi Sam. "How are things?" I told him complicated. "When isn't that the case with you." I laughed.

"There's a lot going and things are shifting pretty quickly and we'll need discuss them, of us but the phone isn't the place. It's nothing imminent but we'll need make decisions a family how move forward." Taiiko walked and hugged . "How are Billy and Ellen, and Bet and Javier?"

"They're fine. We'll let them know you said hi." I asked about Sabrina and Maggie and could feel them both smiling. "They're good. We need get back work because one of our workers is slacking in Japan. Call us from Iceland and give us a few more details." I told him I would. I hung and hugged Taiiko.

"Everything OK, love?"

"Yeah, just a lot of balls in the air." She nodded. I told her about the cabin and a night alone with Chloe and Annie and that we have a communal bed after that. Sara and Melissa are involved with each other. She looked at me and smiled.

"Daniel, I went to university in Europe so it won't the first time I've slept with women," she squeezed my hand. "I knew what I was getting into and I'm fine with it. You have more than enough love, sweets, now come . We need make love because I want you inside often we can before we leave. I'm ovulating." We walked inside and Taiiko led her room, closed the door and started undress before sitting the edge of the bed and getting her knees. She spread mine, grabbed my balls and starting licking and sucking them before moving my cock. It was obvious that she didn't mind some sweat either. It didn't take long for me get hard.

She stood and started to undress, which definitely would have gotten hard. She put both feet the bed, straddling , and lowered herself onto we both moaned because her weight was pushing inside and deep I could go. Taiiko wrapped her legs around my back and hips and squeezed she started grind, and rock. We were both moaning but neither of us tried go faster. We just stared into each other's eyes, through the mist of ecstasy. She started digging her nails deeper into my back, she leaned backward, pushed onto and moaned I released and shot into her. She kept grinding and rocking until I was now longer hard, which took longer than I thought, but it did with of these women. She leaned forward and bit me until I stood and she climbed off of . She kissed deeply and led into the bathroom and we took a quick shower. We dried each other and started to get dressed.

"We need to go help with lunch, and then with dinner. Grandfather is inviting everyone to join us, but in stages. I told him about you table and meal idea and he smiled. We walked to the kitchen holding hands Yoshi was walking in help.
take me part 285
Posted:Sep 9, 2021 8:36 pm
Last Updated:Sep 11, 2021 8:08 am

I looked at my phone and dreaded the I was about make because I knew I had hurt Chloe's heart, not intentionally but it didn't matter. We were all hurt, even Taiiko because she felt us, and loved us, but it was necessary. My life was much easier before I met Sara, and then the others but I wouldn't change it for the world. I called Chloe. She answered, which was either a good thing, or a bad thing.

"Hi Love."

"Hey sweets. I love you and I'm sorry that life is so complicated." Silence. She wasn't making it easy.

"Annie explained, and I do understand Daniel. I just wanted it be us," and she started crying, so I walked and let her finish. She blew nose. "I'm sorry, my heart and head are working it out. Annie said Taiiko is coming meet us. When will you be here?"

"We're leaving tomorrow morning. It's only 9- hours, but I'm not sure exactly when we leave. We're in the village delivering food. It's been hard for them and most of the pig from last night came here along with other stuff...two vans. I hate this Chloe but things are shifting. I think we are all feeling it. Annie told me about her conversation with Ama and while I'm not sure I completely trust Ama, Annie does and I trust Annie. She's known her for as long as she can remember. My love for you hasn't changed nor has how much I adore you." Taiiko walked up and hugged me.


"Of course goofball, the one thing I am really good at it is loving someone. I'm like the Grinch after he became nice." She laughed. "It'll be fine. We're apart now and none us like that."

"You got that right, mister. None us so you will be bitten by everyone except Jake." Taiiko held out her hand for the phone. She was not shy.

"We'll from the airport before we leave. Taiiko just walked up and would like say hi. I love you Chloe." I handed Taiiko the phone as she walked away.

"Hi Chloe. I'm Taiiko and I know this is exceedingly hard, especially for you, but Daniel is right. It was necessary, and it will be fine, and I am SO looking forward having sisters...." That was as much as I could hear. I walked around and found the park and started swing. I always like swing because it was relaxing, although it was getting scarier now that I was getting older. When I was I would swing so high that the chain would jolt as I dropped. Yoshi walked up and sat down.

"You haven't picked an easy path Daniel, none of you, but you have created a strong family in a short period of time. Life is never easy, but there are ebbs and flows and from what you and Taiiko did yesterday and today, I have no doubt that you'll do fine." Taiiko walked up and handed me the phone.

"I like her and we'll be great friends, and sisters. She'll be fine Love. I hope that eases your heart a ." I nodded. "We need get some things and see if they can salvage those boots, mister." I smiled as I stood up Taiiko took me hand, and we started walking. We got herbs, dried, and vegetables and fish. Yoshi said he'd meet us at the shoe store. Taiiko and I walked in and she smiled as she started speaking with the couple who owned it. "Take off your boots." I stared at her. "Don't be dense Daniel take you're boots off so he can look at them." She shook her head but kissed me anyway.

They spoke back and forth for awhile. Do you have other boots, or shoes, in Norway?" I nodded. I liked thrift stores and since I have very wide feet if I found boots that fit I would buy them because they were rarely over ten bucks on the half off day. Good he said he could resole them. These will be your fire pit boots because they aren't scared of hot coals and that will be your job now because Yoshi needs a break." I nodded and raised my hand. She smiled. "You don't need to raise your hand goofball."

"What am I going to wear to get home?" She smiled, and clapped.

"That's the fun part. They are going to take a drawing of your foot, and measurements of your feet, and make you a custom pair because your boots are only for pig roasts, and might last a year. In the meantime, pick something out that is comfortable." Yoshi came in, said hi, and sat down. I looked around. They had massed produced shoes, and boots, but what caught my eye was similar to Uggs. Taiiko walked up. "What size?" I told and she talked with him as I sat down. My head was kinda spinning.

"Do you like the village, Daniel?" I nodded and told him very much even though I was unsure how I was going to reconcile places in Denver, Iceland, Norway, and now Japan. "Everyone is very interested in you because they see how you are Taiiko are. You will need to learn Japanese." I looked at him and nodded as Taiiko walked up.

"Try these on love." I did and they felt comfortable. I moved my ankle and walked around. They felt great, which was surprising because that rarely happened. "Well?"

"They feel great, and are very comfortable."

"Great, but no cleaning out stalls in them. We have things to do, mister." She walked up to the counter with her checkbook and gave them a check and bowed. Both pair of boots will be ready by the time you and the girls get back. You can for those but these are our gift. I'm glad you like them. They look nice. Let's go have tea and something sweet, OK Yoshi?" He nodded and went the counter and spoke with them. Leave it me pick three of the hardest languages, because I going have learn Gaelic as well, that there are. I was either very smart, very stupid. We went the tea shop and walked in. It was obvious that everyone knew everyone. We had tea and some sort of delicious cookie that tasted like an almond cookie from childhood. They were amazing. Taiiko was gazing at me, and smiling.

"Can we get enough of these for everyone at home, and for later? These are wonderful. She kissed me, nodded, and walked the counter.

"It's impressive how you care for the people, your people. Marnine never did. It's important but Taiiko is right, no stall mucking until you get back." We both laughed as Taiiko came back and sat down.

"We should head back because we have laundry and we need pack, and there are things we can help with that won't require Daniel mess up his new boots." We all laughed as we got the box of cookies. It was a good day. I was going miss this place until we came back. I still had no idea how things were going play out, but I loved it here. The problem was that loved Denver and I was sure I would love both Iceland, and Norway. We headed home.
take me part 284
Posted:Sep 9, 2021 5:25 pm
Last Updated:Sep 9, 2021 6:15 pm

I shook my head and got dressed and was putting my boots on when when Taiiko walked in smiling and sat next to me on the bed. I had been thinking that there was a lot to do. She looked as good in work clothes as she did last night in a dirty kimono. She truly was exquisite. Yoshi was absolutely right. She kissed me and held my hand. "We need to get you some new boots, mister." I smiled. "I know this is harder on you, and my sisters, than me, and I am sorry, but it needed it to be done and I chose all of you. Dynamics are changing Daniel and none of can us lead our clans alone, especially not here. It won't be easy for you to master the dynamics, and especially hard here because you are gaijin to many people, but you will. We will. We all will." I took her head in my hands and kissed her. I moved to get up and she smiled. I want us to leave tomorrow morning. I called about a plane while I was in my room. Tonight I want you in my bed." I smiled and nodded. Annie was right, as much as I ached it was easier for me then them.

"Do you like eggs?" She looked at me totally confused, but nodded. "Good, I'm going to make us breakfast." Taiiko smiled, and clapped as she took my hand and we walked to the kitchen. Yoshi was there reading a paper and drinking tea. He looked at us over his glasses and smiled as Taiiko kissed him.

"Daniel is making us breakfast." I was already walking to the fridge.

"Is he? Excellent. I am glad to see you take your responsibilities seriously." He got up and made us more tea. "How did you both sleep?" We looked at him and he laughed. I now had another family, although they were all my family. It was odd.

"Sweets." Taiiko walked up and wrapped her arms around me. "Is that buttermilk?" She nodded. "Do you have a food processor?" She nodded as she looked at me confused. "Do you have have flour and baking powder?" She nodded. "I need them and a cookie sheet, parchment paper if you have it, and the largest frying pan you have." She nodded and stopped.

"Will a wok do?" I smiled, if you'll help me." She clapped and went to gather things as Yoshi watched us, smiling. I put the bacon from the pig that was slaughtered onto the cookie sheet and into the oven as I started to make buttermilk biscuits. Taiiko chopped onions, peppers, and mushroom and broke 18 eggs into a large mixing bowl and scrambled them. I put the dough on the butcher block. "What is that for, love?"

"My mom was from the south and we'd have buttermilk biscuits and buttermilk pancakes when I was a . I'm making biscuits because they are great with bacon, ham, or sausage. Do you have jam, or honey?" She nodded and kissed me as she went to get it. I checked the bacon. The woman I had met yesterday, whose name I couldn't say walked in and stared at us. This was her domain. Taiiko walked up and spoke gently to her and motioned for her to sit and poured her a cup of tea. She looked at Yoshi. He smiled and shrugged and handed her some of the paper. I turned the bacon and put it on the second rack and put the biscuits in as Taiiko started making the eggs.

Yoshi heated water and made more tea as some people started to come in. They all stared. I motioned for them to sit. Luckily not everyone ate breakfast but there was close to a dozen folks. They were laughing and talking even though I no idea what they were saying but they were happy, which is what I wanted. I kissed Taiiko as I held the platter and she removed the eggs. She took it and put it on the table and said something as I removed the biscuits, and bacon. She hugged me. "I told them that you made them a southern breakfast from America." I would need to get grits. We transferred the biscuits, and bacon, on to platters and set them on the table as everyone started eating and more people walked in. Taiiko made us small plate, which we shared. She looked up at me and I nodded. We were already in sync. They would work much harder than us but that would be changing once we all got back. I wasn't surprised by the eggs and bacon, but they devoured the biscuits. I would have to make a double batch next time, at least.

Taiiko and I did the pans and she showed me how to care for a wok. People we smiling, saying thank you, and bowing as they went to work. There was nothing left as Taiiko and I started to clear the table. The older lady shook her head and told us to sit. "She said that it was very good and she liked the biscuits." I smiled and bowed. Yoshi folded his paper and poured us tea.

"It was a very good breakfast. Thank you for that, both of you. Enjoy your tea and I'll be back shortly." We nodded.

"How do you know how to make buttermilk biscuits. I told her some about my mom and none my brothers weren't all that interested, but I was, and how I got almost everything, including recipes, even though I didn't make them very often." She held my because she could feel the melancholy I still felt.

"I need to learn Japanese, and Norwegian." She nodded. "I am also going to call my cousin about another ring." She smiled, took my hand and stood up. She said something and bowed as she led me to her room and sat me on the bed. She grabbed box and sat next to me. "You don't need a ring Love," as she opened it and pulled out a fabric bundle and set the box aside. She unwrapped it. "This was my great-grandmother's wedding ring, my mom used this with my dad. Yoshi wanted to buy a ring too but my grandmom wanted this one, and so do I. The pearls are enough because I adore them, in case you can't tell. I also have my mom's wedding dress." She wrapped the ring back up and put it in the box. "We should go." Before I stood I asked if there was a wood working shop. She nodded. "Why, love"

"We need a bigger table, and benches, because we are going to start sharing meals...all of us." She had tears in her eyes as she bit me and then said we needed to go. We walked onto the porch as Jiro and Yoshi were walking up. We said hi as we walked down the steps.

"Are you ready? There is a shop in the village that makes excellent custom boots. We'll stop there but yours stood up well. We'll see if they can resole them." I nodded. Yoshi threw keys to keys Taiiko. "You know where we are going?" She said hai. I went with her and Jiro went with Yoshi.

Taiiko kissed me before we got into the van. "I am so excited for you to see the village. It's wonderful, and lovely, but it's been a tough year." She started the van and followed Yoshi. "We help as much as we can, all of us do because they are our greater family so we are responsible to help as we can. We have a great deal of forest land and we all hunt on it, with in reason. Life is balance, like nature. We process the game and have been taking that in for the community to share, same with our gardens, that is why it was so moving what you did yesterday. They have the hardest job right now because they need more workers. We have day help come from the village but people don't want to work if they aren't getting paid."

"Not even if they are the ones receiving the benefits?"

"People are odd, Daniel. It's a fine line. Most people have their own plots in town but it takes a lot to feed a village. There aren't easy solutions at the moment, in many places. We try not to judge, but instead help. A gift is a gift. There should be no expectations. It's the way I was." I was quiet for a bit.

"You'll be a good mother, Taiiko." She looked at me and smiled. We pulled in the community center and both Yoshi and Taiiko backed up to the loading area and we got out. Yoshi handed me gloves and we started to unload boxes and bags of various things, and numerous people came out, bowed, and started carrying things inside as we kept unloading extra produce and jars of various things. I loved this way of life because it preserved the bounty Gaia provided. We pulled crates of pork, hams and bacon from earlier, and the dried skin along with the head, the only thing not there was the squeal. I looked at Taiiko as we lifted the head onto the dock. She laughed.

"It's a sign of respect, Daniel. Some of the best meat is on the head but it will be cooked down and used in many ways. It's surprising how many meals can come from that one head. There will be a communal meal and we would be invited, but we'll be in Iceland. Come on." She took my hand and walked me up the stairs and inside. "I've been coming here since I was little, probably even before I can remember. They use to have fall and winter dances in here because it can't get cold. There is park not far from here where they would hold them in the spring and summer. They were good times. They still are good times, just harder. I need to speak with a few people and then we can walk around town and see about your boots." I told her I needed to call Chloe. She nodded and kissed me. I started walking.
take me part 283
Posted:Sep 8, 2021 8:40 pm
Last Updated:Sep 9, 2021 5:25 pm

Taiiko and I feel asleep in each other's arms after making love. I was trying not think of Chloe. Sara and I met first, but Sara is Sara, which is why she with Melissa now. Annie, Chloe, and I remained together even though we are together. Annie understood but I knew it would hit Chloe hard, at least for a time. Taiiko and I slept soundly until Joseph walked up, and sat on the side of the bed.

"How many wives do you need, Daniel? You don't choose badly, but all the same ." He smiled.

"Bastard!" I asked him if we were in a dream, he nodded.

"You're an asshole Joseph, and I mean that. I can't wait until I can actually hit you." He laughed. "What do you ?"

"Jokes aside, lad, you did well bonding with Taiiko, and it looks it's mutual. Chloe will understand, but you will be hit, and hard." I nodded. "Ama didn't tell Annie about Roan, because she is... her sister, and biased. You did well in your choices of gifts. I was impressed, and maybe the tree could chip away enough of Roan's shell, but you shouldn't count on it. She would rather see all of you dead, along with Taiiko. Don't underestimate her."

"How are you?"

"How the fuck do you think I am, Joseph!" He laughed.

"Good. Things are going be somewhat intense." I stared at him. "I know, right. You are only partially involved in what is going on because you aren't married, and you can't get married earlier because the date was set and people have plans. It's a conundrum you have to deal with, even though it sucks. Look on the bright side, you could be marrying five women."

I swung as he disappeared, and laughed. I went outside and called Annie,


'Yes, I'm sorry because I have no idea what time it is. I hate being separated from you. We need to tal"

"Is it done?" I was silent as I lowered my head.

"Yes." Silence. I knew Annie's heart hurt like mine, but she knew what I knew, the tribe first.

"How's Chloe?" I knew Sara would be fine, Chloe was an open question."

"Upset, expect get hit, but she understands. Chloe wanted you to herself, which I suppose we all did, but our lives didn't care, so we adapted. She'll be fine, even though your balls may hurt. Why did you call?

"Joseph came to me in a dream and he said something. He said that we were only partially involved because we weren't married. Is there any way to get more information from them since we'll be dealing with it?" Taiiko walked out and sat on my lap. "I'm putting you on speaker because Taiiko is here. This is Annie." She took the phone.

"Hi Annie, I met you when I was younger and my mother was alive." Annie was quiet.

"That's right, sweets, and apparently life isn't getting happier. How are you?"

"Good. We are excited for all of you to come and stay. I am coming with Daniel to meet my sisters. I can't stay long, but we'll be back for the ceremony.

"Are you?" That is wonderful, Taiiko. We can't wait to see you, and since you are there, you might as well finish our conversation with us, because it involves you, love. Go on Love."

"We don't have the information Annie. I understand that things are opaque with your family, but can you talk with Ma', or Ama, and ask them about it? We need as much information as we can get.

"I'll ask, and push, but I think they are the only only ones who know, and they don't share for some reason, Daniel, but I'll try, maybe Ama but I doubt it".

"Annie, we have to take food to the village down the road from us, and then we are on our way so we need to sleep." Annie didn't didn't take the bait, and I was glad. I would have enough to deal with when I saw Chloe.

"How did he do with the gifts, Taiiko? Daniel, stay out if."

Taiiko was smiling as she touched her pearls. "He did well, Annie, you'll be happy."

"And the trees for my family?" Silence

"Annie, my grandfather has been doing Bonsai for I'm not sure how long, but a lot longer than I've been alive. Time is weird with us. Anyway, Yoshi sold Daniel... for you... trees he wouldn't have. He did it because of Daniel, and because of you, that's I can say. I'm sorry, but I'm taking Daniel back to bed. We'll call you after we leave for town. I know it sucks, love, and I am sorry." She handed me the phone and started to walk inside.

"I hate this Annie."

'WE all hate this Daniel, but it'll be O She needs to be pregnant Daniel, it's the way it works. I'll deal with Chloe, until she hits you. Sara is just excited to meet her sister. This isn't easy, Taiiko, but we are family, and it's necessary. Don't hurt him."

"I can't promise that, Annie. We love you and will call tomorrow." She hung and bit hard. "We are leaving all that and you are making love as many times as you can, then we deal with the village, which we must, and then we go to meet my new come inside and make love to me, multiple. times. We did, and drifted of to sleep in each others' arms. We woke several times throughout the night and made love. We didn't fuc It was about one thing, we tried to make it as enjoyable as possible, and it was.

I woke and Taiiko was gone. Dawn was breaking. I yawned, and stretched, as I walked into the bathroom and Taiiko stared at, in horror, i was still tired and started brushing my teeth. "DANIEL! I'm on the toilet, in case you hadn't noticed." I told her I had. "I'm pooping!" I nodded as I spit out my toothpaste, and turned the shower. She huffed as I got in. Taiiko wiped and got in and looked at me as shampoo was streaming in my eyes. I closed the doors as she bit me. She let go as I started bathing her and she leaned against the wall. i washed her, including her bum, and stuck my finger in and moved it around, which took her by surprise even though she didn't stop me. I finished cleaning us and was kissing her shoulders, and back as I rubbed her pussy.

"You walked in when I was pooping, mister!" Taiiko started moan. "You plan doing that regularly?"

"Only if you're pooping, love. It's not like I plan it."

"You don't mind?" I wasn't even sure if Taiiko had been with a man. I figured she had because was in college, but she hadn't since she moved home.

"Sweet's, we're bonded. We just made love three times last night and I'm about to fuck you now. I just cleaned your butt. I don't care. Poop is poop." She turned and looked at me and I pushed into her, again as I rubbed her clit and squeezed her nipples. She was trying to grabbed the wall, but couldn't so she pushed her face into it, reached around, grabbed me, and pulled me into her. I pushed against the outer side of her vagina, as I rubbed her clit. Taiiko was starting growl, so I pushed harder and she squeezed harder. I was ready to come when she stopped, shuddered, and came all over us she moaned. I didn't stop but it wasn't long until I came deep inside her.

Taiiko's face was still against the tile, her hands on it as well, as I held her, massaged her breasts, and her belly, butt and legs. I stayed inside her until I wasn't hard, kissing her back and shoulders the entire time. I came out of her, as most of me came out of her as well. I bit her on the neck as I washed it away, and then washed her legs. I stood as the shower was beating her head, and water was running down her face. Taiiko looked at me, pushed against the wall, she grabbed my balls, squeezed, and pulled. What was it with these women and my balls?

She kissed me as we got out and dried each other. We finished getting ready, and kidding with each, as any couple would. We walked into the bedroom and Taiiko got a comb out her bag. "This was my mother's, and grandmother's, and my great-grandmother's. I am not sure beyond that because they are all gone. Please comb my hair." I did. Her hair was amazing but my combing her hair wasn't about that, it was about her mom, and her grandma, and great-grandma. Taiiko smiled and stopped me. "You'll do fine with our daughters. Thank you, that was wonderful. She got up, in a towel, walked out to her room to get dressed.

"Wait....what? Daughters?
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take me part 282
Posted:Sep 8, 2021 4:47 pm
Last Updated:Sep 8, 2021 5:32 pm

I followed Taiiko as she ran to Yoshi and showed him the pearls. I stopped, and watched, as she handed him the case and he smiled, nodded. She clapped, turned, and lifted her hair as Yoshi dropped the case and put the pearls on his granddaughter. She turned to him and he smiled as he kissed her cheek, and hugged her. Everyone was watching them, and more than a few were looking at me, which I hated. Taiiko waved, and I walked up as she hugged and kissed me.

"They look beautiful on you Love." She smiled. She grabbed my hand saying we needed to show people before they left. In for a penny, in for a pound. I knew this was going to be the hardest on Chloe, and it broke my heart, but Annie was right. We were in the middle of a geo-politico chess game, and we were somehow in charge, or soon to be. The only things we had going for us was that Marnine had brutalized them, which was terrible, but they also didn't know about me, and Annie and I were about to be married. In their world, they waited to see because I had killed Marnine and rid them of that tyranny. They were waiting to see. The one thing that was clear, was that EVERYONE knew who I was, which I hated.

I swallowed, squeezed Taiiko's hand and we mingled. I wished I was hot, sweaty, dirty, and pounding metal...or cutting wood. It was then that I remembered Joseph telling me that I would have to let go of things that I loved. Taiiko and I spent the rest of the night, mingling. Everyone knew what it meant, and they weren't saddened by it because Taiiko was beloved. Word spread about what we did at the barn, which I figured was a plus. I had no idea, all I knew was that I did love Taiiko, and I trusted Annie. I would have to deal with Chloe when I got to Iceland.

Yoshi was saying goodbye to the remaining guests as Taiiko and I started picking up plates,with the others doing the same. Yoshi came to help us and Taiiko admonished him in Japanese. He nodded, smiled, and went inside to his study. I looked at her. "He wanted to help and I told him no, he had done enough, that this was our job, which it is." I nodded as we continued picking up plates and glasses, and laughing with everyone.

I've always like washing dishes, so I washed as the others were waiting to dry, including Taiiko. She put some music on that I couldn't understand, but they all did, and liked, so I washed. I hoped Gaia could help me with languages because I was going to need it. We all finished cleaning and Taiiko said something, which I figured was praise, and thanks, and they hugged us and left. She walked up to me, hugged me, and bite my chest before looking up at me and smiling.

"You know things have changed, right? I nodded. "I am going with you to Iceland to see my sisters, and to meet Ama in person. I've only spoken with her in my dreams. Sadly, I can't stay long because my place is here until you all return We will prepare. The worlds are shifting Daniel, and it might be because of you, but it's time. We'll be there for the ceremony, all the clans will, just as they will for us. They are looking to see who will lead, our family will show them. I am so excited to meet my sisters." I told they would adore her as she smiled and hugged me. I couldn't imagine the pain she must have endured being so isolated and alone.

She lifted on her toes, kissed me, and said, "We need to bath, and go to bed because nine means six to Yoshi, and he will notice." We walked to the rooms. "I need to get some things but run us a bath, Love." We were already mated. I was already naked as Taiiko walked in. "You are only partially Japanese, Daniel." She looked at me and smiled, which I took as a good sign.

I was decent to look at, and larger than average. I never thought about it, and no one else seemed to mind. Taiiko, was taller than average, maybe 5'7", and strong because of Yoshi. She had long black hair, which was gorgeous, and smaller breasts. All these women, as lovely as they were, shared one trait, other than beauty, and that was their bums and hips a bit wider. I hadn't noticed until Taiiko started undressing, that, and none of them were shaved. I didn't mind either.

I watched Taiiko undress and started getting hard, very hard, as she smiled and continued. I walked up. Her eyes were misty, longing. She knelt and put the head of my cock in her mouth and started sucking as I grabbed her hair until I was close and stopped her. She looked up at me as I lifted her and knelt before her. I separated the lips of her pussy and started lick toward her clit which was starting to un-hide itself. She grabbed my hair and pushed my face hard into her. She was strong. I focused on that, licking and sucking. I put two fingers inside her, touched her g-spot, she shuddered, and came. I kept licking until she pulled my head away and pulled me up to her, and kissed me with lust in her eyes. She wanted to make love. I led her to the bath and we stepped in and washed each, as we smiled.

We dried each other, brushed our teeth, and walked into the bedroom. I turned the bed down as Taiiko got candles out, and some incense, When she was done she climbed on top of me and smiled. We didn't need words. We touched each the, sucked each other, licked each other until she climbed on me again, straddling my hips, and reached between her legs to put my cock into her. I pushed. It didn't take much. We weren't trying to fuck. We were making love. Our eyes were the same because we were both coming but trying to time it. Taiiko closed her eyes and shuddered as I pushed into her, and groaned. It was probably when we became pregnant, but we wouldn't know for weeks. We fell asleep in each others' arms, and that was when the dreams started.
take me part 281
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We startled each other and laughed, then hugged. "Is everything OK, Daniel?"

"More or less Taiiko, lets find your grandfather." She smiled. I kissed her and took her handed as we walked outside. "Thank you for helping me today." She nodded.

"Thank you for helping me, us. My grandfather likes you very much. I can tell by your energy when you are together. There is a link of some kind." I had felt it too, and knew Yoshi had. I didn't know if that was the reason my world was getting upended, but it wouldn't be the first time. "It's interesting because he doesn't take to too many strangers but he took to you right away, but then so did I." She squeezed my hand before putting her arm around me. I wasn't sure if it was an obvious thing, I doubted it because Taiiko wasn't full of guile. I thought we were all feeling the same push from Gaia without being aware and we were responding to that pulse. Taiiko and I walked into the party and the reactions of the people almost made me turn around, instead I thought, Holy Crap! She took me hand and introduced me to her family, friends, and neighbors. I could feel Yoshi watching us.

I preferred being with the few people I cared about, which was growing by the minute, or alone, apparently that was changing. Taiiko introduced me to everyone, because she had grown up with most of these people, the same way Chloe, Janey, and Sara had in Denver, and I suspect Annie and Roan had in Norway. I didn't understand what they were saying but Taiiko would translate. I did a lot of bowing and and smiling but I kept looking over my shoulder because we were getting ready to eat. Taiiko took me aside. "What is it love." I kissed her because I understood what Ama, and Annie were saying but I was still getting hit when I got to Iceland. In for a penny, in for a pound.

"Do you have a large serving tray." She looked at me oddly but nodded and took my hand as we walked into the kitchen. The women who cooked the meal were in there and Taiiko asked if there was very large serving tray. They nodded and one of them got it out. Everyone one us confused. "You have to share with me if am to help you Daniel." I told her I wanted to take food for to the workers at the barn and gardens. She kissed me flat out and started speaking quickly as the women grabbed plates and filled them and put them on the try with everything that they needed. Taiiko walked to the cupboard and got the box of the remaining donuts I brought. Yoshi walked in and saw what we were doing and smiled and said not to leave. He came back with a crock of sake and cups and put them in the middle of the tray. He told the ladies to join the party, I assumed because they all smiled and walked out front.

"Help him Taiiko, so he doesn't drop the tray. It's a not a short way. Come back as soon as you can. Tell them to leave the garden except what has to picked this evening and then to join us. He patted me on the back and walked back out front to the guests. I carried the tray until I felt unsteady and then Taiiko lifted one side and we walked to the barn. If this was going to be my life across multiple clans, then I was going to do it on my terms whether it ruffled feathers, or not. Taiiko and I walked the rest of the way to the barn and waited by the garden.

"Go tell them we're here, love, and to bring a table. She let go and ran. I had never let go of the full, but I did taper when Taiiko started helping. They all ran out with tables, and benches, took the tray from me and set it down. I wasn't sorry for that because it was heavy and in the same position for a long time. Taiiko spoke to them. I didn't need to understand the language to know what she told them.They were happy. We ate with them, enough to be present because they had worked hard all day. They poured sake and opened the box and screamed as one person cleaned of a plate and another grabbed a knife and cut it into pieces. We shook our heads.

The person in charge told them to finish their jobs and then join the party. We split between the barn and the garden. Taiiko gleaned ripe produce and I mucked out the remaining stalls as the others fed the animals. It wasn't my first time and I loved it. I did the best I could to not get overly dirty, as did Taiiko, and we failed miserably. I put the manure fork up and walked out as Taiiko was walking toward me and we started to laugh because we were a mess, but happy. We went to the sink and washed our hands and faces. She said something and they smiled and nodded. We walked past the tray so I figured that was it. She took my hand and leaned into me as we walked.

"Daniel. I'm falling in love with you." I told her I was doing the same. She held my hand in silence as we walked back to the party. Yoshi walked up and and laughed, as he hugged both us, and nodded.

"I need to go into to town and get some shoes because I'm pretty sure these are ruined. Luckily the Japanese took them off before they entered the house.

"We can salvage them Daniel, but we do need to take the left over food me, and Taiiko and a couple of others because there is a lot that was donated. It's already in the vans since it's going to the same place. We leave at nine so be ready." He stared at both of us, smiled, and walked away. We looked at each other.

"Are you hungry, sweets?" I told her yes but I needed to speak with Yoshi first and would be back.

"I had fun at the barn. I'll be back soon and we can eat more and mingle." She grabbed me by hair and kissed me.

"You are an unusual man, Daniel. Come back quickly because I miss you already." Jesus Christ Gaia worked quickly. I walked to Yoshi.

"Can we speak?" He nodded, excused himself and we went inside to his study. He motioned for me to sit as he poured us sake.

"Ama was right, your instincts on how to deal with people are amazing, and anathema to Marnine. She actually might be right about you. Here. What you and Taiiko did was honorable, What I did was a shameful and oversight on my part, but you both made it right with tremendous grace. Thank you." I nodded. "You wanted to speak with me?" I drank my sake and extended my cup. He smiled, and poured more. Yoshi knew exactly what I was going through because he had been through it, but he was going to let me deal all the same.

"I am new to your ways, your world, but I fit here better. I had no problem that Annie, Chloe, Sara, and I being pregnant and getting married. It made sense to us. Everyone else came around, or they didn't, it was done. I didn't care what they thought. I'm a simple man Yoshi, which is why I like here so much, and why I miss my shop. It grounds me, and centers me so that I think clearly. Marnine came to me in a dream on the flight over and said I would never be a good a leader because I didn't know what it meant.

I know what it takes to be a good a leader, and it's not what Marnine did. I'll give her that she kept violence from exploding, but she did it through fear and pain...that isn't me. Everyone seems to think I am someone special but I'd rather pound metal Yoshi." He smiled and poured another cup, they weren't very large but it was also one hundred year sake. I set my cup down and breathed. I couldn't believe I was so scared. Fuck it.

"Yoshi, I would like your blessing to marry Taiiko. I know I am marrying other women, but I have enough love for all of them and they will all be favorites. I can promise you that. Ama spoke with Annie earlier, and I trust Annie. She is the one who told me, and it wasn't easy for either of us, but I do love your granddaughter and we need to keep the clans together. I wanted to speak with you first because I remember some of the old ways, not all were good, but some were." I drank my sake.

"The answer to your question, Daniel, is yes, I will marry you and I will be fine with sisters because I have never had them." She walked around and knelt in front of me, and looked at me, squinting her eyes as if she was trying see something that she couldn't. She held my hand. I am grateful for the respect you showed my grandfather, and the people at the barn. I don't need to know anything other than that to say yes." Henry left and closed the door as Taiiko climbed onto my lap, kissed me, and then bit my neck muscle. I exhaled and bit her as well as she dug her nails into my shoulders. I wasn't sure how long we bit each other, but we licked the blood away and the wound started to heal. She kissed me and said we needed to go back out, I nodded..

"Can I have your key?" She looked at me, oddly. "For the closet, goofball." She smiled and handed it to me. I opened the door and the bag with the pearls, looked through the four cases on top until I found it. I closed the bag, and closed and locked the closet, and handed her the keys, and the case. She stared at me. "I'm an unconscious competent..... I do the right things even if I may not know I am. I but these aside for you, now I know." She looked at the case and opened it and started crying. She dug herself into me and bit me me again. I was use to it at this point.

She kissed me and said, "Daniel, of all them, that is the one I loved. I liked the last one I picked because it is an investment, but I wanted the one you gave me." I told her I knew, even though I didn't at the time.


"You squeezed my hand when you saw it. It was the only time."

"I need to go show Yoshi." She bit my neck and ran outside. Her and Sara were going to be best friends. I picked up the keys she dropped and followed her, smiling. Yoshi was the only elder she had and her instinct was to run to him. He smiled as she showed him the pearls. The were nice, and fit her, now I need to call Kimberly to at least ask about another ring, since she was family, otherwise I would ask Yoshi. I didn't care because I felt like Gaia was bringing us home. I was only partly right.
take me part 280
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"Hi Annie."

"I've been helping with with pig roast and just finished chopping and canning vegetables with Taiiko and now I'm going to look at at gifts. I picked out the trees though. Yoshi was very generous because I don't think he wanted to sell them. They're amazing." Taiiko motioned that she would leave and I shook my head. Annie was excited about the trees

"Not now Sara, this is important. Daniel will call you later. SARA!" Annie growled so something was up. "The gifts are important Love so do that but call me afterward. We need to talk. It's important. We Love you sweets." I was disconcerted by that but it would just be one more thing in a string of things, kinda like the pearls I was about to look at.

"Taiiko, please come with me." I lead her to my room and walked in, she followed but stared at me. I wasn't thinking. I was focused. I reached into my bag and took out the bit coin information, turned and walked up to her. "Are you OK?" She nodded and smiled as I handed her the information. This the bitcoin information, can check into it and meet us to look at pearls." She smiled, nodded, and kissed me on the lips as she ran off. I didn't think anything about it because they all kissed on the lips. I walked to the front porch and apologized, sat down, and said hello.

We nodded and he started opening cases. They were all stunning but I knew nothing about pearls so I started to draw on Gaia as I did with the gems when Yoshi stood up. "I need to help because our guests will be here soon Daniel, but you are in good hands. Taiiko is better suited to this that I am." He smiled, kissed his granddaughter on the cheek and bowed to the gentleman with the pearls. I nodded as Taiiko took my hand and we looked at pearls.

These were Japanese Ayoka pearls, and not Tahitian. There was one that caught my eye immediately because the pearls were more silver to white than the rest, and were larger. I set those aside and started touching each strand, it would have been impossible not to. There was one strand that was on the smaller size scale and I took that and put it aside. The others seemed to be close in size, which was good, but the colors varied from milky white to beige to light pink. There was one that was slightly larger and darker pink and I set that aside as I looked the rest. I had my twelve and I turned to Taiiko who was watching me intently.

"May I?" I nodded and said of course. "You have an excellent eye, or sense. I would suggest that you trade this, for this one, and then trade this one of this. She reached into the case and pulled one out that I hadn't noticed and put it with the three I had set aside. You should get this one as well." She leaned into me and with her left hand she went from the second on the right and swiped her hand in the air above them to the left. "These will meet your needs, but this one," she pointed to the one on the far right that she picked out, "that one is an investment. You have the bitcoin if you want to do it." I nodded.

"Ask if he takes bitcoin and tell him I'll take all of these we've chose, and ask if he has cases for them." She kissed me and clapped as she started speaking in Japanese. She was like Sara in many ways.

"It came to just under $18,000 with tax, but they will not go down in value because they are getting harder find in this quality. He wanted to charge you for the cases but I told him no." He smiled, nodded, and got the cases, said thank you and left. Taiiko looked at me as she squeezed my hand. "You are quite unusual Daniel-san. I'll be right back." She set a leather bag on the table and started to load the majority of cases in it and then leaned across me as she grabbed the other four and placed them on top and closed the bag. "I'll be back. I'm going to put these in the locked closet my grandfather's study. He and I are the only ones who have keys, and then I understand we're looking at Tsuge combs". She smiled and walked out as Yoshi walked up.

"Is Taiiko taking good care of you?" I smiled and told him she was a big help. "Excellent. The lady who has the combs is here and will be in a couple of minutes." Taiiko walked up and kissed Yoshi on the cheek.

"I put the pearls in your closet." He nodded.

"He chose well?" She got a huge smile and nodded and said with a couple of exceptions as she looked at me, smiling. The woman walked onto the porch and bowed as Yoshi made introductions, and left again and we did the same thing, only with combs and Taiiko was holding my hand. She showed them to us, and they were wonderful, each of them unique.

"These are older combs, Daniel, and not mass produced, so they are more expensive but they will last longer more than a century. These combs are passed from grandmother's to granddaughters, and beyond. What you need?"

"I think twenty four should be enough." She stared me. "There are a lot of females and I'm not about to be one short." She laughed, hugged me, and kissed me deeply.

"You are not dumb, that is good." She spoke to the woman, back and forth. It was obvious they were negotiating. She said she would give us a twenty percent discount if we buy all thirty of her combs." I asked if she thought these combs were suitable. She hugged me and said yes, so I said I trust her. She spoke to the woman and said she be right back. The lady slide the combs and the cases toward me, smiled, and bowed. I smiled and bowed at her as Taiiko ran up with a check handed it to her bowed. "Domo arigato." Taiiko said something else and the woman smiled and nodded and walked to the yard where Yoshi was. The guests were starting to arrive.

"Grab that love and follow me. I paid her for the boxes but they hold the combs nicely and you have plenty of bitcoin. How do you have so much?" I told her it was a long story and that I didn't trust bitcoin. "You and Yoshi are the same. I can remember my mom, and my grandmother, smile and shake their head him, much as I do now, but he created this, with the help of others."

We walked into the house and into Yoshi's study and set the combs in the closet with the pearls. "We invited her to eat with us. Everyone loves these roasts. They are a popular place to reconnect and make new friends. She was very happy."

"May I ask you a question?" She said of course as we sat on the couch. "Why didn't you negotiate with the man who had the pearls?"

"It would have been disrespectful, and was unnecessary because they were fair prices for the quality. You don't speak Japanese, and my grandfather wasn't there, and it would have been unseemly for me to negotiate for you, so I let him think that we were buying them, together. He knows us, he knows me, and is aware of our knowledge. I wouldn't let him cheat us, and he knew it. Was that OK?" I smiled and nodded.

"Of course, love, I was just curious." She kissed me.

"I need to get ready, and so do you mister because you smell smell of smoke and brine. I don't hate it but I would like to smell your natural scent, unmasked. We have an hour. Call Annie and bathe." She walked out and it dawned on me that something was going. I can be dense and not see the forest for the trees. I went into my room and called Annie as I ran a bath and got undressed.

"Hi Love. How did it go?"


"You aren't going to tell me anything, are you?"


"Seriously?" I laughed.

"I found your mom's necklace...."

"Wait, what? I thought you were getting Roan one."

"I changed my mind on my way here, and after being here. I decided to get your sister a Rowan tree from Yoshi instead, because it's her namesake." Annie was quiet. "I got a better strand for your mom because that's where the respect lies. I thought if I got Roan a truly personal gift, but nice, it might chip into her animosity. I got Ama birch, because...."

"Because Iceland was covered in them at one time."

"Yeah, and I love birch." She laughed. "I also got an Ash, that is almost 25 years old for the clans because...."

"Because of Yggdrasil."

"Yes, but the Ash is scared everywhere it is. I only sense what is going on but wanted to try and have our wedding unite, rather than divide. Hold on, I'm getting in the bath. Taiiko said I smelled and there are guests. I do because it was quite the day. Anyway, I thought the Ash would be a gesture everyone could respect." She was silent.

"You continue to amaze me, mister. Those are excellent gifts, and I suspect you would be able to buy my Da' one. What about the others?" I wasn't falling for it.

"Those I won't tell about, young lady." She growled. "How are Jake and Emily and have you spoken with people in Denver?"

"Chloe and Sara spoke with Henry, and I listened. Everything is fine. Lieve and Heather are an item and living together in the shop. Heather is helping at the shop and Lieve is training with Deat. It sounds like she loves it, and is happy. Henry said her and Heather are like two peas in a pod. I don't know much about Bet and Javier other than they are OK. Chloe's going to call both Bet and Maggie tomorrow. Your uncle Billy and Ellen are back and staying at Chloe's because they are still working on Sara's. You sure know how to make a mess, I'll give you that.

Jake and Ellen are fine. Jake works with Haathguard and Emily is finishing up her semester but she's been spending most of her extra time with Ama and Sara. Ama and Sara spend most of their time together. Ama is working with her and teaching her something, but I'm sure what. You should know that Jake and Emily are sleeping together. We've spoken to them both about condoms, and I told Emily I would take her into Reykjavik to get something. They both rolled their eyes. You weren't here and we all discussed it and figured it wouldn't be stopped. We are pretty sure they are in love, and not lust. There is a difference and our ways are different."

"Tell both of them that I want to speak with them when I get back, and to call me. It's like trying herd cats to get a hold of them." She laughed and said she would.

"Do you like it there Daniel?"

"Very much, Annie."

"Good, because it's going to make what I am about to tell you easier, especially after this call because I think you will understand, even though none of us will like it immediately, except Sara. I had multi-hour walk and talk with Ama early this morning and she filled me in on happenings. It seems that things are shifting faster than we thought, than she thought, they would. We can't move the ceremony up, and we don't elope, so we are here until just before the weddings."

"OK, Yoshi told me that Ama was going to help me connect with Gaia before all of us coming back here and staying with him for awhile, and then he would start teaching me."

"Yoshi said that?" I told her yes.

"There's more, and this is the part that none of us are going to like, although you'll enjoy it more than us." I was confused. "There's conflict among the clans. In our people, the power flows through the females, but we all have mates and we rule together. It's complicated, Pagans are nothing if not complicated. My Ma' as been head of our clans since Da' died, but the wolves are circling because of us, and Chloe, and Sara. That is why Denver happened. There wasn't conflict but that was because of Marnine, but no one liked her, but she was brutal, and effective. things are beginning to splinter. Ma' is turning her authority to our clans, because there are many aligned, to me, to us, after we are married, but dynamics are shifting according to Ama, and we may have to adapt, at least for a time."

"Yoshi said you were safe."

"We are love, here in Iceland, but it's doubtful we would be in Norway after the weddings. There's more, Love, when we bit each other you walked into a world you didn't understand yet. Your world is pretty easy to grasp, but ours isn't for someone new to us. You've done very well, aside from almost dying three times, but the clans are different. We work from power, and numbers. My Ma' has done well holding our coalition together. There are only a few old clans. Ours is one, and Yoshi's, and there are a few more. They hold power by being who they are."

"I'm confused Annie."

"I know love, but I wanted you to understand a bit about us for what I am about to say. You and I, and Chloe and Sara because we are marrying each other, have roles, and responsibilities greater than our want's, or preferences.... whether we like it, or not. It comes with our roles."


"I want you to be completely honest with me, Love, If you had not met us. Would you want to bite Taiiko?" I knew what she was asking. I wasn't sure how, but I did."


"I think Yoshi already knows this. I think you knew it before all of us even though you had no idea, and I suspect Ama, or Joseph, will come to you tonight. You and Taiiko have to become mates, and all that entails. I know that bothers you like it does us, but the clan, the family, comes first. We aren't in those roles yet, formally, but we are in them sweets. You and Taiiko have to bite each, and consummate, and then tell Yoshi. They are aligned with us but Taiiko needs a mate, and both Yoshi and Ama know that. Did he make you do things?"


"Did you succeeded? I told her yes. "I know this blunt Daniel, but it's important. I'll explain it to Chloe and Sara. It'll take Sara maybe thirty seconds until she'll be happy to have another sister, and she'll love Taiiko, as I am sure you are beginning to. It's OK Daniel but there is a power struggle. We haven't fought for a thousand years, and few of us want that, but there are some that do. I'm sorry Love, but you had to know. I hope i didn't ruin the party. I adore you. I wish we weren't on the phone. Taiiko will understand what it means, none of us will like it in the beginning, but we will, as you, me, Chloe, and Sara have. This is strategy for both our clans Daniel, because both of us have numerous smaller ones aligned with us."

I told her the same and we hung up. I finished bathing and washing what hair I kept on my head. It was a pain. I shaved, brushed and was about to put on deodorant when I remembered what Taiiko said about my scent, so I left it and got dressed, thank God I had another of pair shoes. I opened the door and Taiiko was about to knock.
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take me part 279
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I walked to where the pig roast was because I figured Yoshi would be there. I was getting my bearings, at least around the house. I walked into the clearing and Yoshi smiled. "Grab gloves Daniel and help us, but mind you feet. The coals are hot. I was wearing boots so I trusted them and stepped onto the coals, focused, Pull upward, and lifted as I shuffled off and someone else grabbed the rod with me. I suppose I was feeling my oats from pounding metal. "TAKE IT TO THE TABLE. EVERYONE FOCUS BECAUSE IS NOT THE TIME TO DROP IT." We shuffled the the table which was covered in layers, and layers, of butcher paper, we laid it down and they removed the rod. Another table was brought close with butcher paper and a man and woman stepped up and bowed before they started to dismember it. The woman was at the head. It took less than two minutes before it was sitting on the smaller table.

"I love watching this Daniel every time we do this because of the precision, and honor for the animal, nothing of this animal will be wasted, not even the entrails. They will feed Gaia. You asked about my connection with Annie and Chloe. All people who are in harmony with the Earth, with Gaia, or whatever name is used....we are similar. It's those that don't who are different from us. Watch, my friend. It's truly amazing."

It took little time for them to butcher the pig, and break it down into multiple pieces and then many others, men and women, came in with large platters and took it to the kitchen, and others cleaned up the leftovers and threw them in the woods as they cleaned the tables. Come with me since your boots don't fear fire." Two men brought a plank with poles attached as Yoshi got a rake and started to rake the coals back from all sides as I watched and then I saw the aluminum foil. 'We need those, Daniel, but we need get them by hand so we don't puncture them and waste the food." I nodded.

I grabbed water and dosed my pants and boots, centered myself, and asked Gaia for Grace. Yoshi handed me welder's gloves and I walked onto the pit as started I grabbing and shifting many, heavy pouches onto the planks. There were twelve, as I stepped off and they poured more water on my boots. Yoshi smiled as he walked up. I think I need to buy you a new pair of boots, and also a new pair of gloves for us. Are you OK to walk? " I nodded. "The others know what to do." They truly were like a collective.

"I use to do that for a long time. I am waiting for my grandsons to come back from University to start doing it so thank you. My granddaughter is leader of our clan now. We do these several times during the year, not only for our people, and friends, but our neighbors, and the village. Gaia is good to us, until she isn't, and then we rely on them to help us. It's a symbiotic relationship. It's community, and not that complicated. It saddens me that it is has become so complicated." I nodded in silence. "The people that will be arriving shortly are family, and neighbor's." He smiled. "People rarely miss a pig roast. What's left, which is a lot we choose the largest one at the time, will go to the village because they are having a hard time this year. We'll all additional supplies as we can.....rice, grains, beans, jarred foods, dried meat and fish. This land is bountiful so it is our duty to share with our greater family. You, my friend, just happened to an interesting gift." He patted me on the back. "Walk with me."

He led me into the forest and up a ridge that overlooked a small river. We sat. "What you see is my family's land. It goes over the rise on the other side for half a kilometer and far as you can see up and down the river." I stared at him disbelief.

"How can afford this, Yoshi?" He smiled.

"We couldn't Daniel except my family was granted this land from various emperor's, and that never changes, and then we bought as much as we could. The land will always be with us, Daniel." I nodded. "It's what we do with it that's important. So, you and Taiiko are becoming friends?" I nodded. "She is VERY interested in America, and curious about the culture, which saddens me a bit, but I suppose that's progress. She is the one understands bitcoin." We both laughed. I was quiet and he respected that.

"May I ask you blunt questions, as a friend?" He smiled and nodded. "Why are the all the women of your people exquisite?" He laughed.

"My friend, I have yet to figure that out but it's true without a doubt. Taiiko is definitely exquisite. She is like her mother, certainly not her father, or me, but sometimes Gaia takes mothers, and we don't know why so we trust. Thankfully the beauty is passed down from mother to ." I nodded. "You like Taiiko. I felt it." I was quiet.

"My friend, I love everything about this place and if I was younger and had met you, and your family, I would ask your permission to spend time with her, and to apprentice with you, but I can only marry so many women, and they are a handful... and that doesn't include the ones I'm not marrying." He laughed and patted me on the back.

"Let's go back and help with the meal. I enjoy cooking." I told him I did too as we walked back to the house. Yoshi and I were becoming friends. I wished I could stay longer, but Yoshi said I was to come back and train with him after Ama. I was in a perpetual state of confusion. We walked into the kitchen and washed our hands and asked what we could do. The woman whose name I couldn't say took Yoshi, he smiled and shook his head, to help make rolls. Taiiko grabbed my hand and we chopped vegetables on the back porch that were going to be pickled, or brined, so the better cooks weren't hindered by us.

"You like it here, Daniel?" I told her very much and that it felt like home. She smiled

"May ask you a personal question, Taiiko?"

"Of course, Daniel."

"How old are you? I know it's a terrible question to ask but I'm curious." She smiled.

"How old do you think I am?" Fuck. I stepped in that one.

"Well, you look like you are maybe 26-28, but you act much older."

"I'll be 33 in two months." I stared at her and she laughed as she kissed my cheek. "You did well love. You should be proud but you are right that it isn't wise to ask a woman her age. She kissed me again only closer to my lips, as we went back to chopping and her peppering me with questions. We were laughing, and kicking each other because our hands were busy putting vegetables in jars when Yoshi walked up smiling.

"Hi Yoshi." We laughed. "This is a messy business but we're almost done." He looked at us as Taiiko smiled at him.

"You don't mind doing this, Daniel?"

"Of course not, I was raised doing this. There is no demeaning job Yoshi. There is just a job that needs to be done and if I was there, then I did it. Period." He was quiet, but nodded. When you're done with with the monkey play." Taiiko laughed, "wash up because you have things to look at."

"May I come grandfather?" Yoshi looked at me and I nodded.

"Hai." I figured it made sense to have a woman look at the pearls and the combs. I was pretty good at gifts but I figured it couldn't hurt. Taiiko and I finished the veg and topped it with brine and sealed it and then did the dishes fighting over the sponge. We finished, washed up, and walked out front for tea. I already knew I was in trouble, and that is when Annie called.
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take me part 278
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Yoshi and I walked toward the back part of the property, beyond the barn. "Connecting with Gaia is the easy part, Daniel. You've already done that fairly well given how little time it's been, but learning to harness her energy, and her power, that takes diligence, time, and practice. Ama is going to help you get on your path, then you come to me but you must bring your family with you, all of them. There is plenty of room because you mostly like to sleep in a mound anyway." He laughed. "I want to show you something and have you do something for me, then I have a gift for you."

I nodded as we walked in silence but I could hear hammers on an anvils. It's a sound I knew well because I helped my dad at his shop when I was young, and until he died. We walked into an open air, roofed structure, which made sense because of the heat from the forges, and the humidity. "Familiar." I nodded. "Would you like to swing a hammer again?" I nodded. Yoshi said something and the man handed me the tongs holding the metal, and the hammer. Yoshi had already handed me a pair of gloves. I stoked the fire and got the metal the right color and began to pound to lengthen it and cooled then it in water, and did it two more times. I handed it back to the blacksmith who looked, smiled and nodded at Yoshi, and then me before saying something I didn't understand. It felt good to pound metal again, and sweat in that intense heat. I missed it. Yoshi handed me a rag and I wiped my face. "He said it was acceptable for a novice, which is high praise coming from him." I laughed.

"You miss that." I nodded and told him very much. We walked a short distance further to a Dojo with men and women practicing a variety of martial arts. They stopped, bowed, and continued. "Learning Gaia's secrets is not unlike you learning to shoot, or use the bow, or.... throw your knives." He handed me six perfectly weighted custom forged throwing darts."Throw these for me, please, but close your eyes."

I looked at him, oriented myself to the target and calculated the distance. There was no wind. I sent my energy into Gaia, calmed my breathing, pushed my thoughts away, and threw, and then opened my eyes. Two darts hit the bullseye, one went wide, and the other three landed in the second and third rings from the center. I turned and everyone was looking at me , God I hated that. Yoshi was smiling.

"Take ten paces back Daniel-san and remove your shoes and socks, please." I did as he asked and pushed into Gaia and did the exact same as before, except for closing my eyes. He held a Samurai sword and took it out it's scabbard. "My father made this as a young man. It was his first honorable blade. He did a good job and it is still razor sharp. I'm going to throw it to you and I want you to catch it with your left hand, not on the blade." I laughed, and quieted my mind, as he threw the sword high, toward me, in an arc. I slowed my breathing, stepped to the left, and that was when things slowed down and I knew where the sword was going to land. I took two steps forward and grabbed the handle before the blade touched the ground. The sword was amazing. The weight and balance, outstanding. I bowed, knelt, and presented the sword to Yoshi.

"Your father was a Master Yoshi-san." He smiled and nodded as he took it from me and put it back in it's scabbard and set it on the table. "I'm right handed Yoshi." He smiled and nodded.

"This is my gift to Daniel-san. You, and this sword, know each other. You're connected. I need to clean, polish, and sharpen it. There is a student of mine in Norway, and one Iceland. I will contact them. These swords are not unfamiliar to you. I will have it ready by your departure." He lifted a well used leather shoulder strap that had probably 50 darts in it and handed it to me. I made these but no longer have need for it. You may. This is also my gift." I bowed and thanked him, as he handed it to me. I was honored. "Let's go to the house for tea and one of those amazing, as you call them, donuts." He laughed as we walked and talked, but nothing else was mentioned of his gifts.

We sat on the front porch and his granddaughter, Taiiko brought out a tray with tea and the sweet bean paste buns. I nodded and she bowed and went to leave when I asked. "Can you join us. Your grandfather said these are wonderful. I couldn't eat a whole one. I've been eating so much good food that feel like that pig on the spit." She laughed behind her hand. I looked at Yoshi as he smiled and nodded. I got up and offered Taiiko my chair as I got another. I cut the roll into quarters handed her the plate as Yoshi poured us tea. She smiled and lowered her gaze. I wasn't sure what it was about these women but they were all just varying degrees of exquisite. It was quite amazing.

"Taiiko, are you the bitcoin genius your grandfather was telling me about?" She almost spit out the bite she had taken, which made me and Yoshi laugh, which made her laugh and the awkwardness was broken. She wanted to know everything about Colorado, and she told me about going to school in Europe, and her studies in computer science, and business. We talked, comfortably, for a while until we noticed Yoshi was gone. I took the tray inside and washed as she dried. She said that was her job but I told her not according to my mom, and grandma, which made laugh and nod/

"It was wonderful talking with Taiiko. I have never to been to Japan, at least that I can remember, but I love it here. I am very thankful," and I bowed. "I need to find your Grandfather." She nodded and I headed to the pig roast.
take me part 277
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Yoshi led me down a path to what looked like a greenhouse and barn combined. We walked in and there were about eight people pruning and wiring bonsai. They all looked at him and smiled as he said something to them in Japanese. They all nodded and went back to work. "Come, Daniel, that is where they start but what are looking for is at the other end." We walked through the barn and there were other people tending livestock - chickens, goats, some pigs and a cow. We walked out the back into a covered area but with large windows that were open wide.

"Now that it's warm I keep them outside, where they belong. They prefer it outside, but when it gets too cold I take them in during the coldest months. They are my as well. I learned bonsai from my father, and grandfather. I like trees so I have many from different varieties from many dfferent countries. What are you looking for?" I told him an older birch, rowan, and ash. He stared at me and smiled. "Follow me." We went to the very end and he brought three trees over.

"These are what you are looking for my friend. I have been working with the birch, and rowan, for almost fifteen years. The ash for over twenty. I'm guessing you know the rowan is an ash too?" I nodded.

"I wanted to give Annie's sister a rowan tree since she was named after it, and the Birch to Ama because they filled Iceland at one time. The ash I'm giving to the clans as a whole because of Yggdrasil." He was quiet for a while and nodded.

"They are good gifts Daniel-san, and will have good homes. I will sell them but they aren't cheap, and bitcoin is fine, but my granddaughter will have to deal with. I will have them ready, with instructions, by the time you leave. Let's go have something to eat, and more tea."

Yoshi made tea while an older woman, whose name I couldn't understand, made us a breakfast of rice, miso soup with vegetables, scrambled eggs and pickled vegetables. I would be happy here, I thought. It was quiet and simple, with honest work. He showed me around more of the property after breakfast, to let it settle and then we went to help with the pig roast for several hours. Yoshi said he needed to attend to a few things but to feel free to walk the grounds, which I did. I wasn't sure how many acres he had but it was beautiful and that's when then the headache happened and I passed out and Joseph sat down.

"I sat up. Can we have these meetings without me hitting the ground?" He laughed.

"Well I see we are on speaking terms once again. What do you think of Yoshi?" "I told him I liked him and wouldn't mind staying. He smile and nodded. "You are not alone in that sentiment my friend. I wanted to commend you on your gift choices. I especially liked the Ash for the clans. You have good instincts Daniel and I hope you gift to Roan blunts her desire for power, but it seems unlikely given the hatred she has for Annie."

"Why, if they are sisters?"

"Do your brothers speak with you?" I shook my head. "Family's are odd, Annie's is hell and gone past that, I'm afraid. Roan is extremely jealous of Annie and has a lust for power, that is a dangerous combination. Roan feels entitled but Annie is the oldest but the funny thing is that Annie doesn't care about power, but she loves her family and her people and it's her duty...her role. She is very happy that you bit her, along with Chloe and Sara and being a family together. Do not let your guard down my friend, especially not after Gaia's dream. Be especially wary of Roan's fiance, Jaak. His name suits him well. It mean's supplanter in Finnish." I stared at him.

"Finnish? The snipers were from Finland." He nodded. "Do I need to leave?" He shook is head.

"They are safe, Daniel, not even Roan would go against Ama. Iceland is neutral land, like Switzerland to your world, well what was your world. You will soon be straddling both. They are fine and having a wonderful time, especially Sara, Emily, and Ama. You are going to have many unpleasant choices to make between the life you knew and the life you will soon have, but you are sleeping the day away so wake up, and he was gone and Yoshi was hunched down smiling at me. I got about and looked around.

"Joseph is gone. Shall we walk?
take me part 276
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I was at my wedding. All the girls were happy, and smiling. Chloe and Annie were wearing white but Sara was wearing a lavender dress, because she's Sara, but they were all the wearing the pearls I brought back for them. They were so happy. I felt movement, and saw a blur my right. I tried run but I was bound Gaia. I screamed as Annie shifted and ran after it, and Melissa shifted and stood in front of Sara. I shifted and pulled against the roots but couldn't get free. All I could do was watch as whatever it was ran through Melissa, hit Sara dead center and then threw her ten feet into the air. I roared as the roots unbound and I ran. The girls were all taking care of Sara as I ran after whatever had hit her. I ran for miles but didn't see, or smell, anything. I ran back and shifted as I walked into the yard. They were all sobbing because Sara was dead, as was our . I fell to my knees and wept as they all came up to me, and hugged me. I shifted, and ran, for hours. When I finally walked inside, Annie and Chloe ran up and bite me, crying. Janey, Alison, and Melissa were crying and holding each other, as were Jake and Emily. I looked at them with no tears because they were gone and all I had was a hole inside of me. Annie looked me.

"That was my sister, Roan."

I woke up in a cold sweat as dawn was breaking. I still didn't know what day it was but I knew I wasn't going back to sleep. I went into the bathroom and got ready, then dressed, and walked to the kitchen and Yoshi smiled. "Excellent, you're an early riser too. This is my favorite part of the day. Would like some tea, or would you prefer coffee? We have both." I told him tea.

"Excellent. I just got a batch of pu'erh and I'm anxious to try it. Are you hungry?" I shook my head. He made us tea and we sat outside and watched the dawn break. "We have a lot to do
because you don't have much time, which is a shame because I know you like it here." The tea was amazing. We drank it in silence as we watched the light change.

"Do you know why you were bound to Gaia in your dream Daniel." I looked at him as he poured us more tea.

"No, Yoshi, I don't and how do know about my dream?" He smiled.

"Your world is connected to our world, but it is not ours. You are unique. We view life as web. Interconnected. If you have the ability then you can touch into a point on that web, much like you 'push' and be connected. I touched your point because you have many things going on. We have very few secrets among us. Do you know why you couldn't move?"

"Because it was a warning and I would have acted, even in a dream." He smiled and poured the last cup of tea.

"They were right about you Daniel, you are most intriguing. That's exactly right, but also because you haven't embraced Gaia, and your connection. The source of your power and abilities. Shall we walk and see how the pig is roasting. They started at three am. Luckily I have capable help because I am not as spry as I use be." He could have fooled me because he was way more spry than I was.

"Can I ask you a question, two questions actually." He smiled and nodded. "May I come back when I can spend more time here. I love what you are doing here." He smiled and said he would love it and the bring the girls, as his guest. "How are you connected with Annie and Chloe's family's? You don't strike me as a Druid." He laughed.

"I was raised in the Shinto religion but when you step back all earth based religions are pretty similar. Do you know Yggdrasil?" I nodded. "Imagine that we ALL fall into that and we are just separate branches of one great tree. The tenets of religions aren't that dissimilar. It's humans trying to bend the meaning that causes the harm. We try not to do that, and be left alone. We just access the powers of ours." We walked in silence while I thought.

I had never been to an open pit pig roasting but apparently is was a festivity because all the people had already been drinking sake, although they did start at three am. I looked at Yoshi and he laughed. "We do these occasionally. This is in your honor and we will have quite the crowd here. I have spoken with Annie and Ama, and it's fine. They are in no danger. Annie told me about the necklace and I have a person I know coming later with many because I thought you may want more than one." I smiled, and nodded, because I did. "Dinner will be excellent tonight."

"Do you know someone I can contact who sells Tsuge combs? I need a lot, and do they, or you, take bitcoin?" He smiled and called someone.

"She will be here this afternoon but hers are not cheap, though they are authentic. Let's talk about trees, shall we?"
take part 275
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I said goodbye the pilots and gave them, and Tina a tip. Tina walked with me the gate, holding my hand. They were an interesting people. "I need get back and prep the plane but attention Daniel. You must finish the ceremony, love." She kissed me and smiled as she turned and walked off. I was beyond confused, but I was getting use it. I sat down in the terminal and called Annie and was bombarded with voices.

"I can't hear all of you at once."

"How are you mister?"

"I'm fine Sara. It was a long flight and I'm not sure what day it is, but I'm fine. I'm getting ready find the driver that will take me Yoshi.

"Are you sure you're fine, Daniel."

"Chloe, I'm fine. Really. How are the ?"

"They're both doing great. They love it here. We all do. They are out exploring, and doing God knows what. We all figure they'll be pregnant before we leave, but this is place is special and none of us would mind having grandbabies. We're doing our ." I shook my head. "Here's Annie. us when you get Yoshi's. You'll love it there."

"Hi Love. Did you have a good flight? Did Tina take care of you?"

"Not as much as she wanted , but yes both." Annie laughed.

"Sounds like Tina. Our family collective owns that , along with many, many other things. It provides for all of us and gives our people who want them decent jobs. Our family is large and complex." No shit, I thought. "Say hi Yoshi for us and I can't wait see what trees you pick out."

"Just so you know, I told Tina to have the dinners, and the breakfasts. She said they didn't get them, that they got crappy sandwiches. Sorry." She laughed and said it wasn't a problem and she would look into it because crappy sandwiches wouldn't do. "They were all very happy."

" us later, mister. Hold on.... Jesus Sara!"

"Buy us something nice from Japan. I have never been. We love you." I didn't mind but I had chosen quite the life. I walked out front and saw my name on a sign and walked up.

"I'm Daniel." He bowed, as did I."

"Daniel-san, welcome Japan. The car is this way. Yoshi-san want me make sure you had what you needed after the your flight. Are you hungry?" I actually was.

"What is your name?"

"I am Jiro."

"Well, Jiro, I am hungry and I'd like try a variety of street food but I can't eat all of it so I'll need your help." He smiled, and nodded as he put my bags in the trunk. "I'd like try,

Okonomiyaki, It's basically a "throw what you have in and make a pancake.

Takoyaki, fried octopus balls

Taiko manju... it's sort of like a do-nut but with sweet read bean paste inside. I wanted to get some for Yoshi's household.

"but I have US dollars so we'll to stop somewhere." He stared at me, but I was getting use to it. He opened the door and said he knew the perfect place and everything was covered for my stay. We drove into Osaka.

"You speak very good English, Jiro." He smiled and said he had gone to university in California but he missed his home.

"I was born in CA. Where did you go to school?"

"Cal Poly." I looked at him, stunned.

"San Luis Obispo, or Pomona?" He smiled.

"San Luis Obispo. You know it?" I nodded and told him I had thought of going there. He smiled and nodded.

"What did you study?"

"Mechanical engineering." I stared at him, but I was curious and I was gaijin so I had some leeway.

"I mean no disrespect Jiro, because I use to drive and loved it, but why aren't you working for an engineering firm? I apologize for my impertinence." He smiled and shook his head.

"I am an apprentice to Yoshi-san. I worked many years for a large firm but working life in Japan is not easy. I met Yoshi-san and saw what he was doing and wanted the same, so I asked him if I could be his apprentice, and he agreed. It's been eight years and I still love it." He pulled over. "We have to walk from here but it's not far Daniel." We talked and I peppered him questions about everything because I had never been there before. The food was amazing. Jiro and I sat and shared our food becoming friends.

"How many people are in Yoshi's household?" Jiro said . "I need get Taiko manju for all them and extra." He smiled. "They're good?" He nodded and led me a shop not far. We got two dozen and walked back the car and we drove a considerable distance outside of Osaka. It was spectacularly beautiful. We drove up a modern home but the craftsmanship was amazing. If I didn't have other things on my plate, I would consider learning from whoever built this, which turned out, was Yoshi. He had a school of sorts where some of the traditional Japanese arts and crafts were being kept alive. If I was younger I could see myself here. It wasn't dissimilar Nova Scotia. We got out as Yoshi walked up.

"Daniel. I'm Yoshi. It's an honor meet you. We bowed and shook hands as I handed him the box. "What is this?" I told him and he beamed. "I have loved these since I was a and by the weight it should be just enough, to bad for everyone else." We both laughed as we walked in. "Did Jiro treat you well?" I nodded and told him about the food as smiled, and nodded. "Already getting comfortable on our island. Excellent." Jiro put the bags in my room as Yoshi showed me around some of the grounds before he showed me the house as a group of rugrats descended at us and hugged Yoshi before running away.

"Those are my grandchildren, Daniel, even though most are not blood it is of little matter. They bring joy to my life, and we all need joy, do we not?" He stared at me as I nodded, and smiled. "You have had food, and your timing is perfect because we are going to roast a pig over coals tomorrow and I could use your help." I nodded. "You should sleep because it's a long flight to Osaka, but please honor me by sharing sake." We went into his study and sat on cushions as a young woman brought in bottle and two cups.

"This was made by my family about 0 years ago. It is my honor share it with you Daniel-san. I am very glad you are here. I smiled, and bowed, as he handed me a small cup. It was wonderful, and complex, and we shared three cups before he got up, much easier than me, and showed me my suite. He lowered the blinds make the room dark and said that we would speak tomorrow about trees. I nodded and told him thank you. I poured a hot bath and soaked while I called the girls. Chloe answered.

"Hey there mister, how do like Yoshi's place?"

"It's amazing, and Yoshi is cool."

"It's pretty special. Annie took me there when we in college but I haven't been back. I'm jealous. How are you?"

"Tired. It's a long flight and I just had hundred year sake with Yoshi and am now soaking in a hot bath before I go to bed."

"Hold on, Jesus Christ...Sara, you're like a fucking . Bye."

"Hi Love. We all miss you, but I miss you the most. How's Japan? You need to take us there sometime soon, and bring us something nice. Stop Annie, I'm not done..."

"Don't bite me Sara. Go play with Emily. It's beautiful here but we are all missing you, Love. You like Yoshi?" I told her I did, very much, and that if I was younger I would like to stay here for some time. "If I was younger, and didn't have what we do, I'd join you in that. I love it there.What are doing?"

"I just had sake with Yoshi, after amazing street food with Jiro, and I am now in a hot bath and heading to bed because there is a pig roast tomorrow."

"I'm sure I can speak for ALL the girls, except Emily, in saying that we wish we were in that tub with you right now. We ALL miss you, and we're al very horny. Dildo's aren't the same as feeling you in us. Sleep well, love and call us tomorrow. We adore you."

I started to fall asleep so decided to get out and go to bed. I brushed and got in my sweats and tee, took a melatonin and was out a couple of minutes after my head hit the pillow, and that's when the dreams started.
take me patrt 274
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I had my roll, and coffee, put my headphones on, and fell asleep. I wasn't sure for how long before Ella and Claire walked up. They were standing there, waiting.

"Do you ever say hello?" They smiled. "You people are a pain in my ass." Claire walked up and squatted down next to me, and smiled. I melted. She spoke to me without words,

"You have to keep them safe Daniel, but you must keep Sara safe, at all cost." I looked at Ella, and she nodded, and they were gone, like that, I went to the bathroom and came back and Tina asked if I would like some coffee. I nodded. She brought a large cup and sat down.

"May I be blunt?"

"Of course Tina, please."

"What you face, you don't understand. You are thinking in your way. We are not that. You must fight like them Danael. It is the only way you keep them safe, and keep us together. We aren't dumb when it comes to this world, but our ways remain old. Many mean you harm, Daniel....and your women." I looked at her and thought SHIT! I was about to land in Japan. How the fuck did my life turn into this.

"Can I make a call?" She nodded.

I called Annie and they bombarded with questions.


"I'm here, loves."

"Are you OK?" I lied.

"I'm fine and had a wonderful flight. How is everyone there?" They told me about everything
going on, and how great it was. I still hadn't talked with Jake, but given what he was doing, I was OK with that.

"I need to call Yoshi because we wer close, and I needed a ride" They all laughed, said they adored me, and hung up.Tina sat down and gave me another cup of coffee.

"There is still time for me to give you breakfast." I shook my head but said I wouldn't mind a pastry. She smiled. "Would you mind if we had the last one?" I told them no, please. She looked as intently as I have been looked at in my life.


"You have no idea what you are walking into, do you? You would walk into our world, unknowing, and marry the three most prominent women, You must have a set on you." She leaned forward and kissed me as she grabbed balls and squeezed. She pulled back from kissing me, but she was still squeezing me.

"You do," as she let go. "I am sad that you didn't fuck me, but I am more glad you didn't because I would have lost all respect for you." She was very quiet. "We're heading into the airport and I have to do my job." I nodded. "We all know who you are Daniel, and what you represent in our lives, most of us have been waiting. I need to get to work. Thank you for the food." She walked away as my head was swimming.

I watched Tina walk away and wondered what was real, and if everything was a test. I grabbed my notebook and started writing until Tina sat down, kissed me, and held my hand. "May I?" I nodded. She looked at my idea's, and musings. "Are you doing this?"

"We're starting but I've had other things happen." She laughed, and nodded. "The plan is in place, I'm just not there so it's moving slowly. Once we get back, we'll be fine." She looked at me almost sadly.

"You want to do this? And share it with other communities?" I stared at her.

"Of course, life is full amazing moments, but the two most important are birth, and death. I am dealing the first, now, but my job is to deal with the latter. I'm just not there." She stared at me.

"You are an interesting man, blessings. We are going to be landing soon so is there anything else I can get you." She smiled as I shook my head, but I did smile. I sent a text to Yoshi and he said that Annie had already called him and a driver was waiting. I was curious why druids would be connected with someone in Japan. I was about to find out.
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