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647...edited, again  

dadigan 61M  
318 posts
2/23/2022 3:42 pm
647...edited, again

We walked out of the mist into the back yard, at dusk, as Bob came out of his den. It was snowing, but not hard. He looked at me and walked up, which was unusual. He put his front paws on my legs and stretched up as Sara, Jake, Emily, and Annika watched as I knelt. He licked my hand and face. Aisha was tearing up as Bob looked at me and walked back into den as I stood, with difficulty and walked toward the studio. Emily and Anna started crying as Jake walked up and hugged me. "You OK Da?" I touched his head and said I was getting there. "I gotta say that you look like fifty miles of bad road, pops." I laughed and said it felt more like a hundred. Annika walked inside, crying, as Sara followed her. Emily walked up and kissed me.

"Is he dead?" I nodded. "Are we safe?" I shrugged and said from Dreka, at least I thought so. Aisha walked up and hugged her.

"Let's leave that for later, sweets," and took her inside. Jake walked over and hugged me as he stared at me."

"No more boyish good looks?" He laughed and said that ship had sailed a while ago as we both laughed and walked inside. Everyone was staring at me, which I hated, and I turned around and walked out back into the snow as they laughed and Jake came out to get me.

"Come on, it's not that bad. Well, it's pretty, bad but it's not hideous." He stared at me. 'We just have to get use to it and that can't happen if you walk away." I nodded and we walked into Sam and Javier standing front and center, smiling, with<b> beer.

</font></b>"Is there anything you won't do for attention?" Jake and I grabbed the<b> beer </font></b>and smiled.

"I never thought I'd ever set myself on fire, but Dreka did that for me." Everyone was quiet until Sam and Javier laughed and hugged me.

"It's not that much worse than it's always been with you because you're a homely man." All the girls started throwing food when Deats spoke.

"I have to agree with Sam and Javier, at the risk of getting pummeled with snack food." I looked around because I couldn't see all that well out of the good eye yet, but I turned to the voice and saw a shadow walk up as Sara and Janey took the girls and hugged them and was explaining what had happened. I opened my arms, smiling.

"You are definitely not Deats," everyone laughed as Melinda kissed me, and then punched me as she walked off and Deats hugged. me

"She was scared, is scared. We were all scared, brother." I nodded. "You look good." There a brief silence and then everyone burst into laughter again as Uncle Billy and Henry fought over the turntable and we were a family again. "What are the chances with eye?" I told him they said fifty-fifty but I'm giving myself seventy-five/twenty-five odds." He nodded as the girls walked up and Melinda hugged me again.

"I'm sorry I punched you." I told it was OK because I was sure it wouldn't the first as I grabbed her breast. She gasped as everyone burst into laughter and I walked behind the girls.

"I thought I was reaching for your cheek" She huffed and laughed as the girls walked away and Deats and I walked out back to make a fire and talk. The snowed had stopped but it was still close to zero.

"I can get you into the Bureau's coverage since we served together, and I can expedite you into Germany, just say the word. The burns are on you, and the dragon and whatever else all of you have up sleeves, but eye surgeons are very good and that's not something you want to fuck with."

"I appreciate that Deats but Annie's family has excellent resources, and there is plenty of money. I'm going to get it checked out but this is more important to me at the moment." He nodded. "We have a lot to discuss, about a lot things." he nodded and threw more wood in the pit.

"How's the new job?" He smiled as Melinda walked up and said wonderful. I smiled and said good.

"It actually is, and we are getting to be a family when the girls need a family the most. However you bunch stumbled your way into that sex ring, it ended up being the best thing for us." I smiled, and nodded. "However, I can't take what you offered. Melinda knows, and doesn't agree with me, AT ALL...."

"That's because she is way smarter than you are, and always has been....."

"while that might be true, and as nice as it is, I can't risk if anyone found out...."

"What did you with the paper I sent?"

"Showed Mel and then burned it."

"As I expected, you idiot. We both may dumb, Deats," the girls nodded, "but neither of us our stupid." The girls nodded, again. That is your family's share for everything we did, and you aren't alone, your moral imperative is just way higher. It's secure in a cave that only a few people can access. You need to listen to your better half because I'm not going to drop off a bag of cash at your back door. Besides, right now I'd probably drop it at the wrong house anyway. Tell me about these things I need to know. He brought out chairs with no snow on them as the girls went to get more<b> beer. </font></b>It was hard for me to see at night, and the fire had a glow, and sparkles around it that I didn't like, but I didn't say anything. Annie sat on my lap and kissed me and said she thought I looked rugged, like I fought a dragon, and won. Deats nodded as he put more wood in the fire pit.

"Thank you, Love. Can you call Bethany and have her find an eye surgeon?" She said yes, a bit worried. It's just a precaution. There is still a lot to do and I need to know where I stand with my good eye, and if anything can be done with the other.

"I will, but you seem abnormally OK with things, Daniel, " Melinda said she agreed, "and that is worrisome to me, to us." Deats spoke.

"From what Aisha told me, Daniel did the only thing he could do," of course everyone was now standing on the back patio, listening, because there were no secrets. Luckily, I couldn't see them, but I could feel them. "He was outmatched," to which I chaffed as everyone laughed, but he was right, "and Dreka was stronger, and more experienced. He was also more arrogant, and they used that against him because Daniel used Aisha's fear to their advantage. Aisha knew that he couldn't pull them out of that dive, and Dreka knew that, which fed into his arrogance and made him even more vulnerable. It was really the only play I could have seen, but I wouldn't be foolhardy enough to try it, even if I was a Dragon." No one spoke as Deats continued.

"We saw things no one should ever see, especially after battles started, and ended. But you put that away and do what needs to be done, for as long as it needs to be done, period. I think Daniel ws trusting in the fact he was young, and strong, and that Dreka was too arrogant to feel threatened. He also relied on what he learned in the past. It says a lot about Aisha love and trust of her dragon to depend upon Daniel to shift her safely in that moment, but he has saved my ass more than once." Everyone smiled and nodded.

"I may be wrong but I'm guessing that Daniel is thinking the exact same thing I would be thinking, and the same thing Aisha is thinking.... ALL things considered, we'll take the outcome." Silence, but nodding. "I do have to say that flying into a dragon that was twice your size, at almost Mach One.... that's a pretty ballsy play.... and don't do it again." Everyone raised their bottles, or glasses as Uncle Billy and Ellen walked out saying there was Chinese food, and Prosecco and no more of this Blue's Crap.

"It's time for some LOUD, Southern Rock, and Sweet Home Alabama came on....LOUD.

OlderPete58 64M  
243 posts
2/25/2022 2:43 am

Dreka is gone and Daniel has gained some powers but what and can they help him recover.

He needs to mend and pull things together for everyone.

Great writing Daniel I appreciate the effort you have put into this it is really and epic tale now.

I am also happy you have not written that dragon (Daniel) out as I have grown rather fond of his outlook on life.

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