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take me part 273
Posted:Sep 4, 2021 7:42 pm
Last Updated:Sep 5, 2021 5:26 pm

I never minded planes taking off, or landing, not even in Denver with wind sheer, but the brandy was good and I had a long flight, so I slept.... And Marine walked up, and kissed me.

"Hello, Love. You don't like us after all we have done for you?"

'What do you want?"

"I didn't kill you, or them."

"Why?" She screamed and grabbed my throat, but hand was were her heart use to be. "I will end you permanently, Marnine. I know how to do it. I know to do a lot of things." She stared at me and sat down, smiling.

"You are full of surprises, I'll give you that, but you have been a pain in my ass, and my family's. Why are you so distraught?" I knew it was ploy. All they gave me were hints, but it resulted in the same thing. Maybe Ama was right and they helped us move. I would take that, but mostly I saw us doing all the work, and everyone else giving all the credit to them. It was how Manine was.... is... but I'm not that.

"I am far from distraught, love," she smiled, "I'm just done with your games, all of yours."

"You have NO idea what you are doing, Daniel." she was mostly right about that. "And you you have no idea how to lead these clans. They follow their leader, which will be Annie, but they look to her mate is, and it's you. Do you seriously think that you can lead clans that have existed here, and blended, for a thousand years. You have absolutely no idea what it takes to be a leader. It takes ruthlessness, and power, and you have neither. You have no idea what it means to be a leader, or what you must do." She laughed, with disdain, as I grabbed her throat.

She was terrified because if I killed her now, she would cease to exist. "You're wrong Marnine, as she gasped for breath. I have a good sense how to lead, but sadly people like you, and Roan, complicate that." She was in distress. "Hear this, I will protect my family from everyone, on either side. Do you understand?" She nodded as I let her go, and she vanished. I was surprised because I didn't need to call on Gaia, and Marnine was intense. I didn't think much of it as I woke up and started back in my notebook. I was thinking I might be in over my head, but I was were I was. Tina walked up.

"Would you like anything, Daniel?" I nodded and told her grapefruit juice. She smiled and walked away.. She returned with a large glass of juice, and smiled at me as if she knew me.

"Thank you." I took a big drink of it. "How long was I asleep?

"Three hours, Daniel, and by the look of it you weren't having great dreams." I told her that she had no idea, but a part of me felt she did. "We still have a very long flight ahead of us. You chose the other side the world." I looked at her. "It's a long way." She smiled and walked away. I was losing my mind. I drank my juice and pondered as i grabbed my notebook and started writing down thoughts. Tina was sitting up front, and I motioned for her.

"Are you hungry?" She nodded. "Do you get what I get?" She shook her head.

"We have crappy sandwich's."

"Not tonight, one pilot or two?" She stared at me and said two, because of the distance. Do you have enough meals for all of us." She looked at me.with her head cocked to the was cute.

"Yes, but we aren't able to eat them..."

"You are now, Tina." She stared at me, smiling. "Feed the pilots.... not crappy sandwich's, whatever they want that you have." She kissed my cheek and went to the cockpit and they alternated eating a real meal. It took a bit over an hour before Tina came and sat down.

"You, Daniel, have two new friends. They LOVED their dinner and said thank you." I didn't even know what they that would make them so happy, except it wasn't crappy sandwich's.

"Good, I can always use new friends. Are you hungry?" She smiled, and nodded. "Good, what do we have?"

"We have beef and chicken."

"You choose what you want, seriously....seriously, and give me the other one because I don't care, and join me, please." She smiled, and nodded. Tina walked back and put the chicken down i front of me, which was interesting.

"You said I could choose, so I did. What are you working on." She set my meal down, which I didn't really care about. I was glad they all got to eat. Tina and I ate, laughed....I drank.... and I told her what I was working on, and we talked about it. I gave her the last, half, glass of my brandy. She smiled, drank it, and took the trays before she came back.

"Is there anything else I can do for you? I told her one more brandy, and then go to sleep, because I was. I knew if I asked that we would be having sex, but that wasn't who I was. I also told her that I expected we did the same with breakfast. She smiled, and nodded as I put my headphones on and listened to thunderstorms until my brandy was gone, and I fell asleep. I slept for nine hours without any dreams. I woke and Tina walked up smiling.

"You had a good sleep, Daniel. I'm glad. Would you like some coffee?" I nodded. "We didn't know if you would wake up before we landed, brandy does that, so we chose our breakfasts. I hope it's OK." I nodded even though I wasn't really hungry. I was happy with the coffee.

"Do you have rolls, or donuts, or something like that" Tina nodded. She brought them out....all covered in plastic, which I hated. I took one and told her I had taken four. She smiled and walked up front. If I was going to be in this life, I was going to do it my way.
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take me part 272
Posted:Sep 4, 2021 4:24 pm
Last Updated:Oct 21, 2021 8:47 pm

The phone rang as I was walking toward the plane. It was Sara. "Are you OK, mister?"

"I'm fine Sara. I'm just tired of all the bullshit I am getting from everyone but my family. I feel like I'm two steps from dropping off a cliff and they are only showing me one step ahead, and I'm tired of it." Silence.


"They are your family Daniel. They are our family and they kept us safe."

"They didn't keep Janey safe, and they didn't keep me safe. They didn't stop Marnine. They are feeding us breadcrumbs and I'm getting sick of it. They keep leading us along like I cow with a ring in it's nose, and I'm done with it. Maybe this is normal to all of you, but it isn't to me, and I have to keep you safe....AND I'm not there. I'm about to get on the plane, tell Annie thank you. I'll call later if I can, but certainly when I land. I love you. You did choose the perfectest opal. Give everyone my love."

"Daniel, we adore you, and trust you, but maybe there are things you aren't aware of. Talk with Ama. I love you dearly." She hung up. Fuck! I hated this, but I also didn't like the way they doled out information on a whim, mostly at my expense. I was annoyed but I had a very long flight to deal with it. I walked into the plane, it was growing on me, and Tina asked if I would like anything. I told her Brandy, if she had it, and I sat down. It was a total waste of resources to schlepp me 3000 miles to Japan, but I did like the comfort and convenience. OY!

Chloe called. "What is going on Daniel? You're freaking us out."

"I'm tired of the obfuscation Chloe. It almost got me killed three times, Annie once, and Janey once....and then maybe all of you. He was shooting at you Chloe. I just took the bullet. They know more then they're saying. I'm just tired of it, sweets. I'm fine but I have a lot to ponder, but I have a long flight to do it on. I Love you. I really am OK."

"You better be mister. We love you too." I felt terrible because I knew she was crying, which meant they were all upset. I supposed that life was intimating hormones, but I didn't want to cause them any angst, but I also owed them the truth because they were my partners, and family. FUCK!

Tina handed me the brandy. It was a nice pour. "Seemed like you having a bad Mr...."

"I go by Daniel, Tina."

She smiled, "seems like you were having a bad day, Daniel. We'll be taking off momentarily." I nodded. "Is there anything else you need?"

"I'm good Tina, thank you." I was conflicted, and I didn't like it, so I got my notebook out and focused on ideas for the homeless shelter I visited in Halifax. It focused my mind, even on brandy, and I wanted to give her ideas to at least think about. I was good with ideas, but I felt that I was leaving the burden of them on the shoulders of other people, and I didn't like that. I was able to put the Brandy on the tray before I passed out after the headache.

Ama sat down. "There are perks to my family." I nodded as she took my hand. "Daniel, I understand your frustration but there are ways in which we do things and...."

"Bullshit!" She smiled, slightly. "That's a crock Ama, and I am done hearing it, from any of you. You didn't stop Marnine, Annie and I did, and Annie almost died, so did I. You didn't keep Chloe from getting shot, I did and I died. You didn't protect Alison, Janey did and she got shot twice in the back. None of you did any of that, we did. I am tired of the partial answers, and limited information. I'm really tired of you saying that you can't tell me what I am asking." I wanted to scream, even unconscious, but i didn't.

"I like you Daniel. I have always liked you ever since my granddaughter allowed you to bite her. She shouldn't have done that, but you were intriguing, especially your choice in women, but you have a power, a strength, that you are just starting to tap into. I will say, in our defense, that you have no idea what we do that you can't see. You and Annie didn't almost die just because of you, but also because we shifted your movements just enough, same with Chloe, and Janey. I understand the frustration dear one but it's how it works. You are about to face your threat young one, and they aren't us."

I woke up as we took off and had a sip of brandy. Fuck!
take me part 271
Posted:Sep 3, 2021 8:47 pm
Last Updated:Sep 4, 2021 10:31 am

It was always disconcerting after the headaches because I never who would show up. I was no longer scared by any of them, even though I probably should have been. Joseph walked up and sat down next to me. "How was it seein' your cuzin' aga'in lad?" I looked at him and was thankful that they had some sense to make be visible in inappropriate places.

"It was wonderful, and she is becoming amazing at making jewelry. I just wish I could have stayed there longer because I liked it there, and it would have been nice to see my family, but seeing Kimberley was wonderful."

"Priorities Daniel, your life is changing and you will have to let go of many things you once loved, but you already knew that when you called your Uncle to sell him your dad's machinery and tools, most of them." I stared at him. "I know you feel the shifts happening, Daniel. It's why I'm here because are even there you felt it yet, it's not your land. It's true that Nova Scotia was our land for a time, but still, it would be consider a cousin to Norway, or even Scandinavia. It is a beautiful place, and I can see why you would like like "

I stared at him. "Are any of you actually going to tell me anything? Holy crap, you're a pain in my ass. And when will you....."

"What would you like to know, lad" I stared at him.

"Is Annie's sister, Roan, trying to kill her?" He stared at me.

"I can't answer that, Daniel, I'm sorry.

"GODDAMMIT!!!!!! I get the same response from all of you and I'm fucking tired of it. I feel like I have to watch my back on all sides, and you,Ella, and Marnine are in that mix....a mix that I can't completely trust....AND I'm done with it. Go away Joseph." I woke up as the attendant said I had about 30 minutes before boarding. I wanted to believe them but they were so obtuse with their information. It was as if they held a flashlight at my feet while walking over rocky ground, and shone it to my next footfall. I was done. I called Annie.

"Hey Love, what's wrong?"

"Do you trust Ama?

"With my life, Daniel, why?" I told her about my conversation with Joseph and she laughed, which I wasn't expecting.

"Is this funny?"

"No, Love, not in that way. Our ways are not your ways, even for Joseph's, and your clan. You are more focused, precise, to the point, because you need to be given your role Love,
Your family protects our family, so what you do, even Joseph, is focused on that. I know you are off kilter, but don't blame Joseph, or Ella, or God help me...even Marnine. They can only say so much about the future because of that. We have always moved together, slowly.

" Did you ever think that 'you' aren't moving forward, and 'they' are moving you where they want you?" Silence.

"I've got to go but I am tired of the bullshit Annie. They have all this knowledge, but none of them want to share it with us, and we are suppose to be chosen....for something? I'm sorry, Annie, but I'm beginning to think that is all bullshit. I trust my family, period. I hope you are right about Ama because everything I hold dear is her hands. I'm sorry, but I need to get on board. I'll call when I can."
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take me part 270
Posted:Sep 3, 2021 7:08 pm
Last Updated:Oct 21, 2021 8:47 pm

We pulled up to my cousin's house just after :30. Tom said that he'd like to drive around and see the area if I didn't mind, and that he'd be back in a few hours if that was OK. I told him of course, but that he was welcome to come in . He smiled and said he liked seeing new areas when he could, and I understood that. I walked to the front door and knocked and Kim looked at me, screamed and pounced, because we hadn't seen each other in years. She bit my shoulder, kissed me, and then hoped down, and hugged me again.

"I am SO happy to see Daniel. It's been too long." I nodded and waved at Tom as we walked inside. It was a lovely house, not large but also not a cottage, and she was close to the river. There was a studio about 30 yards away. She wrapped her arms around as we walked into the kitchen. She asked if I like some tea.

"I would some Kim." We had tea and shortbread on the back deck and talked for over an hour just catching up on family, and going's on. "Tell me about your date?" She smiled.

"She owns a small cafe in town that I go to fairly often in the mornings. She happened to be filling in for someone about a week ago, or so, and we it off. Her name is Victoria and I am really drawn to her, Daniel. I finished your rings so I called her and asked if she would like to go , and she said yes without hesitating."

"Well, that seems to be a good sign. I was hoping to be able to stay and really catch up on things and see folks, but I'll be back. Where are two going?"

She smiled. It was obvious she liked her. "There's a really nice restaurant I like close to the inlet that I made reservations at. It's nice, with great food, but not over the top fancy. I know the Chef so I know it'll be good food, and I'll get a good table. First impressions, right." I smiled and nodded. "I've got my fingers crossed because we have a ton in common, and I tend to work too much, and so does she."

"Businesses aren't job, Kimberley, they involve a lot of time." She nodded and poured us more tea as she held my hand.

"Show me the stones you got from Karxi, and tell me what you are thinking." I showed her the gems except for the opals. She put them back in the envelope and told me to follow her as she led to her studio and got her loupe. She poured them out and started looking at them with the loupe. She'd looked up at me every so often and smile and the then would go to the next one. "What did you think fo Karxi?"

"I like him, a lot. He took me to his family's restaurant and we ate the big table with the staff." She stared at me. "It was wonderful, and the food was amazing."

"It took me months for that honor, but the food is wonderful and most of those people are family. They use their businesses to help their family's, and also to bring other's over, and then help get them established in a business. They view life differently from most westerners. We are lucky because ours is similar to a pack, so it makes sense to us, the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts. It scares a lot of people here."

"It scares a lot of at home, Kim. Tom, the man that drove me out here, him and his family are the same. I didn't figured Karxi would cheat me. I didn't get that sense anyway, but I figured he knew I was going to show them to you, and you are prolific in your work, so you were my backup." She smiled and kissed my cheek.

"He didn't cheat you, Daniel, but these couldn't have been cheap. These are exceptional. I rarely get to work with this level of quality. I picked the three diamonds I wanted, but they were all similar. It's a gift I have worked with him for so long. He's fair, honest, and nice." She put the gems up saying that they were wonderful and then opened the opals and spread them out. "Oh my, Daniel. These are spectacular, and quite old. It's hard to find the level of quality, and color, that he sold, across the board. What are you thinking with these."

"I was thinking about a variety of necklaces, in platinum...the chain can be silver." She nodded. "There are a lot of girls and I figured it'd be a way they could be enjoyed and not just kept in the safe like the others, but I wanted your thoughts. I'll leave the designs to you but they have to be noticeably unique.... they're girls, and women, and that would matter." She laughed, and nodded.

"First off, the chain should be platinum too because these can be down for generations, and I LOVE!!!!!!! this idea, but it might take a while because I'd have to incorporate it into my work schedule, and busy." I nodded. "I have SO many ideas for these stones because the colors are so different. You did well with these, Love."

"The girls have been arm wrestling over who gets what, but from photo's of the stones. I Karxi for the stones you bought. Well, I will when you show how to use bitcoin, but I also wanted to make sure I gave you this. It was two ounces that I had bought a while ago. I don't have a lot of platinum compared to gold and silver, but that's what I save in, and it's also why I bought those stones from Karxi,

"We'll him when we go back to the house, but I want to show you your rings." She smiled as she lifted the felt off of them, and I started to cry, which made Kim start to cry. I stared her as she hugged . The blessing with Kim is that we grew up together and she was family. She also has interaction with Joseph and Ama. I was starting to think that one reason she's as busy as she was, was because she did a lot of the work for the clans. If so, then she would know a lot, and she was my cousin. Things seemed to be shifting quicker then they were before Marnine died. I thought that was because of the weddings, but I was starting to wonder if that was all of it.

"How did you do this, Love? They like shimmering, falling, water." Each ring was similar, yet different. They were delicate, and each was sized to the girls because I sent her that information. She made them a bit bigger because they were pregnant, and she could resize them. They each had a tag on them indicating who each one's was. They were amazing, and the blue diamonds against the platinum was break taking. Kim took my hand.

"Do you like them?" I kissed and then hugged as I lifted her in the air. "I'll take that as a yes. Let me show something that Ama asked if I could do, and she started to fit the rings together. Annie's was the base, and then Chloe's fit seamlessly on top and then Sara's on top of Chloe's. "I think it has something to about uniting all of you but not sure why. It took some long nights to figure it But you asked for them to different, but connected."

"These are astounding Kimberly, absolutely astounding. They will LOVE them. I love them. She put each in a felt bag and then all of them in a leather pouch and handed them to . "Can I the girls and introduce you to them?" She smiled and nodded. I called Chloe.

"You took your sweet ass time. It's not like all of us haven't been waiting. Did you see our rings?"

"I did, and you are speaker with my cousin Kimberley. Introduce yourselves to her, please." Sara went first, of course, and Annie went last. The person not there was Jake. They were bonding as family, and Kim loved it. I was sure they all did. Annie finally said,

"Are you going to tell us about out rings, mister?" You could hear a pin drop.

"I can't, Loves, but I will say is, and not sure how Kim did it, but they are shimmering." I could hear clapping. "But I need each of you to take a photo of the opal you want, each of you, and no more arm wrestling." They all laughed. Put you name in the subject and send it to Kim's cell which she is texting it to Annie."

"OK, love, we adore you. us the plane. We don't care what time it is." The photo's started coming in when my phone rang. It was Tom and he was front. "May I let Tom in so he can meet you?" She nodded but I wasn't even sure she heard me because she was focused on separating the stones with the name, which was easy because they were all pretty distinct in colors. As an artisan, I knew she would making these necklaces. I walked to the house and let Tom in and asked how he had enjoyed his ride. He smiled, as we were walking to Kim's shop.

"Very much, Daniel. It's is lovely here, but I suspect the entire island is like that." I told him I wanted to him to meet my cousin Kim. We walked in as Kim was finishing and looked up.

"After touching into each of them, they are quite extraordinary and they chose stones that reflect that. Hi, Kim" I introduced Tom to her.

"May I Kim." She nodded. "These are old stones." Kim nodded. "My family puts a portion of our wealth in Karxi's stone, and my family knows gems. He has never disappointed. They are lovely."

"I have the girls stones separated so I'll know which is which when I begin. Who should I start with?" I told her Melissa, Alison, Lieve, and Emily. I was going to need more stones, but I was hoping Yoshi could help with that. We walked to the house and Kim opened her laptop.

"Let me have the bitcoin information. I already have Karxi's." I was completely lost in all of this but Tom seemed to understand it perfectly. I liked things I could hold, that didn't require power to access. She opened what Bet and Javier gave me, and stared. "Tom, I don't mean any disrespect but would mind waiting on the deck while I discuss this with Daniel?" He nodded and walked back.

"Jesus Christ, Daniel, do have any idea how much you have?" I told her that Javier told a few bitcoin. "You have bitcoin, which means as of now, there is close to half a million, minus Karxi, and me." I stared her because I still didn't understand, and would have to talk with Bet and Javier because I suspected they didn't either they didn't either.

"I guess I should have bought more stones. Can you Karxi for , and yourself? She nodded. I hoped Yoshi took it but my thought was gold and platinum because I understood that. You had to keep it safe, but you had it. "Why do you use this?"

"I made a lot of Daniel, because I got in early. We use it because we think it's the future of . diversified but I have more in bitcoin because it can so . I Karxi and myself." She handed her invoice. It was expensive marrying three women, and that was just her . " I was going to give you my services as a wedding gift but then I remembered I couldn't because you have to honor them by paying. It use to be horses, sheep, fish, and maybe land....not any more. She smiled. This is VERY important. You lose this then you;ve got problems. I have it backed up, but I would never cheat you. Keep it safe. Do you have anyone who can show you how to use it." I nodded.

"Jake and Emily."

"The year old's?" She howled. "I hope you have a strong ego my friend. I don't mean to be rude, love, but I have a date and I need to make some sketches because they are already starting to come into my mind." I nodded as we went to get Tom. We all said goodbye. I hugged, kissed, and thanked Kim. Tom let me in and we headed back to Halifax.

"Good , Daniel?" I nodded and told him it was but that I wish I could have stayed longer." He nodded as we chatted. It didn't take all that long to get back to Halifax. I called to verify the flight, and then called the hotel to cancel the reservation, which I was sad about because I felt at home here. I wondered how I would feel in Iceland, or Norway.

"Your cousin is very nice and she lives in a beautiful area. I enjoyed it on that side very much. Thank you."

"For what Tom, you drove me."

"Exactly!" He was going to like Sara. We pulled into the airport but I was still unfamiliar with it, so Tom showed me where to go to check in for my flight. I gave him $200 because he spent his with and had no other rides. "Will you be coming back, Daniel?" I nodded because Sara wanted to meet him and his family, and this place felt familiar to me, and I'd to spend more time with Kim, and my family. "Excellent, and thank you."

"It was wonderful to meet you Tom, next time you'll have to try and teach me your name." He smiled and shook my hand before walking away.

I called Karxi. "Daniel, my new friend, how did Kimberley like the stones?"

"She liked them very much Karxi, all of them, but especially the opals. All of them are in love with the opals."

"Wonderful, wonderful. People like opals like these because of the vibrancy of the colors, and because they are unusual...not too many, such as yourself, choose them. If I may ask, what are your plans for them?"

"Kim is going to make them into necklaces for the women in my new family. I thought it would be a way to enjoy them them rather than keeping them in a safe. I'll ask her to send you photo's when she is done with each."

"Excellent, that is what I intend to do as well. I had four others of similar quality, but I am saving them for my daughters, as well. It's a two-fold gift. They are quite rare, and made into beautiful jewelry so they can be passed on." I was silent because I like Karxi.

"I totally understand my friend, but I wanted to talk with about yesterday." He said yes. "The man who those men worked for showed my hotel yesterday evening, and this morning. We had a conversation because he was upset that I stopped them from robbing you."

"Daniel, I am SO sorry that you were dragged into that."

"It's fine Karxi. I resolved the issue, with him, but it is temporary so you really need to more attention, and have some quality security..... skilled, not just big. Understand?"

"I do, and thank you." I told him I just wanted him, and his family, to be safe." We said goodbye as I walked to the counter to check on the plane.

"Yes sir, it's about 50 miles out, and then needs to be cleaned, refueled, and restocked. You arrived earlier than we expected." I nodded and told her my plans kept changing. She smiled, and nodded. "We have a nice lounge for our , and sure they can find you something to eat. There is also a bar, in case you are interested." I was. They had a smoked salmon, tomato, cream cheese, and cucumber sandwich on Brioche that was amazing. I sided with Tom because I generally preferred trout, but I didn't mind salmon from time to time, and I had a long flight, so I wouldn't being eating until later, and then again before I arrived. I was going to be so jet lagged. I just needed not to drink much.

I finished reading the papers, washed my hands and ordered a brandy as I took my notebook out when the phone rang since I was alone. It was on speaker and ALL the girls spoke at once so it was just a cacophony of voices all speaking at once. They missed me as much I missed them. Chloe took the phone.

"Hey Love, we all miss you bunches. Did Kim get the opals that everyone want?" I told her yes and could hear both Sara, and Emily yelling in the background, as I shook my head. "You hear that?"

"Yeah, I heard it. It's Sara. She touches everyone. I've been wanting to know about Jake. He's never around.'

"Hold on sweets, here's Annie. Hi Love. getting anxious to bite you. Jake is LOVING it here. He has been spending time with Harthgaard, Ama's caretaker. There is a lot of wood to be split. We have forests, so we are able to ship wood over, but it still needs to be split. Jake is taking to it like a duck to water, and it's not going unrecognized by Emily because it's old ways, so he is getting strong. You'll need to do the same when you get here." I didn't mind that at all. I was actually looking forward to it."

"You will need to speak with him again about getting Emily pregnant because this a pretty special place and things can happen that you don't mean to. Anyway, Harthgaard, and Jake, are like peas and carrots, and there is a LOT daylight, so they have been doing all kinds of things. Fishing, trapping, hunting birds, chopping wood, taking care of the animals." I was quiet and she could feel the shift.

"Daniel?" What's wrong, Love?" I could feel everyone intently listening to my words. I was surprised by how forceful that . I would never begrudge Jake anything, but what she said of the blue, because I wanted to do those things with him. Things were changing already and I would have to accept, and adapt for my family.

I told Annie what I was feeling, and that it was OK, because it was, and she was silent so I waited. "I knew she was looking at Chloe, but Annie spoke for all of them. "You know he is just being a man, right?"

"Of course, sweets, I don't have a problem with it, and Harthgaard is probably better able to teach him those things, especially in Iceland. I was taken off guard. fine, Annie. happy he has things to do, but how is Emily?"

"Emily is finishing her semester, and she is in LOVE with Ama. They are both having the best time. We've called Christine and Bethany on a regular basis. This was the best decision that we could have made, but I don't think they'll want to leave. They'll chose to do they're senior year from here." OY! "We'll deal with it when it happens. This land has that affect on people."

"Kinda like me and Nova Scotia."

"Our roots run deep, and wide, Love. Are you sure you're OK?" Chloe got one. "Talk to me Daniel. Is this a problem for you." I told her it was no problem, and I would just have to adjust with knowing less then my year old soon. They all laughed. I was actually looking forward to meeting Harthgarrd because I wanted him to teach me as well. I pushed to him, and he was a good man. He worked for Ama, so enough said.

"My flight's leaving soon. It's 24 hours to Osaka from here so it'll be a long but I think what we need, that I am going to get, is important for all of us. I'll in the air, if I can, and again when I land. I love you all, and tell Jake I have been thinking about him." I hung up and went back to my notes for the homeless shelter that needed an income stream I saw in Halifax. I wanted to send it to Sam in case she called, and that is when the headache happened, and I closed my eyes.
take me part 269
Posted:Sep 2, 2021 10:48 pm
Last Updated:Sep 3, 2021 7:09 pm

"You hungry?" He nodded, as Jacob, and somebody bigger than him smiled me, and sat two tables away. He wasn't very bright because he was in direct view of the front desk.

"It's not as good as your family's, but it's pretty good. Please order whatever you you want." He ordered trout, rice, flat bread, and pickled cabbage...and tea. I had another cup of coffee as we talked about our family's

"You are marrying three women, and their family's? Why would do that, Daniel?"

" insane, but I love them, and it's complicated." He laughed and said in his short time knowing me that all three seemed accurate." I smiled as he asked for more tea, and I asked for the check. I left a tip, signed it, told him I would right back, that I needed to check .

"." I needed to check because of a change in plans. If I can arrange a plane this afternoon, or evening, I won't need a room. If I can't, then I will. Is that a problem?"

"Not at all Mr MacDougal, we aren't full so we'll hold the room in your in." I smiled said and thank you because I liked it and said.

"Can you glace over my left shoulder, not yet, wait until I start looking at the bill. There are two men sitting in the restaurant close to a gentleman drinking tea. Now.? I pretended to look at the bill. "Do you see them?

"Yes sir." I told her that they were harassing my friend and me, and they had been me harassing me and another friend yesterday. Would you having security prevent them leaving, because they seemed to be focusing on the hotel. I think they might be armed, but not sure. Have them the RCMP because they might have records. Two of the largest people I had ever met followed me into the restaurant. I walked up to them and clasped their shoulders, so they knew who I was talking about, and said,

"Nice seeing you, but we have to go. You ready?" Tom nodded and grabbed my bag as I was reaching for it. I was SO not use to anyone this. I made sure that I had the envelope with the stones, and my passport and visa's, I did. I gave the attendant at the front a hidden thumbs up, she smiled, and nodded. My life was changing in ways I couldn't imagine in that moment but I felt it happening. I was going to puncture Jacob's tires, but i figured he was going to have the of all days. I gave Tom the . Tom was an excellent an driver. He knew when to talk, and when not to. It was a rare skill because it seemed to be one of the other. I called the plane about this afternoon/evening.

"No sir, that crew is not available because of your destination, but we do have a flight that we can hold for you if you can be back in Halifax by 7:00pm." I told her I'd be there, and called Kim.

"Hey, when will you be here. I can't wait to see you, or for you to see the rings."

"Probably around , I wanted to stay with for a couple of days, but things have come up. Wait.... WHAT? I thought it would take you a couple of days for you finish."

" highly focused cousin, and I wanted you to have them, but don't show them because they will ask." I told her I needed her to a make few more things for , but not as involved as the rings, if possible, but I need them slightly different because it's the same stone. You'll understand. Do you know how to transfer bit coin."

"Everyone knows how to use bitcoin, Daniel. Good, because I need your help to Karxi' bill." She laughed. "I assume invited to the wedding."

"Of course, goofball. You're my sixth, fourth, first favorite cousin, so of course, and your crazy family."

"I bet you get bitten A LOT."

"You have NO idea, and punched." She said good and laughed. "Can you take to take Halifax later this afternoon?"

"I can't love, going on date this evening, but I can take you tomorrow, well...maybe." I laughed. good. See you soon. I tapped Tom on the shoulder.

"Yes, Daniel?'

"Can you stay and get back to where you picked between 4-5. Of course, you have for the entire . I brought books, and music."

"Thanks Tom." The phone rang and it was Deat. "So you can , but I can't you for weeks." He laughed.

"My friend the RCMP called because they got a call from The Prince George Hotel in Halifax, which I assume was your doing." I was silent, but smiling. "Yeah, that's what I thought."

"I didn't want them following me to my cousins, and I wanted them to have a bad . petty."

"Well, they are going to have a bad stint. They checked current warrants when we talked. They be in for a bit of time. They wanted to know about you because the woman the front desk would tell them they had harassed a prominent guests, and his friends, twice. I didn't say anything, but prominent?"

"What can I say Deat? multi-faceted." He laughed and told to fuck off. I told him I loved him and tell his better thirds I loved them, and to talk with Henry, and called Annie.

"Hey Love, where are you?"

"Going to Kimberley's to get the rings. I like it here."

"That's why our ancestors landed there well before Columbus, at least we fought with honor. They are coming to the ceremony." It wasn't a question. "They're entire family." I told her yes. "Good, the girls are ALL, and I mean ALL, arguing over the stones. Remind me to never doubt you again." I laughed.

"You will all doubt me, and that's OK. My focus is this family. I am not buying things for me, because I don't them, I have what I need," SILENCE, "although I do have to say that the private jet is nice." Silence.

"I need to ask you a question regarding protocol, and your sister." She growled. "Thus the question, is there a particular type, or level, of gift given your family."

"No, she doesn't even need one...hold on, Sara is putting you on speaker."

"Whatcha doin' mister?"

"Tom is driving me to Kim's place."

"PUT him on speaker," I tolde her to hold on. I tapped his shoulder and I told him someone wanted to speak with him.

"Tom.... Sara." He said hello ma'am. "Tom, not a ma'am. Sara."

"Very nice to hear your voice Sara."

" too Tom, I told Daniel that I wanted to meet you, Alilha, and your family."

"That would be wonderful, ma... Sara"

"Excellent. I need to talk with Daniel because having to fight for phone." Tom said goodbye in the mirror as I shook my head. "Annie is about to .... GIVE one minute.... I picked the perfectest Opal, but it was a scrum. Here's Annie."

"She was laughing. You sure you want to do this?" I told her I did. It wasn't perfect, but I doubted that would ever be the case, but they were relaxed, and laughing with each other..

"Regarding your sister," she growled again. "I was thinking it would be a nice gesture to get her something, even though I doubt she would appreciate it. I thought everyone else would given the dynamic, and good will seems to be important." Silence.

"What are thinking?" Silence.

" don't going to say because I will be getting all of something similar, just more valuable."

"OK, what are thinking of spending?"

"$500-$800." Silence.



"Please tell me, because won't appreciate it, but you're right. The appropriate level of gift, in their minds, would be indelible." Silence. "Love, we are going to be married, and dealing with this together, along with all the rest us."

"I was going to talk with Yoshi about a strand of pearls, because of the sea, your mom, and Ama will have something of the Earth." Silence.

"HEY love, Annie is otherwise occupied..... HOLD ON. JESUS. Get here soon. We miss you. Fuck Annie."


" here Love. I don't know who you are exactly, but I am SO glad you you bit . THAT is is an excellent gift, but spend closer to $2000-$2500. I'll Yoshi and take care of it. You don't need to for her, just , my mom, and Ama. I don't like doing this but you are right in how the clans will see it. They will see it as sign of respect to my family, but also to all of us, because no one has ever done that before, but we have relied on the seas forever. This may knew to you, sweets, but you have good instincts. Get here soon because I am going to be biting you while we make love, and sure everyone will as well. I hope we're not on speaker." I told her I wasn't.

"Email Yoshi your arrival info and he'll have someone meet and they'll get you whatever you need. He doesn't go into town often and you'll see why. I am very curious to see what you pick ...again love, it was a very thoughtful for both my family, but also the clans. Yoshi should have anything you want because it's his passion, among a few other things.

"The gifts are present before the ceremony, marriages, so they will have a chance to judge. It's petty, but long standing.... least you don't have to something for my Da'. You'll like Yoshi...A LOT. I adore you love, but they're arm wrestling again so I need to go. us as you take off, regardless of the time." I told her I would.

Tom pulled his earbuds and looked . "I am beginning to see the choice you made." He smiled, and put them back as I read the papers while her drove to Kim.
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take me part 268
Posted:Aug 31, 2021 8:05 pm
Last Updated:Sep 2, 2021 6:31 pm

I wasn't sure when I fell asleep, or when the dreams came, if they were. I woke knowing I needed be with the girls but I couldn't move because roots were around my legs, all four, and I couldn't break free. I could hear the girls. They were scared, but ready to fight whatever. Annie had shifted and was out front of them as Janey ran as fast she could. I couldn't move, no matter what I tried. And that was when Ama walked up.

"Do you know why you are bound by Gaia, Daniel?" I could hear the girls yelling, and fighting.

"Because I am not with them." She smiled, and sat on the side of my bed.

"You are an unusual man, dear one, and my grand chose wisely, as they all did. The world you know, my young friend, is NOT the world you are walking into. It's no imminent, but it's urgent. They are all at risk, Daniel. Finish what you need to, but get back to your famiiy as soon as you can. Your power resides with ALL of you, and you are missing." She vanished, and I woke.....dripping in sweat. I pushed and felt no threat to anyone, even though I knew they where out there but They're always out there. It was 3am and I wasn't going back to sleep.

I lied there and thought about the roots that were keeping me from going to my family, and I called Henry? "Hold on. I'm pretty sure why you are calling. Ella showed me a vision of distress, and you were bound into the Earth, and the girls were alone. I'm guessing you had a similar dream." I told him I had.

"What do you need, Daniel?"

"I need you, and Bethany, to deal with the finances of our family...ALL of them. Bet and Javier need to talk with you. I can't do all of it Henry. I tried, but I couldn't. These dreams were a warning and If we get them wrong, it'll be bad." He was silent.

"Everything we have in play now, other than our family, is irrelevant. Period. I will take care of what we have here, but it's not what is important. Leave this part to me, and the rest to me, please. I'll look after our family, daniel." I told him OK, finished the last bit of brandy and woke at eight, disconcerted. I showered, dressed, packed and went to have breakfast while waiting of Tom. I

I grabbed the papers, because I was old enough to like ink on my hands, and had one of the best breakfasts I have had. I was halfway thru when Chloe called.

"'Watcha doin'?"

"I'm having sex with three gorgeous women, So I'm a little busy>"

"Really, and how is that going for you."

"Well, the jury is still out, but there is potential." Silence, and i knew I would be hit.

"YOU are such an asshole Daniel!" Annie took the phone.

"She's not wrong, shithead." I smiled. "What are you doing?

"I'm having breakfast and Tom is coming to pick me up to drive me to my cousin. It's weird."

"Get use to it love. How long are you going to be away from us?"

"I was going to stay at Kim's tonight , because I really like Nova Scotia, but I had a terrible dream last night, and Henry had it too.. Silence.

"So did I, Love. It was a warning from Ama since we are here...."

"I know I've talked with Henry, and he'll deal with everything else, my focus is my family, even though I am not there yet. I need one more stop love. Please call Yoshi. I wanted to stay here longer, but I'm not. I have the number for the plane service.

"Daniel, we can take care of ourselves. Enjoy your cousin." It's what I would say, but I knew it was crap.

"You really think that, Annie?" She was silent.


'"Good, keep our family safe until I get back. Send me his email, and number. I am leaving tonight, if I can. I don't feel you are in any danger, love." Silence.

"You know you are a royal pain in our ass, right?" Silence.

"I do."

"Good! Get to us, Daniel, and she hung up?" That is when Tom walked up.
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take me part 267
Posted:Aug 31, 2021 6:24 pm
Last Updated:Sep 2, 2021 4:29 pm

I walked into the hotel bar and and got their oldest whisky as I faced the door, like I'd done since I was young, and he walked in, looked at me, and walked up. "May I?"I was so frickin' tired of this and just wanted to rest, but that wasn't going to happen. He ordered what I had and sat down.

"My name is Jacob." He extended his hand and I stared at it. He smiled, nodded and pulled his arm back. "You cost me today and sacred the shit out my lead spotter, which scared the other two, so now i need to find others." I took a drink and stared at him without saying a word. These sorts never intimidated, but I didn't live here, so I'd have to call Karxi because now he was my friend, and I would help him.

"Explain to me how I hurt you by keeping my friend safe? My friend may not have the best awareness, but I do, and I suspect he will after today. I don't like people like you. I never have. You come after my friend, then you come after me, and you really don't want to do that."

We were in a pissing contest but I knew these types. I was sure he had worse people, they always did, but he wasn't that. I finished my brandy, stood and extended my hand to him. He took it, which was a mistake. My grip strength was intense because of what I grew up doing. I hurt him but then I said,

"You keep going after my friend, I will hurt you way more than this. I twisted his hand and broke two bones in his wrist, and squeezed, as he winced. "Leave my friend alone, and drinks are on you." I left $20.00 at the bar for a tip and walked to the elevator. I was sick of this shit, but it kept finding me.

I walked into my room and took the rubber wedges out of my bag, along with door stop and put them in place as I shook my head for even having to do it, and I called Karxi. "Hello, my new friend." I had taken a photo of the man I spoke with. I sent it to Deat, and Karxi.

"You have someone intently coming after you, Karxi. You need better protection. I will send you what I owe, but you need better protection outside." He was quiet.

"You are right, my friend. I will shift things to keep my family safe." I told him good and we hung up. He had given me the rest of the brandy we had shared. it was less than half a bottle, but it was old, and it was good. I took a shower and got into my sweats when the phone rang.

"Hey Chloe."

"I'm sorry Daniel. I went insane for a bit."

"I didn't notice, love." She laughed and said 'fuck you.'

"Did you really spend that much, Daniel?"

"I did, sweets, because Bet and Javier gave me bitcoin. I understand the purpose, but I don't trust it and I was always going to turn it into something tangible, and that had value. We are doing the same with the bulk of the cash. We don't own banks, Chloe. Cash and Bitcoin can go away in an instant. The gems I bought today won't go away, unless they are stolen."

"Are you mad at me?" I laughed.

"No goofball, I adore you even though you scare the crap out your sisters. These aren't easy times, love, and we're apart....which ALL of us hate, but I'll be there soon. I promise." They missed me, all of them. They were trying but it was hard, even though they were safe, as safe as they could be.

"Can you send photo's of the stones, especially the opal's." I did and called Kim to tell her I'd be there by noon. The hair on my neck was on alert after meeting Jacob. I didn't need this shit, but i didn't back down from thugs, which is what Jacob was. I turned early 70's rock on and took photo's of the stones and sent them. I finished the brandy. I waited for the girls to call, because they missed me, and I knew they would, and that was when Deat called.

"You can't stay out of trouble, brother." We both laughed. "He's trying to make a name for himself. I ran his name through the RCMP, and a friend I know. He's pretty low level, but all of these guys are threats because they want power. You understand that, right?" I told him I did and thanks.

"Can I not hear from you for a few days, or weeks? I have a lot to do." I laughed and hung up. I didn't expect anyone to try and get to me. It would be a huge mistake, but I was still concerned about Karxi.

"The phone rang, and woke me up. It was the girls, all on speaker.

"I'm sorry again Daniel. We all just saw the photo's and they are amazing, and it's on a screen. We are arm wrestling each other over the Opal's. I was wrong to be mad." I could hear Sara clap.

"Love, I'll paraphrase the thing Deat told me...... 'we are in the deep grass.' We deal with what we deal with, and if we gnash teeth, then so be it. I'll do my best to get you safe. These gems weren't for any of us, even though you'll enjoy them." Silence.

Sara spoke, "They can't talk, love, because they are blubbering....go figure. You need your cousin to make necklaces with the opals. We all get something love. The rest we'll put a way. Hold on, Annie is here."

"I'm checking with people I trust in my family. The immunity thing was a loop. Things are moving WAY faster than I thought they would, Daniel, but I think it has something to do with Chloe, and Sara. You are the only lynch pin in that, love. I think it's because we are all carrying your , and that scares A LOT of people. Take care of your business, get our rings, and stones, and the gifts....AND get here." The line went out. I brushed my teeth and went to bed.
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take me part 266
Posted:Aug 31, 2021 12:24 pm
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I walked around because it was a lovely day and Halifax was nice. I probably wouldn't like it the winter, or if a nor'easter hit, but I liked it today when Chloe called.


"Have you lost your mind?" I shook my head and said probably. "You're in NewFoundland to buy gems?" I told her I was in Nova Scotia. I shook my head and walked past the hotel. "Are you insane, Daniel? Why in the name of Christ would you be spending money on pretty stones. "Silence.

"Because I think it's smart for our daughters, love." Silence

"GIVE me the fucking phone, Chloe....GODDAMMITT! I am going to hurt you. Stop it!. Welcome to your life, Daniel. The stress, and the hormones have kicked in, but we are alternating at the moment. Chloe is going bat shit crazy. We are trying to keep the phones away from the crazy one, but we are safe, and relieved." Silence.

"What?" Your cousin, if it's accurate was ex-Jaeger...special forces.... out of Finland. I'm not sure who the other one was but they claiming diplomatic immunity There's more but it can wait because it's over, and we are safe." I swallowed. "I just agreed to buy almost a hundred thousand in gems. Bet and Javier gave me the bitcoin they got and Karxi is fine taking it. I don't like really like bitcoin." Silence.

"What did you buy Daniel?"

"Diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphire's, and opals." Silence.

"Why opals?"

"You'll understand when you see them, and we have a lot of girls in our family...and my cousin makes jewelry." Silence. the phone changed again.

"Hey Love, I want to meet Tom. What's his wife's name?" I told her Aliiha, and she's very pregnant.

"Get the fuck out of Dodge! Seriously?'

"Yes ma'am."

"I need to meet them."

"I know, but it's going to be some time, love, because we've got a few thing's going. I like Halifax. The island is spectacular, but it's not winter yet ." I could fell Sarah nodding. Sara seemed to be the most rational, which was frightening in it's own right.

"Give it bac..NO! I'm not done, what is wrong with you.

"Dammit Sara, give me the fucking phone." So I back was with Chloe. Joy.

"How much did you spend? Seriously? DANIEL!!!! YOU HAVE LOST YOUR FUCKING MIND?"

"I'm marrying three pregnant women, at the same time, so I figured that was a given, sweets." Chloe screamed, and threw the phone into something. I kept walking because it was wonderful here. I walked into the hotel as the phone rang again. It was Annie.

"You have a pissed off woman hands, Love. I'm just saying. Did you really buy a hundred thousand in gems?"

"I did."


"I don't trust bitcoin. You'll see, but for our family. Tell Chloe I love her...when she calms down."

"Not a chance. I shift and she scares me. She scares all of us. She'll be fine but when will be here," and the line went out.
take me part 265
Posted:Aug 30, 2021 8:21 pm
Last Updated:Sep 2, 2021 4:28 pm

We walked in and an older man walked out of the kitchen, smiling. He hugged Karxi and did the same with me. Who knew I could visit so many place in the span of eight hours, but I liked it. They were closing but they sat us at a large table and Karxi said whatever is left we will gladly have.

"I have known Hamid since we were . Our family's had some money, for Pakistan. It's why I do what I do." He looked at me and I nodded because I understood. He was doing what Tom was doing, and what i was doing. He was keeping his family safe. I wasn't buying gems from him for me, so I could make a profit. My brothers thought like that. I thought down range, like I was trained to. Focus on your target and trust your spotter. I was trying my best to focus on the target.

"Our family's were able to get out and went to England, and then I came here to Canada. We were lucky." I nodded, and looked down. This was not an easy conversation for either of us, but I respected him for sharing. Truth be told he and I were likely more aligned, then not. Most working people were, just because I flew in on business jet didn't change that my hands had callouses, and I hurt.

"Hamid came out and joined us with his staff, because they all finished what was left over. It was fantastic and the food was excellent and we had a such a great time. They pummeled me with questions and I did the same with them. They wanted to know everything about Denver, and I wanted to know everything about Halifax, just like Namibia, earlier. It was to bad we couldn't be like that all the time. I got hugged and kissed...A LOT, by all of them. I was apparently part of their family. All I knew was that I wasn't having dinner.

They needed to get ready for dinner and Karxi and I walked after thanking them. There was nothing left, it was that good we were using the last pieces of the naan...fighting over it, and laughing, to clean the plates. A couldn't have done a better job. This was the best day I had in a long time. Sadly, it was about to change.

"My office isn't far, Daniel." I could feel someone following us and growled to myself because I was using this as vacation, so much for that. I unbuckled my belt as Karxi glanced at me.

"Can we walk along the water for a bit?" He nodded as I whispered to him what I felt. I knew who it was, just didn't know how many, and I didn't want to take them to Karxi's office. "Don't move." He nodded. The last thing people think who are following you is someone is going to confront thme. Most of these these people are moron's. I walked directly up to him and he froze, looked at Karxi, and around. I dumped my energy into him.



"He stared at me and didn't know what to do, so tried to run but I tripped him, which was gong to hurt because it was gravel. I stuck my knee on the side of his head so he would feel it and hopefully not do this again and looked around. Two about his age saw me looking at them and walked away. I grabbed this wallet and got up and called Tom.


'You still driving my friend."

"I am, most days."

"Hold on." This is Tom tell him where we are. He nodded. "I'm giving the phone to Karxi."

I put my knee into his back, grabbed his hair and pulled upward. I have your ID and inside of twenty four hours I'll know everything about you, and your friends. Use social media much?" I bent down to whisper in his ear. "If any of you follow him again I will find you, and I will cut you into pieces, while you are alive and watch you die, while I feed you to the fish. Do you understand?" He nodded as he peed himself. I hoped that was enough to stop them.

Tom drove up as Karxi and I got in. Drive around for a bit and see if you think anyone is following us." I was getting tired of this. We drove around for twenty minutes and couldn't tell that anyone was following me. Karsi told him to pull in the ally behind the building. He gave him a $50, we got out and Karxi unlocked the door and re-locked it. This is VERY secure Daniel, but we need to climb. His office was on top of an eight floor building. I would learn later that entire building was his, as were the two on either side. I learned that because I went out one of them.

We walked in and he poured us brandy. "Thank you, Daniel. How did you know." I told him I felt things "Thank you for not bringing them back here." I nodded.

"Karxi, you need to rethink your security because someone knows who you are. I scared the shit out of that but it's not the person watching." I handed him the wallet. "You have people who can figure it out." He nodded. "Good, my friend, because you are too trusting. I'm not going to hurt you, but many people will, sadly. Show me what you have." He trusted me, like I trusted Henry and Bethany. I just didn't know him as long. We had two brandy's and he opened his safe and pulled two trays of gems out. They were beautiful.

"If I was buying something for my family, Daniel. It would be these trays because everyone wants diamonds, and they hold value, but you'll never see these again. All of them are top grade nine are exceptional. I'd like to see if you can pick them out, and that is when Annie called.

"Hey, love, you busy?" Silence.

"A little, yeah."

"Whatcha, doin""

"Can we talk about this later?"

'NO, and now you're on speaker, mister." FUCK! I looked at Karxi and shook my head, He smiled. We were all alike.

"FINE! Karxi and I just finished a wonderful meal at his friends' restaurant, and now we are in his office having brandy." Silence

'Who is Karxi?" you are now on speaker too.

"He's the gentleman who sells gems. My cousin, Kim, uses him and I wanted to see what he had because we have bitcoin and I don't trust it. I'm looking at what he has." Silence




"Hi Sara."

"Hi love. Annie's being a dummy. I like red, so does Janes. Chloe likes green, and Annie likes blue, but you'll need to pick something for Lieve and Emily, so think about that." I looked at Karxi and shook my head, as he smiled. "Call us when you're done, and don't forget the gifts. We love you and thanks for getting us here safely."

"Apparently you have an interesting family as well."

"You have no idea."

Karxi pulled the trays out and asked me to picked which I thought were the best. I unceremoniously dumped all three trays on the felt and arranged them by color and started looking at them. I couldn't tell by looking, so I felt. Three were immediate to me. I picked two more, and then two sapphires. They were all beautiful. I went into Gaia and calmed myself and the rest became clear. There were twelve I chose. Karxi stared at me.

"Unless the world changes, we'll never see gems like those again, my friend, not in our lives."

"Do you have Opal." He smiled, walked out front and brought the brandy. He poured us another glass. He pushed two more toward me as he started picking the rest up.

"You should consider those as well. I'm not sure how you did it, but the ones picked were the ones I picked. I would pick these too. He put them in an envelope, wrote my name and sealed it as he replaced the trays in his safe. He pulled out another that contained Opals from Australia. He set it down. There were maybe twelve. I didn't count.

"How much for all of them?" He smiled.

'I don't know who you are, but you know gems. These came out of the mine a long time ago. Everything is getting harder to find. If you buy everything then you a making a smart investment because it's unlikely we'll find that quality. I've done the same for my family. This is not unwise, Daniel."

Karxi totaled it and everything was going to be just under $100,000. I breathed and poured us more brandy as he I nodded and he put them in envelopes. "Agreed." I knew he wasn't cheating me. It was business does. I made a profit. I knew this was sound. He handed me the envelopes and smiled.

"You saved me, and my family, Daniel. Talk with your . This is my bitcoin info. You can send it there. As a friend, you chose wisely. I am especially impressed by the opals." He gave me the stones I wanted, which was surprising, but I wasn't going to cheat him and we liked each other. He walked me back down stairs and unlocked a side door into the building next door. It was a restaurant's kitchen and they started yelling as we walked out front and shook hands.

"I'll have this done by tomorrow at this Karxi." He nodded. He hugged me and I walked out to help the brandy move through. I liked his set up. I walked back to the hotel, but I was paying attention.
take me part 264
Posted:Aug 30, 2021 5:04 pm
Last Updated:Oct 21, 2021 8:47 pm

I called my cousin, Kim's friend, and gem source Karxi , and we were going to meet for lunch, around two. I liked Tom and asked him to show me what he liked. He looked at me asked really?"

"Yes. You, and your family, fed me. So show me around the places people don't see. I want to see what life is like away from the camera's" It wasn't bad. Way better than Denver. Tom showed me where he lived with his family, and it was a neighborhood I would live in. I
actually did.

"Can I ask you a question, Daniel?" He had just shown me his family's home. It was what I had lived in most of my life, but he didn't say that his family owned most of the block.

"You can ask me anything, Tom."

"Where do you live, Daniel?"

"I live in the back of my shop Tom, it's nice but small, but it opens on to land that will not be built on. It's in an industrial part of Denver. It's an up and coming area, but mainly industrial." He looked at me, amazed.

"You thought I was rich?" He nodded. "The family of the woman I am marrying is rich Tom. I'm not poor but I wouldn't pay for a private car, even though I'm glad they did. Being rich has nothing to do with money, Tom. money makes it easier, but rich is a state of mind."

"Not when you need something to eat, sir...... Daniel." He was right. I nodded.

"Show me where those people are." I was tired but I liked Tom, and liked it here in Nova Scotia. Seriously like it. Show me Tom, but show me the people that are helping too." He showed me around, which would be the same in any city and then he started showing me things that people were doing and it was like anywhere too. It was all pretty screwed up but people were everywhere, helping. We were our best when people need help. Well, at least most of us. He took me to a homeless shelter, and showed me their garden. We spoke with the person in charge and she said that she was trying to get businesses into that area because they needed jobs.

"Do you have a card, and envelope?" She nodded as she handed me both. "I'll be back in a couple of minutes." I had probably $5000 in cash That I took from the safe. I put $1000 in the envelope and wrote Sam's name and number on it. Call him because I think what we are doing in Denver could help you here. Thank you for what you are doing."

"I need to go to the hotel Tom, because I need to meet someone soon."

"Important business meeting Daniel." I was really liking Tom, and Halifax. I wanted to stay longer but I already had angry pregnant women, and they wanted to see their rings.

"In a manner of speaking, Tom. My cousin is a ring maker and has designed a ring but I need to pick out stones." I'm meeting the person she uses in her work, Karxi for lunch, even though I'm not all that hungry after breakfast." He smiled and I nodded.

"I know Karxi. My family uses him. His stones are best grade, and he's fair. He doesn't cheat."

"Cheating is dumb Tom because it ends up hurting you in the end." He nodded. "But I appreciate the confirmation about Karxi." He smiled and nodded as we pulled up to The Prince George. It was obviously nice and I was really, really liking Halifax. I was just sad I couldn't stay longer. I wanted to see the Island. Tom was giving the bgs to the doorman. I took out $1000, and then another two hundreds and got out.

Tom bowed and said thank you, and that he was happy to meet me, and honored I visited his family. I extended my hand and we shook, smiling. "Do you have a card? I need to see my cousin tomorrow but she lives in New Glasgow." He nodded and handed me one as I handed him $200. I had no idea what he made but he spent a few hours with. I shouldn't need the car again today because the hotel was downtown and I could use a walk. I could use a run but I'd have time enough for that in Norway. He smiled and put it in his pocket without looking, as he should have.

"Plan on meeting me here around ten tomorrow morning. Here's my number. You obviously care about your family, Tom, but also others in you community." He nodded. I want you to have this. It's not a lot, but it's something. Make the best use of it and help folks. I like it here, and I enjoyed meeting your family. Tell you wife I said thank you.." I handed him the thousand dollars. He was stunned, as I would be. It wasn't my money. I would use it to help my family but I had issue with giving it away. Greedy I wasn't. He stared at it and hugged me.

"Give it to people it can help. I'll try to give more next time i'm here." He nodded and put it in his pocket. I knew he would help his family first, but he would share with others. I walked into the hotel.

"I'm checking in I'm not sure what the reservation is under," as I handed her my passport.

"Oh yes, Mr. MacDougal. We have several messages and your room is take care of. Here's you key and if there is anything we can do just let us know." I nodded. I looked at them. Karxi said he needed to meet at one which didn't give me much time to shower, and Kim said to check my email because the rings were done. I was glad I didn't forget the platinum, but I was going to wait to see them the next day, up close.

The room was superb. I was top floor, corner and facing the water. I was going to have to talk with Kim and see if there was a way I could get citizenship, without marrying someone. I was reaching my limit. I was dressing when Annie called.

"Hey mister, how are you?" I'm good, still tired but I had a great morning with Tom and the room is great. Thank you, Love. Tell your mom."

"I'll do that. We have everyone, and all of your gear. Are you expecting a fight?" I told her I didn't know. Well, Ama pulled strings. We're at the lodge and we'll make sure Jake and Emily stay in different rooms." I laughed "Our body clocks are all screwed up so we are all going to sleep. Thank God for blackout curtains. We'll call you when we wake up. We are relieved Daniel. Thank you. We adore you, sweets, but we're still biting you." I laughed.

I was getting dressed when the front desk called. "You have a visitor, sir. Would like us to send him up?"

"Do you have a meeting room we can use?"

"Of course. I'll get it ready."

"Thank you and tell him I'll be right down." I wasn't use to this but I could play many roles when I had to.I walked into the lobby and we recognized each other even though we had never met. I liked him like I like Tom. I could never understand why so American's had such issue with immigrants, especially considering our own history. I reached out my hand.

"Karxi. I'm Daniel. It's very nice to meet you. Can I look at the stones before lunch? He smiled and nodded. "Excellent they are getting a room ready." We walked to the front desk and were then taken to a meeting room. We sat down as he removed two cases from his bag.

"Kimberly has already looked at these and she took my three best blue diamonds but I understand they were for you anyway." I nodded and said that she's my cousin and I trust her. He nodded. He opened the cases and started looking through the diamonds. I felt confident because he worked so closely with Kim, and for so long, and Tom's family knew him.

"I got a glowing recommendation for you from my driver today. I don't know their last name but he goes by Tom. He's from Namibia." Karxi smiled.

"Yes, yes....very excellent family. Hard working and close. I have conducted many transactions with them. Many people around the world can't trust banks, or currency, so they buy precious metal, and gems. I work throughout Canada, and in New York. I stay quite busy."

"Since my cousin trust's you, then I'm going to trust you because I really don't know anything about gems and I figure if you screw me over then she will be pissed and I wouldn't wish that on anyone." He nodded but knew what I was saying. I didn't get the sense he would anyway.

"I have some bitcoin and I've been wanting to get investment grade gems for the future. I'm looking for something that will maintain it's value and since Kim buys from you I believe you don't sell fakes." He nodded as he put diamonds, all but three, back in the case.

"These are the diamonds you want, except for the ones Kimberly chose. She hasn't paid for them yet but she wanted to be able to use them." I nodded. Please understand Daniel, that I sell a lot of gems and most people want mid to upper grade, very few want this level but if you are looking to the future, these are the gems you want to maintain your wealth. They will not go down. I assure you because I can always find buyers for them."

"What are the costs of these, and the ones Kim got?" He wrote the exact amounts for each stones. "The three Kim chose were $18,000 but they were amazing and will retain their value. Given her reputation, they'll will go up as just rings." The three Karxi showed me where $41,000. "Do I need to pay tax on that. He smiled and shook his head no, at least there was that. I suppose that was why he was as busy as he was. "I have a question."

"Of course, Daniel."

"Do you have other gems beside diamonds?" He nodded. "I'd like to see similar quality emeralds, ruby's, and sapphire's. Again, something I can pass to great grand ." He smiled and nodded.

"I don't have them with me but my office isn't far. We can go there after lunch." I nodded.

"Would buy these three stones for your , Karxi?"

"Without hesitation Daniel, I wish I could."

"I'll take them and then we can go to your office after lunch. I embarrassed to say that I know very little about bitcoin, but you will take it" He nodded. "I am talking with my tonight and she is going to show me how to use it because I'd don't understand it and want to, and then I am meeting Kim tomorrow. If you'll do me the favor of holding these stones, and whatever we decide later, I'll meet with you the day after tomorrow when I come back. I haven't seen my cousin for a long time and am looking forward to spending some time. I'll honor my word." He nodded and put the three diamonds into a small envelope and wrote my name on it and then sealed it. Not great security, but I trusted him because Kim and Tom trusted him and he needed trust. We shook hands.

We walked out to the lobby. "Would you trust me in choosing the restaurant, Daniel? I have a dear friend who is close, and also from Pakistan, and he is a superb chef." I nodded as we walked out.
take me part 263
Posted:Aug 29, 2021 7:59 pm
Last Updated:Aug 31, 2021 9:28 pm

Henry and I were driving to Broomfield, which was an airport for business flights about half and hour away when Annie called.

"You OK?"

"Peachy." Silence

"Yeah, we've landed and Ama came herself, which I was surprised at. We'll get your things through, sweets, don't worry. We're safe here." I didn't tell that I didn't think so. "We're getting something to eat and will meet the rest when they land. You mind telling me who Heather is? Everyone want's to know." I told her and she laughed. "Does Lieve like her?"

"Yeah... a lot, even though she's trying to pretend she doesn't." Silence

"Got it, love. I'll let them all know. It's a good thing you heal fast because you are getting bit, and punched, multiple times, mister." I'd take that since they were safe.

"Keep them safe Annie. I'm about ready to take off. I'll call you when I land in Halifax. I called my cousin, who was making the rings and told her that I was on my way, and staying in Halifax, and would talk with her gem guy tomorrow

"There was a change. I need you to make three rings, similar, so they are connected, but different for the clans". Silence.

She laughed and said Ama had already spoken with her in her dreams and they were almost. I don't know who you are Daniel, but I'm glad you're a part of our family. Stay a couple of days if you can. You'll like the rings, because I like them, and we were always similar. I think I'll make all of you happy." Have a safe flight."

Henry hugged me as I was boarding. I sat down and exhaled. There was SO much to do, and prepare for, and I wouldn't be in Iceland for days, and I still wasn't sure who was even after us....OR who they were after. The flight attendant asked if there was anything I needed. I told her food. She nodded and said she couldn't until we were at cruising altitude. I nodded and I said whisky...the oldest they had, and water. She brought it as we were cleared to take off. I had never been on one of these before, but I liked it. I drank a bottle of water, and the twenty year old whiskey and fell a sleep. I woke and the sun was out and I was reclined with a blanket around me. Heidi walked up.

"Thank you." She smiled and sat down..

"You were pretty tired, but it was an easy flight for me. We're going to be landing in 30 minutes so I can't feed you but I can get you some juice, or coffee. We've waited to make a pot." I said thank you, and told her to make one, because I was still tired. She smiled as I grabbed my dopp kit and walked into the bathroom.

Heidi had a large mug of coffee waiting for me. "Do you have grapefruit juice?" She smiled and nodded. A car is waiting for you and will take to The Prince George Hotel. Your driver can tell you where the best breakfast is. I had your meal your meal last night, because i was starving and it looked like you needed sleep more than food. I didn't want to wake you." I told her thank you. "This this the card for the plane service. We will be leaving after we refuel, but call that number and tell them when you need a flight, and they'll take care of it. We're landing in ten minutes."

"Thank you Heidi, don't worry about the grapefruit juice but I'll take some more coffee a pastry if you have one. Please eat my breakfast when we land." She smiled.

"I already did when I knew I couldn't serve you. I'll get you some more coffee." I smiled and nodded. I could see why people had money. I wasn't use to it, but it was nice. She filled my cup, which was very good, and handed me her card. "You can request us, if we're available. I would have provided better service if you were awake." I laughed. I wasn't sure exactly what she meant, but it didn't matter. She was nice, and I liked her.

We landed and I grabbed my bag and started to disembark as Heidi gave me a large to go cup of coffee, and a pint of grapefruit juice. I shook her hand and smiled. as i put my bag down and gave her, and the pilot, a hundred dollars. I knew it was too much, but it wasn't my money, and they got me where I needed to be, and Heidi was nice. I thanked her for the coffee and juice, and walked to get my bags. It didn't take as long as it usually does. I walked out front and saw a sign with my name.

"That's me. I'm Daniel." He took my bags after opening the back door. I figured the girls would be in a pile, except Jake, and asleep, so I didn't call.

"I have The Prince George as the destination. Is that where we are going, sir."

"What's your name? I'm Daniel." I extended my hand. "I'm not really a sir kinda guy so you can me call me Daniel.

"I go by Tom. sir.... Daniel." I looked at him. "I have a challenging name to pronounce. It's easier." I smiled because I knew Deat.

"You like grapefruit juice, Tom?" He nodded as I handed him the pint Heidi had given me. "Where are you from Tom?"

I'm from Namibia sir.... Daniel."

"I have never been, but it's the place I have wanted see on that Continent."

"It's breathtaking Daniel. There are no words to describe it. It is brutally dry, but amazing when the rains come. It's life. Devastating, but amazing. I miss it everyday but I have to provide for my family."

"I'm hungry, Tom. Where would you have breakfast?" He turned around and looked at me. "Seriously." The car was paid for, and I was hungry. I had no idea. I nodded.

"I'll take you to the best place I know. It may be unusual to you but it is what I grew up eating, and I'm hungry too." He took me to a small place, nondescript, but busy. We walked in, and he was mobbed, and well loved. I could see why he chose the name Tom, but all of these people were amazing. He seated me and went into the kitchen when the phone rang.

"Where are you?"

"I'm in Halifax about to have breakfast with Tom."

"Who is Tom?" Jesus Christ.

"He's my driver, and I'm hungry because I slept the entire flight...and he's from Namibia. I like Namibia." Silence.

"OK, fine. When are you going to get here." Christ, I just landed.

"I'm figuring eight days here in Nova Scotia, and then a quick hop to Osaka and another fourteen days, so I'm guessing the end of the month." I could hear the growl as she hung up and Tom came out with a Namibian breakfast. It wouldn't be what I say was breakfast but it was fantastic, and someone in the kitchen knew how to bake, and make coffee. I had the best apple strudle I ever had.

I went to pay, and Tom looked at me, held up his hands and shook his head. "No, Daniel. You are my guest, and this is my family. It would an be insult, sir.....Daniel." I nodded and asked him to tell whoever was cooking, and baking, that it was amazing because it was." He smiled and nodded and went into the kitchen, as Chloe called.

"You're going to be gone for three weeks?"

"What?. NO. That was a joke. Tell Annie in case she's believes it , otherwise she's fucking with you, so bite her...."

"Not a chance mister, we all have numbers to bite you. I'm first, second, and third."

"I'll be here for couple of days, Love. I need the rings, and I'm looking at stones because I don't trust bitcoin and if the gems a good, I'd rather put it into that."

"Rings?" Fuck, these women never missed ANYTHING.


"You said rings, Daniel." Fuck.

"Can we just lit et be the surprise it was suppose to be." They all said NO at the same time. "My cousin is making three different, yet connected, rings. I haven't seen them....AND!!!!!!! it was a suppose to a surprise."

"Who's Tom?"

"Sara, Tom is my driver, and a very nice man from Namibia. He took me to his family's restaurant, because I asked him where he would go for breakfast because I fell asleep on the plane, and was hungry." Silence

"I want to meet Tom, Daniel, but you have things to do. I am curious about my ring, though. Do what you need to love, but make that happen. Click" Tom was staring at me.

"Women." He nodded as a very pregnant woman walked out.

"This my wife, Adiliha. She made the strudel, and most of the food." He was proud, but she was SO mortified. Sara was right. She needed to meet them. I shook her hand.

"Adiliha, that was one of the best meals I have ever had, and the strudel was excellent." She beamed, lowered her head and walked into the kitchen, smiling. I asked Tom if I could some coffee to go. He smiled and walked into the kitchen and came out with a to go cup, and a strudel in a bag. I wasn't saying no.

"Where are we going, Daniel."

"Around, Tom. I've never been here, show me Halifax, and not just the good parts.
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take me part 262
Posted:Aug 29, 2021 2:06 pm
Last Updated:Aug 30, 2021 11:35 am

I hugged Deat as he walked up, and Henry handed him a beer. He nodded, and downed a third of it. "That bad?" He nodded. "Tell it straight Deat, what am I looking at?"

"As far as Sara's, nothing. or anything at the party. You are one lucky of bitch. Do you know this woman?" He put the photo of the woman that shot me and Janey down. I did because I saw her with Gustav.

"Not since yesterday, who is she and why did she shoot us?"

"The name we have is Monica Albeman. She's not a class act, in fact, she's nasty as shit if what we are finding out is true. We're still piecing this together but it has/had something to with this Gustav person, and the information I got in the mail." He looked me as I sipped my beer. I was playing my cards way close to the vest even though he was fishing. We'd known each other for a long time and he knew I had more information, and he also knew I wasn't sharing it.

"Alison's ex-boyfriend.... he looked through his notes.


"Yeah, thanks. He's the only link we could find and we think there was information they wanted. Gustav died in the Springs from a drug overdose and we think this Monica was connected with him in this sex ring. We're not sure why she came in shooting but you seemed to be planning for it and I need to know why." Henry got up to get more beer.

I looked at Deat as Henry sat down and handed us another. "I was freaked out after what happened at Henry's, and a lot weird shit is going on." He nodded. I had the vests and the only person I could think that was in danger, as Alison because of Philip. None of knew what he was involved in but he was a flat out prick." Deat nodded.

"He was a shit, that is for sure, as was his brother. We ran him from the info we got from you and Alison and he was bad news. She was wise to leave. We haven't been able to find either him, or his brother Simon." They would never find Philip but I had already placed a call to the tip line regarding Simon. I wasn't sure of the exact location. They would find him. No one knew about William, so got to skate.

"This man, the man that shot you at Henry's. We thought he was involved with the sex ring because it fit, but we wasn't. Daniel, he was ex-British SAS and it took a lot to find that out. We're still trying to piece that together but we're hitting a wall." I stared at him. "It fucking gets worse, brother. The two guys in the ghille suits....neither are talking except to say they have diplomatic immunity. You are in the thick grass my friend."

"His name, we think, is Londgren but we aren't trusting the passports and getting anything from Interpol is a fucking nightmare. We had one file come from a source I have in the CIA. He's ex-Jaeger out of Findland, but we have no idea if the name is accurate, but Annie knew he was." I stared at him and nodded.

"She said is name was Finn. I'm sure that's an abbreviation because they grew up as .I'll ask her when I speak with her."

He wrote it down,"These are seasoned guys coming after you for some reason. We are still trying to ID the crew at Sara's, but they look to be contractors, and not all that good if you could take them out." I smiled and flipped him off. "Talk to me Daniel. I'm your brother. I can't help if I don't know."

I told Deat about Annie, and her family, and most of the things going. I didn't tell him much more about Gustav because I wanted that to go away, and I didn't tell him I sent him the info. I focused on Annie's family because that was the threat.

He stared at me, smiling and shaking his head. You are your own cluster fuck, Daniel." Henry and I laughed and nodded. "These are well funded professionals so watch your six, brother. Shit, watch everywhere." I told him about the girls and Jake leaving, and me leaving, and why. He nodded.

Henry can help get the girls getting situated but it's going be tighter quarters because of what happened at Sara's, but we have the space. Maggie will help Melinda too....that's the easy part. What about the helicopter?"

"How did you find that out?"

"I won't tell you that Deat, but I trust the source." He nodded.

"I am still looking into it, but it's complicated because they were smart, and that bothers me... a LOT. Your intel was sound because we did pay for it, but it is totally outside the norm."

"Yeah, because they almost killed Sara."

"I need to deal with this slowly because it means we have someone that is rogue. What are your plans."

"I'm heading out in two hours but I won't tell where, and the girls, and Jake, are already on the way, but it's the safest place I could think of. I'm not sure when I'll be back but you have my number. My phone should be working by later tonight. You can talk with Henry about whatever you and your girls need. We are all tickled pink that you're coming home." He smiled.

He stared at me, somberly. "If you are going to the EU then you need to be prepared, and that isn't easy. I'll see if I can figure out a way to help, but stay safe." I nodded. We hugged and Henry and I started loading his SUV. I called Bet and Javier as Henry was locking up.

"Hey, you OK?"

"No, but I'm doing my best. I wanted to say thank you because I couldn't have done this without you. You got my family out." Silence."

"Shut the fuck up, goofball, here's Javier. Hey, brother. We'll keep you in the loop."

"Deal with Henry, and Bethany, but make you're people safe homes. We can always make more money." He laughed.

"There's plenty of money Daniel, don't worry about it, and we'll work with Henry and Bethany because it's a good idea for the future, for all of us. Hold on Bet can talk again."

"You're a fucking pain in my ass Daniel, and not in the good way, but I love you...God help me. You keep them safe, and yourself." Bet rarely showed emotion like this, but I knew how she felt and how sacred she was, they all were, so of course I said.

"I bet you say that to all the boys." I could Javier laughing as Bet said,

"You're and asshole, Daniel," and hung up. It was a good thing I didn't mind getting bitten.
take me part 261.... stay safe if Ida is bearing down.
Posted:Aug 29, 2021 11:40 am
Last Updated:Aug 29, 2021 8:14 pm

I sat down by the wall and started to cry. Henry, Billy and Sam brought beer out and put their hands on me until I stopped, and they didn't know about Sara's, none of them knew what happened at Sara's. I was so getting hit when I landed in Iceland, but I still had too much to do. The weight wasn't gone, but it was diminished since they were on their way.

"How are you ? We're worried about you."

"Plodding along Henry, but the girls, and Jake, are on the way. I'm sorry to leave everything in your laps."

"Shut up, Daniel." Sam and Billy nodded. "We're family. We've got this covered and all of us are better at than you." I laughed because they were right. "Your job is to keep our girls, and Jake, safe." I nodded.

"You guys are slacking off, so get back to work." They smiled. "Henry, I need a word with you. I have things set up with Bethany and most of what I got from my family are in trusts that Charles set up. Sam and Maggie are partners in the business. Unc wants to buy my dad stuff. I'll text him what he can't have. It's not much. Everything else is in the safe and what Bet and Javier got from Gustav." He nodded.

"Keep a reserve, but I want them mostly out what they are doing. We lucked out that only one person died." He nodded. "All of you thought this area was worth investing in for us. I think it's time we do it again. I trust your judgment, Henry. Do what you need to for our family. If any of these building go up for sale, call me. I've checked around with most of the owners and none wanted to sell, but yesterday had never happened. Now get back to work." He smiled as I called Chloe.

"Talk to us Daniel."

"Lieve, Heather, and Emily are en route. You need to wait for them. Annie, there are, sensitive things in the luggage. Just because you will be in Iceland, don't become complacent, maintain situational awareness because the won't." Silence.

"When are you coming back to us, love, because we have biting, and punching to do?" We all laughed.

"I need to talk with Deat, and get Sara's house situated and then I'll be on the plane to Halifax."

'Wait...WHAT? What's wrong with Sara's. There was a slight .... incident. I'll tell you when I see you. Enjoy the flight. I love you."


I called Deat. "Can you head over now. I've had a change of plans."

"I already am, and it's not good brother." Fuck. "I'll be there in twenty minutes."

Billy had gone so I told Sam and Henry about Sara's and that it needed to be dealt with and I didn't have the time. Sam said he knew some people and walked off to call them. "It's probably still an active crime Sam I'll pay them to wait around so a family of raccoons doesn't take up residence." He nodded and laughed.

"Bad?" I nodded but told him I had called Deat and they were inside the house. It'd be fine.

"I need to pack, if I have anything left here. Deat's on his way and then I'm on a flight and I'm not sure when we will back." He nodded and hugged me. I grabbed some cash out of the safe, my passport. I made sure I had my wallet, and the info Javier gave me for the bitcoin. I was still going to have to call Lieve. It didn't take long for me to pack. I walked into the shop as Deat pulled up. I grabbed three beers and walked to the chairs with Henry following.

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