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take me part 263
Posted:Aug 29, 2021 7:59 pm
Last Updated:Aug 31, 2021 9:28 pm

Henry and I were driving to Broomfield, which was an airport for business flights about half and hour away when Annie called.

"You OK?"

"Peachy." Silence

"Yeah, we've landed and Ama came herself, which I was surprised at. We'll get your things through, sweets, don't worry. We're safe here." I didn't tell that I didn't think so. "We're getting something to eat and will meet the rest when they land. You mind telling me who Heather is? Everyone want's to know." I told her and she laughed. "Does Lieve like her?"

"Yeah... a lot, even though she's trying to pretend she doesn't." Silence

"Got it, love. I'll let them all know. It's a good thing you heal fast because you are getting bit, and punched, multiple times, mister." I'd take that since they were safe.

"Keep them safe Annie. I'm about ready to take off. I'll call you when I land in Halifax. I called my cousin, who was making the rings and told her that I was on my way, and staying in Halifax, and would talk with her gem guy tomorrow

"There was a change. I need you to make three rings, similar, so they are connected, but different for the clans". Silence.

She laughed and said Ama had already spoken with her in her dreams and they were almost. I don't know who you are Daniel, but I'm glad you're a part of our family. Stay a couple of days if you can. You'll like the rings, because I like them, and we were always similar. I think I'll make all of you happy." Have a safe flight."

Henry hugged me as I was boarding. I sat down and exhaled. There was SO much to do, and prepare for, and I wouldn't be in Iceland for days, and I still wasn't sure who was even after us....OR who they were after. The flight attendant asked if there was anything I needed. I told her food. She nodded and said she couldn't until we were at cruising altitude. I nodded and I said whisky...the oldest they had, and water. She brought it as we were cleared to take off. I had never been on one of these before, but I liked it. I drank a bottle of water, and the twenty year old whiskey and fell a sleep. I woke and the sun was out and I was reclined with a blanket around me. Heidi walked up.

"Thank you." She smiled and sat down..

"You were pretty tired, but it was an easy flight for me. We're going to be landing in 30 minutes so I can't feed you but I can get you some juice, or coffee. We've waited to make a pot." I said thank you, and told her to make one, because I was still tired. She smiled as I grabbed my dopp kit and walked into the bathroom.

Heidi had a large mug of coffee waiting for me. "Do you have grapefruit juice?" She smiled and nodded. A car is waiting for you and will take to The Prince George Hotel. Your driver can tell you where the best breakfast is. I had your meal your meal last night, because i was starving and it looked like you needed sleep more than food. I didn't want to wake you." I told her thank you. "This this the card for the plane service. We will be leaving after we refuel, but call that number and tell them when you need a flight, and they'll take care of it. We're landing in ten minutes."

"Thank you Heidi, don't worry about the grapefruit juice but I'll take some more coffee a pastry if you have one. Please eat my breakfast when we land." She smiled.

"I already did when I knew I couldn't serve you. I'll get you some more coffee." I smiled and nodded. I could see why people had money. I wasn't use to it, but it was nice. She filled my cup, which was very good, and handed me her card. "You can request us, if we're available. I would have provided better service if you were awake." I laughed. I wasn't sure exactly what she meant, but it didn't matter. She was nice, and I liked her.

We landed and I grabbed my bag and started to disembark as Heidi gave me a large to go cup of coffee, and a pint of grapefruit juice. I shook her hand and smiled. as i put my bag down and gave her, and the pilot, a hundred dollars. I knew it was too much, but it wasn't my money, and they got me where I needed to be, and Heidi was nice. I thanked her for the coffee and juice, and walked to get my bags. It didn't take as long as it usually does. I walked out front and saw a sign with my name.

"That's me. I'm Daniel." He took my bags after opening the back door. I figured the girls would be in a pile, except Jake, and asleep, so I didn't call.

"I have The Prince George as the destination. Is that where we are going, sir."

"What's your name? I'm Daniel." I extended my hand. "I'm not really a sir kinda guy so you can me call me Daniel.

"I go by Tom. sir.... Daniel." I looked at him. "I have a challenging name to pronounce. It's easier." I smiled because I knew Deat.

"You like grapefruit juice, Tom?" He nodded as I handed him the pint Heidi had given me. "Where are you from Tom?"

I'm from Namibia sir.... Daniel."

"I have never been, but it's the place I have wanted see on that Continent."

"It's breathtaking Daniel. There are no words to describe it. It is brutally dry, but amazing when the rains come. It's life. Devastating, but amazing. I miss it everyday but I have to provide for my family."

"I'm hungry, Tom. Where would you have breakfast?" He turned around and looked at me. "Seriously." The car was paid for, and I was hungry. I had no idea. I nodded.

"I'll take you to the best place I know. It may be unusual to you but it is what I grew up eating, and I'm hungry too." He took me to a small place, nondescript, but busy. We walked in, and he was mobbed, and well loved. I could see why he chose the name Tom, but all of these people were amazing. He seated me and went into the kitchen when the phone rang.

"Where are you?"

"I'm in Halifax about to have breakfast with Tom."

"Who is Tom?" Jesus Christ.

"He's my driver, and I'm hungry because I slept the entire flight...and he's from Namibia. I like Namibia." Silence.

"OK, fine. When are you going to get here." Christ, I just landed.

"I'm figuring eight days here in Nova Scotia, and then a quick hop to Osaka and another fourteen days, so I'm guessing the end of the month." I could hear the growl as she hung up and Tom came out with a Namibian breakfast. It wouldn't be what I say was breakfast but it was fantastic, and someone in the kitchen knew how to bake, and make coffee. I had the best apple strudle I ever had.

I went to pay, and Tom looked at me, held up his hands and shook his head. "No, Daniel. You are my guest, and this is my family. It would an be insult, sir.....Daniel." I nodded and asked him to tell whoever was cooking, and baking, that it was amazing because it was." He smiled and nodded and went into the kitchen, as Chloe called.

"You're going to be gone for three weeks?"

"What?. NO. That was a joke. Tell Annie in case she's believes it , otherwise she's fucking with you, so bite her...."

"Not a chance mister, we all have numbers to bite you. I'm first, second, and third."

"I'll be here for couple of days, Love. I need the rings, and I'm looking at stones because I don't trust bitcoin and if the gems a good, I'd rather put it into that."

"Rings?" Fuck, these women never missed ANYTHING.


"You said rings, Daniel." Fuck.

"Can we just lit et be the surprise it was suppose to be." They all said NO at the same time. "My cousin is making three different, yet connected, rings. I haven't seen them....AND!!!!!!! it was a suppose to a surprise."

"Who's Tom?"

"Sara, Tom is my driver, and a very nice man from Namibia. He took me to his family's restaurant, because I asked him where he would go for breakfast because I fell asleep on the plane, and was hungry." Silence

"I want to meet Tom, Daniel, but you have things to do. I am curious about my ring, though. Do what you need to love, but make that happen. Click" Tom was staring at me.

"Women." He nodded as a very pregnant woman walked out.

"This my wife, Adiliha. She made the strudel, and most of the food." He was proud, but she was SO mortified. Sara was right. She needed to meet them. I shook her hand.

"Adiliha, that was one of the best meals I have ever had, and the strudel was excellent." She beamed, lowered her head and walked into the kitchen, smiling. I asked Tom if I could some coffee to go. He smiled and walked into the kitchen and came out with a to go cup, and a strudel in a bag. I wasn't saying no.

"Where are we going, Daniel."

"Around, Tom. I've never been here, show me Halifax, and not just the good parts.
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take me part 262
Posted:Aug 29, 2021 2:06 pm
Last Updated:Aug 30, 2021 11:35 am

I hugged Deat as he walked up, and Henry handed him a beer. He nodded, and downed a third of it. "That bad?" He nodded. "Tell it straight Deat, what am I looking at?"

"As far as Sara's, nothing. or anything at the party. You are one lucky of bitch. Do you know this woman?" He put the photo of the woman that shot me and Janey down. I did because I saw her with Gustav.

"Not since yesterday, who is she and why did she shoot us?"

"The name we have is Monica Albeman. She's not a class act, in fact, she's nasty as shit if what we are finding out is true. We're still piecing this together but it has/had something to with this Gustav person, and the information I got in the mail." He looked me as I sipped my beer. I was playing my cards way close to the vest even though he was fishing. We'd known each other for a long time and he knew I had more information, and he also knew I wasn't sharing it.

"Alison's ex-boyfriend.... he looked through his notes.


"Yeah, thanks. He's the only link we could find and we think there was information they wanted. Gustav died in the Springs from a drug overdose and we think this Monica was connected with him in this sex ring. We're not sure why she came in shooting but you seemed to be planning for it and I need to know why." Henry got up to get more beer.

I looked at Deat as Henry sat down and handed us another. "I was freaked out after what happened at Henry's, and a lot weird shit is going on." He nodded. I had the vests and the only person I could think that was in danger, as Alison because of Philip. None of knew what he was involved in but he was a flat out prick." Deat nodded.

"He was a shit, that is for sure, as was his brother. We ran him from the info we got from you and Alison and he was bad news. She was wise to leave. We haven't been able to find either him, or his brother Simon." They would never find Philip but I had already placed a call to the tip line regarding Simon. I wasn't sure of the exact location. They would find him. No one knew about William, so got to skate.

"This man, the man that shot you at Henry's. We thought he was involved with the sex ring because it fit, but we wasn't. Daniel, he was ex-British SAS and it took a lot to find that out. We're still trying to piece that together but we're hitting a wall." I stared at him. "It fucking gets worse, brother. The two guys in the ghille suits....neither are talking except to say they have diplomatic immunity. You are in the thick grass my friend."

"His name, we think, is Londgren but we aren't trusting the passports and getting anything from Interpol is a fucking nightmare. We had one file come from a source I have in the CIA. He's ex-Jaeger out of Findland, but we have no idea if the name is accurate, but Annie knew he was." I stared at him and nodded.

"She said is name was Finn. I'm sure that's an abbreviation because they grew up as .I'll ask her when I speak with her."

He wrote it down,"These are seasoned guys coming after you for some reason. We are still trying to ID the crew at Sara's, but they look to be contractors, and not all that good if you could take them out." I smiled and flipped him off. "Talk to me Daniel. I'm your brother. I can't help if I don't know."

I told Deat about Annie, and her family, and most of the things going. I didn't tell him much more about Gustav because I wanted that to go away, and I didn't tell him I sent him the info. I focused on Annie's family because that was the threat.

He stared at me, smiling and shaking his head. You are your own cluster fuck, Daniel." Henry and I laughed and nodded. "These are well funded professionals so watch your six, brother. Shit, watch everywhere." I told him about the girls and Jake leaving, and me leaving, and why. He nodded.

Henry can help get the girls getting situated but it's going be tighter quarters because of what happened at Sara's, but we have the space. Maggie will help Melinda too....that's the easy part. What about the helicopter?"

"How did you find that out?"

"I won't tell you that Deat, but I trust the source." He nodded.

"I am still looking into it, but it's complicated because they were smart, and that bothers me... a LOT. Your intel was sound because we did pay for it, but it is totally outside the norm."

"Yeah, because they almost killed Sara."

"I need to deal with this slowly because it means we have someone that is rogue. What are your plans."

"I'm heading out in two hours but I won't tell where, and the girls, and Jake, are already on the way, but it's the safest place I could think of. I'm not sure when I'll be back but you have my number. My phone should be working by later tonight. You can talk with Henry about whatever you and your girls need. We are all tickled pink that you're coming home." He smiled.

He stared at me, somberly. "If you are going to the EU then you need to be prepared, and that isn't easy. I'll see if I can figure out a way to help, but stay safe." I nodded. We hugged and Henry and I started loading his SUV. I called Bet and Javier as Henry was locking up.

"Hey, you OK?"

"No, but I'm doing my best. I wanted to say thank you because I couldn't have done this without you. You got my family out." Silence."

"Shut the fuck up, goofball, here's Javier. Hey, brother. We'll keep you in the loop."

"Deal with Henry, and Bethany, but make you're people safe homes. We can always make more money." He laughed.

"There's plenty of money Daniel, don't worry about it, and we'll work with Henry and Bethany because it's a good idea for the future, for all of us. Hold on Bet can talk again."

"You're a fucking pain in my ass Daniel, and not in the good way, but I love you...God help me. You keep them safe, and yourself." Bet rarely showed emotion like this, but I knew how she felt and how sacred she was, they all were, so of course I said.

"I bet you say that to all the boys." I could Javier laughing as Bet said,

"You're and asshole, Daniel," and hung up. It was a good thing I didn't mind getting bitten.
take me part 261.... stay safe if Ida is bearing down.
Posted:Aug 29, 2021 11:40 am
Last Updated:Aug 29, 2021 8:14 pm

I sat down by the wall and started to cry. Henry, Billy and Sam brought beer out and put their hands on me until I stopped, and they didn't know about Sara's, none of them knew what happened at Sara's. I was so getting hit when I landed in Iceland, but I still had too much to do. The weight wasn't gone, but it was diminished since they were on their way.

"How are you ? We're worried about you."

"Plodding along Henry, but the girls, and Jake, are on the way. I'm sorry to leave everything in your laps."

"Shut up, Daniel." Sam and Billy nodded. "We're family. We've got this covered and all of us are better at than you." I laughed because they were right. "Your job is to keep our girls, and Jake, safe." I nodded.

"You guys are slacking off, so get back to work." They smiled. "Henry, I need a word with you. I have things set up with Bethany and most of what I got from my family are in trusts that Charles set up. Sam and Maggie are partners in the business. Unc wants to buy my dad stuff. I'll text him what he can't have. It's not much. Everything else is in the safe and what Bet and Javier got from Gustav." He nodded.

"Keep a reserve, but I want them mostly out what they are doing. We lucked out that only one person died." He nodded. "All of you thought this area was worth investing in for us. I think it's time we do it again. I trust your judgment, Henry. Do what you need to for our family. If any of these building go up for sale, call me. I've checked around with most of the owners and none wanted to sell, but yesterday had never happened. Now get back to work." He smiled as I called Chloe.

"Talk to us Daniel."

"Lieve, Heather, and Emily are en route. You need to wait for them. Annie, there are, sensitive things in the luggage. Just because you will be in Iceland, don't become complacent, maintain situational awareness because the won't." Silence.

"When are you coming back to us, love, because we have biting, and punching to do?" We all laughed.

"I need to talk with Deat, and get Sara's house situated and then I'll be on the plane to Halifax."

'Wait...WHAT? What's wrong with Sara's. There was a slight .... incident. I'll tell you when I see you. Enjoy the flight. I love you."


I called Deat. "Can you head over now. I've had a change of plans."

"I already am, and it's not good brother." Fuck. "I'll be there in twenty minutes."

Billy had gone so I told Sam and Henry about Sara's and that it needed to be dealt with and I didn't have the time. Sam said he knew some people and walked off to call them. "It's probably still an active crime Sam I'll pay them to wait around so a family of raccoons doesn't take up residence." He nodded and laughed.

"Bad?" I nodded but told him I had called Deat and they were inside the house. It'd be fine.

"I need to pack, if I have anything left here. Deat's on his way and then I'm on a flight and I'm not sure when we will back." He nodded and hugged me. I grabbed some cash out of the safe, my passport. I made sure I had my wallet, and the info Javier gave me for the bitcoin. I was still going to have to call Lieve. It didn't take long for me to pack. I walked into the shop as Deat pulled up. I grabbed three beers and walked to the chairs with Henry following.
take me part 260
Posted:Aug 28, 2021 9:41 pm
Last Updated:Aug 29, 2021 6:29 pm

FUCK!!!!!!!!!. I tried calling Annie, and it worked. Hold on love, let me call you back. The phone rang as I raced to the shop. "Don't worry about the jet, my family will pay for it."

"I don't care about the goddamn jet Annie. When are you planes going to be here.?

"Hold .... what's wrong Daniel?"

"I need to get Lieve, Heather, and Emily out now."

"Who's Heather?"

"Can we talk about this later? I need to know when your planes are coming in?"

"They said the end of the week, but I'll call them when i land."

"I'll deal with it on my end. I need them out now. Sorry, but I've got to go. I'll call again, love." She was going to HATE that but I had to called Bethany.

"Hey, what's ?" up

"I'm going try your patience, love."

"When hasn't that been the situation, Daniel."

"Probably never, but I really am, now. I need another plane... in hours."

" Hold on."


"You'll have a small jet waiting for you in 4 hours, Daniel. Tell them where you need to go and they'll make it happen, but whatever you are taking needs stay on that plane until you get off here." SHIT!!!!!!!!

"OK. It'll be going on the girls plane, because I will be making a couple of stops, but thank you LOVE."

"Excuse . What plane is that?"

"The one I am talking with Bethany about right now. Call when you land...."

"Daniel..... Sorry. I needed another plane, ASAP."


"I'm sorry." As I picked backed up with Bethany.

"Give a few minutes. I'll call you back but get them ready." I called Bet.

"What, love"

"I need transport to the place you went before. Bethany is setting it up."

"We're on our way. get them packed, and loaded, and we'll make sure they don't follow."


"Hi Chloe, I'm a little busy at the moment...."

"Don't fucking start with me Daniel. This is my family." Silence.



"This is my family too Chloe, and I am trying to keep us safe. Will you let me do that, as terrifying as it is?"

"OK. You call us when they are safe, mister."

"I will. Bethany is working on it, and Bet and Javier." I didn't tell them about Sara's.

Bethany was calling. "Hey."

"There is a plane getting fueled at Broomfield, now. You need to leave." I'll call you back, love. Daniel, you are a royal pain in my ass."

"Join the club."

They backed the SUV up to the truck and we loaded the luggage. The NVG's and the rifle I wanted, with ammo. I put my dad's shotgun and my grandfather's .45 in. It was a crap shoot, but I might need them there. I gave them my bow and knives as well. Lieve and Heather were packing the Suburban when FedEx showed . We threw the boxes in and they were gone.

I called Bethany because they were picking Emily up their way, otherwise she was coming with me.

"They are their way. Have her stuff ready. REALLY ready."

"You fuck this up and I will kill you, Daniel."


"If that happens, Bethany..... you won't have to."

FUCK!!!, and that is when Deat called.

"We need talk brother"

'Yeah, we do. Can you meet me later at the shop?" He said yes and I grabbed my winter gear, just in case, and my axe because I liked it. I grabbed the maul, sledge, and the wedges, And gloves. I wasn't sure how long I would be there, or what Ama's definition of a lot wood meant but I was looking forward to it.

"We are at the airport, love, and they are loading the bags. Jesus Christ. The girls are inside and they are cleared as soon the luggage is board. They should be in the air within five minutes . I'll call you."

"Hi Bethany, I was going call you. They are five minutes out."


"Then our family will embrace them in Iceland. love, and they go about being .


"Hold Bethany. Sorry."


"Hey. They are onboard and about take off. Hold, love. They are wheels up." I was crying.

"Thank you!"

"Shut the fuck ." We laughed.

"WHAT??? they are in the air, safely. Don't cry Bethany. I need to go but I'm sorry because it sucked for me too.."


"You're going to get hit Daniel, accept it because that was our ." I nodded and told them OK.
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take me part 259
Posted:Aug 28, 2021 7:14 pm
Last Updated:Aug 29, 2021 9:20 am

I muted my phone and started turning over furniture, by the front door. They already had of the luggage, and bags, in font of the doors. I wanted it as had as possible. The front door would be tough, but it wouldn't take long for a tactical unit. If Deat didn't get here soon, I would be dead. I turned of the oak table in the kitchen and broke glasses on the floor, coming in from the back, and the front. I broke of them, and Sara was going pissed. I'd at least be able hear them. I pushed over the china hutch across the door into the kitchen to buy time. I pushed, breathed, and waited.

They came in the back because they were french doors. I could hear them trying get in from the front. They threw the flashbangs inside. I closed my eyes, popped my ears, and waited. They came in, two on, and I shot both of them in the legs, and then in the head and neck. I hated this part of me, but I knew how do it. I closed the doors, moved the table, and waited until they came in the front as I grabbed weapons and ammo clips.

I hadn't focused yet, but they had AK's. I grabbed them of both and tried watch both front and back. They came in front shooting. I shot them in their legs, and then their neck. I hoped Deat could catch the snipers I knew were out there, because I would be, but I doubted it would happen. I sat in the hall leading the bathroom, with the rifle my lap, waiting.

They came in as Deat said they, and I knew they would. They put me the ground, zip tied, and and took out. They were doing their jobs. Deat walked and talked the team leader, and cut the ties.

"You are such a fucking pain in my ass, but at least you haven't forgotten everything." I stood .

"You could have gotten here two minutes earlier." He laughed and nodded. Deat and I had seen way more shit than this. He knew I'd secure my location until he showed, and I did. "Did you find the snipers?" He shook his head and I punched the wall leaving a hole.

"Is everyone gone?" I told him no. They aren't looking for . He stared at . "WHAT?"

"Are fucking stupid? They came here following you. Fucking shithead." I called Lieve.

"Hey Da', where are you." Breathe!

"Where are you, love?"

'We're back at the shop, and packing like you asked. Sam and Henry won't let me help. We'll be better with packing, and we won't go out back, promise. How's that for being a good ?" I could feel her smile.

"Pretty darn good, love. Don't go out front either."

"Is everything OK, Da?"

"Mostly, but stay inside."Show Heather how you use the drone, but watch front and back." She growled and said she would. I called Henry and told him what was happening, and gave him the combination to the safe so he could my dad's shotgun.

It was only mid afternoon. I need to deal this. "I need your weapon. You have another one." I nodded because there was my grandfather's .45. Keep it close, but we are talking." I nodded but he'd better hurry.

"Can I leave? I need to check on Lieve."

"Yeah, but we need to talk Daniel. I'm still looking into what you asked. It's....complicated." I nodded as I hugged him and loaded the rest of the bags, and headed toward Lieve.
take me part 258
Posted:Aug 28, 2021 5:14 pm
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2021 5:9 am

I walked in and said goodbye everyone. "I need the goggles, and I need look at what you found before I leave." Bet and Javier nodded. I wasn't sure how I had done it but I had stumbled upon a group of people I would die for. I headed Alison's pack for her. I doubted I would encounter anyone. but I took the 9mm, and and my knives. I was getting paranoid. I had a ccw permit but had never used it is, because I don't like guns. I can use them, I just don't like them. I still took extra clip just in case.

It took trips take of Alison's things out. I looked at her list and walked into the bedroom and lied on the ground, looking under the bed until I saw the slit in the fabric and reached inside and felt around. I pulled out manila envelopes, and a small pouch. I checked again but didn't find anything. I put them in my pack, checked everything, and left. I drove out the lot and was followed by a moron. I called Bet and Javier.

"Where is your crew?"

"Where you need them, homes. Why"

"I just left Alison's, because I'm packing," they both laughed, "and some idiot is following me." I told them where I was.

"Hold on, love.They'll deal with it, and we'll let you know. We only have so many people." We all laughed, but they were right. Who could possibly be looking at Alison's place? I hoped Ama was right and balls would be dropping soon. I drove to Melissa's when the phone rang.

"Daniel.... can you hear us?"


"Hi LOVE! We wanted to call and tell you that we are no longer mad at you," as they all laughed. Hold on, Sara needs the phone."

"Lieve can't stay, Daniel."

"I know."

"Make sure someone takes care of Bob." I told her I would and that we planted what she wanted.


"I talked with Ama and she said you could bring in what you needed to keep us safe . She's working it out. I thought you didn't like guns Daniel?"

"I don't, Annie, but they are more effective than knives and given the course of things, I want the option. Sounds like everyone is de-stressing."

"We are. Thank you Love. I'm sorry you're stuck with the grunt work." I didn't tell her any of the rest, as Javier's crew took the car that was following me away, and dealt with him as I drove to Melissa's. I got everything from Melissa's, and Janey's. I drove to Chloe's and felt a twinge as I walked in. I packed all of Chloe's and Jake's things. It was overkill, but they already had the stuff. I loaded it in the bed of the truck and covered it as I drove to Sara's, and called Deat.

"Hey brother, sorry. It's been a busy day."

"Did the girls get off OK?"

"Yeah, and they had a blast here, all the bad stuff aside. They are so excited about moving back, Daniel. We loved it there." I smiled, because they did, and they would.


"What, Daniel?"

"I'm not sure Deat, maybe nothing, but the hair on the back of neck is ...and I trust that. Can you send a team Sara's, I'll text you the address. These are professionals, Deat. I might be wrong, but I don't think I am."


"Do you have anything other than a knife?" I laughed and told him I did. Deat knew I could protect myself. "I'll let them know you are a friendly, and armed. They will identify, anyone else you drop. Understood?" I told him yes. "They'll have armor. You know what that means?" I told him I did. "How many clips do you have?"

"I've got , and my knives." He laughed.

"Is this related yesterday?"

"Kinda, I think, but not in the way you think. We have a LOT talk about. I wanted you involved because I'd rather these people stay alive so we can find out some information, and I wouldn't do that."


"There's something else. A helicopter landed here, early this morning, and someone took a random shot at a shadow inside. I have reliable intel that it was authorized by the Denver office. Can you look into who did that?"


"Don't plan on doing anything tonight because we are going to talk." I told him fine and hung as I pulled Sara's. I focused the task at hand and packed of Sara's things, and Jake's, and Annie's, and mine. Most of winter gear was back at the shop in bins, in a shed. I had loaded everything, brought it the front door, as it shook. Fuck. I called Deat as I walked security, monitor. I was doing my best not to shift because it was still knew to .

"We're five minutes out, brother. Do what you have ?" I told him there were at least four, front and back, and I suspected snipers If I walked outside, I would be dead, so if it happened then it would be here. I got earplugs and put them in as I waited. I hoped Deat would get here first because I wanted to know who these people were.
take me part 257
Posted:Aug 28, 2021 2:23 pm
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I put my head down, for two reasons,,,, they were on their way, and Heather walked into our lives. I liked Heather, and she liked Lieve, and that mattered to me. I wanted Lieve to be happy I walked out and got to know Heather. Everyone agreed that the sandwich place not to far, was what they wanted, and they had free delivery. Lieve and Heather were lost in each other, and I wasn't even bothering. I started taking off the plants and putting them around Bob's den. Surprisingly, it wasn't that many. I unloaded the rest as lunch arrived and went out to start planting around Bob's den. He knew it was me, because he could smell me, and he trusted me. I was almost done when Lieve and Heather walked up.

"WHAT did you do?" I shook my head. I exhaled, as said I did what Sara asked me to do." Heather looked at at what I done.

"He did a good a job, love. These plants will be fine with a bit more water." I walked away as Henry walked up.

"You OK, ?" I shook my head, grabbed a beer and sat out front, maybe I could finish this one. Henry sat down.

"They're on their way?" I swallowed and nodded.

"Yeah, they are. Thankfully. It's up to Ama now but she knows they are coming. I get to pack." He laughed. "Has it always been like this, Henry?" He was quiet.

"Ella would tell me things because there are always struggles when power and wealth are involved. There's always someone that doesn't have it who wants it, but nothing like this. These feel like tectonic shifts across the board and, sadly, you seem to be the epicenter of them. I'm actually amazed you're still alive." I choked and spit beer on the ground as I laughed.

"Thanks Henry. I needed that."

"Don't worry about it, and get back to work. We've got the wood handled." I nodded. Lieve and Heather walked up. Lieve sat in my lap, kissed me, took my beer and then handed it to Heather who smiled."


"When are we leaving, Da?" Shit, I didn't know when the plane was going to be ready.

"I'm not sure, sweets, I need to find out, but soon so you need to pack." Lieve didn't have much given her life up to this point. If she liked Heather then I wasn't going to deny that. I wasn't sad that she was coming. It'd be two more to watch after but I felt we would be safest with Ama, and if we weren't, then we would know how bad things were. I wasn't sure how Ama, and the rest, could exist in both realms, but the depth of what I didn't know was staggering.

"If Heather is coming with us then she needs to pack. I have a storage unit that we can keep your stuff in, if you need. Pack and be ready. I'm not sure how quickly we'll need to leave.... that's the priority so make sure you can go when we need, which means NO trying to find something. Understood?" They both nodded. "Good, now go do something."

Bet and Javier rode up. They waved to everyone as they walked up. I was realizing that I was relying more and more on them as this went on. They got my family out after keeping them safe. Bet kissed me, and nipped my neck, as I hugged Javier. Henry walked up with beer and sat down, as he should.

"How are you, Daniel?" I told her, tired. "Yeah, well you're going to be more tired I'm afraid. They found the helicopter you wanted us to look into. It was authorized by the FBI field office in Denver." Henry and I stared at them. "It's got the indications of a rogue agent, but it was paid for by the FBI. They have their own equipment." FUCK. "You're in a shit storm, which means we're in a shit storm. On a positive note, Gustav's money is coming through. We're bouncing it around too, but it's substantial." I nodded.

I took out my wallet, and one of Bethany's cards, and handed it to Bet. "Call her, and talk with Henry. We trust both of them, but Bethany is limited because she can't break the law. They know how to bend it though. I need the info for the bitcoin because I need to use some of it." They nodded as Lieve and Heather walked up

"We'll just give you all of it and work it out." I nodded. Lieve introduced Heather to Bet and Javier and said they were going to her place to pack.

"Pay attention, Lieve." She smiled and nodded. "You know how to use bitcoin?" They both rolled their eyes and everyone else laughed.

"Jake and Emily know how to use bitcoin, Da." It was absolute wonder I was still alive. They kissed me and left.

"Take whatever you need and deal with your people." Henry nodded. "I trust all of you. We're family, but I want you safe so find something else to do for your crew and if means we use that money for that, then so be it. I'm sure the girls would agree. I'm getting a new phone but won't use it until I leave so call me on the burner phone, but Henry can speak for us. It's his family. Bethany too, I've known her for a long time and she's family as well. We trust you all but the main thing is shifting your focus and keeping your people safe." They nodded. "It doesn't mean you can't dabble, just stay away from the scary shit."

"We didn't have much scary shit, Daniel, until you showed up, but we totally agree." Bet smiled and stuck her tongue out.

"Don't fucking start with me. There is probably still lunch in the kitchen. I need to go pack." Bet handed me lists, as well as Melissa's key, and laughed. I looked at it and shook my head before looking at them. They were both smiling. "So I'm bringing everything." Bet laughed. " Jesus Fucking Christ."

"Look on the bright side, love, Janey could be pregnant too." They all laughed and went inside as I got in the truck to go start packing.
take part 256
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"Talk with Sam, and figure out what you're doing for lunch. She can stay but you don't go out back. Period."

She smiled. "Da', we're geeks. I'm going show her how fly the drone until the better ones gets here tomorrow. We both hate bugs. How weird is that?"

"Weird, i guess."

"Right?" Jesus Christ, I had three more of these coming. "We'll be fine. I know the protocol and I can protect myself, so don't worry." a duck, this was about go off the rails in a hurry. I let it lay. I need your phone. I called Bet as we drove the shop.

"You don't have a lot of happy women here, my friend, I'm just sayin'."

"How are things?"

"Aside from them, it's fine but they won't stay here for long." Goddammit!!

"Tell Sara that Bethany is getting a new plane, maybe she can quell some of it. Maybe."

"I wouldn't count on it. They are warrioress. They don't shy from a fight, none of them, and they are all pissed at you Love. Good luck with that." I told her to tell Sara because she thinks Bethany is a super genius, and I only needed some time. "I'll tell her, love."

"Can you give the phone to whomever is the maddest." Silence.

"You've got a pair Daniel. If I didn't love Javier as much as I do, I would like to see them. Good luck because they will be fighting for the phone." Chloe took the phone.

Silence. OH !

"Daniel, what is going on?" She was WAY calm.

"I just talked with Bethany and Charles and we are getting all of you another plane... so we can use the original as a decoy.

"Really? And you think that it is a good plan for us here, now?" I didn't really know respond that.

"Uhhhh, maybe not in the short term, but...."

GODDAMMITT!!!!! DANIEL. Get us out of this mess. We love Bet and Javier but we aren't prisoners..... Stop....give me the fucking phone, Chloe."

"Sorry. It's stressful, and having three pregnant women in the mix makes it interesting. We are ALL thinking you leaning toward the stupid side of the spectrum. I'll deal with Chloe.

"Did Emily get through to Jake, Annie?"

'Yeah, it was cute. Are you going to get her out?"

"Yes,. They aren't looking for me yet, at least I don't think so. I don't think anyone has ever seen me do anything." Silence.

"That's probably true, but you aren't counting on that, right?" I told her no. "Good. Get us to Iceland Daniel."

"Bethany is arranging that as we speak. I will take everything, but if I don't have keys give them to Bet, and tell her what I need. I'm guessing I'll bring a lot.

"Hold on, Love."

"We've got to go. The plane is landing. Are you sure you don't want us to bring Emily?"

"No, I'm not, but they are playing chess. I'm going to start playing Chinese checkers. me when you are on the plane."

"I will, need go Love." Shit, I was fucked in either place. If I stayed at the shop, I was screwed, and if went Sara's, I was more screwed because it was residential. We stayed at the shop. Heather drove up, smiling, as the phone rang. It was all of them.

"We are on the tarmac. Hold on love........ We are wheels up, and on our way. Keep Emily safe. We'll you when we land, and I'll ask Ama about your question. Get us soon. we need go. Thank you.

. I checked in with Sam, Henry, and Billy. Ellen was with her family.. "What do I need do."

"Nothing, we've got this, " and that is when Heather walked into our lives.
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take me part 255
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Lieve and I walked into Walmart, hugging each other. We bought phones, and batteries. I had phones charging at the shop but we were going through them at a rapid pace. I asked Lieve to find me another phone for Verizon, and find me airports around us and business charters. She kissed me.

"Thanks for the car. We still need lunch, and I'm still coming with you." We stared at each other and that was when her phone rang and she was off in another world with Heather. I waved and walked in to see Bethany and Christine was there as well. Lovely.

'What the is going on Daniel? Why can't Emily get a hold of Jake?" Fucking Christ, this was going bad.

"None of their phones are working...."

"WHAT?" I exhaled.

"Someone came within inches of killing Sara this morning. No one else was at risk, and it was a random shot, and desperate, but they still took it, which says a lot. The reason Emily can't get a hold of Jake, is because we've destroyed all of their phones. I handed her Bet's number. Have her this. This was unexpected, and we are adjusting. I know you both have questions, but I don't have answers right now. I just don't. We are getting them out, and Emily will have go with me. We are in the process of getting them out right now. They aren't looking for me." . They both stared at me before they started cursing at me.

I took it. "I understand, but neither Jake, nor Emily, are going to separated. Can we agree on that?" They nodded. "I will get Emily to Iceland safely." I didn't tell them about the side trips along the way. I had no sense that anyone was looking at me, except Marnine, and I wasn't even sure she was. That would change, but I hadn't gotten there yet. They stared at me.

Bethany said, "You let our get hurt and we will hurt you in ways you can't imagine.' I nodded.

"I'm doing everything I can to keep everyone safe. I promise. With that said, I need a credit card that is not connected to me, and has a high limit." They both stared me. Bethany asked, why?

"I need to charter a private jet, and they aren't cheap." They looked each other, and then growled at me.

"What about Annie?"

"We aren't sure who we are fighting, and a member of Annie's family was trying to kill her. Christine screamed and walked out as Bethany stared at me.


"They want all of them dead, which means all all of us because we won't let that happen. I'm working on it but Emily is safer with us." Christine came back in and sat down. "We're going to use their plane as a decoy. I'm getting on my plane, hopefully with Emily, and going to other places. The plane the girls are suppose to get on will wait, as if delayed, but that is why I need the card, Bethany." They looked at each other an nodded.

"You are a royal in our asses, but aren't stupid. It's a sound plan, but you need to do it soon." I nodded as she picked up the phone. Charles walked in, shook my hand and sat down. Bethany filled him . He looked at me, nodded, and took out his Black card.

" them and tell them Daniel has access whatever he needs, but run the jet through us because we have the and they won't know about it. We're paying for it anyway. He got up and hugged Christine, and shook my hand.

"Don't underestimate him young lady. Whatever you need, you have. We'll deal with it when you get.back. Do whatever you need Bethany." She nodded as she got on the phone looking for airports for the girls.

Christine looked at me. "You will keep our Emily safe?"

"I will die doing that. I think they are all safest in Iceland, until we can figure things out." She slapped me, and then kissed me, before kissing Bethany and walking out. Bethany shook her head and smiled.

"I'll have the card activated for you within the hour, and I'll find a plane for the girls, and Jake. Are you sure you don't want me take Emily their plane?"

"No, we are at stalemate right now. I'm assuming no one knows where they are, or you." She nodded. I have try and play three moves ahead. sweets, and I suck at chess." She handed me the card and smiled.

"You're doing OK, Daniel. Don't worry about the plane. We have for it anyway and the way you are going our fees are going be through the roof." I smiled, kissed her, and walked out. Lieve was still on the phone.

"Changed of plans, Da." I lowered my head as I shook it. "Heather is coming with us. She hates it at Home Depot. You need tell Deat. You're my family. I can always work with the FBI. Oh, and she's staying with me until we leave." I nodded. I wasn't going argue, young is young, and maybe they were right.

"Don't worry about a plane. We have it covered." Fucking Christ.
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take me part 254
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I told Henry and Sam what had happened. Sam gave me his list, and I had Sara's, so Lieve and I drove to Home Depot, when the phone rang. It was Chloe, but it was all of them. "WHAT THE , DANIEL?" You checked and they almost killed Sara. Why aren't you with us? What are we going do, and how could that happen so quickly?" We were all scared.

"Chloe, take a few breaths."

"DON'T fucking tell me breathe, Daniel. They almost killed my sister in front of me, in front of us.

"Whether you like me saying it, or not, you still need breathe and calm down. You're safe and, no one knows where you are. Hang up and give Bet your phone and have her me."


"You OK?"

"No. Get rid of their phones." She said Javier was. "Can your tech guys check flights from local airports... helicopters? It's a long shot because we only heard it but there are only so many people who know where we are."

"I'll check. We'll keep them safe Daniel. Take these pricks out. Hold on, here's everyone."

"Why aren't you with us?"

"Sweets, I can't keep you safe by myself because they want all of you dead. No one knows where you are going, not even me. I have things do get us ready because it's ending up being a 'get the airport, get on the place, and leave' sort of thing. I'll pack everything and you can go through it in Iceland."

Sara said, "I thought we were staying at my house."

"I'm staying at your house because that is the next likely place they will go." Silence.

"Be careful, Love. us later. We all love you. Do your job." Lieve was already taking my phone apart and throwing things out the window. I was glad I didn't rely on my phone remember my numbers.

"You need a new phone, Da', and I'm coming with you so don't start, and Deat." I nodded, as I pulled into Home Depot. We'd see about that. We both grabbed carts and headed to the garden section, and I hoped Heather was there. She was. Heather was the young woman who helped Sara design the plants for Bob's den. Sara loved her and I actually thought she would be the one Sara would fall for, until she met Melissa. Life. Lieve and I walked up. I was always walking up with a different woman. Heather smiled and said hi.

"Hi, this is Lieve. She works at the shop." Heather smiled and extended her hand as Lieve shyly smiled and took it. I was stunned by her shyness, but I could feel the connection between them. "Sara needs more plants for Bob." Heather laughed as she looked at Lieve. "I have no idea what these are but can you get them soon? We are heading out of town soon." She looked at it and nodded.

"I have most of them because they are popular in our dry climate, which is why Sara likely chose them. A couple I don't have, but I do have other things that are comparable that she will like. How is she, and when can I see the munchkins?" I laughed

"Sara is in love, and you'll probably be seeing the soon, and often because their parents are taking over a large part of the shop." She was taken aback, but nodded. I wanted her fantasy to pop since Lieve was standing there. "I need to grab things for Sam. Why don't you meet me in hardware after you and Heather figure things out...with the plants and what we need. The both smiled, and nodded. I walked away smiling because I knew Heather was interested in Sara, who wouldn't be, but her and Lieve had way more in common and I thought it would persuade her to stay. I was wrong. It only added one more person to watch over.

I finished getting things for Sam and there was still no Lieve so I walked back to the garden department and they were laughing, and touching, like they had known each other for years. "Sorry, Da', I forgot, and we lost track of time, but Heather flies radio controlled planes. How cool is that?" I told her very cool, and was very happy because it was obvious they were bonded. "Heather get off at noon and she's coming over for lunch, so we need lunch. She's never seen Bob's den, and she's going to help us plant for Sara." I nodded, because what else could I do. They weren't looking for Lieve, or Unc, or anyone except the girls, and maybe me.

"That sounds great but we need to go. Lieve. Heather hugged each other, and squeezed, before saying goodbye. Lieve was smiling like the cat that caught the canary. I didn't say a word until we were unloading. "So, Heather seems nice." Lieve looked at me, smiled, and told me to off as we both laughed and went get more phones.

" Bet." Annie answered.

"Why aren't you with us Daniel? They destroyed our phones. What are you doing?"

"Annie, you are fine. Bet and Javier are family and they will keep you safe, and that's what I am trying do Love. I didn't expect them hit that soon, but they did." Silence.

"Neither did I, and that scares me. What do we do?

"We change our plans and we charter a plane away from us, for you, while allowing the original two land, but only I leave. You're leaving sooner, and no I won't see any of you until Iceland. I'll pack whatever you want and we'll deal with it in Iceland. I'll have take Emily with me because I don't trust that we can do that again. I'm not sure who these folks are, but they have high level connections. Try and relax. I'll find a plane and you later. I love all of you. Bet and Javier will keep you safe." Silence.

"What Daniel?"

"Does Ama have connections get weapons through the airport?" Silence.


"I don't know, but I'll ask. We're scared Daniel, and you aren't here."

"I know loves, but the thing I can do is not be with you until we figure out who is coming after us. I'm sorry." It broke my heart hang up. !!!!!!!!!!!!! I handed the phone back Lieve as we drove Walmart for more burner phones.

"You're worried Da'." I looked at her and nodded. "It's that bad?"

'I don't know how bad it is Lieve, but I didn't expect this morning, and that worries me. My job is get them from here Iceland as quickly as possible, and I need your help. We can't use a plane for them from their family. They won't be focused on me, not yet."

"How do you know that, Da?"

"I don't, but it's an educated guess. We're bringing both planes in but only I will board one, with all of the luggage, and gear. I'm going other places. The other will wait like things have been delayed. Hopefully, the girls, and Jake, will be in Iceland and secure by then. It's the option we have at the moment. Give me your phone, please." I called Deat before we went into Walmart.

"Hey, I'm on the way to the airport. Can I call you when we're done?"

"My phone died. I'll call you later. I have somethings to do, but I'll call. Promise. Tell the girls I love them and that we are looking forward to them being here. I'll call you later, brother."

"Roger, that." I handed the phone back to Lieve as we walked into Walmart, in silence.
take me part 253
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I ran for ten miles and searched every place close to us. I met Melissa three streets south of us as I jumped over the fence that we had all climbed over when she jumped on my back and bit me. I yawned, and shoo She went rolling into a wall as I changed, and her as well,
laughing. She ran at me, jumped, and bit me on the side of the neck, hard.

"They're all worried about you, Daniel." She took my hand as I nodded and we walked back to the shop. "I'm not, mostly, if that makes sense. You know the priorities, but you take too much upon yourself, love." I nodded as we walked home. She was right but they couldn't face what was coming. I kissed her cheek, as she smiled, and I pulled her yoga pants to the ground. She screamed because she wasn't wearing any panties. She pulled them up as I ran.

"I'm going to kill you!!!!!" She hadn't shifted but it didn't matter. I was going to get hurt but it was worth it. I had almost made to the shop when Sara walked outside, drinking coffee, and wrapped in Alpaca. She was smiling as Melissa jumped on my back, bit into my shoulder,
and sent me to the ground as I laughed and told her to stop. Annie and Chloe walked shaking their heads. She got off of me and I got up. I turned and she hit me.

"I say who gets to see that," as she stormed off. I yelled.

'I didn't have a choice with you." Sara and Melissa went inside as Chloe and Annie walked up to me. Annie gave me her coffee because I liked it blac.

"You are the stupidest, smartest man we have ever met. Are you OK?" I laughed and said I'd heal. I wasn't the fastest of the bunch but I could take a punch, which was a good thing because these women could land one. "What did you do?" I told them and they just stared at me in disbelief. Annie took her cup back and walked away. Chloe shook her head and did the same. "You're like a ."

I walked into the shop and took care of the asphalt burns on my elbows as Sara walked up and took over. "It's easier for me, love. I thought it was funny, but we are a party of two." We both laughed. "You like Melissa?" I smiled and said of course. "It's OK that we are a couple?" I looked at her as the girls walked out.

"I don't like it, goofball, but I only understand twenty percent of what you do." She shook her head and said less. "Melissa is family, period, and I tease her but I would fight to keep her safe, She may be miffed but she smelled very nice, and I am so glad none you shave." Sara slapped me before she laughed and kissed me. "You need to be with whomever is best for you, whether I like it, or not. It's not like I won't be in your lives." She looked at me, kissed me, and walked away to Melissa. I was disconcerted as Annie and Chloe came up, laughing and finished what Sara had started. I watched her leave as Sara turned looked at me. She wasn't smiling.

"What is wrong with you? You can't outrun Chloe." Chloe hit Annie, hard, on the arm. "She can hit harder, though." I nodded. "Does it hurt, love?" I nodded. "Good, you deserve it! Stop at other women's pussy's." I told tell them I figured she was wearing panties, and it was a surprise to me, but I didn't matter. They both walked off. I shook my head and opened the door and went into get some coffee. There was none and everyone was out back, again. I made another pot and took a shower. I was tired of laundry, but it me realize we needed to plan. I walked out and Lieve was standing there, shaking her head.

"What? Jesus Christ. Is there anyone in this family that isn't going to see me naked. Holy Fuc"

"You didn't mind with Melissa, Da"

"Don't start young lady. I thought she was wearing underwear."

"Now you know why we swing for the the other team, well, some of us are switch hitters. I'm just fucking with you. I found some gear. It's not the best, but it's pretty good. The comm's too." Lieve looked at me and started to tear, which made me do the same. "I'm going to miss
you Da. I just found you." She jumped on me. I squeezed her because she was thrown of the deep end after never being in the shallow end.

"Listen, sweets, if you need, or want, to be with us then call us, we'll have you on a plane within eight hours, but you are very good with drones. We won't be gone for long, love, and we'll be able to see all the amazing things you learned. Give it the rest of the wee If you
still feel you should come with us then I'll talk with Deat. He didn't say he'd give you a job because of me. He said that because neither one us would have seen what you did, and we've seen a lot."

"Really?" I nodded as she collided into me, crying, and squeezing me. I hated saying that because I wanted her with us, but it was the right thing to do. She kissed me and went to open the shop. "We need to go Home Depot, and I need a car. I'm just sayin'." She kissed me and started getting the shop ready. I shook my head as I walked into kitchen, shook my head again, and made another pot of coffee and started making pancakes. It was barely seven.

"Lieve needs a vehicle. Figure it out." They ALL ran into the shop, thank the dear lords, and that was when Alison came out of one room, and Jake came out of the study. I never got a brea Jake extended his hand to Alison as she smiled and went into the bathroom, peed, and got in the shower. He looked at me.


"I've really got to pee." He was too young to do what the rest of us would so I told him to go out back and pee by the side of the house. He stared me.

"Fine." I reached under the island and grabbed a mason jar and handed it to him. Go in the study and pee. I was making pancakes, and bacon, as Jake walked out with the jar, and all of the girls walked in, smiling because they had figured out who's car Lieve would use, and
that is when Alison walked out in a towel.

"Is that bacon?" Everyone but Alison stood still and stared at the jar

"Christ, give me that. Take a shower. It's just pee for God's sake." I took the mason jar from Jake and filled it with water and told someone to watch the pancakes as I went outside to dump it around the plants at Bob's den. I rinsed it and walked inside. It was the least of my issues, and all of the girls gang hugged me, even Alison, and kissed me. We lost six pancakes, but no bacon. Jake came out of the bathroom, embarrassed, as we were eating. He looked at me.

"Have some breakfast . It's just pee and it'll help Bob's grasses." Sara clapped as Jake grabbed pancakes and bacon. It was a good morning but I was focused on getting us out of here. Sara walked to the door smiling as she was about to open the blinds since we had
checked, and the shot missed her by four inches. We told Janey to stay and practice NOT shifting.

Annie, Melissa and I ran out the front and shifted. Melissa ran down the street as Annie and I jumped over the side yard to buy us some time. I ran first as Anne ran wide. I focused, and counted, because it was a bolt action rifle, and it's usually one shot at a time. I pushed
and rolled as the bullet went past and Annie ran. I got up and ran at him as well. He faltered and Annie ripped the back of his neck out. We could here the helicopter leaving as Annie walked backed home, and I dragged him ten miles away from us. I searched on my way bac I jumped the fence and knocked. They let me in and hugged me even though I smelled. The girls were packing. Thank god for refraction.

Sara walked up in tears. "We deal, until we can leave. We can deal with your house because we know it Love. It'll be O" Annie walked up and I nodded as I called Bet and Javier, and Deat. Bet called back first.

"What?" I told her, and what I needed, and she said they had a place and that they were on their way. We didn't have much time because of the fucking drones. They there in under fifteen minutes. I hated it but they took the girls, and Jake, to a safe house. It wasn't just a safe house. It was THE safe house. Thankfully, they got to us quickly and we beat the lag time for whoever was trying to kill us. I gave Javier the comm's of the man Annie killed.

The girls were going nuts because I wasn't with them. I had too much to do, and I would be bitten numerous times as a result. I was staying at Sara's. Lieve and I waited until Sam and Henry showed and headed to Home Depot.
Take me part 252
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We dressed and I took our clothes into the shop and put them in the wash with Janey's and Melissa's. The funny thing was that we only cared about the stench on the clothes and didn't care at when we were shifted. I came into the kitchen as Annie and Chloe were both yawning. I was tired too but I need to push and try and find out as much as i could. I told them as they nodded, kissed me, and climbed into the pile the bed. Jake was a sound asleep in the study so I went out back with a blanket and sat by the fire pit. I watched the stars and listened the coyotes. They were miles away. Melissa scared them and if she kept it , and peed, until we left then they would likely find a new home, at least for a while.

I pushed toward William because he was the one who gave that woman my address. Bet and Javier wanted him to disappear but he was scared shitless and was packing, hoping he got could leave before we showed . We let him. I pushed toward Simon and he was in Vietnam, on the beach, and quite content, apparently. He obviously took care of his exit strategy. He was not threat but there was still A LOT of money missing in of this, and A LOT of powerful people coming under scrutiny. I still didn't think it was safe for Alison stay, and with Janey shifting, there was no option now. She would have adjust, as would Melissa. Melissa was easy because she would die for Sara, but it's hard give your life, even for a time.

As bad as today had almost been, we sneaked our way through and it gave me the way to talk with Deat and be vague about Gustav. I wanted them them to track the motherfuckers down, and bury them, but it was no longer my fight. I didn't want him digging to deeply into things because there was a lot of money moving around and we wanted to use our share of it to help our family. It was probably when Ama and Joseph walked , sat the pit, and I realized I had fallen asleep. Joseph spoke first, but they were both smiling and shaking their heads.

"We're not sure whether love you, or fear you, Daniel. We can see you getting past Chloe, but Annie? That, my friend, took of us for a loop. You don't seem any the worse for wear."

"Fuck you Joseph. I want answers." Ama spoke,

"You'll have them, , but know you need focus keeping your family. Ella and Claire are not your adversaries. Marnine is yet be determined, so you are wise distrust her, especially after today. We'll help you as we can but you are doing fine, even though you don't think so. You are quite the juggler but I promise some on those balls will be removed. Your family, our family, will be safe with me. I am looking forward to meeting everyone, especially Jake and Emily. I am sorry that I won't spend time with Lieve. She is quite interesting, but will at the ceremony. Sara knows what she is doing, even if it may not seem like that." Silence as Ama stared at me.

"You do understand that our ceremony is different than simply a marriage. You aren't just marrying a woman, or women in your case, you are marrying a family, and with Annie, multiple clans, but more importantly, our land." I looked at her because I didn't know what to say. She smiled. "I didn't come to you, Daniel, because I liked you. I came to you because Gaia likes you. Ponder that, love," and they were gone. I fell into a deep sleep until Bob came back at dawn and pushed me until I woke . I looked at him and told him to hold . I went in and got a drumstick, everyone was sound asleep. I walked outside and handed it him as he walked his den. I walked the fence, shifted, and ran.
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I got up and walked toward the fence when Annie and Janey shifted and hopped over. I was glad because Bob might have been freaked by Janey. I wasn't sure how we chose our totems, or they chose us, but mine certainly fit. Chloe and Janey's clan were from Ireland and Scotland so the elk fit in that regard but it was massive and she went easy on me. I wouldn't want to be on her bad side.

"We went out 10 miles and didn't smell anything but coyotes. We'll leave them for Melissa because she likes chasing them. I doubt anyone will be back tonight but we can't stay here tomorrow. It's not safe, love." I nodded. "I called my mother, and Ama, and they said whatever we needed was at our disposal. I have two planes scheduled for the end of the week. Ama already knew, of course, but my mom was horrified, and now she's pissed. I wouldn't want to be my sister, or Finn's family. It was quite the shock seeing him there, and knowing what he was going to do. Go keep us safe and annoy each other."

Janey hugged me, and Melissa. "It's amazing Daniel." I smiled, and nodded. She kissed me and then Melissa. "Go chase coyotes for Bob. He's going to be lonely. We're going to relax." It was after midnight when we got back. Melissa chased the coyotes away from our home, and would, until we left. They don't mess with a wolf, even one alone, and especially not the size of her. It would be a while before they came around. She was buying Bob some time while we were gone. Everyone was either inside, or gone, as we jumped the fence and shifted. I liked Melissa. She was a good fit for Sara and would make a good mom. She would also die keeping them safe if anyone got past the rest of us. We were still out numbered, but we were a handful and Chloe and Sara had a few tricks as well. I just wanted to be left alone with my family, but that wasn't in the offing.

We walked in and I lowered the shades and locked the door as both Chloe and Annie told us to shush!, before we said anything. "Take a shower. You smell." Melissa said,

"Together?" They started laughing as I went out front, shifted, and ran. Annie caught up to me and swiped my back right leg and made me stumble. I growled and shifted. She shifted and kissed me.

"I've already checked, twice, but now we can take a shower together. We walked back in and took a shower. We we're making love when Chloe opened the door and walked in. We stepped back and Chloe started kissing Annie and rubbing her clit as she moaned and started sucking on Chloe's breasts. Annie was saying please don't but I wasn't sure who she was talking to when shuddered, grunted and came all over me which pushed me over the edge. I came deep inside of her as Chloe pushed Annie's mouth onto her nipple and moaned.

Annie kissed Chloe and started rubbing her pussy as I got my knees as my dick was dripping from me and Annie and stuck two fingers inside Chloe and started massaging her G-spot as I licked her expanding clit. Annie knelt beside me as Chloe grabbed our hair and pulled us into her as she was reaching orgasm. I pushed and went faster as did Annie. Chloe gasped and gushed onto us. We were both licking as Chloe's eye rolled into her head and she finally pushed us away. We both took a breast and sucked until she came back and stroked our heads. We kissed each other and got out of the shower, dried each other, and walked out.

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