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take me part 250
Posted:Aug 26, 2021 3:42 pm
Last Updated:Aug 26, 2021 7:56 pm

I could feel both Annie and Chloe watching me, stunned, because I basically walked right through them. I wasn't sure why they thought they needed to do that, but it had been a stressful day. I walked out with Sara to watch what remained of the fireworks. I grabbed a beer as she laughed because neither of us thought I would finish it. We sat in the chairs by the wall as she held my hand. She didn't need to say anything. Lieve walked up and sat on my lap.

"I think I should come you and postpone training with Deat. There are a lot of threats and you're my family. Sara was unconscious when you handed her to me and Janes. Deat will understand."

Deat would understand but her being here was one less thing for me to worry about. "Lieve, Sara passed out because she was unfamiliar with the new level of energy she was dealing and her system needed down time to recalibrate. She's fine and yes there are threats but we'll deal with them, and we may need your drone skills in the future. I can't tell you what to do but I think you should continue with your training." Lieve looked at Sara.

"Love, thank you for your concern but your Da' is right, we'll be fine and you have a life. Stay here, do your training, and show Jake and Emily how to fly those things." We watched the fireworks until Chloe and Annie came out and sat down.

"How did you do that Daniel?" I stared a them. "You know what we mean. You shouldn't have been able to do that and we need to know." Sara let go of my hand and touched their faces as she smiled.

"Daniel is our protector. He's my protector for reasons I don't fully understand. He won't be stopped, and obviously doesn't take to death very well. I wanted to make sure.. I'm sure." They stared at her. "Things have changed, loves, people mean us harm. Daniel provoked Janey because of that."

"Yeah, and got his clocked cleaned in the process," Annie said while sticking her tongue at me as they all laughed."

"That might be, she is formidable, but she need coaxing. Daniel coaxed her because she needs to understand that aspect of herself and Iceland will allow her the space to understand that power. I suspect it will for all us to understand. The worst we thing we can do is stop trusting each other. Ella, Claire and Joseph, as helpful as they have been, have not been the most forthcoming. We don't know their agenda's, and Marnine is a wild card. She may be willing to help Daniel but she was going to hurt Melissa if Daniel hadn't intervened. She is scared of Daniel because he grows stronger and she knows he can stop her even where she is." Annie grabbed the beer from Lieve, who had taken it from me. Sara smiled at me as I shook my head.

I left the girls and walked over to Frank, Uncle Billy, and Henry to help them clean up. I felt bad because I had been doing that in past years, ever since my parents started it. I'm not sure what they would say about this year, even though it was memorable. It was nice to see them though. Most everyone had gone. The caterers and brewery had their trucks backed up and were loading. Deat and Melinda walked up with their who tried to tickle me. "Have you lost your minds?" I hugged them.

"Well, that was quite the day but it ended up being a great party as well. The fireworks were spectacular." I nodded. "Call me tomorrow morning and after the girls head home we can go over everything. You need to be straight with me brother. I'm serious. I can't help if I don't know what the problem is." I hugged him, and Melinda and the girls and said I would. I wouldn't tell everything, of course, but after today I wouldn't need to.

Frank, and his sons, were about to head back. "This fourth will never be forgotten, that is a fact. I'm glad all of you are OK. We had a good time, aside from the unpleasantness, as we always do. Thank you Daniel. I hope this continues." He hugged me as I said goodbye to his boys. I hoped so too. The next day was going to busy in final cleanup but just generally and there was still a lot to do tonight.

Henry, Sabrina, Billy, Ellen and I all went inside carrying platters and whatnot to be washed. No one was there. "What the fuck?" I put my load on the counter and walked out back. There was some kind of jazz on. I hated jazz. Everyone was having a great time and acting like nothing had happened. I felt like I had lost my mind when Chloe walked up, kissed me and squeezed my balls, smiling.

"Are you insane?"

"Calm down, mister or I'll have to bite you. Annie and Janie are patrolling. Annie's helping her adapt. She's quite the force, but you know that. She flung you like a rug. We're fine, for now, but we do need to leave here. You and Melissa have the next patrol and we're talking about how you walked right through us." I nodded. Sara smiled and waved as she was playing with the . I walked over and sat down as Sam, Henry, and Billy were discussing the shop.

"Hey, quite the shindig. We've been talking about the shop and between me and Mags, and Bet and Javier, there are people we can bring on. Maggie will great talking with the family's and dropping off orders, so don't worry about that. Lieve already spoke with me about Deat and we all think is a great opportunity for someone her age, but she's committed to the shop, which is helpful. It'll be fine." Billy spoke next.

"Ellen and I are flying home after we check on Sarah on the girls and make sure they OK to check in with the boys and get some things in order and then we're going to drive back out and take you up on staying here. It'll be the most time we've spent Sarah and the girls in a very long time, and we can help with what needs to be done. I'll take a thorough look at all of your dad's stuff. We just wish you didn't have to leave but we know you do. None of you need worry about Henry, Sam and I will keep him line."

We all laughed. Billy and Ellen went over to Sara and the to watch them try and teach Bob how to fetch. He was a master at making them all fetch for him. It was actually pretty funny. Bet, Mags and Javier sat down.

"You OK?" I nodded. I wasn't but no one needed to that right now. I had things that needed to be done. "We don't know who these people were but they were well funded, very well funded. The rifles are top of the line, military grade, equipment."

"Do they have night vision googles"

"Yeah." I told him I needed some and wanted to see what there was. He nodded. "We've got it locked down tight. Bet called our ID guy and took him some of the passports and he was as happy as a pig in shit. Aside from a US passport it's most sought after. Bet got a good price, and there was a bag of cash. Whatever they were doing was hardcore. We didn't leave any tracks and we're running the cash through our contacts. They're cool and will take a percentage but it's going to be six figures."

"We want for all of us to talk and figure the money out because things are hanging there right now given how things have played out." I nodded as Sara on my lap. "We've been thinking about what we discussed regarding Henry's and the other building, and diversifying, and focusing on businesses and land, and we're on board. We've been dodging too many bullets homes, and we need to change things." Sara smiled and clapped as she hugged me.

Henry said, "I should be getting the assessment of the other building, and two smaller properties that looked interesting, later this week. If you're gone then I'll talk with Bethany." Sara and I nodded. "Personally, I'd prefer that you all taper off on what your doing, at least the riskier stuff. We're family and when one of us gets hurt, we all get hurt." Everyone nodded. "It'll probably take a year to get everything done but we can do it in stages. The restaurant and laundromat are first because they generate cash. Expanding capacity for the shop is next, for the same reason, and then we build out the rest and focus on other businesses for the family. It's smarter than having a bunch of cash buried under a floor somewhere." We all stared him.

Sara got up and hugged Henry as she sat in between him and Sabrina and said. "Are we all agreed that we can trust each other and focus on the best interests of the family, all of us?" We nodded. "Good, then lets start doing it ASAP. Cash is a bother anyway." She reached out her hand to me."Lieve and I need your credit card, love." Everyone laughed as I gave her my wallet.
take me part 249
Posted:Aug 25, 2021 5:21 pm
Last Updated:Aug 26, 2021 3:42 pm

Melissa and I walked to the back fence as the fireworks were starting and everyone was there, waiting. Apparently, our connections were amping up. Lieve stood at the fence, along with Janey, and I handed Sara to them. Chloe and Annie stared at me as Melissa and I hopped over.

"You growled at my mom, and Sara's?!" Melissa stepped in front of me and took the slap as I walked away, at least it was a slap because that woman could hit. Annie followed me as I walked in to check on Sara. I was sure she was fine but understood the intensity of unfamiliar energy. I was impressed that she sustained it as long as had. I walked up to her. There was no longer a pretense between me and Gaia. I touched her head and the energy flowed into her.

Sara opened her eyes and smiled at me. "You're getting better that, mister. Did you stop Marnine from hurting our Melissa?" I nodded. She sat up and looked at me. "What does your gut tell you about Marnine?"

"Nothing, and it's very frustrating, but what she did would have injured Melissa. It pissed me off though, and took me six steps back on the trust scale. She nodded as Chloe came in and bit me. No one said anything because it was a pretty weird day all around.

"I'm sorry, Daniel." I told her she hadn't hit me, that time." She stuck her tongue out and then turned to Sara. "What happened?" Chloe was Sara's oldest sister. She adored both of them but Chloe was "mom-like to Sara."

"I'm not sure but I think I shifted somehow. I still feel like me, but I'm also different. It's strange." I understood. "Don't be mad at Daniel because he was protecting me and Melissa and doesn't know who to trust, so it's safe to trust no one but us."

"They're family."

"Are they, love? Annie thought the same thing." Chloe stared at her, aghast. "I'm not saying they aren't, just that he did the right thing. I want to watch the fireworks." She hopped off and walked out front with Lieve. We were all speechless, and looking at each other, but at least no one had hit me, even though I thought Chloe still wanted to.

"WHAT HAPPENED DANIEL?" I didn't answer because I was looking at Janey as I walked out back and jumped the fence. I walked away as Janey followed. No one knew what to say, or do, except to watch. It was dark, and no one was around, or they shouldn't be. I shifted and ran at Janey as Chloe and Alison screamed at me. Janey grunted as I approached, and shifted into an Irish Elk and flung me 50 yards over head before walking up to me, and she shifted back as Sara walked out back.

"Happy?" I shifted, and nodded, as she helped me up. "I'm not sure if I should love you, or be annoyed by you." We jumped the fence and walked out front as everyone was staring at Janey.

"I'd say both, love, but don't get mad at me."

Sara, Chloe, and Annie walked up as we stopped. I was SO getting annoyed at this. "Who said you could do that?" I told them Sara, because she wasn't sure, and now you're sure. She's a beast, but still cute." Janey smiled as I kept walking.

"We aren't finished, yet, Daniel. That is not how things work." I looked at both Chloe and Annie, turned around, and headed out front when Annie grabbed my neck and everything went white, and I dropped to my knees, groaning. I didn't fight it because it was energy. I embraced it and made it my own. I stood and looked at Annie, who was shocked, through white eyes until they shifted. Chloe and Annie looked at each other, and me, and I kept walking. Sara simply watched me approach her.

Chloe grabbed me by the back of the neck, and squeezed as she whispered something to me. I tried to stand as she whispered again. I stopped before I put my my hand floor, and stood back up. I shook off her hand, and what she was trying to do, and I moved toward Sara. She only smiled. I stopped in front of her as her sisters were going crazy, and she kissed me. She looked at me, closed her eyes, and I could feel the energy she was summoning. I couldn't do that, and that was when she put both her hands on my chest and pushed all of it into me.

Chloe and Annie stopped my fall, but I was dead. I saw Marnine walk up and smile, and Ella, and Claire both looking concerned. I saw my mom and dad, and they smiled before vanishing. Joseph walked up and said that I was pretty damn stubborn. If this was death, then it wasn't terrible, and that is when Ama walked up and slapped me.

"Stop playing games. I need wood chopped, and you are going to be chopping a lot of wood." She put her hand on my chest and I felt as if I was being pushed into the Earth. "Get up, and breathe." I gasped, and looked around as I sat up. Everyone took two steps back, except Sara, who walked up to me, and extended her hand. I took it as I stood.

"Let's go watch the fireworks, shall we."
take me part 248..... I didn't feel well monday. night.
Posted:Aug 24, 2021 8:46 pm
Last Updated:Aug 28, 2021 11:28 am

Sara walked out as we all stared at each other, speechless. I got up and followed her, with Melissa behind me and sat down as she fed by Bob by hand, no one else would do that, or could, not even me. Sara had no fear. "Melissa, love, I'm sorry we can't stay here. I know you love your job, but Annie can find you one in Norway, or Iceland. We have a complicated family as I am beginning to understand"

"We have a lot to do because there is no telling when we will be back, so you will want to gather all of your important papers, but we have good super geniuses to help, and the things you don't want to leave behind, because you should always take those, just in case.... everything else can be replaced, right" We'll call Bethany tomorrow, it'll be fine. Take all of your time off because that buys us some time." Melissa and I looked at each other, amazed, as Sara gave Bob the rest of the chicken breast, and smiled.

"I'm going to miss him, terribly, but he understands. He understands because of you two." She walked to the fence and hoped over, which she had never done. EVER! I turned around and looked at everyone as I turned and we followed, and kept walking. "This is not complicated, loves. You two, and Annie, are protectors. You keep our family safe. Daniel just got Annie pregnant. Ooops!" She smiled, "It was necessary, but she is a protector too, but not for long, because she is pregnant."

'They are coming for all us but they need to go through all of us, until they reach me. It's not just me, loves, it's all of us. Annie is the head of one of the most powerful clans there are. She's first, because she is most powerful, and so most at risk, which is why are going to Iceland. I like Ama." She looked at both of us, and smiled. "I like Joseph, too. You call Grandfather, love, which is to you. You call Ama, by her name...Grandmother, as you should because that is how they come to you. That is not how Daniel and I know them." She looked at me and I knew I was to keep bother her, and Melissa safe, great. She smiled. "He has told me much of your people, which are OUR people, with conflict." Melissa smiled as she walked up to Sara and shifted, as Bob watched, as we all did. Melissa bumped her and shifted back.

"If you want to know about my people, you'll soon have your chance, love.

Sara smiled as she kissed her. "Chloe is second because she shouldn't have had a girl ." She held both our hands, and squeezed. "That is my niece, understand?" We said yes. "Good, I'm not sure who 'they' are, but they want all of us dead" She stopped, and touched our heads.

"It relies upon you, and maybe Janey. We'll see because she is unsure. Lieve is, but she is where where she needs to be. We hare facing a multitude, but we are few in number," and she looked at me. I was taken back to the dream when we were looking after Alison.

"What did you do, Daniel?"

"Ran at them, as you screamed."

"Why did you run at them at Love/"

"Because you're my family."

Sara smiled as she kissed Melissa. "Protect our family." She passed out as Melissa and I grabbed her as she fell. She looked at me, as she shifted and ran, and I took her home. I was half way there when Ella and Claire walked up. I growled when Ella said

"Daniel, hear me. Please." I looked at her because I was about ready to shift. "Please, put her down." Claire walked up and touched Sara. "You are the only other person Claire as communicated with, but she talks with Sara regularly, as do I, and Joseph. Sara doesn't trust Marnine yet." I thought, can't say that I blame her on that. "We all wish we could tell all that we know," and that was when Marnine walked up as Melissa and ran toward us, and I shifted and I looked at her, as I stalked her.

Marnine looked at me, and Melissa as she moved toward her. I growled, and she stopped. "I truly don't mean you any harm, but there is much harm out there, and I can help with that. Quite the conundrum. I truly don't mean you any harm. As far as you," She pointed at Melissa. "You aren't him."

Melissa growled as Marnine turned and Melissa pounced, but I hit Melissa, and whatever she was going to do her, she did to me. I felt it, and fell. I got up, shook my head, and growled as I walked toward Marnine. She was scared. I walked up to her, stopped, and roared in my full essence as she disappeared. I walked back to Melissa, and shifted, as she walked up and said thanks.

"I felt that, Daniel, and you pushed me 25 yards, and I still felt it. WHAT THE FUCK, is going on? I picked Sara up and we walked home.
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take me part 247
Posted:Aug 24, 2021 5:30 pm
Last Updated:Aug 25, 2021 10:05 pm

I kissed Lieve and told the girls to discuss the options as I went to get a hamburger and potato salad. I asked Frank and and his sons if they Ok as they made me a burger. They smiled and said that they don't have that fun except playing video games. I smiled, and apparently the helicopter was a huge success, across the board. "We're fine Daniel. How are you and your family?" I told him we were good, and lucky. He nodded.

"You need to keep Henry posted on your family coming because all of us that can want to be there to meet them, OK?" He smiled, nodded, and handed me a burger. I fixed it and got a beer. I wasted more beer than anyone I knew. I walked over to Unc and Ellen.

"You still mad at me Ellen?" She kissed my cheek and said I just scared her. "Yeah, well you aren't alone in that. I don't know what your plans are, and thanks for your offer, but none of us would go for that, and it's nothing to do with anything, past or present." They nodded. "I'll leave were they want to go to school to them, with that said Atlanta wouldn't be a bad option and now is the time for them to go, so I will discuss it with them but they are more focused on drones and being together, and they like it here." They both nodded. I wasn't going to bring the past into it. I was trying to get rid of that because I had too much to deal in the present, and more in the future.

"If they don't go that route, you are welcome to stay here. We have places, and vehicles, and it's not like there isn't stuff to be done. You're family, and are always welcome, period. It'd give you more time to get a sense of what's in dad's warehouses." They looked at each other and Ellen spoke.

"We were going to speak with you about something like that, but life beat us to it. Sarah, and the , need a place to stay for a while, and they all like it here. It's complicated but would be a huge help, because you are family, and it would make us feel better until we can figure what to do." What was it with this family? I took out my phone and pulled up Maggie's number.

"Call Mags, she's a mom and can help with school and we can find her Sarah a job. The family knows a lot of folks in the area and we all help each other. It'll be fine. I'll talk with the girls so let them know they are going to be deluged." She smiled. They can stay as long as they need, and they'll have a vehicle. I call Beth tomorrow to add her as an authorized driver. I'll need her license info. Don't worry, they'll be fine here. They're family." Ellen hugged me.

I walked off, alone, finished my food and called Bet and Javier. Bet answered. "Do you have an insatiable need to get featured on the news? A fucking helicopter? You didn't think a crowd of people, drinking beer, after a killing, wouldn't video it?" Fuck.Fuck.Fuck! Well that just sealed Janey and Alison's fate. It's not like they didn't like living in style.

"Trouble finds me Bet, what can I say."

"Yeah, that's one lame excuse. Is everyone OK?"

"Physically yes, but Janes and Iare sore, but emotionally.... it's a work in progress because what likely didn't make it on the news were the two snipers two hundred yards from the back yard, in camo, so we're all a little freaked." Silence.

"Are you shitting us homes?" I told them about it and said that we needed to talk and to come over for the fireworks.

"There might be undercover cops here so I wouldn't suggest riding up on the bikes. It's fine now, and is actually a party. The girls will have a great time with Sam and Maggie's, and Melinda, and Deats....and Sara." They both laughed because they knew that was true."We can all talk afterward because I doubt no one, except the , will be getting much sleep. Bring Prosecco."

"You OK, Daniel?" "Fair to midland, Bet, but I'm holding my own. We have a lot to discuss but it's likely we'll be leaving within the week. This cut close to close to bone." Silence. Javier said.

"We're on our way brother and what ever you need, you got. We'll see you soon." What a frickin' day and it wasn't down...AND I had multiple people waiting to talk with but everyone was having a good time. I had pulled up the tape off the ground, and perimeter tape and it didn't long for everyone to expand. Javier and Bet walked up with their girls and Deat and Melinda waved as the girls almost crashed into each other, they were so happy. Sam, Mag's and the girls too. I wouldn't be surprised if Deat and Javier became friends because Bet and Melinda already were. There was one more thing to resolve before we left, and that was a priority.

I could see Sam and Mags' girls starting to instigate a tickle monster outing, as could the rest of us, who were laughing. I was very glad for that. They got the nerve up as they walked up to me. "What?" They all started tickling me as I was yelling for them to stop. They laughed and I became quiet, and growled. They all stopped as I growled louder and started to stand and they all ran yelling it was The Tickle Monster as I chased them.

All the other started chasing started chasing me, laughing, as I turned and growled acting like I was going to tickle them. They all stopped and screamed as the girls yelled to follow them, which they did and now I had at least twenty-four I was chasing. They were screaming and all of the parents were smiling and laughing. Sara and Janey ran up to me and held on as Chloe and Bet joined them. Lieve stood in front and hit me in the chest as I stopped and fell to one knee, as the watched.

"You can't be scared of the tickle monster because that is what gives him is power but he was chasing you, so you're the only ones who can make him go away. We can only slow him down because we are no longer scared of him. He has no power over us. All of you need to come over and get on top of him, as scary as it, and tell him to go away. You can do it. We'll be here" They all came over and did as Lieve asked. I was getting weaker by the minute and they kept telling me to leave, except one little girl, maybe four - five years old. Lieve walked up and put out her hand,

"What's your name?"


"Well, Amanda, they need you because the tickle monster was chasing all of you. I'll go with you. It's OK to be scared but they need you. I'll help you, love." I could see them walking up even under the pile of telling me to go. I growled as she walked up and she took three steps back as Lieve knelt and hugged it. "He doesn't want you here Amanda because your the last one and when you tell him to go away, then he has no choice. Come on. Put your hand right here on his head." She looked at Lieve. "It's OK, just tell him to "go away tickle monster" and keep saying it." She did, louder and louder until I was still and they all cheered.

"Do idiots mind getting off of me?" Amanda yelled as Lieve picked her up and said...."watch, love. You did it, that's Daniel." I stood and said..... "Which one of farted?" They all laughed and ran back to where ever. I walked over to Lieve, who was smiling. "What's your name young lady?"


"That is a lovely name, Amanda. I'm Daniel and it's very nice to meet you."

"You not the tickle monster anymore?"

"Tickle monster? I'm not sure what you're talking about." Lieve said I was the tickle monster and that was why everyone was on my back. I told her that was crazy talk. Amanda looked at me and said that I was the tickle monster and she made me leave.

I looked at her, "If I was the tickle and you made it leave, then thank you, Amanda, because you did a very brave thing. You, and your parents, should be very proud because I don't want to be the tickle monster." She smiled, leaned in, and kissed my cheek before she got down and ran back to her parents... at least the day wasn't totally fucked up. Lieve wrapped her arms around me as we walked to get my third, half of, a beer, smiling.

"I'm in totally in love with you Daniel, but not in that way. I am with all of you because you are ALL bat shit crazy, and you were right about the island of misfit toys. We fit. I'm sorry about not coming with you, but I'll teach Jake and Emily how to use the drones. Can I put my two cents into the mix?" I kissed her and nodded. "They should go with you, along with Janey and Alison. It's not forever, and they are young, and it would be a great experience for them, and it would be good for Christine and Bethany's relationship. They won't like it at first....but they'll like it." She smiled and squeezed me. I nodded.

"I need your to help until you start training," She said of course. "I want to make sure Sam and Henry have everything they need, and once Sara realizes that she won't be able to see Bob for a while, she will be very upset and will want to add something to his den." She smiled, and nodded. "We have a lot to do so I need you to come with me to Home Depot. I also need you check in on Bob. I'll talk with Sam and Mags too."

"Of course, da', but it would be easier if I lived here. I would rather live here and no one will be back, and even if they do come back, I'll be inside using my new drone because of the open space. I hate bugs. I also need a car." I hugged her, and kissed her head.

"I'm pretty there will be a line of them, but don't go nuts and buy one when you can use one for free. I'll given you Bethany's number, go talk with her about your pay." She nodded. "Go out front and try to have some fun. We were all very proud of today. I was very proud of you." She jumped on me, bit my shoulder, jumped down, smiled, and walked out front. I was exhausted and went out back with my beer as Chloe and Annie walked out. I growled, and pushed, nothing.

"We need to go inside." They nodded. It was still dusk but I was going to check later, and I was sure Annie and Melissa were as well. I locked the door, pulled the blinds and we walked into the study. I closed the blinds as the rest of the girls came in with Prosecco and glasses. Annie spoke first, because it was her family involved in this, in some way.

"We've talked, and while we have minor disagreements," Alison snorted,"we are a family and what is best for the family is key. I am checking with people I trust because today was a shock. I grew up with him during summers at Ama's. I didn't him well, not his family, but that was a blow. I don't know enough to say anything, except I will find out. I know these people and Iceland is the best place to be because no one would dare move against Ama, and if they did, then not only would we have a shit storm out in the open, we'd also have allies, many allies. We can protect us there, and you need to be there anyway, Daniel. It's the right decision."

Chloe started speaking next as Lieve, Emily and Jake walked. "Forget about us?" She poured two glasses and handed one to Emily. "Share it. Family is family, right?" We all nodded.

"You're completely right Lieve, and congrats!" We all clapped, which made her smile and tear up. "I agree with Annie, it's the safest place for us since we don't know the extent of the threat. I am still on the fence with Jake and Emily because we need to talk more with Christine and Bethany because they won't be going. I will that decision for later. However, Janey and Alison, you need to come with us as well because it's too dangerous for you too stay here, and no matter how much Daniel wishes he can be in two places at once, he can't. He is responsible for our family and you are in danger. I'm sorry Alison. I'm sure this chafes but that is how this family works." Janey took her hand and kissed her. "I totally agree with Iceland and we'll shore things up here before we leave. We have family watching things." Silence.

Chloe said, "Sara... it's you turn Love." She stared at all of us, confused. "Sweets, because Claire passed, you are the head of your line, not just in ours, especially now because you are pregnant. We can figure out what all of that means later, but right now you have the final voice here." She looked at everyone.

"Bring Christine and Bethany in." Lieve got up and got them and poured them a drink. I wasn't sure if anyone could feel the shift in energy, the intensity, but I could. I poured more Prosecco, and watched, and that is when she looked at me. "Do better, Daniel, and make Bet and Javier stop, at least most of what they are doing. We can't rely on luck any longer." Everyone was speechless.

"We are going to Iceland, period, because there is no other place that is safe. No, Annie, not even Patagonia. We have maybe a week before they will come back. Can you get us visa's? Annie nodded because covid had screwed everything up. "We need two planes, sweets, one for daniel because he has business to attend to for the ceremony, and one for the rest of us. If they can blur the destination, that would be good. Whoever these people are, they coming all of us, you are just the first."

"Lieve is staying here, She'll be fine, and she needs to take care of Bob. Bob likes her. Daniel, I need more plants. I'll give you a list. Take Lieve, but they need to be planted before we leave. Christine and Bethany, Jake and Emily need to come with us. None of us could deal with that loss...NONE of us. I'm sorry, but it's true, and it won't me that long. They'll be safe, and have a great time. I promise. We have a lot of packing to do, and shopping, because it gets cold in Iceland, presumably, given the name. I'm done."

We all stared at her, in awe. She got up to take a chicken breast to Bob because she was sad, and needed to tell him what was going on, but I was pretty sure he had already figured it out
take me part 246
Posted:Aug 24, 2021 12:31 pm
Last Updated:Aug 25, 2021 12:11 pm

Sam in came with beer, thankfully, and handed me one as I looked and Jake and Emily. 'You're right, love, what are your thoughts?" They looked at each other and Jake said,

"Emily and I could stay here at the shop, and study from...." We all yelled NO! at the same time, and not softly. They both smiled because all walked right into it. "You guys are SO easy it's almost embarrassing. I say that we go were the drones go," spoken like a true guy. Emily hit in the arm, shaking her head.

"Where are going?"

"We're not sure yet, but I was thinking Iceland." The all stared at me. Jake and Emily both said Iceland, which didn't make Christine and Bethany happy, but did make me and the girls happy, assuming we could protect them there, and then in Norway,

I looked at Annie, who was staring a hole through me. "Is the house that Ama said I could use when I stayed with her large enough?" She smiled and nodded.

"It's large enough for all of us and it's somewhat warm, and now is the time to split wood because it gets cold. It's a good thought because she's isolated, and well stocked, and we could do patrols. There are a couple of other's but Ama's makes the most sense, and she's family I can trust." Everyone was stunned, and speechless.

"Cool your jets, we're a family and we'll figure it together...all of us, even the snots as I pointed to Jake and Emily. It's not a bad idea because everyone was going to be in Norway sometime soon anyway. Jake and Emily can explore and meet the other side of the family, God help us, and once we work all this out then they can come back and finish out their senior year. It's not like we need to leave tonight." God I hoped not. "I'll be back. Come on Lieve, lets track down Deat in case he needs to leave." She smiled.

Everyone was talking but Janey and Alison were looking at me as I pointed and motioned outside. They followed. "I don't think you should stay here. I think you should come too. I'm hoping Deat can shed some light into who she is...was, but there are at least two others who were connected in all of that and I can't be in two places at least not yet. It's a pain but Iceland has great infrastructure, and you wouldn't need to stay with us. It's not like there isn't money. I'm not sure it's safe for you to be here yet." They looked at each. "Discuss it and talk with your sisters."

"What about Henry?"

"Henry will be as happy as a pig in shit. He's got Issa, David, and Ishla to dote on. He's got Sabrina, and he has a renewed purpose..... building something for our . He's got the shop, redesigning the restaurant and building, helping with the warehouse for the shop. Henry's got the best gig of all us." They smiled, and nodded as they hugged us and walked inside.

Lieve and I walked to Deat who was just finishing up with Denver Metro. "They're done so you can take down the tape." I told him not chance. He smiled. "Lieve, you did an amazing job today, with not great equipment and you get your cool, which isn't easy. I was serious about getting you into training and if you had fun today, what you'll learn with us will blow your mind." She had a huge smile.

"That's why we're here, but I have questions," as I stared at him. Deat had known me a long time.

"We aren't the military, or the CIA, Dad. There are recon drones and once she learns from us she could easily get into any agency, although I don't why she would because our equipment is the best, it's just not armed." Lieve looked at me as everyone walked up behind us.

"Lieve, you're a woman and don't need my permission. I think it's a smart idea because you saved this family, twice. If you're looking for my blessing you have it. She hugged me and and turned to look at everyone else. They all smiled and she plowed into them, quite the week since she came into our lives for a job.

"I can still help Sam on my off time, and I can watch over the houses while you're gone. I wouldn't have much time spend anyway." I nodded and hugged her as Deat held out his hand but Lieve hugged him too because she was so excited.... that was at least one of them I didn't have to worry about. I had one other thing to do for Lieve, but that was a surprise, if I was right.
take me part 245
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Chloe walked up to me, sat down, hugged me, and stroked my hair as everyone else watched. I took a deep a breath and shook my head. "Love, we know why you are crying, but now is not the time. We need you because we don't know what to do, and Annie is scared out of her mind even though she isn't saying anything. We don't know what to do about this? We need you."

I growled, stood up, and walked back inside as Chloe followed me. Annie hugged me. I was beyond being polite. I'd leave that to Sara. I walked into the bedroom and both Jake and Emily started in. "ENOUGH!" Lieve didn't get a drone. She's using a drone, and if she's smart she'll have a job job at the FBI by the end week, so stop.... both of you. Lieve smiled because she was just elevated in big sister status a hundredfold.

I looked at her, "How much longer can you fly it?

"Not long Da', maybe 45 minutes but I risk crashing it and it's not terrible. We might need it tomorrow. Jake and Emily were getting ready to say something as I looked at them, and they stopped.

"Show Emily and Jake how to fly it for 20 minutes and bring it back and then find what we need.... comm's too.... for three of you. Show me what you find. You're all family but Lieve is oldest which means she's in charge when your mom's or I aren't around. Understood?" Jake and Emily nodded. 'Good, have fun."

I walked into the kitchen as everyone was looking at me. I got down on my knees in front Deat and Melanie's girls, "I'm sorry for the bad words, and all the scary stuff. Today was kinda weird." They nodded as they looked at their mom. "The rest of the day is going to be fine, and we are in the best place to watch fireworks. Y'all can go back out front if you want." They hugged, as did Melanie. I was not in a polite mood. I walked out front looking for Henry, Sam, and Uncle Billy. The girls looked at each other and followed me. Things were kinda getting back to a party, aside from the police tape, and dead body outline. Beer had been free all afternoon, and there was food, so I don't think anyone left. The helicopter was a bonus.

I had an entourage but I too much to do. I saw Sam and Maggie first. Maggie stepped back as I walked up. "Sorry to be blunt but I need to talk." Maggie nodded. "Sam, we need to talk about the shop. The girls and aren't safe here and I'm not sure they're safe in the other houses." He nodded. The main thing I loved about this place, the open space, was almost the reason for someone dying, because I knew they wouldn't have missed. I told him what was going on and what my plan was. He nodded.. "We can all talk later. My problem is that I the people that could do what I do aren't safe staying here, so let's think about it. We also need get the bench set up for the Andersen's>" He nodded.

"I can do it Daniel, I'm a mom four times over." I laughed as I looked at Sam. "What you do is a special skill but it's not hard, if you have it and I have it, and I was going to be looking for something to do because the girls are going back to school soon." I smiled and hugged her.

I did the same thing with Henry and Uncle Billy "What about Jake and Emily? I understand the need Daniel, and I'm not saying it's the wrong decision, but?" FUCK!. I looked at them and nodded as I needed to find Christine and Bethany. This was going to be a hard choice for all of us, because none of wanted to apart, not even Billy and Ellen. I looked at the shop and smiled and went to find Sabrina. She was dancing with with Christine and Bethany, a lot of people were. Thank God for the DJ. He was getting a nice tip because he held things together, well that and the free beer. I suppose free beer does that. Christine and Bethany glared at me as i walked up.

"I need Sabrina, but we need to talk later." I walked away as Sabrina caught up to me and asked if everything was OK. I looked at her and shook my head. I walked us away from the crowd. "I need you to stop focusing on the shop. Hold the designs and send Bethany the invoice for your time and she'll take care of it. Focus on Henry's, and the building, and if we buy the other one then focus on that, and the warehouse. Things got complicated and we might not be around for awhile" She looked at me and nodded. "If you need anything talk with Bethany, Henry, or Sam, but you have my number and email. I'm sorry." We walked back but Sabrina was no longer in a dancing mood. She walked to Henry, who hugged her.

I walked back inside and poured warm Prosecco. They all looked at me. Melanie and the girls were out front having fun, which was interesting because of how quickly people can adapt. I sat down as Lieve, Jake and Emily came out, and the rest of the family walked in. "We have problems, and we need to make decisions, but they are complicated. Sam
and Henry can deal with the shop, and Bethany has the money covered." They nodded. "We need to focus on Jake and Emily."

They both looked at me like deer in headlights. They knew something was wrong, just not exactly what. Everyone was looking at me, which I hated. "We can't stay here after tonight, not like this. It's too dangerous. The main reason we dodged this, today, was because of Lieve and a shitty drone. We can't risk that again." They all nodded. "Someone is looking for us, and it seems likely that Annie's family has something to with it, but I'm totally convinced." She looked at me. "Just because she knew him doesn't mean it WAS her family but it seems the likely choice. This is a briar patch."

Chloe said, "What about Jake and Emily?" They are starting back soon." Christine and Bethany nodded and looked at me.

"That's the question that is our main one to figure out." Billy raised his hand.

"They could come and stay with us, Lieve too, and meet their other cousins. I'm sure I can get them into early admission classes at Tech." I didn't growl because it was from his heart, and Unc was trying to help even though Christine and Bethany weren't pleased. "They'd be

Bethany raised her hand and asked the exact right question as only an accountant could. "Are you in that much danger?" I nodded and said, "Yes, I doubt Jake and Emily are but none of us want to take that risk."

"You didn't mind that earlier, Daniel. Christine said, as only a scared, and angry, mom can." Everyone just stared at her because she was right when Billy said.

"Christine, you're right but they never left our sides and were as far removed as possible but that's water under the bridge and now we have to figure out how to keep everyone safe.

"The other thoughts are Jake and Emily stay here because it's their senior year and there is still family here while we sort things out, or they come with us, do remote learning and lose senior year. There are no easy choices. I don't expect us to come to a decision now, but we need to figure one out. Janey and Alison, and Christine and Bethany said they could alternate. I wasn't very keen on the idea of Alison staying here because I had no idea who the woman was, exactly, and she tried killing her. I knew why was trying to kill me...why not. Again, there there were no easy answers, or clear path. Today could have been an absolute cluster fuck and Joseph right, I needed to stop relying on luck and move to offense.

Lieve raised her hand, "as much I would love to come with you, I want to call Deat and work with them. I loved what I did today." We all smiled and nodded. If Jake and Emily stay then I'll keep them in line." I hugged he and told her I'd speak with him when we done but that she wasn't staying here. She nodded.

Everyone was looking at everyone else, wondering, when Emily raised her hand. Sara told her she didn't need to raise her hand. "What, Love?"

"How about you ask me and Jake what we want? We are almost 18." We looked at each other and smiled.
take me part 244
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I didn't know what to tell them, but they were right and that was when Melissa, Janey, and Alison came storming from out front, and Jake and Emily came out of the bedroom. "Why does she get a drone, dad."

"Yeah, dad, why?" I shook my head and turned as Melissa clocked me. Both Janey and Alison were lined up waiting for their turn. I growled and shook me head.

"WOULD YOU STOP FUCKING HITTING ME! You two go back in the bedroom, close the door, and stay there until one says you can come out." Goddammit, that was going to swell. I looked at Melanie and the girls and thought shit. "I'm sorry, that is a terrible word for anyone to say." Sara told them that I was big, dumb, idiot and they all laughed.

"Why are you all hitting me? It's not like I caused this," and that is when Deat walked in the back door. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!

"Daniel. Now!" Goddammit! I walked out followed by Annie and Chloe. Deat was getting ready to say something when I said,

"Unless you want to get hit too, just let them come because you don't have enough people to stop them, trust me." We jumped the fence headed to the chopper.

"There were only two. The dogs didn't pick up any other scents," I could hear Annie and Chloe. "They had EU passports out of Finland. They were valid, as were their visas, because they got into the US, but they're fakes, obviously, which makes me wonder why there were snipers focused on your home?"

We all looked at him, and were probably all thinking the same thing....FUCK! "Give me a pair a pliers, and an hour, and I'll tell you Deat." He smiled "We have no fucking clue, and I told you that it's complicated. I'll tell you everything I know, but it's kinda been a stressful day. Can we do it tomorrow?"

"Yeah, but I want you to look at the passports just in case." They meant nothing to me and Chloe. Annie looked at one and shook her head. She looked at the other and went ashen. She started walking toward them. I wasn't going to try and stop her. Deat put his hands up letting the other agents know it was OK.... big mistake. She looked at one and then moved on to the second, who had his head down. Annie said something in what I assumed was Norwegian, and he said nothing. She grabbed his hair and jerked his head up and growled as she started beating him in the head, and screaming. It took four agents to pull her off and she still kicked him twice as she was being dragged away.

Deat looked at me, and smiled. "I'm going to take that as a positive ID. I'll be back." He went and stopped them from cuffing her and brought her back, and she still ran at the guy until I stepped in front and hugged her. Chloe did too as she started crying. Chloe took her back to the shop as Deat nodded that it was OK. He looked at me,


"Deat, you have no idea. I'll tell you what I know, which ain't a lot." He nodded.

'We're almost done here, and out front as well. You might want to think about staying somewhere else starting tomorrow. I doubt anyone will show up here again tonight, unless they are very intent." I nodded. What I didn't tell him was that if anyone else did show up, it would be the last thing they ever did.

I walked back to the shop and jumped the fence. Bob looked at me, worried. I walked into the kitchen, and everyone started talking at once, and got a dumbstick then walked back outside followed by Sara, Melanie and her girls. I walked up to within six feet of Bob, sat down, and looked at him as I held the chicken outstretched. He looked at everyone, and then over his should, Bob was not dumb. He walked up, looked at me, and butted my knee with his snout before taking it and walking into his den, and that was when I started crying.
take me part 243
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Melinda and the girls hugged me as they walked past. Henry and Sabrina brought the last of the Prosecco that was at Henry's so at least there was that. I told them about it as Sara took the girls inside and was telling them about Bob. She stuck her tongue at me, which meant she was moving through it, but Chloe was still mad, just not pissed. Deat waved a thank you and went back doing his rest for the weary. I walked back to Jake and Emily, both of whom were eating, to do damage control with everyone. Ellen, Christine and Bethany stepped in front of me....oh boy.

"You could have been killed, Daniel, Janey too." I didn't tell them that I thought we got off easy and what was coming was worse. "We all thought you were dead. Jake and Emily thought you were dead." I nodded because what could I say, so I said the absolute worst thing.

"Have you had anything to eat?" They all stared at me in utter astonishment before storming away. Uncle Billy and Henry walked up shaking their heads.

"You sure know how step in it . Was that it?" I shook my head and went to get Lieve a burger, potato salad, and a beer. I was waiting for the burger, which was almost done, because everyone had suddenly become ravenous, violence does that I suppose, when Lieve called.

"Hi sweets. I'm bringing you food and a beer. I'm on my way."

"Hurry, Da' I don't know what I'm looking at." I fixed her burger, grabbed her beer, and told Jake it was fine with me but they had to ask Christine and Bethany, and went inside. Everyone was out back, thankfully, I went into the bedroom, put the food down and handed Lieve the beer. The drone was hovering. She downed half of it. "What is that? It seemed odd." She zoomed in.

"That is a problem. It also got you the best drone I can find." She smiled as I kissed her. "I'll be back, Love. Check and see if there are any others like that." She nodded as I got up and closed the door. FUCK!!!!! I called Deat.

"I need you in the shop, now."

"I'm a little busy Daniel."

"Now, Deat." I hung up and went out back. "Ladies, I think we have some ice cream. Who wants some?" Sara beat the girls inside as they all ran to the freezer. "I need you both inside, now." They stared at me. "Now!" They walked in as I closed the door and lowered the shades.

"What is so important Daniel?" I walked into the bedroom followed by everyone except Sara and the girls. Chloe told them to stay inside as she followed. They nodded as Deat walked in.

"Show him Lieve." Deat looked at me, and then the screen, as Lieve zoomed in. He looked at me again. "Is that what I think it is?"

'Probably, Lieve, can you zoom in any more?" She shook her head. "Have you seen anything else that looks similar." She nodded, panned right, and zoomed.

"I'm still looking." Deat handed her his radio, and ear piece as she smiled at me, which meant it wasn't just going to be getting new drones.

"You're my eyes right now Lieve. If they move I want to know." She nodded. Deat kissed her head, "If you ever want a job call me. No one goes out back, or by the windows." Chloe stared at me. They all stared at me, which meant I was going to get hit again. "You have anything beside knives?" I nodded as he left on his phone, and I walked to the closet. I could here him calling for a tactical helicopter unit as the front door closed. I took the 9mm out, with extra clips, and a holster.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON, DANIEL?" Lieve looked at me too. "What are we even looking at?" I pointed at the screen, twice.

"Those are called ghillie suits. It's something that snipers use to keep themselves camouflaged." Lieve stared at me.

"They are looking at us Da'." I nodded as she started looking for others.

I looked at everyone and said that I had no idea, because I didn't, but they still hit, even Melinda before walking back to her . "I don't know anything. I thought maybe the guy at Henry's might have been looking for you rather than Alison, but I don't know and then last night and the notebooks. I have no idea but he had a sniper rifle. I think they might be working for Annie's family, or Marnine's, but I have no idea. All I do know is that Lieve saved us, twice.

Deat walked back in and sat next to Lieve. "You're doing great but I need you to zoom out." She did. "Go higher please. Stop and hold there."

"We are west of your location, sir, approximately two minutes out."

"Roger that. Head east over our location, but on the southern side. There is a drone observing but will be moved to the north. There are two, possibly more, in camouflage and prone approximately 200 yards due east of my location. We will assist with intel."

"Roger that sir."

"Lieve, you know which way north is?" She would have hit him if she wasn't busy, but it was a fair question.

"Of course." The disgust was obvious and made all of us chuckle, even Deat.

"I need you to move the drone closer to the house and to the north. There is going to be a helicopter flying over us in about a minute but maintain a visual on them, OK?" She said cool and nodded. I could already feel them as Deat and I walked to the back and lifted the blinds in the study. They came in fast and low with weapons drawn and hovered over the spot were the two people were hidden. They both stood, with hands in the air as everyone converged on them. Two agents, and two dogs got out started searching.

"We are seriously going to talk and I was serious about giving Lieve a job. I would have missed that." I nodded and said me too. "You can tell her she can bring the drone back, which she won't, and that's fine too." Deat went out back and hopped the fence after kissing Melinda and the girls. Jake and Emily ran in as Deat was leaving and the girls were coming out.


"I know. Go into the bedroom, your sister will fill you in." I figured I was about to get hit again but Chloe and Annie both hugged me. Sara watched as she ate Cherry Garcia ice cream.

"We aren't safe here, Daniel." I had already been thinking about that, I just wasn't sure what to do about it, but I nodded.
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take me part 242
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I had too many people to run to, so I ran to Lieve. I don't remember getting inside, all I remember was hugging her as she cried and then pushed me away as she kept the drone from crashing.

"You're looking in the wrong place now. The people you are looking for are way worse than that bitch. She wanted money. These other people want power, Da, and they are way more dangerous." I stared at her as I touched her face, and kissed her, as I wondered who she was. I asked too much of them.

"This is not finished Da'. They are coming, but it won't be here, now." I hugged her as she tried to keep the drone in the air. "I need WAY better equipment, pop." I nodded and walked out as Chloe walked in, followed by Sara and looked at me. Chloe hit me in the jaw and went in to talk with LIeve. Sara ignored me and followed. Fucking Christ, these women could hit. I walked outside.

Annie and Janey were waiting. "You waited outside?"

"They already hit us...twice. If you want to get in the way of Chloe, be our guest because we would like to see that. She scares everyone" I looked at them, and shook my head, and Chloe walked out, glaring at me. Everyone took four steps backward.

Chloe didn't need to shift because she was a force of nature too, Sara just happened to be the happy version....that is not what I got. Sara came pounding out, looking for me. I was thinking....Jesus Christ, we did ok....and she ran at me. She didn't need to shift either and she wasn't concerned if I did, at all. She wasn't concerned about anything, except hurting me.

I could have moved, easily, but I didn't. She launched like Sara did, except it wasn't gentle. She hit me harder than any of them, which shocked me. She bit me and I thought she would tear out a chunk. I didn't stop her. Annie walked up.

"Love, you need to stop now, and I know don't want to. You can bite him tomorrow." Chloe growled at me as Sara let go and hit me in the same place as Chloe. "Don't you ever do that again without telling us," and went with her sister. Chloe looked at me as she growled, and walked away. Chloe was pissed, so pissed that not even Annie wanted to deal with her but her and Janey followed them

I grunted and stared. I couldn't blame them, any of them. Melissa walked up rubbing her jaw. "You're either the smartest man in the world, or the stupidest. Who knew Sara could hit so hard? How's Lieve? She saved our asses." I nodded and said fine as Deat walked up.

"You OK?" We nodded. I need to talk with you. I told him I knew. "I want answers Daniel." I told him it was a two way street. He nodded and walked away as the cops pulled up. "You throw a hell of a party, and there are still fireworks coming." He laughed. SHIT!

Melissa looked at me. "What do we do?" I shrugged as we walked to see Jake and Emily. It worked, barely, but it took a large toll. With all the adrenaline running through the girls these babies were going to be something else. Emily slapped me and then hugged me. Jake just hugged me...thankfully.

"You OK?" Uncle Billy asked.

"Physically, yes." Neither Ellen, Christine, nor Bethany were speaking to me. No one seemed to have left but they all moved further back into the circle. It was free food, and cheap beer, and this sort of thing doesn't happen everyday, at least I hoped not. I kissed Jake and Emily and said I'd be back. I walked toward Deat as the drone flew over the house and into open space. Lieve had found her calling but Jake and Emily were going to be pissed. I obviously wasn't buying just one drone. The police stopped me as Deat walked up.

"He's with me." They nodded. What a cluster fuck this was. I told the officer to have his people get food. He smiled and nodded. "I'm guessing you know who this." I told him I had my suspicions. "She dyed her hair from the photo we have but maybe we'll find out who she is now. There was no ID. You mind filling me in on the vests?"

"It's complicated Deat, and will take some time. I'll tell you what I know but I'd like some answers too." He looked at me and nodded. "How are Melinda and the girls?"

"Freaked out. I wanted them to go back to the hotel but they want to watch the fireworks." I told him to have the girls take them into the shop. "Denver Metro needs to speak with you." I nodded. A detective walked up.

"Can you give me one minute?" He nodded. It pays to a friend in the FBI. I got a beer and walked back as he smiled and said he wouldn't mind one himself. I nodded. "Let's sit in the shade at least, officer." It was all routine and just for the report. He gave me his card and said to call him if I had forgotten anything. I nodded. "Be sure to tell your folks to grab some food. There's plenty." He said thanks and walked away as Chloe and Sara sat down, at least they didn't hit me. Sara came over and sat in my lap as Chloe spoke.

"Don't you ever keep us in the dark again, Daniel. Understand?" I nodded. "We are a family and we rise, or fall, together. PERIOD! Are you hurt?"

"Just sore, and I'm sorry. Can you take Melinda and the girls inside? They're stressed. Lieve can show them how to use the drone. " She shook her head as she got up and kissed me. Sara looked at me called me a big dumb idiot, kissed me walked off with Chloe. Holy fuck, what a day and it was barely past three, and the worse one was still out there somewhere.
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take me part 241
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I sure wish they would give some answers instead of leaving questions. I walked , locked the door, and walked toward the crowd of people as I looked around. I saw Melissa with Sara but she stuck her tongue as I flipped her off, and she laughed. Annie had the hardest job because dealing with Chloe and Sabrina was like herding cats. My main concern was Alison because of that woman. Nasty is a hard thing to deal with. Henry and Ellen were watching Jake and Emily.

Everything other than trying to keep my family safe seemed to be going just fine. Everyone was safe except for Annie, and it seemed that she was a likely target, but she would protect Chloe to her death, even pregnant. I didn't understand that but it was hard enough dealing with Chloe. Annie dealing with a pissed off lioness when she was angry, I pretty much nodded and tried to dodge. She was doing exactly what I was doing which was watching everything.

I pushed and knew she was here, even though I had NO idea who she was. Why was still not clear. I tried to expand to see if I could sense someone else, but nothing. I wondered if the people I was aware of were people I knew, but I saw two family's I had never met, and that is when the headache . I pushed to the girls what I saw as I sat down.

Marnine walked up smiling. I still didn't know if I could trust her, but I sure wasn't liking her. "Why so glum, Love?" I growled in the way she understood and she backed away. "Calm down, Daniel. Seriously. here to help you," and that was when Lieve called.... "Black shirt, Daniel."

"Trust Lieve!" She was gone and I moved toward Janey and Alison. I pushed and everyone was watching, everything.

"Daniel? Daniel? Goddammit! DANIEL?

" here, Lieve. Sorry."

"YOU ARE FACING THE WRONG WAY! Turn 180 degrees. You are looking the wrong person in a black shirt. them." Janey moved close to Alison, who was having a great time, and totally oblivious. Melissa did the same as Annie moved toward Chloe. They were all watching. We were all watching.

"DANIEL!!!! Goddammit!."


"To your shirt. NO!!!!!!!!! The other left. I turned and saw her. God Bless Lieve, she did what none of would be able to do, and she turned the drone as soon as I saw her.
"YES!!!!! Her." She was crying, but she did it. I moved as she focused on Annie. I pushed as Janey tried to see her. It was too late because she got to close. All Janey could do was turn and protect Alison with her body.

None of us could shift fast enough, but when the shots happened everyone dropped except her, me and Deat. I focused on her and threw four knives as she turned and fired three rounds into my chest. Deat shot her twice in the back. It all happened at the same time. I dropped as she dropped.

Chloe and Sara screeched as they both tried to run to us. Melissa and Annie took them to the ground. Henry and Sabrina stopped Jake and Emily. Everyone else was already down. My family weren't the ones screaming. So much for next year's party.

I shook my head and stood, coughing. I looked Deat and he gave thumb's up. I called Lieve. She was crying because she watched it happened, and turned away. "You're OK?"

I am sweets, so is Janes. sorry LOVE, but keep watching our flank." She disconnected. I figured there was a special hell for people like . I walked up to Janey as she was cursing, and getting off Alison as Chloe and Sara gang tackled them. I felt bad for Janey because it fucking hurts to get shot, even with kevlar. Annie walked up and we were looking Lieve was watching.

"It's not over Daniel. I looked at her, nodded, and that was when Deat walked up.
take me part 240
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I looked him, shocked, because he was the last person I expected to see. "Let's take a walk Daniel, shall we." I looked around. "It's fine. I wouldn't take you away from threat, Daniel. You're the reason we all have these visits with you...even Marnine. It's fine, for the moment, and we won't gone for very long, but we need to talk. You, my friend, have a peculiar ability of kicking a hornet's nest, and then slipping away. You need to your friends that took those bags and tell them to stop doing that particular bit of what they do. You either Grace, good karma, or great luck. We aren't exactly sure which but you've about used it up." I knew that to be true because I'd been feeling the same thing.

"You are either very skilled, or very lucky Daniel, but letting Frank go was smart since he hadn't seen any of you. Your is still the same, but they are uncertain because two of, what they thought were top operatives, are of commission, and a significant investment just disappeared. The passports are tricky. The threat isn't gone, but they are now uncertain about what they are up against. You are playing defense, Daniel, perhaps it's time to start playing offense.

Your thoughts about this are sound. All of your dad's, except Annie's, chose this place and wanted you to stay here. You were the one in your family who chose to do so. You have the means your disposal, especially after today, to build upon what all of them built. It's not for you, Daniel..... any of you, but you must set it in motion."

We walked backed into the crowd as Melissa walked up and kissed Joseph on the cheek. "Grandfather." I stared at her. "It's fine Love. There is no threat. We would sense it....well, at least I would."

Joseph smiled. "I'll leave you to your family squabbles, but you are far from the thick of this. You have been adept, but also lucky. You can't depend upon luck, Daniel." Joseph walked into the crowd and disappeared among them. I stared at Melissa.

"We still need to have a talk." She smiled, stood on her toes because she was five foot four, and bite my shoulder.

"Don't worry, we bite for different reasons...but we ALL bite Daniel. You need to get to use it because you will be bitten a LOT. We need to get back. Have Lieve attention because they are coming. We both pushed and everyone knew. I told Bet to stay where they were.

I walked inside and opened the bedroom door and Lieve was intent on the drone. "Nothing yet Dad, but watching. It's actually a good camera, so I can stay enough to not make a lot of noise. It's not all that bad around the party, but over the open space it is. Do you mind calling you Dad? Jake and Emily do, and we seem to be alike in many ways." I told her no, not all, even though she had seen naked, and likely would again, even though she didn't care.

"If I wanted to someone I wouldn't do it in a crowd of people, not if I wanted it to seem random, or have no reason associated with it. You someone in a crowd then it's emotional, or an assassination. I think we are looking for someone who is playing chess, and if I was playing I wouldn't put my main players in this mix, today. just sayin'." I kissed her and told her to focus on both as I walked , locking the door.

"By the way Love, We all consider you to be our so calling dad is fine. Let know if you see anything." Lieve smiled and went back to her screen. "By the way, when we are through this bit, I need you, Jake, and Emily to help update our tech because we are going to need it." She smiled even bigger, and nodded. I just hoped we had enough to get through this.
take me part 239
Posted:Aug 21, 2021 11:43 am
Last Updated:Aug 21, 2021 4:10 pm

Sam and Maggie's family was a big help because was they were why I wanted shift things at Henry's, and buy the rest of the shopping center. The situation we were in as a family, and as a country, wouldn't last. It wasn't static and those were the most advantageous times make plans for the future, and our family was growing....assuming I could keep us from getting killed before that happened. As with most summer events, it was as much about the food, music...AND beer, as it was about gathering.

We were lucky in that a large percentage of people in Denver Metro were vaccinated, and we were mostly all wearing masks, which made it suck for me. I was focusing on just a half mile perimeter and leaving it Bet and Javier's crew focus on anything unusual outside of that, and Lieve focus on over watch. Jake and Emily were gladly helping Sam and Henry, and Mags' family, and got even better for them when Billy and Ellen's family showed up. Lieve was locked in the bedroom with the drone monitor and was equally content. She gave me earbuds that I connected to my phone. It was a terrible set up but Amazon didn't have one hour delivery yet, except with Whole Foods. I was hoping that Lieve was unnecessary in her role but she end up being the person that very likely saved Chloe's life.

Chloe, Alison and Sara weren't oblivious to what we were doing, especially not Chloe, but they were all focused on the day, and getting things ready to have a good time. The DJ showed and both Unc, and Henry went inside and grabbed albums for him to , which he did....then, which I didn't need. I tried focus and block that out as well. I was starting feel that I was woefully under prepared for the task at hand. My saving grace was that I was highly intuitive, and good at reading energy well. I figured whoever was coming after Alison would be obvious me; the other one was a crap shoot, which scared the shit out of me.

People started showing up around noon because it a was beautiful day, and people wanted be out after 18 months of being cooped up. They were mostly masked, and staying as apart as possible, and we were outside. We told David and Issa to stay home even though we all wanted them . 's the reason that none of us had held Ishla yet. was terribly hard on the girls, but was tough for me and Henry too. As the party went on, was coming together exceedingly well, mainly due to all the help from our family, but also because of Chloe and Sabrina. I shook my head and smiled as I watched them deal with numerous snafu's, and problems, as they worked to make things as seamless as possible. Annie walked up and hugged me as we watched.

"They are pretty impressive, aren't they." I nodded.

"Yeah, and to think Chloe wanted to to kill me yesterday because of Sabrina."

"She didn't want to kill you love, just maim you, but you do heal pretty quickly." I laughed as she nipped my neck. I relied on Annie more than I should, especially now because she was a potential target, but I knew she would keep Chloe safe, and whoever else she had to. It still weighed on me.

"Did y'all do as I asked?" She nodded and kissed me.

"We may chafe at some of the things you say, Daniel, but we almost always do what you ask, unless it's completely bat shit crazy, which this isn't. attention, Love. 's starting get crazy." Annie went be with Chloe. Sara and Melissa were connected at the hip, per usual, and Janey was doing the with Alison. The fact they were all madly in love helped, enormously, and that is when Joseph walked up.
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something different
Posted:Aug 21, 2021 12:28 am
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Good morning again Darling,
Writing you about savoring desserts and enjoying them slowly and reveling in the delight reminded of when I lived Maui and my first experience of enjoying fresh, ripe papaya straight off the tree. There are few things as succulent as a sweet ripe papaya. As with most luscious fruit the longer you wait enjoy them and the more time they have ripen, the sweeter and juicier they are; their juices almost exploding once you touch them.

When I first learned about papaya I had to have it for breakfast every morning. I’d open it and remove the seeds with a spoon and then peel it and cut it into slices and put it in a bowl with yogurt and granola. It made a wonderful breakfast but I was so methodical about preparing it.

It wasn’t until I was staying in Hana, on the rural side of Maui, that I experienced the pure pleasure of eating a papaya and I learned how delectable and passionate it could be to eat fruit – such a simple act but it rivals most experiences in enjoyment and pleasure.

I bought a ripe papaya at a roadside stand that had been recently picked from a tree in the jungle. I gingerly cut it open. It was so full and ripe that just touching it with the tip of my knife made the juices start to run. I spread it apart making sure not to damage the gentle flesh; it glistened, the juices sparkling and running onto my fingers as I ran them over the opening. It was so inviting that I could barely keep from sucking it into my mouth.

I took my thumb and ran it around the opening that contained the tiny seeds causing a few to dislodge and drop to the ground to become future papaya trees. I pushed my thumb along the edge following the curved outline of the opening moving ever deeper into the center until my thumb was buried and covered in the sweet nectar of the papaya. I moved my thumb from sided to side and around in a circle to loosen the seeds, letting them fall to the ground to join the others.

My thumb was covered and dripping with the sweetest juice you could imagine. I could tell just from the aroma; it was so intoxicating. I instinctively put my thumb in my mouth to suck it not wanting to lose one precious drop of that luscious juice.

God, how sweet that juice was. I had no idea eating papaya's the way I had been - all neat and tidy - that the best part had dripped away never to be enjoyed. I couldn’t believe it. I sucked my thumb like a convinced that the harder I sucked the more nectar I would find.

I picked the half of papaya that I had cleaned and took hold of the skin and turned it inside out exposing the golden flesh that I so highly prized and at that moment I knew what it must have been like in the Garden of Eden. That luscious piece of fruit was so ripe and bursting with juice, so sweet and inviting that I wanted to eat it for ever.

I wrapped my mouth around the upper part and sucked gently, running my tongue around the slits in the fruit trying to loosen a piece so that I could enjoy it but it wouldn’t loosen. The more I sucked and moved my tongue around the more juice came but the flesh wouldn’t budge and God how I wanted to bite into that sweet juicy mound of papaya.

It was amazing, the more I sucked the juice out the more juice there seemed to be. I couldn’t resist any longer. I had to have a bite of that succulent fruit. I began to nibble with my lips not wanting to waste the experience on my hard, insensitive teeth. I nibbled and sucked, moving around in small patterns loosening the flesh and even more juice.

I felt like I was teasing the fruit away from the safety of its skin, beckoning it to come out so that we could share the experience. The juice of that papaya flowed down my chin and throat and had soaked my beard. I had sucked every bit of juice out of it and had nibbled, licked and eaten it clean until nothing remained.

I know it’s strange as it was just a piece of fruit but it was almost an orgasmic experience, nothing but pure pleasure and enjoyment that completely bypassed my mind. I had no idea that one could be so passionate about eating a piece of fruit.

I still enjoy papaya cut up in granola and yogurt but I don’t think about that. What I still think about though, as I’m sharing with you now, is eating that papaya sitting in the jungle on Maui and what a wonderful delight it was to savor it so slowly and exquisitely. It’s hard for me at times, I love to jump in because of my impatience but I try to remember that experience. It showed me what enjoyment and pure pleasure can come from doing things slowly and not rushing….and the best part of that story is that I’d only eaten half the papaya and had learned so much that the second part of the delicacy was even more sublime than the first.
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