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take me part 564...edited and expanded.
Posted:Jan 7, 2022 1:04 pm
Last Updated:Jan 8, 2022 5:32 pm

Sara walked out and handed me a towel. "Did you show them, mister?" I smiled as I hugged Annie.

"I didn't need to because she bored." I kissed Annie's head and went to the stream, again, grumbling, because none of the women who could shift smelled like I did. Drakon followed me and Wolf met us at the stream.

"Those were bad men." I nodded. I will make sure the wolves that helped understand that so we don't end up in a fight with all humans. Those men, and men like them this valley, don't they?" I nodded and told him they wouldn't stop. He walked away in silence as I got undressed and froze myself again. I cleaning my clothes when I felt Irina walk up. I rinsed and set them on a rock and started drying myself. She had clean clothes for me and smiling.


"Your balls are gone." She laughed as I put on fresh clothes.

"These women, and Jake, are descendants of ours?" I nodded and told her in time. "Thank you for bringing them here so we can know each other. You choose strong women just like you did here." She kissed me and took my hand as Drakon ran ahead of us to the house. I wouldn't change being in love with so many women, but it definitely bittersweet.

"The cellar is good. Did Hammish say when the masons would start?"

"Some weeks after the Solstice celebration. There are men digging a cellar for the barn as well, and men are cutting trees for lumber and also for fence posts. There is also the building in town, and the wagons. We will be employing most of the town through the fall. Can you accommodate that much?" Is it too much all at once, love?" I thinking we needed to do more because I wanted to make barrels, and a tub for baths, and figure out a way to bring water from the spring to the new house, and also to the barn until we could dig a well. I also wanted to figure out a design for the pastures so we could bring others in and give them a chance to have a homestead, and a wood shed so we could store lumber..... That's what going through my mind but what I ...

"It's a lot but we can for it. It always take a great deal of effort to begin something but they need jobs, and we need the help. It'll be fine, sweets." Irina hugged me as we walked. I sure hoped they didn't have their babies all at once but I had enough to think about. "Please talk with Ilsa, and the coven, about jobs and training we can do to help the women in town and the surrounding area. I to raise cattle and goats, but also sheep and hay. Seems to me that women are especially suited to caring for animals." She pinched me because she understood dry humor. "I'd also like to get more weavers. Women are just as capable as men, maybe more so at some things." She stared at me.

"The men here aren't going to like that, Danael. Most men here don't powerful women like you and Hammish." I smiled.

"Would they have a choice since we'll be paying their wages?" She stopped, smiled, and kissed me. I haven't seen anything that leads me to think that men haven't always been dense but the one thing they understand are coins in their pockets, or savings for their family and two people making silver, or copper, is better than one." Which reminded me to get some copper since it wasn't very expensive and Hammish could melt it. I needed to get a noteboo We walked to the house, as Drakon ran into the woods. I needed to show Irina, Malinka, and Sofi how to practice letters and numbers before I left but I knew Emily and Jake would help. We needed to do the same with Hammish, Ilsa, and Elias but also the coven. I had a lot to do in too many places, all at once. I going to teach my family how to read, and write, in multiple languages since Gaia gave me that ability. Speaking it would take longer but maybe Dreka could help with that. We walked inside as I got my pack and call everyone to the table.

I smiled as I saw the stickers on the notebooks from Annika and knew what I had to do as I took out notebooks and paper, pencils and erasers and sharpeners. Ilsa, Elias and Taiiko walked in. Taiiko kissed me as she watched like everyone else. I got up so Ilsa could sit as she hugged Elias. "I need to leave with Aya for a bit so I can meet her family and we can bring Gerel back here. I'm not sure how time will work it out but there is plenty to do, and more importantly, there are places to explore and people to meet around here. We bought time today, and it gave the town weapons and armor. You can discuss it but I think it would be wise to teach them how to fight, with weapons."

"More importantly to me," I looked and Jake and Emily, "and I'd like your help, is to start teaching our family and friends how write letters and numbers and words. They know how to spea They know what a tree is, show them how to write that. Show them how to write their names. Curiosity will keep you busy. We can deal with reading later, but there are books in my pack so that you can read to them while Aya are gone. This is one of the points where our family built upon and ultimately expanded from. It's not the first, and obviously isn't the last. This time is pivotal, though. It's why I wanted all of here, and why I want to bring the others. This valley, and the places Hammish and I find, will lead us forward, but we need to read, and write, and understand because it's a time knowledge that will only grow and for our family, for our clans to survive, and thrive, we will need to be on the leading edge of that moving forward."

They all stared me, in silence. I still hated when they stared at me. I'd rather get bitten. Emily and Jake started showing them about pencils, and erasers, and notebook, and then letters and numbers as I kissed all of them and that I would see them soon. Aya and I said goodbye to everyone except Sara. We sat on the bed as Sara took out what she brought from the cave. Aya and I were mesmerized. I loved these things and she obviously did too. The first thing a sketch from Michelangelo, which odd because he hadn't been dead long were we where.

"I thought your parents would like this. There is also jewelry you can choose from but since Gerel's parents have passed, and she has her brother, Aydar, I spent the bulk of my time in the caves for him and I found these. They all come with Gaia's blessing. She put a simple dagger on the bed, and a manuscript. I didn't need to touch them to know they had power and significance, but I did. I didn't tell them where the dagger came from but I told Sara that she chose wisely. She smiled, proudly, and clapped. We opened the book carefully and I etched in my brain that we needed to that everything of paper out of the cave and preserve the, transcribe them. The pages were works of art and I tears in my eyes as I looked up.

"I can't read it yet but I don't think it's a Qu'ran. It's stunning though, Sara. We wrapped the book in cloth and put everything into my pack, along with my knives. I grabbed my walking stick and we walked out and said goodbye before walking outside. Thankfully everyone centered at the table helping those who couldn't to learn to read. I'd take that six days to Sunday, and twice then, any day rather than a goodbye. I opened the mist as Sara hugged Aya, and then me.

"Just walk out like you were walking out of a darkened room, trust the mist. I nodded as we walked into it.
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take me part 563...edited
Posted:Jan 6, 2022 9:39 pm
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2022 9:28 pm

I needed to be in two places, at once. I could still see the eggs, and the cavern, and Dreka as I walked inside and looked at Sara. I'd never seen her scared before, worried, but never scared. I wasn't sure what I was but it was weird and I dropped to a knee and pushed the excess energy into Gaia. I looked at Taiiko.

"Go to Ilsa." She ran outside, shifted, and flew to Ilsa and Elias. I looked at Jake and Emily. "Feed the animals and come back here. I mean it." They nodded and ran. I looked to the South and growled because he wasn't kidding about an army. I just thought we'd have more time. I looked at the women I loved, because they were all warrioresses, and wanted to go.

"Please stay here, the wolves and I can deal with this." Sara walked up and smiled as she kissed me.

"Show them what a Dragon truly is. It's time that man is scared again." I nodded, and walked outside as everyone else was preparing in case I failed. I shifted and flew toward the town as most of the wolves followed. They had groups going off in all directions to be safe but the main threat was to the South, not just to us, but also to them. It wasn't an army but it was a couple of hundred men. I felt bad for the ones who were moving into the woods. Pyotr was proudly leading them as I flew over screeching, scaring their dogs and horses, and men. Everyone stopped as I landed in front of them, shifted, and walked up to Pyotr. His knew the threat and reared as he stared at me. Someone shot an arrow at me and I stopped it as I stared at Pyotr.

"I told you," as I pushed to wolf and men and dogs were slaughtered. I stared at Pyotr as he listened. "How many families did you just destroy?" I wasn't about to let these men hurt anyone in town, or in my family. "I gave you an option but you refused it. This is on you to carry into the after life." They ran at me with their horses as I was going to shift to the bear, because horses don't like bears when a lion ran past me and killed all of them except Pytor. She walked up with Wolf and stood next to me. The wolves were dragging the men into the forest as Pyotr stared at me, and got off his . I needed to look and see where he could have gotten another so quickly, but I also needed to end this, now.

"Will you fight me like a man?" I stared him as Annie leapt and ripped his throat out as he dropped to the ground. She shifted, smiled, and went through his pockets taking everything. She walked up and kissed me.

"I feel better. I'm not a man." She went to check on the other men that were on horses. I wanted to take the boots, but I wasn't about to do that because it was bad magic in people's minds. We took their weapons, and whatever they had of value was put in a pile. Annie was in charge as I took the horses and led them away from the wolves. They didn't like me, but I was better than wolves in their minds. The wolves finished pulling the men off the road and into the forest. It wouldn't take long for them to merge back into Gaia. I could feel Ilsa coming and I wasn't pleased but I looked at Annie.

"What? I'm bored and you are too respectful of rules when most people aren't, Love. It's done, and I feel better. I shook my head as Ilsa rode up with the wagon, and Elias.

"What are you doing here?"

"This was my home before it was yours, Danael. Don't just stand there like a lump, help load this so we can take it into town. Thank you. You slowed it down but these men bow at the altar avarice. They will keep coming but this will delay them at least in this valley." We loaded weapons and and some silver... into the wagon and tied the horses together. I preferred mules but we kept getting amazing horses. Annie walked up and I smiled.

"What? Stop looking at me like that, hey were going to hurt our people, and maybe you. We protect our people, and I protect you." She kissed me and walked away as I shook my thinking that I was glad she was on my side. Everything was over by mid-morning as Ilsa drove the wagon of weapons into town. There were no words spoken but the wolves disappeared as Ilsa walked up after telling people what had happened

"Thank you, but this won't end it, Danael. It just buys us time, buys you time." I nodded as Elias hugged me. They took the horses back to their home as everyone in town looked at me. Annie and I walked home until we were alone and we shifted. We ran, and played like we did in Denver...and made love. We walked up to the house and shifted as everyone looked at us, smiling. I was about to have a very bad day because I needed to leave most all of the people I loved, but I had bought us time.
take me part 562...edited, again.
Posted:Jan 6, 2022 6:36 pm
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2022 8:22 pm

I pushed and there was nothing but it was still early and I doubted anyone would be awake. I walked back to the house and passed the new cellar that was being dug. Irina was thrilled even though Malinka and Sofi didn't know what a huge change it would be for them. I walked into the front yard and dropped like a stone as the sun was coming up. I opened my eyes to mostly darkness but there was the glow of a fire so I got up and walked to it thinking that this was new, but I was practically dating a Siren, and a water dragon was smitten with me. How strange could it be, and I was curious why I was here. I walked into a large cave filled with gold and precious stones, and who knows what, AND the largest Dragon I could imagine was staring at me. It wouldn't matter if I shifted into...anything... so I walked in.

"You must be Dreka. I'm Dan...."

"I know who you are Druk. Please sit. I've had tea made for you. I have helpers that aid me me when I have guests, which I don't very often any longer but you are the person I most needed to speak with. I wanted to see how you took to being a dragon first. Aside from your foolhardy notion of fighting Marnine by flying upside down, and backwards, while you were still flying into trees, you've done well." The young woman making tea brought me a pot and a cup. I stared at Dreka.

"It's not anything like that my friend. I bring abandoned to teach them to be in the world. People know longer like Dragons. They think we're evil, that we eat . Stories. I've never eaten a human. I have killed my share of them, but certainly no Dragons I taught would dare to eat a . They make my life easier, and I make theirs easier. When they are old enough I give them silver and they go back into the world and do what they do. How is the tea, old friend."

I smiled as I sipped. "It's wonderful. Thank you Dreka." He nodded. "Why did you bring me here?" I had an idea. I just hoped he wasn't angry.

"I am curious why you killed everyone in the Monastery that spent so much time in." I looked at him as I poured more tea. "I rarely interfere just like Gaia, but I was curious because I taught you."

"There was a rot there, Dreka. I knew it after spending time with Tashi They either wanted to kidnap Aya, or kill her. I wasn't going to allow either. When the darkness came toward us I knew they had turned and they had too much power, and knowledge, to turn to the dark, so I ended them, with remorse, but I did it all the same."

"And you felt you had that right, that power?" I stared at him because he was testing me.

"I don't know about the 'right,' Dreka, but I had the power and I used it even though I didn't want to." He laughed.

"You most certainly used it, Druk, but why not leave it to Gaia, or me, to deal

"No disrespect to either of you, but I've been mostly on my own in this, and neither of you have done much to help me. They were coming after my family and I won't allow that. I don't care who I have to fight."

"Spoken as a true battle dragon, Druk, yet you are far more than that. You have wisdom. compassion. empathy. mercy. These are not normal traits for a Dragon to have, especially as young as you are. It's why I brought you here. Walk with me." Dreka got up slowly, painfully, and walked down a tunnel lighting torches as he went until we entered a huge cavern. I couldn't see the ceiling but it was full of gold, and treasures, and paintings, books, scrolls."

"You have a much bigger cave, Dreka." He roared in laughter.

"I have been alive for a very long time, . Look more closely." My eyes went to the manuscripts, and artwork, but then I looked around the edges and I saw them.... eggs. Countless eggs. I stared at him.

"They are in stasis, and will remain like that until I find a successor I can trust them with. I have, Druk, but I need to teach you as Gaia is teaching Sara. Your instincts were right about the Monastery because monks are men as well. You have always been stronger than your base instincts, or the lure of power or money. It's why I smiled when you left the gold and silver, and melted it but took all of the scrolls and jewelry in order to keep them safe."

"These are all dragons?" He nodded and said when the time was right. "Why now, Dreka?"

"Your world is out of balance, and it's only getting worse. It's why you, Annie, and the rest, will be leading the clans. It's also why so many are trying to stop you in so many places, all at once. You have more power than you know Dragon. It's time to use it." I woke to Drakon licking my face as Annie and Chloe were shaking me and calling my name. I shook my head and looked up as I told Drakon to stop, while scratching his ears. He barked, proud that he did his job of waking me but I wasn't sure I was awake. Annie and Chloe helped me up and took me inside to get warm as I turned. I could still see the cavern.... and the eggs.
take me part 561... edited
Posted:Jan 6, 2022 2:48 pm
Last Updated:Jan 6, 2022 3:55 pm

Drakon and I walked to the stream so I could bathe before I went to Bucharest. He looked at me as I got undressed. "Go on, but be back by the time I leave." He barked and ran into the woods as the wolves howled. Making friends with the wolves truly the best thing I had done. I scrubbing myself with wet sand as I felt Sara walk up.

"Why aren't you asleep, love?" I turned and looked at her as she smiled.

"I rarely get to see you naked, especially scrubbing yourself with sand, and I brought a towel."


"Melissa is definitely pregnant." I silent and neither of us broached that because we knew what coming. "These aren't nice men, Daniel. They are like what we faced before the wedding, only without automatic weapons." I nodded as I stepped in the stream. This wasn't going to be fun. I sat down, gasped and then lied down and hoped my heart didn't stop.

"FUCK, that's cold."

"That's a mighty big clitoris." She handed me the towel as I got out and laughed as I flipped her off.

"What do I do about Aya and Gerel?" Sara wrapped wool around herself as I dried off. "I need to be here, but I also need to be there." She smiled.

"Their protocols are less stringent than Annie's family. I met Ama at the cave, because I can't get in, and I found things for you to take to Bucharest. I also found something that Ayard would like. You meet her parents, and Gerel, obviously, since Aya is pregnant, and you make plans for a ceremony and then bring both them here because we have to finish this before we can leave and deal with that, but Aya needs her mate." I nodded as Sara became silent while I finished dressing and sat to put my boots on.

"What, love?" She bent down and kissed me. I smiled and looked at her because I was still deeply in love with her but life was odd, and often unfair.

"This has to be hard for you.... we have to be hard for you.... but you never show it." I got up and hugged her.

"It was, especially with you, but I am understanding why there are so many of you in my life, aside from liking to be punched and bitten." Sara punched me, and smiled. "I don't like it but that's because we are separated and a bed can only be so big." She nodded. "I have all of you in my life and I am OK with that. When you get mad at me, that's not pleasant." She laughed as I walked her back to the house. "This was a starting off point for our family, like the ones before it, and like we are creating going forward. Hammish and I are laying the ground here work for our futures just like we are in the present. The wheel never stops. I'm still not sure how Hammish and Ilsa play into things, or Elias, but I understand why we are having so many . I'm not sure WHY we need so many dragon riders, but Gaia and Ama are pretty tight lipped. Thank you for thinking about the gifts." Sara hugged me, gently, and touched my face.

"There is never a moment that I don't adore you, Love, remember that." She kissed me and went back to bed as Drakon walked up with some of his friends and stared at me. I smiled.

"Go on and have fun." He jumped on me and licked my face as he howled and ran off. It was an odd life, but it was mine and I wouldn't change it, nor would I let anyone take it from me. I grabbed my walking stick and walked the fence line until dawn thinking about how much we had to do here, everywhere. I didn't like leaving everyone here but i knew the girls were more than capable of defending themselves, and our property. It was easier to have a man present because of the time period, but they certainly didn't me to meet whatever threat might occur. I was going to ask Taiiko to stay with Ilsa and Elias until Hammish got back because I wanted to meet Aya's family, and do what I needed to and try and glean any information, and then bring the girls back here. I figured the farm house would be prepared by then and Aya and Gerel could stay there with Sara and Melissa because I was tired of sleeping on hay. I shook my head and walked in silence as the sky started turning grey.
take me part 560....edited.
Posted:Jan 6, 2022 12:44 pm
Last Updated:Jan 6, 2022 4:42 pm

I opened my eyes and was looking at fox staring at me. Gaia got up and walked outside as I did the same. I sure wished I could get frequent flyer miles for this but since the family owned planes, I guess it didn't matter. It was cold so I was still the bear and walked out, stretching. "Walk with me Danael." I nudged her with my nose and she laughed. If you've never seen a fox laugh, it's pretty funny. You visited Marnine." It wasn't a question.

"Yes, I don't dislike them and I feel bad for what I did to Roan and Ingrid. Thank you for healing them." She stopped and looked at me and then kept walking to the sea. I would be quite content to live here but that wasn't going to happen, at least I had my cave.

"They tried to kill you, almost succeeded, and the people you hold dear, but you would offer them mercy and forgiveness. Why is that Dragon?" I was busy smelling the snow, and the ground underneath. I looked at her.

"They aren't the same women as the ones I had to fight. They've changed and I think people should be allowed to pay for what they have done and move forward. It doesn't mean I trust them, Gaia." I sniffed the ground again because I missed being the bear. "I have enough to deal with as it is, I don't need the burden of anger and hatred on top of it. It's common sense especially since everywhere I go trouble seems to find me."

"You're speaking of the men looking at your land." I grunted as we walked. I wanted to walk in the ocean. "You like history, yes?" I nodded. "Do you know where your family is located in the past?"

"Roughly, north of what is now St. Petersburg I think."

"And you know what is coming?" I nodded because Russia was going to become progressively unpleasant during the next century, and beyond. "Why stay?" I stopped and sat as I looked at her.

"It's my home, and family, and where else would be better? Perhaps Italy but life is hard everywhere unless you are wealthy. As much as I would love to show my family the Renaissance first hand, they aren't city people, and what of Hammish, Ilsa, and now Elias? I have been thinking about all of this but we still have time for Hammish and I to build wealth in that time so I can secure other places before we need them for our grandchildren, and their grandchildren. It seems that I will be the one constant, well, we will be the constant through our family moving forward. Maybe that is why I make caskets.... I'm going to bury a lot of people I love." Gaia kept walking.

"You know these men won't stop, right?"

"I know but I wanted to give them a chance. I won't be so kind the next time I see them. I'd rather be left alone to enjoy my family but men like those can't understand that. Their lust for power, and greed, is too powerful." We walked, well, Gaia walked to the ocean. I ran and went swimming and then running in the surf as Gaia watched me and laughed. I walked up to her and lied down in the wet sand. "That was fun." She nodded.

"You need to go," and I opened my eyes listening to Drakon snore. I got up and went outside. It was still dark so I was figuring maybe three but I wasn't tired. I pushed but the there nothing around as far as the town. It wouldn't stay like that but I didn't know how long that would take. I hoped long enough for me to deal with Aya's family, and whatever that threat was, along with whatever monks remained that meant us harm. I grabbed my cape started to walk as Drakon caught up. A half door on a stall won't keep a wolf in for long. I scratched his ears as he went running ahead, smelling everything like I just had as the bear.
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take me part 559....edited
Posted:Jan 5, 2022 9:47 pm
Last Updated:Jan 6, 2022 10:46 am

I wanted to be inside with my family but they knew, like me, that I would be outside because I didn't know these men, at least not yet, even though I knew I would have to deal with them. People with power have taken what they wanted, throughout time. I destroyed people I held dear in the monastery because they were the ones who should have never succumbed to the temptation of power, but they did. These men were far more base and would do whatever it took to get what they needed to. I wasn't going to fight the men coming at us on the ground, the wolves would handle that, and the animals in the woods would be thankful the food. I figured we had some time and that was when Elias walked up the path. Fuck as I woke up and went outside. I pushed, but there was nothing for as far as it went, and it went a long way..

"What are you doing here, Elias?" The girls all walked out to barn and stood around me even though I smelled because this was about family. The came out too and stood to the back and watched.

"I needed to say thank you and that I'll pay you back for what you gave me." The girls hugged each other but you could hear a pin drop. "It doesn't matter how long it takes but I will pay you back for what you have given me." I stared at him as I decided how to address this.. Sara touched the small of my back which told me I needed to do this here.

"What do you think I gave you, Elias?"

"Parents, a family....all of you. I've never had that but I'll make it right and that was when the girls stepped forward. Sara first.

She held his hand and kissed it. "Elias, family simply is. You can't buy it because you can't buy love. You are family because you are family, period." She hugged him as he stared at me and Aya walked up. I thought that he should get used to it.

"I'm Aya and I am alone here, like you, but I am also not alone, like you. These people embrace all who come to them with good intent. In my world, people think they can buy their way into many things, but that is built on sand and will collapse. Look at these people, Elias, are we built upon sand?" He shook his head no as Aya kissed his cheek. "Choose wisely, ."

He looked at me. "Why do you think you owe me something, because Hammish and Ilsa have fallen in love with you. Like Sara said, you can't buy love, Elias. It just happens and we have no control over it."

"I owe you for the access to that, Daniel. I was spying on you for men that mean you harm, and will be back, and you welcomed me into your home, and fed me, and now this. I owe you for that." Sara and Annie were standing next to me and I looked at them. They both shrugged. Great. I could feel Ilsa riding up as Chloe and Taiiko walked toward her to fill her in.

"Elias, family doesn't owe least not ours. We work together, help each other, help those we can, and we share so we all have what we need. We are like Wolf's pack... we take care of own, but our 'own' encompasses more. You don't owe anything, to anyone, certainly not me. If you owe anything to anyone, then it's Gaia and Ilsa can teach you about that. Did you you come here through the woods like I said?"

He looked at me and nodded... "and the wolves?" He smiled.

"They nudged me where I should go." Annie walked up, come with me but say your sorry to your Ma' first," as she pointed at Ilsa who was walking up, worried. Ilsa hugged him, and squeezed, hard.

"Go with Annie because it's good that you know these woods and her, and the wolves, can help you. I'll meet you at home." She kissed him as Annie led him into the woods and the wolves yipped. She stared at me as I hugged her. "I thought he went into the barn, then I thought he followed Hammish. Wolf came up and stared me so I followed him here. What is going on?"

"Ilsa, he's never had a real family but he'll be fine because our family has already embraced him. It's what makes us unusual. I don't understand it but opening our collective heart is not hard for us, it just means there are a lot of us... and then there is life, on different levels." She smiled, nodded, and kissed me.

Thank you for bringing us a , Dragon." She turned and walked back to her mule, got on and rode home. Emily came up and kissed me and said,

"Dad, you smell really bad. I love you, but I'm going inside." Everyone else nodded and left. Drakon turned around walked to his stall as I followed. I opened it and he curled up and he fell asleep within a minute..

"I sure wish I could do that all the time." I made sure the doors were closed and walked into my stall, again, lied down and smiled because of how happy Hammish, and especially Ilsa, were with Elias. I prayed I did the right thing as I fell asleep and woke up in my cave.
take me part 558...edited
Posted:Jan 5, 2022 8:13 pm
Last Updated:Jan 6, 2022 10:34 am

I pushed toward the men and they were leaving, and angry. I should have followed and killed them but I didn't want to be that person until I had to be, even though I would need to be more times I could bear. I was glad I had the girls to help me weather it. I walked home and pushed so they knew I was OK. I told them I was going to Hammish's first. I walked into the yard as the horses went crazy. I shifted and called out. Hammish and Elias walked out. Elias walked up and hugged me.

"I thought you would get hurt but you didn't."

"Our family protects our people, and what's ours." Hammish walked up and I hugged him.

"Ilsa is making dinner but she won't let you inside smelling like that my friend. Is it handled?" I shook my head and handed him the papers I took from Pyotr.

"Can you check into these?"

"I can't read Daniel." I nodded.

"I know Hammish and I'm going to fix that, along with the the girls too, but you and Ilsa know a lot of people." He nodded.

"I know someone I trust. What are we doing with these horses. They are magnificent." You have family over the mountains you trust?" He nodded. "Are they good with horses." He smiled.

"Yes, it's where I'm getting the breeding stock for the mules."

"These horses are well bred. The need good mares, which will cost, but I'd rather have them there instead of here because those men will be back." He nodded as Elias looked at us and handed me the pouch of silver.

"This isn't mine. You should use it to buy mares." I smiled.

"Thank you, Elias." I took it and handed it Hammish as he went into the barn and I called wolf. Ilsa walked out, hugged me, and said there was no way I was coming into her home. smelling the way I did, even though she loved me. I nodded.

"What's going on? I felt it." I told her and she nodded as Hammish walked out and looked at her. She nodded as he handed her saddle bags and a pack and she walked back inside as Elias looked at us, confused.

"What's happening?" I left it to Hammish because he was now a father.

"I need to take these horses over the mountains, tonight, so no one finds them. I'll be fine because they are my people, our people now. I'll take you with me next time but I need you to stay here and help your... help Ilsa. You are part of our family now Elias, and we are thankful for that. This is your home, if you want it." Elias looked at me and at Hammish. He hugged him and said he'd watch the animals while Hammish gone as I smiled. "Go help your Ma'." Elias smiled and ran inside.

"You have what you need?" He lifted the pouch and nodded. We'll watch after them while you're gone." He nodded.

"Ilsa knows where to take the papers." I nodded.

"Make sure to tell her to keep Elias here. If they find him they will try and kill him but they don't know you. They will, in time, but we'll deal with that when it happens. It'll be awhile with two men to a ." He nodded. "Get there and get back as quick as you can but those horses are too special to waste." He nodded as Ilsa and Elias came out carrying supplies." Hammish and I loaded the horses.

"You come back to us mister. We are a family now." Hammish kissed both of them and nodded and hugged me.

"Which way?" He smiled and pointed as I nodded. Hammish got on his and led the other two away from here so that we could breed them, they were that special. Ilsa started crying and walked back inside as Elias looked at me.

"What do I do Daniel?"

"First thing you do is you stay here. Don't go to Irina's, not until we fix this. Understand?" He nodded. "If they see you, they will kill you. Second, but more importantly, this is your family now. We are as well, but Hammish and Ilsa are your Ma' and Da,' so you treat them like that even if it's strange to begin with. Love will figure things out. Ilsa is sad because Hammish left which is why you are here... to help but also be here for Ilsa. I'm sure you've imagined what having a mom, and family, would be like." He nodded. You have a family now be like what imagined until you get comfortable. It won't take long. Do you know where Irina's place is from here?" He nodded as wolf walked up and stood next to Elias, who froze.

"This is Wolf. This is Elias, Wolf, he is family. He yipped. If you want to go to Irina's, until we deal with these men, walk through the woods. The wolves won't hurt you because they are friends of ours. Our family's look out for one another, understood? " He nodded. 'It means we fight for one another Elias, if we have to." He nodded.

"Thank you, brother." Wolf looked at Elias and head butted him as he howled and ran off.

"How are you friends with wolves?" I told him I was lucky and I'd close up the barn so he he could go inside. He nodded, hugged me, and walked inside to his new mom , and new life, as I closed up the barn and shifted. I pushed and there was no threat. I could feel wolves close by as I lumbered home. I shifted back as I approached the house and could still hear music. Apple products were expensive but they were well made. I knocked and stepped off the porch as the music stopped. They opened the door and came running out and then stopped because I smelled. Annie looked me.

"Are we good?" I told yes, for now. She stared at me. I didn't want to tell them that we were going to have to fight for this land, and to keep it because I knew what was coming. "You smell, mister." I nodded.

"It's why I'm sleeping in the barn. The got it ready and Elias is with Ilsa so it worked out OK. Jake, Emily, I don't know what you have on whatever you are listening to, but only music...understood?" They nodded, sheepishly. "We are going to talk about this later." They nodded. Sara walked out with a pitcher of milk and a glass and kissed me.

"You smell really bad but I found you first, and I adore you even though we aren't the what we thought we'd be." I nodded. Go to sleep but pay attention. I don't like these men." I nodded as I said goodnight and walked to the barn as Pink Floyd started to least they liked our music over the spring and summer. I pushed and there was nothing as I closed the barn and walked to my stall. I grabbed the blankets, lied down and was asleep within minutes.
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I walked the wagon out of the barn and Elias tied the other mule to the back and thankfully the girls kept everyone else inside. Ilsa and Hammish said goodbye to Elias. She walked up to me and stared into my eyes. She didn't need to say anything and I nodded. I hugged Hammish as Annie and Taiiko climbed onto the seat as Elias and I sat on the back and we headed to town. Elias kept turning around and looking at them.

"Why aren't we driving the mule?"

"Because they are more than capable of doing it and they're pregnant, and the seat has springs so it's less painful for them. You'll learn very quickly, Elias, that the women in this family are far stronger, and capable, than you could imagine. You need to learn that because any of them could destroy you." He stared at me as I laughed.

"Is that all you're bringing Daniel," as he pointed to my walking stick? I nodded. 'They have swords."

"I'll take my chances with a stick of hickory that has a knob on the end. I'm not interested in getting into a sword fight and if I bring one then their egos would be charged and make it more likely they would want to fight. Bringing a walking stick is less of a threat even though I could do equal damage, if not more. It's better not to be aggressive with those who acted aggressively. It takes them off guard." He nodded. "You need to think about what you are going to say because stress makes people speak more than they should, and you will be stressed. Tell them what you saw from the woods, which would be limited.... more people, men and women, dogs, be vague. You really don't have much to say given where you were, tell them the truth that we all went about chores, and then get paid and leave." He nodded as the wagon stopped and the girls turned around.

"We're close to town Elias. You should get on the mule and ride ahead of us but don't look back and wait for us to tie the wagon before you go in. Daniel will come in after us." He nodded and hopped off. "How's you bum mister?"

"I'll survive." They laughed because I knew they were both thinking about Sara's purple dildo. I created a bunch of monsters. Taiiko guided the mule into town. I got off before and walked in separately as a wanderer. Elias went in first, followed by Taiiko and Annie. It was unusual for two women to be alone but people knew there were witches around so all they did was stare as they sat down, watching Elias intently. He was already becoming part of the family. I walked in and went to the bar and ordered mead as I turned and looked at the room. Everyone was looking at me, too, because I was a stranger and looked it with my cloak and stick. I watched Elias, without watching Elias, but I listened. He did exactly what I had told him to do but these men were arrogant, and they were pricks, and they wanted more information than Elias had. I paid for the mead and walked toward an empty table close to them when one of the men slapped Elias across the face. I growled inside as I was walking past. He did it again and I stopped, setting my mead on their table as they looked at me.

"Where I come from we don't treat young people like that, sir, kindly stop." They laughed as he slapped Elias, hard and smiled as I rammed the end of my stick into his left foot, crushing the bones on the top of it, and grabbed his right hand as it was getting ready to strike again, and broke his thumb. I grabbed his hair and slammed his faced into the table, breaking his nose and maybe a few teeth, mainly because I was pissed. It all happened so quickly that no one moved. His friend was starting to get up when I slammed the knob end of my stick on his sword hand, breaking it, and pushed him back into his chair. The thing about violence, with most people, is that it is unexpected because most people aren't violent. Arrogant people, like these two men, never dream anyone will confront them, let alone hurt them. It's a hard lesson to learn but they were lucky they were alive because next time they would either be wolf food, or pig food. I reached inside the first mans' cape and took out a pouch, along with papers. I kept the papers and threw the pouch onto the table in front of of Elias.

"Take that boy and leave and choose who you associate yourself with more wisely." He stared at me. "I won't say it again. Leave." I reached into the other mans' cape and took his pouch as well and threw it on the bar. "Food and drink for as long as it lasts on these kind sirs, put the word out. I knew it was full of silver by the weight, and I could feel Taiiko and Annie ordering food when the barmaid walked up. I sat down and drank my mead as they came to terms with their pain, and the fact that they were defenseless. I was sure that Taiiko, Kana, and Airi, along with any of Yoshi's students, were close to as proficient with their non-dominate hand. They glared at me as they dealt with their pain and I read the papers.

"I don't take kindly to men beating either women or , or men that obviously can't defend themselves. Both of you are lucky, because if this happened away from others, I'd likely have killed you and left you for the wolves. Thank you for your generosity, by the way, and who is Fredericke?" They stared me with hate in their eyes and I knew at some point they would have to die but I wanted to get as much information as I could before that happened. I could feel two men walk inside and move toward me as Annie and Taiiko quietly got up and followed them as both men pulled knives and walked up behind me. Taiiko and Annie did the same, grabbed their hair, pulled backward, and stuck a knife against their carotid arteries.

"Drop the knives, empty your pockets, and put it on the table." I stared at the men in front of me, observing them, They didn't know what to make of it, which I was fine with. Annie and Taiiko hit both men, hard, in the back of the head and knocked them out. They removed their weapons, and then removed the weapons of the men seated and checked all of their pockets. Taiiko tied the men on the ground and they took everything outside before walking back in to finish the venison stew. Bowls were placed in front of us and I started to eat.

"Please, it's very good. It was your silver after all." I smiled as I ordered mead for them. "Who is Fredericke?" They started to eat, which was smart since they no longer had any silver. Annie got up and walked outside. There were two horses that didn't belong. She took the bags and covered them in the wagon. No one paide her any mind because word had spread that there was free food and drink as long as it lasted and the people in town were rushing inside. The horses were gorgeous, and well bred, and if these idiots persisted then they would be ours. She untied them, slapped their butts and sent them running down the road. I kept reading the papers as I ate.

"You can read?" I looked at him as they both started to eat with their left hands. I motioned for the barmaid and asked for more stew and bread. It was only fair considering the number of people coming in. I figured at least the lead man understood what was happening, and I doubted the silver was theirs anyway.

"Yes, and given the type of document this is, with a seal, I assume he is someone with some standing. What is your name, sir?" He stared at me as he ate.

"Pyotr." I smiled.

"I have a friend with the same name. It's a strong name." He looked at me and nodded as we ate and more stew and mead was brought. "It was your silver. Why is this Fredericke interested in my land, Pyotr.?" He looked up at me and put his spoon down. I was intrigued because he wasn't scared.

"Your land?" I nodded. "How so?"

"I am fencing it in, and as I understand it that grants me ownership that I can claim."

"It's not all fenced in." he went back to eating. "Thank you for th extra bowl because this superb." I nodded.

"How would you know, Pyotr?" He stared at me and smiled.

"You aren't dumb, or unobservant. I'm guessing you followed the boy here." I nodded. "Hmmmm."

"I have friends that watch over the property when I need to be away on business, and they told me about you walking the fence line, and watching the house. I want to make something crystal clear to you, any one of your men who steps foot on my property, again, will die. Period." He started eating as the other man glared at me. I pushed to Taiiko and Annie for them to leave, which of course they didn't want too but I said NOW. They got up and walked to the bar, left a tip, and said something to the owner who looked our way and nodded as they walked out.

"Are those your women?" He kept eating as we danced.

"Those are my friends."

"Some wealthy people want the land that you claim. They would pay you handsomely for it, more than anyone else would." I put my spoon down and looked at him.

"People like you think that money is the most important thing, and think everyone believes that too. I don't, because I don't need it. That land, this town and valley, are under my protection starting now because I can see where this is going." You could hear a pin drop. "I will defend what is mine, and I consider all of this mine even if I don't own all's under my protection now." He kept eating and smiled.

"And do you have an army to defend it, sir?" I wiped my mouth as I stood and got ready to leave.

"I do, but not in the way you mean. My suggestion is to quash your ego and move onto someplace else. Have a nice walk to wherever you are going." Annie and Taiiko found the horses eating by the side of the road and took them to Hammish and told them what happened after Elias left. They had gone as I was leaving.

"I truly don't want to hurt you again, but I will, and I will end you, and whoever else I have to, even though I'd rather be left alone. Have a good evening, gentlemen." I went to the counter and put some silver down for a tip and walked outside. I went behind the building and shifted to the bear as I merged into the trees, and waited. They finished eating, and drinking...which smart ....walked outside and cursed because their horses were gone, and they had no silver. I knew I had made enemies. They rode two to a because the other two men still had theirs. It would be an uncomfortable and long journey. I needed to deal with Aya, and her family, quickly, because I needed to be here. I was hoping life would get less complicated. It wasn't. They went the opposite way from Irina's. I followed them for a mile, cut across the road and headed home through the woods. I was sleeping in the barn because it too cold to bathe in the creek. I needed to figure out how I could make a wooden tub. There were plenty of pines for sap to water proof it. I wanted to make barrels too but I needed to find oak. I had SO much to do, but I lumbered and enjoyed being the bear as I smelled new scents.
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I smiled, dropped wood off and went back to get more as Hammish went to be with Ilsa and Elias. I heading to the back when the mist opened and Sara walked out....WALKED out. She saw me and smiled. "How do you do that?"

"I'm not a klutz, and I'm pregnant so I am focused on not falling." I shook my head and walked around the corner as she laughed and followed. "You provide us with a great deal of joy, sweets. You have no idea how much fun it is to watch you roll out of the mist, or get blindsided Elisabeth. She's doing amazingly well with Karin as her mentor and I think that Karin likes having a younger sister to keep her company. It's actually very endearing." I smiled and nodded. "It's a good thing that you can't breathe underwater though because we'd never get you bac" I nodded

"I'm assuming Kana and Airi had good time." She laughed and said if shit faced grins any indication then they mostly did..

"You certainly watch over your pack, mister, but do you think it's wise to bring this man here since all we about him is that he spying us?" I silent.

"He trying to make some during winter because he's alone, love, I won't fault him for that. I offered him silver to just leave and told him what would happen if he betrayed us and he's already scared of the wolves. He gave it back to me because he'd rather sleep in a stall and have a family." She looked down and nodded. "He's going to stay with Ilsa and Hammish because they can use the help and I come and go." Sara walked up and hugged me because could feel how badly that weighed on me, for all of them. "Ilsa can't have but now they have a . I think it's a good thing for everyone, at least pray that t is." Sara loaded more wood in my arms and we walked to the front. I dumped it on the porch and brushed myself off.

"Is that CCR?" I nodded. "How?" I opened the door to more dancing. Malinka and Sofi were beside themselves as they danced with Jake, Emily, and now Elias. Taiiko grabbed her bag and motioned to me and Annie. She set it on the porch and unzipped and pulled the hickory stick my grandfather gave me.

"That's mine." She smiled and nodded.

"Do you anything, Daniel?" I shook my head and showed her the knives Yoshi gave me.

"I'm fine with this. I don't to kill them if i don't have to but this staff will do that if need me." Taiiko nodded and asked Annie.

"Do you have a belt with knives?" Taiiko smiled and handed her one. "I prefer being the lion but just in case. I'm pretty good with a knife." Taiiko the one who proficient with all of these weapons and got ready for battle and covered it all with a cape. Annie and I got our capes as well and I called for Elias. We said goodbye and walked to the barn with Hammish and Ilsa, who already becoming an overprotective mama bear. We got the mule hooked to the wagon, along with one saddled for Elias to ride back when he done with his part, and said goodbye as we headed to town to figure out who these men were.
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I dropped the bag on the porch and walked to the barn. I hoped I wasn't making a mistake and I wanted to make sure. I could feel Hammish and Ilsa heading here, which would save me a trip. I stood in the doorway of the barn as Elias was petting Drakon...that was a good sign. Drakon ran over and sat in front of me as he stared up. I scratched his ears.

"He's part of the pack, Drakon." He yipped and looked at Elias. "Go find your friends." He howled and ran to the woods. "Drakon is half wolf and he won't hesitate to kill you if you're lying to us, neither will anyone in the house and I can assure you that they all can." I extended my hand. "I'd rather not deal with that if it's your intention." I put silver into his hand. "You can take that and leave now, with no issue from me. I'd rather do that then to have to kill you in the future because you betrayed us, and that is what would happen." Hammish was watching, and listening. "This is my family, Elias, and they would welcome you but if you are thinking other things I will find it out, and I will take you to the wolves. It would be better for you to take the silver and walk away. We'll deal with the men in the tavern." He stared at me as he walked up and handed me back the silver.

"I don't care about that Si... Daniel. I've never had a proper family like you have here. You can keep that and I won't need a because I will stay here as long I am welcome but I'll meet these men with you, maybe if they know there are more people here now they will abandon whatever plans they have." I took the silver and put it in my pocket as I nodded.

"We'll figure out another place besides a stall but there are a lot more people here now than usual," and that is when Hammish and Ilsa walked in. I introduced everyone.

'We're sorry to intrude but we could use the help, and we aren't that far away....and our loft is more comfortable than a stall." Ilsa nodded, smiling. I left them to talk as I went to the house, grabbed the bag, and walked into sheer pandemonium and delight they were dancing to unheard tunes and that was when I heard Creedence singing Green River. FUCK. I didn't stop it because it was already done. I dropped the bag, walked back outside and around back to chop wood. I was about to start when Chloe and Aya walked around the corner and hugged me as they bit my chest.

"Don't be mad at Jake and Emily, Daniel, they are young and don't understand. They think all of this is cool, and it is. Sure it's hard, and unpleasant, but it's simple, and pure, and this is our family. They know that, but they are also young." I put the ax in the stump and hugged them both again.

"I know, but modern technology in the 15th century. Jesus, I'm trying to figure out to make a water wheel and they're dancing to an Iphone, or Ipod, or whatever, until the battery runs out. Aya, we need to deal with these men later but once we do I'll take you home to see Gerel and meet your family. I'm sorry you are having to deal with thi...." Aya launched herself at me, wrapping her legs around me as Chloe laughed because they had all done the exact same thing, numerous times.

"Thank You, Danael. I love you all, but I miss her and I want her to meet you since the girls will be all of ours." I nodded. Chloe walked up and kissed me.

"Do you think Sara knew what she was doing that night with us?" I stared at her as they both kissed me and grabbed my balls, laughed, as they walked away. "Chop wood, mister, winter isn't over yet." I was almost finished when Hammish walked around the corner and start stacking.

"You want me to come with you later?" I kept chopping while I spoke.

"No, but thank you. I don't want you involved, at least for now. I'm not sure who these men are so I'd rather a backup plan in case we need it." He nodded as we kept working. "We have too much to do Hammish but this time is no different than ours because you have to protect what is yours from people who would take it from you. It's just more obvious now. I won't let them take what is ours.

"People here won't let that happen, Danael. They all know who saved them this winter. They know we have a dragon that watches over us and they know what that means because the stories haven't been lost. It's not just this township, but many because gave meat to many. Strength lies in the bonds we forge as a community and that happens by helping one another." They will stand by you dragon." I nodded as I wiped sweat on my shirt. "Are you OK if we take Elias to help us? We'll make sure he helps here as well." I stopped as Irina brought us water and listened. I kissed her and said thank you and couldn't believe how lucky I was.

"I think that is wonderful Hammish. It would be better for him to stay with you two and come here to help. He's never had a real family. It would be the best of both worlds for him and you/we could use the help." He nodded. Irina hugged me and smiled.

"Ilsa wanted me to ask, but so did I. She can't have for some reason, nothing has worked. I accepted that but Ilsa has had a hole in her heart." Irina squeezed me, hard, because she didn't know. "I think this young man might a gift from Gaia to fill that hole." Irina spoke.

"Hammish, this is wise because Danael is here until he's not. We understand, but Elias needs what you and Ilsa can provide. He needs to feel total love and not have siblings all of the time. He can have that when he comes to help us because that is important too. It's better for everyone that he stays with you and visits us." I can't say that I wasn't sad, or that my heart didn't hurt because of what Irina said innocently, because she spoke the truth. I wasn't there as much I wanted to be, nor would I. They all understood, and accepted it, but it didn't lessen my burden. Irina went back inside as Hammish and I stacked the last of the wood. We took arm fulls to the front and walked inside to more dancing. I was not about to let some strangers take this away...period.
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The locusts ate most everything except porridge which was fine by me. I'd prefer my family to be fed and happy, and Emma would be sure I had plenty to to eat before I left... of that I was sure. Irina brought me some milk and kissed me as she checked on Elias. I was taking a chance, to be sure, but not much of one. He didn't want anything to do with us because of the wolves and I couldn't imagine what he thought given that they listened to me. There was no law here, like all developing countries, even America. It wasn't settled with sunshine and lollipops. It was settled with blood, death, and misery. We just created nice stories, and songs, to make us feel better until we forgot and they became our history. The same was happening here and these men were attempting to take what we considered ours. What we had claimed. It wasn't going to the only time for us and Hammish and Ilsa, or the coven. If we were going to build what we wanted then we'd have to fight for it. The problem was that I needed to be in multiple places at the same time, but this was most dire in this regard and I was going to deal with it.

I finished my breakfast and walked Elias back to the woods, on purpose. I wanted him to think about the wolves. He was terrified as he stared at me. "They won't hurt you Elias unless I ask them to and I have no reason to do that, please don't give me one. Don't tell these men about the wolves, or that we met. Tell them what you saw, that there are many people here, and dogs. Be vague because you were in the woods. Get paid by them and leave. I just want to know who they are. If you do what I ask then you'll get some silver and maybe a . It depends on these men. Understand?" He nodded but was silent. "What?"

"These are not nice men, sire. They have swords and there are at least three of them." I nodded and thanked him as I turned and walked away. "Sire?" I turned. "Instead of silver, could I stay here? I am a hard worker, and good with livestock." I stared at him thinking to myself that Annie was right, I collected strays.

"Come on, Elias, but stop calling me Sire. My name is Daniel but you'll have to speak with Irina. She's in charge here." He came running out of the woods as Wolf walked back into them. We walked home as Elias told me about his childhood, or lack thereof and we walked back inside as everyone stared at us...again. I went to Irina and told her. She looked at him, and me.

"Malinka, Sofi, take Elias to the barn and find him a nice place to stay....take some blankets and introduce him to Drakon. You'll need to show him about the chores because he'll be staying here." They nodded and went to get blankets. "Jake and Emily, you go too." They smiled and nodded. "You, mister, are adding to our numbers." She stepped into me and kissed me and then shook her head, smiling. I hugged everyone and told them we'd be back soon and Sara and I went outside. Sara called the mist first, kissed me, and walked in as it closed. I did the same as I rolled into the barn in Norway as Drakon barked at me and Kana and Jacob stared down smiling.

"Would you mind helping me?" Neither did, instead Kana opened the puppies stalled, and laughed, as they came running out to attack me, all but Drakon. He just watched until he barked and they all went outside to play with the wolves. "Funny! How long have we been gone?" I was trying to figure out how time changed between places because it seemed to change differently.

"Maybe six hours but we didn't expect you back so soon. Is everything OK?" I told them, more or less, and I thought it would have been longer. I felt Fenrir walk up as I stood, with no help. "I'll be back." I walked outside and Fenrir and I walked.

"You're back soon." I nodded as told him the same as I told Kana and Jacob, and that I wanted to make sure his pack, and the deer, had enough because I had numerous things to do over the coming weeks.

"We are fine. There is plenty of meat left and the deer are starting to move so if the winter is normal again things should go back to a balance. If you can spare some more hay, it would be sound to drop some more to help them rebuild their strength, and if you can cull some sick animals to drop farther North, it would be wise, brother." I nodded as we watched Drakon and the pups playing with the two wolves. Kana walked up and hugged me as we all smiled. "Drakon may not look like a wolf, but he has our spirit and is learning our ways." We both nodded as he walked away quietly while the pups played.

"Is everything OK, truly?" I told her so far and to ask Jacob to have someone bring out two round bales and then come back here. She nodded. and walked back looking at me oddly, as I opened the mist. She smiled, kissed me, took my hand, and we walked to Gotland. I needed the practice, a lot of practice, because we almost rolled into the ocean. I could hear Sara and Airi yelling as I stood up, turned, and got body slammed by Elisabeth as she knocked both of us into the strait. We stood up as she hugged me.

"What is wrong with you?"

"Nothing, I'm just super excited to see you, and that was when Karin bobbed her head out of the water, smiling. Kana and Airi were gone but Sara was smiling at me and obviously enjoying the show. I hugged both Elisabeth and Karin. Karin told me a bit about teaching Elisabeth and how good she was doing as Elisabeth beamed with pride, which was wonderful to see. Who knew having a Siren enamored with me would be so important.

"Thank you Karin because she couldn't have a better teacher, or sister, and I haven't forgotten about how our deal, I'm just busy at the moment but I'll call my cousin about the stones you wanted before I leave."

"I trust you Dragon." She hugged and kissed me and swam away as Elisabeth and I climbed out of the ocean and Elisabeth hugged me.

"I love, love, love Karin, Daniel. She is teaching me SO much about the oceans, and what's in them, and about the fish, and their habits and patterns. she teaching me to be a good Dragon for this island." She smiled and kissed me, just because she was happy. I needed to thank Ama for the suggestion. I kissed her back because I was happy too.

"Does that mean you'll stop knocking me into the water when I show up?" She smiled and shook her no as she ran off laughing." Sara hugged me.

"I'll take Kana home when they are done. It was thoughtful of you to bring her here, and to get tackled into the ocean. You have quite the following, mister." I smiled and nodded. "Be careful with these men because we don't if they are working alone, or for someone else, but either way make sure our family, and land, are safe." I kissed her and told her I would as I called the mist and rolled into the side yard of the main house as Emma stared at me from the window, shaking her head. I brushed myself off and walked inside as she was putting a glass of milk and some pie on the table.

"Grace is not your strong suit. Are you staying?" I shook my head because my mouth was full pie. She laughed and hugged me. "I have things to do. Be safe." I nodded as i swallowed.

"Thanks for the pie, Emma." She waved as she walked to the cellar. I finished and cleaned my dishes before walking outside as Jacob walked out of the barn. "How's Heather?" He smiled. "OK, enough said. Is everything under control here?" He nodded and said that things were fine. I nodded and told him we'd be back as soon as possible. I grabbed a knife and put it in my belt, walked behind the barn and shifted into the dragon. I grabbed the two round bales and flew to where the deer and elk were and dropped them. I shifted cut the twine, and spread the hay for both the deer and the elk, and then took the sickest of both herds to the animals up north so they stayed longer. I landed at the barn and headed to Ama's house to shower and see Klara, Annika, and Eba. I walked in to silence. I yelled, nothing. I put my clothes in the washer and walked to the bedroom to shower, and change. I grabbed my knives, and Taiiko's weapon bag, and walked downstairs. I was getting milk when Eba walked in and smiled.

"Where are Klara and Anna?" She started to tear and hugged me.

"They left this morning for Iceland."

"I thought it wasn't for another month."

"Ama called and changed things but none of us are sure why, but it's Ama and she's knows more than us." Shit. I was going to call but I thought I'd just go there tomorrow after I dealt with these intruders in the past. I borrowed Eba's phone and called Stephanie about the stones I wanted for Karin and told her to find something special, pretty, and unusual. She laughed and said I was smitten with a Siren before hanging up. I hated that we were so spread out. I had another glass of milk and told Eba about my clothes. She smiled and nodded as i hugged her and walked to the barn to say goodbye to Jacob.

"Sara is bringing Kana back later. Her and Airi are....occupied." He smiled and nodded. I called the mist, grabbed Taiiko's bag, walked in and rolled out by the fire pit at Irina's. It didn't seem like much time had passed and that was when Malinka, Sofi, Emily and Jake walked passed me.

"Hello to you too. Where's Elias?"

"You need to learn to not roll, Da'" No shit Sherlock. "He's in the barn. He's pretty happy even for a stall. We have things to do. They all walked off with none of helping me up. Crap. I got up, grabbed the bag and headed to the house.
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These are going be shorter, until they aren't, while I deal with other things. I have this site until April so I'll use it as I work on moving things a different place.
take me pat 553....edited, again. It's amazing how bad this site is.
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Forging an alliance with the wolves, both here and in the future, was the smartest thing I had done because I knew they'd watch over everyone when I was gone, and it seemedd that I would be gone a lot, sadly, but it's the last thing I wanted. I was tired of dealing with these types of people, across time and space. I suppose it was Gaia's way of showing me that humanity wasn't evolving all that much, at least a good chunk of them in my sphere of influence. I was pretty sick of it but it was what it was, and we'd deal with it. I was amazed I wasn't when I walked in the house earlier. Elias didn't know much of anything about the men him watch the house, and us, but didn't take a rocket scientist figure out why. The trees, and the fact that was a house, barn, and now fencing. I figured someone was working here said something someone because were women here. They figured would be easy come in and take . If that was the case then they were mistaken, and my patience was wearing thin. We walked inside and I introduced Elias everyone and offered him breakfast as they all stared at me. I should been used but I still didn't like . Sara, Annie, Chloe, and Taiiko walked up and all spoke at once.

"What is going on, mister, and where you been?" At least they didn't me. Aya walked up as I told them what I knew, and what I suspected, and what I was going to do. Silence until Sara said,

"You might be cursed, love," and they laughed. This was the very last thing I wanted to talk about with them about. I wanted to be snuggling with them and rubbing their bellies, and holding their breasts as they grew, and just being with them. I looked at Aya.

"Can you let me deal with this, and could we bring Gerel here?" She didn't like it but she nodded as all the girls hugged her. None of us liked any of this, especially me, but I was trying to time because were still threats in our time that I was unaware of, and were threats here . would be easier if we weren't so spread out but I suspected that wouldn't change and Sara and I could work the mist, at least so far. I needed speak with Ama and Joseph, but of course they had gone. Shit, I needed spek with everyone. I looked at Sara.

"I need deal with this..."



"You said 'I' need deal with this when you meant say that 'we' need deal with this, mister." They nodded and stared at me as I smiled and nodded.

"We need deal with this but I want on Gotland and Norway because 'we' do. Can you on Elisabeth and Airi? She won't attack you." They all laughed. "I'll in with Norway and make sure everyone is OK, along with the deer and wolves." Sara nodded. "I'll go the tavern with Elias and a chat with the people trespassing on our land and talk with Hammish about it.

"I'll go with you Daniel..... me because you aren't going by yourself. Anyone dumb enough walk on this land, even with the three of us gone, will be in for a rude awakening." I nodded at Annie and Taiiko. I didn't like it but I also knew they could defend themselves and wasn't any other choice because they were going. You fall in love with strong women then you better OK dealing with strong women. We went the table and I ate as we talked with Elias.
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