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Take me part 287

Taiiko and I walked him, smiling. She kissed Yoshi and turn , "down that hall is the laundry. The clothes can be dried medium because it's underwear and towels, put the next load in but I'll take over drying after that because I don't want you shrinking my shirts, mister. You can fold" She smiled and kissed me. "Come help us when you're done love. We need to be a team." They walked into the kitchen I shook my head because I had been doing laundry since I was a . I did what she asked, walked into the kitchen, and started cleaning and chopping vegetables, at least I had plenty of experience because of Henry. "How did it go?"

"It was tough, and pretty complicated with of the buttons and knobs." She bit my chest and laughed. It was impossible not to fall in love with these women. Yoshi and I were grunt labor. Taiiko and the older woman were in charge, thankfully, because it smelled absolutely wonderful. There was miso broth with scallions, fried vegetable pancakes, rice, pork stew of some sort, and rolls, and there was a lot. There were rounds of folks because tables weren't large. Yoshi ate with the first group. Taiiko spoke with second but didn't eat. She and I ate with the last group but waited until everyone had their plates and then sat with them. I obviously didn't understand what was being said but they didn't seem mind. They went remove their plates but Taiiko and I shook our heads. We were definitely in sync.

She walked out with them I scrapped plates into the pig's buckets and filled the sink with hot water and soap to soak the dishes. I was going to have to start learning Japanese and start with names so I could at least say hi them. Taiiko came in smiling and grabbed towels. I washed and rinsed, as she dried. "Are you you still hungry, love?" I was but I shook my head no. She nodded and went back to drying. The workers were hungry. It was hot and humid and it's not easy work. These meals were a work in progress, and I was fine with that. I had just finished rinsing the the last glass when I heard the buzzer go off. I kissed her cheek went into the laundry room. "Don't you touch the clothes in the washer." I smiled.

I took everything out except towels and socks and turned the dryer back on as I took the willow basket to Taiiko's room, which I suppose was our room now, and started folding. Most of it was hers because my underwear was colored and not white. I had folded everything when she walked in. "Are you smelling my panties?" I told her only two as she laughed and looked at what I had done. "Not bad mister, I think I'll keep you around. We're done in the kitchen for a few hours but Henry wants us to meet him at the wood shop. "We can just leave everything on the bed because we have to pack anyway. She hugged me around my waist and led me to the shop.

"Will this do Daniel? I like your idea about a large table and benches very much so anyone who wants can share communal meals together, since we're family. I prefer this idea to the formal dining set we have now. It's nice, but it's limited. Taiiko nodded. I'll find a place to store it while you two are gone." I was constantly amazed at how quickly we shifted into our new roles. It happened with each of the girls just like it was happening with Taiiko, and also with Yoshi. "I'll make some sketches and take measurements and we can start when you get back." I nodded even though it wasn't going to be for several weeks. The phone rang. It was Chloe. I told Taiiko and Yoshi, I wasn't big on secrets, and said I'd be back. They said to meet them back at the house.

"Hey Love."

"Were you going to tell me about your surprise, mister?" I couldn't tell if she was mad, or nor, and with the hormones from being pregnant it probably didn't matter anyway. I had forgotten that Annie said they would get it ready.

"I was keeping it as a surprise because it's important." She was quiet for quite awhile, and then she started to cry. I waited until she blew her nose.

"It's just going to be you me and Annie."

"It's you and me one night, and then me and Annie, just the two of us." She was quiet and sniffling.

"Thank you Daniel, that is exactly what I needed. How you knew that, I haven't a clue but I'm glad you did because it's perfect, for both us. We don't mind sharing you with our family, but this is very important and it didn't go unnoticed, Love. We can't wait to bite you." They both laughed. We need to make the bed and bring food. Do you want beer, or anything?" I told her no. She was quiet. "We adore you and we can't wait to see you. It feels likes years." I told her I agreed, and that I loved them too as I walked to the house. It was mid-afternoon. I walked in.

"Daniel, will you join for some sake?" I nodded and sat down. "Taiiko is making sure you didn't damage any of her clothes. God help you if you did." I smiled and nodded. Taiiko and I will begin preparations for you wedding. We need check with people since they will be in Norway in a few weeks, but it would be respectful for you and Taiiko be married before she begins show because of our culture. The West is more lenient that than the East." I nodded as I sipped the sake. I wanted gulp it.

"There is something I want show both of you before dinner because we need get early. I won't say anything else about that, but I wanted you know that I am happy the two of you getting married. I've already spoken with Taiiko. You two are wonderful together, natural. Taiiko is very capable, you know, but our culture believes men know better." I told him a lot of mine did too. He nodded. "There is a flow, and a respect, that is instinctive between you. Yin/Yang in action. You are strong enough in yourself to be strong she wants, or needs. Thank you for that." Taiiko walked in and sat my lap.

"I was telling Daniel that there is someplace I want show you. Did he destroy any of your clothes." She smiled and shook her we walked the SUV. "This is someplace that your mother loved and I want show you before. I didn't say anything because I didn't want you sad. She never talked about it much after your father died, but it was very special her. It needs some work but we have time. It's not that far from the main house but the road meanders so it takes longer drive, but it's not unpleasant. Come." Taiiko was almost giddy with excitement because it had do with her mother. I stopped her from getting in the back and instead open the front passenger door. She smiled and kissed . It was a beautiful drive but it was a meander, but only about five minutes.

We pulled through a pine thicket and the road/driveway opened into a clearing and meadow there was lovely house nestled amongst trees, and Taiiko started to cry as she looked at me, and Yoshi. Yoshi handed her a handkerchief. Yoshi stopped and we stared. "I remember this a young , Yoshi, but I didn't know it was mother's."

" of this was your mother's, Taiko, and now it's yours, and soon be Daniel's. Come." We walked the door and took our shoes off and walked in. It's maintained regularly. It's not modern the main house, but it's very comfortable and I thought you and Daniel, and Chloe and Annie would prefer stay rather than in the main house. We'll need those rooms anyway. There's only one bath, but it's large and we could make additions. It wouldn't be hard for us expand this room. There is another bedroom down the hall, and then the kitchen and living area. If the ground is dry, and you are intent, it's about a minute walk the house in that direction. This is an option but your mother did love this." I said that I could see why. Taiiko looked at , and Yoshi and launched herself onto him he laughed.

"Grandfather, I love it." She got down, took my hand, and asked for him to show us around. It was a lovely home, not overly large but excellent craftsmanship and the land was special. He was smiling as he showed us around because he saw his in Taiiko. She had her arms around me. "This is perfect Yoshi, but we will need to make that part into a master suite so the other bathroom can be used for guests." There will be babies. She looked at . "What do you think Daniel?"

I kissed her, "I think it's perfect, and the land is very special." She nodded and hugged we we grabbed our shoes and walked out back and through a small thicket of trees a small clearing that looked down the river. It truly was spectacular and reminded that we needed create the for our , and grandchildren. Yoshi locked the back door and we walked around the side so he could lock the front and we walked back SUV.

"I'm glad you both like. I was hoping you would. I wanted you see it before you left. He drove us home they reminisced about Taiiko's mom. I was wondering how we were going manage distinct places halfway around the globe from each other.

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Last sentence: That's easy, Daniel will have to travel to all locations, for, the wives will be living at their ancestral homes, taking care of the respective clan. Poor Daniel, all those air miles, what is he to do??? But I think Daniel will make Denver, his Global Home , for the clans to gather yearly , That the wives will travel to Daniel, more than he travels to them.

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