Take me part 339... trying again  

dadigan 59M  
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10/16/2021 11:51 am
Take me part 339... trying again

"I can't remember getting to wherever I was because I kept hitting things. They were all looking for me and something was happening after meeting Gaia. I was more sensitive, or less sensitive. I think I heard, felt, knew more than understood, but couldn't process it, so I fell and hit hard things. The bed was comfortable. I could hear chatter.


"Hold on Love, we're on the phone still trying to keep your ball from getting ripped off." I fell back asleep. I was back with Deat in a different time, or was it. It was a different language, but it was me, and Deat.

"Go, brother. You can't stop all of them and we have womyn to take care of. Go, now." I turned, growled, and turned into something I didn't know. Bear, not bear, but effective. I dragged Deat to safety. Dealing with time, SUCKED!!!!!

They were pushing me....both of them, and laughing. "Stop!!!! I fought Selkies and almost fell into the North Sea. I need to sleep. Leave me be."

"The Captain said you tried to jump." That did it, as I turned and looked at them.


"He said you tried to jump in the water because of Selkies."


"I was there when Tina him. I heard it all. Selkies, really?"

"Leave alone. I need sleep." They both jumped on and grabbed things they shouldn't until I stopped laughing. "OK.... Jesus, leave alone... and you. Did you get your feel, cuz?" She smiled and nodded. I was either going insane, or had stumbled into the most amazing family...ever. I just needed to keep it that way.

"Get dressed mister. You need to eat and we need to talk. You aren't going to like what comes next, neither are we...any of us." Shit. I had porridge and toast. It was a small flat, but nice, The sky was grey, but it was Ireland. It was quiet.

"Where are we?" Tina and Stephanie smiled. We are in my flat in Dublin. I actually own the building," Steph smiled, and nodded. I had no expenses since I was in college. I had to do something with it. Silver got too heavy." I snorted and put really good jam on my toast, as I smiled.

"My neighbor, Rose makes it. It's just the two of us, until her family shows up and then it is a fiasco, but that is months away.." I walked to the window and looked down.

"You own the whole building, or the flat?"

"Building, goofball. Why own a flat when I could have bought all of this."

"And it just you, and Rose... in the entire place?"

"Not when fiasco time happens." I stared at her, confused. "Think day of the dead had sex with All Hallow's Eve, and they had a triplets in New Orleans... except it's more fun. It's why I needed so many rooms.. You come from the Northland, of Bjorn. I come from the south, and east. Gypsies, love. We are many, and you are family, but you're still not going to like what needs to happen. Eat."

"Can I meet Rose and thank her for the jam?"

"She's not here...rarely is. It's why we get along so well." She laughed as only Tina can, with my cousin hugging her. I shook my head and put on my boots.

'"What aren't I going to like?"

"You original plan wasn't...totally dumb... but you would have died. However, as the bear, or dragon.... it's likely you will survive, and we don't need to land."

"And how is this any less likely to end up with me dead...when I would have had a parachute
last time?


"Wings...and also a bear, which is strong."

"When do we leave?"

"eight hours, swee...."

I walked back into the bedroom, took off my boots, and went back to bed. These women were way crazier than my family was... and that is when my mom walked up.


Claw51478 74M  
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10/16/2021 12:49 pm

Made it through story. The Saga continues.

OlderPete58 63M  
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10/16/2021 3:47 pm

So it goes on and yes he will fly as a dragon with wings that is how he will leave the plane.

He has learned to shape shift as different beasts remember back in Iceland he started learning then with Gaia.

The girls call him a wizard and he is a wizard in the making who is about to be born.
Yes the Saga goes on.

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