Take me part 350  

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10/26/2021 5:17 pm
Take me part 350

"We've got about four hours until 'll get light enough that the birds start fly, that is when you want be out of the sky, or on the ground and shifted. 's easier explain why you smell so bad. aren't many of them...you... left and keeping a low profile is key. 's not that you can't be seen by a person here or but no joy flying. Understood?" I nodded

"Good. I'm surprised that Gaia allowed another person to shift into a dragon, 's interesting because most of them are quite old, even for dragons. Marnine is...was.... the youngest and hers is six hundred years old. I lived in an age when dragons were kind of like horses are today, they could fly. The worst thing we did then was use them in war. Sadly, I was one of those did, but I am very used dragons and riding them. I assume the others taken a ride." I nodded. "Yeah, well that's not me. I'm going teach you what I know and what I know is war. I'm going show you how work with me so that you will instinctively do what I want you do when we are flying."

"Dragons vast power and skill but 's honed over centuries usually by skilled riders that stay with that dragon. We don't that. We me, and you, and I am curious about what you can do. What your instincts are like. What your fear level is like as well as your trust level. Dragon and rider, in my day, were a symbiotic organism practically, communication was beyond telepathic. Back then they were 'born' dragons instead of you and Marnine shifted into a dragon. I'm not sure is much difference as dragons are dragons. They might disagree. I suspect you will be getting a visit from Dreka sometime soon. He is the oldest, and wisest, of the dragons. I'm sure he will be interested in you one. Are you ready fly?" I nodded.

"Can you speak?" I nodded. She laughed. Good, humor is important and 's obvious you no problem making a fool of yourself but please no bouncing, or killing trees." I smiled.and shifted. Aisha touched my scales as she walked around me as if I was at an auction. I chafed a bit at that and snorted. "Oh stop being so sensitive, I haven't seen a dragon like this since I was alive. Interesting. You, or Gaia, chose a battle dragon. This was the most prevalent dragon in my time. Wise choice because this is the most versatile variety. I am now most curious about your path." I was too.

"Bring your left leg to ninety degrees like you are going to stand, leave and lower your head." She stepped on , grabbed some scales and swung herself onto my back. "Brings back many memories one, mostly good. I need you speak me instead of nod. Can you hear my thoughts?" I nodded. She me, which hurt her more than me.

"Of course I can understand you. 's similar how the girls and I communicate although slightly different, I suspect that's because I am the dragon now."

"Excellent, Danael. Let's do some exercises so we can quicken our response time together..."

"Let's not. Hold on Aisha." I jumped and flew upward gaining altitude quickly."

"Impressive but remember we work as a team, always. Understood?" I told her yes. "Good, now drop left." I dropped my left shoulder and plunged downward, righting myself as we headed to land. "Do you trust me?" I nodded. "Good, when I tell you I want you to pull up and flap your wings backward as hard and fast as you can while you breathe fire. Now!" Holy crap I had no idea I had that much power, or finesse. I came within a few feet of hitting the ground. I was hovering as I blew.... ice.?" Well, it had started to snow. "Fly right along the ground as fast as you can." Now we're talkin'...Top Gun Dragon. I did as she asked and flew except I banked right again and flew over the ocean so I could get my claws wet in the process. I could feel her chuckle.

"Are you finished?" Yes. "Good." I could feel her lean into me and put her head against my neck as she reached around and grabbed on. It wasn't unpleasant, not at all, in fact it was quite, soothing. " attention and fly straight up, NOW!" I did, almost before she finished saying . 'Excellent Danael. Go as fast as you can." I could feel the power... 'Faster!" I did. "Faster, Danael." felt like some switch was flipped and I bolted. "Stop and ...." I had already done it and was dropping straight down. I had my wings folded back for maximum speed and stretched myself out for maximum aerodynamics. "Good, Danael. Good." I had no idea how fast we were going, but it was fast and the ground was approaching quickly. I trusted Aisha so I waited. "I want you use to your wings similar to before but instead of stopping I want you to swoop and buzz the ground low enough that you could grab a sheep or cow, or man. Trust your instincts one. I will leave you, just don't kill us."

She didn't say anything but I could feel her growing nervous. She said trust my instincts. I was going pretty fast. I put on the brakes but I also did something odd that sort of just happened, I pulled myself backward with my mind slow me the final bit before I swooped and plucked the imaginary sheep off the ground. I immediately started flapping, hard, and banked left, and then a hard right and upward, and straight down and landed by the cave like the first time. I hovered and then landed. I was exhilarated. I was curious if Aisha was going me. I put left leg up for her. She hugged my neck before she climbed down. I looked at her as took my jaw and scratched under . I didn't feel anything, but I liked . was like having my ears scratched as the bear.

"You can become a bear too? Show me." I had never shifted from the dragon to the bear, or vice versa but I tried and was easy. That was convenient and could come in handy. I wondered if a person one would be riding the other after I shifted? Hmmmm. "Oh my Gaia, at those ears." She was scratching them, and laughing, when I felt Annie growl.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything." She wasn't happy. "I came on Daniel since snowed last night but I see that he's fine." How was this my fault? She was scratching MY ears.

Aisha smiled, easily, as she stopped and turned. "We just finished our first lesson and Danael said he could turned into a bear so I asked to see and then saw those ears and couldn't help myself. could?" Annie melted as she walked up.

"I know, right, they're like teddy bear ears." .....and they were best friends, of course. "How did he do?"

"Impressively. He did things he shouldn't be able do."

"Really? Tell me about ," and they walked away leaving me alone I shook my head and grabbed my cape. I didn't want put on because I smelled. Oh well, wasn't that far so I headed home. was that far and I was freezing when I walked in, luckily was early and hardly anyone was up. I didn't say anything, dropped the cape, went into the bedroom, and got into the shower, trying not to wake anyone. I failed. Chloe and Taiiko came into the bathroom.

"Daniel? Are you OK?" I was too cold to talk. They opened the door and I was shivering. They both stepped in and hugged me so their warmth would help the water. took ten minutes before I stopped shaking but afterward we got to bath each other. Sadly, would be hours before my balls would feel safe enough come out. I should worn the cape. We dried, and dressed, and laughed. I kissed both of them good morning and told them all about my flying. They were as amazed as I was as we went into the kitchen for coffee. Ama looked at me.

"You OK? You seemed a cold when you burst in."

"More chilled I'd say, isn't that right," as I looked at Chloe and Taiiko nodded and both took long sips.

"OK, as long as your warm enough now because we need to go to town after breakfast, so eat..... a lot. You need because Aisha was telling us about your flying. I think she used the word, odd." I stared at her as she laughed. 'Eat Daniel, you did amazingly well she said and in some things, impressively well." I smiled as Annie hugged me from behind and looked at Chloe and Taiiko.

"Aisha said that our mister flew like he'd been flying for hundreds of years with an experience rider. She said it was odd because he shouldn't been able know how do the things he did." She kissed me and wrapped her arms around me. "She also said that you're a battle dragon and that she would fly with you anytime. That is no praise, mister, if you knew she was. Ama was telling me earlier because I couldn't sleep. I was worried about you alone in that cave. We are proud of you Daniel, now eat, a lot." I did because I was hungry. Aisha came and sat with us, across from me.

"When I asked you swoop for the sheep, you knew I was getting nervous because you were going too fast to pull out of the dive yet you didn't slow down. Why?"

"You told me to trust my instincts and they said I could, somehow, so as I got to the point of crashing I pulled my momentum backward, kinda like reverse engines when a plane lands, and used my wings, and worked. Why didn't you tell me slow down?" She was quiet, as were the girls.

"I was trained that dragon and rider trust each other, implicitly, so that the bond becomes unbreakable. I was telling this Annie earlier, what you felt when you said was soothing, that was you beginning link with me as your rider and beginning trust me. 's instinct and is nothing sexual related . Dragon and rider had trust each other with their lives, mostly the riders but it was devastating for a dragon if their rider was killed. Dragons actually very gentle hearts. I didn't expect you begin linking so quickly, 's a complication and I need talk with Ama and Gaia about it because I am not your rider. You don't a rider, and should stay that way so anyone you want can ride you. You did good one, now eat more. What you did took a lot of energy."

I ate two and half breakfasts, as they looked on in awe. I poured my third cup and sat in front of the fire, finally. We needed more wood but I was going to enjoy the peacefulness of the fire, and my coffee, when Uncle Billy plopped down next me.

"Hey big , I hear you can turn into a bear, and a dragon."

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10/26/2021 8:49 pm

WOW, Busy, Busy for Daniel. Great writing Daniel !!!!!!!!

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10/26/2021 10:04 pm

Excellent writing and very exciting he is developing nicely now.

I am enjoying this very much.

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