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dadigan 59M  
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8/21/2021 12:28 am
something different

Good morning again Darling,
Writing you about savoring desserts and enjoying them slowly and reveling in the delight reminded of when I lived Maui and my first experience of enjoying fresh, ripe papaya straight off the tree. There are few things as succulent as a sweet ripe papaya. As with most luscious fruit the longer you wait enjoy them and the more time they have ripen, the sweeter and juicier they are; their juices almost exploding once you touch them.

When I first learned about papaya I had to have it for breakfast every morning. I’d open it and remove the seeds with a spoon and then peel it and cut it into slices and put it in a bowl with yogurt and granola. It made a wonderful breakfast but I was so methodical about preparing it.

It wasn’t until I was staying in Hana, on the rural side of Maui, that I experienced the pure pleasure of eating a papaya and I learned how delectable and passionate it could be to eat fruit – such a simple act but it rivals most experiences in enjoyment and pleasure.

I bought a ripe papaya at a roadside stand that had been recently picked from a tree in the jungle. I gingerly cut it open. It was so full and ripe that just touching it with the tip of my knife made the juices start to run. I spread it apart making sure not to damage the gentle flesh; it glistened, the juices sparkling and running onto my fingers as I ran them over the opening. It was so inviting that I could barely keep from sucking it into my mouth.

I took my thumb and ran it around the opening that contained the tiny seeds causing a few to dislodge and drop to the ground to become future papaya trees. I pushed my thumb along the edge following the curved outline of the opening moving ever deeper into the center until my thumb was buried and covered in the sweet nectar of the papaya. I moved my thumb from sided to side and around in a circle to loosen the seeds, letting them fall to the ground to join the others.

My thumb was covered and dripping with the sweetest juice you could imagine. I could tell just from the aroma; it was so intoxicating. I instinctively put my thumb in my mouth to suck it not wanting to lose one precious drop of that luscious juice.

God, how sweet that juice was. I had no idea eating papaya's the way I had been - all neat and tidy - that the best part had dripped away never to be enjoyed. I couldn’t believe it. I sucked my thumb like a convinced that the harder I sucked the more nectar I would find.

I picked the half of papaya that I had cleaned and took hold of the skin and turned it inside out exposing the golden flesh that I so highly prized and at that moment I knew what it must have been like in the Garden of Eden. That luscious piece of fruit was so ripe and bursting with juice, so sweet and inviting that I wanted to eat it for ever.

I wrapped my mouth around the upper part and sucked gently, running my tongue around the slits in the fruit trying to loosen a piece so that I could enjoy it but it wouldn’t loosen. The more I sucked and moved my tongue around the more juice came but the flesh wouldn’t budge and God how I wanted to bite into that sweet juicy mound of papaya.

It was amazing, the more I sucked the juice out the more juice there seemed to be. I couldn’t resist any longer. I had to have a bite of that succulent fruit. I began to nibble with my lips not wanting to waste the experience on my hard, insensitive teeth. I nibbled and sucked, moving around in small patterns loosening the flesh and even more juice.

I felt like I was teasing the fruit away from the safety of its skin, beckoning it to come out so that we could share the experience. The juice of that papaya flowed down my chin and throat and had soaked my beard. I had sucked every bit of juice out of it and had nibbled, licked and eaten it clean until nothing remained.

I know it’s strange as it was just a piece of fruit but it was almost an orgasmic experience, nothing but pure pleasure and enjoyment that completely bypassed my mind. I had no idea that one could be so passionate about eating a piece of fruit.

I still enjoy papaya cut up in granola and yogurt but I don’t think about that. What I still think about though, as I’m sharing with you now, is eating that papaya sitting in the jungle on Maui and what a wonderful delight it was to savor it so slowly and exquisitely. It’s hard for me at times, I love to jump in because of my impatience but I try to remember that experience. It showed me what enjoyment and pure pleasure can come from doing things slowly and not rushing….and the best part of that story is that I’d only eaten half the papaya and had learned so much that the second part of the delicacy was even more sublime than the first.

Claw51478 74M  
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8/21/2021 5:49 am

I don't remember ever eating Papaya. But I will buy one next time at grocery store. However, this papaya will probably be at least a week old, so , it may not taste as so described here-in.

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