take me part 243  

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8/22/2021 3:04 pm
take me part 243

Melinda and the girls hugged me as they walked past. Henry and Sabrina brought the last of the Prosecco that was at Henry's so at least there was that. I told them about it as Sara took the girls inside and was telling them about Bob. She stuck her tongue at me, which meant she was moving through it, but Chloe was still mad, just not pissed. Deat waved a thank you and went back doing his job...no rest for the weary. I walked back to Jake and Emily, both of whom were eating, to do damage control with everyone. Ellen, Christine and Bethany stepped in front of me....oh boy.

"You could have been killed, Daniel, Janey too." I didn't tell them that I thought we got off easy and what was coming was worse. "We all thought you were dead. Jake and Emily thought you were dead." I nodded because what could I say, so I said the absolute worst thing.

"Have you had anything to eat?" They all stared at me in utter astonishment before storming away. Uncle Billy and Henry walked up shaking their heads.

"You sure know how step in it . Was that it?" I shook my head and went to get Lieve a burger, potato salad, and a beer. I was waiting for the burger, which was almost done, because everyone had suddenly become ravenous, violence does that I suppose, when Lieve called.

"Hi sweets. I'm bringing you food and a beer. I'm on my way."

"Hurry, Da' I don't know what I'm looking at." I fixed her burger, grabbed her beer, and told Jake it was fine with me but they had to ask Christine and Bethany, and went inside. Everyone was out back, thankfully, I went into the bedroom, put the food down and handed Lieve the beer. The drone was hovering. She downed half of it. "What is that? It seemed odd." She zoomed in.

"That is a problem. It also got you the best drone I can find." She smiled as I kissed her. "I'll be back, Love. Check and see if there are any others like that." She nodded as I got up and closed the door. FUCK!!!!! I called Deat.

"I need you in the shop, now."

"I'm a little busy Daniel."

"Now, Deat." I hung up and went out back. "Ladies, I think we have some ice cream. Who wants some?" Sara beat the girls inside as they all ran to the freezer. "I need you both inside, now." They stared at me. "Now!" They walked in as I closed the door and lowered the shades.

"What is so important Daniel?" I walked into the bedroom followed by everyone except Sara and the girls. Chloe told them to stay inside as she followed. They nodded as Deat walked in.

"Show him Lieve." Deat looked at me, and then the screen, as Lieve zoomed in. He looked at me again. "Is that what I think it is?"

'Probably, Lieve, can you zoom in any more?" She shook her head. "Have you seen anything else that looks similar." She nodded, panned right, and zoomed.

"I'm still looking." Deat handed her his radio, and ear piece as she smiled at me, which meant it wasn't just going to be getting new drones.

"You're my eyes right now Lieve. If they move I want to know." She nodded. Deat kissed her head, "If you ever want a job call me. No one goes out back, or by the windows." Chloe stared at me. They all stared at me, which meant I was going to get hit again. "You have anything beside knives?" I nodded as he left on his phone, and I walked to the closet. I could here him calling for a tactical helicopter unit as the front door closed. I took the 9mm out, with extra clips, and a holster.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON, DANIEL?" Lieve looked at me too. "What are we even looking at?" I pointed at the screen, twice.

"Those are called ghillie suits. It's something that snipers use to keep themselves camouflaged." Lieve stared at me.

"They are looking at us Da'." I nodded as she started looking for others.

I looked at everyone and said that I had no idea, because I didn't, but they still hit, even Melinda before walking back to her . "I don't know anything. I thought maybe the guy at Henry's might have been looking for you rather than Alison, but I don't know and then last night and the notebooks. I have no idea but he had a sniper rifle. I think they might be working for Annie's family, or Marnine's, but I have no idea. All I do know is that Lieve saved us, twice.

Deat walked back in and sat next to Lieve. "You're doing great but I need you to zoom out." She did. "Go higher please. Stop and hold there."

"We are west of your location, sir, approximately two minutes out."

"Roger that. Head east over our location, but on the southern side. There is a drone observing but will be moved to the north. There are two, possibly more, in camouflage and prone approximately 200 yards due east of my location. We will assist with intel."

"Roger that sir."

"Lieve, you know which way north is?" She would have hit him if she wasn't busy, but it was a fair question.

"Of course." The disgust was obvious and made all of us chuckle, even Deat.

"I need you to move the drone closer to the house and to the north. There is going to be a helicopter flying over us in about a minute but maintain a visual on them, OK?" She said cool and nodded. I could already feel them as Deat and I walked to the back and lifted the blinds in the study. They came in fast and low with weapons drawn and hovered over the spot were the two people were hidden. They both stood, with hands in the air as everyone converged on them. Two agents, and two dogs got out started searching.

"We are seriously going to talk and I was serious about giving Lieve a job. I would have missed that." I nodded and said me too. "You can tell her she can bring the drone back, which she won't, and that's fine too." Deat went out back and hopped the fence after kissing Melinda and the girls. Jake and Emily ran in as Deat was leaving and the girls were coming out.


"I know. Go into the bedroom, your sister will fill you in." I figured I was about to get hit again but Chloe and Annie both hugged me. Sara watched as she ate Cherry Garcia ice cream.

"We aren't safe here, Daniel." I had already been thinking about that, I just wasn't sure what to do about it, but I nodded.

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8/22/2021 7:11 pm

At least this time the gal's didn't beat the hell out of Daniel. I'm guessing that makes 5 hit men coming after Annie. Are there any more??? But now, they have 2 live characters, the FBI will be grilling the hell out of them, will find their cars, etc. Interpol will be fully advised and will be moving into Norway. I think the Sister's boyfriend and maybe her, will be taken into custody, interrogated , etc. What will Deat think about Daniel and the Gal's, when he learns the truth. Can he keep it secret so even the FBI does not know of their powers, etc.

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