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8/24/2021 5:30 pm
take me part 247

I kissed Lieve and told the girls to discuss the options as I went to get a hamburger and potato salad. I asked Frank and and his sons if they Ok as they made me a burger. They smiled and said that they don't have that fun except playing video games. I smiled, and apparently the helicopter was a huge success, across the board. "We're fine Daniel. How are you and your family?" I told him we were good, and lucky. He nodded.

"You need to keep Henry posted on your family coming because all of us that can want to be there to meet them, OK?" He smiled, nodded, and handed me a burger. I fixed it and got a beer. I wasted more beer than anyone I knew. I walked over to Unc and Ellen.

"You still mad at me Ellen?" She kissed my cheek and said I just scared her. "Yeah, well you aren't alone in that. I don't know what your plans are, and thanks for your offer, but none of us would go for that, and it's nothing to do with anything, past or present." They nodded. "I'll leave were they want to go to school to them, with that said Atlanta wouldn't be a bad option and now is the time for them to go, so I will discuss it with them but they are more focused on drones and being together, and they like it here." They both nodded. I wasn't going to bring the past into it. I was trying to get rid of that because I had too much to deal in the present, and more in the future.

"If they don't go that route, you are welcome to stay here. We have places, and vehicles, and it's not like there isn't stuff to be done. You're family, and are always welcome, period. It'd give you more time to get a sense of what's in dad's warehouses." They looked at each other and Ellen spoke.

"We were going to speak with you about something like that, but life beat us to it. Sarah, and the , need a place to stay for a while, and they all like it here. It's complicated but would be a huge help, because you are family, and it would make us feel better until we can figure what to do." What was it with this family? I took out my phone and pulled up Maggie's number.

"Call Mags, she's a mom and can help with school and we can find her Sarah a job. The family knows a lot of folks in the area and we all help each other. It'll be fine. I'll talk with the girls so let them know they are going to be deluged." She smiled. They can stay as long as they need, and they'll have a vehicle. I call Beth tomorrow to add her as an authorized driver. I'll need her license info. Don't worry, they'll be fine here. They're family." Ellen hugged me.

I walked off, alone, finished my food and called Bet and Javier. Bet answered. "Do you have an insatiable need to get featured on the news? A fucking helicopter? You didn't think a crowd of people, drinking beer, after a killing, wouldn't video it?" Fuck.Fuck.Fuck! Well that just sealed Janey and Alison's fate. It's not like they didn't like living in style.

"Trouble finds me Bet, what can I say."

"Yeah, that's one lame excuse. Is everyone OK?"

"Physically yes, but Janes and Iare sore, but emotionally.... it's a work in progress because what likely didn't make it on the news were the two snipers two hundred yards from the back yard, in camo, so we're all a little freaked." Silence.

"Are you shitting us homes?" I told them about it and said that we needed to talk and to come over for the fireworks.

"There might be undercover cops here so I wouldn't suggest riding up on the bikes. It's fine now, and is actually a party. The girls will have a great time with Sam and Maggie's, and Melinda, and Deats....and Sara." They both laughed because they knew that was true."We can all talk afterward because I doubt no one, except the , will be getting much sleep. Bring Prosecco."

"You OK, Daniel?" "Fair to midland, Bet, but I'm holding my own. We have a lot to discuss but it's likely we'll be leaving within the week. This cut close to close to bone." Silence. Javier said.

"We're on our way brother and what ever you need, you got. We'll see you soon." What a frickin' day and it wasn't down...AND I had multiple people waiting to talk with but everyone was having a good time. I had pulled up the tape off the ground, and perimeter tape and it didn't long for everyone to expand. Javier and Bet walked up with their girls and Deat and Melinda waved as the girls almost crashed into each other, they were so happy. Sam, Mag's and the girls too. I wouldn't be surprised if Deat and Javier became friends because Bet and Melinda already were. There was one more thing to resolve before we left, and that was a priority.

I could see Sam and Mags' girls starting to instigate a tickle monster outing, as could the rest of us, who were laughing. I was very glad for that. They got the nerve up as they walked up to me. "What?" They all started tickling me as I was yelling for them to stop. They laughed and I became quiet, and growled. They all stopped as I growled louder and started to stand and they all ran yelling it was The Tickle Monster as I chased them.

All the other started chasing started chasing me, laughing, as I turned and growled acting like I was going to tickle them. They all stopped and screamed as the girls yelled to follow them, which they did and now I had at least twenty-four I was chasing. They were screaming and all of the parents were smiling and laughing. Sara and Janey ran up to me and held on as Chloe and Bet joined them. Lieve stood in front and hit me in the chest as I stopped and fell to one knee, as the watched.

"You can't be scared of the tickle monster because that is what gives him is power but he was chasing you, so you're the only ones who can make him go away. We can only slow him down because we are no longer scared of him. He has no power over us. All of you need to come over and get on top of him, as scary as it, and tell him to go away. You can do it. We'll be here" They all came over and did as Lieve asked. I was getting weaker by the minute and they kept telling me to leave, except one little girl, maybe four - five years old. Lieve walked up and put out her hand,

"What's your name?"


"Well, Amanda, they need you because the tickle monster was chasing all of you. I'll go with you. It's OK to be scared but they need you. I'll help you, love." I could see them walking up even under the pile of telling me to go. I growled as she walked up and she took three steps back as Lieve knelt and hugged it. "He doesn't want you here Amanda because your the last one and when you tell him to go away, then he has no choice. Come on. Put your hand right here on his head." She looked at Lieve. "It's OK, just tell him to "go away tickle monster" and keep saying it." She did, louder and louder until I was still and they all cheered.

"Do idiots mind getting off of me?" Amanda yelled as Lieve picked her up and said...."watch, love. You did it, that's Daniel." I stood and said..... "Which one of farted?" They all laughed and ran back to where ever. I walked over to Lieve, who was smiling. "What's your name young lady?"


"That is a lovely name, Amanda. I'm Daniel and it's very nice to meet you."

"You not the tickle monster anymore?"

"Tickle monster? I'm not sure what you're talking about." Lieve said I was the tickle monster and that was why everyone was on my back. I told her that was crazy talk. Amanda looked at me and said that I was the tickle monster and she made me leave.

I looked at her, "If I was the tickle and you made it leave, then thank you, Amanda, because you did a very brave thing. You, and your parents, should be very proud because I don't want to be the tickle monster." She smiled, leaned in, and kissed my cheek before she got down and ran back to her parents... at least the day wasn't totally fucked up. Lieve wrapped her arms around me as we walked to get my third, half of, a beer, smiling.

"I'm in totally in love with you Daniel, but not in that way. I am with all of you because you are ALL bat shit crazy, and you were right about the island of misfit toys. We fit. I'm sorry about not coming with you, but I'll teach Jake and Emily how to use the drones. Can I put my two cents into the mix?" I kissed her and nodded. "They should go with you, along with Janey and Alison. It's not forever, and they are young, and it would be a great experience for them, and it would be good for Christine and Bethany's relationship. They won't like it at first....but they'll like it." She smiled and squeezed me. I nodded.

"I need your to help until you start training," She said of course. "I want to make sure Sam and Henry have everything they need, and once Sara realizes that she won't be able to see Bob for a while, she will be very upset and will want to add something to his den." She smiled, and nodded. "We have a lot to do so I need you to come with me to Home Depot. I also need you check in on Bob. I'll talk with Sam and Mags too."

"Of course, da', but it would be easier if I lived here. I would rather live here and no one will be back, and even if they do come back, I'll be inside using my new drone because of the open space. I hate bugs. I also need a car." I hugged her, and kissed her head.

"I'm pretty there will be a line of them, but don't go nuts and buy one when you can use one for free. I'll given you Bethany's number, go talk with her about your pay." She nodded. "Go out front and try to have some fun. We were all very proud of today. I was very proud of you." She jumped on me, bit my shoulder, jumped down, smiled, and walked out front. I was exhausted and went out back with my beer as Chloe and Annie walked out. I growled, and pushed, nothing.

"We need to go inside." They nodded. It was still dusk but I was going to check later, and I was sure Annie and Melissa were as well. I locked the door, pulled the blinds and we walked into the study. I closed the blinds as the rest of the girls came in with Prosecco and glasses. Annie spoke first, because it was her family involved in this, in some way.

"We've talked, and while we have minor disagreements," Alison snorted,"we are a family and what is best for the family is key. I am checking with people I trust because today was a shock. I grew up with him during summers at Ama's. I didn't him well, not his family, but that was a blow. I don't know enough to say anything, except I will find out. I know these people and Iceland is the best place to be because no one would dare move against Ama, and if they did, then not only would we have a shit storm out in the open, we'd also have allies, many allies. We can protect us there, and you need to be there anyway, Daniel. It's the right decision."

Chloe started speaking next as Lieve, Emily and Jake walked. "Forget about us?" She poured two glasses and handed one to Emily. "Share it. Family is family, right?" We all nodded.

"You're completely right Lieve, and congrats!" We all clapped, which made her smile and tear up. "I agree with Annie, it's the safest place for us since we don't know the extent of the threat. I am still on the fence with Jake and Emily because we need to talk more with Christine and Bethany because they won't be going. I will that decision for later. However, Janey and Alison, you need to come with us as well because it's too dangerous for you too stay here, and no matter how much Daniel wishes he can be in two places at once, he can't. He is responsible for our family and you are in danger. I'm sorry Alison. I'm sure this chafes but that is how this family works." Janey took her hand and kissed her. "I totally agree with Iceland and we'll shore things up here before we leave. We have family watching things." Silence.

Chloe said, "Sara... it's you turn Love." She stared at all of us, confused. "Sweets, because Claire passed, you are the head of your line, not just in ours, especially now because you are pregnant. We can figure out what all of that means later, but right now you have the final voice here." She looked at everyone.

"Bring Christine and Bethany in." Lieve got up and got them and poured them a drink. I wasn't sure if anyone could feel the shift in energy, the intensity, but I could. I poured more Prosecco, and watched, and that is when she looked at me. "Do better, Daniel, and make Bet and Javier stop, at least most of what they are doing. We can't rely on luck any longer." Everyone was speechless.

"We are going to Iceland, period, because there is no other place that is safe. No, Annie, not even Patagonia. We have maybe a week before they will come back. Can you get us visa's? Annie nodded because covid had screwed everything up. "We need two planes, sweets, one for daniel because he has business to attend to for the ceremony, and one for the rest of us. If they can blur the destination, that would be good. Whoever these people are, they coming all of us, you are just the first."

"Lieve is staying here, She'll be fine, and she needs to take care of Bob. Bob likes her. Daniel, I need more plants. I'll give you a list. Take Lieve, but they need to be planted before we leave. Christine and Bethany, Jake and Emily need to come with us. None of us could deal with that loss...NONE of us. I'm sorry, but it's true, and it won't me that long. They'll be safe, and have a great time. I promise. We have a lot of packing to do, and shopping, because it gets cold in Iceland, presumably, given the name. I'm done."

We all stared at her, in awe. She got up to take a chicken breast to Bob because she was sad, and needed to tell him what was going on, but I was pretty sure he had already figured it out

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8/25/2021 2:16 am

Just finished both 227 & 228. Super great read. (one of my kids ( 4 legged fuzzy types) woke me up to go outside to pee) Will comment latter today, going back to sleep

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Well done this is a great read I like the way the family are coming together and Daniel is taking control, as for Sara she I think will have a lot of say in how things are planned out too.
Now going to read 248.

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