take me part 248..... I didn't feel well monday. night.  

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8/24/2021 8:46 pm
take me part 248..... I didn't feel well monday. night.

Sara walked out as we all stared at each other, speechless. I got up and followed her, with Melissa behind me and sat down as she fed by Bob by hand, no one else would do that, or could, not even me. Sara had no fear. "Melissa, love, I'm sorry we can't stay here. I know you love your job, but Annie can find you one in Norway, or Iceland. We have a complicated family as I am beginning to understand"

"We have a lot to do because there is no telling when we will be back, so you will want to gather all of your important papers, but we have good super geniuses to help, and the things you don't want to leave behind, because you should always take those, just in case.... everything else can be replaced, right" We'll call Bethany tomorrow, it'll be fine. Take all of your time off because that buys us some time." Melissa and I looked at each other, amazed, as Sara gave Bob the rest of the chicken breast, and smiled.

"I'm going to miss him, terribly, but he understands. He understands because of you two." She walked to the fence and hoped over, which she had never done. EVER! I turned around and looked at everyone as I turned and we followed, and kept walking. "This is not complicated, loves. You two, and Annie, are protectors. You keep our family safe. Daniel just got Annie pregnant. Ooops!" She smiled, "It was necessary, but she is a protector too, but not for long, because she is pregnant."

'They are coming for all us but they need to go through all of us, until they reach me. It's not just me, loves, it's all of us. Annie is the head of one of the most powerful clans there are. She's first, because she is most powerful, and so most at risk, which is why are going to Iceland. I like Ama." She looked at both of us, and smiled. "I like Joseph, too. You call Grandfather, love, which is to you. You call Ama, by her name...Grandmother, as you should because that is how they come to you. That is not how Daniel and I know them." She looked at me and I knew I was to keep bother her, and Melissa safe, great. She smiled. "He has told me much of your people, which are OUR people, with conflict." Melissa smiled as she walked up to Sara and shifted, as Bob watched, as we all did. Melissa bumped her and shifted back.

"If you want to know about my people, you'll soon have your chance, love.

Sara smiled as she kissed her. "Chloe is second because she shouldn't have had a girl ." She held both our hands, and squeezed. "That is my niece, understand?" We said yes. "Good, I'm not sure who 'they' are, but they want all of us dead" She stopped, and touched our heads.

"It relies upon you, and maybe Janey. We'll see because she is unsure. Lieve is, but she is where where she needs to be. We hare facing a multitude, but we are few in number," and she looked at me. I was taken back to the dream when we were looking after Alison.

"What did you do, Daniel?"

"Ran at them, as you screamed."

"Why did you run at them at Love/"

"Because you're my family."

Sara smiled as she kissed Melissa. "Protect our family." She passed out as Melissa and I grabbed her as she fell. She looked at me, as she shifted and ran, and I took her home. I was half way there when Ella and Claire walked up. I growled when Ella said

"Daniel, hear me. Please." I looked at her because I was about ready to shift. "Please, put her down." Claire walked up and touched Sara. "You are the only other person Claire as communicated with, but she talks with Sara regularly, as do I, and Joseph. Sara doesn't trust Marnine yet." I thought, can't say that I blame her on that. "We all wish we could tell all that we know," and that was when Marnine walked up as Melissa and ran toward us, and I shifted and I looked at her, as I stalked her.

Marnine looked at me, and Melissa as she moved toward her. I growled, and she stopped. "I truly don't mean you any harm, but there is much harm out there, and I can help with that. Quite the conundrum. I truly don't mean you any harm. As far as you," She pointed at Melissa. "You aren't him."

Melissa growled as Marnine turned and Melissa pounced, but I hit Melissa, and whatever she was going to do her, she did to me. I felt it, and fell. I got up, shook my head, and growled as I walked toward Marnine. She was scared. I walked up to her, stopped, and roared in my full essence as she disappeared. I walked back to Melissa, and shifted, as she walked up and said thanks.

"I felt that, Daniel, and you pushed me 25 yards, and I still felt it. WHAT THE FUCK, is going on? I picked Sara up and we walked home.

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8/25/2021 1:12 pm

Wow what is going on what is it between Melissa and Marnine.
And Sara what did she mean 'They are coming for all of us but they need to go through all of us, until they reach me. " Is she the last target for a reason.

You have a wonderful way of leaving us hanging waiting for more you are a good story teller.

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