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8/26/2021 3:42 pm
take me part 250

I could feel both Annie and Chloe watching me, stunned, because I basically walked right through them. I wasn't sure why they thought they needed to do that, but it had been a stressful day. I walked out with Sara to watch what remained of the fireworks. I grabbed a beer as she laughed because neither of us thought I would finish it. We sat in the chairs by the wall as she held my hand. She didn't need to say anything. Lieve walked up and sat on my lap.

"I think I should come you and postpone training with Deat. There are a lot of threats and you're my family. Sara was unconscious when you handed her to me and Janes. Deat will understand."

Deat would understand but her being here was one less thing for me to worry about. "Lieve, Sara passed out because she was unfamiliar with the new level of energy she was dealing and her system needed down time to recalibrate. She's fine and yes there are threats but we'll deal with them, and we may need your drone skills in the future. I can't tell you what to do but I think you should continue with your training." Lieve looked at Sara.

"Love, thank you for your concern but your Da' is right, we'll be fine and you have a life. Stay here, do your training, and show Jake and Emily how to fly those things." We watched the fireworks until Chloe and Annie came out and sat down.

"How did you do that Daniel?" I stared a them. "You know what we mean. You shouldn't have been able to do that and we need to know." Sara let go of my hand and touched their faces as she smiled.

"Daniel is our protector. He's my protector for reasons I don't fully understand. He won't be stopped, and obviously doesn't take to death very well. I wanted to make sure.. I'm sure." They stared at her. "Things have changed, loves, people mean us harm. Daniel provoked Janey because of that."

"Yeah, and got his clocked cleaned in the process," Annie said while sticking her tongue at me as they all laughed."

"That might be, she is formidable, but she need coaxing. Daniel coaxed her because she needs to understand that aspect of herself and Iceland will allow her the space to understand that power. I suspect it will for all us to understand. The worst we thing we can do is stop trusting each other. Ella, Claire and Joseph, as helpful as they have been, have not been the most forthcoming. We don't know their agenda's, and Marnine is a wild card. She may be willing to help Daniel but she was going to hurt Melissa if Daniel hadn't intervened. She is scared of Daniel because he grows stronger and she knows he can stop her even where she is." Annie grabbed the beer from Lieve, who had taken it from me. Sara smiled at me as I shook my head.

I left the girls and walked over to Frank, Uncle Billy, and Henry to help them clean up. I felt bad because I had been doing that in past years, ever since my parents started it. I'm not sure what they would say about this year, even though it was memorable. It was nice to see them though. Most everyone had gone. The caterers and brewery had their trucks backed up and were loading. Deat and Melinda walked up with their who tried to tickle me. "Have you lost your minds?" I hugged them.

"Well, that was quite the day but it ended up being a great party as well. The fireworks were spectacular." I nodded. "Call me tomorrow morning and after the girls head home we can go over everything. You need to be straight with me brother. I'm serious. I can't help if I don't know what the problem is." I hugged him, and Melinda and the girls and said I would. I wouldn't tell everything, of course, but after today I wouldn't need to.

Frank, and his sons, were about to head back. "This fourth will never be forgotten, that is a fact. I'm glad all of you are OK. We had a good time, aside from the unpleasantness, as we always do. Thank you Daniel. I hope this continues." He hugged me as I said goodbye to his boys. I hoped so too. The next day was going to busy in final cleanup but just generally and there was still a lot to do tonight.

Henry, Sabrina, Billy, Ellen and I all went inside carrying platters and whatnot to be washed. No one was there. "What the fuck?" I put my load on the counter and walked out back. There was some kind of jazz on. I hated jazz. Everyone was having a great time and acting like nothing had happened. I felt like I had lost my mind when Chloe walked up, kissed me and squeezed my balls, smiling.

"Are you insane?"

"Calm down, mister or I'll have to bite you. Annie and Janie are patrolling. Annie's helping her adapt. She's quite the force, but you know that. She flung you like a rug. We're fine, for now, but we do need to leave here. You and Melissa have the next patrol and we're talking about how you walked right through us." I nodded. Sara smiled and waved as she was playing with the . I walked over and sat down as Sam, Henry, and Billy were discussing the shop.

"Hey, quite the shindig. We've been talking about the shop and between me and Mags, and Bet and Javier, there are people we can bring on. Maggie will great talking with the family's and dropping off orders, so don't worry about that. Lieve already spoke with me about Deat and we all think is a great opportunity for someone her age, but she's committed to the shop, which is helpful. It'll be fine." Billy spoke next.

"Ellen and I are flying home after we check on Sarah on the girls and make sure they OK to check in with the boys and get some things in order and then we're going to drive back out and take you up on staying here. It'll be the most time we've spent Sarah and the girls in a very long time, and we can help with what needs to be done. I'll take a thorough look at all of your dad's stuff. We just wish you didn't have to leave but we know you do. None of you need worry about Henry, Sam and I will keep him line."

We all laughed. Billy and Ellen went over to Sara and the to watch them try and teach Bob how to fetch. He was a master at making them all fetch for him. It was actually pretty funny. Bet, Mags and Javier sat down.

"You OK?" I nodded. I wasn't but no one needed to that right now. I had things that needed to be done. "We don't know who these people were but they were well funded, very well funded. The rifles are top of the line, military grade, equipment."

"Do they have night vision googles"

"Yeah." I told him I needed some and wanted to see what there was. He nodded. "We've got it locked down tight. Bet called our ID guy and took him some of the passports and he was as happy as a pig in shit. Aside from a US passport it's most sought after. Bet got a good price, and there was a bag of cash. Whatever they were doing was hardcore. We didn't leave any tracks and we're running the cash through our contacts. They're cool and will take a percentage but it's going to be six figures."

"We want for all of us to talk and figure the money out because things are hanging there right now given how things have played out." I nodded as Sara on my lap. "We've been thinking about what we discussed regarding Henry's and the other building, and diversifying, and focusing on businesses and land, and we're on board. We've been dodging too many bullets homes, and we need to change things." Sara smiled and clapped as she hugged me.

Henry said, "I should be getting the assessment of the other building, and two smaller properties that looked interesting, later this week. If you're gone then I'll talk with Bethany." Sara and I nodded. "Personally, I'd prefer that you all taper off on what your doing, at least the riskier stuff. We're family and when one of us gets hurt, we all get hurt." Everyone nodded. "It'll probably take a year to get everything done but we can do it in stages. The restaurant and laundromat are first because they generate cash. Expanding capacity for the shop is next, for the same reason, and then we build out the rest and focus on other businesses for the family. It's smarter than having a bunch of cash buried under a floor somewhere." We all stared him.

Sara got up and hugged Henry as she sat in between him and Sabrina and said. "Are we all agreed that we can trust each other and focus on the best interests of the family, all of us?" We nodded. "Good, then lets start doing it ASAP. Cash is a bother anyway." She reached out her hand to me."Lieve and I need your credit card, love." Everyone laughed as I gave her my wallet.

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