take me part 251  

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8/26/2021 6:34 pm
take me part 251

I got up and walked toward the fence when Annie and Janey shifted and hopped over. I was glad because Bob might have been freaked by Janey. I wasn't sure how we chose our totems, or they chose us, but mine certainly fit. Chloe and Janey's clan were from Ireland and Scotland so the elk fit in that regard but it was massive and she went easy on me. I wouldn't want to be on her bad side.

"We went out 10 miles and didn't smell anything but coyotes. We'll leave them for Melissa because she likes chasing them. I doubt anyone will be back tonight but we can't stay here tomorrow. It's not safe, love." I nodded. "I called my mother, and Ama, and they said whatever we needed was at our disposal. I have two planes scheduled for the end of the week. Ama already knew, of course, but my mom was horrified, and now she's pissed. I wouldn't want to be my sister, or Finn's family. It was quite the shock seeing him there, and knowing what he was going to do. Go keep us safe and annoy each other."

Janey hugged me, and Melissa. "It's amazing Daniel." I smiled, and nodded. She kissed me and then Melissa. "Go chase coyotes for Bob. He's going to be lonely. We're going to relax." It was after midnight when we got back. Melissa chased the coyotes away from our home, and would, until we left. They don't mess with a wolf, even one alone, and especially not the size of her. It would be a while before they came around. She was buying Bob some time while we were gone. Everyone was either inside, or gone, as we jumped the fence and shifted. I liked Melissa. She was a good fit for Sara and would make a good mom. She would also die keeping them safe if anyone got past the rest of us. We were still out numbered, but we were a handful and Chloe and Sara had a few tricks as well. I just wanted to be left alone with my family, but that wasn't in the offing.

We walked in and I lowered the shades and locked the door as both Chloe and Annie told us to shush!, before we said anything. "Take a shower. You smell." Melissa said,

"Together?" They started laughing as I went out front, shifted, and ran. Annie caught up to me and swiped my back right leg and made me stumble. I growled and shifted. She shifted and kissed me.

"I've already checked, twice, but now we can take a shower together. We walked back in and took a shower. We we're making love when Chloe opened the door and walked in. We stepped back and Chloe started kissing Annie and rubbing her clit as she moaned and started sucking on Chloe's breasts. Annie was saying please don't but I wasn't sure who she was talking to when shuddered, grunted and came all over me which pushed me over the edge. I came deep inside of her as Chloe pushed Annie's mouth onto her nipple and moaned.

Annie kissed Chloe and started rubbing her pussy as I got my knees as my dick was dripping from me and Annie and stuck two fingers inside Chloe and started massaging her G-spot as I licked her expanding clit. Annie knelt beside me as Chloe grabbed our hair and pulled us into her as she was reaching orgasm. I pushed and went faster as did Annie. Chloe gasped and gushed onto us. We were both licking as Chloe's eye rolled into her head and she finally pushed us away. We both took a breast and sucked until she came back and stroked our heads. We kissed each other and got out of the shower, dried each other, and walked out.

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