take me part 253  

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8/27/2021 12:41 pm
take me part 253

I ran for ten miles and searched every place close to us. I met Melissa three streets south of us as I jumped over the fence that we had all climbed over when she jumped on my back and bit me. I yawned, and shoo She went rolling into a wall as I changed, and her as well,
laughing. She ran at me, jumped, and bit me on the side of the neck, hard.

"They're all worried about you, Daniel." She took my hand as I nodded and we walked back to the shop. "I'm not, mostly, if that makes sense. You know the priorities, but you take too much upon yourself, love." I nodded as we walked home. She was right but they couldn't face what was coming. I kissed her cheek, as she smiled, and I pulled her yoga pants to the ground. She screamed because she wasn't wearing any panties. She pulled them up as I ran.

"I'm going to kill you!!!!!" She hadn't shifted but it didn't matter. I was going to get hurt but it was worth it. I had almost made to the shop when Sara walked outside, drinking coffee, and wrapped in Alpaca. She was smiling as Melissa jumped on my back, bit into my shoulder,
and sent me to the ground as I laughed and told her to stop. Annie and Chloe walked shaking their heads. She got off of me and I got up. I turned and she hit me.

"I say who gets to see that," as she stormed off. I yelled.

'I didn't have a choice with you." Sara and Melissa went inside as Chloe and Annie walked up to me. Annie gave me her coffee because I liked it blac.

"You are the stupidest, smartest man we have ever met. Are you OK?" I laughed and said I'd heal. I wasn't the fastest of the bunch but I could take a punch, which was a good thing because these women could land one. "What did you do?" I told them and they just stared at me in disbelief. Annie took her cup back and walked away. Chloe shook her head and did the same. "You're like a ."

I walked into the shop and took care of the asphalt burns on my elbows as Sara walked up and took over. "It's easier for me, love. I thought it was funny, but we are a party of two." We both laughed. "You like Melissa?" I smiled and said of course. "It's OK that we are a couple?" I looked at her as the girls walked out.

"I don't like it, goofball, but I only understand twenty percent of what you do." She shook her head and said less. "Melissa is family, period, and I tease her but I would fight to keep her safe, She may be miffed but she smelled very nice, and I am so glad none you shave." Sara slapped me before she laughed and kissed me. "You need to be with whomever is best for you, whether I like it, or not. It's not like I won't be in your lives." She looked at me, kissed me, and walked away to Melissa. I was disconcerted as Annie and Chloe came up, laughing and finished what Sara had started. I watched her leave as Sara turned looked at me. She wasn't smiling.

"What is wrong with you? You can't outrun Chloe." Chloe hit Annie, hard, on the arm. "She can hit harder, though." I nodded. "Does it hurt, love?" I nodded. "Good, you deserve it! Stop at other women's pussy's." I told tell them I figured she was wearing panties, and it was a surprise to me, but I didn't matter. They both walked off. I shook my head and opened the door and went into get some coffee. There was none and everyone was out back, again. I made another pot and took a shower. I was tired of laundry, but it me realize we needed to plan. I walked out and Lieve was standing there, shaking her head.

"What? Jesus Christ. Is there anyone in this family that isn't going to see me naked. Holy Fuc"

"You didn't mind with Melissa, Da"

"Don't start young lady. I thought she was wearing underwear."

"Now you know why we swing for the the other team, well, some of us are switch hitters. I'm just fucking with you. I found some gear. It's not the best, but it's pretty good. The comm's too." Lieve looked at me and started to tear, which made me do the same. "I'm going to miss
you Da. I just found you." She jumped on me. I squeezed her because she was thrown of the deep end after never being in the shallow end.

"Listen, sweets, if you need, or want, to be with us then call us, we'll have you on a plane within eight hours, but you are very good with drones. We won't be gone for long, love, and we'll be able to see all the amazing things you learned. Give it the rest of the wee If you
still feel you should come with us then I'll talk with Deat. He didn't say he'd give you a job because of me. He said that because neither one us would have seen what you did, and we've seen a lot."

"Really?" I nodded as she collided into me, crying, and squeezing me. I hated saying that because I wanted her with us, but it was the right thing to do. She kissed me and went to open the shop. "We need to go Home Depot, and I need a car. I'm just sayin'." She kissed me and started getting the shop ready. I shook my head as I walked into kitchen, shook my head again, and made another pot of coffee and started making pancakes. It was barely seven.

"Lieve needs a vehicle. Figure it out." They ALL ran into the shop, thank the dear lords, and that was when Alison came out of one room, and Jake came out of the study. I never got a brea Jake extended his hand to Alison as she smiled and went into the bathroom, peed, and got in the shower. He looked at me.


"I've really got to pee." He was too young to do what the rest of us would so I told him to go out back and pee by the side of the house. He stared me.

"Fine." I reached under the island and grabbed a mason jar and handed it to him. Go in the study and pee. I was making pancakes, and bacon, as Jake walked out with the jar, and all of the girls walked in, smiling because they had figured out who's car Lieve would use, and
that is when Alison walked out in a towel.

"Is that bacon?" Everyone but Alison stood still and stared at the jar

"Christ, give me that. Take a shower. It's just pee for God's sake." I took the mason jar from Jake and filled it with water and told someone to watch the pancakes as I went outside to dump it around the plants at Bob's den. I rinsed it and walked inside. It was the least of my issues, and all of the girls gang hugged me, even Alison, and kissed me. We lost six pancakes, but no bacon. Jake came out of the bathroom, embarrassed, as we were eating. He looked at me.

"Have some breakfast . It's just pee and it'll help Bob's grasses." Sara clapped as Jake grabbed pancakes and bacon. It was a good morning but I was focused on getting us out of here. Sara walked to the door smiling as she was about to open the blinds since we had
checked, and the shot missed her by four inches. We told Janey to stay and practice NOT shifting.

Annie, Melissa and I ran out the front and shifted. Melissa ran down the street as Annie and I jumped over the side yard to buy us some time. I ran first as Anne ran wide. I focused, and counted, because it was a bolt action rifle, and it's usually one shot at a time. I pushed
and rolled as the bullet went past and Annie ran. I got up and ran at him as well. He faltered and Annie ripped the back of his neck out. We could here the helicopter leaving as Annie walked backed home, and I dragged him ten miles away from us. I searched on my way bac I jumped the fence and knocked. They let me in and hugged me even though I smelled. The girls were packing. Thank god for refraction.

Sara walked up in tears. "We deal, until we can leave. We can deal with your house because we know it Love. It'll be O" Annie walked up and I nodded as I called Bet and Javier, and Deat. Bet called back first.

"What?" I told her, and what I needed, and she said they had a place and that they were on their way. We didn't have much time because of the fucking drones. They there in under fifteen minutes. I hated it but they took the girls, and Jake, to a safe house. It wasn't just a safe house. It was THE safe house. Thankfully, they got to us quickly and we beat the lag time for whoever was trying to kill us. I gave Javier the comm's of the man Annie killed.

The girls were going nuts because I wasn't with them. I had too much to do, and I would be bitten numerous times as a result. I was staying at Sara's. Lieve and I waited until Sam and Henry showed and headed to Home Depot.

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8/27/2021 1:37 pm

Too close for comfort. Sara dodged that one. I think the gal's now understand how serious this is. What will Jav and Bet find on this guy's comm's, etc. They have to find his car also, take it away, and clean it out, I wonder how much more cash will be there. Speaking of this guy's car, what about the 2 snipers that the FBI have in custody, who found their cars, Jav or the FBI. ?? Annie needs to call her mom and Ama, tell them what just happened. She needs answers and action taken in Norway . What will Daniel tell Deat, if he does tell about this new guy, how does he explain him being 10 miles away, and how he was killed. Whew, a whole lot of new twist and turns. D., you are keeping us all on our toe's.

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8/27/2021 1:38 pm

Exciting stuff they need to find who these people are and take them out.

I think someone needs to get out of circulation and take things to a hidden place other worldly this is a power struggle is it at international state level, a hidden tier of human kind.

With their powers and abilities you are making this more mystical and otherworldly.

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