take me part 254  

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8/27/2021 4:08 pm
take me part 254

I told Henry and Sam what had happened. Sam gave me his list, and I had Sara's, so Lieve and I drove to Home Depot, when the phone rang. It was Chloe, but it was all of them. "WHAT THE , DANIEL?" You checked and they almost killed Sara. Why aren't you with us? What are we going do, and how could that happen so quickly?" We were all scared.

"Chloe, take a few breaths."

"DON'T fucking tell me breathe, Daniel. They almost killed my sister in front of me, in front of us.

"Whether you like me saying it, or not, you still need breathe and calm down. You're safe and, no one knows where you are. Hang up and give Bet your phone and have her me."


"You OK?"

"No. Get rid of their phones." She said Javier was. "Can your tech guys check flights from local airports... helicopters? It's a long shot because we only heard it but there are only so many people who know where we are."

"I'll check. We'll keep them safe Daniel. Take these pricks out. Hold on, here's everyone."

"Why aren't you with us?"

"Sweets, I can't keep you safe by myself because they want all of you dead. No one knows where you are going, not even me. I have things do get us ready because it's ending up being a 'get the airport, get on the place, and leave' sort of thing. I'll pack everything and you can go through it in Iceland."

Sara said, "I thought we were staying at my house."

"I'm staying at your house because that is the next likely place they will go." Silence.

"Be careful, Love. us later. We all love you. Do your job." Lieve was already taking my phone apart and throwing things out the window. I was glad I didn't rely on my phone remember my numbers.

"You need a new phone, Da', and I'm coming with you so don't start, and Deat." I nodded, as I pulled into Home Depot. We'd see about that. We both grabbed carts and headed to the garden section, and I hoped Heather was there. She was. Heather was the young woman who helped Sara design the plants for Bob's den. Sara loved her and I actually thought she would be the one Sara would fall for, until she met Melissa. Life. Lieve and I walked up. I was always walking up with a different woman. Heather smiled and said hi.

"Hi, this is Lieve. She works at the shop." Heather smiled and extended her hand as Lieve shyly smiled and took it. I was stunned by her shyness, but I could feel the connection between them. "Sara needs more plants for Bob." Heather laughed as she looked at Lieve. "I have no idea what these are but can you get them soon? We are heading out of town soon." She looked at it and nodded.

"I have most of them because they are popular in our dry climate, which is why Sara likely chose them. A couple I don't have, but I do have other things that are comparable that she will like. How is she, and when can I see the munchkins?" I laughed

"Sara is in love, and you'll probably be seeing the soon, and often because their parents are taking over a large part of the shop." She was taken aback, but nodded. I wanted her fantasy to pop since Lieve was standing there. "I need to grab things for Sam. Why don't you meet me in hardware after you and Heather figure things out...with the plants and what we need. The both smiled, and nodded. I walked away smiling because I knew Heather was interested in Sara, who wouldn't be, but her and Lieve had way more in common and I thought it would persuade her to stay. I was wrong. It only added one more person to watch over.

I finished getting things for Sam and there was still no Lieve so I walked back to the garden department and they were laughing, and touching, like they had known each other for years. "Sorry, Da', I forgot, and we lost track of time, but Heather flies radio controlled planes. How cool is that?" I told her very cool, and was very happy because it was obvious they were bonded. "Heather get off at noon and she's coming over for lunch, so we need lunch. She's never seen Bob's den, and she's going to help us plant for Sara." I nodded, because what else could I do. They weren't looking for Lieve, or Unc, or anyone except the girls, and maybe me.

"That sounds great but we need to go. Lieve. Heather hugged each other, and squeezed, before saying goodbye. Lieve was smiling like the cat that caught the canary. I didn't say a word until we were unloading. "So, Heather seems nice." Lieve looked at me, smiled, and told me to off as we both laughed and went get more phones.

" Bet." Annie answered.

"Why aren't you with us Daniel? They destroyed our phones. What are you doing?"

"Annie, you are fine. Bet and Javier are family and they will keep you safe, and that's what I am trying do Love. I didn't expect them hit that soon, but they did." Silence.

"Neither did I, and that scares me. What do we do?

"We change our plans and we charter a plane away from us, for you, while allowing the original two land, but only I leave. You're leaving sooner, and no I won't see any of you until Iceland. I'll pack whatever you want and we'll deal with it in Iceland. I'll have take Emily with me because I don't trust that we can do that again. I'm not sure who these folks are, but they have high level connections. Try and relax. I'll find a plane and you later. I love all of you. Bet and Javier will keep you safe." Silence.

"What Daniel?"

"Does Ama have connections get weapons through the airport?" Silence.


"I don't know, but I'll ask. We're scared Daniel, and you aren't here."

"I know loves, but the thing I can do is not be with you until we figure out who is coming after us. I'm sorry." It broke my heart hang up. !!!!!!!!!!!!! I handed the phone back Lieve as we drove Walmart for more burner phones.

"You're worried Da'." I looked at her and nodded. "It's that bad?"

'I don't know how bad it is Lieve, but I didn't expect this morning, and that worries me. My job is get them from here Iceland as quickly as possible, and I need your help. We can't use a plane for them from their family. They won't be focused on me, not yet."

"How do you know that, Da?"

"I don't, but it's an educated guess. We're bringing both planes in but only I will board one, with all of the luggage, and gear. I'm going other places. The other will wait like things have been delayed. Hopefully, the girls, and Jake, will be in Iceland and secure by then. It's the option we have at the moment. Give me your phone, please." I called Deat before we went into Walmart.

"Hey, I'm on the way to the airport. Can I call you when we're done?"

"My phone died. I'll call you later. I have somethings to do, but I'll call. Promise. Tell the girls I love them and that we are looking forward to them being here. I'll call you later, brother."

"Roger, that." I handed the phone back to Lieve as we walked into Walmart, in silence.

Claw51478 74M  
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8/27/2021 4:44 pm

Things are heating up fast, Daniel has taken control of all aspects for the safety of all. Smart move on the planes. What will he tell Deat??

I just had a thought> What if Annie's sister's boyfriend, is part of the International Sex Ring and has tied Daniel and the gals to Philip, etc and what is going down with the FBI concerning the sex ring. Just a thought.

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8/28/2021 3:25 am

Things are definitely warming up and so interesting to see Daniel taking control, I am wondering how the FBI will feel about them leaving the country?

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