take me part 255  

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8/27/2021 7:00 pm
take me part 255

Lieve and I walked into Walmart, hugging each other. We bought phones, and batteries. I had phones charging at the shop but we were going through them at a rapid pace. I asked Lieve to find me another phone for Verizon, and find me airports around us and business charters. She kissed me.

"Thanks for the car. We still need lunch, and I'm still coming with you." We stared at each other and that was when her phone rang and she was off in another world with Heather. I waved and walked in to see Bethany and Christine was there as well. Lovely.

'What the is going on Daniel? Why can't Emily get a hold of Jake?" Fucking Christ, this was going bad.

"None of their phones are working...."

"WHAT?" I exhaled.

"Someone came within inches of killing Sara this morning. No one else was at risk, and it was a random shot, and desperate, but they still took it, which says a lot. The reason Emily can't get a hold of Jake, is because we've destroyed all of their phones. I handed her Bet's number. Have her this. This was unexpected, and we are adjusting. I know you both have questions, but I don't have answers right now. I just don't. We are getting them out, and Emily will have go with me. We are in the process of getting them out right now. They aren't looking for me." . They both stared at me before they started cursing at me.

I took it. "I understand, but neither Jake, nor Emily, are going to separated. Can we agree on that?" They nodded. "I will get Emily to Iceland safely." I didn't tell them about the side trips along the way. I had no sense that anyone was looking at me, except Marnine, and I wasn't even sure she was. That would change, but I hadn't gotten there yet. They stared at me.

Bethany said, "You let our get hurt and we will hurt you in ways you can't imagine.' I nodded.

"I'm doing everything I can to keep everyone safe. I promise. With that said, I need a credit card that is not connected to me, and has a high limit." They both stared me. Bethany asked, why?

"I need to charter a private jet, and they aren't cheap." They looked each other, and then growled at me.

"What about Annie?"

"We aren't sure who we are fighting, and a member of Annie's family was trying to kill her. Christine screamed and walked out as Bethany stared at me.


"They want all of them dead, which means all all of us because we won't let that happen. I'm working on it but Emily is safer with us." Christine came back in and sat down. "We're going to use their plane as a decoy. I'm getting on my plane, hopefully with Emily, and going to other places. The plane the girls are suppose to get on will wait, as if delayed, but that is why I need the card, Bethany." They looked at each other an nodded.

"You are a royal in our asses, but aren't stupid. It's a sound plan, but you need to do it soon." I nodded as she picked up the phone. Charles walked in, shook my hand and sat down. Bethany filled him . He looked at me, nodded, and took out his Black card.

" them and tell them Daniel has access whatever he needs, but run the jet through us because we have the and they won't know about it. We're paying for it anyway. He got up and hugged Christine, and shook my hand.

"Don't underestimate him young lady. Whatever you need, you have. We'll deal with it when you get.back. Do whatever you need Bethany." She nodded as she got on the phone looking for airports for the girls.

Christine looked at me. "You will keep our Emily safe?"

"I will die doing that. I think they are all safest in Iceland, until we can figure things out." She slapped me, and then kissed me, before kissing Bethany and walking out. Bethany shook her head and smiled.

"I'll have the card activated for you within the hour, and I'll find a plane for the girls, and Jake. Are you sure you don't want me take Emily their plane?"

"No, we are at stalemate right now. I'm assuming no one knows where they are, or you." She nodded. I have try and play three moves ahead. sweets, and I suck at chess." She handed me the card and smiled.

"You're doing OK, Daniel. Don't worry about the plane. We have for it anyway and the way you are going our fees are going be through the roof." I smiled, kissed her, and walked out. Lieve was still on the phone.

"Changed of plans, Da." I lowered my head as I shook it. "Heather is coming with us. She hates it at Home Depot. You need tell Deat. You're my family. I can always work with the FBI. Oh, and she's staying with me until we leave." I nodded. I wasn't going argue, young is young, and maybe they were right.

"Don't worry about a plane. We have it covered." Fucking Christ.

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8/28/2021 3:35 am

Its getting complicated and Am wondering why Marnine could be watching Daniel!

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