take me part 257  

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8/28/2021 2:23 pm
take me part 257

I put my head down, for two reasons,,,, they were on their way, and Heather walked into our lives. I liked Heather, and she liked Lieve, and that mattered to me. I wanted Lieve to be happy I walked out and got to know Heather. Everyone agreed that the sandwich place not to far, was what they wanted, and they had free delivery. Lieve and Heather were lost in each other, and I wasn't even bothering. I started taking off the plants and putting them around Bob's den. Surprisingly, it wasn't that many. I unloaded the rest as lunch arrived and went out to start planting around Bob's den. He knew it was me, because he could smell me, and he trusted me. I was almost done when Lieve and Heather walked up.

"WHAT did you do?" I shook my head. I exhaled, as said I did what Sara asked me to do." Heather looked at at what I done.

"He did a good a job, love. These plants will be fine with a bit more water." I walked away as Henry walked up.

"You OK, ?" I shook my head, grabbed a beer and sat out front, maybe I could finish this one. Henry sat down.

"They're on their way?" I swallowed and nodded.

"Yeah, they are. Thankfully. It's up to Ama now but she knows they are coming. I get to pack." He laughed. "Has it always been like this, Henry?" He was quiet.

"Ella would tell me things because there are always struggles when power and wealth are involved. There's always someone that doesn't have it who wants it, but nothing like this. These feel like tectonic shifts across the board and, sadly, you seem to be the epicenter of them. I'm actually amazed you're still alive." I choked and spit beer on the ground as I laughed.

"Thanks Henry. I needed that."

"Don't worry about it, and get back to work. We've got the wood handled." I nodded. Lieve and Heather walked up. Lieve sat in my lap, kissed me, took my beer and then handed it to Heather who smiled."


"When are we leaving, Da?" Shit, I didn't know when the plane was going to be ready.

"I'm not sure, sweets, I need to find out, but soon so you need to pack." Lieve didn't have much given her life up to this point. If she liked Heather then I wasn't going to deny that. I wasn't sad that she was coming. It'd be two more to watch after but I felt we would be safest with Ama, and if we weren't, then we would know how bad things were. I wasn't sure how Ama, and the rest, could exist in both realms, but the depth of what I didn't know was staggering.

"If Heather is coming with us then she needs to pack. I have a storage unit that we can keep your stuff in, if you need. Pack and be ready. I'm not sure how quickly we'll need to leave.... that's the priority so make sure you can go when we need, which means NO trying to find something. Understood?" They both nodded. "Good, now go do something."

Bet and Javier rode up. They waved to everyone as they walked up. I was realizing that I was relying more and more on them as this went on. They got my family out after keeping them safe. Bet kissed me, and nipped my neck, as I hugged Javier. Henry walked up with beer and sat down, as he should.

"How are you, Daniel?" I told her, tired. "Yeah, well you're going to be more tired I'm afraid. They found the helicopter you wanted us to look into. It was authorized by the FBI field office in Denver." Henry and I stared at them. "It's got the indications of a rogue agent, but it was paid for by the FBI. They have their own equipment." FUCK. "You're in a shit storm, which means we're in a shit storm. On a positive note, Gustav's money is coming through. We're bouncing it around too, but it's substantial." I nodded.

I took out my wallet, and one of Bethany's cards, and handed it to Bet. "Call her, and talk with Henry. We trust both of them, but Bethany is limited because she can't break the law. They know how to bend it though. I need the info for the bitcoin because I need to use some of it." They nodded as Lieve and Heather walked up

"We'll just give you all of it and work it out." I nodded. Lieve introduced Heather to Bet and Javier and said they were going to her place to pack.

"Pay attention, Lieve." She smiled and nodded. "You know how to use bitcoin?" They both rolled their eyes and everyone else laughed.

"Jake and Emily know how to use bitcoin, Da." It was absolute wonder I was still alive. They kissed me and left.

"Take whatever you need and deal with your people." Henry nodded. "I trust all of you. We're family, but I want you safe so find something else to do for your crew and if means we use that money for that, then so be it. I'm sure the girls would agree. I'm getting a new phone but won't use it until I leave so call me on the burner phone, but Henry can speak for us. It's his family. Bethany too, I've known her for a long time and she's family as well. We trust you all but the main thing is shifting your focus and keeping your people safe." They nodded. "It doesn't mean you can't dabble, just stay away from the scary shit."

"We didn't have much scary shit, Daniel, until you showed up, but we totally agree." Bet smiled and stuck her tongue out.

"Don't fucking start with me. There is probably still lunch in the kitchen. I need to go pack." Bet handed me lists, as well as Melissa's key, and laughed. I looked at it and shook my head before looking at them. They were both smiling. "So I'm bringing everything." Bet laughed. " Jesus Fucking Christ."

"Look on the bright side, love, Janey could be pregnant too." They all laughed and went inside as I got in the truck to go start packing.

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8/28/2021 3:36 pm

Now that's all Daniel and family need, rouge FBI agent, FBI rented helicopter, What does Deat know?? Daniel needs to tell him. When will they find his body ( this last sniper, that Annie killed ) What will FBI think was cause of death, a Mountain lion , maybe. But, this throws wrinkle into things, What powerful people can corrupt a FBI agent? Are they US Gov. people, or large corp. people.

I'm still leaning to the sisters boyfriend, for both the family power and the international sex ring. I think Deat needs to investigate all of the " JOHNS " that were on the list of payers, to the sex ring top brass. They, or one, or a group of them, may be very powerful and will seek retribution for their names / reputations possibly being sullied.

Well, the gals are airborne, next stop, Iceland.

Daniel has powers , abilities that he does not realize he has. He will finally understand, that when he puts both hands to the ground, summons Giae, she will give him even more power to destroy those opposed to him and the family.

Fantastic 4 or 5 Parts, bringing things together.

Just so every body that reads this, these are my thoughts and not meant to influence "Dadigan ". Thanks.

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8/28/2021 4:34 pm

Well done Dadigan, the last few parts have been hectic and show Daniel is making progress as for a rogue FBI agent it shows that there are people at the top implicated in either the sex ring or Annie's family are pulling in favours it could be they are all linked it would not surprise me the way powerful people work and pull strings.

I think Deat will have to be careful and watch his back too.

As for Daniel he will surprise himself these people and the likes of Marnine are not afraid of him for nothing..

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