take me part 261.... stay safe if Ida is bearing down.  

dadigan 59M  
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8/29/2021 11:40 am
take me part 261.... stay safe if Ida is bearing down.

I sat down by the wall and started to cry. Henry, Billy and Sam brought beer out and put their hands on me until I stopped, and they didn't know about Sara's, none of them knew what happened at Sara's. I was so getting hit when I landed in Iceland, but I still had too much to do. The weight wasn't gone, but it was diminished since they were on their way.

"How are you ? We're worried about you."

"Plodding along Henry, but the girls, and Jake, are on the way. I'm sorry to leave everything in your laps."

"Shut up, Daniel." Sam and Billy nodded. "We're family. We've got this covered and all of us are better at than you." I laughed because they were right. "Your job is to keep our girls, and Jake, safe." I nodded.

"You guys are slacking off, so get back to work." They smiled. "Henry, I need a word with you. I have things set up with Bethany and most of what I got from my family are in trusts that Charles set up. Sam and Maggie are partners in the business. Unc wants to buy my dad stuff. I'll text him what he can't have. It's not much. Everything else is in the safe and what Bet and Javier got from Gustav." He nodded.

"Keep a reserve, but I want them mostly out what they are doing. We lucked out that only one person died." He nodded. "All of you thought this area was worth investing in for us. I think it's time we do it again. I trust your judgment, Henry. Do what you need to for our family. If any of these building go up for sale, call me. I've checked around with most of the owners and none wanted to sell, but yesterday had never happened. Now get back to work." He smiled as I called Chloe.

"Talk to us Daniel."

"Lieve, Heather, and Emily are en route. You need to wait for them. Annie, there are, sensitive things in the luggage. Just because you will be in Iceland, don't become complacent, maintain situational awareness because the won't." Silence.

"When are you coming back to us, love, because we have biting, and punching to do?" We all laughed.

"I need to talk with Deat, and get Sara's house situated and then I'll be on the plane to Halifax."

'Wait...WHAT? What's wrong with Sara's. There was a slight .... incident. I'll tell you when I see you. Enjoy the flight. I love you."


I called Deat. "Can you head over now. I've had a change of plans."

"I already am, and it's not good brother." Fuck. "I'll be there in twenty minutes."

Billy had gone so I told Sam and Henry about Sara's and that it needed to be dealt with and I didn't have the time. Sam said he knew some people and walked off to call them. "It's probably still an active crime Sam I'll pay them to wait around so a family of raccoons doesn't take up residence." He nodded and laughed.

"Bad?" I nodded but told him I had called Deat and they were inside the house. It'd be fine.

"I need to pack, if I have anything left here. Deat's on his way and then I'm on a flight and I'm not sure when we will back." He nodded and hugged me. I grabbed some cash out of the safe, my passport. I made sure I had my wallet, and the info Javier gave me for the bitcoin. I was still going to have to call Lieve. It didn't take long for me to pack. I walked into the shop as Deat pulled up. I grabbed three beers and walked to the chairs with Henry following.

Claw51478 74M  
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8/29/2021 2:27 pm

OH! OH!, The shit is about to hit the fan, but which way will it fly .?????

OlderPete58 63M  
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8/29/2021 2:31 pm

Great story and dadigan I agree with your comment at top about people keeping safe if Ida is bearing down on them take cover, everyone had had enough this last few months.

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