take me part 276  

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9/5/2021 8:01 pm
take me part 276

I was at my wedding. All the girls were happy, and smiling. Chloe and Annie were wearing white but Sara was wearing a lavender dress, because she's Sara, but they were all the wearing the pearls I brought back for them. They were so happy. I felt movement, and saw a blur my right. I tried run but I was bound Gaia. I screamed as Annie shifted and ran after it, and Melissa shifted and stood in front of Sara. I shifted and pulled against the roots but couldn't get free. All I could do was watch as whatever it was ran through Melissa, hit Sara dead center and then threw her ten feet into the air. I roared as the roots unbound and I ran. The girls were all taking care of Sara as I ran after whatever had hit her. I ran for miles but didn't see, or smell, anything. I ran back and shifted as I walked into the yard. They were all sobbing because Sara was dead, as was our . I fell to my knees and wept as they all came up to me, and hugged me. I shifted, and ran, for hours. When I finally walked inside, Annie and Chloe ran up and bite me, crying. Janey, Alison, and Melissa were crying and holding each other, as were Jake and Emily. I looked at them with no tears because they were gone and all I had was a hole inside of me. Annie looked me.

"That was my sister, Roan."

I woke up in a cold sweat as dawn was breaking. I still didn't know what day it was but I knew I wasn't going back to sleep. I went into the bathroom and got ready, then dressed, and walked to the kitchen and Yoshi smiled. "Excellent, you're an early riser too. This is my favorite part of the day. Would like some tea, or would you prefer coffee? We have both." I told him tea.

"Excellent. I just got a batch of pu'erh and I'm anxious to try it. Are you hungry?" I shook my head. He made us tea and we sat outside and watched the dawn break. "We have a lot to do
because you don't have much time, which is a shame because I know you like it here." The tea was amazing. We drank it in silence as we watched the light change.

"Do you know why you were bound to Gaia in your dream Daniel." I looked at him as he poured us more tea.

"No, Yoshi, I don't and how do know about my dream?" He smiled.

"Your world is connected to our world, but it is not ours. You are unique. We view life as web. Interconnected. If you have the ability then you can touch into a point on that web, much like you 'push' and be connected. I touched your point because you have many things going on. We have very few secrets among us. Do you know why you couldn't move?"

"Because it was a warning and I would have acted, even in a dream." He smiled and poured the last cup of tea.

"They were right about you Daniel, you are most intriguing. That's exactly right, but also because you haven't embraced Gaia, and your connection. The source of your power and abilities. Shall we walk and see how the pig is roasting. They started at three am. Luckily I have capable help because I am not as spry as I use be." He could have fooled me because he was way more spry than I was.

"Can I ask you a question, two questions actually." He smiled and nodded. "May I come back when I can spend more time here. I love what you are doing here." He smiled and said he would love it and the bring the girls, as his guest. "How are you connected with Annie and Chloe's family's? You don't strike me as a Druid." He laughed.

"I was raised in the Shinto religion but when you step back all earth based religions are pretty similar. Do you know Yggdrasil?" I nodded. "Imagine that we ALL fall into that and we are just separate branches of one great tree. The tenets of religions aren't that dissimilar. It's humans trying to bend the meaning that causes the harm. We try not to do that, and be left alone. We just access the powers of ours." We walked in silence while I thought.

I had never been to an open pit pig roasting but apparently is was a festivity because all the people had already been drinking sake, although they did start at three am. I looked at Yoshi and he laughed. "We do these occasionally. This is in your honor and we will have quite the crowd here. I have spoken with Annie and Ama, and it's fine. They are in no danger. Annie told me about the necklace and I have a person I know coming later with many because I thought you may want more than one." I smiled, and nodded, because I did. "Dinner will be excellent tonight."

"Do you know someone I can contact who sells Tsuge combs? I need a lot, and do they, or you, take bitcoin?" He smiled and called someone.

"She will be here this afternoon but hers are not cheap, though they are authentic. Let's talk about trees, shall we?"

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