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9/6/2021 3:31 pm
take me part 277

Yoshi led me down a path to what looked like a greenhouse and barn combined. We walked in and there were about eight people pruning and wiring bonsai. They all looked at him and smiled as he said something to them in Japanese. They all nodded and went back to work. "Come, Daniel, that is where they start but what are looking for is at the other end." We walked through the barn and there were other people tending livestock - chickens, goats, some pigs and a cow. We walked out the back into a covered area but with large windows that were open wide.

"Now that it's warm I keep them outside, where they belong. They prefer it outside, but when it gets too cold I take them in during the coldest months. They are my as well. I learned bonsai from my father, and grandfather. I like trees so I have many from different varieties from many dfferent countries. What are you looking for?" I told him an older birch, rowan, and ash. He stared at me and smiled. "Follow me." We went to the very end and he brought three trees over.

"These are what you are looking for my friend. I have been working with the birch, and rowan, for almost fifteen years. The ash for over twenty. I'm guessing you know the rowan is an ash too?" I nodded.

"I wanted to give Annie's sister a rowan tree since she was named after it, and the Birch to Ama because they filled Iceland at one time. The ash I'm giving to the clans as a whole because of Yggdrasil." He was quiet for a while and nodded.

"They are good gifts Daniel-san, and will have good homes. I will sell them but they aren't cheap, and bitcoin is fine, but my granddaughter will have to deal with. I will have them ready, with instructions, by the time you leave. Let's go have something to eat, and more tea."

Yoshi made tea while an older woman, whose name I couldn't understand, made us a breakfast of rice, miso soup with vegetables, scrambled eggs and pickled vegetables. I would be happy here, I thought. It was quiet and simple, with honest work. He showed me around more of the property after breakfast, to let it settle and then we went to help with the pig roast for several hours. Yoshi said he needed to attend to a few things but to feel free to walk the grounds, which I did. I wasn't sure how many acres he had but it was beautiful and that's when then the headache happened and I passed out and Joseph sat down.

"I sat up. Can we have these meetings without me hitting the ground?" He laughed.

"Well I see we are on speaking terms once again. What do you think of Yoshi?" "I told him I liked him and wouldn't mind staying. He smile and nodded. "You are not alone in that sentiment my friend. I wanted to commend you on your gift choices. I especially liked the Ash for the clans. You have good instincts Daniel and I hope you gift to Roan blunts her desire for power, but it seems unlikely given the hatred she has for Annie."

"Why, if they are sisters?"

"Do your brothers speak with you?" I shook my head. "Family's are odd, Annie's is hell and gone past that, I'm afraid. Roan is extremely jealous of Annie and has a lust for power, that is a dangerous combination. Roan feels entitled but Annie is the oldest but the funny thing is that Annie doesn't care about power, but she loves her family and her people and it's her duty...her role. She is very happy that you bit her, along with Chloe and Sara and being a family together. Do not let your guard down my friend, especially not after Gaia's dream. Be especially wary of Roan's fiance, Jaak. His name suits him well. It mean's supplanter in Finnish." I stared at him.

"Finnish? The snipers were from Finland." He nodded. "Do I need to leave?" He shook is head.

"They are safe, Daniel, not even Roan would go against Ama. Iceland is neutral land, like Switzerland to your world, well what was your world. You will soon be straddling both. They are fine and having a wonderful time, especially Sara, Emily, and Ama. You are going to have many unpleasant choices to make between the life you knew and the life you will soon have, but you are sleeping the day away so wake up, and he was gone and Yoshi was hunched down smiling at me. I got about and looked around.

"Joseph is gone. Shall we walk?

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